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Doing Something Embarrassing

A few days had passed since our demon subjugation training.

Subjugating small-sized, medium-sized, large-sized, as well as disaster class demons one after another, our remuneration steadily increased.

And from the payment everyone received, I received a portion as payment for the battle uniforms.

Although I told them they didn’t have to do it, they strongly insisted that it’s inexcusable to receive it without paying, so, in the end, the balance of my bank account returned to its original amount.

Or rather, because of the payment for the demon subjugation, it has increased instead.

However, since I always barely had enough to live by in my previous life, I didn’t know what to do with so much money.

When I consulted Irene-san about it, she made an ‘it can’t be helped’ expression.

“As a parent, it is desirable to have my daughter marry someone who is financially stable for her to live an easy life. Thus, with Shin-kun’s assets increasing, it’s a dream come true for me. Because of that, please consult me when you’re having financial difficulties. No matter what, we are still a Viscount House who manages a territory.”

“Haaa, thank you very much.”

“Lady Claude, the rights to Shin’s Communication Magic Tool will also be introduced to the world. I think it would be better to consider starting a company.”

“There’s also that. Shin-kun, Guru-sama, are you acquainted with someone who owns a company?”

“Why is grandma being asked and not grandpa?”

“Oh, does Shin-kun not know about it? The majority of the magic tools around the world are invented by Guru-sama.”

“I have heard that that is the case.”

“And about the rights to those?”

“Ah… I haven’t heard anything regarding that topic.”

“The magic tools invented by Guru-sama has been spread throughout the world, right? That is not something an individual can manage. It is most likely advertised by some company.”

“Ah… If that’s the case, it might be because of Uncle Tom.”

“Uncle Tom?”

“His name is Tom Hague, he is a representative of the Hague Chamber of Commerce. He has been coming to our house since a while back and he said he was indebted to grandpa, so it wasn’t actually grandpa but grandma.”

“You are acquainted with the representative of Hague!?”

Alice who heard the conversation suddenly asked in a loud voice.

Come to think of it, Alice said that her father was an Accountant working for Hague Chamber of Commerce.

“Yeah, did I not mention it before?”

“I didn’t hear about it at all!”

“Hague Chamber of Commerce, is it? Indeed, if it’s that company, they certainly do have a large variation of quality magic tools. So Guru-sama had dealings with that company.”

Ah, did I somehow expose something I wasn’t to supposed to expose?

From where she was sitting, grandma got up and seemed like she was heading towards the hot springs.

“I’m sorry, grandma. About Uncle Tom, was it supposed to be a secret?”

“Hmm? I don’t particularly mind if you disclose it. My business dealings with Tom aren’t specifically a secret.”

I’m really glad… Because the way Irene-san spoke, it felt like they finally found out that they were business partners! It had that kind of atmosphere, so…

“Fufu, Shin-kun is really cute, it is worthwhile to tease you.”

“So Lady Claude also understands. Because Shin gives the reaction you expect, it makes one want to tease him all the more.”

“I understand what you mean, Your Highness.”

“Wait a minute! Gus! Irene-san!”



“Eh? This one, too?”

What a disaster! If my mother-in-law participates as well, I’ll be teased all the time!

“Really, mother, please stop doing that. I feel sorry for Shin-kun.”

Sicily provided cover for me. Way to go! Do your best!

“Oh my, I’m sorry. You’ll feel unpleasant if your husband is being made fun of.”


What a disaster! Even Sicily fell into her mother’s trap!

Although Sicily lost her war potential, the good feeling continued inside the Claude mansion.

In the end, it was decided that I would receive guidance from Uncle Tom regarding the communication magic tool and start up my own company.

Well, since it can only be used for emergency contact, for now, I’m not in a hurry to set it up.

* * *

And so, the day of my engagement party in the Royal Capital arrived.

The venue is the Claude mansion in the Royal Capital, and will be announced to the people invited by the Claude and Walford House.

I don’t know how many people from the Claude House will come, but as for my side, it will be everyone who celebrated by birthday and my homeroom teacher, Alfred-sensei.

Because they are few in numbers, will this be alright?

“Really… I wonder what Shin-dono is talking about…”

“Although the numbers are few, the quality of the people are…”

“The previous General of the Knight Order, the King, the idols of the Knight Order and the Magic Division, and the representative of the famous Chamber of Commerce. And the person in question is the grandchild of Magi-sama and Guru-sama. Alfred-sensei is pitiable.”

“It is exactly as Rin-san said. As for me, my invitation might get refused at the door…”

“It will be necessary for us to back up Sensei…”

…Now that the mention it, it might be so. When they used to come to the forest house, I didn’t know of their titles, so I didn’t imagine them to be such great people…

The members of the research society will be participating today wearing their uniforms. It seems like their families will also be coming.

And when the time comes to change clothes…

Everyone gathered in the room, and there was a knock at the door.


When I responded and opened the door, there was a man and two women.

“Older brother, older sisters!”

“Oh, Sicily! It’s been——”

“Ahhn~! Long time no see, Sicily~!”

“You’ve gotten cuter again!”

“Ugh… older sister… it’s painful…”

“It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen my cute little sister, you know!? Bear with it for a while!”

“That’s right! And when I heard from father that my super cute younger sister is having an engagement party… Older sister was really sad!”

Uwaaa… About this older sister, it seems like she’s super affectionate towards Sicily! Is this what it is? ‘You are unsuitable for my cute little sister!’ That kind of pattern?

“You must be Shin-kun?”



Uwooo… She’s assessing me… She’s definitely assessing me!

“…Haaa, the guy who laid a hand on my super cute little sister, I was hoping to find a fault with that guy…”

“Magi-sama and Guru-sama’s grandchild, a good-looking guy with money, someone who has surpassed Magi-sama in terms of magic… No matter how you look at it, it’s hard to find fault in him…”

“Ah, thank you…”

Oh? It seems like I have successfully avoided something!

“Hohho, what do you think of my grandchild? Have you accepted him?”

“It’s only natural. He is, after all, my grandchild, you know?”


“Are you perhaps Magi-sama? Guru-sama?”

“I’m Shin’s grandfather, Merlin.”

“His grandmother, Melinda.”

When grandpa and grandma introduced themselves, the two of them immediately stood upright.

“I-I am very sorry for my late introduction! I’m Sicily’s older sister, the first daughter of Viscount Claude, Cecilia von Claude!”

“Li-likewise, I am Sicily’s older sister, the second daughter of Viscount Claude, Sylvia von Claude! I am very honored to meet you!”

Unlike the gaze the used to look at me as though they were appraising me, they looked at grandpa and grandma with admiration and respect.

“Hohho, you are the older sisters of my grandchild’s bride, there’s no need for you to be so stiff.”

“That’s right, we’ll soon to be family, so there’s no need to be formal.”

“Ma-Magi-sama and Guru-sama’s family…”

“Ahhh… Is this a dream?”


“What is it, Cecilia-oneesama?”

“You did well, Sicily! Although I never imagine Sicily getting married… but this is the best!”

“That’s right! You found the best partner, Sicily!”



“I am the eldest daughter, Cecilia. I entrust Sicily to you!”

“I am the second daughter, Sylvia. I, as well, please treat me well.”

“Yes, it is I who should say please treat me well!”

“Oh, his personality seems good as well.”

“That’s right, I wondered what kind of person you were before meeting you.”

The older sisters who seemed like they wanted to reproach me for taking away their cute little sister when grandpa and grandma mentioned being family, their mood changed to being contented.

It has suddenly turned noisy…

The eldest daughter Cecilia-san feels like a developed Sicily who is on her way to becoming similar to Irene-san. It will be interesting to put the three side by side to see the growing process.

The second daughter, Sylvia-san inherited her short beautiful blond hair from Cecil-san and she also has blue eyes just like Cecil-san.

The both of them are beautiful women.

Aside from that, there’s something I’m curious about.


“What’s wrong, Shin-kun?”

“Is there something you would like to ask?”

“Yes, umm… about the person over there who’s crouching…”

That’s right, the man who entered together with the older sisters and was shoved aside, that person… is probably… no, there’s no mistake…

“Are you Royce-san?”

“Yo-you were able to notice me, Shin-kun!”

“Well, about that… You are Sicily’s older brother, so, of course, I’m interested in you.”

“Is that so! I’m glad to have a dependable brother-in-law! Ah, I’m Royce von Claude, the eldest son of Viscount Claude.”

When he was noticed, the older brother suddenly became energetic.

…Usually, he is probably be oppressed by the other sisters…

“I’m Shin Walford. My best regards, Royce-san.”

“My best regards as well! And also, Magi-sama, Guru-sama, it is very nice to meet you. I am the eldest son of Viscount Claude, Royce von Claude. Please treat me well from here onwards.”

“I’m Melinda, please treat me well, too.”

“I’m Merlin. Royce-kun.”


“…I can understand your hardship… Do your best!”

“Magi-sama… Sniff Thank you very much…”

This looked like some deeply moving scene is occurring.

Grandpa is also often treated like air… So he has some sympathies for him…

Do your best grandpa! Royce-san!

“Really, Shin’s surroundings are always noisy.”

“Eh? Pr-Prince Augusto!?”

“Why are you in this place!?”

“It’s neither here nor there. I am part of the same research society as Shin, and the two of us are friends. I don’t think it’s that surprising?”

“I-is that so?”

“Ah! Please accept my sincere apologies! To actually disregard the presence of His Highness…”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. As I said earlier, I’m here because the two of us are friends.”

“The two of them always stick together and he is the original perpetrator of all this.”

Hearing Elly’s words, the two older sisters were surprised and expressed their gratitude towards Gus.

“I was utterly ignorant of that piece of information, please excuse my impoliteness.”

“Also, for mediating between the two people, please accept my thanks as their older sister. Thank you very much.”

Seeing that, Royce-san panicked and immediately got down on one knee.

“Yo-Your Highness! I apologize for not greeting you sooner. And I wish to express my gratitude for this occasion. Thank you very much.”

I seem to have found grandpa’s kindred spirit.

Air Alliance… Such a sorrowful alliance…

Because there’s still time before we have to change our clothes, we got out of the room to help out with the venue.

* * *

“Haaa… I was really nervous.”

“Even though they’re your blood-related older brother and older sisters?”

“About my older sisters, they said when I decide my partner, they want to ascertain it… But if it was Shin-kun, I was pretty sure you’d do fine, but just in case…”

“Well, you might never know what kind of question they might have asked.”

“It’s all thanks to grandfather and grandmother. They accepted it really quickly.”

After being called grandfather and grandmother, the two people were smiling from ear to ear. They look really glad.

I leave Sicily to change her clothes, and I also went to change mine.

It was finally time, and when Sicily finished dressing up, she returned to the room.

Although she is also wearing a blue dress, this time, she looks more adult-like and the frills were mostly gone.

Her hair is also in an updo, but the accessories she’s wearing looks gorgeous compared to last time.

She’s also wearing make-up, she really looks more adult-like…

“Then, let’s go.”


We linked our arms and headed to the hall.

Grandpa and grandma were walking behind us.

Although it was fine for them to wait in the hall, but because it might cause an uproar, they decided to appear together with us.

When we approached the hall… Uwaa, there’s signs of there being a lot of people. How many people came?

There seems to be a lot of rustling.

Ah, now that I think about it, what about Uncle Dis? Don’t tell me he’s already waiting in the hall?

[We apologize for keeping everyone waiting for such a long time. The two headliners will now be making their appearance. Please give them a warm applause.]

Cecil-san’s voice was heard clearly through the voice amplification magic tool, and the door to the hall opened.

For some reason… it looks like the marriage reception of the wedding of a senpai I attended in my previous life.

When the door opened, we were received with a big applause.

There seemed to be an elevated platform facing the guests, and on it were Cecil-san, Irene-san, and Uncle Dis.

As I thought, he was there. Of course, it would be noisy.

Over here, I have to worry about grandpa and grandma!

Since we will be sitting in the seat of honors, it will be problematic if they get surrounded!

When Grandpa and grandma joined the guardian’s seats, Uncle Dis started speaking.

“The engagement between Shin Walford and Sicily von Claude, We, Diseum von Earlshide, will serve as a witness and give Our approval. Is there anyone who objects?”

When Uncle Dis uttered those words, it became silent, and grandpa and the others nodded in assent.

“In that case, we now acknowledge that these two are now affianced.”

When he said those words, the hall was filled with applause.

“Let us stop the stifling formalities here, and so, everyone, please raise your glass. To the celebrate the future of these two people… Cheers!”

“CHEERS!” [Everyone in the hall.]

And so the engagement party has finally begun, and it was an immense struggle.

* * *

Many people whom Sicily knew and was related to congratulated her, but because it was my first time meeting them, I was mentally stressed out.

“Yo, congratulations. As I thought, you guys were going out.”

“When one looked at that situation from before, there wouldn’t be anyone who wouldn’t think so. Congratulations Shin, Sicily-san.”

“Sieg-niichan… Chris-neechan…”

“What is it, you look completely exhausted.”

“Because I’ve been meeting a lot of people for the first time, I’ve been feeling nervous…”

“So even Shin feels nervous from time to time.”

“What has Chris-neechan been thinking of me as!?”

“My bad, Shin, I was also thinking that.”

“How cruel!”

With the arrival of Sieg-niichan and Chris-neechan who weren’t able to participate during the last party, I was finally able to take a breather. I was really feeling nervous for a while now.

“It’s been a long time, Shin. To think that that small child has gotten engaged, I’ve really gotten old.”

“Ah, it’s been a long time Michel-san.”

“Hmmm, it looks like you’ve been carrying on with your training.”

“Well, it’s because of the current situation. I cannot neglect any preparations.”

“That’s great, it is a good mindset to have.”

“Ah, I’ll make the introductions, this is Sicily who just became my fiancee.”

“Ni-Nice to meet you, Sword Saint-sama! I am Sicily von Claude. This time, I was allowed to get engaged to Shin-kun. Please treat me well from here onwards.”

“Nice to meet you, young lady. I’m Michel Collin. Because I took care of Shin together with Magi-dono when he was still young, I treat him as my own nephew. I would be glad if the young lady treats me as such.”

“Ye-yes! It will be my honor!”

Now that I think about it, it is Sicily’s first time meeting him… or rather, all the members of the research society. Sicily looks extremely impressed.

“Congratulations Shin-san, it’s been a long time since we’ve met.”

“Ah, Uncle Tom, it’s been a long time.”

“Fufu, to think that small child, Shin-san, has gotten engaged… Time sure passed by quickly.”

“Everyone has been saying that, however, I think that a lot of time has already passed…”

“It is only natural for the child to think so. Besides, all families will think that their sons and daughters have grown up quickly. Even so, I still think Shin-san grew up quicker than others.”

“Did he really grow up that quickly?”

Sicily asked the question while looking really interested in Uncle Tom’s story.

“Oh, I apologize for not greeting you sooner. Young lady, I am Tom Hague, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“I’m Sicily von Claude, please treat me well from here on out. And so, you said that Shin-kun grew up rather quickly? What do you mean by that?”

“Ah, about that, I delivered daily necessities to Merlin-sama’s house regularly…”

“Eh? The representative, took it there personally?”

“Yes, since I have a great obligation towards Merlin-sama and Melinda-sama, I cannot entrust it to other people. And so, every time I go there, I will bring a book back for Shin-san… and each time, the difficulty of the book increases… He was a really smart child.”

“Heee, is that so.”

“Eventually, he started reading the theses of Magic Academic Council, the best research institute of magic… Moreover, he contrasted their opinions. I will never forget the panicked expression of Merlin-sama, Melinda-sama, as well as His Majesty.”

“T-that sort of thing happened… But I can somehow imagine it.”

“Is that so? But every single time I visit, the level increases further. When I think of that time, I feel like time passed by really quickly.”

Sicily and Uncle Tom hit it off with such a strange topic.

It’s because I came from a different world… So there are a lot of things I wanted to know about… Maybe that’s why I felt like time was rather slow?

“Ah, that’s right Uncle Tom, I need to consult something with you later.”

“Oh? What is it about?”

“About that… because of the voice amplification around here, could you ask grandma and Irene-san about the full details?”

“Yes, that would be fine. I shall go ask them immediately.”

When he said that, Uncle Tom headed towards where grandma and Irene-san were.

* * *


“Wa! You surprised me. What’s wrong, Alfred-sensei?”

For some reason, Alfred-sensei was standing behind me looking depressed.

“Why did it turn out like this! Although I’m happy to receive an invitation to your engagement party, why… why am I a guest of the Walford House!?”

“Eh? Was that no good?”

“…What about the other invited guests?”

“Hmmm… It should be Uncle Dis, Michel-san, Sieg-niichan, Chris-neechan, and Uncle Tom?”

“And so, why am I together with them!?”

“Eh? Because you’re my instructor?”

“Really… because I am lined up together with those people… the jealous glances I’m getting from the surroundings are painful and scary!”

“Ooohhh Mmyyyy? Are you not Alfred-senpai?”

“Siegfried! Don’t call my name in such a loud voice!”

“Kuku, isn’t it fine? You should act dignified since you are Shin’s homeroom teacher.”

“…You are still carefree as always…”

“Well, it’s because I’ve been treating Shin like a little brother since the old days. So I would be daunted if I didn’t receive an invitation.”

Although I felt awkward hearing Sieg-niichan’s words, but since I’ve also always thought of him as an older brother, I’m glad we have mutual feelings.

“I also think of him as a younger brother.”

Chris-neechan also said so.

“Thank you, Chris-neechan.”

“You’re welcome.”

Like that, the party advanced to the latter half.

However, Alfred-sensei was looking quite uncomfortable…

And so, the party ended without any problems.

…I thought that a fellow will approach me and say, ‘You are not suitable for Sicily-san’ but that event did not occur.

It’s probably because the King has officially authorized it.

However, there was a guy who was sending me death glares and looked like he wanted to kill me…

* * *

The next day was Gus’ birthday party and official investiture ceremony to become the Crown Prince.

The ceremony will take place on a stage in front of the Royal Palace, and it will be open to the public.

During the event, the loudspeaker Cecil-san used before… a magic tool that amplified one’s voice, or rather, I should just call them a mic and speaker.

The mic had ‘Voice Transmission’ while the speaker had ‘Sound Reception’ and ‘Amplification.’

Cecil-san used it a little while ago as a trial run.

And that day.

“Oh… Gus is looking Prince-like.”

“Ummm… it’s not Prince-like he is a real Prince…”

After seeing Gus wearing the clothes specially made for the ceremony, I inadvertently said those words.

“…How should I say this, I feel embarrassed wearing these kinds of clothes in front of everyone.”

“Augusto-sama, you’ve been poisoned by Shin-san and the others too much… As I thought, it’s like that after all?”

“Hey! Didn’t you just agreed yesterday during the engagement party!”

“…Well, it’s fine. That aside, Augusto-sama, since there will be many occasions such as this one, please regain your original sense.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Unlike the school uniforms that we wore the other day, we are wearing our battle uniforms.

In fact, we will all be accompanying him up on the stage during the ceremony.

The place before the stage in front of the Royal Castle was filled with people, and Gus’ official investiture to becoming the Crown prince finally started.

[Our son, Augusto von Earlshide. Does thou art swear as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom to strive with all of your being for the people?] [I swear to sacrifice my own life for the people of this Kingdom.] [Mhm, We hereby declare! We recognize Augusto as the Crown Prince. We anticipate you giving your all for the sake of the people.] [I respectfully obey.]

The words spoken by the two people through the mic was amplified by the speaker and was heard throughout the plaza.

The people who gathered in front of the stage broke out with shouts of joy.

* * *

When the official investiture of the Crown Prince was about to end, a Soldier ran forward from the side of the stage.

He looked out of breath and looked like he ran with all his might. he shook off the restraints of the other Soldiers and shouted.

“I have something to report! We have just received a transmission from the Swedes Kingdom!”

The Swedes Kingdom is a place between the Empire and the Kingdom, in other words, one of the small countries.

When the Soldiers heard what he said, their expressions changed and moved out of the way.

Which means that…

“A lot of devils have appeared in the Swedes Kingdom! And they are currently in the state of war!”

As expected, it was a report regarding the movements of the devils.

“Foolish person! What are you thinking to report such information in the middle of the ceremony!”

“It’s fine! Don’t reproach that person.”

It wasn’t Uncle Dis’ voice that was amplified but Gus.

“Your Highness…”

“You did well in delivering the information. Information regarding devils should be given top priority above all else. Or rather, it will be a problem if the report is delayed.”

Oh, Gus is acting Prince-like.

Because of the mic, everyone was able to hear Gus’ words.

The people who have gathered were restless after hearing the report sightings of devils.

[Everyone, please calm down a listen. A moment ago, we have received a report that a devil has appeared in the neighboring country, Swedes Kingdom.]

Gus began to explain to the people who have gathered in the plaza.

[However, please do not worry. We have already acquired means to deal with devils.]

When Gus said that, he looked at me.

I understood it instantly.

This is a performance.

Because the devils have made their move, this is a measure to prevent people from getting restless.


Gus called out to me with a loud voice, and I walked up right next to him.

[He is Shin Walford, my best friend, the grandchild of the hero, Merlin Walford, and the newly inaugurated hero who defeated a devil just recently.]

Listening to Gus’ words, the people held their breaths and watched intently.

[I… We have been studying together with Shin, and we have finally gained strength to oppose devils!]

Excluding me, Gus beckoned for the other members of the research society to join him.

[We have grown to the point where all of us can subjugate a disaster class demons by ourselves!]

“Subjugating disaster class demons alone!?”

Hearing those words, rather than the regular citizens, it was the Soldiers who were surprised.

[That’s right! According to the information we have, artificial devils have similar strength to disaster class demons. Knowing that, don’t you think we have enough strength to take them down?!]

Although it was actually reported that they are slightly stronger than disaster class demons. I said slightly, so it’s not exactly a lie.

[We will immediately head off to the Swedes Kingdom and subjugate those devils, please be relieved!]

After saying that, Gus suddenly took off the clothes he was wearing for the ceremony.

Under those, he was wearing the battle uniform of the research society.

Why is he prepared for it?

(Shin, you say something as well.)

(Me, too?)

(And also, somehow think of a team name. I am insecure of using the name of the Research Society.)

(Right now!?)

Because the mic was still turned on, we were whispering in each other’s ear in a low voice.

What does he mean, ‘think of something!?’

[…Everyone, please do not be anxious. I have already fought against a devil and defeated it without a problem. In addition, everyone here has enough strength to take them down. We…]

Hmmm, what name should I use? Because we are the Ultimate Magic Research Society… No good! This is the only name we cannot use here!

[…We, the ‘Ultimate Magicians’ will subjugate the devils by all means.]

Uwaa! I have definitely done it! What is this Ultimate Magicians!? It’s it just a literal translation! More than anything, it is pathetic!

Having regret what I have spoken, I stood on the stage while blushing…

“UUWWWWOOOOOOO!!!” [Everyone in the plaza.]

An excited cheer suddenly broke out.

“Kuku, ‘Ultimate Magicians’ huh? Isn’t it quite a nice name?”

“Y-you… even at such a time.”

“Oops, don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have that kind of intention. This time, it is coincidentally a nice name.”

“I wonder if that’s true…”

“That aside, let’s move forward and make it more flashy. In order to bring hope to the people.”

“Ah, I understand.”

Taking the field and make it more flashy… I guess this is the only way.

I cast Floating Magic on all the members and started floating in the air.

I’m glad I experimented with it.

Everyone used wind magic to adjust their positions.

The people who were cheering a while ago were lost for words after seeing the spectacle.

[Now then… ‘Ultimate Magicians!’ Depart!!] [OOOoo!!] [Research Society members.]

All the members answered and then used their own wind magic to move forward.

And then… there was loud cheering behind us once more.

…Please don’t chant that name so loudly!

* * *

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