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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 10: The Prankster
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: July 29th, 2016

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Chapter 10: The Prankster

2 years after Lucas’ disappearance, the world came to know of the existence of a certain person.

This person was neither good nor evil. Sometimes, she would be seen doing heroic actions, sometimes, she would be seen stealing or terrorizing a city, sometimes, people just think she’s plain annoying.

And so, she was given the name [Prankster].

As the name suggests, she is a prankster, only her pranks are not as simple as placing a bucket of water over your door, no, if she does it, then she would place a bucket of water on every door in the city.

Her pranks are simply in a whole new level, to the point where calling her a terrorist isn’t that far off.

No one dies of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is plain annoying.

This person’s name is Eve Klien Muller, aka [Alec]. Lucas had met her before when he was about to take revenge on his very first nemesis when he started off in WGO, but found her instead on top of that monster’s corpse so she became his target of revenge.

Like that, he defeated her and no longer cared. However, Alec still bears a grudge on him. After learning that Lucas went missing the past 2 years, she decided to vent her anger to the world...with her pranks.

“Nnngg~ Another day, another prank. What should I do today?” (Alec)

Alec got up her bed and lazily brushed her teeth while thinking what kind of mischief she should do now.

Lately she had gotten bored so she decided that she should make this one big and hilarious which was why she was having a hard time thinking of something.

“ about I install every car with a nitro boost which I can trigger remotely?...Nah, too dangerous.” (Alec)

Alec was, after all, not a bad person at heart. But still very annoying.

“Gum on everyone’s shoe?...Too boring.” (Alec)

“Last time, I switched every guy’s underwear with panties, should I change every girl’s panties to be briefs?...Nah, they would probably show the same reaction as before, that would be boring...” (Alec)

“How about I visit [Watervilet] and put graffiti in every painting and castle walls of that bastard?...Not like he’ll see it. Probably, by the time he comes back, the graffiti would have long been erased...” (Alec)

“...How about I broadcast a sex video on everyone’s phone and computer? Whose sex video though? Wait, I don’t even know how to do that...” (Alec)

“Ugh, I can’t think of any...I should just do the lottery!” (Alec)

Alec’s job is [Assassin] and [Forbidden Gambler]. The [Assassin] being the third rank of a [Thief] while the [Forbidden Gambler] being the fourth rank of the [Vendor].

Specifically, his rank ups went like this: Vendor > Peddler > Gambler > Forbidden Gambler.

[Peddler] actually branches out to the [Merchant] job if one is looking for a more business related job while the [Gambler] job is more luck oriented and could be used in battle.

Everyone believes that every job only has three ranks, however, Alec was the first person to achieve the impossible fourth rank and became a [Forbidden Gambler].

While it is clearly more powerful than the [Gambler] job, the risks and stakes are also higher.

“Right! It’s time to gamble!” (Alec)

Alec clapped her hands and hummed as she opened the door to her bathroom. There, a person was tied in the bathtub soaking wet, seemingly almost drowning.

This person was caught by Alec almost having raped a child so she brought him in and tortured him all night.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mnnnn!”

“Hush now. Don’t worry, I’m about to kill you now. Ah, but it won’t be painless and fast~” (Alec)

The man screamed in panic and tried to struggle but Alec just grabbed his head.

“[Point Conversion]!” (Alec)

Red light flowed out of the man and into Alec’s hand. The man struggled for a while but eventually stopped until he was completely lifeless.

Then, a red number showed up above him.


“Che, just 1264 points. I guess I can only do one lottery. [Forbidden Roulette]!” (Alec)


An illusory roulette appeared in front of Alec that spun rapidly and there was no time to read any of its contents at all.

The roulette was designed in a way that it covers most of the choices and the only hole is for the selected one so everything else is a mystery.

Alec even thinks that the contents are randomized so there was no way of knowing or expecting anything.

The roulette slowed down and stopped.

[Skill: Puddle Shift gain!]

“Ooh ohh! A skil! Let’s see here...gains the ability to turn into a puddle of water! Nice!...Like hell it is! What the heck!? What fucking shit luck is this!?” (Alec)

Alec complained and complained even though she knows that nothing will happen. Still, she complained.

This is a [Forbidden Gambler]. For a normal [Gambler], they convert money into lottery points in order to spin the roulette. But for a [Forbidden Gambler], they use anything to convert as lottery points, even life itself.

“Shit, this guy is seriously bad luck! Let’s see how much points his corpse is worth…[Point Conversion]!” (Alec)

The corpse disappeared on her touch and a red number was displayed on its place.


“Fuck, didn’t even reach 1000! Well, adding to what I already have, I can just barely make a thousand. Again! [Forbidden Roulette]!” (Alec)

The roulette spun.

[Skill: Puddle Shift lose!]

“$%^&*&^%$#@$%^&*&^%$%^&*!!!!!” (Alec)

To lose the skill she gained earlier even though the skill was shit...there was simply no words for it as Alec just snapped.

“Fuck this thing! You give me a shitty puddle transformation skill then you take it away!?” (Alec)

Irritated, Alec stormed out of her apartment and decided to look for more trouble.

Even though Alec is considered not a good person, she is also not a bad one and wouldn’t just take an innocent person’s life for her own use. This is why some people see her as a [Hero].

Of course, because of the troubles she always cause, more people think she’s not.

In the end, it just depends on how you view things.

Alec decided to buy some groceries first so she headed to the mall. On the way, she encountered quite a bit of puddles since it rained last night, causing her to snap every now and then.

That day, the whole city was cleaned, as if it had never rained in the first place!

It even got into the news saying it was a mysterious disappearance or that the rain last night might’ve been a hallucination or a work of a magician.

Never had anyone thought that the greatest prankster was responsible for cleaning up the city! After all, she’s a prankster! The [Prankster]!!! It was simply impossible to even connect the two!

That night, Alec got herself two bad guys to drain.

For the first time, she decided to think she experimented on them on which way can she gain the highest points.

Having tortured them, Alec used [Point Conversion] while focusing on their ‘despair’. And it worked!

Thinking that she can use emotions as points, she became excited, but then she noticed that after draining the despair of the two criminals, they both displayed odd behaviors.

“Why aren’t you guys screaming anymore?” (Alec)

“We don’t think we can get out of this at all, but we mustn't lose hope!”

“Yes! There is always hope!”

“...” (Alec)

Turns out, since they no longer despaired, they started thinking of hope…but, they’re still pessimistic so Alec decided to convert their ‘pessimism’ as well.

“Ahh! I can see it! We will definitely live through this!”

“Yes! I think I can steal our neighbor’s house next time! I’m definitely doing it!”

“...” (Alec)

Now, they’re optimistic and full of hope...but still bad guys…

But what if Alec converts their ‘evil thoughts’ as points?

“Angel! I see now, we are being saved by an angel!”

“Aii, I really did a lot of bad things! I shall turn myself in later!”

“...” (Alec)

Having rid of their ‘evil thoughts’ but still bearing their ‘sins’, Alec decided to convert that as well.

“Ah! I feel enlightened!”

“Like all my burdens are gone! Did I just became a buddha?”

“...” (Alec)

It can be said that Alec had successfully converted these two evildoers into the light side but...Alec glanced on the number of points she received which numbered around 30000 and had a thought.

Despair had given her about 3000, pessimism was around 2000, evil thoughts was about 4000, and sins was around 6000. And this is per person. All in all, these things gave her 15000 per person. So what about their counterparts? Hope, optimism, good thoughts, and great deeds?

Wouldn’t it give her the same amount as well?

Well, obviously, these two doesn’t have good thoughts or great deeds but she can still wring them out.

No matter what, one of them tried to assault an elderly and the other tried to rob his own parents’ money. Even if they both reached buddhahood now, they were still bad people in Alec’s eyes. And to these kinds of people…

Alec only have one thing on her mind.


“Ahh!! Hope...hope! I can’t see it! No, I see it! No! I can’t!”

“Noo! W-will we get out of here? No, we will!! We won’t!”

Having no despair or hope. Being pessimistic and optimistic. These two were already broken.

Next, Alec converted their ‘memories’ into points which turned them into vegetables who can’t even speak anymore.

The memories gave her a hundred points per year so with both of the guys being in their mid 30s, Alec got about 3500 per person.

Seeing their broken state, Alec finally converted their lives and corpse.

Total points was about 40000.

“40! I can do 40 spins! I’m rich!” (Alec)

Alec spun the roulette immediately.

[Stat: LUK - 10000!]

“#$%^&*(*&^%$#$%^&*(*&^” (Alec)

[Skill: Pervert Eyes gain!]

“Pervert eyes!? The hell...ability to see the a woman’s naked figure and her three sizes or a man’s naked figure and his...Fuck! Why do I even need this! If I want to see someone naked, I’ll just strip them myself! Spin again!” (Alec)

[Oops, try again!]

[Oops, try again!]

[Oops, try again!]

“Fuck!!!! This is already the 10th fucking time!” (Alec)

[Skill: World Destroyer gained!]

“OOOOHHH!!! FINALLY! What the hell is this OP skill! Ability to destroy worlds...mwahahahahahahaha! Again! Spin again!” (Alec)

[Skill: World Destroyer lose!]

“#$%^&*(*&^%$#@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@[email protected]#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*&^$%^&*(@(*^@%%^&*@*&#*()!)($*^%$^&*[email protected]$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Alec)

“F-fine! This goddamn thing wants to mess with me! Fine! One more! One more!!! I still have 26 tries more!!!” (Alec)

[Point: 25 lottery points lose!]

“WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK LUCAS FUCK!!!!???? This world hates me! It definitely hates me!!! Why is that bastard Lucas the one who’s always lucky!!!???” (Alec)

Alec spent the next 5 hours cursing and blaming Lucas for some reason.

Finally calming down, Alec willed herself to do the last spin.

The roulette spun rapidly and Alec was staring at it intently as if she’s going to destroy it if it didn’t stop in a good spot.

Finally, the roulette slowed down and...stopped.

[JACKPOT! You won 1 more life!]

“...” (Alec)

At first, when Alec saw the word ‘JACKPOT’, her eyes lit up in excitement. But then she read the following words…

“1 more life? Huh? Is this like, if I die, I get another try? What kind of retro game is this?” (Alec)

Alec frowned as she saw a heart icon on her upper right vision and recalled an old game.

“ could’ve been a lot worse. At least I didn’t lose a life instead...” (Alec)

Having thought so, Alec simply sighed in relief and decided to look for more points, err, bad guys to catch tomorrow.

Just two already gave her 40000 points!

“Maybe I should try being a full-time hero too...nah, I’m probably already in their wanted list...” (Alec)

Next day, Alec went out again to look for some trouble and happened to pass by a park.

There, she saw a little boy crying alone.

If it was before, Alec would’ve just ignored the kid or maybe even make fun of him but then she remembered she can convert emotions into points. So can’t she remove that kid’s ‘sadness’?

Thinking so, she touched the kid’s head and used [Point Conversion] as she focused on his sadness and instantly, she gained 500 points and the boy stopped crying.

“Tch-, just 500...” (Alec)

Looking at the small number, Alec clicked her tongue and left the kid. Not even knowing his reaction.

What she didn’t know was that the kid remembered her face and when he grew up, he will tell stories about the saint he met when he was a kid who removed all his pain and sadness away.

But that’s still in the future. Today, Alec is remembered as the woman who had brought hell on earth with her pranks.

Author's Notes

Sorry this took so long. I had another chapter 10 but decided that wasn't good when I was already halfway done so I rewrote another one...also, I'll be posting Volume 10: World Apocalypse prologue, and chapter 1 so it's 3 chapters! In a day! And it's not Sunday!

So I said, no Lucas here and you can actually ignore this chapter.

Till the next volume!

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