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FanFic Title: Age of Heroes
Author: keikoku
Date Published: January 11th, 2015

1007 AF SeedMonth Day 09
After we got the permission to go to the quest we did not immediately go.
For a week we planned.
Helia went to the library to search the map of the surrounding.
She learned writing and reading a long time ago, and from our conversation I also found out she is really good with arithmetic too.
Daughter of a merchant lord,I mused
Lisa on the other hand practiced her technique while Kyle tries to pay attention to class.
The news that we take a Hard quest has already spread around the Academy.
We were eating at our tables when Harald Alan suddenly sits in our table.
“Heard you’re taking a quest?”
I just nodded while I kept eating.
He doesn’t like being ignored.
“ Don’t you think that’s just showing off?” he said his tone sarcastic.
His friends just laugh while saying that we surely would die.
There is West Palais of House Palais who remained oddly quiet when the rest is laughing, Arago Asturia who looked like a trickster with his crooked smile who hail from the distant lands of Renasia, Reval Verman one of the minor noble in Vern Empire, though from what I heard he is a third son with no rights to the title of his father, Varrick Cora another one of minor noble, and Avil Corazon who is giggling without showing no signs of stopping, who is from the illustrious House of Corazon one of the two ruling families, son of a High Lord, and not to mention the first son, which means he will inherit his father position.
This is his companion, I mused.
A companion that will only serve to give aid to this child worse qualities.
“---- Though, this would be great for the academy. I mean they even let children of commonfolk to learn here.Hope they die.” Harald said laughing.
Arial look at his friend.
Kyle and Lisa just looks down and does not dare say anything.
It was weird.
They didn’t act like this with me
Then I understand.
I am their friend of course they act like that with me.
But Harald is a noble they don’t know and not only that, he is a son of a High Lord.
Not to mention they is surrounded by the sons of noble Lords, great and mighty Houses while they are son and daughter of a commonfolk.
From the beginning we enter the Academy no one spoke that much about lineage and blood because this is a Knight Academy.
They don’t really care about blood.
At least not here
But outside?
One day, Kyle and Lisa will graduate and when they do, the nobles still would be nobles.
Somehow seeing his friend bowing makes him angry.
It reminded of himself in his past life where he always have to follow the noble instruction no matter how stupid.
Arial pushed Harald of the seat and he crashed to the Purple Fairy table.
He was shocked of course.
His friends laugh quieted.
Arago brow just crease slightly and his expression was like he saw something amusing.
West smiles slightly.
“ WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING” he roared, the hall rang
“Held your head high” I said to the siblings.
“What are you doing, Arial?” Helia said her tone worried.
“I SAID WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” Harald began rising up.
I just ignore him and kept eating.
The teachers were just looking.
Not even paying attention.
They do not interfere in students affairs.
Seeing that I just ignore him again, he tries to throw my plate but even before his hand reached my table, I picked up the fork beside me and throw at him only missing a few inches from his forehead and the fork is stuck at the wall, piercing the stone wall.
He looked at me and then at the fork.
Then I said “You want me to come to you? MAKE ME!”
He was standing there for a full minute not doing anything just stares at me while I kept eating.
I finished eating and even burped.
I get up and said to him “Nothing, huh. I guess I will go up to rest”
He just stares at me anger in his eyes.
“ I WILL NOT FORGET THIS, ARIAL VERMONT” he yelled just before I exited the Grand Hall.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Arial?” Kyle admonished me rushing out from the Hall with his sister
Lisa is just quiet.
“I don’t like the way they treat you” I said
“But what he said is true” Lisa said suddenly
Kyle head once again drooped down.
“There is nothing that special about noble blood, Lisa. Only some people so idiotic somehow believing that their blood is somehow special.”
“Don’t you believe in the Divine Right of the King?” Helia ask after she too rushed to our side
“Divine Right? From whom?”
“God” the three of them said in unison.
They all look so innocent.
“Which God?” I asked
“The God of Light of course. Is there any other God?” the three reply in unison again.
We are walking up the marbled staircase going to our House Dormitory.
I sighed
“Seren worship the Fierce God, Renasia believes in the Sun Emperor and Water Princess, Zettel believe in the Night Mother and the Dawn Father, Cora only believes in the Hooded Old Man, while the Anjou and Ranoans also have their own Gods. So which God decides who got divine right?”
“Ummm….I don’t know” Helia said.
Lisa is scratching her head while Kyle is scratching his chin.
“Do you believe God exist?” I ask them.
“It exists” the three of them said.
“How do you know?” I asked
“All the other said He exist so he must exist” Helia said while the other two nodded.
I’m wasting my time.
They are all kids.
This is heavy stuff.
I was about to head out to my room when Lisa said
“Do you believe in God?”
I contemplated then I reply “I do”
“Which one?”
“I’m not sure yet. But I know he exist”
He was reminded of the bright light that shines in the damp room beneath the library.
“I don’t have the words to describe it but I know he exist. Knowing He’s there is not the hard part. The hard part is finding Him. Which one is he? Is he God of Light? Or the Hooded Old Man? Or is it the Night Mother and Dawn Father? Or is He none of that? Or is He all of them?”
Lisa looked more confused by the second
“That is a question for a later time for a different day” Arial said and then he went to his room to rest.
Renasia is a country North West of Dukedom of Alan.
Founded by Duvan Renasi , the Blue Hair King one of the companion of the Great Hero Levitia.
Once serve the Emperor but after Alexander the Divider his descendants broke away from the Emperor and many follow and now Renasia is an independent country.
There was nowhere in the Continent like it.
The land of the Sun they called this country.
The people love to party and celebrate occasion as much as they like their fights.
Every building is spectacular and the design is quite different from the other rest of the Continent.
The girls were beautiful and exotic, the man handsome and have great physique. Their tone is darker than most of the people in the Continent most of them light dark.
Near the Palace is a fountain with such width that it could afford to house the 60 ft high statue of the Water Princess and the water maidens.
The temple of the Sun Emperor is on the other side just beside the Palace a statue of a perfect chiseled man with eyes that is red like blood, wearing a robe with a flaming sword on his right hand while his hand pointed to the statue of the people kneeling to the statue.
Their neighbor is the Mountain Tribe who worshipped the Thousand God which is ruled by the Supreme Gods Davarus who is known to the people in the Continent as the Old Gods.
The people of the Mountain Tribe is adept in tracking, strong and fast in harsh terrain, know herbs, plants and poison, fierce and there even some that say if they went to battle they ride tigers and all other kind of animals.
They have their tribes in the Mountain each one subject to their own law. But they have no King.
Another one of Renasia neighbor is Cora ruled by House Corazon and worship God of Light like Vern and Dukedom of Alan.
Then in the far north the Continent of Vorthy a land, cold and unforgiving only some dare venture it .
Renasia secede from the Empire during the reign of Alexander II also known as Alexander the Divider in 626AF.
It was the last Kingdom that secede from the Empire.
All their Kings and Queen have Blue Hair just like Duvan Renasi their ancestors. Now it’s ruled by Luis Renasi King of Renasia.
Their country have many neighbours every one dangerous than the last.
Yet, they succeed to retain their independence because of the cunningness of their past Kings and Queen. Renasia is the only Kingdom in the Continent that allow woman to become the ruler of the nation.
They made alliances, secret pact, marriage alliances, economic alliances and many more.
They retain influence and power through the means of deception but this does not mean that they are weak.
No, they have one of the most strongest military in the continent just behind Vangua and Vern.
But our story will be focused on Princess Rhysa Renasi the current princess and the future Queen that will fight the Dark Lands invasion.
“Princess don’t run around the palace!” her attendant Isabelle is running around the Palace trying to catch the energetic 9 years old princess running around the Palace
The princess is lithe and graceful her blue eyes shone brightly and her blue hair waved gracefully, her face has a little tan making her seem mysterious and exotic.
She looks beautiful and fierce. Her olive skins just added to her beautiful feature.
“Princess stop!”
The princes just stuck out her tongue and ran outside of the Palace and hiding in the soldier barracks.
In the outside people could hear the attendant is screaming for the Princess.
She hides in one of the empty crate.
Then she hears footsteps.
“Princess, here again?”
Rhysa smiles.
She knew who this voice belongs to.
She jumped out of the crate and is greeted by a man wearing a full armor of Golden armour.
The KingsShield.
The elite bodyguard of the royalty of Renasia.
The man is tall 6 ft 7,his chest is broad, his hand is strong and he has a beard and his hair trimmed neatly. His voice is commanding and his bearing is dignified.
The King Shield commander. Pedro Archad
“ I don’t want to dress up for the ball again” she complained.
I’m tired of going to the ball and party, of the attention and the empty flattery ,of their old smiles and empty promises.
She once said to Pedro.
“So, you came here, little princess” he said began walking away.
Rhysa followed silently
“Isabelle is searching for you” suddenly Pedro speaks.
“I know”
“Would be pretty sad if your father and mother blame her”
“They won’t. They knew that I’m naughty and mischievous’
“DO they? I was half a mind believing they thought you of something else”
That perks her interest
“What do you mean?”
Pedro stopped.
Then he looks at Rhysa eyes.
“You look like a child craving for attention. You don’t hate the party, nor the attention, nor the flattery and smiles or the promises. You hate that your father and your mother is not there, thousands of miles away from their own country.” Pedro accurately guessed
Rhysa just quieted down
“Am I wrong?”
She did not respond.
Pedro then resumes his walk.
Slowly like he is giving time for the little Princess to catch up to him.
She follows.
He is heading towards the barracks training Hall.
Rhysa has memorized the outline of her parents palace which one day will be hers.
The sound of clanging of swords and shield can be heard. Men were sweating half naked, learning to parry attack, to strike, to doge and to slash.
Where to strikes and when to defend.
Rhysa looked at the men with amazement. Instead of etiquette books, or manners or history or arithmetic she is fonder of this.
Battle excites her.
The fights of Renasian fighters look like a dance.
A dance of the Water Princess and the Sun King, she mused.
“Like what you see?” Pedro said smiling.
She nodded.
The fighter realizes the Princess. They kneel.
She said.
“Resume your training” she ordered
“AT ease” Pedro said
The fighters then resume their dance.
“Teach me” she said to Pedro her eyes sparkling
“It is not ladylike behaviour to learn fighting”Pedro said.
“Woman can rule but she can’t learn how to fight? That feels and look weird.” she said snorting.
“Your grandmother Rhaessa didn’t learn to fight but yet she rules wisely” He countered.
“That is my grandmother not me. One day I will rule. And if I rule I would rule it my way” she said her voice determined
Pedro smiles a proud smile.
One day she will be a great Queen, he believes that with all his heart.
So begins Rhysa training.
Any comments are appreciated.You can also suggest something. Happy reading

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  1. ghostpeople
    January 11th, 2015 at 10:48:37 AM

    interesting plot development, needs pr 5/5