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Finding out the Purpose

Preparation for war.

After I heard those words, I took another look around. Everyone was making anxious expressions; what’s going to happen now? Why are they suddenly preparing for war? I heard, amongst other things.

“Preparation for war… with whom are they going to war with? I mean, since the last war against the Empire resulted in a large-scale demon invasion, isn’t war supposed to be a taboo?”

“That very Empire is the opponent.”

“The Empire? Why?”

“Please ask the Empire for the answer to that particular question. It seems that the Empire has publicly started preparing for a large-scale war. Because of the large-scale preparation they have been making, it is unlikely they will go to war against small countries, or so it seems. With that in mind, the most likely target is…”

“A large country, meaning Earlshide Kingdom…”

The Empire is preparing to declare war. Why? For what reason?

No, I know the reason why. If Bluesphere Empire is able to successfully seize the Earlshide Kingdom, their forces will increase tremendously. With that much power, they would be capable of conquering the world. However, why now? I cannot understand the timing.

“Well, it’s not like it has already started. When the war breaks out, there’s a chance the students might also get drafted. However, there’s no point in worrying about it now, especially since Shin will most definitely not get drafted.”

“Why is… ah, you’re talking about the promise of not being used for military purposes.”

“The possibility of demon invasion is a different matter. However, the military’s decision not to involve Shin in the war is correct. That kind of thing should never be done.”

I was looking at Sicily and everyone else. Everyone had anxious expressions on their faces.

“Indeed, the military most likely won’t draft me. However, if a crisis does approach, I will step onto the battlefield, because I think of everyone I’ve met here as irreplaceable friends.”



I felt downcast, and despite the fact the war has yet to start, I can’t help but be depressed.

“Alright! Everyone, let’s head to Mark’s house. I was told the prototype weapon would be be completed by today.”

“…You’re right, if I’m not mistaken, it will indeed be completed today. Alright, let’s go everyone.”

“Incidentally, everyone should buy accessories, and I will enhance them with defensive magic. That way, even if the war does break out, you’ll have something to protect yourselves with.”

And so, I opened Gate in the small corner of a back alley with few pedestrians. When we passed through the Gate, Bean’s Workshop was before us.

“It is as convenient as I thought. I want to learn it quickly.”

“…First things first, Rin, you should learn how to control your magic power and stop it from running wild.”

“…I’ll work hard.”

When we entered the workshop, uncle was waiting for us.

“Oh! You’ve finally arrived, Shin! The prototype has been completed!”

“Oh, as expected of a professional, you sure work fast!”

“That is a matter of course! Ah, has Your Highness has also come to observe?”

“Of course. Please let me look at it.”

What uncle brought out was nothing but an ordinary looking sword, however, the hilt was slightly different. The shape of the grip looked like a handgun, so to speak. A slide was attached to the sword guard at the trigger. With this, it became easier to safely remove the blade, and it also reduced the frequency malfunctions that could occur throughout the process.

“Amazing, uncle! Can’t this already be considered a finish product?”

“No, it’s no good if we don’t make any adjustments to it. The spring’s tension needs to be tested, as well as the firmness of the slide… and there’s still the firmness of the springs used in various places.”

“I see, but for you to be able to get to this point…”

“Yeah! Immediately after making some adjustments, it’ll become a finished product.”

Uncle laughed confidently. He looks cool when he’s overflowing with confidence. He truly is a craftsman.

“It really looks amazing. This is the first time I’ve witnessed Bean’s Workshop display a product still in development…”

“What are you talking about, Tony. Isn’t this also your original idea?”

“Oh! So you’re Tony-kun! Because of you, I was able to work on something interesting! Thank you!”

“No… That is…”

Tony was making an overwhelmed expression. It was really surprising.

“Now then, let’s get started with the adjustments. I would also like to look at the swords reserved for the military.”

“Those are also completed.”

It seemed like the swords for the military were ready for delivery. In comparison to Vibration Sword, they look thicker, and don’t look like they’ll break easily. However, it seemed as if the group was improving the durability down to the very last minute.

“These things… can probably withstand more than just practical use. Workshop Master, you’ve done a great job, I’m grateful for this.”

“N-now way! Please stop that, Your Highness! It’s because this is my job!”

Then, after making some adjustments to the spring, the new weapon will finally be complete.

It’s enjoyable to make these kinds of tune-ups. The guy team went full force with all the adjustments. Since the female team had free time, they went to look at the accessories.

Last but not least, with strength obviously in mind, it was customized for personal preference, and it was finally complete.

I named mine ‘Vibration Sword, ‘ but what about the ones used for the military? Because those are swords with replaceable blades…

“Exchange Sword…”

“…That name sounds good. Alright! From now onwards, these swords will be called Exchange Swords! Harold, I’m sorry but, can this order be completed immediately?”

“Of course, Your Highness.”

“Well then, I’ll ask some people from the military to drop by here later. Please discuss the quantity with the person in charge. These will be making a debut in the upcoming war, I’m counting on you.”

“Yes! I will definitely do my best!”

And so, I used enchantment magic on the new Vibration Sword, and I also got a few replacement blades.

“I’m really sorry about this, uncle. In the end, you’ve given them all to me.”

“No, no. This is something His Highness have asked of me to do on behalf of the Kingdom. Shin doesn’t need to worry about it.”

“Gus, sorry about this.”

“What are you saying. These are reassuring weapons to have during the time of war. Or rather, I’m happy that the development fee is only this much.”

I’m worried that they won’t function properly when the time comes for them to make for their debut during the war, but as far as I can see, they seem alright.

And so, as I expected, the accessories were still given as a present.

Everyone was very grateful, but this time the amount was rather large. Uncle just told us not to worry about it while laughing.

As of now, every single member of the Research Society has acquired accessories enhanced with defensive magic.

When it comes to defense, the anxiety had lessened considerably.

* * *

The members of Earlshide Kingdom’s military had been given new weapons. They were in a form no one had ever seen before.

The Soldiers who received the weapons were exchanging their impressions.

“Hey, have you tried the new sword?”

“Yeah, the sharpness of the blade receives a passing grade. However, this weapon… is completely combat-oriented.”

“There is no decoration, it’s a weapon that emphasizes practical use…”

“A sword where one can replace the blade while in the middle of a battlefield is indeed effective. When one is provided with this kind of weapon…”

“…It gives off a feeling that the war is finally going to begin…”

There was no decoration whatsoever. A single sword which can slaughter enemy upon enemy. A weapon which effectively emphasizes the killing of enemies. The Soldiers felt uplifted to received such a powerful weapon, along with the complicated feelings of excitement and fear that accompany war.

Thus, with the provision of new weapons, the collection of necessary supplies, the military men scattered from various places, converging into one. Having left only the bare minimum personnel to respond in case of demon invasion, and other tasks such as the recruitment of volunteers, the troops were now all well-equipped, and ready at any given time.

And then scouts who had been lurking in the Empire brought reports.

“Reporting! The Blueshpere Imperial army has started to march towards our Kingdom!”

Despite the tension among the upper echelon, there was no confusion when the report was given. Or rather, they had been expecting this, and the King immediately issued a royal command.

“Everyone has heard it? The Empire apparently sees an opportunity. Against such a foolish act, our Kingdom has no other choice but to confront them! Let us show the Empire the strength of our Earlshide Kingdom! All armies, move out!”

The Empire had finally made their move. Because of their movement, the Kingdom responded. However, the declaration of war had yet to arrive. Because the Empire had made an act of aggression towards one of its neighboring countries one-sidedly, the country’s mobilization of their army was a legitimate action.

And so, Earlshide decreed that they were sending out their troops.

* * *

“The Kingdom has finally dispatched their troops.”

Alice called out when I arrived at the academy that day, as she had arrived earlier.

“You’re right. That’s all everyone in town is talking about.”

The Kingdom had already made the announcement, and it was also on the newspapers. And thus, everyone in the Kingdom knew.

Since the time of war had arrived, as expected, the people’s commotion over me had died down, and I was able to walk around town on the way to the academy.

“In the end, I wonder how many troops have been deployed?”

“Both the Kingdom and the Empire have a total of 80,000, each.”

“Hmm, I guess they are evenly matched.”

“However, there’s something strange about it.”


“Ah, from what we know so far, the Empire’s total troops has 80,000 people.”

“An all-out war, the Empire is desperate.”

“That’s not the point I’m getting at. In order for our Kingdom to have the same numbers, we recruited mercenaries, and volunteers from the Demon Hunter Association.”

“Heehh, as expected, the Empire really focuses on their military.”

“Not really, even the Kingdom has that many people in the military.”

“Huh? Then why recruit volunteers and mercenaries?”

“It’s because the Kingdom didn’t summon all of their troops. They left a number of people behind in order to deal with demons, just in case. Because of that, we didn’t have enough people and recruited more.”

“Eh? But the Empire deployed everyone, right? What about dealing with demons?”

“That’s why I said it’s strange. They have left their Empire defenseless against demons and marched towards the Kingdom. Why is that?”

“Did the Empire also hire mercenaries?”

“We have confirmed that the Empire has not recruited any mercenaries. They have summoned all of their troops from all across the Empire.”

“Seriously, they are defenseless against demons.”

“What is the Empire thinking?”

Because Gus was making a complicated expression, everyone remained silent.

“This is just a thought… but do you think this is what Schtrom wants?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see, didn’t Schtrom have a variety of experiments? I was wondering whether or not demon control is included in his experiments.”

“…I see, Schtrom is originally a citizen from the Empire. “Originally, ” so there’s a possibility that he was sent as a spy by the Empire.”

“Is that’s so, then the Empire can focus entirely on war and not have to worry about demon invasion.”

“There’s a high possibility…”

“But if that were the case, there are also things that doesn’t make sense.”

“I thought it made a lot of sense?”

“What about Artificial Devils?”

“Ah… I see, there hasn’t been any report of it made yet…”

“If a devil joins the Imperial Army, there would be an uproar.”

“We’re back to… square one.”

“Well, no matter how much we speculate, we won’t be of much help. So let’s just do what we can. We might understand the Empire’s real intentions that way, as well.”

“…That’s right, let us just do what we are capable of doing…”

“That’s how it is. Also, I was thinking we should start with practicing practical magic, what do you guys think?”

“Are you finally going to teach how to use Gate?”

“That’s right, that will also be included.”

“Recently, my magic powers have increased! As I thought, is it because of magic control practice?”

Everyone had finally understood the importance of magic control practice, and their collective magic power increased. Just the other day, grandpa showed them he could use Gate, and everyone’s motivation had risen with the knowledge that they could also use my magic. Thus, they began to seriously practice magic control. With this, it seems it’ll be fine to teach them magic.

“Well then, let’s also do our best today in the research society~!”

“Before that, it’s class time, Corner.”

“Ah! That’s right.”

“You guys… what do you guys think you’re coming to school for…”

Alfred-sensei entered the classroom and sighed. We’re still properly attending classes, right?

* * *

The Kingdom’s army advanced until they were near the Empire’s border. It was the same exact place that turned into a battlefield during the last war. They expected that the battlefield where they would confront the Empire’s army would the same as the last one.

That day, Dominic, the commander-in-chief, received information from the scouts that the Imperial army had laid camp.

They would encounter the Imperial army in about two days, and the location of the battlefield was a good plain where surprise attacks will be hard for the Empire to conduct. There’s a high possibility that it’ll be a frontal attack. This information has also been confirmed by the reports of other scouts. And thus, Dominic still had no idea what the Empire’s aim was.

“…I don’t understand. If the battle was to happen there, there’d be no profit for the Empire? Or rather, it would be a good place for the Kingdom to make an invasion. There’s also the issue of information leakage, so it was not a good thing to hurry and plan a surprise attack. It’s as if a large army came out to stroll leisurely. Is the Empire this foolish? Or is it because they have something planned behind the scenes?”

“Even if you concentrate with the best of your abilities, you don’t know what you don’t know. Why don’t you think of them as the unexpected, foolish actions and judgments of a foolish Emperor. That’s also a possibility, right?”

“From the reports I’ve received from the scouts, there’s a high possibility of that… However, no matter how I think of it, this is too excessive.”

“Well… even a general Soldier of the Kingdom will not give out such orders.”

“I am convinced that there is something more to this.”

“Nevertheless, the army with the total of 80,000 has been deployed. There hasn’t been any other confirmed troop. This is probably nothing but a stupid act.”

“Haaa… Really, what exactly are they thinking…”

While Dominic was trying to figure out the motives of the Empire, a scout’s report reached the Empire’s camp.

“I would like to make my report. The Kingdom’s army is still busy responding to the demons, and they seem to be struggling to raise an army.”

“I see, Your Majesty, as expected, the Kingdom is still struggling to respond to the demon attacks. If we continue to march towards the Kingdom with a large army, our victory is a foregone conclusion.”

“Hmm, so it would seem. We were convinced the moment we received the report that the demons in the Empire had declined, while the demons in the Kingdom had increased. While the Kingdom is busy with keeping the demons at bay, they have no way in preventing our onslaught.”

“As expected of you, Your Majesty.”

This man was the Emperor of Bluesphere Empire, Herald von Bluesphere, someone who had recently ascended the throne.

The throne of the Empire’s Emperor was not hereditary. The heads of the Duke families in the Empire had the right to inherit the throne, and they were elected during an election in the House of Lords.

Therefore, in the House of Lords, bribes, benefits, and threats were regular occurrences in the House of Lords. There were no such things as fair elections.

Herald was not only a member of the House of Lords, he made full use of harassing and backstabbing other opposition candidates from the various Duke families, thus becoming the Emperor.

Therefore, many people bore grudges against him. However, when he became the Emperor, they could no longer say a thing.

Although Herald was adept in kicking down others, when it came to politics, he was completely incompetent.

He conveniently only listened to good reports, and bad reports were ignored. Herald’s desire for recognition was strong, and it’s a long-cherished wish of his to invade the Kingdom.

Of course, it’s all for him to become exalted.

Because he was such a man, he immediately decided to pursue the Kingdom after believing they had caught up with keeping demon attacks at bay. In addition, they received information regarding the decline of demons in the Empire.

When Herald heard such reports, in his mind, the Kingdom would not be able to handle the Empire’s offensive, and would have no other choice but to collapse.

And he could obtain the Kingdom.

Once he saw such possibility, he could not be stopped. During the Imperial Army’s march, only advantageous reports were made.

Herald was completely convinced of his victory.

The man who reported to the Imperial Headquarters of the Empire was Zest, and he left after glaring at the Imperial Headquarters.

When the new day broke, both armies started to move out. After two days, both armies finally saw each other.

It was the Imperial army that was surprised by this.

The original information contained in the reports was that the Kingdom’s forces were busy dealing with the demon attacks, and therefore they shouldn’t be in this place.

“What the hell does this mean! The Kingdom’s forces were completely waiting for us!”

“Zest, someone call Zest!”

“Umm… that is…”


“There have been no sightings of Zest since last night. That’s not all, we cannot get in contact with the military’s scout unit…”

“Wha-what did you say…”

“Your Majesty! The situation has changed, we should retreat! If this continues, we will be leading our troops straight into the Kingdom’s territory. With this, the Kingdom’s army will have more than enough reason to launch an attack. Or rather, they have no other choice but to attack!!”

“Those bastards… now that I think about it, the scout unit is a gathering of commoners! How dare they… How dare those lowly commoners concoct a plan to deceive us! Notify the entire army! The Kingdom’s army will be eliminated! The only difference is that they will be eliminated sooner rather than later! Let us show our strength to the Kingdom’s army! All troops, advance!!”

The Imperial army began their assault. In contrast, the Kingdom’s army…

“They really did come charging in. What in the world is he thinking? That guy.”

The Chief of the Magic Division, Rupper, said with a loud voice.

“Alright, as planned, Magic Division, launch the first attack!”

The Magic Division of the Kingdom’s army launched a large-scale magic attack. One after another, the large-scale magic attacks landed on the Imperial army’s frontline and caused a lot of damage. Usually, at the start of a battle, a shootout between the Magic Divisions on both sides would occur. Only after things have settled down, would the Knights and Soldiers start their assault. However, because the Imperial army was not ready for the unexpected battle, their chain-of-command was in chaos, and they just charged in a disorderly fashion. For the Magic Division of the Kingdom’s army, this was a favorable circumstance.

Nevertheless, there were some who escaped, and approached the Kingdom’s army.

“Since they are just foolishly advancing, there’s no need to limit the attacks to the frontlines. Also attack the right and left wings of the Imperial Army! We’ll deal with the Imperial army’s frontlines!”

“OOOooo!!” [Said by the Kingdom’s army.]

Unlike the Imperial army, which was unprepared for the unexpected attack, the Kingdom’s forces were ready to perfection. And thus, the Kingdom was able to expand their formation to a concave arc and encircle the Imperial Army. Finally, both armies clashed with each other.

The Imperial army, which had already received damage from the magic attacks, was no match for Kingdom’s army’s breakthrough. Furthermore, the Imperial army was still being attacked from both flanks, and their numbers continuously declined. Before they withdrew, just before the sun had set, the Imperial army continued to lose members of their ranks.

However, they were late to withdraw, and the reason for this was Herald’s high pride and his refusal to retreat.

Out of the 80,000 units the Imperial army had, with just one battle, nearly half of them were gone. In contrast, the Kingdom’s army lost only a little over a hundred, resulting in the Empire’s complete defeat.

After the first day of battle had ended, Herald was desolate inside the Imperial Headquarters.

“What’s with this situation! If this continues, won’t we be fighting a losing battle!!”

Herald ceaselessly destroyed everything inside the tent. However, there wasn’t anyone there who could stop him. If someone were to speak up, there was a high possibility of them being killed.

In the end, Herald continued to yell and yell, and without coming up with a plan, he rested.

The reason they fell into this situation was because all the reports given by the scout unit were lies. Although some felt that this was intentional in order to harm the Empire, no one did anything.

The person who decided on the strategy was the Emperor. No one else would propose a strategy or offer any advice because they did not want to get on the wrong side of the highly confident Emperor.

The aides also were also feeling despair, and couldn’t sleep at night.

And in the Kingdom’s army, they were discussing the battle that happened during the day.

“It was as Rupper had said. Foolish Emperor, foolishly advancing, and fighting a foolish battle. To be honest, other than that, I have no other impression.”

“Really, I wonder what that was all about?”

“I wonder if this kind of thing will happen again tomorrow?”

“I think there’s a high chance of it happening?”

The commanders of the Kingdom’s army also sighed, but it held different meaning compared to the commanders of Imperial army.

Going back in time slightly, when the Imperial army and the Kingdom army began fighting, the scouts saw things they could not believe. And they immediately rushed to make the report.

“That is… impossible!”

The scout muttered so while riding a horse at full speed. It was all in order to make the report as soon as possible.

In the end, the Imperial army, which originally had a total of 80,000 units, was down to a mere 20,000 after the third day. Everyone in the Imperial army had feelings of resignation.

And so, in the beginning of the fourth day, both armies received a report.


“What is it, what’s wrong?”

Based on the expression on the scout’s face, Dominic determined that something was wrong. And when he heard the report, he was extremely surprised.

“Demons… a large amount of demons have appeared!!”


“A large amount of medium-sized demons have appeared! And the destination is… Bluesphere Empire’s Imperial Capital!!”


“And also…”

“There’s still more?”

“Devils… I witnessed a lot of devils!!”

“Wha—! What did you say!!?”

Then, this report was also transmitted to the Imperial army.

“Impossible!? Wasn’t there a report that the number of demons have decreased!?”

“Your Majesty! This is not the time for us to advance to the Kingdom! We must return to the Imperial Capital!!”

“Goddammit… Go back to the Imperial Capital to defend against demons? Stop joking around!! Announce it to the entire army! We don’t have time to play around with the Kingdom’s army! Hurry up and return to the Imperial Capital in order to defend against the demons!!”

Herald, with face red in anger, announced to the entire army. The Imperial army immediately performed an about-face, and made their way back to the Imperial Capital.

And so, the Kingdom army hesitated on what to do. They were wondering if they should advance towards the Imperial Capital, or return to the Kingdom.

“Isn’t it better if we return to the Kingdom?”

“No, there’s a chance that the devils might head towards Kingdom, so it’s dangerous for us to leave. Is it not better to temporarily lend the Empire a hand in subjugating the demons and devils?”

“However, would the Empire willingly accept our help?”

“As expected, they won’t easily accept it?”

“I don’t know the answer to that. After they have subdued the demons, there’s a chance that they’ll return.”

“There’s also that possibility…”

Although they hurriedly conducted a meeting, they were unable to make any progress. And so, the decision was left for Dominic to make.

“It is dangerous to neglect devils. It is absolutely necessary to subdue them now. But there’s also a possibility that the Empire will not accept our help. Also, we are at the rear of the Imperial army; we first need to ascertain the status of the war. If the Imperial army is able to subdue the demons and devils as soon as possible, we will not help, but if they are having problems, we will help. I think this is the limit under the present situation, what do you guys think?”

“Isn’t it fine like that? Even I wouldn’t want to put more effort than needed.”

“Well then, let’s head towards the Imperial Capital…”

“Th-there’s trouble! There’s a large amount of demons heading this way!!”

“What did you say!? Devils? Are there any devils!?”

“N-not yet! We have not confirmed any sightings of devils… However, the quantity is enormous!”

“What is the current breakdown!?”

“The majority of the demons are medium-sized and small-sized. There haven’t been any sightings of large-sized demons!”

“Then we can deal with it somehow… Notify the entire army! Immediately annihilate the demons! Once we have annihilated every single one, march towards the Imperial City!!”


Thus, the Kingdom’s army started fighting against the demons in order to protect their citizens. Because most of the demons were medium-sized and small-sized, it took a considerable amount of time to annihilate them all.

However, they hardly took any damage. Some Soldiers suffered major injuries such as fractures and lacerations, but most of them only received minor injuries. However, after fighting against the Empire for three days and then battling against the demons, the battlefield was left impoverished. Everyone was also suffering from fatigue.

By the time they had annihilated all the demons, the day had already fallen.

“Dammit! With this, we won’t be able to march until dawn!”

“That’s about right. It’ll be too severe to lead the army during nighttime. In addition, we just finished fighting against that legion of demons. Fatigue is also substantial.”

“What’s with this situation! It is as if we’re being confined here!!”

“…Actually, it might be exactly as you say…”

Thus, the Kingdom’s arm was stuck fighting against demons, and they had to wait for daybreak in order to depart.

* * *

On the other hand, the Imperial Capital, which was attacked by hordes of demons, was quickly overrun.

The army that was originally supposed to be defending against such attacks was absent. In addition, the majority of the demons that attacked were medium-sized. There were also some disaster-class demons, such as tigers and lions. Even if a devil was not amongst the hordes demons, the Imperial Capital had no means of fighting them off.

What occurred in that place was the exact picture of the pandemonium of hell.

The citizens of the Imperial City were killed and eaten by demons, while the devils burned the place down with magic.

Although there were some Demon Hunters who remained in the Imperial City, because there were a lot of demons in addition to a few devils, they were killed easily.

However, there were still some people who walked through that hell leisurely.

“What do you think? Millia-san, what is your impression of someone who turned into a devil?”

“Yes, Schtrom-sama, I can feel an overflowing magic power I’ve never felt before. Also, it feels like I am able to use any magic I want.”

“Fufu, I’m glad. Nevertheless, after killing people from your own country, you still have a carefree expression.”

“That’s because, the people living in the Imperial Capital looks down upon other citizens of the Empire, and thinks of themselves as chosen humans. In truth, even I, myself, have experience being ridiculed for being a commoner, countless times. Because of that, I don’t feel much guilt for killing people living in the same country as me.”

“Fufufu, hahaHAHA! Is that so, I see. It was splendid, Millia-san. In truth, these guys are nothing but a collection of trash.”

“Thank you very much for your compliment.”

“Now then, the Imperial army will probably return in two to three days. By that time, we will have already completed our purpose here in the Imperial Capital. In the meantime, Zest-kun will also be returning. Do you want to prepare to ambush the Imperial army?”

“Yes, Schtrom-sama.”

“Well then, l wonder to what extent the Kingdom reduced their numbers, it’ll be a sight to see.”

In that manner, the two people walked towards the Imperial Palace.

Behind them, were the death throes of citizens living in the Imperial Capital.

Three days after Schtrom attacked the Imperial Capital, the Imperial army finally arrived. And what they saw was…

The Imperial Capital had been destroyed by demons, and there were still hordes of demons there.

“These goddamn demons! Make sure to subdue all of them, do not let a single one escape!!”

And with Herald’s command, the Imperial army began their assault once more. In the beginning, there were able to subjugate the demons easily, but when a devil appeared, the situation changed drastically.

The Imperial army was trampled by the devil’s magic. Amongst the devils, Zest, the person from the scout unit who had provided false information to the Imperial army, was there.

“ZESSSSSTTTTT!!!! It’s because of you! This is ALL because of YOOOUUUUUUuu!!”

Herald kept roaring like crazy towards Zest. However, Zest, continued slaughtering the Imperial army, without paying him the slightest heed.

And then… without knowing who killed the Emperor, the Imperial army was literally wiped out.

* * *

Afterwards, the Kingdom’s army, having been held back by hoards of demons, had arrived. What they saw was the completely annihilation of the Imperial army, along with many dried corpses.

Suddenly a voice called out to the people of the Kingdom’s army who were looking at the scene absentmindedly.

“Oh my, aren’t the people over there the ones from the Kingdom I was under the care of?”

It was the voice of Schtrom, who had once been surrounded in the practice ground of the Security Office.

No matter where they looked, they could not find Schtrom anywhere in their immediate surroundings. It looked like he was using magic to enhance his voice.


“Oh my, oh my, would you even be able to able to defeat us? How about asking for other countries to cooperate?”

All they heard was nothing but ridicule.

“Oh, right, before I forget, thank you very much for reducing the Imperial army’s numbers. Thanks to you, it was easy enough to annihilate the Imperial army.”

When he found out that they had been used by Schtrom, Dominic almost broke into a furious rage, but he was able to restrain himself. And so, after listening to Schtrom’s words, they turned around and headed back to the Kingdom. Once they had determined that there was indeed a need to request for the cooperation of other countries, they returned to the Kingdom.

When Dominic reported what had happened to the Kingdom’s upper echelon, they were speechless. With this, they could no longer afford to keep the information about Schtrom confidential. It needed to be announced to be public.

What was announced was:

“The person who was responsible for the recent devil attack in the Royal Capital is also a devil, Oliver Schtrom. And that very same person, attacked Bluesphere Empire with large amount of demons and devils he created himself, and destroyed the Imperial Capital. The series of disputes that had occurred recently were all caused by that person.”

* * *

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