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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 5: Elemental Art
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: March 26th, 2015

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Chapter 5: Elemental Art

Having got out of the cave, Eu and I found ourselves in a gorge. More specifically, the cave we were in is located on one side of it while high up from the ground.

The pathway to go down is too tight, if we were to be attacked while going down, there’s a high chance we’ll misstep and go down the hard way.

Thankfully, Eu has magic that can soften our landing…speaking of which, I think I have one as well.

Oh well, let’s try putting it into use.

Once I was sure Eu got down safely, I followed her hoping that I’ll succeed, if I didn’t…..well, let’s just hope I’m right.

I dove towards the ground head first, correction, hands first and got my skill ready.

“[Earth Bender]!” (Lucas)

Timing the activation to when I touched the ground, the earth softened on my touch so the fall was lessened to the point that I felt like I fell into a huge jelly instead.

Good, it was a success!

“…I think you used ice and wind magic from before…and now you also have earth magic. The other magics from before was also peculiar like transforming into bats and that huge hand. I thought that was [Dark Hand] but that doesn’t seem to be the case.” (Euomun)

“Hm? Does having 3 or more elements weird or something?” (Lucas)

“Yes, having 2 elements are the maximum a [Human] can handle, no, even us [Demons] find it hard to control 3 or more. Are you a Mage of some sorts?” (Euomun)

“Nope…well, maybe you can also say that? I don’t really have a clear grasp at my own class. Also, I have 6 elements…though they’re low at the moment……” (Lucas)

I showed her the 6 basic elemental magics on the tip of my fingers as proof.

“Amazing…they say that just having 4 would break a person’s mind but…to have six and still be sane. Are you really [Human]?” (Euomun)

Eu looked at the magics on my fingers in amazement.

Hmm…so magic is also different here, I wonder if I can learn magics from this world?

“Well, it’s really not that amazing, these are the only magics I know at the moment aside from what you saw before. And yes, I’m [Human]…at least…I think so.” (Lucas)

“What do you mean? Like I thought, are you a half?” (Euomun)

“Hm? No, no. I meant this.” (Lucas)

I showed her my left arm which is completely black.

“This is an arm of a dragon. It was given to me saying it was replacement for the arm he destroyed.” (Lucas)

“A dragon!? You say a dragon readily gave out his arm!? And why would he give you an arm if he destroyed your arm in the first place?” (Euomun)

“Well, there were circumstances…anyway. Is it possible for me to learn magics from this world?” (Lucas)

If I can, then I can stop myself on relying too much in Freya’s magic. I can also level up my Wanderer Class and raise the skill’s proficiency.

Even though I kept using Freya’s magic, that magic doesn’t grow since it was not Freya that used it. I can only borrow her skill, so that means that she has to power up as well if I would want to use a stronger magic.

Likewise, Even though Freya can use my skills, my skills won’t gain any EXP on it, hence, no level up.

Also, as Freya has no [Rage Stat], she cannot use [Dragon’s Wrath] without me getting angry for her.

So if Freya wants to use [Dragon’s Wrath], then I would need to be angry for my [Rage] stat to go up while she herself uses the [Dragon’s Wrath].

“I think so…but I can’t teach you any magic. There should be plenty of [Skill Tomes] in my castle. When we get there, take as many as you want.” (Euomun)

“R-really!?” (Lucas)

“Yep. I don’t really mind. You can think of it as payment for the sweets.” (Euomun)

…That was supposed to be your reward though…well, it’s fine. Free things are the best!

The only problem is…if there are requirements for learning the skill. These [Skill Tomes] she mentioned should be the same as [Skill Scrolls] from [Harus] so there should also be requirements such as jobs, levels, stats…well, let’s just grab what we can when we get there.

“Do you know which direction is your castle?” (Lucas)

“Yeah…the castle should be that way.” (Euomun)

“Alright. Let’s head out then.” (Lucas)

+ + +

“G-General Sir!”

A soldier came running as he shouts seemingly uneasy.

“What is it?” (Slazore)

“Y-yes! The Demon Queen Euomun Ebrerohn Baresur is no longer in her cave!”

“What!?” (Slazore)

The Demon General Slazore roared as he heard of the soldier’s news.

“A-a few minutes ago, the demons guarding the cave rang the alarm notifying us that they were about to be defeated.”

Slazore is completely confused how this had happened.

Euomun should still have her collar that would prevent her attacking the guards. But just to be safe, he gave the guards an alarming device which would notify them of their current situation without the need to go there personally.

There’s an alarm they press everyday indicating nothing strange had happened. An alarm that indicates Euomun acting up, an alarm that indicates their supplies had run out. And an alarm that indicates they’re about to die.

“Tch, how in the world could she have possibly escaped!?...Is it an outside force? But no one should know of that place besides a handful of demons…” (Slazore)

Not only that, but those demons that did know were given a contract saying they will die if they were about to say the location of the cave so there couldn’t possibly be any way to know.

“No matter. Even if she escaped, even the Demon Queen cannot stop what’s about to come.” (Slazore)

Slazore looked back to where he was looking before the soldier arrived and revealed an evil smile.

On his vison, were countless dragons flying about as they roared.

+ + +

“So bored…” (Lucas)

We’ve been walking for a day now and we’re still stuck inside this gorge.

In that time, we haven’t even been able to see any monsters…

To rid myself of boredom, I would play with the six basic elemental magics in order to increase their proficiency.

Not only that, but I would use [Metallurgy Repair] on the equipments the monsters from before dropped and fail it until it only has 1 durability then repair it to its maximum again, then fail it again, then repair again...I repeated this method for…many times, I’ve already lost count after 1 hour of doing it.

I thought it would be easy to raise the skill’s proficiency just by doing that but, after a set number of times of this repetitive process, they broke saying the item can no longer bear the stress of being broken then repaired.

Well, I still have more equipment to spare so I don’t care.

I would also walk in one foot to increase [One Foot Walk]…which has been painful on my part as Eu kept glancing at me like some weird guy.

Oh yeah, different from the other skills, the six basic elemental magic skills grew faster. I wonder if it’s because I’m directly manipulating them.

I discovered this during the [Training Room], unlike more advanced magic, these basic ones can be controlled using your imagination.

That’s why playing with this has been quite fun.

I would change the shape of the small earth on the tip of my finger to a boat with sails shaped by wind, then control the small water to make it look like a sea beneath the boat. Next I would use the fire attribute to have small light inside the boat to make it look like the lamps in the boat has been turned on, then turn the background to have an effect like a night sky using the dark attribute and change the light attribute to a ball to make it look like a full moon.



You have created a master art!


Enter name:


An art? Eh? This? EH!?

I stared at these two windows still dumbfounded as to what happened.

To think that I can make art without using paint…and a master art at that…

For now, let’s see its effects.

I excitedly wait for the effects to show as I type in the name for the art.


Elemental Boat




+20 Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark ATK & DEF for 1 day


An immortalized master art that shows the beautiful play of the elements. This art portrays the harmony of six different elements!
This effect does not stack with other art effects.


[Elemental Boat] has been immortalized!
You can now store this art in your [Inventory].

P-plus 20!!!

I didn’t think it would have such high effects! As expected of a master art!

Huhuhu, I even leveled up 2 times in the Painter job and gained 10 Art Sense! Fumu, let’s make more of this types of painting from now on!

…But won’t this be a sculpture since it’s 3 dimensional?...Let’s just call it art. Let’s make this type of art from now on!

“What an amazing skill…to think you had such delicate hands, I thought you were some sort of magician before…but you’re wearing armor and a sword…now you made this. Just what are you?” (Euomun)

Ah yes, I was wearing the [Mithril Set] since I wanted to get accustomed to wearing an armor.

Well…you can have up to two jobs in [Harus] and one of my jobs allows me to use other job’s skills and the other is a painter…I can’t really say that can I?

“A-anyway, how long do we have before we can get out of this place?” (Lucas)

“Well…this is certainly a long gorge. It might take another day till we can get out.” (Euomun)

“What is this place anyway? There are no monsters or any sign of any living being.” (Lucas)

“Yes well…this place is called the [Gorge of Coldloch]. It’s known for its complete absence of any life form, the [Silent Gorge].” (Euomun)

…There’s such a place like that?

“What makes this place unable to live in? I mean, you’re living in this place for 300 years.” (Lucas)

“Well, for one, there are no sources of food at all. Not even any rivers for water or monsters to hunt. Before, this place is popular for the monsters that used to overflow from here. But…” (Euomun)

Eu trailed off…somehow, I feel like I know why but let’s just stay quiet and listen.

“300 years ago, the monsters stopped respawning so the adventurers quickly fell interest and went to some other place to hunt.” (Euomun)

“So it was you…” (Lucas)

“Y-yes. That was around the time I started killing all the monsters that respawned in the cave.” (Euomun)

So that place was the only respawning point in this place…then, the [Tree of Life] must be there for the monsters to recover their lost health and mana when they retreat.

The demon guards must have cast some sort of cloaking magic on the cave so everyone had thought that this place was impossible to live in…then that raises another question. How did I find that cave?

But still…to completely eradicate all monsters in this huge place…what a Demon Queen this girl is…

“But…how is it that you know of all this? You should’ve not known anything in the outside world because of being stuck inside that cave.” (Lucas)

“Yes, well. I am still the Demon Queen and Slazore still needs me to be one. A mascot so to say. After all, no one still has any idea that the Demon Queen is actually trapped in a faraway place.” (Euomun)

Mascot huh? Come to think of it, I’m also the same right? The Prince needs my Charisma for being a leader to run [Watervliet]. And Trask needs the [White Haired Adventurer] to be the symbol of hope or something by making me into a [Hero]…

Is this what they say being birds of the same feather flock together?

In any case, 1 more day huh?

Let’s max the six elemental magic until then…hm? Wait…doesn’t that mean I’ll only have 3 more days till time unfreezes? Uuu…I need to solve this problem in 3 days.

But for it to take 2 days to get out of here…just how fast did I go to get here? And why?

While I keep thinking about these questions in my head, I raised my skills as much as I can.

I made more elemental art as I can but haven’t achieved a master art again. I wonder why the first one was different from the others?

Having already past Intermediate stage, I can now release the magic about the size of a fist.

I made a dragon, an airplane, earth, bike, and plenty of other stuffs but most of them were only normal ones while only a handful were fine arts.

To my side, Eu watches me while I work with expectant eyes wanting to urge me to keep going.

Well…let’s try modeling it after Eu’s image.

I used the light attribute for the skin and the dark attribute to draw the eyes, mouth and her hair. Afterwards, I used the fire and water attribute to model her clothes then the earth for the horns.

It’s a shame but it was also not a master art but was at least a fine one.

“I-is that me?” (Euomun)

“Yeah, I’m running out of ideas here. Do you want to keep it?” (Lucas)

“C-can I?” (Euomun)

Well…I already have tons of these arts in my Inventory so it should be fine to give it to her so I nodded.

Eu took it from the air and began to caress it as if it’s the most fragile thing in the world.

I’ve also wondered about this but…why is it that the fire I make isn’t hot? Well…it is but not to the point of burning.

Even if I touched it directly, it only feels lukewarm…well, I’ll just add that to the numerous things I don’t know.

Next, I would begin practicing [Metallurgy Repair] on the equipments. Though I want to raise [Cloth Repair] as well…I don’t have any cloths or leather to practice it on at the moment. Well, there is the [Nocturnal Set] but I don’t want to use that since it might get destroyed after a number of times.

I’ve also begun using [Hide Presence] as we walk since Eu pointed out to me that my skill in hiding is still low. Fawkes also managed to find me before…

I haven’t painted anything since I still don’t feel like doing so. Right now, I’m only making elemental arts for raising my level and [Art Sense]…I guess this is what you call procrastination.

Not only that, but by making them, my DEX stat and INT has also been steadily increasing. And I can make them as we walk. If I painted, then I have to stop in order to paint something good.

This continued for a day till we got out of the gorge.

It was a good thing that I have plenty of meat to cook. Usually, I would only need to cook 3 times a day but with Eu having a [Calamity of Destruction] mouth…I had to cook 5 times per meal just for her.

It happened by the time we got out. I had maxed all the six basic elemental magics…not. For some reason, all of them are stuck at Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)…What am I going to do with this?

Anyway, after finally getting out of the gorge, we were met with a thick forest.

“This is the [Dorville Forest]. Just north of here and we can reach my castle.” (Euomun)

“…Is this place safe? Is it a normal forest? Don’t tell me that this place has some sort of legend or secret or something?” (Lucas)

“……….We’re safe.” (Euomun)

Eh? What’s with that pause oi!?

So this place really isn’t normal!?

“…Eu.” (Lucas)

“Yes?” (Euomun)

Eu has completely gotten used to being called Eu. Before, she would constantly remind me of her name but it was too troublesome to pronounce so I never listened.

“There really isn’t anything here?” (Lucas)

“…” (Euomun)

“…” (Lucas)

“…” (Euomun)

“It isn’t named [Dorville] because there’s some sort of legendary monster here by that name is there?” (Lucas)

“H-how did you know!? Don’t tell me you can also read minds!?” (Euomun)

…So there is one…just how bad can this monster be for this Demon Queen to want to avoid the topic?

“A-anyway, we should be fine if we don’t see it! I’ll warn you now, but even this Demon Queen cannot lift a finger on the [Dorville]!” (Euomun)

S-seriously!? For there to be a monster that this mons *cough* Demon Queen to be this frightened…why isn’t this monster ruling over the Demon Race!?

Alright…let’s take Eu’s suggestion and avoid this monster.

If Eu can’t kill it much less lifts a finger on it. Then I would be insta-killed for sure!

I slowly follow Eu inside the forest with vigilant eyes.

As we walk through the forest, I gathered the herbs that I saw using [Herb Appraisal].

Because of this, I realized something.

I was going to ask why the [Gorge of Coldloch] is unable to live in if they can just get the food from here but as I gathered the herbs, I already knew the answer.

I haven’t found a single herb that wasn’t poisonous…

I also used [Wood Appraisal] for identifying the woods. Though I still have no idea how to use them, I didn’t take any with me and only raised my skill proficiency.

Though we hadn’t the monster known as [Dorville], we’ve met a lot of other monsters.

There’s a gazelle type of monster, a wolf type, a plant type, and plenty others.

They’re really not that strong…if I had to say it, they feel like monsters a beginner can practice against.

The death system is pretty handy here. For the items that doesn’t drop, I can just take the meats and leathers off by myself straight out of the corpse for the item.

This world is such a nice place…though also a pain.

We have to keep burning the monsters and bury them so they don’t turn in to a zombie monster.

Hm? How about using these monsters for food? Though I was about to ask that when we first encountered a monster…as expected, all of them were poisonous as well.

Even after extracting the meat, the meats were still poisoned.

It must be their natural way of adapting to this poisonous forest. Their bodies started to develop in a way where the poison no longer affects them.

But even with that, I still collected them. Who knows? Maybe I can find a way to purify them in the future.

Though I already have an idea…I still lack the skill to practice it so I only stored it for now.

“How long to your castle?” (Lucas)

“At this rate…a week?” (Euomun)

I tripped as soon as I heard her answer.

What’s with that!? In the end, how can I possibly solve this in 3 days!?

Ughh…if the time here is actually slower than [Earth]…let’s just hope it’s not too extreme like 1 hour here is 1 year on [Earth]…

“Just why is your prison so far from you castle?” (Lucas)

“Because Slazore didn’t want any of my men to find out. And he placed it near the [Human] kingdom so it would be less suspicious.” (Euomun)

So that’s why I was able to get to the cave faster?

But that would explain this forest’s monster levels…so they really are meant for beginners. Even if they are indeed poisonous, their poison isn’t that strong that a beginner can’t cure it. In fact, they might’ve been asked to do jobs like collecting poisons to make poison type weapons or potions.

The [Dorville] is probably a boss type which is very rare.

If it’s like that…should I just revert our direction to the [Human] Kingdom? But after that…what am I going to do to complete my mission?

No…it’s precisely because of that that I must go to the [Human] Kingdom!

Alright…I have a clear goal now.

The only thing that’s left is how we can convince the [Humans].

“In any case. It seems we won’t be meeting this [Dorville] huh?” (Lucas)

“…” (Euomun)

“? What’s wrong, Eu?” (Lucas)

“I-it’s…” (Euomun)

Eu weakly pointed out, with a pale face, her shaking right index finger towards a bush that is clearly shaking.

…D-damn! Did I spoke too soon!?

While feeling what’s about to happen, Eu weakly muttered.

“It’s a [Dorville]-!” (Euomun)








10 G 54 S 50 C


Wanderer LVL 25
Painter LVL 17




















Light Hero shrouded by Darkness
Marquis of Watervliet
Monster Mass Murderer





Art Sense


















Passive Skills

  • [Play Dead] Beginner LVL 6(12.23%)
  • [Dragon Eyes] Intermediate LVL 8 (52.86%)
  • [One Foot Walk] Intermediate LVL 5 (37.85%)
  • [Mouth Mastery] Intermediate LVL 2 (35.45%)
  • [Photographic Memory] Intermediate LVL 5 (32.96%)
  • [Art Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 1 (85.75%)
  • [Potion Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (45.65%)
  • [Herb Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 3 (42.75%)
  • [Wood Appraisal] Beginner LVL 8 (27.86%)
  • [Ore Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (45.28%)
  • [Cloth Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 1 (14.45%)
  • [Metallurgy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 8 (02.45%)
  • [Item Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (82.36%)
  • [Ingredient Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (24.75%)
  • [Food Appraisal] Beginner LVL 7 (29.43%)
  • [Trap Appraisal] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Enemy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 4 (75.25%)
  • [Magic Appraisal] Beginner LVL 2 (86.52%)
  • [Staff Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gun Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Bow Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gauntlet Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Katar Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Dagger Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Whip Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Spear Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Mace Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Warhammer Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Axe Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Two-hand Mastery] Beginner LVL 9 (25.41%)
  • [Dominant Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 6 (25.12%)
  • [Weak Arm Mastery] Beginner LVL 9 (25.45%)
  • [Sword Mastery] Intermediate LVL 8 (25.85%)
  • [Warrior’s Presence] Intermediate LVL 3 (86.24%)

Active Skills

  • [Bash] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Stomp] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Dragon’s Wrath] Intermediate LVL 2 (25.75%)>
  • [Dragon Claw] Beginner LVL 4 (34.86%)
  • [Dragon Roar] Beginner LVL 4 (45.25%)
  • [Color Picker] Beginner LVL 8 (53.12%)
  • [Color Mix] Beginner LVL 8 (97.52%)
  • [Fotiá] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)
  • [Neró] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)
  • [Gi̱] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)
  • [Mien] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)
  • [Fo̱s] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)
  • [Skotádi] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)
  • [Metallurgy Repair] Master Lvl 2 (36.45%)
  • [Cloth Repair] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Hide Presence] Intermediate LVL 3 (42.85%)
  • [Summon Freya] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Cooking] Beginner LVL 9 (75.25%)


  • Pure-blooded Vampires +57000
  • Drachedge Kingdom +10000
  • Church +10000

Skill Points Left: 30
Stat Points Left: 10


Euomun Ebrerohn Baresur






0 G 0 S 0 C


Arch-Mage LVL 900


Demon Queen


















Demon Queen of Calamity











Passive Skills

  • [Friend of the Dark] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Mana Manipulation] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Call of the Dead] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)

Active Skills

  • [Dark Spike] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Dark Mist] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Dark Destruction] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Dark Repulsion] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Dark Force] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Dark Eater] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Dark Hand] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Dark Swamp] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Shadow Invader] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Death Stare] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Summon Darkman] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Explosion] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Fire Coat] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Flame Pillar] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Flame of the Abyss] Intermediate LVL 1 (12.24%)
  • [Hell’s Fire] Intermediate LVL 5 (76.82%)
  • [Fire Tsunami] Intermediate LVL 3 (45.75%)
  • [Eruption] Intermediate LVL 7 (34.85%)
  • [Void of Despair] Beginner LVL 5 (28.67%)
  • [Black Sun] Beginner LVL 2 (42.75%)
  • [Calamity of Destruction] Beginner LVL 3 (34.75%)


  • Demon Kingdom +9999999
  • Human Kingdom -845000
  • Elf Kingdom -81000
  • Dwarf Kingdom -64000
  • Church -999999

Author's Notes

Sorry if it was a short chapter, I wanted it to end like this and I can't lengthen the story anymore....and this week is Finals week aka [Hell Week].

But that's finished! Vacation time!!!!

Haha, might post faster for until...April 20 since classes start again -_- well, while I am in vacation, we might go to other places so I might not post sometime but I'll at least say so in the previous chapter.

In any case. Not much happened in this chapter. It just shows Lucas strengthening his stats and the use of the basic elemental magics as well as building up the foundation of Eu's conqu *cough* uhh friendship....

I've also shown Eu's stats here so you can see just how OP she is...of course, the powerful spells had side effects like [Calamity of Destruction] which is why they're not used too often. And the stats are that high since this is a different world after all. Though you still gain 5 status points per level, the first stats you have from when you are born doesn't sum to 60 like in [Harus] after your character creation.

And she's a demon. A Demon Queen.

Also, Fame is negative to imply her Infamy.

As for Lucas...It would seem that I forgot to place the [Cooking] Skill before....owell :p

Anyway. What will happen next? Just what on earth...rather, what on senerth is a [Dorville]? Will Lucas finally meet his end to this monster that even the Demon Queen is afraid of? What exactly is Slazore's plan and how will he accomplish it? Why was he in a den of dragons?

Till the next chapter!

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