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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 8: Mysterious Date
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: July 10th, 2016

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Chapter 8: Mysterious Date

The Hero Talk Show ended early so I had a bit of time to calm down.

Facing Lily, I asked her about Momo.

“Momo, where is she?” (Lucas)

“She’s...locked up in the deepest level of [Tartarus].” (Lily)

[Tartarus]? This should be the prisoner the [Gatekeepers] set up somewhere right? I need to visit her tomorrow…

I can’t believe she’s a traitor but...I still need to know everything from her own mouth.

For now, let’s just get through with this schedule thing...sigh, I could just cancel everything but I already promised to go and because of my dao heart of a hero, I just couldn’t easily break my promises like that.

Plus, I needed some down time. I’ve been on edge for over 6000 years and I could really use a day without fighting or cultivating.

Next up should be making a speech to...Saint Lucas this named after me or has this always been this way?

...Let’s not think about it.

I teleported the both of us directly to the college and there, a monument stood at the front of the college...It wasn’t me, thank god…

It’s just a guy with wings. I don’t even recognize the face.

Whatever, let’s get this over with.

It seems that today is a graduation ceremony and I’ve been asked to make a speech to encourage the students.

I was met with a lot of smiles and handshakes before the ceremony began and sat with the principal on the stage while Lily was waiting for me backstage.

I wanted her to sit next to me but she declined so I didn’t push her on.

Maybe it’s because she’s using her [Harus] appearance which is an elf, it’s a bit weird for her to be in a stage full of humans. Even in the talk show before, she didn’t go on camera.

Geez, if she’s so shy about it, why did she want to stay in her elf form?

Well, I guess she does look more charming this way...why do I find those long ears sexy for some reason?

*Cough* I should really be focusing on the graduation ceremony...I still haven’t thought of a good speech. Eh, I’ll just wing it.

“And now, a few words from the first [Hero]. The [Legendary White Haired Adventurer]! Please give a round of applause to sir Lucas!”

Oi, when did I become Legendary!?

Damn, now I have to look the part...let’s just do this!

As I stood up, I invoked the [Angelic Snake], Ouroboros’ [Angel’s Domain]. Suddenly, the whole area was surrounded with a warm yellow light and a transparent halo appeared overhead.

This skill sure has a lot of showy effects…

“W-what is this!?”

“An AOE skill?”

“It feels so relaxing...”

“Eh, hey! I...I can see!”

Ah, oops. There was a blind guy here...I didn’t notice it at all. He appeared to be confused as to why everyone suddenly become excited or why he started to feel nice. But then the healing effect started to kick in and he was cured of his blindness.

Hmm...did I overdid it a bit?

I glanced at Lily and saw her face palming.

Yep, definitely overdid it.

“Shit! To heal blindness...that should mean that this AOE healing spell is at least S rank!”

“At this point, isn’t he just Saint Lucas’ incarnation or something?”

“Damn, OP battle skills, OP magic spells, OP painting skills, and now, OP healing skills! What can this guy not do!?”

I can’t dance.

But guys, this isn’t really a, I can’t really say that since this is classified information. Whatever, I’m not going to lie so I’ll just keep quiet and let them misunderstand.

The blind guy kept thanking me so I just waved it off with a smile and continue my speech.

“I’ll be honest. I just got back from a very very far world and I don’t know much of what’s happened in these 5 years in [Earth], nor do I know much about this college. What I do know is, when I was in college myself, everyday was like a battle. A battle for knowledge. And now, we live in a world where we would actually battle in real life.” (Lucas)

As I spoke, I was reminiscing on the days where me and my friends would attend class and hope not to fail.

Drowning in nostalgia, I couldn’t help letting out a chuckle.

Thinking back, we were far too carefree about the world. And now, look at us. Each of us is fighting somewhere, desperate to protect the world.

Be it chasing after [Death], exploring the [Labyrinth], searching for the truth of the world, or saving people, one world at a time, you can’t help but wonder what happened to that kid that used to sleep in class.

I’d say that if I had the chance, I would want to go back to those days of peacefulness but...there are things I need to do and people I need to protect. This kind of life, I had already accepted it.

That’s why I’ll keep moving forward. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stop to look back. If there’s someone that was left behind, I will go back, then help that person go forward. That’s what I’m going to do with Momo.

There must be a reason why she betrayed. I just need to help her.

Continuing the speech, I conjured some elements to dance in the air and form shapes.

“Everyone has a different path ahead of you. Be it to be a fighter and fight to protect those you care about.” (Lucas)

A fiery image of a warrior appeared, holding a sword and a shield, ready to face an army.

“To help those injured and sick by magic, medical skills, or both.” (Lucas)

A huge ball of water transformed into a woman with wearing clerical robes.

“To be the shield for the weak.” (Lucas)

A lump of earth began to form into a huge towering shield.

“To support everyone with your diverse abilities.” (Lucas)

A torrent of wind turned into two pairs of hand, ready to help anyone.

“To give hope to people and make them remember not to give up.” (Lucas)

A ray of light became a microphone, surrounded by a pair of wings.

“To hide in the shadows, helping people by any means necessary.” (Lucas)

A dark void appeared with a shape of a mask.

“Or to simply carve your own path and walk it. Always believe that you will never regret your decision. Just believe in yourself and everything will come on it's own.” (Lucas)

For a while, I thought I didn’t do a good job on my speech but after looking at the faces of each student, with eyes filled of determination and resolve, I think I did a pretty good job.

“Congratulations to everyone here for their graduation. May you live a happy and free life.” (Lucas)

As a closing, I made the elements explode like fireworks, making elemental essences fall like glittering snowflakes upon everyone.

*Clap clap clap clap*

The ceremony continued and finally over.

Ugh, that was a lot more mentally tiring than I thought...well, actually, no just feels that way…

After that, we said our goodbyes and I teleported away along with Lily to the next site.

“Hehe, you’re unexpectedly good with that.” (Lily)

“No way...I just said whatever I liked...I mean, I don’t even know what to say and” (Lucas)

“Sure, sure. Next up is your lunch da-...lunch appointment with that Shella girl.” (Lily)

She sure hates saying it’s a lunch date huh?

To appease her, I gave her a kiss and she’s instantly back in a good mood.

“Lucas! You’re finally here!” (Shella)

“Ah, we just met this morning though...” (Lucas)

“But we didn’t meet for 4 hours and 4 seconds!” (Shella)

Oi! How come you’re keeping the exact time!? And do you actually want to stay with me for every second!?

Lily’s glaring at me again…

“Hehe, I heard about your speech in the [Saint Lucas College]! I was very moved!” (Shella)

“Ohh, glad you liked it-...Hey! That was just a few minutes ago! How come you know!?” (Lucas)

Is this girl seriously stalking me!? Wait, I got here this fast because of teleportation did she know so fast!?

“I have my connections all around the world, and then some!” (Shella)

Damn, rich girls are really...great stalkers huh?

“Hehe, I also watched the [Hero Talk Show] and already bought the copy of your photos for the Bad Boys Magazine! I have them all printed in full size, framed them, and hung them in my room! Wanna see?” (Shella)

Oi oi oi oi oi! What the hell!? What the hell is this!?

Could it be...did I just get the attention of a yandere!?

This...I dunno if I should be happy or not...Ah! Lily’s glaring at me again! Why are you looking at me like that!? I’m definitely not happy! Not happy at all! Yep, I am totally not into cute yandere girls like Shella here...ehh, that’s not right.

Behind me, there’s a woman glaring at me while in front, there’s a girl full of smiles which are...very disturbing...even though it looks like an innocent smile of a young girl...but knowing she’s a yandere...ugh, I don’t know anymore!

Let’s just play dumb! Right! Dense protagonist mode, activate!

“Haha, a man shouldn’t enter a woman’s room without proper reasons. Beside, we’re having lunch now so let’s go eat.” (Lucas)

“Oh...Ah! Then let’s go eat in my room!” (Shella)

“Eh, no, wait…” (Lucas)

“It’s decided then! Quick! You guys make the preparations!” (Shella)

Without even waiting for my response, Shella started ordering some people and darting off to somewhere.

Being left alone, I blinked and turned over to Lily.

“...Help.” (Lucas)

“...You’re on your own.” (Lily)


After a while, we both enter Shella’s room and were dumbfounded.

Everything seems to be decorated of me…

The walls are plastered with posters of me and some are from the pictures taken earlier...the bed sheets and pillows are also me...there are even stuffed toys from all sizes, also me...there’s also a couple of hug pillows of me on it...some were even half naked or in underwear...where did she get all these!?

This, this...isn’t this too much!?

I’ll try to ignore Lily who just said ‘I want one’ on the stuffed toys and hug pillows…

“ is it?” (Shella)

Shella asked shyly.

Ugh, I was about to berate her since this was clearly sexual harassment but seeing her ask so shy and bashful made me stop and now, I find it too awkward to scold her…

Arghh! Why can’t you be a cold blooded psychopath so I can just kill you!? At this point, I’ll take you on even if you’re a dragon, a devil, or a god!

“Umm, this...” (Lucas)

“Shelly Maize.” (Lily)

Just as I was having a hard time to explain, Lily’s cold voice echoed throughout the room.

Ooh! My savior!

Shella’s body flinched when she heard Lily’s cold voice. Since she seems to have a huge information network, then she definitely knows about our relationship yet she still dared to show us this.

She must’ve been prepared by now and silently waited Lily’s berating.

“...Where did you get all of these?” (Lily)

Hm? Why did she start from there?...I have a bad feeling about this…

“I- I made them...” (Shella)

Seriously!? She actually has such a nice skill. Very accurate too...wait, that’s not it! Why am I praising her!?

Hearing this, Lily nodded and walked closer to Shella.

Shella started trembling and shut her eyes tight, as if she’s prepared Lily will hit her.

However...what happened shocked both me and Shella.

Lily grabbed her shoulders and said.

“I want one of those those stuffed toys and pillows. If you give me one, I’ll put in a good word for you to the other girls...” (Lily)


And what did you mean put in a good word to the other girls!?

“Deal!” (Shella)

And why did you agree!!!???

Eh? Eh?? Ehh???

What is this!? What just happened!?

As if sensing my confusion, Lily snorted.

“Hmph, didn’t we tell you before? We were actually expecting that you will bring more girls from your trip back, yet you only bring back one. No wait, Misty said she also slept with you a couple times so she can be considered a half-sister of ours.” (Lily)


What, you were actually expecting me to bring more girls!? I thought that was a joke!

“Since we’re satisfied that you only brought back one and a half, having another one is completely fine. We’re already used to it.” (Lily)

Used to it...isn’t that bad?

“What are you thinking about? Don’t worry, though it’s fine if you bring a lot of girls, we, as your wives, all pledged to each other that we won’t have another man...well, except for that Misty...” (Lily)

“Eh? Wait, isn’t that...unfair?” (Lucas)

“What? You want us to marry other guys too?” (Lily)

“No! But do you girls actually want me to marry more girls?” (Lucas)

“Of course not. But we know that we can’t make you choose. That will only harm both you and us, especially you. At the same time, we know by being in love with you, that no matter what you do, you will only attract more and more women. Yet you will continue to hurt them because you don’t want us to get hurt. We see ourselves as equals because we all fell for you, that’s why we can’t just stand by and let them get hurt as well. That’s why, we decided, as long as we decide that she is trustworthy and loyal, we can accept them into the family.” (Lily)


This is too confusing...from now on, I’ll just do my best and stay away from women…

If Lily knew what I was thinking, she’ll probably beat me up though…

One of the privileges of being my wife, or lover, is that they can beat me up and I can’t even fight back…

I can’t even protect myself since they will get hurt…

“So I am now considered as Lucas’ lovers!?” (Shella)

“Not so fast, we still need to convince the other girls.” (Lily)

“Yay! I’m counting on you then, sister Lily!” (Shella)

...I can’t believe’s decided, just like that…

“Hehe, we made a bet to see how long will it take for Lucas to rope in another victim and I bet the earliest, once Shella joins in, I will win the bet and get two days’ worth of Lucasium!” (Lily)

...So that’s why!!! Rather, Lucasium!? Seriously!? Am I supposed to hug Lily for two days!? And they just decided it all on their own!

“I want some Lucasium too!” (Shella)

“Hehe, you’ll have to earn it. But if you give me more of those stuffed toys of Lucas, I’ll share half a days’ worth of Lucasium to you.” (Lily)

“One day! And I’ll even throw in this life size poster!” (Shella)

“Deal!” (Lily)

...Why am I being treated like currency here!? And they’re actually haggling!!!

Shella started showing Lily around her merchandise while I was left alone...umm, are we still going to eat lunch? Guys?...

At the end, we didn’t get to eat lunch and I have to pry Lily away from this bronze bust of me and teleport us to the UniTech building since I was scheduled to perform tests.

Essentially, I just have to see if I can break a wall they had that was designed to withstand a nuclear blast or worse. Yes, it’s now a thing that a nuclear blast isn’t the worst there is…

I wasn’t the only one called for the test, there are other testers as well to see varying results.

The result?

Well, it was really strong. Even with all I had, I was only able to bend it and not punch a hole on it. In the end, I have to activate [Dragon’s Wrath] and I was finally able to break it.

The other people are looking at me as if they’ve seen a How come their target walls are still intact? There’s not even a scratch…

Ehhh, I guess my power isn’t normal…

I felt bad so I gave them a fist size [Darkstar Alloy] which is considered as pretty durable and might help them a bit…

Like that, we left under the dumbfounded stares of everyone and proceeded to our next schedule. That is, to be the date in [Date a Celebrity] show…

Am I even counted as a celebrity?...

It actually lasts for two hours…

The show went like this. They will choose a lucky girl, or guy, depending on the date, among the audience and show a mystery man or woman on stage, between a curtain and a light, showing only his silhouette.

I am that guy.

From the sounds of the host, it seems that the chosen girl is named Angela.

Now, he’s about to reveal who’s the date and everyone seems to be in tension.

“And now! For our mystery man! You all know him well from five years ago and at the latest, just yesterday! Let me present! The first [Hero]! Sir Lucas, the [White Haired Adventurer]!”

The curtains parted and I did my part and waved to the crowd.

I smiled wryly hearing the cheers that were mostly girls.

Looking at my supposed date, I was surprised.

Typically, those that come here are those who don’t have any boyfriends or husbands. But this girl had a really angelic look, very fitting of her name. I just can’t imagine she won’t have a girlfriend.

Moreover, why do I feel as if I know her?

“Nice to meet you, sir Lucas. My name is Angela. Please take care of me.” (Angela)

Cutting my thoughts, Angela greeted herself so I did too.

“Same here.” (Lucas)

Like that, we went on a date with a camera man following us.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened at all, we just went to different places, ate, and have fun...okay, I may have teleported us to famous landmarks…

By the time everything ended, we said our goodbyes until…

“Momo Shirazaki is innocent.” (Angela)

Like a jolt surging through my veins,I stood still and took a while to understand what she meant. By the time I turned back, she was already gone. I even stretched my divine sense and still couldn’t pick anything up. Relying on my [Bonds of Connection], I thought I can find her but…

“It’s actually blocked...” (Lucas)

Right, it was as if our bond was severed...even if we only just met, we should still be considered as friends and there should be a bond there. Yet, it’s actually severed…

Just who is she?

After a while of thinking, I still couldn’t understand. I can only sigh and ask Trask to track her. Since she showed in TV, we can just track her from facial recognition and see who she is.

Calling Trask, I let him know the details and soon enough, he sent me a detailed report.

Angela Brye. She’s a Mapua student same as me and was actually a victim back in the Mapua incident before! More than that, she’s supposed to have died after that as she was kidnapped by some thugs later after the incident!

How can a dead person still be here? Was she sent to the special hospital or prison before and just got out then?

But...why is she still dead in the records? Either she’s with the [Dawnbringers] or…

The [Death Eaters]!

No way...did I just date someone from the [Death Eaters]!?

Wait, she said Momo is innocent, what does she mean by that?

Arghhh! Why did she have to make it so complicated!? Can’t she just tell me everything!?

“Right, next is to give a quote for [I’m Really a Superhero]. I already got him on the phone. Lucas? Hey, are you listening?” (Lily)

“Damn, what I’m Really a Superhero!? I can’t understand a thing! Am I still a superhero! It’s easier to just become a superstar!” (Lucas)

“Er...” (Lily)

[[Great idea! Why didn’t I think of that! I’m Really a Superstar sound better! Thanks!]]

“Huh? What? Who was that?” (Lucas)

Ugh, I was in the middle of thinking and was disturbed. What just happened?

“Uhh, that was the author of [I’m Really a Superhero]. Guess, he was satisfied with your answer, so...we’re free till 4:00 then?” (Lily)

“Huh? What? Author?” (Lucas)

“Lucas? What’s wrong? You seemed to be really stressed out?” (Lily)

“Sigh, I just don’t understand anymore...” (Lucas)

Sighing, I slumped down on the bench nearby and leaned back.

“Well then, just relax for a while. You need to rest your thoughts. We have about an hour of free time.” (Lily)

“An hour huh?” (Lucas)

Sigh, I guess Lily’s right, I need to rest my mind for a while. Otherwise, I will be too stressed to solve my problems later on.

For a while, we just sat there in silence with Lily leaning on my shoulder.

However, even though I said I’ll rest my mind, I still can’t stop thinking about it...there’s no other way then. There’s only one way to forget everything for a moment…

“Shall we mix some Lilynium and Lucasium then?” (Lucas)

“Pft, we have 45 minutes.” (Lily)

“We can do a lot in 45 minutes.” (Lucas)

I teleported us back to our house and did our business.

For this 45 minutes, I shall forget everything for a moment...

Author's Notes

Sorry for the super late post...I blame Pokemon, not really, I mean, I can't really play it here in the Philippines despite having the APK, which is illegal...well, I can't play it anyway so I lost a lot of motivation in doing anything...well, just a bit haha. I mean, come on, it's like going to a brothel, fully armed for combat, and suddenly find out your an eunuch...I read that line from somewhere but I can't remember...

Anyway, my depression on Pokemon Go aside. I am really too busy and stressed out in real life. From the finals week, to intern work, to my father's coming home from abroad, to him going back, to my mother's birthday, and to this damn storm, I am losing my time and motivation to write. Now, still have problems, but I managed to write this somehow.

Well, let's talk about the chapter. You probably guessed that Angela=Witch=Angela Brye already so I'll not talk about that.

The prison name, [Tartarus] was just made on the spot...

As for Shella...well, though she's part of the harem, she isn't really going to appear much...actually, I don't know what happened here, my hand just moved and typed and I am too sleepy to think clearly...

She's probably the youngest in the harem...wait, no, actually, Fen is the youngest since well, she just hatched from an egg...wait, is LucasXFen an incest?

Uhh, I'm starting to sleep talk.

Till the next chapter!

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    July 10th, 2016 at 06:03:50 PM

    Pokemon Go!
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    July 11th, 2016 at 05:44:59 AM

    Love the chapter.

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