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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 8: I’m Back
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: March 19th, 2016

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Chapter 8: I’m Back

At the same time as Lucas is fighting Crow, on the other stage of the fight, the others are also confronting their opponents.

“The Trinity. One of Madness, One of Darkness and One of Words.” (Dok)

“Darkness exists not without a form of light, therefore the discovering of Darkness. Light acknowledges Darkness, yet Darkness needs not acknowledging Light.” (Dok)

“Fear the Monochromatic Viking, he who bears Darkness in his Soul.” (Dok)

“I am Dok!” (Dok)

“…Fuck, why is the [Den of Madness] here as well!?” (Davy)

“…They’re as irritating and eccentric as rumored…” (Blaire)

“The hell are you introducing for!? Go fight!” (Gabriel)

Seeing as no one reacted to his introduction, Dok cleared his throat once more and started.

“The Tr-” (Dok)

“““YOU DON’T HAVE TO REPEAT IT!!!””” (Everyone)

For once, both enemies and allies united as one…for about 5 seconds.

“[Higher VIT Up]! [Higher STR Up]! [Higher SPD Up]! [Higher DEX UP!] [Higher INT Up]! [Higher LUK Up]! [Wall of Negativity]! [Greater Magic Armor]!” (Momo)

Different colored lights covered Bram, Momo, Xene, Gabriel, and Terry. On the other side, the Witch also made similar enhancements.

“[Darkness Overload]! [Shadow Skin]! [Greater Magic Armor]! [Limit Break]!” (Witch)

Hearing unfamiliar spells, the [Gatekeeper’s] side grew cautious while the residents of [Zoulang] were confused as to what was happening. Well, except for Wargon, who was displaying an amazed expression as if he didn’t expect to see such a sight, yet was familiar with it.

All sorts of buff spells and skills were used and the air around them seemed to fluctuate differently. It was as if something other than qi and divine sense suddenly filled the area.

“[Despair Shot]!” (Bram)

Holding two magnum guns, Bram charged first and started to shoot wildly on the [Death Eater’s] side.

“Hmph! [Mountain Folding]!” (Volf)

Volf snorted and gave a powerful punch to the ground causing a part of it to cave in and fold, forming a wall of defense.

“[Undead Rise]! [Bone Alive]! [Greater Undead Summoning]!” (Skull)

Suddenly, the earth below shook and cracks appeared, rising from the cracks, undead skeletons can be seen.

Immediately after they surfaced, Skull buffed their vitality and strength with the [Bone Alive] skill. Next, he summoned another undead but this time, what appeared was a [Death Knight]!

However, that’s not all, because they are in [Zoulang], the undead were once practitioners, hence, all the skeletons can use martial skills of the time they were alive!

“[Anchor Howl]! [Turn Undead]!” (Gabriel)

Gabriel shouted loudly and attracted everyone’s attention. This was exactly the effect of the [Anchor Howl] skill of a [Lord Knight] while [Turn Undead] is a [Paladin] skill for dealing with undead like these.

“[Grand Brawl]!” (Terry)

[Grand Brawl], a skill of [Grand Brawlers] where their STR increases 15% every time they down an enemy. Like this, Terry started a wild charge on the undead that still remained after Gabriel’s skill.

Xene followed up with her [Berserker] skills that were used one after the other.

“Hyi hyi hyi~ How fuuun~ [Rampage Blade]!” (Clown)

Clown laughed as he seemed to found the situation amusing and charged as well to intercept Terry with his two daggers.

Xene followed up, clearly not honoring a one-on-one battle as she figured that the faster they defeat one of them, the faster it would be to help the others defeat their opponents.

“[Delicious Aroma]!” (Xene)

A skill of a [Master Chef] made to attract customers, on this case though, she used it to distract Clown to help Terry.

“[Call of the Wind]!” (Witch)

“[Raging Might]! [Heaven’s Palm]!” (Volf)

“Tsk-” (Xene)

Sadly, Witch used a wind spell to blow away the aroma and immediately after, Volf intercepted her using what looks like a mix skill of [Sky Palm] and some profound martial skill.

“[Asura Rush]!” (Xene)

Using her own mix skill, a transparent figure of a man with thousands of arms faced the sky and revealed a rush of attacks resulting to an explosion!

“[Bullet Rain]!” (Bram)

Bram, who was tied down with Gabriel with the many undead and [Death Knights] that was still being successively summoned by Skull, broke into rage and rained down hundreds of bullets on the undead and immediately ran over to Xene’s side to help.

“I’m okay! Help Terry!” (Xene)

“Not so fast! [Negative Slash]!” (Skull)

“Your opponent is me! [Holy Defense]!” (Gabriel)

“Don’t forget about me now! [Hidden Bullet]!” (Liza)

Skull saw Bram head towards Clown and Terry so he unsheathed his sword and released a slash towards Bram, creating some sort of black mass of energy but that was stopped by Gabriel who suddenly got in between and shielded himself.

As for Liza, she circled around Skull and shot an invisible bullet towards him, resulting to Skull wincing in pain for a bit!

“[Charge of the Golden Horse]!” (Bram)

Finally, Bram revealed the innate ability of his beast, the [Golden Horse] and a transparent figure of a golden horse overlapped his image as he ran. Any undead that was on his way were thrown to the side as if they were charged with a strong horse!

“Hyi hyi hyi hyi! The [Knight] has come to save the [Rook]~! [Checkboard Domain]!” (Clown)

The [Knight] and the [Rook], namely Bram and Terry were confused as they saw the ground beneath them suddenly turn into tiles of black and white like a checkboard…no, it was more like a [Chess]!

Not only that, but they found out that they can’t move!

Clown laughed as he jumped onto a [Black] Tile and looked towards Bram.

“[Bishop] to C-5~!” (Clown)

All of a sudden, Bram felt chills run down his spine and guessed the effect of this domain.

He looked around the [Chess board] and felt that the tile he is stepping on is exactly the C-5 that was mentioned!

“[Rook] to D-6!” (Terry)

Terry also came to the same conclusion as Bram so he tried to move as well. Sure enough, as soon as he uttered his move, his body immediately moved forwards to intercept Clown before he reaches Bram!

“Ahh~ No faaiiir! You can’t move before your turn! Cheaters…must be punished!!!” (Clown)

Knowing he was cheated in his own game, Clown laughed madly and a huge transparent cat with clownish makeup overlapped his image.

“[Furry Slash]!” (Clown)


With a somewhat cute sound, Bram really want to laugh how absurd his beast is but as he was in danger, he immediately dispelled that thought and also moved away the same way Terry did a while ago.

The cat should be a demonic beast called [Gambler Cat] but this one seems to have mutated and has become a variant demonic beast.

“[Wild Forest Domain]!” (Terry)

Suddenly, the ground shook and wild trees and grass appeared below, turning it into a forest field where Terry, a close combat expert, will have more advantage and Clown having the disadvantage of not being familiar with the terrain.

A tree appeared in front of Clown and took his attack, creating an explosion and wood shrapnel flew in all direction.

Since all of them had superior defense buffs, those shrapnel didn’t even hurt them a little bit.

“Tsk! [Graveyard Domain]! [Summon Skeleton Dragon]!” (Skull)

“Oh no you don’t! [Heaven’s Domain]! [Holy Seal]!” (Gabriel)

“I’ll deal with the remaining undead! [Winding Footwork]! [Assassinate]! [Bullseye]!” (Liza)

Gabriel released his domain to overlap Skull’s and stabbed the ground with his sword to invoke the [Seal of Heaven] which allows him to stop any undead summoning. Only, it requires him to stay in place so he didn’t use it before.

Liza, on the other hand, dealt with the remaining undead that was still on the surface as well as prevent Skull from getting near Gabriel with a movement martial technique and a mix of [Assassin] and [Hitman] skills.

“[Earthquake]!” (Witch)

“[Earthquake]!” (Momo)

Witch tried to loose Gabriel’s footing with an earthquake but Momo countered it with the same earthquake, just with the opposite direction of the shaking, thereby neutralizing the shake to the minimum instead of making it more intense.

“[Primordial Wolf’s Fangs]!” (Volf)

“[Thunder Naga’s Bolt]!” (Xene)

Overlapping Volf was a huge transparent white wolf with bizarre parts while Xene was overlapped with a transparent half-woman half-serpent with hair and hands being pure lightning energy.

The two attacks met and another explosion happened, showering dust all over the surroundings.

After the dust dissipated, the [Death Eaters] and the [Gatekeepers] looked at each other with hostility while no one made a move.

They understood, the situation is now a stalemate…

At this time, Vil and Fen who had followed Lucas halfway finally returned.

Though the fight earlier seemed to take a lot of time to describe, but not even 3 minutes had passed!

Since Lucas and Crow are fighting on the center of the [Crown Sea] while they fought on the coast, Vil and Fen took a lot of time to get back.

This goes to show how far exactly Lucas and Crow are from them.

Meanwhile, Dok, Wargon, Davy, Blaire, and the other [Zoulang] residents were looking at their fight with jaws hanging and eyes wide!

They actually haven’t started fighting!

“J-just…what the fuck was that!?” (Davy)

“I knew young master Crow and his allies weren’t normal but this…I didn’t expect this kind of fight!” (Blaire)

“Well fuck me…I should’ve fought that side!” (Dok)

“Oi oi oi, are those magic? Like seriously!? Come to think of it, Lucas used magic before didn’t he!?” (Wargon)

“This…this is literally a fight that is out of this world!” (Hyou)

Suddenly, they caught sight of Vil and Fen returning and they all thought of the same thing.

Right now, they seemed to be in a stalemate, however, if those two join Bram’s side…

“Not good! We need to help them!” (Davy)

“Hold it right there!” (Dok)

Dok laughed and a huge axe appeared on his hand. Normally, this kind of axe is supposed to be held with two hands, but Dok…is holding it with one hand!

He brought the huge axe down the ground, creating a fissure that split them from Bram and the others.

“Hehe, we can join them later. After we deal with you that is!” (Dok)

“Finally! Some action scene!” (Steeve)

The hamster, Steeve, after hearing Dok, immediately transformed into his human self as a black demonic aura seemed to converge around him.

“Yahahaha! Time to put these babies to the test! Let’s see if Wargon’s weapons are as good as he said!” (Carn)

The ferret, Carn, also transformed into his human form and pulled a long sword and glaive out of his spatial ring.

Two weapons that should be meant to be held with both hands were used by him separately on his hands…

“Hah! Wargon’s weapons he says…Even though I just picked those up…” (Wargon)

“……………..Hah!? Then these are junk then!?” (Carn)

“Maybe? Hahahahaha!” (Wargon)

Seemingly annoyed that they were ignored, one of the highgods in the [Burning Oceans Sect] charged towards Carn thinking he’s the easiest to handle!

Carn, frustrated with his seemingly trashy weapons, vented his anger on the incoming highgod and swung his glaive.


Suddenly, an explosion erupted when the tip of the glaive touched the highgod which made everyone silent.

“Hahahaha…haha…ha…………………………HAAH!?” (Wargon)

“That is…” (Liza)

On the other side, Liza seemed to have noticed something when he looked at the glaive.

Meanwhile, Carn’s eyes blinked a few times, looked at his glaive, then to the long sword before casually striking with it on the fallen highgod.

As he slashed the highgod, for some reason, two parallel slash marks appeared on both sides of his own slash! The long sword can unexpectedly give two more slashes! Meaning, his attacks would’ve at least doubled if not tripled!

As everyone stared at his weapons with unbelieving expressions, Wargon’s expression, was the most excellent one.

“…Just where the hell did you pick this up?” (Carn)

“Uhh, in the [Mortal Continent] while I was roaming around…I found them lying around so I just picked them up. Those weapons are really long and flashy so I didn’t use it…” (Wargon)

+ + +


Above the heavens of [Zoulang], multiple figures could be seen gazing below the world.

These figures are beings far superior to those below! They are Gods! The real Gods!

The people of [Zoulang] called their level of practice as [Deities] or [Sovereigns] but in truth, they are still not even close to being a God!

In front of these Gods, they are nothing but ants!

However, that doesn’t make them unable to become Gods like them. After all, after the [Sovereign Realm] that these [Zoulang] residents called it, there is another realm that is higher!

The [True God Realm]!

Still, countless years had passed, no one has yet to reach that level of cultivation! Because they simply don’t know how!

Naturally, as the Gods of [Zoulang], they can tell them, but even Gods our bound by law. One law states, that a God or higher being cannot interfere with the mortal world casually and the hints that they placed were too hard for any of the residents to uncover.

But, as there are laws, there are also exemptions!

Unlike the other Gods, there is one God that can casually interfere with the mortal world’s business as much as he likes! It was none other than Lucas II!

When Lucas II first stepped on the realm of the true Gods, he made the whole celestial realm rock! He was the topic of every God, no matter which world! Afterwards, he disappeared for some time, then when he got back, he once again created another disturbance!

Right now, all of the Gods spectating the fight below looked towards Lucas II.

“That long sword and glaive…that’s not something this world can create…”

They didn’t always watch the mortal world, and as they weren’t a God of Time, they can’t go back in time to look for the answer.

After all, time isn’t something that even Gods can casually alter. Only certain unique Gods can.

Again, Lucas is an exemption to this. He is not a God of Time, yet, due to specific reason, he managed to gain the ability to control time!

“Damned Wargon! I dropped those so you can pick them up and use it! If you had those weapons, a lot would’ve changed for the better in the future! Argh! No wonder the future didn’t change at all! You actually gave them to someone else!” (Lucas II)


The other Gods’ faces flinched as if they just heard something impossible!

What the hell!? How can he just casually interfere!?

If it were the other Gods that did this, they will be severely punished that they won’t even have a chance to reincarnate! But nothing happened to Lucas II at all!!!

“Tch- Fine, I just need to make sure he gets it right?” (Lucas II)

Lucas II closed his eyes and at this moment, the other Gods immediately knew what he’s trying to do!

He’s actually going back in time and make sure Wargon uses it!

After a while, Lucas opened his eyes again and revealed a tired look.

“No good…I underestimated that guy’s insanity…I can’t believe it…no matter how I approach, how much I insisted, he would still end up giving it to that guy…I even personally told him that I’m God and gave those to him directly but he just laughed at me…hmph, see if I care anymore!” (Lucas II)

The eyes of the other Gods went wide!

Surprisingly…there was actually someone that even Lucas II can’t handle!!!

“A Champion…no matter what, I need to make that guy my Champion!”

“Hey! I saw him first! Go get another one!”

“Hah!? What are you fools saying!? He’s mine!”

Unbeknownst to Wargon, the Gods had started to fight over him.

“B-but…he’s already mine…”

As the Gods fight over Wargon with loud voices, a certain silver haired Goddess’ voice was ignored…

+ + +

“*Ha-tsu-!?* Ugh, damn. Who’s talking about me at a time like this?” (Wargon)

Wargon’s sneeze made them all snap out to reality.

“Kill that ferret! No matter what, the [Burning Oceans Sect] must have those weapons!” (Blaire)

“That long sword and glaive are ours!” (Davy)

“Give me back my weapons!” (Wargon)

“Damn! Why are you on their side oi!?” (Carn)

Davy charged leading tens of other highgods towards Carn who was in the middle of retorting to Wargon.

To the side, Steeve snorted and intercepted Davy with a punch that is clad with a demonic aura.

Davy grunted in shock when he felt the demonic aura touch his skin and saw his own skin turning black.

“This…Demonic Qi!? But…I don’t remember demonic qi being this corrosive!” (Davy)

“Kah kah kah kah , that’s what happened when I tried mixing my innate demonic qi into divine sense! I call it Demonic Sense! Not only does it have the same use as divine sense, it also corrodes and corrupts their soul! This is what it means to be a Demon Lord!” (Steeve)

Suddenly, black bat like wings emerged from his back and a pointy tail appeared at the end of his spine.

He flew forwards and tackled Davy, who was trying to hold back the corrosive demonic sense with his own divine sense!

“Fuck! Each and every one of you are all weird bastards! [Eternal Ocean Domain]!” (Davy)

With Davy as the center, water started to flow outwards, eventually the whole place was overflowing with water, connecting to the [Crown Sea]!

“[Megalodon Crunch]!” (Davy)

The ocean rumbled, below them, a shadow can be seen nearing them.


With an explosion, a huge shark actually jumped high into the air! As for how big it is…it’s enough to swallow half of [Earth’s Asia] with a single bite!

“Fuck…” (Bram)

“What the hell is this big ass shark!?” (Gabriel)

“Oi oi, do you also want to swallow us!?” (Volf)

Seeing the huge shark, the [Death Eaters] also grew cautious as they are also in the range of the attack.

“Please relax, this is not the real [Ancient Megalodon] but simply an illusion! Still, it still possess a terrifying attack power! Moreover, I can choose who it attacks and who to ignore inside its range of attack!” (Davy)

Hearing him, the [Death Eaters] only breathed a sigh of relief but still began to be even more cautious.

If put in another way…he can also attack them if he wishes to! So they have no choice but to act grateful for the time being!

“Heh, [Ancient Megalodon] huh?” (Dok)

Facing the huge shark high up in the air slowly falling with an open mouth, Dok grinned and instantly, his body started to grow larger!

Immediately, he’s half as big as the huge shark!

“[Reality Slash]!” (Dok)

Amazingly, his axe also increased in size! As he brandished his axe towards the huge shark, the space seemed to distort and split!

Suddenly, a diagonal crack can be seen in the middle of the air!


With the sound of glass shattering, the gigantic shark actually disappeared!

“This…another variant demonic beast!? Just how abnormal are you bastards!?” (Davy)

“What are you saying? We’re all perfectly normal.” (Dok)


Again, both enemies and allies had once more united…for 3 seconds.

“Bastard! If you think just because you dealt with Davy’s [Ancient Megalodon], you can belittle us!? I’ll show you what being a supreme highgod truly means! [Bur-] kyaa!?” (Blaire)

Just as Blaire was about to unleash her domain, she suddenly revealed a very out-of-character-ish scream.

When everyone looked at her direction, they found that on her body, a slimy substance seems to be constantly flowing!

“Kya! N-noo!!! St-stop it! Stop it I said! N-not there~!!! Hya-!?” (Blaire)

“…Somehow…she’s really erotic…” (Volf)

“Yeah…” (Gabriel)

“Oho! Her clothes began to melt!” (Skull)

“Fumu, as expected, practitioner women really take care of their body well…” (Bram)

“…” (Terry)

“Kyaaa~ Ecchi~~” (Clown)

One way or another, somehow…the men from both sides began to understand each other…

“Look at those E cup breasts bounce…” (Gabriel)

“No no, look at her plump ass jiggle…” (Volf)

“What a nice thigh and hip…” (Bram)

“That slim waist…” (Skull)

The four men looked at each other and they all saw on each other’s eyes a similar expression but…none of them want to recognize each other!

“Breast!” (Gabriel)

“Ass!” (Volf)

“Thigh!” (Bram)

“Waist!” (Skull)!



The fight started once more…this time however, a strange burning passion can be seen in their eyes!

““…Boys…”” (Liza & Momo)

“Ara ara~” (Xene)

“…I wonder what Crow likes more?” (Witch)

Strangely, the extremely ugly person with a deformed face revealed a cute movement like that of a pure innocent girl that has just fallen in love with her crush…not that she looked any better though…

Her voice was loud enough for everyone to hear but no one turned to look as they didn’t want to see an even more surreal scene…

“S-stoop!!!” (Blaire)

Ignoring her complaints, the slime continued to play with her while making sure she feels weak enough not to attack again.

Some of the [Burning Oceans Sect] highgods wanted to help her as it might also give them a chance to ‘get closer’ and ‘support’ her but as they started to move, a blur appeared that made them stop.

Cautious, they looked carefully on that blur. It was a can! On its label, what was written was…[Whoopass]…

As they were beginning to get irritated, the can suddenly exploded with a flash, blinding them!

“Here’s a can of whoopass! Get it? Cause you know, your ass is gonna get whooped!” (Wargon)

Immediately after, two blurs appeared and surrounded the highgods! One was a blur of blue while the other was colored black.

Ice shards struck their backs and at the same time, they were stabbed with a katana on the front! Not a moment after, their whole bodies were riddled with frozen wounds and deep stab wounds!

The two blurs reappeared on Wargon’s side, revealing their forms.

One was a huge fox with white markings and a blue gem on the forehead while the other was a Japanese looking black-haired girl wearing a black with white lining kimono, to top it off, she had fox ears and tails! It was the [Freezing Tail] Aura and the [Kitsune], Yuu that Lucas had met before when they were still small foxes!

Unlike Yuu, Aura preferred her fox form while Yuu only occasionally turns into fox form.

“Ou, nice job you two.” (Wargon)

Wargon grinned and patted the two on the head, making both of them blush.

To the side, Carn clicked his tongue.

“Tch- that can joke wasn’t even funny and he even has a harem! Who are you, Rick!?” (Carn)

“W-why did I suddenly get dragged in again!? I haven’t even made an appearance!!!” (Rick)

“Oh yeah, no wonder I felt like I’m forgetting something…” (Carn)

“Go die, damned ferret!” (Rick)

Meanwhile, Vil and Fen were both looking at the battlefield with confused gazes.

They turned over to Bram and the other and saw them fighting with weird looks in their eyes, they looked over to the girls of that group who seemed to not care at all about their fight and simply watched with half opened eyes, oh, Clown is also in that group of girls…

Next, they looked over Dok and the others only to see Wargon casually tossing flash bangs here and there like a game while Davy and Dok watch them from the sides, they were even sighing from time to time…

Afterwards, they looked towards Blaire who was still being played with the slime, suddenly, a strange glow lit up in their eyes!

“That looks fun!” (Vil)

“Slimy…hehe…he…hehe…” (Fen)

…And so, a very weird stalemate happened as Vil and Fen joined Blaire…

A few minutes later, figures suddenly appeared on the horizon!

It was none other than Lucas’ uncle, David and Lin, along with members from the [Lauwers Sect]!

“…We immediately rushed over when we heard the [Death Eaters] appeared but…” (Lin)

Lin looked over at the scene before him and his temple throbbed.

“Just what the hell is this situation!? Why are those idiots fighting while shouting breast, ass, hips, thighs, waist and such!? What the hell are those two doing laughing while being sexually harassed by a slime!? Why is no one bothering that golem that’s been bullying those guys!? Why are you girls just watching!? And you! Why did you suddenly kill a bystander!?” (Lin)

Lin pointed towards Rick, who just finished killing a person that happened to pass by…

“Eh? Why? Well…I heard his name was Nata so I just…” (Rick)

“How is that a reason!?” (Lin)

Frustrated, Lin grabbed his head with both arms, trying to calm himself down…

Meanwhile, David was…

“…So this is the [Madness Disease]!? Without knowing it…everyone has become abnormal!” (David)

“No no no no, that’s definitely not the case here!” (Lin)

“[Den of Madness]…formidable, formidable…” (David)

“No, like I said, I don’t think-” (Lin)

*Rumble rumble*

Hearing the unnatural rumbling sound, everyone, no matter what they were doing, stilled and turned over the direction of the noise.

Off the distance, on top of the center of the [Crown Sea], dark clouds gathered and gave off an ominous feeling to everyone.

The fastest to react amongst them all was Vil!

She didn’t even know what that dark cloud signified, nor does she know what actually happened, but her bond with Lucas as a tamer and tamed beast gave her a premonition…

Lucas is in danger!

“Master!” (Vil)

“No!” (Fen)

Soon after, Fen followed with a shout, waking everyone in their state of shock.

“Heh, looks like, Crow finally decided to stop playing around with that brat!” (Volf)

“You think your faster than lightning? By the time any of you get there, you won’t even be able to see his ashes!” (Skull)

“Hyi hyi hyi hyi! The hero has fallen~ The jester has fallen~ Your hope is now…goneee~” (Clown)

“…Hmph!” (Witch)

The [Death Eaters] laughed while Witch looked conflicted. It was obvious that…she has a feeling that things won’t go that well!

It wasn’t just her, on the [Gatekeepers’] side, everyone was filled with despair except…Momo!

“No…no! There….there has to be something wrong!” (Momo)

She looked towards Witch and saw her frowning as if she didn’t expect the situation as well!

Seeing her expression, she dashed in full speed and flew towards Lucas’ direction immediately!

The other [Gatekeepers] thought that she couldn’t accept Lucas’ fate and frantically wanted to confirm it herself. Worried, they immediately followed her to make sure she won’t do anything rash!

“Lucas…NO!” (David)

Being Lucas’ uncle, David was naturally extremely worried and flew in high speeds!

Like Bram and the others, Lin followed David as well as the other [Lauwers Sect] members.

“Ah…it won’t be good if Crow is overwhelmed by their numbers and later blames us for it! Let’s go!” (Skull)

The [Death Eaters] followed while Witch, the last to leave, bit her lip and followed as well.

As for the [Burning Oceans Sect]…

“Umm…A-are you alright?” (Davy)

“SHUT IT! GO AWAY!” (Blaire)

Finally free from the slime, Blaire immediately fetched new clothes from her interspatial ring and wore it. After a while, she also gave chase and followed the rest.

Davy sighed for a bit then also followed. Right now, he was really regretting choosing Crow’s side…

“Well, it won’t do if we’re also not present!” (Dok)

“Hmm…I doubt it will end like this. After all, the third person still hasn’t shown himself!” (Hyou)

“…Where were you earlier?” (Carn)

“Hm? I was watching?” (Hyou)

“No, like…why weren’t you helping?” (Rick)

“Well…because I want to?” (Hyou)

“…Right…I forgot…this is the kind of group that does everything on a whim…” (Rick)

“Like you can talk, you killed a bystander just because his name is Nata.” (Wargon)

“Well…I just suddenly felt pissed?” (Rick)

“Haha, that means you’re already blending in! Let’s follow them!” (Dok)

The rest of the [Den of Madness] moved out, leaving the dumbfounded Rick behind.

“Blend…in? I…have blended in!? Blend…blend…me…madness……………………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Rick)

+ + +

“Please make it in time!” (Vil)

“Master!” (Fen)

A large crow shaped lightning appeared from the dark clouds which started to descend!

At this time, everyone who was rushing to Lucas knew…they were too late!

Right before their eyes, a huge explosion erupted!

The wind forced them back!

The ocean shook!

The sky rumbled!

Crow’s attack…had struck Lucas!

“MASTER!!!” (Vil)

+ + +

“Y-you’re…!?” (Lucas)

I thought I was dead…

The lightning crow came too fast! I simply didn’t have a chance to think of anything!

But…someone actually rushed and blocked that attack!!!

More importantly, it was a guy I had previously met!

“We meet again, [White Haired Adventurer], Lucas!” (???)

The person in front of me had a headband-like helm, a long fiery red overcoat, and a burning red hair.

As he stood in front of me, his back faced on me, he gave me an impression of a real [Hero].

“That was a really close one! As I thought, teleporting in the middle of a fight was a real gamble! Good thing it worked though.” (???)

He was definitely the same person as that time. But the feeling he gave now is totally different from back then!

So it was actually him…

The third person.

The man who returned from the darkness!

“Remember me Crow? It’s me, Brandon.” (Brandon)

Brandon! The first [World Key Holder] I fought in [Earth]!

He’s back from the special prison!!!???

“I’m back.” (Brandon)

………………………………………Eh? Why do I suddenly feel like a damsel in distress?.........Eh? Wait…I’m the main character in this story…right?

Author's Notes


Soo...very few Lucas scenes...this...wasn't really how I expected it to happen...good thing I began this crow fight arc a chapter earlier than planned...the chapter today was supposed to be:




But well, I'll just use that next chap...

So...I bet your wondering why the red suit...I mean, I bet your wondering why this chap was full of comedy huh? Well, that's because I doubt I will be able to insert some humor on the last two smile while you still can!

As for Lucas being weird and annoying, well, this was how I imagined him to be:

"People change in ways they least expect it. When this story started, Lucas was just a teenager who seek thrills in a virtual game. But suddenly, he found a key that enables him to use his game character in earth, even becoming a hero.

Along the way, he encounters alot of problems and troubles, some are even seemingly impossible to pass, but he did. This placed a 'safeguard' of sorts in his mind. That no matter what problems arise, he will solve it somehow. If you want to name it, I'd call it the Protagonist Syndrome where he thinks he's the 'main character' and will definitely not die.

Then, all of a sudden, he is shown a future where he is bound to die. Naturally, the walls in his heart started to crumble and what's shown is his own self back when he didn't have the world key. A normal teenager that somehow got caught up in an accident.

Well, at least, that's how I see it. Well, mostly it has something to do with my mood swings..."

But well, I think some light will be shed on this matter next chapter too...probably...well, in my head anyways so it might be close...

So! If you're wondering, why did I kill that Nata guy, well, that's because I told him before: "One day, a character in WGO with the name Nata will appear. Then I will kill him for no reason at all..." -is what I told him so yeah...also, his rrl name is VRDraco or something. He also wrote the slime-thingy which I haven't read yet so the slime character here didn't get much description.

Also, he's not really reading WGO anyway....HAH! I JUST KILLED YOU! And you said you can't die...

The ferret is from Re:Ferret, by the idiot *COUGH* Penna02 aka Carn which I also haven't read...he just told me what kind of weapon he wants here and since he's also friends with Warhawx IRL, I figured Wargon will be the one who gave it to him.

Wargon, you guys already know. from Insania Online by Warhawx aka War which had more scene since I'm more familiar with that...even though I'm not updated...

Steeve, from Re:Hamster by Jormlung aka Ham. I'm also not updated so I'm just improvising here...

Hyou is...well, Hyou. Both him and Dok aren't a writer.

As for Rick...he's this awesome guy I know. Very handsome. Also Cool. And amazing. And did I say awesome already? He's awesome.

Well, that's all!

Wait! I forgot! I'm writing a new novel! Two new novels! Both of which are seriously not serious...frankly, they're just made by whim and I needed to write it down cause it keeps getting in my head while I write this, making it a bit harder for me to's definitely not like I'm jealous of the other den members for have many novels! definitely not!

I will only be posting it in rrl, I'll tell you guys if the link is up. Also, beware...since it wasn't serious, they are hilarious...I think...and one of them is full of references that isn't the list bit hidden.

Till the next chapter!
P.S.: Sorry for the long AN again! :P I don't regret it!
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