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FanFic Title: Age of Heroes
Author: keikoku
Date Published: January 12th, 2015

I have prepared everything for Adrian.
After 2 week, finally Adrian has regained sense and began showing of improvement.
Three nights ago I speak to him about crowning him King.
At first he was aversive towards the idea but after showing how much alliance he can get from declaring himself King he agreed.
Of course, I say this is my father plan.
I mean who would believe it if I say a kid like me thought of that.
I convinced Adrian that my father has instructed me on this.
This past weeks I was busy sending letters to Vern Empire, the central authority in the ages past to support his claim, letters to Vangua, Cori,Principality of Freya,the neighboring Kingdom in the West, Zettel and Seren Radiant Rulers, Dostov and Bardent,Tuca, Cora and Renasia.
All of this is to tell the Continent a new Kingdom is formed.
Vern approve,Cori and Vangua also approve after hearing what happen at the Feast, an act so dishonorable killing people after a funeral and not to mention at a feast, Seren too though that is mostly because our family connection there and not to mention my father is very close to the ruling family there, so even though our faith here and there are quite different, they can accept the announcement, Dostov didn’t reply mostly because House of Ancona, the house that supported Alderam Alan is one of the influential Houses in Dostov, and Renasia King Luis Renasi now in Vern speaking with Emperor George, mostly about their alliance sent its congratulation.
In other words Adrian has already been recognized as King of Alan.
Then I sent the letters to the Grand Papnoticon of Light the massive Church in Vern asking his permission and consent.
I got the letters 4 days ago.
In the letter it says since our cause is just, the Grand Church gives its consent.
Now with the other King accepting Adrian rule and even the Faith also gives consent the path to Kingship has been approved.
One thing I learned is this, enter action with boldness.
Alderam declares himself Duke?
We will declare and install a King in Alan.
To be honest some of the nobles in the Dukedom believe it is not really the battle between this two brothers but more of the Houses that backing both of this people.
Adrian is supported by House of Vermont with its gold and connection in the South while Alderam is back by House of Palais and his connection with the Old Houses in the North, and the influence of his in laws in Dostov south of the Dukedom.
Everything is set.
We are having the ceremony at East Watch Church, a church my father constructed 2 years ago.
In the church are a lot of arts and frescos hanging from the wall and in the ceiling of the church is a painting showing the 12 Winged Ones bringing Levitia to the Eternal Light.
I walked into the church.
The culmination of years and year’s preparation and the war has begun.
Adrian has already prepared himself in the chamber of the Church waiting for the Archbishop to come.
The other nobles pass by me, and bow a little.
I’m a son of a High Lord, and right now the strongest ally to Adrian cause.
I will look at the painting first before I enter the Main chamber, more like a hall, so big that it can fit all the nobles that came for the coronation
I marvel at the art that my father manage to collect.
This must be expensive.
It must be my mother initiative.
It turns out my mother is very crafty.
Maybe this is why the Church in Alan supports our cause better than Hadrian.
Donation to the church seems like a yearly obligation.
My mother makes powerful allies.
And the people is always awed with a display of splendor if it done under the guise of charity.
Then I recognized something while scanning the paintings in the wall.
There is one piece, another reinterpretation, the Adoration of Levitia, showing the first birth of Levitia while the sky shines with 7 Blazing Stars and the mountain crumbled in the background.
There is the painting of Levitia slashing Dulira, the Red Dragon battle with the color red fill the painting, the motif of the painting seems to be fire, which oddly reminds me of my stay in Seren,the Crossing of the Bridge, the Construction of the Bridge, the Betrayal by his cousin and the Last Dinner where Levitia lament his prophecy.
I walked again.
I entered the chamber and I can already hear the chatter.
Everything has been prepared and everyone knew why there are here.
To watch the coronation of a King, for the first time in the history of the Dukedom, and to fight for Adrian cause which is the restoration of the territory that Alderam take from him, which is rightfully his.
And then finally I arrived at my seat.
The Church is full of the people who came here to swear fealty to the new King.
Some are new nobles, some are hoping to become nobles, I can even see some hedge Knight probably wanting to sworn their sword to Adrian after the coronation over, some landless sons, who might promise fealty if we decide to give them land and titles.
This is a time of war, and picking people are a priority, especially picking the right one.
Many have received my letter.
A Kingdom is in the making.
Many nobles came, most of them loyal to Adrian and believe his cause.
There is Lord Helve with her daughter, Helia, and my lover and betrothed (maybe I’ll speak to her later) still fair skinned, and that brown eyes look at me.
She winked at me.
She wear a beautiful red gown and elegant, a luxurious cotton velveteen and satin, with the most incredibly intricate stitching and design and have a square neckline decorated with a horizontal trim, which just accentuates Helia neckline.
She truly looks like a lady now.
I’m so used seeing her wearing armor that I forgot that she looked beautiful in a dress.
She notices I was watching her and she blush.
There are 34 pearl buttons along her sleeves.
Then I scanned the crowd again.
I got distracted seeing her.
There is Lord Daniel of House Lethe, and the Lady Alissa, parents of Lisa and Kyle, which they are still in Seren their new task is to protect my parents, Lord Tuchet, Lord Paris Sutton, Lord Will Dudley, Lord Henry Summersill, Lord Hugh Ales, one of the Three Brothers that rule in the Three Branch and both of his sworn brothers Hugh Ales and Will Trouts.
There are also some other Lords that I do not recognize.
Then The Archbishop of Papnoticon take his place, a crown on a golden tray, the crown studded with gleaming rhinestones and adorned with the new arms of Adrian a spear pointing upwards in that crown, a crown fit for a king.
Adrian emerges from the chamber with a confident look and kneels before the Symbol of Light.
Now he was a youth beautiful of face and handsome of appearance; of such humility that he seemed lower than all,of such authority that he was feared by all, so gentle, so loving, so affable that he was beloved of all.
He looked different from the first moment I saw him.
In the first moment I saw him, he looked young, but he doesn’t have the look of authority have now.
But I could see, he has none of his brother boldness or charisma.
Handsome and courteous he is, but being pretty doesn’t win you battle, and politeness doesn’t win you a war.
No wonder he lost during the first time.
But in the long run, he would be a better King.
The ceremony was, essentially, religious—a dedication to God’s service. Then the Archbishop chant.
HE chant one of the famous passage of the Book of Light
“In the beginning there is darkness. A world of great and terrible darkness and great and terrible terrors. Then Light came. He spoke Light and Light came. Then He spoke again—“
He chants the Song of beginning. Then finally it ended.
Then silence filled the Church. The Oath will begin.
The nobles have been informed beforehand how the coronation going to take place.
“Is Your Majesty willing to take the Oath?” The Archbishop asked politely with a smile
The other nobles all listened intently.
“I am willing” he said his voice clear
One of the bishops then ask the nobles standing in the big church watching the coronation
“Do you want such a ruler?”
“We wish it and grant it” I said and the rest of the nobles followed. The Bishop nodded.
Then the Archbishop opens a book.
“Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of the Kingdom of Alan protect and care?”
“I solemnly promise to do so.”
“Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?”
“I will.”
“Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God of Light? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in this Kingdom the religion of Light? And be the Defender of the Faith if the Church requires you to?”
“All this I promise to do.” He said
The Archbishop then anointed Adrian, on his hands, breast, shoulders and arms with holy oil, and on his head with a special type of consecrated oil called myron.
The anointing stressed the sacramental nature of Kingship.
Then the Archbishop place the crown on the Adrian that is kneeling
“I present to you King Adrian Alan, The First King of Alan, First of His Name, Protector of the Kingdom of newly found Kingdom of Alan. “
Then Adrian rise up and said
“The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. And I accept the crown.
So help me God to keep my duty and defend the faith and vanquish thy enemy”
Then he went in front of his subject, now not a Duke but a King by his own right and he said
“Bend your knee and swear your fealty” he said his voice reverberated in the Church
I kneeled and said the word
“ I, as the Regent of my Lord father, Duke of Arrandy, here take an Oath in front of God an it’s servant, to help defend the King divine Right and vanquish his enemy, protect the Kingdom and help the weak and I swear fealty to his throne”
The other also kneeled and speaks the words.
Even though this is our oath, but Adrian also make an Oath albeit unspoken.
It was not all one way.
The coronation oath was a solemn binding contract with his people.
If we want to we can also depose him.
I would do whatever it takes for the Continent to be saved.
The atmosphere of this feast is different from the last time.
And the atmosphere is a little solemn.
Many still wanted revenge.
Some of the descendant of the slain, some relatives of the people killed there also came here swearing their fealty to Adrian.
” We will have our vengeance” some of them say
Adrian feast with them, but unlike usual he did not seat among the nobles there is a special seat for him, for now he is a King.
I was sitting at one of the table.
I’m not a lord, though I am the son of a Duke, so none of them speak politics to me.
To them it was my father that orchestrated all these.
I already head the whisper.
“Aries the Kingmaker” they said and muttered.
I heard it but I pretend not to hear it.
Daniel Lethe and his wife is busy talking with the other nobles, no doubt discussing what Alderam will do in retaliation.
The people that supported Alderam cause has started to move. Somehow, compared to my previous timeline, this war seems bigger.
Did I make thing worse?
They are now consolidating his rule around Dented Shied with many of the people supported him taking the territory of the nobles he slain
For example the Vorwound Hall that belongs to Vorwound family is confiscate by House Revan and they began planning how to stake a claim for Alderam, no doubt.
I doubt Alderam can get himself proclaim King.
Who would give him the authority but Dostov?
But maybe there are other nation that is thinking to support him.
A weak Dukedom might be better for some Kingdom.
For now they agree and rejoice because there has happen a dark event, but for later?
Seren Radiant Rulers may not have the same faith as us, but many of them specially their common folk is the believer of Light.
Now that we have the approval of the Church and consent, we can march to Dented Shield not only to avenge the fallen nobles but also to reclaim the territory of King Adrian Alan, Protector of the kingdom and Defender of the Faith of Kingdom of Alan.
I also need to begin my military campaign.
With the banner of all this lords under the king I can order them to battle, mostly to pacify the South before I set my eyes to attack back the North and take back Dented Shield.
First of all I will begin by making the other Houses in the south to swear fealty to either me or the King.
We will march tomorrow and while at the same time I will task some of the nobles to guard north territory so they will not be taken by Duke Loyalist.
After all no matter how strong I am I can’t be in two places at once.
I will also help to put and insinuate myself in the King Council
I think Adrian would hardly disagree if I said my father wanted a post in his Council since we are his biggest supporter.
The North will pay but for now the South takes priority
I fear that if I didn’t take the South first who knows we might be attacked from the back and from the front and that would lead us to our ruin.
And so we feast that day while the threat of war looms above us.

Can anyone tell me how to italic and bold stuff in this site? I've been thinking.... what would the feast in Arial wedding look like? And to my RR fans...I will post in RR doube releases.Just to show how much the love since you give many comments you've given me in RR.
Another for the RR....It will look a lot better with italic...considering Arial has...not only Arial a lot of the character has a lot of monologue.

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  1. Lonjest
    January 12th, 2015 at 06:44:29 AM

    Thanks for the chapter.

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    January 12th, 2015 at 07:15:08 AM

    I’ll wait for the next chapter in RR then

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    January 12th, 2015 at 07:49:22 AM

    YAY~ for the chapter.

    But I kinda wish you put that tidbit at the end on the top, I probably would have waited to read the 2 chapters together.

  4. Sheen
    January 12th, 2015 at 01:12:25 PM

    Read some pretty harsh review in RR, I register in both japtem and RR just to let u know there are crazy addict like me burn through 25 chapter without sleeps 🙂

  5. J.D.Dickinson
    January 15th, 2015 at 08:43:07 AM

    For italics the code is < i > at the beginning and < / i > at the end but take out the spaces, for bold replace the i with a b.

  6. keikoku
    January 19th, 2015 at 07:42:44 AM

    For everything? I wrote in Word. Couldn’t there be a simpler way?