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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 9: Goodbye...
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: April 2nd, 2016

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Chapter 9: Goodbye…

Immediately after Brandon appeared, he placed his arm forwards as if saying he’s going to stop this extremely powerful attack with just one hand.

However, the lightning attack was simply too fast! There wasn’t even a millisecond of time where I can warn him.

The lightning crow touch his hand, suddenly, the lightning dissipated as if it never happened!

*Crack* *Shatter*

A ring on Brandon’s hand cracked and shattered, turning into dust immediately.

…………Eh?...What?...What just happened!?

“Tch- there goes my [Fatality Ring]…” (Brandon)

“…To think you’d have something like that, it seems you’ve changed after your trip to hell, Brandon. If I remember correctly, that ring allows the user to survive a fatal attack once. Hehe, I wonder where you got that?” (Crow)

Survive a fatal attack once! To think there was equipment like that…it’s practically a 2nd life!

Brandon snorted and glared at Crow.

“Bastard, you, you set me up! Feeding me with those cheesy lines of becoming something great, then leading me into wreaking havoc! You used me so you can see how the world will respond to us [World Key Holders]!” (Brandon)

“Isn’t it fine? You got a [World Key], became famous, and look, you’re alive and well.” (Crow)

What? Then that means…the [Death Eaters] had existed before I got my [World Key]!? Just what kind of organization are these guys for them to casually give out [World Keys]!?

“And also got killed! You don’t know what it’s like down there! Now, I’ll make sure you do!” (Brandon)

“Hehe, you want to kill me? I’m afraid that’s impossible. After all, I am a [World Key Holder].” (Crow)

Crow lifted his [World Key] that was hung on his neck.

“Didn’t you know? The [Rules] only apply to those who equips the [World Key]. Meaning, those I kill will be sent to the special hospital or prison and if I’m killed, the [World Key] drops and I’m sent to the special prison. But to those who doesn’t equip it…” (Crow)

He looked straight to my eyes with a chilling and amused look.

“The people they kill are simply dead. And if they are killed, they will also stay dead.” (Crow)

“Tell me Lucas. Why didn’t you equip your [World Key]? Could it be? The so called [Hero] do not give the people he kills a second chance? Or is it…you simply wish to see them dead? To see their mangled corpse lying on the ground. Gushing with deep red blood! Dead eyes that stare you with lifelessness! WITH NO CHANCE TO BE A WHOLE BODY EVEN UPON DEATH!?” (Crow)

The deeper and louder his voice got, the more it seems to stab me in the heart.

…What he said…is true…I know…I know what not equipping the [World Key] means…yet I didn’t mind it. Because I thought that they deserve death…

I didn’t know…that people can come back from the special prison…

I didn’t know…that I could’ve given them a second chance…

I thought that being sent to the special prison is equal to death…


“LUCAS!” (El)

I…Am I really doing the right thing?

El’s voice resounded in my mind but my mind was simply too scattered to understand her.

“Tch- no good! Bastard! What did you do!?” (Brandon)

“[Soul Dissection]. Kukukuku, words are very powerful Brandon, you just don’t know how it can affect you in your life. Speaking of words, Lucas, didn’t you say you’re a hero? Wasn’t it your job to save people? Tell me, did you save anyone at all?” (Crow)


No…I…I saved plenty of people! I definitely didn’t do anything in vain!

“Let’s start with the pure-blooded vampires. Did you save them from the demi- vampires? Maybe once, but is that all? Didn’t you promise how you will eliminate every demi- vampire? Didn’t that dragon entrust his wrath to you? Yet what did you do? Have you progressed one bit? Did you even think to complete it? You just put false words. You never want to help them because it’s too troublesome. That’s why you never put in any effort at all. Tell me, am I right? Or am I wrong?” (Crow)

Right…The demi-vampires are still out there…constantly torturing and enslaving the pure-blooded vampires…yet why…why didn’t I try to find traces of them even once?

I…I didn’t forget…so why?...

No…this isn’t right…why…my mind…I can’t think properly…

I can feel it…my soul…being separated…bit by bit…

+ + +

“Then Freya. You-” (Crow)

“Shut up! [Volcano Shot]!” (Brandon)

Cutting Crow’s words, Brandon released a shot of condensed magma towards Crow!

However, Crow simply stood there, unmoving!

“[Absolute Zero]” (Crow)

Cold mist appeared around Crow, once the magma touched that mist, it slowly froze and as it reached Crow, all it took him was [Ice Manipulation] and the ball of ice shattered as a cold breeze brushed his face.

“Brandon, I admit that your power and equipment has gone up, but it’s not enough.” (Crow)

“Whether it’s enough or not is not for you to decide! [Meteor Fall]!” (Brandon)

“[Darkness Dome]” (Crow)

Up above, red dots can be seen approaching [Zoulang] in high speeds, these are none other than meteors falling from outer space!

Brandon had called forth a meteor rain!

Crow looked up calmly and waved his arm, instantly, the three of them were surrounded with a jet black dome that completely isolated them from the outside world!

No matter how strong the meteors was, they simply cannot even scratch the dome!

“You…we should’ve all gotten to this world at the same time! Why are you this powerful!?” (Brandon)

“Hmm, I don’t really think you need to know. But since you’re gonna die anyway, might as well. At least, it will save me from the boredom and simplicity of this fight.” (Crow)

Brandon gritted his teeth in annoyance, but he kept silent because all he need now, is to buy time.

Brandon is sure that Lucas and him won’t die today, because Lucas II exists, so there is simply no way for them to die!

Now, he needs to know how they will survive, but in order to find that way, he needs time to think.

“You see, one of my job is a hidden job, called the [Death Eater]. Why did you think we call ourselves that after all? My job allows me to have a passive skill called [Soul Manipulation]. Simply put, as long as I manipulate our souls, cultivation is rather…boring.” (Crow)

One must know, Lucas had a powerful soul and is even a [Divine Soul] which was why his pace of cultivation is faster than normal! If Crow can indeed manipulate the soul, then it’s simply a matter of will to absorb divine sense and qi!

One can say, in terms of cultivation speed, Crow is at the very peak!

Not only that, but he can also manipulate other people’s souls which would explain why his group is also fast!

Brandon’s eyes went wide in shock!

How can he possibly defeat a man who can manipulate your own soul!?

“Scared? Hehe, don’t worry, as long as the person is unwilling, I can’t manipulate their souls. But of course, to be unwilling, you must be conscious about it.” (Crow)

Smiling, he looked towards Lucas.

“The mind and the soul are always connected. You can also say that the mind is the bridge to a person’s soul. [Soul Dissection] is that kind of skill. With words, I can make a person’s mind turn upside down. By then…grasping his soul is simply a matter of time.” (Crow)

Finally understanding, Brandon looked towards Lucas and saw his face as pale as a sheet of paper. His whole body was trembling as if he’s drowning in cold water!

“Lucas, the so called [Hero]. In the end, he’s just a normal person, trying so hard to make everyone notice him. Haha, what do you call them? Chuunibyou? People who think they’re special. They think that because of certain events, everyone will notice him and praise him? How laughable. [Heroes]…do not exist. Even if they do, they don’t know how to do their job properly. While this fool is drowning himself in pleasure surrounded by beautiful girls he ‘rescued’, more people are getting hurt, yet he chose to ignore them, thinking ‘it can’t be helped since I didn’t know’. Listen up. Lucas, you are no [Hero], you’re just a selfish brat who wants people to notice you. You, are nothing.” (Crow)

“I…I…I didn’t…No…That’s not true…I…” (Lucas)

“Enough!” (Brandon)

Brandon shouted loudly, intending to attack yet he found himself unable to muster any kind of power.

“While you’re inside my [Darkness Dome], don’t even think that you can use mana. Hmph, as for qi and divine sense goes, you are inferior to me.” (Crow)

Like he said, Brandon was unable to use any mana, and since [Harus] skills use mana for activation, there was nothing he could do.

Fight with qi and divine sense? Against Crow who can use both, can he even put up a fight?

“Hehehe, don’t worry, I can sense Lucas’ control over his soul slowly disappearing. In a moment, I will shatter his soul!” (Crow)

“Is that so?” (Lucas)

Hearing Lucas’ voice, Crow’s eyes widened in surprise and looked over.

Seeing that Lucas seemingly completely recovered and looking at him coldly surprised him and was even frightened for a second.

“How…Your mind was already on the verge of destruction! Why are you still fine!? And your soul-…wait…this isn’t Lucas’ soul. Who are you!?” (Crow)

He was right. Right now, it wasn’t Lucas who is in control…but El!

“Who I am does not concern you. What’s important is that you tried to kill a person that is important to me.” (El)

El, who had swapped her soul with Lucas’ made it possible to control his body. However, even then, since Lucas’ body isn’t compatible with her real cultivation, she can only use, at most, the same power as that of a supreme highgod at most!

This, Lucas also knows because he had asked before. That time, he was expecting a cheat ability to let him suddenly become a sovereign if he let El take over.

El knows that even with supreme highgod cultivation, she will be unable to defeat Crow…that’s why…she can only use a forbidden method!

Since a deity without a [Dao Heart] yet cannot use the [Daos], having a sovereign cultivation is impossible.

But with the forbidden method, it will be possible for El to temporarily have the power of a sovereign for a moment! Only, it will also harm her!

Right now, does she even have a choice? In order to protect Lucas…she can only grit her teeth and do it!

The reason why she can’t have a sovereign cultivation is because Lucas’ body does not have a [Dao Heart], hence she can only substitute her own soul and turn it into Lucas’ [Dao Heart]. But with this, she can only use the sovereign power for 5 seconds else, her soul will shatter!

Without any hesitation, El completed the forbidden method and Lucas’ body started to glow red…no, the color was blood red!

This is proof of El’s [Dao]! The [Blood Dao]!

“What…” (Crow)

“Manipulate the soul? Hmph, so what? In the end, you still haven’t become a [Sovereign]! In front of me…you’re just a brat!” (El)

Slowly, Lucas’ long hair turned blood red. His whole body was covered with a blood red aura.

Controlling Lucas’ body, she raised his hand and pointed towards Crow.

“Look closely. This is true power!” (El)

As she spoke, a second has passed, a crack appeared on her soul.

She made a gripping posture, as if trying to hold Crow, then clenched it.

Instantly, Crow shuddered and coughed out blood!

“Blood is the symbol of life!” (El)

Another second had passed, the crack on her soul lengthened.

Meanwhile, blood kept flowing out of Crow’s mouth, as if they want to escape his body!

“Whoever holds enemy’s blood is the one who holds his life!” (El)

The crack lengthened even more.

The blood flowed out of Crow’s body and shot towards Lucas, surrounding his body as if worshipping him.

“Your blood belongs to me.” (El)

Over 80% of El’s soul is now cracked!

The blood gathered on Lucas’ hands.

When all the blood had gathered, he clenched his hand with such force, it instantly turned the blood into nothing!

“Now die.” (El)

99% cracked!

*Crack* *Shatter*

“Huh?” (El)

That was not the sound of El’s soul shattering, but something else!

Recognizing that sound, El looked over at a ring in Crow’s hand that cracked and shattered.

Instantly, Crow’s pale face suddenly regained its color!

“Hehehe…Hahahahahahahahaha! That really scared me for a second there! Do you really think Brandon is the only one who has that kind of ring!? Naïve, truly naïve. I really want to kill you for almost killing me but…it seems you’re already about to die anyway, oh well.” (Crow)

Hearing him laugh, El’s eyes were filled with despair as she gritted her teeth.

However, she knows better than let her feelings affect her battle. Instantly, she made her decision.

“Lucas…it seems…I can no longer accompany you…” (El)

With a soft sigh, El’s gaze suddenly turn cold again and snorted, releasing the last bit of power she has to destroy the [Darkness Dome]!

The jet black surrounding cracked with a web-like pattern before shattering.

At this time, the people outside was finally able to see what was happening.

Earlier, Vil and the rest had already arrived and started attacking the dome, only to find that they cannot even scratch it!

This dome was indeed hard, however, it was only like so on the outside. Because inside, no one is able to use mana, the defense of the inside was neglected.

What they saw after the dome shattered was a receding blood red aura from Lucas’ body, slowly disappearing, as well as the seemingly healthy Crow and an exhausted Brandon.

“Master!” (Vil &Fen)

“Lucas!” (David)

“Oops, that was surprising. Didn’t think Crow to be unable to handle them. Can’t let you guys join now can we?” (Skull)

Before Vil and the others can even get to Lucas’ side, they were stopped by the [Death Eaters], while the people from the [Burning Oceans Sect] were standing on the side, not knowing what to do.

The truth is, they didn’t really side with Crow and the others, they only treated them with respect because Crow has the ability to speed one’s cultivation. However, they weren’t ultimately evil people and they’re also smart. Naturally, they knew that these [Death Eaters] are doing something wrong.

Only, they don’t know to what extent, hence, they are put in an awkward position of whether they will continue to help or not.

As for Lucas, the instant El’s power surged outwards, he also woke up from his confusion and instantly switched back with El.

+ + +

Inside my body, I was looking at El who was collapsed in a blank white room.

Before, this place was filled with a lot of expensive-looking furniture. Now, it seems to have returned back to its original state.

“El! EL! EL!” (Lucas)

What…what happened!?

How did this happen!?

I…I thought it was impossible for her to use that kind of power!?

Right now, I can feel that El’s body is extremely weak! Her body seemed so fragile, it will break the moment I touch her!

“Lucas…it seems…I can no longer accompany you…” (El)

Suddenly, I remembered El’s last words which triggered me from waking up.

What…what does she mean!?

No…this can’t be…there’s no way, right!?

“EL!” (Lucas)

“So loud…” (El)

“El!?” (Lucas)

Hearing her speak, I was happy for a second but then I noticed, her voice was filled with pain…

“Why…” (Lucas)

“…This is what happens…if I force myself…to use sovereign power…” (El)

“Not that! Why did you do this!?” (Lucas)

El revealed a wry smile and sighed.

“I don’t know…when I saw you were about to die…I just had to do something…hehe…guess I got it from…being with you…all the time…” (El)

“El…enogh. Just keep quiet. I’ll heal you soon!” (Lucas)

As I said that, I willed myself to use my [Earth] body’s healing power to heal El but…nothing happened!

I even tried using the [Angelic Snake’s] ability but still no effect!


Why can’t I even save a person that is right in front of me!?

“Don’t bother…my wound…is on the soul…there is no cure…to a shattered soul…” (El)

“No! I’ll…I’ll think of a way! Just hold on for a while! I’ll definitely think of a way!” (Lucas)

El smiled and shook her head.

“This is enough…” (El)

“No…no! Don’t say that!” (Lucas)

“Remember…to become a sovereign…you must know yourself…in order to have a [Dao Heart]…” (El)

“Stop! I’m not listening to this! Didn’t you say that you will only tell me when I reach the peak of the [Highgod Stage]!? Just wait until then! For now, please wait!” (Lucas)

I plead and plead, however, as if not hearing what I said, El continued speaking.

“Once you have it…search for your [Dao]…your way of life…then complete its path. By then…you will be the same as me…an [Emperor Sovereign]…and you will be able to open this…prison…” (El)

“El! Don’t do this!” (Lucas)

“Hehe, see what I told you? You didn’t die…that future didn’t happen…that’s why…live…” (El)

“No! The battle’s not over yet! That’s why you still need to watch over me!” (Lucas)

“Goodbye…” (El)

“El-!!!” (Lucas)

Suddenly, El’s body was covered with light…then…she shattered…

Not believing what I saw, I tried to grab the pieces of her soul but…I can’t even hold them…

Like that…the person known as Elena Shengxue has disappeared.


All of a sudden, I felt my heart throb loudly.

*Throb* *Throb*

It’s getting louder…and faster…

*Throb* *Throb* *Throb*

It hurts…what is this feeling…

*Throb* *Throb* *Throb* *Throb*

Dead…El’s dead…

*Throb* *Throb* *Throb* *Throb* *Throb*

Why?...That’s right…it’s his fault…

*Throb* *Throb* *Throb* *Throb* *Throb* *Throb*


“AaAAAaAAAaAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAaaaAAAAAAAAAaaAaAAAAaAAAaAAAAHHHhHHHHhhhHHhHHHhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhHHHHHhhHhHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Lucas)

Author's Notes

Finally able to finish...again, sorry for the late release. Really busy...first, there was the Holy Week where I got dragged to a lot of churches...then Hell Week where I finished a lot of exams...then yesterday, we went to an expensive theater...they didn't tell me it will be THAT amazing where a lot of rich people in their formal attires and dresses gathers...I feel  so weird wearing jeans and shirt...

Anyway, after this chapter, pathetic Lucas is over! Haha! El's death should fix that fool's head and straighten up.

As for those #TeamEl people, don't jump to conclusions just yet. Her real fate will be hinted next chap, or on the prologue of the next volume...

After this, we're going to say goodbye to wuxia/xianxia world and go back to [Harus] and [Earth]! Hehe, you'll be surprised of the changes that will happen :3

And now, a moment of silence for the first heroine to fall...


Just joking, this is the real chapter :P

Seems you guys liked the other stories I made, well, some of you guys at least so thanks :3

Till the next chapter!
P.S.: The theater we watched was Les Miserables...I'm not a musical kind of guy but it was amazing...makes me think of having a musical chapter here too...well, I don't think I can do it anyway haha.
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  1. IsUnavailable
    April 2nd, 2016 at 09:04:16 PM

    I knew it was a bad idea to keep prodding Lucas like that,
    I just hope his allies are able to get out of the "splash zone" (blood stains can be really difficult to remove).

    Thank you for the chapter

  2. Shield Loyalist
    April 5th, 2016 at 11:06:13 PM

    Wow. A very strong reference to Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari and Konjiki no Wordmaster. Naofumi wasn’t even able to get to the fourth stage of the Wrath series!

    Also, Les Miserables + Theatre = wear formal attire. I don’t know how it became like that but it’s the society’s idea.

    What I really like to see from him though is the ability to grow his base skills better, not just getting OP new stuff. Take Konjiki for example, Hiiro’s magic at start was a meager scribbl

  3. Shield Loyalist
    April 5th, 2016 at 11:06:49 PM

    Take Konjiki for example, Hiiro’s magic at start was a meager scribbling but at the latest translated chapter it shows he made a 4-character [Limit Break]/[Burst Mode] which will probably expand further once he’s able to get 5 characters up.

    OP skills are good, but weak skills that grow amazingly are the best.