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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 5: Back to Harus
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: May 19th, 2015

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Chapter 5: Back to Harus

“Ah, Lucas!” (Freya)

After logging back again after my talk with Trask, I was met with a familiar face that I haven’t seen for a week, the vampire lord Freya.

“Ah, Freya… (Lucas)

I stared at Freya for a while.

Different from the ragged cloak she wore before, she now wore a white one piece dress with red ribbons which suited her quite nicely.

“W-what is it?” (Freya)

“A-ah it’s just that…you seemed more beautiful than before…” (Lucas)

E-eh!? I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth so smoothly!

I don’t think I’m the type that complements women like that so why did I suddenly?

Maybe it’s because I didn’t see her for a long time or something.

“F-fue!? T-th-that…umm…t-thank…you…” (Freya)

“A-anyway, is there anything that happened while I was gone?” (Lucas)

I asked since I wanted to change the topic immediately.

“N-not really. More importantly, how did you get so strong all of the sudden?” (Freya)

“Huh? You can tell?” (Lucas)

She shouldn’t have any skills that can verify my level right?

I mean, if she can then I can too.

“W-well yes. After all we’re…c-connected…right?” (Freya)

Freya blushed and covered her face with the hand that wore the other end of [Ring of Connection].

Ah, so that was it.

Come to think of it, I forgot that I can view her status as well…

“Ah well…a lot has happened…” (Lucas)

“A lot you say…even though the change was less than a second. So, why is that monster attached to you?” (Freya)


Freya pointed at Vil who is sitting on my head for a while now.

“Ah, she is-” (Lucas)

“Oh, so you’re back boy. Hm? It’s the first I’ve seen that creature. Why do you keep bringing unknown beings like that shadow brat?” (Denneth)

[“The name’s Warren. W-A-R-R-E-N! Stop calling me shadow brat.”] (Warren)

Ah, familiar faces keep sprouting up.

Why is it that I feel like I haven’t seen them for years when I was only gone for about a week?

“Hm? Isn’t there a monster that looks like her? Like, Al-mi'raj or something?” (Lucas)

I remember seeing one in a wiki.

“There is but…that one is different. An Al-mi'raj has longer spiral horn. That is just…an inch shorter horn.” (Denneth)

Ah, so there was such a difference.

“Well, let’s go see Sebastian first so I don’t have to repeat my explanation.” (Lucas)

Looking around, I see new faces.

I say that because due to my skill [Photographic Memory], I already memorized all the faces of the vampires before. So these new one should be players that chose to start as a [Pure-blood Vampire].

There are also ones from a different race, I guess they already got here while I was battling that [Behemoth] in [Earth].

After finding Sebastian, I began to tell them about Vil and of course, about the other world called [Senerth].

As they listen to the story, they all displayed shocked expressions which were only natural.

After all, not only finding out that [Earth] isn’t the only world other than [Harus], they now know that visiting other worlds is possible through summoning.

“To think you were summoned…and as a [Hero]. You certainly keep surprising me.” (Sebastian)

[“Another world huh…maybe I’m…”] (Warren)

“U-uuu…I just started to feel something and I already have rivals…” (Freya)

“Rivals?” (Lucas)

“N-nothing! Don’t mind me!” (Freya)

Though I think Freya was acting suspicious, I let it go since it doesn’t seem important.

Anyway, there was someone that’s awfully quiet since the story started.

No, it was since I told them about my rampage.

“So? What is it that you didn’t tell me about [Dragon’s Wrath], Denneth?” (Lucas)

“Boy…why didn’t you tell me that you got that skill?” (Denneth)

“Eh? Didn’t you give that to me yourself?” (Lucas)

If not him then who?

Well, come to think of it, I haven’t really spoken about that skill to him huh?

“When did I give such a skill?” (Denneth)

“…When I was almost dying inside you. That time, a voice called out to me saying to avenge him and gave me his wrath…I thought it was you since it sounded like your voice but…so it’s not?” (Lucas)

When I asked, I was answered with a growl full of murderous intent.

W-what’s with that? I don’t wanna get eaten again so please don’t stare at me like that!

“Damn. So he finally woke up…” (Denneth)

“W-who?” (Lucas)

“The [Dragon of Wrath]. [Kamirth of Rage]!” (Denneth)

Kamirth? It’s the first I’ve heard of the name…yet somehow…nostalgic…

Wait, I don’t remember meeting another dragon before Denneth so that should be impossible.

“Unlike us [Great Dragons] that were created by the Almighty Being, Kamirth was created from our negative emotions, namely, wrath. He is the manifestation of all the [Great Dragon’s] wrath so he held power far unimaginable than ours. In the end, we were only able to seal him.” (Denneth)

Denneth closed his eyes and sighed.

“However, that seemed to have lost its effect already.” (Denneth)

“T-then, what do I-?” (Lucas)

“Do not! Do not ever use that skill again! Kamirth isn’t complete yet but you, you are his way out.” (Denneth)

Y-you don’t mean that if I mastered that skill then…

“He will be reborn in your body.” (Denneth)

S-so that’s why both my name and race became unreadable before…I’m getting close.

Close to becoming someone else…

Close to becoming something else…

Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine.

“Listen Lucas. No matter what, should you encounter another [Great Dragon], do not let them know about this. Unlike me, they may choose to kill you instead if they found out.” (Denneth)

“T-then, why aren’t you killing me?” (Lucas)

“Well first of all, I’ve heard that this body of yours revives after 3 days so it’s useless. Second, because you still haven’t killed the bastard that leads the demi-vampires. But most importantly, I believe that you will do the right thing. ” (Denneth)

The right thing huh?

Denneth looked at me in the eye.

“Can you do it?” (Denneth)

“Y-yes!” (Lucas)

“Good, you too vampire girl. Since you are connected to the boy, then you must also not use the [Dragon’s Wrath] skill.” (Denneth)

“Y-yes! I’ll be careful!” (Freya)

Suddenly being called, Freya stuttered and bowed.

“But…it activates sometimes without my knowing…” (Lucas)

“That is probably because of a nearby dragon. Anyway, avoid angering dragons from now on.” (Denneth)

Even if you say that…I guess hunting dragons are a no go as well?

And there was that one time where there was no dragon nearby yet it activated…

Well with that, let’s proceed to the next task.

“For now, I’ll try to visit [Watervilet], you wanna come with me, Freya?” (Lucas)

“C-can I?” (Freya)

“Sure, how about you Warren?” (Lucas)

[“Well, I suppose so. I said I’ll be traveling with you anyways.”] (Warren)

With that, I used the [Watervilet Ring] to teleport in [Watervilet] together with Warren and Freya.

After being surrounded with a bright light, we were greeted with a wide room filled with decorations and we stood in a pedestal with a magic circle engraved on it.

Though it had a feeling of something like what I experienced in [Senerth], it also felt different.

I guess it’s the difference of a summoning and teleportation magic, or maybe because it’s of a different world.

The structure of the magic circle is also different.

“So this is [Watervilet] huh?” (Lucas)


I heard Vil’s purr…is it called purr? Well whatever, I heard her made sound so I rubbed her head.

Why? No idea.

Anyway, why is it so empty though?

Don’t I have attendants or something? Like a maid or knight?

Suddenly, the door opened at the other end and a handsome noble man appeared accompanied by maids and knights.

He wore noble clothes, medium build, blue eyes, had a blonde hair, about an inch or so taller than me and looked to be in his mid-20’s and carried an expensive looking sword on his waist.

Looking at his equipments with my appraisal eyes, I noticed that they don’t have good defense and is probably only for show.

The sword as well has pitiful damage.

“Good afternoon milord. I apologize for the absence of welcome for we were not informed that you will be visiting today.” (???)

“Ah yes, good afternoon Jacob. Sorry for not informing you in advance but, how did you know I was here?” (Lucas)

“That is of course because of the castle’s surveillance monitoring devices. I was informed that the lord had come with one accompaniment so I hurried over.” (Jacob)

Jacob looked back towards the left corner in the ceiling which I followed and saw a familiar looking device.

No, it only looked distinctly the same but somehow different.

Frankly, it was a camera but…magical? Is that how you describe it?

It doesn’t look like it is powered by electricity but…mana.

I can see the flow of mana with my [Magic Appraisal] skill so there’s no doubt.

I see…so they use mana for power instead of electricity.

I take a mental note to myself to further study the magic devices in this world later.

Hm? Wait…if there was such a thing then…how were we able to easily sneak in the royal palace? I guess I’ll investigate this matter when I get back to [Drachedge].

“Ah, if I may ask. Did his Highness the Prince told you of my name? I believe I have not introduced myself yet.” (Jacob)

“Ah, that was my skill. Sorry for prying.” (Lucas)

Normally, looking into one’s personal data without consent should be rude and is against the law or something but that does not exist in this world since there is a skill to easily do it.

“I see, so it was like that. Please don’t apologize, I was simply curious. But this is indeed good. With that skill, you will not be fooled of imposters very easily.” (Jacob)

“I-imposters?” (Lucas)

“Yes. There are those that impersonates a person of high rank for…different purposes.” (Jacob)

Like assassination or information gathering huh?

Come to think of it, since I am now a noble, there will be others aiming for my life huh?

But even if they kill me, with this body, I will revive anyway so it’s kinda useless.

“Now then. Let me guide you to the guest room to meet his Eminence.” (Jacob)

“Hm? I already have a guest?” (Lucas)

“Yes, I believe you know him. He is an Arch-bishop of the Church.” (Jacob)

Geh- that guy’s here?

What does he want with me now?

Also…why is it that he seems fixated on me? With a rank like his, there’s no way he is not busy right?

Me, Freya and Warren was directed outside of the wide room and into a hallway also filled with numerous statues and paintings which made my [Art Sense] stat rose quickly.

Speaking of art, I haven’t painted in a while huh? Guess I’ll paint later.

But what to paint…?

While I was engrossed in thinking what to paint later, we reached the end of the hallway and turned right where a door was at the end.

“After your talk, I would like to show milord around the castle as well as introduce your subordinates so please come find me. Now then. Please enter, his Eminence awaits.” (Jacob)

The door opened and a room with more decorations appeared!

Uuu…If I sell all of this, I feel like I would be set for a hundred years!

“L-Lucas, you’re drooling…” (Freya)

A-ah, no good, no good. That was close…

I guess the power of greed is really too much to handle. Even though I’m plenty rich already in real life.

The number of 0s that Trask gave me was really too much for me to handle that I gave most of it to my parents.

They said that it was because the movie was also sold internationally so the money earned skyrocketed.

They even began to talk about making Blu-rays and DVDs as well as scouting me in advertisments…

Anyway, I see the Arch-bishop sitting relaxed at one of the couches so I greeted him.

“It’s been a while Arch-bishop, what brings you here?” (Lucas)

I’m aware that my greeting is impolite in noble standards but I don’t really know how a noble lives and I know this guy to the point where he gave me an [Arch-bishop’s Bracelet] so it should be fine...right?

“Yes, I was told you will be here today so I came to see you.” (Arch-bishop)

Huh? He was told? By whom?

Even Jacob did not know I will be coming so how come this guy knew?

“…Well, this is good as well since I also need to talk to you.” (Lucas)

I sat on the other end of the couch and looked at the Arch-bishop from across the table.

Freya as well sat next to me and Warren…well, he’s somewhere in my shadow I guess.

“Oh, what is it that you wish to know?” (Arch-bishop)

“How come a high ranked person such as yourself was in [Drachedge] that time?” (Lucas)

That’s right, it’s too much of a coincidence that this guy was there and just happened to be the same time that I decide to help Freya.

[Drachedge] cannot possibly be their main base of sorts so why was he there?

He also mentioned something like a prophecy…

“I was told that I will meet the [Hero] we have been searching for there, and I did.” (Arch-bishop)

“That again…who told you that I will be there and here? And what is this [Hero] thing about?” (Lucas)

“Unfortunately, I cannot tell you who he is. No, to be precise, you can never know who he is. You being the [Hero] of the prophecy was decided many years ago.” (Arch-bishop)

I can never know? What is this about?

Who the hell is he!?

This isn’t some kind of twist where he is actually my father right? Maybe it was actually the Arch-bishop all along? Or maybe it’s Trask?

No…I guess that’s impossible given our talk earlier.

Anyway, if he can’t tell me then at least the prophecy.

“What is the prophecy all about?” (Lucas)

“It’s is about a [Hero] destined to save the world, that kind of thing.” (Arch-bishop)

The Arch-bishop answered with a smile.

Somehow, this guy really irritates me.

“Can I at least hear the contents?” (Lucas)

“No, that won’t do.” (Arch-bishop)

“Why!?” (Lucas)

“I was told to not tell you and that you should discover it yourself.” (Arch-bishop)

Told again!?

“Who the hell is this guy!? Is there anyone higher rank than you in the Church!?” (Lucas)

“Hm? Ah, I believe you are misunderstanding what the Church is. You see, the [Church] is an alliance of different religions worldwide. It is not a single church.” (Arch-bishop)

“Hm? Then that means that you’re an equal to the other leaders of different religions is that it? No one higher? Then how come you decided on your own that the Church forgives the pure-blood vampires before?” (Lucas)

That’s right, if it’s an alliance, then making a decision like that on his own should not happen so I assumed that there is only one religion in this world and he is the leader of that.

Well, there’s a chance that he contacted the other leaders but a decision this big shouldn’t be decided with a simple call.

“Ah…well, actually, that decision was made before you went and caused such a commotion but was not put into action because it was the only thread we have to find you. I was sent there as I am the one closest in order to find you.” (Arch-bishop)

“What…in the end, it was all planned!? How did you even know that everything will happen before it happened?” (Lucas)

I don’t understand if this guy is lying or just playing with my head.

Everything was planned you say? Is me sneaking inside the royal palace also planned? Was that why I was not caught despite the cameras?

“Of course. Because it is an order from God.” (Arch-bishop)

“G-God…you say?” (Lucas)

I keep forgetting.

In this world, there is an actual God that actually does something noticeable unlike in Earth.

But there’s something wrong with what he just said.

“I thought the [Church] is made of different religions, is it fine that you all believed in the same God?” (Lucas)

“Ah, but I never said it was only one? When I said it was an order from God, I meant the God of our religion since I couldn’t care less of the Gods of a different one but actually, all of their Gods gave the same order and same prophecy.” (Arch-bishop)

“S-same? Is that even possible?” (Lucas)

“Of course, we were also shocked. That’s why you hold a really high value to us. In fact, you can be said to be the symbol of the [Church] itself.” (Arch-bishop)

T-this is too much for me…

Not only in [Earth] but this world too…what does the universe want me to be?

[“…So you were this popular huh, Lucas?”] (Warren)

“Waaah, I can’t believe someone that important is my mast-…hus-…lov-…boyf-…f-friend………..” (Freya)

It seems Freya is confused on something but I didn’t take notice of it since I am still shocked about being this important as well.

Just a few weeks ago, I was only a normal, teenage, college student who is ignorant to almost everything in the world.

And now I’m a [Hero] that symbolizes the collective faction of [Harus’] religions, the [Church], as well as [Senerth’s Hero], and the [White Knight] that will later on be the symbol of a new era in [Earth]…

Can I even bear the responsibility of all 3 worlds?

“You don’t have to worry you know? Just live normally whichever way you want. All we ask is that you will do the right thing.” (Arch-bishop)

“The right…thing?” (Lucas)

Denneth also said that…what is it with everyone?

Somehow…he’s hiding something from me.

I feel that if I keep going normally, I would still move like their puppet. Tangled in string that I can’t see or feel.

Is this what [Fate] really is?

“So, is that all your questions?” (Arch-bishop)

The Arch-bishop looked at me with a smile.

Even though that face of his looks innocent and harmless…I feel like there’s some meaning to it.

As if he already knows my answer…

“Y-yes…that will be all. Will you be staying here?” (Lucas)

Since I really have no idea how to deal with this guy, I didn’t say anything else and stepped back.

“Since I’m free, yes. I would like to see you manage the city as a Marquis. Will that be any trouble?” (Arch-bishop)

“N-no, in fact, I would be grateful if you were to guide me if I did something wrong. I’m still new to this after all.” (Lucas)

Though I feel that by doing so, I would slowly become his puppet, I decided to let him guide me since I cannot possibly be selfish here.

I now govern a city, if something bad happens because of my selfishness, I would be affecting every citizen not just me.

“I understand. However, I am also unskilled in terms of governing a city. After all, I am simply the leader of a religion.” (Arch-bishop)

“Thank you. Come to think of it, what is the name of your religion?” (Lucas)

I only know of the [Church] and I didn’t really look up any religion in the wikis since it didn’t interest me at the time.

“We are the [Order of Alanis], we serve his Holiness [Alanis] as our God.” (Arch-bishop)

“[Alanis]…huh?” (Lucas)

I don’t think there’s such a name in Earth’s religions or gods.

Well, this is a different world after all…it’s just that, there are similarities like the Greek mythology from [Earth] since there is the [Labyrinth] here. There’s also the [Four Horsemen] so I thought that the religions of this world is similar to ours.

Ughh…Lowy and Zeal is probably having a good time exploring the [Labyrinth] by now and Gavin and Kanin are also searching for [Death] which is really awesome and interesting.

And here I am watching over my city…well, I guess it is exciting on its own it’s just that I wanna fight, run and go wild!

“Come to think of it, what is your religion Lucas? I’m sure you have one right?” (Arch-bishop)

“Ah, yes. I’m Catholic, I think it was Roman Catholic to be precise…well, in [Earth] anyway but I don’t have any here in [Harus]…something wrong?” (Lucas)

I asked since the Arch-bishop suddenly revealed a surprised expression.

Oho, now this is the face I want to see from someone who seems to know everything. Ha! Take that!

Though…why is he shocked?

“Something wrong? What are you saying!? The Catholic religion has gone extinct over a thousand years ago! In fact, most of the [Church’s] religions are only a small fragment of that religion, even our order is one! To say you are from that ancient religion is-!...” (Arch-bishop)

“I-is?” (Lucas)

For some reason, the Arch-bishop who suddenly shouted at me stopped speaking all of a sudden as if noticing something and started to mumble something which I can’t hear completely.

“…Entirely possible…I see…so that’s how it was…So he……so it was like that…” (Arch-bishop)

“U-umm…what happened?” (Lucas)

“Nope! Nothing’s wrong! Now then, shall we tour around your castle?” (Arch-bishop)

As if the surprised Arch-bishop from before never happened, he was now all smiles again and urged me outside.

What’s wrong with him?

I see Jacob waiting outside of the guest room with a maid and a knight.

“Has milord’s talk ended?” (Jacob)

“Y-yes…the Arch-bishop wishes to join us in our tour so I hope you will lead us.” (Lucas)

“Very well. First of all, allow me to formally introduce myself.” (Jacob)

But I already know who you are…well, I guess it’s weird for someone to know who he is without any introduction and this may be a custom for nobles so I remained silent to listen.

Jacob then placed his right palm on his left chest, left hand behind, and bowed neatly.

“My name is Jacob Morgan. From now on, I will act as your Regant and as the acting Lord for when you are not present. I was also told that since you will be adventuring most of the time, I am allowed to decide things on my own for this city his Highness gave me so I apologize in advance if my actions are not to your liking. Of course, I will send you a message if there is any actions that are too big for me to handle so please take note to check your messages every now and then. I hope to maintain this relationship if there isn’t any objections.” (Jacob)

W-wow, that was quite a lengthy introduction.

He has an expressionless face and an aura that seemed to scream he doesn’t care so it was no wonder that the Prince said he did not have the charisma of a ruler but he seems to be smart and wise on his decisions.

Even I, an amateur, can clearly tell that he is more suitable than me.

“I understand. I’m sorry if I caused you any trouble. Also, I would appreciate it if you want to maintain this relationship.” (Lucas)

“It isn’t any trouble at all. In fact, I myself know that I am not good with dealing with people so I may ask of you to attend social meetings and parties. Also, if there is any request that you wish to add, I will see to it myself to get it done.” (Jacob)

“Understood. They are?” (Lucas)

I turned to the maid and knight behind Jacob.

The maid had a black hair tied behind like the so called ‘twist doughnut bun’ hairstyle but I doubt people from this world even know what a doughnut is so I guess they don’t call it that.

She had black eyes and a fair skin close to white as well as moderate breasts which I think is a bit smaller than Freya’s wait-! What am I thinking!?

I shook my head back and forth from the thought.

From beside me, I saw Freya glaring at me quite a bit…why are you looking at me like that? I’m innocent!

A-anyway, the maid wore the standard maid clothes you often see in animes or mangas with black and white color and frills.

She had an air that seemed to soothe you so it was somewhat relaxing looking at her.

Kind of like Emma, Sebastian’s wife and Freya’s step-mother.

Even though the maid only appeared to be slightly older than me.

“It’s nice to meet you milord. My name is Ellen Pearl. I am of common birth born at the Southern part of [Watervilet]. From now on, I would be your personal maid so please rely on me for anything.” (Ellen)

P-personal maid you say!?

T-this is not good! This isn’t good for my heart at all!

“I-it’s nice to meet you as well Ellen. Please t-take care of me from now on…” (Lucas)

How do I say this…I’m really not used to have a personal maid so this situation is a bit…I don’t think I can reject as well since she may not have any job if I did…

Next is the knight.

He wore the standard armor of [Drachedge] unlike Fawkes but he appeared to be strong and young as well. Most likely just a bit older than me.

I guess the Prince chose them so it would be so.

The knight had blue hair like the ocean, cut short and somewhat looked like the common hairstyle you often see in mangas or animes where their forelocks reach the eyes which were blue as well by the way.

He had a sturdy build which is completely not like the [Earth] me as I don’t have any muscles at all.

He is also around two inches taller than me so I have to tilt my neck when talking to him.

He gave off the feeling that he will even take a bullet for me which I hope does not happen. I guess I better make it clear to him.

“I am called Alfan Coral. I am to be your personal knight and I vouch to sacrifice myself for milord. My life is yours to command as you see fit.” (Alfan)

Alfan kneeled on one knee and bowed.

So I was right that he’s that type huh?

By the way, are most people here has a sea-themed last name?

“Thank you for your loyalty. However, instead of sacrificing yourself for me, please do not do so as I will not die anyways. Your life is more important than mine that does not end while in this form.” (Lucas)

“Even so! I do not wish to see milord die.” (Alfan)

“And I tell you, I will not. I’d like to tell you that this lord of yours had faced an army of monsters and dragons from a different world as well as survived even after being eaten by a dragon so there is no use worrying over me. Besides, I will not always be here and I wish to travel alone anyway.” (Lucas)

I boasted in front of them, which is rare by the way. I don’t really like to boast but I don’t want them to worry over me.

And besides, though I said what I said, I was killed by bats...w-well, if they don’t know then it doesn’t matter right?

I see Alfan’s eyes glitter.

W-what was that!? I thought he was the cool type but he’s actually a hot-blooded type that gets excited over this kind of things huh?

Ellen also, maybe because she is just a commoner so adventures like this are incredible.

…W-wait, even Jacob seemed excited…

Is it really that amazing?

“It is you know, Lucas? I don’t think there’s anyone that can face an army of minotaurs, giants, cyclopes, and a bunch of other monsters alone and survive. Even meeting a dragon army is no joke already…” (Freya)

“How did you read my mind!?” (Lucas)

That should be impossible, even if you say we’re connected, I can’t really read your mind at all you know?

“No, it just shows in your face.” (Freya)

A-am I really that readable?

I touched my face but as expected, I can’t really understand.

“U-umm, if I may ask. That other world that you spoke of, is it milord’s home world as we were told?” (Alfan)

“Ah, no. In my home world, there are no monsters or magic. I was speaking of an entirely different world which is a bit like this one.” (Lucas)

“A-a third world! Does his Highness the Prince already know of this?” (Jacob)

“Ah, not yet. After all, I only discovered it yesterday…rather, 3 days ago I guess? Right now, there’s only a handful of people that know it and I was thinking of discussing it to the Prince as well on a later date. Can you inform me if he has a free schedule?” (Lucas)

That’s right, there are still that matter to discuss.

“Y-yes! I will arrange for it immediately!” (Jacob)

Jacob bowed then stared at something in front of him.

Ah, I guess they also have the chat system huh? How convenient…from the moment they are born, they can already send messages from afar and it doesn’t even need batteries or signals!

“P-please wait, Lucas. What is this about another world besides [Harus] and [Earth]? Come to think of it…I thought that the horned rabbit on your head was an Al-mi'raj but…is it actually from that world?” (Arch-bishop)


The Arch-bishop who has been standing behind me grabbed my shoulder and asked me as he looked at Vil on my head.

Oh? So he doesn’t know this as well huh?

Well, I guess he doesn’t know everything after all.

I summarized what happened to me in [Senerth] since it’s too much of a bother to tell everything again. I would tell them again later anyway together with the Prince.

Alfan and Ellen were also able to hear it and they seemed amazed.

“Summoned as a [Hero] huh?...” (Arch-bishop)

“I understand, thank you for your time. I just spoke with an aide of his Highness, The Prince is free tomorrow afternoon so please be there.” (Jacob)

Ah, his aide not the Prince himself huh?

Well, I guess it would be weird to add the Prince as a [Friend] after all.

“Thank you. Also, will it be alright for the Arch-bishop to join us as well? As the representative of the [Church].” (Lucas)

“I understand. It seems this matter is of importance. I would gladly join.” (Arch-bishop)

All right, that’s one task down. To kill some time, let’s try touring this city of mine for now.

I would also like to try experiments regarding the [World Key] afterwards.

“Now then, shall we see my castle?” (Lucas)

Author's Notes

Well! Finally back to Lucas!

For those who skipped Chapters 1-4, welcome back!

For those who read Chapters 1-4, welcome again!

...Somehow, I feel like I read something like that somewhere...Anyway! I decided not place Lucas' status since there wasn't really any significant change except to [Art Sense] and a his appraisal skill increasing by a little.

Well, actually it's already 3am here so I'm sleepy, I only posted this early since May 19 is my birthday so this chap's a present for y'all!

I'm now 19 years old! I feel so old...

A-anyway, let's get back here. Lucas goes back to Harus once more and has somehow felt something towards Freya! This may have been caused by his situation in Senerth or not, no one knows! haha

Lucas also founds out the real purpose of [Dragon's Wrath] so we will be expecting Lucas having a harder time now that he has sealed his strongest move!

The actual backstory for how Kamirth was created will be shown sometime in the future.

Next is the [Church]. So some of you may have been asking why have I called is the Church all this time without giving any name of the religion itself so now you know!

We also discovered that the Arch-bishop has been hiding many things from Lucas, how this play out, you can only know by reading the future chapters haha!

Lastly, for those that did not read the previous chapters, I suggest to read chapter 4, even just the last bit if you truly hate side character story since that last bit is...well, just read it.

So! How will Lucas fight now that his trump card, [Dragon's Wrath] is told not to use? Just who has been the person tipping off the Arch-bishop? What exactly has the [Church] have in plan for Lucas? Why was Lucas selected as a [Hero]? (Yes, it is not a coincidence :p) What has Lucas planned by meeting the Prince and the Arch-bishop? How did his talk with Trask go? What is the [Gatekeeper Project]? And lastly, what has Lucas planned for [Watervilet]?

Till the next chapter!

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