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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 8: First Wave
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: April 9th, 2015

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Chapter 8: First Wave

“Hold your line! Stand your ground! Defend the walls at all costs!!!” (Knight Commander)

“Sir! Monsters are appearing from the east!” (Soldier)

“Send 5 000 soldiers to intercept them! The city walls shall not fall!” (Knight Commander)

Eude Brianus, Knight Commander of the [Human Kingdom], issued orders as he overlook the battle in the city walls.

The monsters had started their attack about an hour ago, when the sun was about to set.

The monsters numbered 10 000, though the humans have the advantage in numbers, they are weak and cannot kill a monster alone.

This is a losing battle.

Eude knows this yet he continues to fight. For this is his home.

Not just him, all the soldiers battling right now only have one thing in mind.

To protect the people they love even in the cost of their lives.

Even if they knew that this is a losing battle, they still fight.

Fight. Until they die fighting.

This is the honor of a knight.

“If only…that [Hero] is here…where has he gone off to!?” (Eude)

He himself had witnessed the might and power of the man wearing the [Mithril Armour].

Though others feared him, Eude can only have respect and amazement towards the [Hero].

Others had even accused of the [Hero] as one of the Demon’s servants.

Eude cannot blame them, after all, he himself had witnessed that event as well.

He saw how the shiny white mithril turned demonic pitch black.

That time…he really looked like a demon so of course some would accuse him of such.

“Yet why?...Why do I have this feeling that he’s trustworthy?” (Eude)

Eude shook his thoughts away.

“This isn’t the time to think of such things. We still have a war to win!” (Eude)

At this moment, they had already defeated about 2 000 monsters but they suffered more.

Their original 200 000 army is now less than a hundred thousand. Meaning, it took about a hundred thousand to kill a mere 2 000 monsters.

This would certainly not end well.

“S-sir! There are movements from the west forest!” (Soldier)

“Kh-!” (Eude)

If the monsters on the other’s side still have reinforcements…winning will be a dream. No, even just buying time for the King and the people to escape will become impossible.

“Damn! Did they use the beginner ranked forest as their cover!?” (Eude)

The forest on the west was a forest named [Dorville Forest], known for its poison and weak monsters.

The fight is taking place on the north east of the city. If enemies came from the west…they will be taken in both sides!

To combat this, Eude decided to take care of the west side himself and jumped off the city wall and only brought with him about 100 knights.

As soon as he saw the monsters, Eude froze.

Not just him, but everyone that saw the monsters also froze.

Why? This isn’t because the monster they saw were huge, ferocious, mean, scary, or horrifying kind of thing, but completely the opposite.

From the beginner ranked forest came out…beginner ranked monsters…

“Huh?” (Eude)

Eude knew that there was no point in uttering that sound but he still can’t help it.

“D-damn! So this was a distraction!?” (Eude)

Eude was about to turn around and hurry to the real battlefield clearly worrying what had happened but stopped as he saw another figure.

“T-that guy is-!?” (Eude)

+ + +

Damn, we were too late!

The humans are already under attack!

As soon as we got out of the forest, we were greeted with around 100 knights in heavy armor.

When I was wondering what’s happening, I noticed the smokes rising from far behind them and the explosions.

So this is war…

Though I have seen them fight before, I was still under the influence of [Dragon’s Wrath] that time so I didn’t really catch a good glimpse of it.

“Eu, I thought you have extraordinary hearing!? Why didn’t you tell me that the war had already begun!?” (Lucas)

“? When did I say that?” (Euomun)

“Huh? Didn’t you say you can even hear the noise of war from your room before?” (Lucas)

“Ah, that was just an expression. I meant that papa’s attention towards the war was irritating.” (Euomun)

T-this damn Demon Queen!

Haah…calm down…let’s not forget. This is the daughter of an idiot Demon King. Naturally, the daughter is bound to be an idiot as well…

Alright, good! I’m calmed down!

“…Why do I get the feeling that you were thinking of rude things about me?” (Euomun)

“Wha-whatever could you possibly mean?...” (Lucas)

Damn, this Demon Queen is so sharp when it’s not needed!

Anyway, let’s focus on the task at hand.

“You, the knight that looked like the leader or something. Tell me what has happened.” (Lucas)

First, let’s know why the situation had come to this.

Though the knight seemed reluctant at first, but he tells us anyway.

He introduces himself as Eude, the Knight Commander. He was bigger than me and more muscular than me. He has a firm voice which clearly holds resolution. I can’t see his face since he wears a helmet but that doesn’t matter.

I’m also wearing a helmet after all.

So his story went like this.

A few minutes before sunset, the scouts had spotted a large army of monsters up north. Reporting it, the King immediately issued Eude to take all the soldiers to hold them off.

Eude tells the King to at least leave a hundred to defend the King but the King refuses saying that they needed all the men they can get.

The King also said that just holding the enemy off until the [Hero] comes back is enough.

Uuuu…listening to this makes me guilty for even leaving the place…I shouldn’t have used [Dragon’s Wrath]…then again, I would have died if I didn’t use it.

“Please! Sir Hero, we can only ask for your help!” (Eude)

Eude, who was bigger than me kneeled and prostrated before me leaving all honors and prides aside.

Behind him, the 100 or so knights also followed suit and prostrated.

Ugh…this is really painful to watch…

I’m not really in a position to refuse am I? Whatever, this was the plan anyway.

“Please stand up. It was my fault for disappearing so there’s no need to bow to me. I will definitely help you…after all, that’s my only way home.” (Lucas)

I uttered the last bit softly since it made me miss my home world.

Why am I suddenly missing that world? Because my friends are there? Because my family is there? Because the person I love is there?...No wait…was there such a person? Well whatever.

I don’t know why but I still want to return to that world.

So I’ll be a [Hero] or whatever this world needs me to be.

For the sake of returning home…

I turned around and faced my monster army.

They are only composed of weak monsters but they have leveled up a lot and their stats also went up a lot from the training.

Their level doesn’t show their true strength.

Not only that, the forest is also on our side!

I glanced at Aeran who was pumped up to join the fight.

She was the spirit of the forest so she can naturally control the forest at will. Creating tree golems as well as giving buffs and heals.

Uwaaa, finally a healer in my party…

She also had detoxification spells but when I asked why she didn’t use it on herself from when she was poisoned, she simply answered me that she can’t as a-matter-of-factly.

As she mentioned it, I remembered that I also cannot heal myself using my own spell…I guess it’s because of the spell containing your own mana or something.

Anyway, with her power, everyone in the forest was instantly cured and healed.

The trees had also begun to show a faint pure glow as if to show that there are no longer any poisons inside it.

When I checked the herbs, they began to show a different description and thought of harvesting again but there really wasn’t enough time so I ignored it for now and continued our journey.

I also received the title [Spirit’s Friend] which supposedly gave me high intimacy to spirits and I still have no idea how I would use it but whatever right? It’s free anyway!

Not only that, but [Dorville’s King] upgraded to [King of the Dorville Forest]!

With this title, I basically own the forest! Hahaha, the wild monsters also ignore me and are my loyal subjects!

Next, I looked at Eu to confirm she is ready to fight her own servants.

Eu didn’t receive any title or rewards of sorts but she didn’t seem to mind such things. Well, she is the Demon Queen after all.

By the way, the title of [Queen of the Dorville Forest] was apparently already bestowed to Aeran.

Well, I couldn’t care less. It’s not like we’re married anyway, those were just titles.

Anyway, Eu nods her head firmly.

“Let’s go.” (Lucas)

We began to run towards the battlefield and I started giving out instructions to my army.

“Aeran, I entrust support to you, please heal any wounded soldier that you see and use the golems as shield for protecting yourself and the others.” (Lucas)

“Y-yes! Please don’t force yourself too much, Lucas…” (Aeran)

Aeran said clearly worried about me. Geez, you were the one that almost died you know?

I looked at Eu who was glaring at Aeran in contempt for some reason.

“Eu, don’t use spells too high rank, this is just the first wave. Better save your mana for the real thing later. And stay close to me.” (Lucas)

“Y-yes! I-I’ll stay close…” (Eu)

Why did you repeat that part?...

This time, it was Aeram’s turn to glare at Eu.

Haah, I wish these two would just get along…this fight started when Aeram woke up and suddenly hugged me.

I was surprised at first but I let her be since she was crying.

I can’t really fight against a crying girl you know!

She was also very pretty. Long green forest hair, white pinkish skin, and a nice figure as well. Though, she loses to Eu in both volume and height but she was still a beautiful kid.

Well…she is older than me by over 1 000 years but I still call her a kid since she looks like one as she stood about a few centimeters below my shoulders.

And for some reason, Eu didn’t like the clingy Aeram so they would often fight like this.

Anyway, I decided to ignore the two since it was too troublesome and faced my monster army.

I enhanced the [Dorvilles’] foot with wind element so their jumping power enhances as well together with their speed and kick power.

For the [Bladhounds], I enhanced their mouth with dark element for added power. I wanted to enhance them with fire though but then the [Bleeding] effect would no longer be effective since the wound would close.

I enhanced the [Gauzelles] with earth element on their horns for added defense.

Then the [Baxes] which I enhanced with water element on their tails. Why? Because dirt plus water is mud, and mud is slippery. This will enhance them in confusing the enemy as well as restrict their movements.

Why not their foot instead? Because they might slip themselves if I placed it there so I placed it on their tails instead which they will connect to the ground whenever they want.

I enhanced the mouth of the [Asnobelas] with the fire element. It’s kinda weird that plant monsters would have fire elements but it won’t hurt them anyway since I made it so.

I had readied some earth boulder before and had surrounded them with dried vines which could easily caught fire.

They’re still in my Inventory at the moment but I plan on giving it to the [Anobelas] so they can eat it, surround it with flames in their mouth, then spit it out to the enemy.

Why was the boulder in the Inventory? Because it was somehow classified as a consumable item like some scouts picking pebbles for their [Throw] skill.

I was thinking of investigating this matter more in the future, for now, we didn’t have the time for that after all.

Lastly are the [Spidrid], I enhanced their wing with the light element for the effect of blinding the enemy.

All this is still just using the basic elemental spells and not actual elemental enhance skill so the effects weren’t much but it’s enough.

And since I’m constantly activating them, my mana kept dropping at a slow pace since they were after all, still the most basic spell and required less mana.

It shouldn’t be a problem since I have [Draughtbane] and Freya’s [Mana Steal].

Next, I looked towards the knights that came with us.

They looked completely surprised when they saw my monster army and my skills as well as the horns from Eu and the wings behind Aeran.

“U-umm, I know this might be presumptuous for me to say but…are those…horns and wings?...And what’s with the weak monsters?” (Eude)

“Ah…well, the monsters are tamed by me, the kid is a spirit and the other is…the Demon Queen.” (Lucas)

At first, I thought of many excuses but I decided to come clean.

“Dem- the Demon Queen!?” (Eude)

Not just Eude, but the other knights as well were clearly shocked.

Eu was…still arguing with Aeran…

“A-ahh, please don’t worry about it. There were a lot of circumstances and this war was orchestrated by a single demon. By no means, did the whole Demon race wanted war.” (Lucas)

“What…do you mean?...” (Eude)

Eude clearly suspects me now…but I can’t hide the truth forever. For now, I need the both sides to reconcile and to do that, Slazore must be defeated.

“I know I’m not worth it…but please believe in me for now. The monsters are still at large.” (Lucas)

Eude stared at me eye to eye as we ran.

Though it was awkward to do so, but this is one where I cannot just look away so I met his gaze head on.

I don’t know what Eude saw in my eyes but he nodded.

“Alright. Let’s focus on the problem first for now.” (Eude)

Hearing his answer, I sigh in relief.

“Alright. [Asnobelas] troops! Root yourselves here and begin loading!” (Lucas)

I stopped when I saw the battlefield a few meters ahead of us.

The [Asnobelases] followed my order and rotted themselves in place as I bring out their ammos.

Each holding the boulders in their mouth as it was coated in flame, I signaled them to hold until I give the signal to fire.

“Fire!” (Lucas)

I always wanted to say that at least one in my lifetime…what? I’m still a fan of medieval movies after all.

Anyway, while I was feeling excited and proud inside of me, the [Asnobelases] hit their targets.

Their targets were the minotaurs that had encircled a small group of soldiers. Though it wasn’t enough to kill them, it was still enough to break their formation and injure them.

Some even caught the [Burning] status.

“[Bax] and [Spidrid] troops, go around and support the soldiers in the brink of death. Make sure to take the enemy’s attention and lead them away from the soldiers. Aeran, stay with the [Asnobelas] and support from here, continue to supply the [Asnobelas] with boulders when their ammo runs out. Also, take close
watch on the [Bax] and [Spidrid] and heal the soldiers they protect. [Gauzells], [Bladhounds], [Dorvilles], Eu, you guys are with me.” (Lucas)

“Yes! Please return here if you get injured, Lucas.” (Aeran)

“Leave your back to me! I’ll definitely kill all the monsters!” (Euomun)

“Aeran, I can’t just retreat every time I get injured…and Eu, remember what I said about not using high rank spells?...” (Lucas)

Haah, these guys are too excited…well, it’s fine to be motivated, I’m just worried that they might overwork themselves.

I looked back to Eude and his knights.

I have no idea if I should also order them. After all, Eude is their leader not me.

“Please tell us what to do, Sir Hero.” (Eude)

Ugh…stop it with the Sir Hero this and Sir Hero that already…it’s too painful to hear…

“…Honestly, I have no idea about you guys, what your abilities are, what are your strengths and weaknesses, nor your personalities so I can’t give a proper order. You can focus on retrieving the injured soldiers and bringing them to Aeran or fight but…I’ll leave the command of the soldiers to you, Sir Eude.” (Lucas)

Eude seemed satisfied with my answer and nodded.

“Alright! Let’s show these monsters that Humans don’t fall so easily! If you want motivations then shout out the name of your loved ones or families or friends that you want to protect!” (Lucas)

“Uwoooohhh!!!” (Army)

“Fight! And win!” (Lucas)

“Yeeeaaaaaaaahhh!!!” (Army)


+100 Charisma


I activated [Dragon Roar] to buff the army as well as stun the enemies.

As we charge towards the monsters, with flaming boulders over our heads, I heard the men in the army shout out different name of which I have no idea who they are but from how they shouted it, I know that they were an important existence to them.

I think I even heard my name somewhere beside me but…that shouldn’t be possible. Probably some guy who has the same name.

Lucas is a common name after all…I think…?

I equipped [Draughtbane] and [Senerth’s Mithril Blade]. I didn’t equip [Durandal] in my mouth since it’s hard to fight that way.

Though I have [Mouth Mastery], [Dominant Arm Mastery], and [Weak Arm Mastery], it doesn’t mean that I can use [Triple Wield]…well, I can but my movements won’t be as fluid as single wielding.

I only did that before since those stuff doesn’t matter when I’m, well, raging out.

Also, [Two-hand Mastery] seemed to have increased as well from dual wielding. It seems that the system…is it still right to call it system? Since this really isn’t a game much less a program…whatever.

Anyway, the system automatically registers it like a two-handed weapon. It’s probably because I’m holding 2 swords with both hands…well, the proficiency doesn’t really increase that much though.

Me and my army came contact with the minotaur encirclement that were trapping a small amount of soldiers.

I constructed [Earth Walls], of course, in different shapes and sizes, for the [Dorville’s] platform and our cover.

While the minotaurs are distracted from the speedy and fluffy rabbits, the [Bladhounds] used this chance to bite their thighs and the [Gauzelles] doing their job in defending them as well as disarming the enemies.

I used [Wind Wall] and manipulated it to grab the injured soldiers then led them to safety, which is, outside of the encirclement.

I noticed Aeran healing them so there’s no more need to worry as I face the remaining minotaurs.

My monsters alone cannot kill them quickly but they still provide good back-up.

As I charged at a minotaur, I was surrounded with bright green light.

Noticing my max HP upped by 5000 as well as additional 10% to all stats, I gave Aeran a grin with a thumb’s up who suddenly flushed bright red for some reason.

“[Heaven’s Shield] [Heaven’s Speed]!” (Lucas)

With the defense and speed buff, my speed rose even higher.

I even used [Metallurgy Repair] and [Cloth Repair] on both of the enemy’s weapons and equipments with of course, failing as good luck for me, in order to drop their attack and defense.

Killing them became a lot easier after that.

After killing one minotaur, I noticed another enemy coming at me from behind which was instantly killed by the Demon Queen, Eu.

Geez, while I have to use a lot of buffs to kill one of them, this girl has no problems at all…

“[Summon Darkman]!” (Eu)

At Eu’s word, we gained more fighters!

Before, I only saw them pick flowers so I didn’t really know how strong they are but…now, they truly are horrifying.

They manipulate shadows to turn into weapons and spikes or whatever. Sometimes, they would even dissolve to the ground then reappear behind the enemy.

…Somehow, I’m reminded of Warren, the [Phantom]. Well, he can’t do any of those stuffs but…he’s still like a shadow.

Seeing her fight so easily somehow makes me pumped up. I can’t lose to her!

I manipulated a [Water Shot] to be pointier as well as spun it as I fired in order to have higher piercing power.

I call it, [Spinning Water Arrow]!....nah, too long....

Anyway, I repeated this to [Earth Shot] and [Wind Shot] as well.

When an attack is coming, I would sometimes intentionally get hit…no, I’m not a masochist, it’s because I wanted to use [Reversal].

With the minotaurs cleared out, we all moved towards other monsters.

I glanced at Eude and the knights and saw them protecting some soldiers so I gave them my support by using [Earth Wall] and manipulating it for their cover.

Eude gave me a quick glance and nodded his head expressing his thanks.

The other soldiers were also surprised at first when a group of weak monsters came to their rescue but realized that they were attracting the enemy monster’s attention so they used it as a chance to either attack or retreat.

Those that attacked were buffed and healed by Aeran and those that retreated were healed then were given a tree golem as cover.

The [Asnobelases’] were also doing a good job in shooting their targets and stopping their movement for a few seconds to give the soldiers an opening for attack or retreat.

Good, everything is proceeding smoothly.

As I thought of that, a [Giant] confronted us.

It stood about…I think 10 times my size? I don’t know…it’s too big to estimate but it should be roughly around that area.

My jump can’t reach that high but I solved that problem with an [Earth Wall] to my feet to spring myself up.

I was thinking that it would be easier to just make a tall earth platform but even if I can manipulate [Earth Wall], I can still only manipulate the same amount of volume of a normal [Earth Wall] which was about 5 inches thick, I meter wide, and 7 meters tall.

Well, I can stack them up but I don’t want to waste too much mana on useless stuff.

Jumping to the height of the [Giant’s] eyes, I stabbed them with both swords which made it step back and swat his hands towards his face.

With his hands closing in on my back while I was suspended at my maximum height, I used [Reversal] when the hands touched me which made both hands repel back.

I then used [Wind Wall] to appear behind me horizontally to push myself towards the head of the [Giant].

“[Heaven’s Fist] [Dragon Claw]!” (Lucas)

Producing a black dragon claw on the left and a white hand on the right, I punched both of the eyes again and this time, the [Giant] fell on his back…I wish I didn’t crush any humans below…

With the [Giant] finally down and easy to attack, my tamed monsters as well as Eu and the soldiers used this chance to attack the [Giant] and quickly reduce its health.

Though I said that they all attacked, but Eu’s attack was the strongest and has the most visible results.

I created an [Earth Wall] beneath me and a [Wind Wall] behind me. For the [Earth Wall], I changed its shape into a drill and spun it while I used the [Wind Wall] to push myself downwards for more speed and power.

I made sure to aim at the heart this time to kill it instantly.

Haah…defeating a single [Giant] sure takes a lot of time…

“…I can just use [Calamity of Destruction] to instantly kill everyone you know…” (Euomun)

“Please don’t forget that you can’t use that for another 100 years…” (Lucas)

Though that seemed to be true, but for one, that will also kill the humans which would make negotiations later more troublesome.

Two, you will definitely get a strong penalty for that which is a serious problem since this is just the first wave of attack.

Last and most importantly, using that move will not leave any trace of the enemy. Meaning…all the items will be lost!

After this, I want to cut them all up and store their meats you know!?

Who knows, maybe even their bones will also be useful! I can make it into a weapon in the future or turn it into a bone dust for an ingredient or something.

I can get a lot of money from their bodies itself so I don’t want to lose it!

…Somehow, I sounded like some kind of person that kills for selling their organs…well, whatever, these guys are monsters so it’s fine.

But it is true that this takes a lot of time…

At this moment, I noticed that the soldiers have already retreated…how?

I looked at Eude and he gives me a thumb’s up.

What’s with that look? Are you telling me it’s alright for me to go wild now?

Geez…he probably expects me to go rage out like last time…well, from their point of view, I probably looked like I’m restricting myself since there are allies in the battlefield so I can’t let loose.

It’s only natural, after all, they already saw how powerful I am in [Dragon’s Wrath] mode first so they probably thought that that was my real self…

Somehow, I feel like crying but I shook this feeling and just accepted it.

It’s true though, these guys were a hindrance to me.

So let’s try something nice.

I grinned as I signaled Eu ant the tamed monsters to join the others away from me.

Eu seemed hesitant on getting too far away from me but I told her it would be fine.

When I was sure that they are already far away from me, I activated Freya’s more powerful spells.

Though I said what I said to Eu, her spells has a weird effect of high penalties so I forbid her from using it but Freya’s spells don’t have that kind of penalties.

It has high mana requirement but that’s it. No, excessively long cool-downs or max mana reduction for a long period of time, well, it isn’t as powerful as Eu’s though.

“[Tsunami]!” (Lucas)

A wall made of large amount of water appeared in front of me.

After it stood for about twice the size of the [Giant], it began to fall forward towards the enemies.

Seeing the manmade tsunami appearing in front of them, they all scrambled in fear of being crushed.

This spell made me lose 4 000 MP…as expected of an A rank spell…

Geez, and this is still only just at the Beginner level…just how big will this be when maxed?

Just thinking about it already sends shivers on my back.

Oh yeah, miraculously, the water level on my side was thin.

Though as this water was created by magic, it will naturally disappear after a period of time has passed.

The earth walls I created earlier have also already disappeared.

I also deactivated all the elemental enhancements on the tamed monsters since I don’t want to waste mana when I already told them to retreat.

Seeing all the enemies drown in water, before the water disappears, I activated my next spell.

“[Absolute Zero]!” (Lucas)

The area around me quickly turned into ice.

Of course, some of the physics in [Earth] also applies here, by that, I meant when the water was also frozen, it spread quickly on the water and froze the waves into statues making the monsters inside immobile.

Normally, the area of [Absolute Zero] is only 3 meters radius around me but it spread further thanks to the water.

Kukuku, now, that should have killed the majority of them.

I used my [Enemy Appraisal] to see which ones are still alive so I can kill them myself.

After locating them, I ordered for the rest of the army to do it themselves to save time.

They’re all immobile anyway so there’s no need to worry.

Because of leading them and killing a lot, I gained a lot of experience as well. And I still have the double EXP and drop rate from when I was summoned!

Haha, this has been very beneficial.

I tried taming the monster before but I failed saying that they were already tamed. Figures…

Well, aside from that, we suffered a lot of casualties well, before I arrived but I still feel guilty about that.

Though they said that the casualties aren’t that high, when I asked how many, I was told that it was more or less about a hundred thousand.

…I really want to know how that isn’t a high number…

Fuh…I sat down on a rock nearby, my magic earlier has already disappeared so the ground returned to the normal grassy plain from before. Well, it still has remains of the battle like craters and debris but there’s no more effect of magic in the area, just physical damages left.

I waited until my mana recovers. HP was immediately recovered from Aeran’s spell so it wasn’t a problem.

Anyway…this feeling after a battle like this is really calming yet there’s still grief that lingers inside me.

I guess it’s because I was responsible for all the deaths that happened here…since I disappeared…

“…It wasn’t Lucas’ fault.” (Euomun)

“Eu…I’m really starting to think that you have mind reading abilities…” (Lucas)

Eu sat down next to me.

“I can see it clearly on your face you know?” (Euomun)

“…Was it really that obvious?” (Lucas)

I touched my own face to understand but alas, I really have no idea how I looked.

“Yeah…Lucas, just because you are the [Hero] doesn’t mean you need to burden everything alone…” (Euomun)

“Yes it is. Don’t take the title of [Hero] too lightly…when someone is called a [Hero], it means that people look up to that person. That he is reliable. That he is trustworthy. That he is strong. He is good…A [Hero] is the type of person whom you entrust your problems with. He is the symbol of hope and peace.” (Lucas)

I paused and looked towards the full moon above us seemingly searching for something.

“I’m not...” (Lucas)

“Then Lucas is a [Hero].” (Euomun)

Before I declared that I’m not worthy to be called a [Hero], Eu interrupts me.

Geez, at least let me finish my speech stupid Demon Queen.

Though I want to retort that, when I looked at Eu, I was met with a gentle smile.

“I…I look up to you. You freed me from my prison, you used the most basic spells into beautiful arts, you tamed the cute rabbits for me. You’re reliable, you always fed me with delicious food and even though you’re human, you're still trustworthy and strong. Though you can be mean at times, but you are a good person.” (Euomun)

Eu paused and clenched her hands on her chest.

“I’ve been entrusting my problem to you by helping me stop this war. You are my hope. You gave me a peace of mind whenever I’m with you… (Euomun)

“E-Eu…” (Lucas)

Eu grabbed my hand, brought her face close to me and stared at my eyes.

While this action was seriously embarrassing for both of us, my mind seemed to have frozen and unable to move.

“I…For me…Lucas is already my [Hero]! So-!....T-that’s why-!.....I-I!...........” (Euomun)

E-eh? I-is this what I think it is? EEEEEH!? T-this is isn’t that right!?

Sh-she’ll say she’s actually hungry right!?

T-t-this isn’t a c-c-c-confession or anything right!? R-right?.....

My mind is already in a mess and I can’t think straight.

I’ve never even been confessed to before so I’m having trouble processing this in my head.

“I love- gobah!” (Euomun)




I-is that a food? Or maybe another cute monster?

Ah, turns out, that was the sound of Eu being tackled by Aeran.

“Y-you brat!” (Eu)

The gentle beauty from before was completely gone as if it never even happened and was replaced with the face of an angry Demon Queen.

“H-hmph!” (Aeran)

Geez…even after everything that happened, these two still fight… the end…what was Eu going to say?

…Though I have an idea but…but………..

I can feel my face turn red just by thinking about it…

No, let’s not jump into conclusions here…until I hear it directly from her mouth, I won’t assume anything.

Though I want to ask her…but if it turns out that I’m wrong, then I’d die from embarrassment…

Eu might even hate me if I assumed she liked me…worse, she might even be disgusted by me…uuu…

But, more or less, I get Eu’s point.

“Eu.” (Lucas)

“Y-y-yes!?” (Euomun)

Eu was clearly surprised to be suddenly called.

Though she and Aeran had been pulling each other’s hair a moment ago, they quickly broke off when I called Eu.

“Thank you…for…everything you said. I understand what to do now.” (Lucas)

I gave her a gentle smile which I didn’t know I still had.

I stood up and gave her a pat on her head.

That’s right. There’s only one way for me now.

I will become a [Hero] when people need me to be.

And right now…is one of those moments.

“D-dragons! A herd of dragons are coming this way!” (Soldier)

A soldier ran towards us as he shouts the news.

So the next wave is finally here.

I followed the soldier’s arm which pointed the direction of the dragons.

As soon as I saw them…I wished that I never had.





Countless voices rang inside my head.

Ughhh…my head….stop it!...STOP!!!!

As my consciousness disappears, my gaze was led to the man standing on top of one of the dragons.









10 G 54 S 50 C


Wanderer LVL 35
Painter LVL 18




7730 (+2000)


7705 (+1000)


170 (+200)


141 (+200)


168 (+200)


125 (+150)


146 (+400)


487 (+350)


Light Hero shrouded by Darkness
Marquis of Watervliet
Monster Mass Murderer
King of the Dorville Forest
Spirit’s Friend





Art Sense





100 (+200)













Passive Skills

  • [Play Dead] Beginner LVL 6(12.23%)
  • [Dragon Eyes] Master LVL 3 (12.85%)
  • [One Foot Walk] Intermediate LVL 9 (24.82%)
  • [Mouth Mastery] Intermediate LVL 8 (57.72%)
  • [Photographic Memory] Master LVL 1 (74.32%)
  • [Art Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (12.78%)
  • [Potion Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (45.65%)
  • [Herb Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (34.85%)
  • [Wood Appraisal] Beginner LVL 9 (11.24%)
  • [Ore Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (45.28%)
  • [Cloth Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 3 (75.85%)
  • [Metallurgy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 9 (12.32%)
  • [Item Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (82.36%)
  • [Ingredient Appraisal] Beginner LVL 5 (75.12%)
  • [Food Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (42.32%)
  • [Trap Appraisal] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Enemy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 8 (95.32%)
  • [Magic Appraisal] Beginner LVL 2 (86.52%)
  • [Staff Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gun Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Bow Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gauntlet Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Katar Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Dagger Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Whip Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Spear Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Mace Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Warhammer Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Axe Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Two-hand Mastery] Beginner LVL 9 (99.99%)
  • [Dominant Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 9 (27.75%)
  • [Weak Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 2 (72.85%)
  • [Sword Mastery] Intermediate LVL 9 (42.82%)
  • [Warrior’s Presence] Intermediate LVL 9 (25.75%)
  • [Tamer’s Order] Master LVL 1 (34.72%)
  • [Poison Resistance] Beginner LVL 7 (42.72%)
  • [Earth Manipulation] Beginner LVL 8 (14.75%)
  • [Water Manipulation] Beginner LVL 5 (71.57%)
  • [Wind Manipulation] Beginner LVL 6 (76.25%)

Active Skills

  • [Bash] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Stomp] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Dragon’s Wrath] Intermediate LVL 2 (25.75%)
  • [Dragon Claw] Beginner LVL 4 (85.24%)
  • [Dragon Roar] Beginner LVL 4 (96.42%)
  • [Color Picker] Beginner LVL 8 (53.12%)
  • [Color Mix] Beginner LVL 8 (97.52%)
  • [Fotiá] Master LVL 9 (99.99%)
  • [Neró] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Gi̱] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Mien] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Fo̱s] Master LVL 9 (99.99%)
  • [Skotádi] Master LVL 9 (99.99%)
  • [Metallurgy Repair] Master LVL 3 (12.85%)
  • [Cloth Repair] Beginner LVL 5 (74.27%)
  • [Hide Presence] Intermediate LVL 8 (52.2%)
  • [Summon Freya] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Cooking] Intermediate LVL 9 (42.37%)
  • [Tame] Master LVL 1 (41.28%)


  • Pure-blooded Vampires +57000
  • Drachedge Kingdom +10000
  • Church +10000

Skill Points Left: 18
Stat Points Left: 90

Author's Notes

Haha, actually finished writing this....2 days ago? But can't post because of procrastination and other stuff...s :p

Well, sorry about that, anyway, another character emerges! 2 to be exact.

First of, Eude. He sort of gives the same vibe as Fawkes since, well, they're both Knight Commander. But there will be clear difference shown later in the story. I think you'll notice it when the two of them meets...

Next is Aeran. Finally a loli character appearance! Haha, anyway, she is the spirit of the forest. As to how her and Lucas' relationship will can only wait mhahahaha!

When I wrote this chapter, I feel like the battle scene isn't that good so I apologize for that....I'm still...getting used to writing those kinds of scenes as well as the romantic scene.

I have to admit, that last bit of romance shown in this chapter was partly because of reading comments saying dense MCs are no good. I wasn't originally planing for Lucas to be that dense in the first place, but I wanted for the romance bit to be well...into the future more.

Ah but, mostly it was because I need Lucas a push. A push to become a [Hero]. the romance bit was an extra so it still hasn't change the story.

Also, I'm sorry if I didn't make that part clear but I'll say it anyway, the monster sculptures from before was not given any life. They're just target practice. Actually, they weren't even considered an art which would explain why the [Art Sense] stat didn't go up.

Lastly, I know some of you probably thought that Lucas' exp gains are too much especially in the early stages...honestly, those were my mistakes...but! I have found a good way of correcting that! :3 Fufu, it was actually thought on the spot when someone mentioned that mistake but I think it's a pretty good fit :3

Well, I can't tell you how anyway since it would be a MAJOR spoiler. Seriously. Cause the explanation will be on the 3rd series....I mentioned that I'll make 3 series right? World Gate Online is still just the first and this will last for...20+ volumes so you still have to do a lot of waiting.

Don't worry though, I already made a list of important milestones to be tackled in future chapters so if I die, maybe I'll ask a friend to post it here hahaha.....though I hope that won't come.

Well, if I make any mistakes again, I can't change it since it's already posted...well, changing names and a few grammars, spellings, or math is fine but not major events. So I'll somehow fix that in the future using the story's...well, story. :p

I'll show Aeran's status next chapter btw.

So! Enough of my babbling since I know some people hate long author's notes. What did Eude see in Lucas' eyes that made him trust Lucas? Will Lucas be able to fight against Slazore's dragon army? What, or rather, whose voices did Lucas hear at the end? And more importantly...what has [Lucas] become?

Till the next chapter!

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