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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 9: Welcome to the Club!
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: December 10th, 2015

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Chapter 9: Welcome to the Club!

“For those who doesn’t know, the [Angel’s Blood] is a legendary elixir capable of closing any wound, and curing any poison! Though it cannot regrow a limb, as long as you connect it, just a single drop will do for you to be whole again!” (Mei)


Everyone who heard Mei’s explanation inhaled deeply.

They all had wide eyed and slack jaws! In their eyes, a drop of my blood is actually a legendary elixir!!!

“Of course it’s precious to them, their mortals. Though those on the [Spirit Realm] no longer die of age, they don’t have the healing properties of Deities.” (El)

“Then what is this worth for Deities?” (Lucas)

“Though Deities can heal and regrow their limbs, it’s not exactly fast and would take years. To them, this drop is a booster for regeneration as well as a very good antidote so it is still very valuable.” (El)

“And Sovereigns?” (Lucas)

“Hah! Stuff like that are just candies to us! After all, our own blood has the same properties anyway.” (El)

Hearing El’s proud tone, I inadvertently sighed in praise.

Sovereigns are really too amazing! Too formidable!

And to think one of them resides inside my body…

“Amazing boss! For an elixir like that to actually exist! And to think that I witnessed such an event! Amazing! Amazing!” (Elwin)

“Huh? You want one?” (Lucas)

Upon my carefree tone, Elwin blinked a couple of times and looked at me stupidly with a complex expression.

“Eh? B-boss…you can’t possibly be thinking of actually buying one and giving it to me are you!?” (Elwin)

Aqua, who was nearby, also looked at me surprised.

“Ah, no. I’m not buying.” (Lucas)

“I…I see…” (Lucas)

Elwin sighed dejectedly and murmured something like ‘as expected…I guess it’s too much’ or something while Aqua seemed to have the same expression.

…Could it be, that if I had said yes, she will also ask for one?

Well…what to do?

I still have some vials with me as I only gave a hundred drops to Mei. Something like my blood, I have plenty of it after all.

“…Give me your storage ring for a bit.” (Lucas)

“Hm?” (Elwin)

Elwin tilted his head and paused before giving it to me. I guess he must’ve done a last look to remember everything inside to check if I’ll take anything.

Well, I don’t mind. I guess it’s only natural.

After holding the storage ring, I quickly placed 50 vials with a drop of my blood in each of them directly from my [Inventory]. Well, my [Earth] body’s blood anyway.

“Here, and don’t shout.” (Lucas)

“?” (Elwin)

Not understanding what I meant, Elwin still received it curiously and poured his qi inside to see what changed.

…[Silent Room]!

As soon as I saw Elwin’s expression, I immediately activated [Silent Room] to isolate the three of us.

“This is…[ANGEL’S BLOOD]!!!???” (Elwin)

“!?” (Aqua)

“I just said not to shout…” (Lucas)

“Ah! S-sorry!” (Elwin)

Realizing his mistake, he turned his head sideways to see if there was anyone who heard.

This is really a stupid action because from the loudness of his shout, of course people will hear him.

However, when he looked around, no one was actually sparing a glance at them.

“Don’t worry, no one heard.” (Lucas)

“H-how?” (Elwin)

“…Anyway, you also want some?” (Lucas)

Thinking that it was too troublesome to explain, I turned towards Aqua who flinched surprised at my question.

“…Can I?” (Aqua)

“I don’t see any problem why not.” (Lucas)

I shrugged as I took her storage ring and did the same.

“…50 drops…” (Aqua)

“Boss! Where did you get these!?” (Elwin)

“…On my journey to reach this city, I saw an angel fall and helped her, in exchange, I took a few drops of her blood and she went back on her way.” (Lucas)

“Really!?” (Elwin)

“Nah, I was joking.” (Lucas)

“Wha-!? Huh!?” (Elwin)

“Anyway, I have more with me. Just accept it and keep quiet.” (Lucas)

Not like I can tell him that I have another body in a different world and that it contains a body with fluids that is equivalent to a legendary elixir in the [Mortal Continent]…

As for why I gave them some. It’s not because I’m too trusting. Each drop of blood contains my own qi. Naturally, I will be able to know their location and if used by someone, I can use my own qi that is planted inside them to disrupt their cultivation.

It won’t kill them, but it will still deal substantial damage.

This is just a little insurance…

Besides, if they don’t betray me, then that drop of blood will only give them advantages.

“…Thanks.” (Aqua)

“Look at Aqua, she at least thanked me.” (Lucas)

“Eh? Ah! T-thanks Boss! From now on, you will be my Boss for life!” (Elwin)

“Sorry, I don’t swing that way.” (Lucas)

“That’s not what I meant! The one I like is A-” (Elwin)

Ohh! Unexpectedly, he’s about to confess?

“A…Aq…A girl!” (Elwin)

“…” (Lucas)

“…” (Elwin)

“…I see.” (Lucas)

Shaking my head helplessly, I averted my attention from the blushing Elwin and the curious Aqua.

I also dispelled the [Silent Room] and looked back to the stage where Mei was still giving out specifics and details.

“Hehe, looks like you all are interested enough so I’ll stop the chatter and start the bid! Today, we will only sell 50 vials! Each bid can only be 100 more than the previous, starting with 500 000 qi stones for 5 vials!” (Mei)

Seems like they’re selling it by batch.

But wow! 500 000 qi stones for just 5 drops!

…I should’ve given them just around 50 or so instead of a hundred…well, no use complaining now. In any case, I’m gonna be filthy rich!

Not only that, but I will now have my own qi planted inside those who have the highest positions in the major sects and nobles!

Fufufu, they don’t even realize that they will become my puppets in the future!

It’s good that El suggested I plant my qi in the blood.

“600 000!”

“750 000!”

“810 000!”

The vials were quickly sold in a very high price!

First 5 reached a whopping 930 200 qi stones!

Another 5 led to 910 500 qi stones!

Next 5 reached 862 300 qi stones!

Then 5 more sold for 834 600 qi stones!

“20 vials had been sold! Now, for the next 30, each lot will have a batch of 10 vials! Starting bid is at 1 000 000 qi stones! Each bid needs to be 300 more than the last!” (Mei)

Ah, no wonder the major sects have yet to bid and just let the smaller sects and nobles take the batches of 5. They’re saving up for this part!

“2 000 000! Everyone, we only want this first 10 and won’t interfere on the next lots.” (Galen’s Father)

Uwaa…talk about annoying…

This guy is too overbearing! No wonder his son became like that!

“Since the [Giant Emperor] clan head, Gareth Juran, has spoken, our [Fire Lotus] sect will naturally give face.” (Silas’ Father)

“Our [Thousand Sword] sect will give face as well.”

“So will our [Star Eagle] sect.”

Just like that, the few strong sects had conceded and some major sect as well.

“2 000 000 for the first 10 vials going once!...Twice!...So-” (Mei)

“2 500 000!” (Lucas)

Hmph! You think I’ll let you take it for just 2 000 000!?

“That bastard again!” (Galen)

“…So he really intends to go against our [Giant Emperor] clan! Good! Good! Let’s see how high this person’s wealth goes! 3 000 000!” (Gareth)

“4 000 000!” (Lucas)

“Hmph! 6 000 000!” (Gareth)

“Ah…never mind then~” (Lucas)

“Sold! For 6 000 000 qi stones!” (Mei)

Mei was also annoyed about just reaching 2 000 000 earlier but now, she’s overjoyed that it reached such an amount.

“Hehe, the [Giant Emperor] clan head had really aged. To think that you didn’t even know you were being played. Tsk tsk.” (???)

“…Oliver Feng. I should’ve known it was you! You actually planted your men in the middle class and irritate me!? Don’t think your [Furious Wind] sect is our match!” (Gareth)

“Hooh, I wonder about that?” (Oliver)

Ohh, there’s an interesting conversation happening below!

This Oliver guy seems to be a good person. Because of his words, Gareth misunderstood and now, he considers me as a part of this [Furious Wind] sect.

“Who are these [Furious Wind] guys?” (Lucas)

“Huh? You don’t know them?” (Elwin)

“Just answer.” (Lucas)

“Ah, y-yes. The [Furious Wind] sect is one of the major sects, on par with the [Giant Emperor] clan! As for their attitudes, they’re said to be free-willed like the wind but when angered, they’re like raging storms!
Their sect and the [Giant Emperor] clan had always been on edge with each other for as long as I can remember.” (Elwin)

Hooh, they seem to be an interesting bunch. They even hinted that I was a part of their sect in order to protect me.

But if you look at it in another way, they’re trying to rope me in their sect, seeing my frivolous nature and personality from my previous bids and interference earlier.

I guess he was impressed that I dared to go against the [Giant Emperor] clan.

Too bad though, I don’t plan to be tied to any sect!

“What are you saying uncle? I’m not part of any sect!” (Lucas)

They all looked at me surprised.

Oliver had the look that seemed he wasn’t expecting my comment. After all, he was trying to cover for me so I won’t get in trouble later but I actually revealed that I wasn’t part of any sect!

Gareth looked at me surprised, before snickering and seemed to be plotting something in his head.

Elwin was wide eyed as he looked at me. It seems he also understood that Oliver was trying to cover for me and didn’t say anything but I still revealed myself!

Aqua and Mei was the same and looked at me in wonder.

“Hehe, this idiot brat. Let’s see if you can still retain your life outside of the auction house!” (Gareth)

“Hehe old man, let’s see if you have the right to be that arrogant!” (Lucas)

“Hmph! And you’re supposed to have!? You’re just a brat of the 5th level [Beast Realm] and don’t even have a domain!” (Gareth)

“Whether I even need a domain or not to deal with you, you’ll just have to see for yourself!” (Lucas)

…Actually, what the hell is a domain?

I just know that you gain it when you reach the [Spirit Realm] but…I don’t know what it is.

“You can think of a domain as an Area of Effect ability of your [Beast]. For your hydra, it has the [Elemental Domain]. For Oro, it’s called [Angel’s Domain] where everyone around you gets healed and receives strength as well as faster regeneration.” (El)

Ah, an AOE skill huh?

“What’s the domain of the [Emperor Tyrant]?” (Lucas)

“What else? It’s called the [Emperor’s Domain] with his cultivation of the 8th level [Spirit Realm], if you’re 8 meters close to him, you will be subjected to his domain and unconditionally follow his orders.” (El)

“…A mind control ability?” (Lucas)

“Something like that. It uses the principle of ‘the Emperor’s words are absolute’. But to you, that skill is indeed useless.” (El)

“Huh? Why?” (Lucas)

“Facing that ability, even if you cover your ears, it’s really impossible to block every sound. As long as even a very small sound passed, it will still work. But your [Silent Room] is indeed formidable, although I don’t understand how you got that skill and it’s not in your [Skill Window], its effects are absolute!” (El)

Ahh, so it’s like that.

I was worried for nothing. In the end, his domain is useless to me so why should I need to be cautious about it?

“However, don’t underestimate him just because he can’t use his domain against you. He is still a cultivator of the 8th level [Spirit Realm]! He naturally has plenty of powerful martial techniques in his arsenal.” (El)

“Even if I’m at a disadvantage, I’m still confident of being able to run away with my life so you don’t need to worry.” (Lucas)

“Good. After all, you still need to free me so you can’t go dying for something so petty!” (El)

“Yes ma’am~” (Lucas)

While I was assured of my chances against Gareth, the auction had continued on.

The second 10 were sold to the [Furious Wind] sect for 4 500 900 qi stones!

And the last 10 was sold for 3 940 300 qi stones!

Like that, the auction had ended and minus the 1330 and 505 from what I bought, I earned a grand total of…17 976 965 qi stones! Ah, but there’s still the deduction for the commission…well, it should be around that number.

“Thank you all for participating! We will sell the last 50 batch next month, same day and time! Please prepare for it. For those who had bought items, please proceed to the Item Withdrawal hall. Also, a warning to everyone. Fighting is prohibited inside and around the auction house. Please restrain yourselves.” (Mei)

That warning…I wonder if it was for me?

Nah, it’s probably a normal occurrence for fights to happen for the items.

As expected, there were no slaves being sold at all considering I butchered every slave traders, the ones that gave their slaves on an earlier date was also freed because the one who sold them died. Though there were some demonic beasts earlier, they’re only few.

Immediately after, I stood up and turned around as I went along the crowd.

I can feel Gareth’s gaze land on me for a while before removing it and started to go out as well.

Before any of them were to have their men follow me, I pulled Elwin and Aqua to one side and pulled out my mimic mask.

Next, I pulled a jacket, scarf, shades, and a straw hat from my [Inventory] and gave it to Elwin and Aqua.

“Remove your masks and wear that.” (Lucas)

They both understood and did as they were told. Elwin wore the jacket and shades while Aqua got the scarf and straw hat.

They’re not much to conceal our identities but it’s enough for someone who doesn’t know what we look like from finding us immediately.

I switched from the golden mask to the mimic mask but didn’t activate its function so I was left with its plain white look.

Since I’m wearing the [Nocturnal Set], I switched to a different casual wear which shocked Elwin and Aqua. After all, I didn’t take off my clothes the normal way and used [Harus’] system to equip them.

“H-how?...” (Elwin)

“Let’s go.” (Lucas)

I only smiled wryly at them before heading out.

At least the clothing in this world isn’t that much different from ours, so my casual clothes can still pass off as ‘normal’ in this world.

Instead of heading towards the Item Withdrawal hall, I looked for an employee and asked where I can receive my money from selling an item.

He then led me to a different room and was told to wait.

After a few minutes, Mei came to greet us.

“Welcome esteemed guest. May I know as to what item the esteemed guest had sold?” (Mei)

Now that I’m at the 5th level of the [Beast Realm], she no longer flinched after meeting me and even called me esteemed guest…

Well, I guess that’s just how it is in this world.

“Did you already forget that I gave you the [Angel’s Bloods], Lady Mei?” (Lucas)

I used the same voice I used when I met her before so she can remember.

“E…Eh!? You’re Mister Luke!? But…you were just at the 9th [Human Realm] level yesterday…” (Mei)

“Right, I was wearing this robe right? If you still want more proof…” (Lucas)

I first showed her the robe that I wore that day then I waved my hand and a few hundred vials of my blood filled the room.

“Y-you still had this many!?” (Mei)

“A-amazing, Boss!” (Elwin)

“!?” (Aqua)

If before when seeing the hundred vials, they were wide eyed and slack jaws, now, their eyes looked like it would pop out and their mouth was so open that you can fit an apple in it!

Well, Aqua restrained herself though and didn’t want to be unsightly.

Mei also realized her appearance and quickly coughed twice before blushing beet red.

“Y-yes, there is no doubt at all! Mister Luke, please take this card!” (Mei)


“This is the Purple Card of the [Golden Dome Auction House]! With it, you will have access to the VIP seat and we will also take only 5% of the money your items sold for!”

Hmm…17 978 800 - 5% = 898 940 and 17 978 800 – 898 940 should be…17 079 860 right?

“Here are the 17 079 860 qi stones. That’s 860 low class, 79 medium class, and 17 high class qi stones!”

So they already converted it to different classed qi stones huh?

…Still, a deduction of 900 000…well, I guess money isn’t really a problem to me but still…I still have the mindset of a college student who only has a few allowance per month and 900 000 sounds an awful lot to me.

Well, not like I can do anything about it so I can only sigh at the amount. I also still have the reward from the entrance exam competition from before.

After receiving the Purple Card and the qi stones, I retrieved back the vials I released earlier and proceeded with the next business.

Seeing the hundreds of vials disappear, Mei revealed an unwilling look and sighed. However, as I still haven’t stood up to leave, hope appeared in her face.

Maybe he’s going to sell another hundred batch? Is probably what she’s thinking.

“Now…can I trouble Lady Mei to retrieve the items I bought?” (Lucas)

I brought out the golden mask of the auction house with the [M-241] number on its forehead.

“Eh?...Ah! That was you!?” (Mei)

“Yeah!” (Lucas)

No longer trying to hide, I reverted back my voice and took off my mask.

I’m not worried about my identity being known anymore. After all, after this, it’s sure to be known anyway. I disguised earlier so no one knows that I was also the one who sold the [Angel’s Bloods].

“…Just don’t be too reckless.” (El)

“Yes mom~” (Lucas)

“Who’s your mother!?” (El)

Ignoring El’s worries, Mei’s face changed into various expressions.

At the side, Elwin and Aqua was also surprised that I revealed my identity. Only, Aqua seemed to understand something as she sighed.

After this, she guessed that I would fight with the [Giant Emperor] clan and my identity would most likely be revealed during the fight.

Actually, I never changed clothes from yesterday so Galen would definitely recognize it is me upon closer inspection.

He didn’t notice before because it was hard to see me from below and I was even sitting so the view is totally different but if he comes close, my identity will be definitely be revealed by then.

In other words, it’s like this:

Scenario 1, I keep the fact that I’m [M-241] to Mei and switch back to that mask when withdrawing the items. You’d think that with this, Mei will not be able to know that I am the same person as the one targeted by the [Giant Emperor] clan. However, the two and Vil who are with me are already recognized, even if they’re in disguise now, it’s not that much of a disguise at all. Not to mention Vil is unique as well so she’ll definitely learn about it later.

Scenario 2, I keep my identity as Lucas from Mei but tell that I’m [M-241]. But as said before, Galen can easily recognize that it is me from up close so it will be revealed either way.

Scenario 3, I don’t keep my identity on both. This will let Mei know that I know that she knows…anyway, if she knows that I know that she knows, she’ll also know that she cannot use it as leverage or as blackmail since I most likely do not fear for such identities to be known. Like this, I can still make her have the mindset of me watching her moves and would not go against me so rashly.

Hence, I chose scenario 3.

Elwin on the other hand, has no clue at all so he was still confused.

In Mei’s line of work, she also somewhat understood the situation and tensed up.

“Mister Luke, if you want, our [Golden Dome Auction House] can provide protection for you.” (Mei)

“No need. Also, my real name’s Lucas…well, Luke can be considered a nickname too.” (Lucas)

“…Then, is it fine to keep calling you Luke?” (Mei)

“Well, it doesn’t really matter so yeah? Also, stop with the mister thing…it feels awkward to keep being called like that.” (Lucas)

“Luke then!” (Mei)

Hm? What is she so happy about?

Elwin, seeing the situation, nodded and patted my shoulder before giving a thumb’s up as he looked at me with pitiful eyes.

“Good luck Boss!” (Elwin)

“Hm? Ah…thanks?” (Lucas)

What’s this guy’s problem?

Ah! Could it be that he also understood that I’ll be fighting the [Giant Emperor] later and wished me luck?

Hmm…maybe he isn’t too dense after all.

“…You’re the one who’s dense…” (El)

“Huh? Did you say something?” (Lucas)

“…No, nothing…” (El)

Suddenly hearing El murmuring, I asked but she didn’t say anything.

After a while, an employee knocked and entered the room while bringing two objects. The [Spiked Turtle Shield] and the mysterious ring box.

After paying for 1835, I was left with 17 078 025 qi stones.

I gave the shield to Elwin who looked at it excitedly and tested it out on his arm.

Next, I took a look at the mysterious ring box and used [Item Appraisal] to it.


Deven Shan’s Ring Box




100% Force Resistance




A Highgod cultivator placed an array formation called the [Heaven’s Lock Array] onto this ring box so that it will be unable to open by anyone except for him and also have the ability to withstand any force.

Wow, a thousand durability huh?

Hehe, it’s good that it’s 100% Force Resistance and not ‘Unbreakable’. Because if it was, then there won’t be and Durability at all!

Actually, time had already worn the box by a bit.

Now, time to reduce it some more!

“[Metallurgy Repair]!” (Lucas)


[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-12 Durability



[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-20 Durability


[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-42 Durability


[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-32 Durability


[Metallurgy Repair] has succeeded!

+23 Durability


[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-21 Durability

And so on.

“Lucas, what are you doing?” (Elwin)

“Just watch.” (Lucas)

To other people, it would only look like I’m staring at the box, but to me, every failure is a success!

I would succeed a few times though…I guess it’s too much to always ask for failure as my luck huh?

However, since I already maxed the skill, the number of failures is more than the success!

The skill doesn’t work from actual repairs, but from luck. If I’m lucky, it would succeed, if not, fail. But since I changed my mindset on what’s ‘lucky’ and what’s not, it resulted to this ability to degrade instead!

Finally, the last bit is done!


[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-63 Durability



[Deven Shan’s Ring Box]’s durability has reached 0/1000!

Due to improper care for the item, the item is now destroyed.


The ring box shattered into many light fragments and the content inside appeared in midair!




“…There aren’t even any pieces left…” (Aqua)

Hehe, this is how I destroyed Eu’s slave collar as well!

Indestructible? Hah! Laughable! Those that are indestructible in this world are those which have no Durability!

As long as it has one, then there is a way to destroy it!

I let them see what I did so they know that I possess unfathomable skills. This will add their caution on me which means fewer problems for me.

“Now, let’s see what’s inside…” (Lucas)

“That’s…an interspatial ring!?” (Mei)

“Hm? It’s not a storage ring? What’s the difference?” (Lucas)

“An interspatial ring has a wider size! It’s at least 10 times larger than a storage ring! According to what I know, there are different kinds of rings like these. Storage, Spatial, Interspatial, World, Galaxy, and Universe Ring! Well, the latter 3 are just legends though so they might not be real.” (Mei)

“Oh they’re real enough. Well, I don’t know about the last one though.” (El)

Hooh, to think that even El doesn’t know if a Universe Ring exists…I guess that is just too rare then. Or it may not be real at all.

Well, anyway, let’s look inside!

I sent my qi in it and in my mind, images of the items inside flooded through!

Ores! There’s a lot of ores!

I’ll check those thoroughly later and see what I can make from them.

Next are…hm? What’s a page doing here?

Looking at its contents…it’s actually a page of the 7 illusory steps!?

Nice! But from the label, it’s the 6th step! I needed the 5th step first!

Haah, in the end, it’s still no use to me now.

Then…is this a diary? Well whatever, I look into it further later.

Hm? What’s this? An egg?

“Hmm…that should be…a demonic beast egg.” (El)

“Oh? What beast?” (Lucas)

“I don’t know, we’ll only find out after you hatch it.” (El)

“Come to think of it, why hasn’t it hatched?” (Lucas)

“Well, it’s stuck in this place where time is frozen so of course it won’t hatch. Living beings cannot go inside an interspatial ring but as it is only just an egg, it can be stored here but will not hatch.” (El)

“I see…well, I’ll do it later.” (Lucas)

Next are…hmm, weapons, weapons…hm? A key? A key to what I wonder?

Then there is this weird cauldron and a…recipe book? There’s also what looks like an array book…I guess the previous owner is an expert Arrayist and Alchemist huh?

Well, that’s just about it. I’ll explore these things more in a later date.

For now…let’s go see how the [Giant Emperor] clan is.

“You’ve really struck gold in this one…and to think it was only worth 505 qi stones…even a mansion full of high class qi stones won’t be able to buy this…” (El)

“Hehe, see? I’m amazing!” (Lucas)

“Yes yes…you cheat.” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

Shrugging, I stood up and prepared myself.

“You guys, stay with Lady Mei for now.” (Lucas)

“B-Boss…are you really going to fight?” (Elwin)

“He’s right Luke. Gareth is a [Spirit Realm] practitioner on the 8th level! No matter how much a genius you are…you’re still just a 5th level [Beast Realm] expert…” (Mei)

“…” (Aqua)

All three of them showed worried looks. Even if Aqua didn’t say anything, it can be seen from her expression.

I smiled wryly and took Vil from my head and gave it to Mei.

“Hold on to her for me for a while will you?” (Lucas)

“…Fine…” (Mei)

Nodding, I turned to look at Vil who had already woken up.

“Vil, stay put okay. Remember our promise…no matter what happens. Understood?” (Lucas)


Even though she’s in her rabbit form, I can understand her to a certain degree as her [Owner] and she’s clearly worried as well.

Smiling wryly, I patted her and reassured her.

“Hehe, don’t worry! Your master is the strongest right? Even if it’s a dragon or a monster horde, no one can kill me…I won’t let them…” (Lucas)

That last part wasn’t just to reassure Vil but also myself.

The defeat from Volf before still felt heavy in my heart…not to mention that there’s a whole group of them out there which should be stronger or just as strong.

[Death Eaters]…no matter what, I can’t lose again!

“Now then…where are those so called [Emperors]?” (Lucas)

I started my way out of the room with Mei and the others looking at my back worriedly.

However, I chose to ignore them and simply take a stroll while wearing the golden [M-241] mask. I also changed back to the [Nocturnal Set] so they can easily recognize me.

On my way out of the auction house, I already noticed a bunch of people looking my way and following me.

Unconcerned guests moved away from me as if I’m a plague.

Standing in front of the gate, I can see Galen and Gareth. Behind them were hundreds of their clan members.

“Hmph! Here I thought you already escaped!” (Gareth)

“T-that clothes…Father! It’s him! He’s the one who injured me before!” (Galen)

As expected, Galen already recognized me.

Well, not like it matters in the first place.

“Right~ Anyway, you guys sure looks raring to go already. Why so excited?” (Lucas)

Towards their killing intent, I simply removed my mask and asked innocently.

The crowd was stupefied from my reaction.

Unexpectedly, this guy revealed himself! Is what they’re all probably thinking.

“So you’re that Lucas brat. Perfect, I get to kill you and ease my anger as well!” (Gareth)

“Old man, you sure talk big. Don’t think you’re the emperor already just because of your [Beast]!” (Lucas)

“Hmph! As far as you’re concerned, I am your Emperor!” (Gareth)

“Esteemed guest.” (Mei)

From the sides, Mei appeared again.

Geez, even after I told them to stay…

“Please remember that fighting is prohibited in the auction hall and to the surrounding area as well.” (Mei)

“What’s this? Even fighting outside the building is also prohibited now?” (Gareth)

“The auction house does not wish to see blood.” (Mei)

Mei’s eyes were cold as she looked at Gareth. Even though her cultivation is lower, it seems that Gareth knows better than disobey this lady from the auction house.

Seeing her unmovable gaze, Gareth reluctantly gnashed his teeth and roared towards me.

“Brat! If you’re a least bit of a man, follow me to your grave!” (Gareth)

“No need to provoke me so much old dog. You’re just a dog that only knows how to bark but not bite. If you wanna lead me to your grave, I’m more than happy to follow.” (Lucas)

“Haha! A brat like you dares to say I cannot bite! I’ll teach you never to disobey your elders!” (Gareth)

With that, he snorted and started to walk away. Galen looked at me coldly before snickering and following his father.

The hundred clan members also followed suit and soon, I started to walk towards their direction as well.

While the crowd buzzed in surprise, I took a look at Mei and smiled wryly.

Though I know she still tried to help, I’ve already decided so I can’t turn back now.

After a while, the crowd also followed. As if they’re about to witness something interesting.

A few minutes passed, we’re now in a desolated rocky plain in the outskirts of the city. This should be at the borders of the [Thousand Grave Plains] that I came from before.

How nostalgic, I remember throwing Wargon over to that direction…

“Hmph, so you didn’t run away at all. Fine, as a gesture to your bravery, I will personally kill you!” (Gareth)

“Yes yes, can we start now, old doggie?” (Lucas)

“Let’s see who’s the dog! [Emperor’s Domain]!” (Gareth)

A transparent crowned golem that was about 18-ish meter tall stood behind Gareth and a wave of earthen yellow field appeared around it. It had a golden splendor, making it look like you’re inside the palace hall and sitting in front of you, was the Emperor!

[Silent Room]!

Trap Gareth in a sound proof area!

As this skill is invisible, Gareth already had the face as if he’s already won.

“Heh, crawl on all fours and lick my foot!” (Gareth)

“Huh? How come we can’t hear what he’s saying?”

“Has he really used his domain?”

“What’s going on?”

Well, of course they can’t hear him. I can’t either. Though I can somehow make out what he said judging from the way his mouth moved.

He actually wanted me to lick his foot? Or did I interpret it wrong?

“F-father! Your voice! We can’t hear it!” (Galen)

The [Silent Room] can block sounds from the outside or contain sounds from the inside or both judging from how I felt doing so. This one only contains sounds inside so Gareth heard his son.

He widened his eyes, trying to speak and shout as if asking his son in confirmation.

“I…I really can’t hear you father! This must be the work of that bastard’s mysterious technique!” (Galen)

“H-how can this be!?”

“To think that such a technique exists…”

“This is the natural enemy of the [Emperor Golem]!”

“No wonder he dared to fight him…he knows that his domain won’t work on him at all!”

Well, I guess it is some sort of technique…only, it’s magic.

Gareth still looked unconvinced and looked like he’s shouting.

Jeez, so annoying. Right, let’s change the area of the [Silent Room].

I made it so that the [Silent Room] was only a few cubic inches but left it sticking to his mouth only.

Because of this, even he can no longer hear his own voice.

Noticing this, he started shaking in fear as he looked towards me.

In his eyes stood an unfathomable boy with unfathomable techniques, yet currently only at the 5th level of the [Beast Realm].

However, despite the fear, he believed that he can still win without his domain so he stopped it and started to charge towards me.

Suddenly, a spear started to grow out from his body! What the hell!?

“Ah right, there’s probably nothing like that in your world right? [Blood Binding].” (El)

“What’s that? It looks gross…” (Lucas)

“Haha, that’s the first time I heard someone say such a comment! Simply put, you drop your blood with your qi in it to a weapon and it fuses into your body! The weapon is also personalized for your use only so unless it’s you, no one will be able to wield a bounded weapon at all!” (El)

“Heeh, well, I don’t really need it for now.” (Lucas)

It looks gross but since it had such an effect, I’ll do it sometime later.

For now…let’s use these guys.

I made two daggers appear from my [Inventory]. These are some that I made in my free time using [Dragon Bones] from my trip in [Sennerth] before. I made it using their fangs and their leather as the grip.

There’s also a full set of dragon armor but it’s too showy so I don’t wear it often.

At the end of the dragon daggers is a small hole with a long thread attached on it.

These daggers are called [String Dragon Fangs]. And they had the skills [Sudden Turn] and [Stun] respectively when I blessed them in [Sennerth].

Gareth noticed the weird daggers and a light of greed appeared within his eyes as he started to charge faster.

“Hmph!” (Lucas)

Seeing the spear pierce towards me, I quickly used one dagger to deflect it then countered with the other.

Gareth didn’t even bother to guard and let the dagger hit him.

“Tch-” (Lucas)

I clicked my tongue when I noticed that I only made a flesh wound on his skin! Why the hell is his skin so tough!?

“No, no. I should be wondering how you even managed to give a flesh wound to a user of a [Emperor Golem]!” (El)

“Eh? Why so?” (Lucas)

“As their users, they also gain their constitution of a very touch skin! They don’t need to wear armors because of this as their skin is already tougher than most armors in the [Mortal Continent]. Hmph! But of course, if it was me, he’s already dead the moment he laid eyes on me!” (El)

“Ohh, no wonder he looks so surprised then!” (Lucas)

Gareth’s mouth moved as if saying something, but then remembering that he can’t speak, he flushed in embarrassment and furiously swung his spear.

Well, if it’s like that…I’ll just cut him more and more!

Gareth’s swings became faster seeing as he can’t seem to touch me while I constantly dodge with minimum movement and countered immediately.

Soon, scars can be seen in every part of Gareth’s body while I don’t have as much as a tear in my clothes.

With this momentary pause, I took a step back and loosened my grip on the dagger.

Grabbing the strings instead, I started to swing the dagger around.

*Swoosh* *swoosh*

The air made a sound as the daggers spun on my sides.

As soon as Gareth stepped forward again, I let loose one of the daggers and let it fly towards Gareth.

As it was too slow and predictable, Gareth easily dodged it to the side. He already learnt that I had enough power to injure him lightly so he cannot afford to always get hit anymore.

However…[Sudden Turn]!

Activating its skill, the dagger made a weird turn and chased Gareth, landing a blow to his left eye!

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????” (Gareth)

His skin may be tough but his eyes aren’t. He made a quiet howl as he touched his left eye in pain.

Just as his hands tried to remove the dagger sticking to his eye, I pulled the string hard and yanked it out, bringing his eyeball and all.

Eeeh, how gross…

Blood poured down from Gareth’s eyes as he looked at me hatefully with his remaining eye.

If looking can kill, I’m probably dead many times over from his glare.

However, I’m not so easy to kill. First, you need to touch me!

I made the other dagger fly towards Gareth. In his rage, he grabbed it with his bare hands, probably wanting to pull me over to his side but…[Stun]!

It was the dagger with the stun skill!

All of a sudden, he was unable to move for a period of time but that moment of pause is all I need!

[Blink]! I quickly traveled in front of him and stabbed his other eye again.

Then, with another [Blink], I teleported to his back and used both daggers to remove his ears as he unconsciously moved his hand to cover his bleeding eye.

Even if his skin is tough, I can still give sufficient amount of flesh wounds so something like slashing of his ears is completely easy.

Now, all he has left is the sense of touch and smell!

However…soon, all he will have is the sense to smell!

I pulled various needles in my [Inventory] and stabbed them in various points of his vertebrae, cutting off his dorsal horn which is supposed to transmit signals of pain and textures to the brain. With this, he’s already a vegetable!

“Well, that’s taken care off…” (Lucas)


“Y-you…” (El)

“Hm?” (Lucas)

“You didn’t even give him the chance to use any kind of martial technique! To cripple him to this extent so fast…” (El)

“Well, if you think about it, a dragon is much scarier than this guy.” (Lucas)

“T-true but still…sigh, I can never understand the logic of someone who isn’t even from this world…” (El)

“You’ll get used to it~” (Lucas)

“…” (El)

On that note, Gareth is now a cripple so I doubt he can still do anything to me.

While thinking that, I looked towards Galen who was still staring dumbfounded at me and his father.

However, upon seeing me look at him, he started to shiver and commanded the hundred clan members.

“W-what are you all standing there you bastards! Kill! Kill him! Hurry and kill him!” (Galen)

“…Enough, [Elemental Burst]!” (Lucas)

Since I haven’t tried to use this yet, this is a good time.

A transparent 9-headed hydra appeared behind me that stood a little over 5 meters. On the alpha’s head, 6 colors of light gathered in front of its mouth which condensed into a huge ball of bright lights.


With a roar, the ball of condensed elements shot out and approached the crowd of the [Giant Emperor] clan.


They didn’t even get to utter a word as they simply turned to dust.

A huge crater appeared as the light subsided. There wasn’t even anyone alive at all. Not even their ashes existed.

Next, I looked back to Gareth who was shaking, unable to understand what’s happening around him. All he knew is that he smell burnt ashes, however, whose ash it was, he doesn’t know. For he has no sense left.

I removed the storage ring on his hand and stepped back.

Then, I gathered qi on my hydra tattoo. The hydra emerged from the tattoos as various heads came up and look around.

“It’s the outside world.” (Alpha)

“Hmph! Took you long enough to summon us!” (Wrath)

“Hahahaha! I’m free, I’m free! Oh! I smell blood~!” (Jester)

“The sky! The sky is so big and free!” (Wind)

“Calm down Wind. Don’t wander too much.” (Water)

“Gaaah!!! Fight! Come on! Where’s the fight!?” (Fire)

“Fumu, a fight…I shall protect everyone!” (Earth)

“Enemies! Where are they!? Let me drag them in the dark abyss!” (Dark)

“You should convince them to repent first. Everybody deserves a second chance.” (Light)

…This is going to be annoying…

“So, what’s up master?” (Alpha)

“I don’t see any enemies! Why did you summon us!?” (Dark)

I feel that it will be a pain to try and refute them all so I simply pointed at the crippled Gareth in front of me and said one word.

“Eat.” (Lucas)

“Hm? Oh, he’s food?” (Alpha)

“Haha, you sure did a number on him master! Did he get you angry?” (Wrath)

“Hahaha! It’s food! Itadakimasu~” (Jester)

…How did this guy learn Japanese!?

“Hmm…I don’t like it very much. He’s all gooey from the blood.” (Wind)

“You shouldn’t be picky with food. Now, say ahh.” (Water)

“Ah! Brother Water! That one’s my favorite part dammit!” (Fire)

“It seems to have a hard skin, perfect for my taste.” (Earth)

“Devour! I’ll devour everything!” (Dark)

“Don’t be a glutton Dark! By the way master, what did he do to deserve this? Should you have given him a second chance?” (Light)

This guy’s sense of justice seems to be very high…

“…I already did. I gave him time to run away before but he commanded his army to go against just me. It’s unforgivable!” (Lucas)

“Then he deserves to die! Ah! Brother Water, I wanted that one!” (Light)

Hm? Why everyone does seem to call Water brother?

When I asked it seems that among the elemental heads, it is considered that Water is the eldest while Dark and Light are the second as twins, followed by Earth, Fire, then Wind.

I wonder how they came up with that?

At the sight of Gareth being eaten, the crowd watching from afar all had wide eyes and slack jaws.

It’s simply too unbelievable!

How can this young man of the 5th level of the [Beast Realm] able to kill so much from the higher levels!?

This is too weird! Too surreal!

Finally, Mei, Elwin, and Aqua moved forward carrying Vil, unable to bear her curiosity.

“U-umm…Luke.” (Mei)


“Hm? Ah, Lady Mei. What’s up?” (Lucas)

I caught Vil who was excitedly jumping towards me and patted her as I asked Mei.

“No, that…umm…” (Mei)

“Boss! How can you defeat so many from a higher level of cultivation!?” (Elwin)

Mei seemed to find it hard to ask but as usual, the shameless Elwin asked the question everyone’s thinking about.

“Eh? What are you saying? Having a high level of cultivation…in the end, it only means a higher qi pool right and experience? If so, then I can kill them easily.” (Lucas)

Though, that goes as far as the [Spirit Realm]. I believe that there is still more to the deities aside from simply having a large qi pool.

“…If you put it that way, then…I guess it’s reasonable…” (Elwin)

“How can that be reasonable!? They’re already immortals who cannot age and lived for hundreds of years now! Yet you’re only 21! How can you have more experience than them!?” (Mei)

“Haha, that’s a secret!” (Lucas)

Well, even if they indeed have more experience, they have zero experience battling a magician and a [Slime Style] user!

“…What is that hydra?” (Aqua)

“My [Beast].” (Lucas)

“Eh? How come it’s outside?” (Elwin)

All three of them are wide eyed. I already enclosed us with [Silent Room] when I said it so the rest from the crowd didn’t hear it.

“I used a mysterious technique.” (Lucas)

“Mysterious…Boss! Please teach it to me!” (Elwin)

“…Your [Beast] is annoying…” (Lucas)

“…” (Elwin)

“Well, since we’re all partners in crime now, I guess I can teach you!” (Lucas)

“…” (Mei & Aqua)

Like I said, by seeing us together like this, everyone will think that we have some sort of relation to one another.

And seeing my performance, a huge number of attentions will be focused on me. As an unknown figure, they will approach those who know me.

Namely, them.

Haha, I don’t want to be the only one who’s on the spotlight! With this, I’ve dragged all three of them with me!

I also shouted the ‘I’ll teach you’ part without the [Silent Room] so everyone now knows that our relationships are no joke.

Kekeke, welcome to the club!

“Master, this girl is good. Her hair matches me and I can sense that she very feisty.” (Fire)

“Master, this girl has a water affinity. What should I do? I think I fell in love…” (Water)

“Ooh! A rabbit! Hey rabbit girlie~ Wanna come inside my hat?” (Jester)

“You don’t even have a hat you damn clown!” (Wrath)

“…Orange hair…nice breast…” (Earth)

“Master, are you going to add another girl in your harem?” (Alpha)

“Master! Let’s fly! Eh? You can’t fly yet?” (Wind)

“Where’s that shadow guy? I think we’ll get along fine!” (Dark)

“Master has taken the path of a teacher…I am proud to serve such a master!” (Light)

…This is going to be a pain…

“Boss…in the end, just who are you?” (Elwin)

“I already told you though? My name’s Lucas. Lucas Lauwers.” (Lucas)


Eh? Why does everyone seemed even more shocked?


“Oh my God! I can’t believe this!”

“Unexpectedly, he’s surnamed Lauwers!”

“Eh? What? Is there something wrong with my last name?” (Lucas)

How can this be? I don’t think Lauwers is a common family name in this world. From what I saw, the vast majority has Chinese family names, some even have Chinese first names but there’s only a few of them.

No, wait…come to think of it, I know of a certain Lauwers who also came to this world…

…No way…

“You don’t know?…Many years ago, there was a man who was surnamed Lauwers that wandered this very continent. At first, nobody knew him, but after the legends that he made…almost everyone in the [Mortal Continent] knows of him as the [Guardian Deity] of the [Mortal Realm]! With this supreme expert protecting our continent, the Deities of the lands beyond no longer dare to cause trouble to this continent!” (Mei)

Lands beyond?

Guardian Deity?

…What is this about!?

“This person…he wouldn’t happen to have the name David Lauwers…right?” (Lucas)

“!? So you do know him!?” (Mei)

Instantly, Mei’s eyes sparkled as if it was a piece of jewelry. She looked like a daughter who undoubtedly idolizes her father!

Uncle…just what on earth did you do in this world?

Hydra's POV

"Say, this master of ours...after looking at his memories, he seemed to have gathered a lot of beauties." (Alpha)

"Tell me about it. I don't see the point of taking them all. In my opinion, that Aleris girl should be the only one. You saw how offensive she is!? Feisty girls are definitely better!" (Fire)

"Bah! If you ask me, that Lilianne girl is better. No, even that Mare demon girl is also good. Everyone else is too childish for my taste." (Dark)

"...Yes...No matter be it Lily, Mare, or the Demon Queen Euomun, big is definitely best." (Earth)

"Little Earth, your eyes have been corrupted by this Dark! Let me purify them for you! If you ask me, Aeran and Lucas' little sister Rose is better! Flat is JUSTICE!" (Light)

"Haah, even little Light had become a pervert. If one must look for a woman, then one should look for a woman with maternal instinct. Or at least, an elder sister personality. Look at Lilianne, she's far better than the rest." (Water)

"The spirit Aeran seems fun~!" (Wind)

"Ohh ohh! My turn! My turn! I like Freya and Steph! Awww, look at them! Aren't they fun to trick!? Hehe, I bet I'll have fun playing with them!" (Jester)

"Bah! You guys have eyes but can't see Mt. Tai! You forgot one more person! Mii! Hehe, look at her cold lifeless eyes! They're filled with despair and anger to the world!" (Wrath)

"Why fight? Isn't it better to have them all then?" (Alpha)

"Shut up you damn harem lover! Cold people are better!" (Wrath)


"No no, mature is better!" (Dark)

"...BIG!" (Earth)

"What are you guys saying!? The feisty tsunderes are the best!" (Fire)

"Non non non~ Isn't it more fun to play with girls who're clumsy and innocent!?" (Jester)

"I don't particularly have any preference...a mother or sister figure is enough." (Water)

"I like lively girls!" (Wind)

As the nine heads continued to chatter inside Lucas, a vein popped out on Lucas' forehead as he can no longer hold it.


And so, the hydra heads enjoyed their meal...but their internal fight is still not finished here...

Author's Notes

Sorry this took long, was already finished 2-3 days ago but my schedule is too tight for me to have time to post it soo...yeah...

Anyway, this bit of arc is about to reach its end. And no, Lucas won't go back so soon for the next volume. It's still in this world.

How this volume will end though...that's something to look forward to kukuku.

So! Reverse repairing has showed up again! The specifics of the different ores! The demonic beast egg! The contents of the "diary"! David Lauwers' bit of background! The cauldron and the recipe book! The array book! And the various weapons inside the ring!

To be find out in the next chapter!

Till the next chapter!
P.S.: I swore I'm supposed to say something here...but I can't remember...owell!
P.S.2: How did you like the Hydra POV? It's just a small extra story, kindof like what I did with Vil before.

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