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Chapter 1 : Meeting between the Master and Apprentice


“School of Sorcery students are looking for me?” Daylight found it strange. Considering he had never made any friends enrolled in the School of Sorcery, why would someone from there be looking for him?

“Yeah, Daylight, I don’t know why they’re looking for you, hurry up and go deal with them.” The student who delivered the message seemed unhappy, as if the student was troubled that Daylight had anything to do with the School of Sorcery.

Daylight nodded. And with questions in his mind, headed towards the School of Knights’ lobby.

Along the way, he saw many School of Knight students whose faces were filled with disdain, and all of these students seemed to be walking out of the lobby.

What happened with Barbalis seemed to have caused more hatred towards the Sorcerers. All the Knights probably felt it was an insult for them to even be in the same lobby as Sorcerers.

With curiosity, Daylight stepped into the lobby. In the empty lobby, there were only three Sorcery students with long faces, the girl among them was already covered in tears, and she was constantly trying to wipe them off. Daylight widened his gaze, and was clueless at the situation at hand.

These three students are, of course, Kaiser, Purity, and Meinan. Kaiser kept pinching the skin on the back of Purity’s hand, and she couldn’t stop crying. Kaiser also stepped on Meinan’s foot repeatedly, and it looked crooked as a result. But Meinan couldn’t yell in pain, so he shook his head, and his face looked as if he was trying to hold back the pain.

“Mr. Daylight, sir, we finally have the pleasure to meet you.” Kaiser opened his arms and yelled, then he forcefully threw himself into Daylight’s arms, who was so surprised that he took several steps back, trying to escape Kaiser’s claws.

“What do you want with me?” Daylight took another few steps back, stopping only after he saw that Kaiser was no longer getting closer to him.

With a sad expression, Kaiser said as he was sobbing: “Mr. Daylight, sir, we’re actually here to talk to you because of the Paladin Lancelot’s only apprentice, Silver Mask.”

Daylight, who felt awkward that Kaiser was calling him “Mr. Daylight, sir”, asked hurriedly as soon as he heard “Silver Mask”:

“Silver Mask is looking for me? What’s up? Does he want another duel?” When he spoke of a duel, Daylight’s eyes lit up, as if he wanted to pull his weapon out at that very moment.

Kaiser covered his face, faked two sobbing sounds (even though he actually laughed), then wailed: “I’m afraid that Sir Silver Mask can never duel with you again!”

“Why? Is he unwilling to duel with me?” Daylight’s expression immediately changed.

“Not at all. Sir Silver Mask really wants to spar you again, but he was sent by the Paladin to punish evildoers.” Kaiser shook his head and sighed.

“Oh.” Daylight no longer worried, and said: “It’s good that he went to punish the evildoers, I’ll wait for him to come back.”

Seeing Daylight fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Kaiser laughed in his mind, but his face looked as if his dad died and his belongings were donated to the museum. Kaiser wailed as if he was crying in front of his dad’s grave:

“I’m afraid that Sir Silver Mask may never come back again.”

“What do you mean by that?” Daylight was shocked.

“We’ve received news that, Sir Silver Mask had fallen for the enemy’s trickery, and is now captured, his life is in grave danger! But there is nothing we can do, and we don’t even know where Sir Silver Mask is being held!”

Kaiser yelled hysterically, and then covered his face while crying, while looking at Daylight’s reaction through a crack between his fingers.

Hearing this news, Daylight was both shocked and worried. He then fell deep into thought, and then finally said to the three:

“Come with me.”

And then Daylight turned around and walked outside. He seemed he was so worried that his walking speed was blazingly fast.

Kaiser was elated as he glanced at Purity, who was speechless, and Meinan, who was in disbelief.

Kaiser then shook his head and said in a quiet voice: “Sigh, why did he fall for this so easily, that wasn’t even a bit challenging for me.”

Daylight, who had been tens of steps ahead, yelled:

“Hurry up, the situation with Silver Mask is dire, and it can’t wait any longer.”

Kaiser snickered as he followed.

* * *

“Let me explain to you, there exists a force that allows Dragons to sense each other. Along with it, Dragon Knights can also sense each other, though it’s not as strong of a connection as that between Dragons. So I should be able to sense where Silver Mask is, and if he brought his Dragon with him, even better.”

Daylight said, as he walked to a nearby field. He drew a magic circle in the air, and it flashed and expanded into the sky. And then with a flash of a flame, a fire Dragon had came out of the magic circle with a roar.

‘We all know about this, why else would we come looking for you…’ Kaiser and the others quietly thought.

Daylight lightly touched his trusted partner, and said: “Flames, the Knight we dueled is now in danger, I need you to find out where he is, is that okay?”

The fiery Dragon nodded, and then closed its eyes to concentrate on the search.

Daylight, Kaiser, and others all stared at the Dragon, who sometimes raised its head, sometimes breathed flames out of its nostrils, as if it were angry. Finally, the fiery Dragon opened its eyes, and then put its forehead against Daylight’s.

The fiery Dragon transmitted the images he saw to Daylight, who immediately took a deep breath, and his face was filled with anger and worry. He suddenly turned and look at Kaiser and the others:

“The situation with Silver Mask is very dire, I have to go save him immediately. You…”

Daylight looked at Kaiser and the others skeptically, thinking that their ability to fight was questionable.

“We have to save Silver Mask!” Purity answered without hesitation, and the same firm expression could be seen on Kaiser and Meinan’s faces.

“Fine, let’s go…” Daylight was interrupted by another voice in the middle of his sentence.

“What did you say happened to Silver Mask?” Lanski stood with a pale face on the edge of the field.

Ever since she heard “Silver Mask” back in the lobby, Lanski had hurriedly followed them, but she didn’t expect to hear Silver Mask’s obituary. Now the only thing that resounded in her mind was what Daylight had said:

“The situation with Silver Mask is very dire”…

“Knight Lanski?” Daylight was surprised, then he explained truthfully:

“Because of a mission on behalf of the Paladin, Silver Mask unfortunately, has been captured. Now he is bathed in his own blood, and restrained by heavy chains within a cage.”

“What?!” Hearing this news, Lanski suddenly felt dizzy. Kaiser and the others were also surprised — they had never imagined that the situation with Liola would’ve gone this bad.

“The situation I saw was terrible, and it can’t wait any longer. We have to go help him immediately.” Daylight said with seriousness.

“I am going, too!” Lanski and the other three all said at the same time.

Daylight nodded. After jumping onto Flames’ back elegantly, he said to the others:

“Jump up, we will go directly to Silver Mask.”

With light steps, Lanski flew up the Dragon’s back, but Kaiser and others clumsily climbed up the back.

The three of them were both skeptical and terrified, because they all had an unpleasant experience with riding Dragons. Of course, the one who gave them that experience was none other than Baolilong.

Without waiting for them to get used to it, Daylight had already commanded the fire Dragon to take off, and impatiently urged the Dragon to fly faster.

Kaiser and the others feared for their lives, and each held tightly onto the person in front of them. Meinan grabbed Kaiser, Kaiser hugged Purity’s waist, and Purity had almost broken Daylight’s neck. Only Lanski sat beside Daylight, and constantly yelling, “Faster, faster.”

Daylight had no choice but to unwrapped Purity’s arms from his neck, while urging the fire Dragon to fly faster. He took the chance to breathe, so he wouldn’t die before they even get there.

* * *

Since he had time, Liola, who had never really liked to contemplate, began to think. Should he end his life like this, or should he join Miluo?

For some reason Liola thought that the former option was more attractive to him than the latter. Liola sighed, blaming his bad habit of unable to decide, and then asked:

“Baolilong, do you wish for me to join sides with your papa?”

Baolilong, however, wept: “Where is Purity? Baolilong wants meat-meat.”

Liola was quiet. He was blaming himself because to was his careless mistakes that made Baolilong hungry for three days.

At this time,the sound of footsteps came from behind the door, and a man with long, white beard walked through the door. He had a sinister smile on his face. Anyone would have loved to punch his front teeth.

“Young master’s master, have you made your decision?” The white bearded old man asked courteously.

Liola remained quiet and felt disgusted. He then said plainly:

“Kill me if you want, and remember to tell Miluo to help Baolilong find a good master.”

The old man probably didn’t imagine for Liola to give such an answer.

He hurriedly said: “Wait, are you sure you don’t want to give it some more consideration? Think about it some more, we aren’t in a hurry. How about we give you three more days?”

“I don’t need to think about it. Kill me now.” Liola replied coldly.

If they were forced to go hungry for three more days, perhaps Baolilong would start eating the only food it could reach — Baolilong’s new dad, and unfortunately, that would be Liola.

“Papa!” Baolilong immediately started to struggle, and yelled loudly: “No! Baolilong doesn’t want another papa! White fur isn’t allowed to kill Papa, or else Baolilong will eat you!”

Hearing the contradicting answers from the man and the Dragon, the old man’s face went pale, and said as he trembled:

“Young master’s master, think about it some more, I beg of you. I still have to go with Master Miluo as he conquers the world, and I can’t be eaten by the young master here.”

“I don’t need to think about it! Do it now.” Liola replied coldly for the third time.

“You may not, Baolilong will eat you!” Baolilong emitted a paltry but terrifying growl.

Being forced by both sides, the old man’s red lips, which were buried inside his beard, cried as he ran out the door:

“Wooo, you guys are mean, I don’t want to play with you anymore, wahh!”

Liola was speechless as he watched the old man run out, and Baolilong innocently sobbed in his arms: “Papa, Baolilong is hungry.”

“Hmm, let’s go out.” Liola’s eyes flashed. With three days of rest, Liola had already used his Ki to heal most of his wounds, so all that remained were mostly scratches, though it was still hard to tell with all his external wounds.

He had originally planned to trick the old geezer into opening the cage to kill him, but he was unwilling to do so.

Liola thought it was regretful, so all he could do was fight head on with this cage of unknown powers. Liola tightened his Ki, and all the muscles in his body contracted. It was as if Liola had suddenly went down a dress size, and the tight chains before were now hanging on his body loosely.

With a slip of his body, Liola got out of the chains, but he still deftly held onto the chains. He examined the energy on the cage carefully.

As a habit, Liola tried to reach for the Broken Silver in his boot, but it was completely empty. Liola wasn’t surprised. He grabbed a metal chain and threw it against the cage. The instant the two touched, a strange cyan smoke emanated.

Liola pulled the chain back and realized a corner of the chain had completely melted. Liola grabbed even more chains, and spun it around him. He threw the chains, which now looked like a sphere of metal, and it dented a corner in the cage.

Liola kicked it hard. Because the metal chains had cushioned his foot from the cage, his foot did not end up melting, and a bar on the cage broke off. Liola slipped sideways, and perfectly escaped from the cage.

“Papa, can we eat now?” Though there were no more chains, Baolilong still held on tightly onto papa’s chest, its little head raised and pitifully asked Liola.

“Wait.” Liola decided to finish this, otherwise he may never be at peace again. Besides, Broken Silver was still in hands of those Sorcerers, so there was no way Liola could just leave.

Liola walked like a cat through the hallway, following the direction the old man departed in. He heard loud noises of people debating from afar.

Liola found the source of the sound without much trouble — there was a half-opened door on the hallway, where beams of light were emitted. Liola shadow-stepped to the back of the door, and peeked through an eye to observe.

* * *

“What do we do now? Young master’s master is not willing to join Miluo’s faction.” The white-bearded old man asked the other Sorcerers helplessly. They were the people who abducted Liola the other day.

“Kill him.” One of the young Sorcerers said coldly.

“But Master Miluo said to invite him to the faction at all costs. He is indeed a strong person and could be quite an asset to Master Miluo.” Another Sorcerer, whose age looked similar to the white-bearded old man, had a different opinion.

“But he isn’t willing to join! We should kill him, and then bring the young master back.” The young Sorcerer rebutted intensely.

The white-bearded old man put on a long face and said: “The young master said that it will eat whomever that kills Liola. So which one of you is going to volunteer to kill Liola?”

As soon as that was said, even the young Sorcerer immediately sat down. Everyone frowned, and some murmured:

“But we can’t possibly bring such a large cage back to the base, especially since Barbalis and the Dark Knight have already noticed that Liola is missing. Before long, they will definitely find this place since it isn’t too far from Aklan Academy.”

* * *

They can’t kill, and they can’t not kill. Their situation was so pitiful that even Liola shook his head for them.

However, the reason Liola shook his head was because he couldn’t understand why Miluo would send a bunch of idiots to catch him. What put him off even more was he was actually captured by these idiots. It was quite a burning shame.

“Papa, can Baolilong eat them?” Baolilong looked at the people inside, as if he saw many, many pieces of meat lying there Baolilong’s mouth watered.

This terrifying sentence acted almost like a bomb thrown into the room. Every Sorcerer jumped up from their seats as if their butt was on fire, grabbed their staves and pointed at the door. Though no matter how fast the Sorcerers were, they were no match for the Assassin’s speed.

Liola had already slipped into the room before Baolilong had said anything. And when they stood up, all they felt was the numbness on the back of their necks. A pair of cold, silver eyes appeared before the white-bearded man, and a colder-than-normal hand (because he hadn’t eaten for three days!) held his throat.

“Young master… ‘s master, h-how did you escape?”

As the old man asked, the Sorcerers standing behind Liola all fell to the ground at the same time. He knew that there was absolutely no way for him to even use half a spell before Liola hits him unconscious. So all he could do was tremble as he surrender life in Liola’s hands.

“You underestimate me far too much.” Liola said calmly.

The old man laughed bitterly: “I think so, too. Are you going to kill all of us?”

Liola replied coldly: “No. I want you to go tell Miluo, as long as he doesn’t cause me any trouble, I won’t join the Dragon Emperor’s faction. If he continues to interfere in my life, then I will go directly with Blood Wolf to the Dragon Continent.”

“Understood.” The white-bearded man was still laughing bitterly. The punishment for not finishing his mission will be severe, but he was already extremely grateful that his life was spared.

“My weapon?” Liola asked coldly.

The old man slowly took Broken Silver out of his long robe, and handed it to Liola. After Liola received Broken Silver, he pulled his hand away from the old man’s throat, and then turned to yell at Baolilong: “Baolilong, don’t eat that. Let’s go eat hotpot.”

Baolilong opened its mouth, though it was somewhat unwilling to release the young Sorcerer’s hand it had been chewing on.

Baolilong climbed onto Liola’s back, and cheerfully yelled “Hotpot, hotpot!”
Liola looked at the old man and said: “Now, get out!”

The old man was scared by Liola’s cold tone. He used his staff and floated his unconscious colleagues into the air, and then threw them inside a door labeled “Garbage Recycling”.

Liola raised his eyebrows, and the old man hurriedly explained: “This is a disguised escape door. Now then, young master’s master, may we meet again…”

Liola glanced at him coldly and the old man immediately corrected himself: “No no, may we NEVER meet again. Farewell.”

As the man said his parting words, he, too, jumped into the garbage recycling door, and things like “ow my head” could be heard from the door.

Having finally taken care of everything, Liola turned to leave this baffling place and the incomprehensible situation about becoming a Prince.

Liola suddenly caught a weapon flying through the air with a soft whistling sound. He then side-stepped to dodge another fatal kunai [throwing knife], and what followed it was a series of ten other kunais.

Liola was surprised to see the knives, ‘Why did these knives look so familiar…’

With a swinging kick, Liola swept away all the kunais. Whoever threw them didn’t seem to learn. The kunais still flew towards Liola like snowflakes in a snowstorm. Liola, of course, dodged or swept away all the kunais. His body was so agile that it was as if he was dancing.

“Long time no see, Master, your skills are still very fascinating. It’s never tiring to watch you.” Yasha appeared from the shadows, and she took off the heavy black cloak she had on, which revealed her attractive body, wearing only a red-hot tube top and a mini skirt. Yasha flung her red-hot hair, and a pair of green eyes stared at Liola.

“It WAS you, Yasha.” Liola said lightly, he was uncertain why she suddenly appeared here after being missing for so long, and he actually didn’t notice her being there. Could it be that in a short month, her stealth abilities improved so much that even Liola didn’t notice?

“Yo, Master, I haven’t seen you for a month, and you already seem more talkative than before.” Yasha laughed seductively. With her long legs and heels, she was getting closer to Liola step by step.

“Why are you here?” Liola took a few steps back. The reunion between master and apprentice should be a touching scene, but when you’re an Assassin, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from your own apprentice.

Seeing Liola backed up alarmingly, Yasha stopped, and her eyes showed dissatisfaction. With a strong tone she said: “Why do you have to ask? Of course I’m here to defeat you.”

“I’m not the best Assassin in this world, even if you beat me you won’t be the best Assassin.” Liola stated as a matter of fact.

Yasha’s face sank, and her beautiful face seemed dark. With a cold voice she said:

“Who cares about being the best Assassin. Now as long as I take care of you, I will be a princess.” Then, she returned to her lazy tone:

“Master, your net worth keeps going up. Even as your apprentice I get quite a bit of benefits~.”

“Yasha, you don’t want to go back to our original world?”

Liola was filled with doubt. It was understandable for him to not go back, because Liola didn’t want to be constantly chased by Assassins. But Yasha was the leader’s daughter, in that world, wind and rain were practically at her command, could she really not want to go back?

“Go back?” Yasha’s face sank again, her eyes flashed a sense of sadness, but then she immediately said with a sinister smile:

“I have to at least kill you before I go back, Master.”

But Liola didn’t think much of it. She had probably said she wanted to kill him over a thousand times. Ever since she became his apprentice, she probably averaged at ten times a day. Plus, she tried to assassinate him once a day, every day of the week, and she used different methods everyday. Liola thought that the reason why he was so vigilant, was at least half due to Yasha’s frequent assassination attempts.

“You have somewhere to go?” Liola asked.

Yasha seemed somewhat disturbed: “Yep.”

Liola nodded, then without any desire to fight, he turned around to leave. He didn’t care how much Yasha yelled “stop” or other threats behind him.

It was always like this! Yasha bit on her red lower lip, and her clenched her fists tightly. Yasha pulled out two silver guns from her skirt, and pointed them at Liola.

“Halt!” Yasha said coldly.

Liola stopped, and asked without turning his head: “What is it?”

“I asked you, which side will you join?” Yasha held the guns, and asked threateningly.

Liola answered directly: “Neither.”

“Then, do me a favor and go to hell!” Yasha held the guns, and the muzzle had lit up with a bright light. Liola was familiar with this light, every time before Kaiser fired, his gun also emitted light like this.

Liola was just about to open his mouth to tell his apprentice not to do something so reckless, but a familiar voice was yelling:

“Silver Mask, Silver Mask! We’re here to save you. We’re here with Daylight and Lanski to save you!”

“How did Kaiser find me?”

Liola’s mouth kept twitching, he didn’t know if he should feel touched that Kaiser found people to save him, or complain that they should mind their own business. But Liola had no chance to complain. He instantly took off his gray robe, and then put on a silver mask.

Yasha observed with a curious expression. She had never seen her master wear anything but black or gray, much more, a silver-lined white uniform (though now it looked red), and he even wore a strange mask:

“Master, what are you doing?”

“Silver Mask where are you?” Kaiser put on an act and yelled loudly.

Liola had already understood why Kaiser had put in so much effort in screaming the words “Silver Mask”.

Kaiser was afraid that Liola’s true identity would be known by Daylight and Lanski from the School of Knights. So he yelled ‘Silver Mask’ and hope that Liola would hear it, thus letting him transform in time.

“Stay there and don’t move.” Liola commanded his apprentice, and Yasha really did put down the guns and stood still.

Liola was originally going to tell them that he had already escaped, but he lowered his head, and saw that Baolilong was still in his arms. Liola’s face sank, and said immediately to Baolilong: “Baolilong, hurry and transform to a Dragon.”

Baolilong stared at Liola with its big, pink eyes: “Big Dragon or small Dragon?”


Liola didn’t want Baolilong to turn into a big Dragon and ram its head into the ceiling, then try to rush into his arms while crying. A ten-meter Dragon ramming its head into his chest wouldn’t be a pleasant thing.

Baolilong obeyed and started transforming. Before long, the cute child had already turned into a majestic little Dragon. Liola then asked Baolilong to follow him. He opened the door, and kept a pose unique to Knights: raised jaw, straightened back, elegant yet proud.

Liola followed the hallway towards the source of the sound. He turned a corner, and ran into the fixe backups. The five people were stunned as soon as they saw Liola.

“You…” Kaiser narrowed his eyes: “Aren’t you bathed in blood… Okay, there is plenty of blood on you, but why aren’t you chained and locked in a cage, and almost dying?”

How did Kaiser know his situation? The curious Liola still said coldly: “I escaped.”

“Silver Mask, h-how are you?” Lanski heard what Kaiser said, and suddenly realized that the white uniform on Liola’s body was practically red. Lanski suddenly felt a pain in her heart, and quickly asked how his wounds were.

“I feel…” Liola showed a heavy expression.

Everyone seemed worried at what Liola may say. But…

“Very hungry.” Liola solemnly stated his feelings.

Everyone fell to the ground…

Kaiser gave Liola a death glare and then yelled: “Who the hell cares if you’re hungry?! We’re asking about your wounds!”

As if he just found out that he was injured and bleeding, Liola lowered his head and looked at his bloodied clothes and then calmly said: “I’m fine.”

Kaiser shook his head in disbelief:

“You must be related to earthworms, even if you’re cut into 8 segments you won’t die. Next time if Bao… your Dragon gets hungry, you should just feed it meat from your body, because you will grow it back anyway, and it saves money.”

Purity and Meinan, who had both seen the severity of Liola’s wounds after his fight with Miluo, were worried at what Kaiser said. They wondered if Liola could be injured so much that only his skeleton remains, and he was still able to calmly say that he’s fine.

However, Daylight and Lanski didn’t see it that way. To them, the Silver Mask wearing bloodied clothes, with a tired expression (but it’s actually because he hadn’t eaten for three days) didn’t look okay at all.

“Silver Mask, are you really okay?”

Lanski worried and walked up to Liola. She touched the 30 cm wound on Liola’s chest. Though it was no longer bleeding, the wound was still terrifying. Then Lanski touched the wound on Silver Mask’s shoulders, and looked at many of the other wounds. Lanski felt several heavy blows to her heart. The strong girl she had always been was actually starting to cry.

“This Liola guy is really lucky with women.” Kaiser shook his head, but he didn’t really care about Liola’s luck.

However, having spent almost a month with Liola, Kaiser knew that this luck with women could easily turn into tendency to get into trouble.

Kaiser only hoped the troubles this time wouldn’t involve him. With him and Liola, the problems could only get bigger.

“They look quite a couple. Knight and Princess are best together, just like in fairy tales.” Purity engrossed herself in a fairy tale, but this is the part where the villainess usually appears, and then…

“Get your dirty hands off him!” Two silver guns appeared on Liola’s shoulder, and they were pointed at Lanski.

At the same time, Daylight’s flashing sword was also appeared at Yasha’s long neck, and he warned: “Put down the guns.”

So the situation was as follows:

Lanski’s hand was on Liola’s chest, Yasha was standing behind Liola, with her guns resting on Liola’s shoulders, pointing at Lanski.

Daylight stood behind Lanski, with a long sword reaching over Lanski and Liola’s arm, resting on Yasha’s shoulder.

As for the three other people, they were more than five meters away, and Meinan had already put up countless layers of shielding. Purity was cheerfully watching the fairy tale story unfold, and Kaiser was sitting there eating popcorn.

Oh, of course, and there was the hungry Baolilong ramming at the shield from outside. It was drooling as it looked at the popcorn in Kaiser’s hand… or perhaps just Kaiser’s hand.

“Take your dirty hands off of my Master!” Yasha said as if she didn’t notice there’s a sword on her shoulder, and stared Lanski’s beautiful yet strangely familiar face.

“Point your guns away from the princess!” Daylight also yelled.

“Who is she?” Lanski seemed to be unhappy. She instinctively hated the beautiful redhead, and she wasn’t willing to remove her hand from Liola’s chest.

Facing such a messy situation, Liola speechlessly looked at Kaiser, and his eyes were screaming for help. But Kaiser seemed to be enjoying Liola’s misfortune, and continued eating his popcorn.

Purity was still euphoric in her fairy tale dream. Perhaps the only person here who knew anything about sandwiched between two women would be Meinan, but unfortunately, he wasn’t much help either.

Without Kaiser’s backup, Liola had to save himself. With a flash, he escaped from the sandwich. Without Liola being the insulating middle part, the eyes of the two women met, and it was as if lightning appeared before them.

‘What is this! Wearing a Knight’s uniform? Not feminine at all. And that face, it was identical to Anise’s, no wonder Master would be enthralled by her…’

Yasha angrily stared at Lanski’s beautiful cream hair, and couldn’t help but show jealousy in her eyes.

‘Red-hot wavy hair, and lipsticks bright as a rose. Plus she’s wearing such tight top, with such a short skirt… Silver Mask wouldn’t like a girl like that, right?’

Lanski held herself back from commenting on Yasha’s beautiful long legs.

“Yasha, put the guns down.” Liola said condemningly.

Hearing Liola’s commands, Yasha unwillingly put down her guns, then unhappily said:

“Master, are you really going to let this woman touch you like that?!”

“I’m worried about Silver Mask’s wounds.” Lanski blushed, realizing how unlady-like her actions were. But Lanski didn’t want to appear weak in front of the other woman, so she forced out a reason.

“Caring about his wounds? Hmph!” Yasha grunted contemptuously, and then added casually: “You were obviously taking advantage of Master, you shameless slut.”

“What did you say?!” Lanski pulled her sword out angrily: “You may not insult me.”

“Your shame turned into anger just because I’m right~?” Yasha said mockingly.

“You…” Lanski was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and had forgotten all the rules of a duel. She angrily took hold of her sword and took a jab towards Yasha.

Yasha, whose favorite pastime was making people angry, was obviously prepared. Her guns formed a cross and blocked the sword, and her long leg used this opportunity to sneak an attack at Lanski.

Lanski barely dodged this kick, and her rage grew more. These two women immediately fell into a fight.

Although a cat fight between two gorgeous women would normally be a welcoming thing to watch, this scene gave two men a headache.

Daylight put away his sword, and frowned: “Since Princess Lanski was the one to attack first, then it should count as a duel. I won’t intervene.”

“Hey, Silver Mask, do you think your apprentice will win, or the princess?” Kaiser was extremely excited, and he even wanted to have a bet with Meinan next to him.

However, Meinan was too nervous about the two beauties fighting each other. He was afraid that their faces might even be scratched even just a tiny bit, and thus damaging their beauty. He was so nervous that he forgot to maintain his shields, let alone have bets with Kaiser.

“Kaiser, what would you use for a wager?” Purity thought it was strange, since she remembered that Kaiser was so poor that the only person poorer than him would be Liola, who had nothing because he was from another world.

Kaiser seriously thought about it: “Then I will wager Liola. He’s currently worth a lot.”

“Liola-dage is the wager? Then Purity will bet with you!” Purity’s glasses flashed, and she started observing the fight between the two beauties, trying to figure out who had better odds of winning.

Meinan took a second to advise the two gambling addicts: “Are you sure it’s a good idea to wager ‘Liola’ in front of ‘Silver Mask’…?”

“What’s not good about it? Even if I lose him to Purity, then he might even be happy to have left me!” Kaiser snapped.

‘That goes without saying!’ Liola thought in response, as he watched the two women fight.

“This fight really is exciting. Princess Lanski actually lives up to her name and the fact that she has already reached Blue Rank, and the opposing woman can’t be overlooked either. Her moves are very agile. This is a Knight’s duel worthy of cheering.” Daylight examined both women’s martial arts, and even praised them.

Hearing Daylight’s conclusion, then turning to see the two women, Kaiser said accurately: “If two women escalating jealousy into a catfight counts as a Knightly duel, then my pillow fight with Baolilong should be called the Brave Hero vs. the Evil Dragon.”

“Can we just ignore those two women and go eat first?” Kaiser pointed at Baolilong:

“Look, this Dragon even ate the plastic bag that held my popcorn, if we don’t go eat soon, I think we seriously have to go up against ‘Hungry Dragon’.”

[T/N: Evil Dragon and Hungry Dragon in this context sounds identical in Chinese, so the author was trying to make a pun here.]

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Chapter 2 : Six Forbidden Sins


On the table, there were two people eating without a care in the world… Well, technically, there was one, and that would be Kaiser, while the other one was a Dragon, Baolilong.

Silver Mask, who was just as hungry as the others, was still chewing slowly as always. The way Daylight ate was more chic, following a Knight’s manners to be generous and elegant.

When Purity had eaten a couple of bites, she then took her food and fed it to Baolilong. As for Meinan, he was smiling so much, he almost had facial muscle cramps. He was desperately trying to lighten the mood between the two beautiful women.

“Princess Lanski, why don’t you eat something? You used a lot of energy just now, you’re probably hungry, right?” Meinan said as he put up a plate of salad before Lanski.

Meinan then turned around and put a plate in front of Yasha: “Beautiful lady, why don’t you eat something too? Don’t starve yourself.”

Yasha’s expression changed. She slammed the table and she yelled: “Why did you give her food before me? Are you looking down on me? Do you think lowly of me compared to her?”

“No, I don’t mean that at all.” Meinan was surprised, and immediately apologized.

“So in other words, you think that my social standing is the same as this unknown woman’s?” Lanski said coldly.

“No no no! I don’t mean that either…” Meinan turned his head to answer Lanski.
“You dare to look down on me?” Yasha yelled angrily.
“No, I would never dare to!” Meinan wailed again.

Seeing was Meinan in a difficult position, Liola remembered he was still friends with Meinan, so with a grim tone, he yelled. “Yasha!”

Hearing the master’s yell, Yasha pouted and sat down. She took a plate and angrily stabbed a piece of meat with a fork. As she ate, she stared at Lanski, and chewed it angrily as if the meat was Lanski.

Lanski’s face was cold and calm, and she did not react to Yasha’s provocation. On the contrary, Lanski ate small bites nobly and elegantly.

“Silver Mask, why aren’t we going to the healing center to treat your wounds, instead of coming here to eat? Are you sure you’re okay?” Daylight put down his silverware, and looked worriedly at the Silver Mask’s wounds.

“It’s fine. My wounds are mostly healed. There are only minor injuries remaining.” Liola answered straightforwardly.

Daylight thought about it for a moment and said in understanding: “Looks like you, Silver Mask, are worthy to be Paladin Lancelot’s apprentice. You even mastered the healing magic unique to Paladins, and cured such serious injuries.”

Kaiser quietly murmured:

“This guy isn’t anywhere near worthy to be Lancelot’s apprentice. Everyday he talks about some Assassin’s guide, and he can’t even feel magic elements. Good thing he learnt how to summon a Dragon, otherwise he couldn’t even be a fake Dragon Knight.”

“What?” Daylight frowned. He couldn’t hear Kaiser’s mosquito-like voice.

“Nothing, I was praying before a meal.” Kaiser said with a straight face, pretending that it wasn’t strange to pray before a meal, even though he already has more than ten empty plates stacked up in front of him.

Although Daylight found it weird, he wasn’t familiar with Sorcerers, so he assumed all Sorcerers prayed during their meals.

After eating quietly for a while, Lanski could no longer hold back to urge to ask: “Silver Mask, why does this woman keep calling you Master? What’s your relationship with her?”

‘Master-Apprentice relationship, duh… she already called him “Master”’.

Kaiser and others thought in their minds. However, to prevent the situation similar to Meinan from recurring, the three of them buried their faces in their bowls, even though they were all ears.

“She’s my apprentice.” Liola answered simply. At the same time he frowned when he saw the ground near Baolilong was covered with food. He used telepathy to express his discontent.

Baolilong’s eyes looked at Liola as if it Liola had wronged him, and took small bites of meat from its plate.

“Apprentice?” Lanski seemed to be eased yet worried at the same time.

She hurriedly ask again: “S-so how old are you?”

‘Could he be really old?’ Lanski glanced at the mask again. Being a Silver ranked Knight, he should be at least 40 to 50. But no matter how Lanski looked, she thought that Liola didn’t look a day past 30.

“25.” Liola replied again as a matter of fact.

“25? How is that possible?!” Lanski and Daylight were in shock.

Being a Silver ranked Knight at the age of 25, it was practically unfathomable.

Lanski had just achieved Blue rank at the age of 20, while Daylight had begun to show glimpse of silver aura mixed with his blue aura.

These two were already considered to be prodigies amongst all prodigies. If Liola had really reached Silver rank at 25, he would be the youngest Silver Knight in history.

“What’s shocking about that? Master IS 25 years old.” Yasha taunted.

She was proud to be the an apprentice of such a gifted Master, but at the same time she was jealous at his talent.

“Same age as I am.”

Daylight couldn’t avoid being discouraged. He had originally thought he was the rare genius, so he couldn’t imagine the person in front of him to be even more talented. But it also meant he had to work harder, so he lifted his spirits back up.

“Wait, then how could you be her master? What is your real relationship?”

Lanski observed Yasha as she asked Liola. No matter how she looked, she felt Yasha was probably around 25 as well. How could people of the same age be in a master-apprentice relationship?

Liola frowned. He realized that if he started explaining this, then there was no way to hide his real identity. He replied: “I don’t want to say.”

He couldn’t have imagined how much jealousy this caused. Yasha laughed jauntily, and Lanski’s face sank. She said: “If you don’t want to say it, fine. You have the right to remain silent!”

Hearing this, Liola nodded and really wasn’t planning to say anything else.

Lanski had no idea that Liola would really act that way, so she assumed Yasha and Liola really had some unspeakable secrets.

Vexed, Lanski couldn’t restrain herself: “No! You have to tell me.”

Liola frowned, he couldn’t understand why Lanski’s attitude was so volatile. He repeated the same reply as before: “I don’t want to say.”

Lanski was furious, and she yelled: “Fine, then don’t ever tell me!”

She threw her silverware on the table and, without looking at Liola or Yasha, lifted her head and walked out the door. On the way out, she slammed the door shut.

Liola stared at the door for a moment, and asked cluelessly: “Is she mad?”

“What, you thought she left happily?” Meinan said in disbelief. He couldn’t imagine that Liola could be this dense.

“Why is she mad?” Liola couldn’t understand.
“Because some idiot’s brain is filled with mud.” Kaiser replied coldly.

“Li… Silver Mask-dage would score zero in a class of Romance.” Even Purity sighed and shook her head in disbelief.

Yasha put both of her hands on her hips and asked: “Master, why do they call you Silver Mask? You obviously are called Li…”

Before she finished, everyone had covered her mouth. She blinked with her long eyelashes, and her arms flailed around, struggling.

Everyone glanced at Daylight. Kaiser walked in front of him and said:

“We’re very grateful that you came with us to save Silver Mask. But now, we have to discuss some School of Sorcery secrets, do you think that…” Kaiser purposely showed Daylight an awkward expression.

Daylight was briefly stunned, then he understood: “Ah, all right, then I shouldn’t stay around. Silver Mask, I’m glad you’re okay, and I hope that one day I will have another chance to duel with you.”

Daylight touched his chest with his right arm, and gave a Knight’s salute to Silver Mask. He then followed Lanski’s footsteps and left.

“Such a chivalrous guy, so easily fooled. Looks like I have to get to know him more, so I can frequently take advantage of him in the future.” Kaiser laughed sinisterly, and this evil laugh made Meinan and Purity both pray for Daylight.

At this time, Yasha finally broke free. She yelled: “Let go! What the hell are you guys doing?”

“Because you were about to say Liola’s name out loud! That’s a gigantic secret around here. And if people know it, then Liola and I would be in deep trouble.” Kaiser threatened.

“You shut up, little kid!” Yasha said as she poked Kaiser’s forehead. Unfortunately, Yasha stood tall at 176cm with heels (approx. 5’9”), and the pitiful Kaiser was only 168cm (approx. 5’6”), not to mention he couldn’t wear heels. The difference in height made Yasha feel justified for calling Kaiser a little kid.

“Oh? Fine, I’ll shut up. Don’t get so angry, it’s causing your wrinkles to show, auntie!” Kaiser seemed like he didn’t care.

Round one, Kaiser wins!

After falling to the ground from receiving such a blow, Yasha grabbed Meinan’s mirror desperately checking for any sign of wrinkles.

No matter how she looked, she could only see a pair of attractive, electrified eyes, and no wrinkles!

Yasha sighed in relief and then resumed her previous jaunty look. She’s a natural beauty, how could she possibly have wrinkles at 27?!

“Yasha, after you left Kaiser’s home, where did you go?”

Liola’s tone was still cold, but to Yasha, who was used to having her master being completely indifferent, asking her for her whereabouts was unusually caring. She almost wondered if the person in front of her really was her master.

It made Yasha uncomfortable. The Liola before her wasn’t the master she was familiar with. The person that Yasha worshipped was a merciless Assassin, but could his heart have been defrosted?

“This doesn’t concern you, does it, master?” Yasha purposely gave an apathetic reply, and then she secretly glanced at Liola.

Yasha was hoping to hear the familiar cold tone, but all Liola did was remained expressionless and nodded, which made her very disappointed.

“I went to this world’s Assassin organization!” Yasha turned her head to answer.

To a stranger like Yasha, the only way she could survive in this world was to find places familiar to her, such as the Assassin organization.

Coincidentally, she actually got ahold of information regarding Liola there. With some hesitation, she looked at Liola and said:

“Master you should be careful. Someone hired the Six Forbidden Sins to kill you.”

Upon hearing the name, Meinan’s expression suddenly changed. His hands were trembling so much, he almost dropped the mirror he held in his hands.

But the name of the organization didn’t affect Liola much, and all he did was frown slightly.

‘Someone wanted to kill him? Who could it be? Was it Miluo?’

Liola nodded at Yasha: “I understand.”

Yasha’s face blushed, and suddenly stood up to yell:

“Don’t think for a second that it’s because I care about you! I’m afraid if you get killed, I’d end up in serious trouble, understand? Otherwise I wouldn’t care whether you live or not!”

‘Yeah right!’ Everyone knew Yasha’s mouth didn’t match what’s in her heart at all. Well, everyone except the unromantic Liola.

Liola simply nodded his head and said: “I understand.”

Yasha’s mood… was practically identical to Lanski’s who had just burst out the door. She was almost grinding her teeth at Liola’s bluntness.

Yasha stomped her feet a few times and said: “Anyhow, you are only allowed to die by my hands!”

Yasha stomped a few more times, but saw Liola was not going to respond. Her face turned completely red, and she turned to kick the door open.

Liola had made yet another woman leave…

“Your apprentice is quite strange. On one hand, she says she’s going to kill you, on the other, she obeys your every command.” Kaiser said as he shook his head.

“It’s an Assassin’s principle. Killing one’s own master indicates they are ready to graduate. If one’s master is killed by someone else, then they must avenge their master by killing the killer before they can graduate.” Liola stated emotionlessly.

Ever since the day Yasha became his apprentice, she had constantly tried to kill him.

“Then who the hell wants apprentices? You have to teach them then get killed by them.” Kaiser touched his neck, and felt lucky he didn’t have an apprentice.

Thinking about Yasha’s warning, Liola hesitated and asked: “What is the Six Forbidden Sins?”

“Six Forbidden Sins?!” Kaiser acted as if he had been shocked by ten thousand volts of electricity, his body straightened, and it wasn’t until now that his mind registered what Yasha had said before.

He pulled his hair in agony and said:

“My god, Mizerui and Barbalis, King of Dragons plus Dragon Emperor, Paladin plus Dark Knight, and now we have Six Forbidden Sins? Damn! Liola you practically messed with every strong person in this world. Wahhh, we’d have a better chance of living if we pit ourselves against Mizerui!”

“What exactly is Six Forbidden Sins?” Liola asked again impatiently.

Kaiser cleared his throat as he grabbed Purity’s large glasses. He put them on, and started lecturing as if he were a professor:

“This world has countless Assassin organizations, and the most terrifying of them is Adorning Flowers. And the reason why this organization is the best is because of six Assassins, who claimed they could kill anyone and everyone.

Rumor has it, their martial arts have many different forms, but anyone who would have seen them are already dead. Because I’m still alive, I’m not sure. the only thing I know is that the organization had announced their names: Black Rose, Clover, Gypsophila, Sunflower, Gladiolus, and Anthurium.”

“These six people are the Six Forbidden Sins. Trifling with them is a death sentence.” Kaiser said as he touched his neck.

“Assassins…” Strangely, Liola felt somewhat familiar.

Meinan’s face sank: “We aren’t playing around. The Six Forbidden Sins aren’t ordinary Assassins. Liola, you must not take them lightly.”

Purity glanced at Meinan, and her eyes were filled with sympathy. She knew roughly of what had happened to her good friend Meinan in the past, and it wasn’t a pleasant story.

“But, who would hire such Assassins to kill Liola?” Kaiser carefully pondered: “Could it be Miluo? Or… does Liola have some other enemies?”

* * *

After Lanski had rushed out of the room in anger, she sanked in deep regret.

It was hard for her to see Silver Mask, but now she parted with him on such unhappy terms.

‘Such an idiot!’ Lanski thought to herself, ‘Great, now Silver Mask would have a bad impression of her.’

Lanski was getting more worried, the more she thought about it. Not only did her feet stop their track various times, she occasionally walked backwards, thinking about reconciling with Silver Mask.

However, when she thought about the fact of her rushing out because of anger, and if she ran back to apologize, then that… that Yasha woman will definitely make fun of her. But if she doesn’t go back, when will she see Silver Mask again?

Lanski walked a few steps, she seems to be struggling with something on her mind, and turned around. She took a few steps, she bit down on her lips. And because she didn’t want to see Yasha crowing over her, she turned around again and continued walking towards the dorm.

Lanski walked back and forth, and even the bystanders who were enjoying the Princess’s beauty had gotten dizzy.

“Lanski? What are you doing and why are you pacing back and forth?” Jasmine held a large paper bag and walked up to Lanski from the other side of the street.

She was surprised when she saw Lanski’s unusual behavior. Lanski who was normally elegant and proud, was now frowning and lost, like a little girl.

She really did look like a young girl who had fallen in love for the first time, and contemplating whether she should run away from home to see her lover.

Jasmine couldn’t help but burst out laughing, with this Princess walking back and forth must be related to Silver Mask.

Lanski stuttered and she wasn’t willing to clearly explain what happened. Jasmine laughed mischievously and yelled: “I think I just saw Silver Mask on the street!”

“Really? Where is he? Was there a glamorous woman next to him?” Lanski asked immediately in response. But as soon as she saw Jasmine’s snickering, she immediately knew that she was tricked again and pouted in protest.

Jasmine, with a large smile on her face, she placed her right hand on Lanski’s shoulder, and said:

“Tell me, you know you can’t hide it from me.”

Lanski had awkward expression, but since Jasmine was her best friend, Lanski didn’t hesitate to tell her everything, and then she asked anxiously:

“Jasmine, do you think I should go apologize to Silver Mask?”

Jasmine purposely pretended to be deep in thought. At one moment she shook her head, and in the next, she nodded. It made Lanski quite impatient and anxious.

After pretending for a while, and seeing Lanski’s rare expressions, Jasmine finally burst into laughter, and Lanski knew that Jasmine was teasing her again. Lanski yelled, while blushing furiously: “Jasmine!”

“Fine, fine.” Jasmine held her tummy and stopped laughing, and started analyzing the situation seriously with her friend:

“Why would you apologize? That wouldn’t increase his affection for you. Why don’t you just ask him out?”

“Ask him out? Wouldn’t that be…” Lanski stuttered and couldn’t say the last word.

“A date!” Jasmine said with a firm expression. She then forcefully dragged Lanski, whose face was completely red, and walked towards the restaurant Lanski had talked about.

“W-wait, Jasmine.” Lanski’s heart was filled with shock and shame when she thought about dating Silver Mask.

“What for? If we wait any longer, that red-hot beauty would rob Silver Mask from you!” Jasmine yelled as she turned her head. She was actually worried for her friend.

Lanski’s personality was rather firm and sometimes even stubborn. If someone stole Silver Mask away, who knows what would happen…

Hearing what Jasmine said, Lanski immediately stopped struggling. She timidly asked: “But, what do I do if Silver Mask doesn’t want to have a date with me?”

Jasmine put both of her hands on Lanski’s shoulders:

“Lanski, are you really the Lanski I know? I remember my good friend Lanski is a courageous, indomitable, and resolute woman! So what if Silver Mask rejects you? You can keep pestering him and he will eventually surrender!”

Hearing Jasmine’s reminder, Lanski’s shyness and timidness slowly faded. What replaced it was a firm and courageous attitude. Jasmine no longer had to drag her, but instead Lanski grabbed Jasmine and walked in front of her, towards the restaurant.

“He will agree even if I have to pester him!” Lanski’s blue eyes were burning with flames.

Jasmine was pleased and contented. Her good friend Lanski was finally back!

Jasmine glanced with the corner of her eyes, and she saw a familiar face, it was the person they were looking for. Jasmine immediately waved her arm, and yelled: “Liola!”

Lanski heard Jasmine’s shout, and stopped in confusion. She saw Jasmine running towards Liola, and it wasn’t until she widened her eyes to look at the person, did she remember it was Liola.

‘Wasn’t he the student with a child from the School of Sorcery?’ Lanski’s eyes suddenly glinted, ‘Weren’t the three people around Liola the very same ones with Silver Mask just moments ago?’

* * *

These four people had, of course, just filled their stomachs to the brim and were heading back to their dorm.

Liola had changed from his Silver Knight uniform to his Sorcerer robe, and he was carrying Baolilong on his back. Hearing his name called out, he turned and looked at Jasmine behind who was running to catch up to them.

With a few light steps Jasmine had caught up to Liola, and laughed as she raised up the large paper bag in her hand: “I bought a lot of beef jerky to feed your child. I didn’t think I would run into you half way!”

The smell from the paper bag had already attracted Baolilong, who kept climbing forward on Liola’s back while reaching forward with its chubby fingers. Unfortunately, its hands were too short to reach it.

Baolilong desperately tried to reach a tad bit further, and yelled: “Meat, meat!”

Jasmine saw Baolilong’s cuteness, and she went a bit closer, so that Baolilong could climb into her arms. Baolilong then grabbed ahold of the paper bag and wouldn’t let go.

“Didn’t you just finish eating?” Liola frowned and said. At the same time he wondered, can Baolilong never be full?

“Dragon? A pig is more like it.” Kaiser murmured to himself on the side.

After Jasmine had taken out a large piece of beef from the bag to give to Baolilong, she handed the child to Lanski, who was just as fond of children as she was. Then Jasmine walked in front of Liola, and said with a big smile:

“Is Baolilong’s papa interested in going to the amusement park with me this weekend? You and the child probably haven’t gone out to play for a long time, have you?”

Liola frowned. ‘What is an amusement park?’

“Are you free this weekend? If not, next weekend is fine too.” Jasmine took another step towards Liola. She definitely intended to do what she told Lanski before: pestering him until he agrees!

Lanski observed from the side. She admired her friend’s courage but at the same time, she wished her well. Though she felt that Jasmine was a bit… too good for Liola, but if Jasmine liked him, Lanski would definitely give them her blessings.

“I’ll pay for the tickets and lunch!” Jasmine remembered that the child’s papa seemed to be a bit short on money, so she immediately added.

“Lunch!” As soon as Baolilong heard of food, no matter if it was day or night, it will raise its hands and start cheering.

Kaiser hurriedly pushed Liola and said:

“Hey, they’re going to pay for it, so why don’t you agree now? At least you can save Purity some money, it’s not like you don’t know how much Baolilong eats.”

‘Kaiser, you wouldn’t lose to Baolilong either…’ Purity thought and remembered the money left in her bank account was going down rapidly. Looks like she will have to pettishly charm her brother for more allowance again.

Although Liola had no idea what amusement parks were, he was fond of Jasmine. With a push from Kaiser, Baolilong’s excitement for food, and anticipation on Jasmine’s face, Liola nodded in agreement.

Seeing Liola had agreed, Jasmine happily jumped up and hugged Liola. After she saw the three people behind them, with an ambiguous expression she playfully stuck out her tongue, then let go of Liola.

With a smile, she said: “Then, Baolilong’s papa, come pick me up at ten o’clock this saturday… No, I’ll pick you up.”

Liola nodded. With Jasmine’s sudden hug, he felt a bit… embarrassed. It was another emotion that Liola didn’t understand until Kaiser explained it to him.

After she had transferred the paper bag into Liola’s hand, Jasmine happily walked back to Lanski: “Okay, my things are all taken care of. Now let’s go take care of yours.”

Lanski put Baolilong back in Liola’s arms, then walked up to Kaiser and the others. She asked with a bit of embarrassment: “Excuse me, where did… Silver Mask go?”

Kaiser pretended calm and said: “Oh him? He left first. What’s the matter? I could take a message for you.”

Lanski held back the disappointment and worry in her heart, and said to Kaiser: “Can you ask him to meet me this Saturday?”

“Saturday?” Kaiser said and drowned in his thought. And in his mind, he thought:

‘Are these two women joking? One asks ‘Liola’ to go play on Saturday, and another asks ‘Silver Mask’ to meet her. Damn! I wonder if the best Assassin knows the rumored ninja skill: Shadow Clone?’

“Er, please, tell him to meet me this Saturday!” Lanski’s hands made fists, and she was asking almost as if she were begging.

Kaiser was completely clueless as to what to do in this situation. He took a few steps back, turned, and pushed Meinan in front of him.

Kaiser yelled: “I don’t know! I don’t know anything! I’m not that familiar with Silver Mask, but Meinan is! Ask him!”

Meinan, who was enjoying the show on the sidelines, suddenly got pushed forward. Scared, Meinan tried to evade looking into Lanski’s eyes.

But when Meinan finally gave up the thought of escaping, Meinan bit the bullet and answered: “Perhaps if it’s dinner…” …Maybe? Meinan glanced at Liola from the corner of his eyes, and saw that Liola didn’t give any indication of rejecting, so Meinan calmed down a bit.

“Dinner? I understand. So Saturday night at six o’clock, could you please ask him to come to the Knight’s dorm to look for me?”

Lanski couldn’t hold back the happiness in her heart. Her excitement, shyness, and beauty intoxicated quite a few of the male audience. Jasmine was also happy for her friend and she gave her a thumbs up.

Meinan again glanced at Liola once again. Only after he confirmed that there was no expression on Liola’s face, he nodded his head to accept Lanski’s request.

Lanski was so happy that she almost couldn’t control her face. With a wide smile, she ran back to Jasmine. They happily squealed at each other: “Very good!”

“Very good? Very miserable is more like it…” Kaiser and others looked at Liola strangely.

Of course, Liola was still expressionless. He was too busy thinking, what did Lanski want from him?

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Chapter 3 : Method for Dual Identity Dating


Purity’s face was full of seriousness, and Meinan was frowning. The two looked like they were deciding the fate of their world.

Meinan earnestly looked at Purity and said: “Purity, I have to tell you the truth. I feel that your…”

Purity raised her head, and stubbornly replied: “Meinan, actually, I too feel that your…”

“… Sense of beauty is twisted!” The two yelled in unison loudly.

Meinan brushed his hair, and pointed at a set of black clothes on the bed:

“Obviously this black and gold-lined uniform is the best. Why would you pick the white one? It’s not for a patient in a hospital. White doesn’t look majestic at all.”

Purity clenched her fist and protested.

“What’s wrong with white?! Even Purity’s brother looks good in white. If Meinan likes it, he could wear gold blocks for all I care! Don’t tell Liola-dage to wear that, it would destroy his aura!”

“Not being anal or anything, but…” Kaiser jumped from his sleeping posture with veins popping out of his head:

“Why the hell are you two yelling in someone else’s room so early in the morning?! Why don’t you go back to your own rooms and yell? Bastards! Don’t you know today is a weekend? Why can’t you let me sleep in?”

Purity became timid, and Meinan also moved awkwardly. They both said, as if they had been wronged: “We’re just worrying about Liola’s dates.”

Kaiser sat up on his bed, and he hugged a soft pillow. With a head of bed hair and a weak face, Kaiser asked: “Where’s Liola?”

“He’s practicing Kung Fu on the roof.” They said in unison.

Kaiser looked at the two sets of clothes on the bed. The black and gold-lined outfit wasn’t as bad as Purity had put it. It was pure black, and there was an elegant magic circle adorned near the chest with golden linen. Along with long and traditional black boots, this set of clothes would actually match the mysteriousness of Liola very well.

The white set consisted of a white, button-up shirt, an elegant, sleeveless silver vest, and a sepia trousers. On the side of the legs there was a gradient pattern that goes from light on the bottom to dark on top, and it matched well with the white boots.

Kaiser thought quietly, when Liola gets back, he will make him take those clothes off so he can sell them, but on the surface, he seriously gave them a recommendation:

“This is too simple. Give Liola the black set, and give Silver Mask the white set; they fit perfectly well.”

The two suddenly realized that it was the best way.

During this time, Liola jumped in through the window. He looked at the clock on the wall, and it was 9:50am. Liola prepared to take a bath to wash away his sweat. He pulled out his drawer to take out a gray robe and change.

“Liola, wearing the school uniform to a date would be rude to a lady. Why don’t you put on this black one?” Meinan quickly handed the black, gold-lined attire.

Without even looking, Liola took the clothes and walked into the restroom. In about three minutes, Liola walked out with the black clothes. It fit quite well, as the tight-fitting clothes showed his long body, and the gold-lined magic circle accentuated Liola’s mysterious nature.

“T-that looks good!” Purity’s heart raced, she almost fainted from Liola’s handsome features.

“Definitely looks magnificent.” Meinan said, admiring his own judgement.

‘Crap! The boss seems to like this set of clothes, I’m afraid that she won’t let me go sell it!’ Kaiser sighed. ‘It’s so hard making money!’

Liola wasn’t the slightest bit interested in what he was wearing. All he did was grab Baolilong from the bed, who was wrapped up like a sushi roll, and calmly said to the other three people:

“I’m going.”

Kaiser and others nodded. But as Liola walked out, three of them immediately began to move. An Assassin’s first date wasn’t something you see every day, and how could they possibly not secretly follow out of curiosity?

* * *

The date participant, Liola, treated his date as a common thing. In fact, after hearing Kaiser’s explanation, Liola finally understood that amusement parks were places where children played. Therefore, Liola automatically understood this as Jasmine wanting to take Baolilong out to play.

As for Kaiser’s long-winded explanation on male-female dates, Liola kept nodding his head, but in fact he didn’t understand a bit of it.

As soon as the gate opened, Liola could see Jasmine smiling and waiting outside.

Unlike her usual Knight’s uniform, Jasmine wore a ocean blue camisole, white shorts, and Roman sandals. She looked cute yet sensible.

Although she couldn’t compare to the naturally beautiful Lanski, nor the voluptuous Yasha, her straightforward yet playful nature made people feel very comfortable.

“Wow, Liola, you’re really handsome.” Jasmine covered her chest hyperbolically, as if she couldn’t take it anymore.

Baolilong heard Jasmine’s voice, and its sleepy eyes opened.

With a nasal sound, it said:
“Meat, meat!”

Jasmine discretely shook her head:
“Aiya, even the baby thought of me as the meat deliverer.”

T/N: This carries a connotation that she’s practically delivering her body to Liola.

Liola heard, and frowned at Baolilong:
“Don’t be such a glutton.”

Baolilong lowered its head shamefully, and bent its mouth to pout.

Jasmine kept saying “so cute”. Jasmine smiled and retrieved a large hamburger from her backpack.

The moment Baolilong smelled the food, it immediately abandoned papa and run straight into Jasmine’s arms. It grabbed the hamburger and started taking large bites.

Jasmine said as she smiled: “I bought a fish one this time. I heard that children who eat more fish would become smarter.”

“The meat meat before tasted better.” Baolilong loudly announced. Though it said this, there was no way Baolilong was letting go of the hamburger in its mouth.

“Understood. Then I’ll buy more beef for you for lunch.”

Jasmine ran her loving hands through Baolilong’s white, soft hair, and beckoned Liola to walk toward a streamlined, ocean-blue flying Maxun.

When Jasmine was just about to step into the flying Maxun, she suddenly remembered that many guys didn’t like to be picked up by girls. She hesitated and asked:

“Do you want to drive?”

Liola shook his head. He had no clue how to drive a Maxun.

Coincidentally, who knew Jasmine would be pleased by Liola’s reply.

Jasmine, who loved her car as much as she loved her own life, wasn’t really willing to let someone else drive her beloved car.

‘No male chauvinism, +20 points.’ Jasmine happily started rating Liola. ‘A good father, +10 points, super cute kid, +10 points, mature personality, another +10 points. Hehe, handsome and stylish, +10 more points.’

‘Not bad! At least he passes.’ Jasmine had a slight headache when she remembered Lanski’s reminder.

* * *

“Jasmine, what do you like about that Sorcerer?” Lanski asked with curious eyes.

Though each person has their own preference, Lanski couldn’t understand.

How can Jasmine be attracted to someone who had no strengths, not from a well-known family, no knowledge, and has practically nothing…

Hmm, perhaps he was a bit handsome, but Lanski would stake her life believing Jasmine would not like Liola just because of his look. Besides, there were plenty others who were better looking than Liola.

Jasmine thought of it for a bit and said: “Because he’s handsome?”

Lanski was stunned, and then she understood Jasmine was just joking.

She angrily punched Jasmine, and forced her to surrender the real explanation:

“Aiyo, I don’t really know how to say it. I feel something special about him, and he seems to be a good father…”

“That is the real problem. He’s been married!” Lanski was trying to defend her good friend.

What’s wrong with being married? The baby was so cute! Even her own baby might not be as cute.

Jasmine thought as she drove the flying Maxun: ‘If one day the baby calls me mom, I would faint from excitement!’

* * *

Jasmine drove the flying Maxun to the most famous amusement park in Aklan. After she parked the car, she happily carried Baolilong and said, “Baby look, we’re here at the amusement park.”

Baolilong, who had just swallowed the hamburger, looked at the park curiously. Then it turned and asked: “Is there meat meat?”

Jasmine laughed: “Little glutton! Wait until lunch. I’ll buy beef for you. But for now, let’s go play.”

Jasmine happily bought tickets, and then rushed towards different rides while carrying Baolilong… Although she wasn’t able to get into any.

“Miss, you have to be at least 120cm (3’11”) to play this!”

Jasmine place Baolilong against the ruler: 98cm (3’2”).

Jasmine blinked, and with a headache she asked the worker: “Then is there anything someone who is 98cm can play?”

Finally, Jasmine was able to take Baolilong and Liola only to teacup rides…

Jasmine laughed awkwardly: “Haha, I forgot that Baolilong is still young, so he can’t go play those rides. Uh… Liola, are you bored?”

Seeing Liola’s expressionless face, Jasmine’s voice got lower and lower as she spoke.

She screamed in her heart: ‘Why must it be 120cm? That’s practically discrimination against short people!’

Liola couldn’t understand the point of sitting in a teacup at all, so he honestly nodded. Jasmine looked like she had just been hit by lightning, said in depression:

“Then let’s go back early.”

Downcast, Jasmine walked in front of Liola, but Liola glanced from the corner of his eyes, and he noticed there were people following them.

According to the number of people and their strange appearances, it should be Kaiser and others. Liola stopped, and turned around to look at the three.

* * *

“Hey, I think Liola found us.”
Said Kaiser, who was wearing a fur cap, sunglasses, and a mask, said.

Another man with a butterfly mask, top hat, and a black cloak quietly asked:
“What now? Should we go up and say that we’re here to play in the amusement park too?”

“No. We could turn into third wheels.”
A strange girl with a blonde wig and a coat full of red bowties said hurriedly.

“Is that going to make a difference? Looks to me like their date is going badly.” Kaiser already saw Jasmine’s depressed look. He sighed for her.

‘She’d be able to date just about anyone, so why must she date an ice cube? She deserved to be frozen to death.’

Purity hurriedly added: “Kaiser, do something.”

“Yeah, Kaiser, look: Liola already disappointed such a Lady. How ungentlemanly of him.”
Meinan defended Jasmine.

Kaiser rolled his eyes. ‘Are you kidding me? I have to be Liola’s love consultant?!’

However, the firmness in Purity’s eyes made Kaiser realized he had no choice, otherwise he might not get those three meals a day.

Kaiser bit the bullet and walked to Liola’s side, and quietly said: “You s.o.b., do you know how to date? Go grab her hand, and then go to a romantic restaurant. Sweet talk a bit, and then you can go to a hotel…”

Meinan and Purity both covered Kaiser’s dirty mouth, and then dragged away Kaiser, who was making muffled sounds. Then they said to Liola: “Other than the last part, do as Kaiser said.”

Liola stood stock-still, completely baffled, until Jasmine noticed and walked up to ask:

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Liola explained, and he hesitated before he said:

“Can we go to an romantic restaurant to eat?”

Hearing this, Jasmine’s depressed eyes once again glowed with rays of light. She grabbed Liola’s arm and said:

“Okay, let’s go to a restaurant with a good ambience. I just happened to know one.”

‘Romantic means good ambience?’ Liola learnt something new.

Baolilong dragged papa and asked: “What’s good ambience? Is there tasty meat meat?”

After they had left the park, Jasmine drove like a hurricane on the way to the restaurant. She then quickly dragged Liola into the restaurant, and nervously asked the receptionist:

“Are there any seats?”

The receptionist was shocked, and nodded at Jasmine, who was so happy that she was about to jump for joy.

She followed the receptionist with a smile, and her footsteps were so quick, she looked like she was about to fly.

Liola, on the other hand, was looking left and right, trying to understand the definition of good ambience.

There were yellow crystal lights, white laced curtains, and the tables were covered with a light pink and beautiful cloth.

Meinan would probably like this restaurant. Liola looked toward the door, and sure enough. There were three strangely dressed figures blocked outside by the receptionist.

As Liola looked, Jasmine went up to him, grabbed his hand and asked: “What are you looking at? Why don’t you sit?”

Thinking of what Kaiser said, Liola looked down at Jasmine’s hand in his, which made Jasmine so diffident, she wanted to pull her hand back, but Liola grabbed ahold of it instead.

Jasmine suddenly blushed, but Liola acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary and said: “Nothing, let’s sit.”

“Liola, what do you like?” Jasmine started chit-chatting, because she wanted to distract Liola, so he wouldn’t see through her shyness.

Liola thought about it and answered: “Weapons.”

“Really? You’re a Sorcerer but you like weapons?” Jasmine was a bit shocked.


“Then let’s go to a weapon exhibit next time…”

* * *

Kaiser and the others were standing outside of the variegated fences of the restaurant, peeking at the date within.

Liola was chewing slowly, and occasionally answering Jasmine’s questions. Baolilong was just finishing its sixth super jumbo steak, shocking the waitress who had delivered it.

The three of them looked very happy.

“WHY? Why do I have to stand here eating bread and drinking water, while watching that guy eat his steak? This is so unfair~~”

Kaiser yelled, and a loud growl came from his stomach. He could only watch the steak, and angrily tore off another piece of bread to chew. He then took another drink of water, and continued to yell:


* * *

Liola was standing in front of the dorm to say his goodbyes to Jasmine. Liola was carrying Baolilong, who ate so much; its tummy had turned into a semi-sphere.

Liola apologized: “I’m very sorry, Baolilong ate too much.”

After being in this world for some time now, Liola had slowly understood the value of money and the cost of living. He didn’t think romantic restaurants would be so pricey, and it just so happened Baolilong really liked the food there, so it kept yelling for more and more food.

Jasmine, too, had been busy talking to Liola to notice. It wasn’t until when they received the bill, did Liola stare at the amount of money. The money on the bill was enough for Liola and others to eat for a month and then some.

Jasmine, too, widened her eyes and stared at the check for quite some time, and then finally took out a card to pay. Her smile after did seem a bit forced. Liola felt deeply apologetic for that, and at the same time he thought he better make some money.

“It’s okay. But the baby really eats a lot. Is it normal to eat this much?”

Jasmine worriedly looked at Baolilong’s spherical tummy. She did blame herself too because she put all her attention talking to Liola.

Liola actually didn’t understand as well. How much does a Dragon have to eat before it gets full? With a helpless expression, indicating that he, himself did not know.

Jasmine burst into laughter: “It’s rare to see an expression on your face, so this meal was worth it. Baby’s papa, good night.”

Jasmine stopped briefly, and her face slightly blushed. She then tipped her toes and suddenly kissed Liola briefly.

While Liola was still stupefied, she smiled as she hurried back to the flying Maxun, sticking her tongue out at Liola playfully. Then, she started the flying Maxun back towards the School of Knights.

Liola could still hear echoes of Jasmine’s happy giggles even after she had left.

Liola touched his lips lightly with his fingers, and he could still feel Jasmine’s soft lips. Although Liola didn’t understand the intent behind the kiss, Liola probably wouldn’t reject her if she wants to kiss him again.

Liola turned around and returned to the dorm.

But before he had a chance to choose his room from the semi-transparent screen, Kaiser and others had already arrived at the door.

Purity carried a set of white clothes on her arms, and she had a bright smile on her face, she said:

“Liola-dage is going to see the Princess now, right?”

Kaiser snapped.

“You don’t have to go in. You only have 3 minutes left to change and find Lanski in the School of Knight.”

Liola nodded, and handed Baolilong, who was extremely drowsy after eating too much, to Kaiser.

Liola took the clothes from Purity and walked into a corner to change. He didn’t forget to put on the silver mask, and then he walked out, ready to pick up Lanski.

“Damn… This can’t be the same person, can it?” Kaiser said in shock.

With his elegant white button-up shirt, sleeveless silver vest, sepia trousers, and white boots, Liola disguised as Silver Mask, looked like a Prince who would normally appear to be living in a luxurious Palace.

“I’m not bringing Baolilong.” Liola stated calmly. Without turning his head, he walked out of the dorm, quickly disappearing in the direction to the School of Knight.

“Did that guy’s attitude change too?” Kaiser felt something strange about Liola. There was something different between Liola when he has his mask on and his normal self.

Liola had always given off the vibe not caring about anything, but this was a far cry than Silver Mask’s cold, inviolable pride. It’s no wonder that Jasmine and Lanski couldn’t realize these two people are one and the same.

Could the problem be the mask? Worry flashed through Kaiser’s mind.

‘Did Mizerui… really give him an ordinary mask?’

* * *

On the way to the Knight’s dorm, a crowd gathered behind Silver Mask, and it caused quite a stir.

The male Knights were angry but they weren’t brave enough to provoke a Silver Knight, and the female Knights were screaming when they saw Silver Mask’s long figure and his pride.

Before long, Silver Mask was followed by a long line of people. When he finally arrived at the Knight’s dorm’s gate, he was surrounded by a full circle of Knights.

Lanski nervously touched her skirt that reached her knees, hoping her simple yet elegant white dress would intoxicate Silver Mask like Jasmine said it would.

Lanski reached out and pushed the button to open the door, and when the door slowly opened…

Under the darkness of the night, Lanski’s eyes could only see the silver moonlight reflected softly from an upright yet prideful body.

Even though he was surrounded by many people, it didn’t seem to affect Silver Mask at all. He even closed his eyes, adding a ray of ease along with his pride. This scene made the bystanders hush. They were afraid of breaking the picturesque scenery by making a noise.

For the first time, Princess Lanski felt moved, seeing the man before her eyes actually waiting for her!

In her eyes, the plain dorm had turned into the Dragon Continent Palace.

Lanski elegantly walked down the stairs. At this time, Silver Mask opened his eyes. A head full of cream white hair greeted his eyes, and the familiar, beauty of Lanski’s face, was even more beautiful than ever under the moonlight.

Lanski shyly walked in front of Liola, and asked with a slight blush:

“So where are you taking me to dinner?”

Liola was quiet for a moment, and then he said:

“Romantic restaurant.”

“Oh… let’s go then.” Lanski’s face had turned into a deeper shade of red. She didn’t think Silver Mask would directly take her to a romantic restaurant.

Though they’ve said they were going, they still stood at the same place. After a while, Lanski tried to remind Silver Mask: “You can drive your Maxun here now.”

“I don’t have a Maxun.” Silver Mask answered honestly.

Lanski was stunned for a moment, then she realized, and said with a smile: “Are we riding the Sacred White Dragon then?”

Liola thought about Baolilong’s situation.

Normally, its flight was already scary enough, and now it was so drowsy from eating too much. It was anyone’s guess if it would fall out of the sky while flying.

Silver Mask thought about this, and shook his head. He didn’t want to fall a few hundred meters out of the sky just because he went to eat a meal.

“So… How are we getting to the restaurant?” Lanski started to panic a little.

This question gave Liola a headache too.

He originally thought Lanski would be like Jasmine, and carry them both with a flying Maxun… Liola suddenly remembered an even bigger question: would Lanski pay? He was a penniless person.

Liola carefully examined Lanski’s clothing, and noticed her clothes were simple, elegant… But mostly importantly, it had no pockets to store a wallet or even a card.

Seeing Lanski’s curious eyes, the penny-less and car-less Liola was clueless as to how to solve the situation before him, so he had a staring contest with Lanski.

“Silver Mask!”

Kaiser’s loud scream echoed around the area, and Liola finally sighed in relief. Kaiser was probably here to resolve his dilemma… Right?

“Hey! Silver Mask, that bastard of a Dragon of yours suddenly went crazy.” Kaiser tried to catch his breath but still continued to yell:

“When it woke up and didn’t see you, he threw a tantrum, and even the dorm has a huge hole now because of it.”

Ordinarily, there was nothing unusual for a five year-old child to throw a tantrum. However, the heartless Kaiser threw Baolilong out of the room, so he wouldn’t be bothered by the sight of the crying child, but it just happened that this child wasn’t ordinary child, but a Dragon’s embodiment.

Baolilong, who got thrown out of the room, got so angry; it tried to turn into a ten-meter Dragon while inside the dorm.

As a result, it hit its head hard against the metallic ceiling, which made it very dizzy. It then desperately rolled around in pain within the narrow dorm. But as it rolled, it hit even more walls, which made the pain even worse…

Liola was quite shocked. He used telepathy to call Baolilong, and as soon as Baolilong heard papa, it immediately howled:

“My head hurts! Papa, where are you?”

“Baolilong, transform back.” Liola commanded.

“It hurts! Waahhh, papa~~” Baolilong cried like a little child (though it is a little child), rolling around the ground even more.

Now, even Liola and Kaiser, who were at the Knight’s dorm, far away from the Sorcerer’s dorm, could hear the commotion. Some noises sounded like Baolilong’s earthshaking turns, and some were the well-practiced sounds of Sorcerer students yelling to escape.

Liola frowned, and turned to say to Lanski: “Sorry, I can’t go today. I’ll come find you another day.”

After he finished, Liola raced back towards the Sorcerer’s dorm alone, with Kaiser trailing and yelling something about waiting for him.

Kaiser seemed to have remembered something, as he turned around to look at Lanski.

Lanski was standing where she was; her face looked as if something had gone amiss. Lanski’s lonesome outline made Kaiser pray in his heart, hoping that this “standing up the Princess in front of crowd” thing wasn’t going to cause even more trouble.

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Chapter 4 : Violet College


Liola hurried back to his room and saw Baolilong’s large body stuck in the hallway even though it was considerably wide for a person.

Baolilong howled in pain while struggling desperately, and as a result, shook the entire dorm.

Luckily the gigantic mecha dorm built by Barbalis was fairly strong and it wasn’t immediately destroyed by Baolilong. However, if Baolilong continued to struggle and turn, it’ll be hard to foresee the future.

After not getting any response with several telepathic attempts, Liola yelled angrily:

“BAO LI LONG?! I told you to transform back!”

Baolilong finally heard papa’s voice. It stopped struggling, and the humongous Dragon body started to shrink, until finally, a five year old child laid face down in the hallway, still sobbing.

Liola walked to Baolilong, and then grabbed it by its back.

Liola frowned and asked: “What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly throw a tantrum?”

Baolilong’s large eyes squeezed out pearl-sized tear drops. It reached out its chubby hands, ran into Liola’s arms and held on tight. Baolilong cried for a while, then murmured in Liola’s arms:

“Baolilong had a dream. Mama doesn’t move anymore, and papa was gone. Baolilong was the only one left.”

“Such a poor child, waahh.” Purity couldn’t open the door until now. She poked out her head, and heard Baolilong’s sad experience, then cried with him.

“Papa, you wouldn’t go away too, would you?” Baolilong raised its head out of Liola’s arms, and stared at Liola.

“No. Don’t be ridiculous.” Liola answered Baolilong directly.

Baolilong nodded and held Liola tightly as it whispered: “Baolilong won’t let papa disappear again.”

“Liola-dage, how was your date with the Princess?” Purity asked curiously.

Because Baolilong was in the hallway, they were unable to follow Liola. They even had to let Kaiser jump out the window to ask Liola for backup. All this made the fairy tale fanatic Purity upset.

Liola simply shook his head, and then he grab the gray robe in order to change out of his luxurious clothes. Though the robe wasn’t as pretty as what he had on, but it was loose and soft, thus very comfortable. This was the reason why Liola had gotten more and more used to wearing the robe.

Liola had just changed when he saw that Kaiser, had come back as well. Seeing Liola walk out, Kaiser immediately started complaining and yelling:

“I’m starving! Let’s go to eat, and I’m going to eat well. You’re not allowed to give me bread again!”

“I understand.” Purity snapped. She took out her wallet, which had gotten a lot thinner, and thought that she would have to go ask her brother for money soon.

* * *

“That was good.”

Satisfied, Kaiser began rubbing his stomach, and started to walked back towards the Academy. He was followed by Purity, who looked like she was about to burst into tears.

Who knew that as soon as they reached Academy gate, they’d see fires everywhere, and the sound of battle and weapons clashing could be heard. Armors were flying through the air, and the Knights were riding on their mounts fighting each other.

The whole situation was out of control. Even Purity and Meinan thought something was wrong. They ran to the window and stared at the chaos outside.

“Uh, if Mecha Fighters and Knights fought against each other, then it would be normal.” Meinan was completely puzzled and said:

“But now Knights are fighting each other and so are the Mecha Fighters. What’s going on?”

“Idiot!” Kaiser reminded him with a loud yell: “Look closely. Some of the students are wearing different uniforms than ours!”

Since Knight uniforms were universal in the world, the only thing different was their school badge. But since Liola and the others were too far away, they couldn’t see it clearly, so they all looked at the Mecha Fighters.

Aklan Mecha Fighters were wearing blue military uniforms, but about half of the students on Mechas were wearing a purple leather suit. They were obviously not from Aklan Academy.

“Ah! I know where these students are from.” Purity yelled: “It’s Violet Academy. Their uniforms are quite pretty. Purity had almost chose their academy for their uniforms.”

“Violet Academy…” Kaiser tried hard to rack his brain: “The second best school in Aklan Empire. What are they doing here? Unless… They want to take out Aklan Academy to become the best?”

“That’s correct!” A cold voice could be heard from behind.

Everyone turned around, and a few Red and Green Knights were behind them. Though their uniforms were identical to Aklan Academy’s, but there was a violet school badge on their chest. There were also two girls wearing long, light purple robes.

“Hey, guy in gray robe, you’re a student from the Aklan School of Sorcery, right?” One of the Red Knights smiled in satisfaction.

“Such an ugly color. Good thing we didn’t go to Aklan Academy.” The two girls laughed, making fun at the clothes Liola and others were wearing.

The few Violet Academy students slowly walked toward Liola, and their eyes were flashing with malice. Liola didn’t move, and watched their approach calmly.

Kaiser was pulling his hair wondering which way he should escape so they wouldn’t be able to catch up to him, and Purity ducked into Meinan’s protective shield.

The Violet Academy students looked like they were about to draw their weapons to attack.

“Stop!” Daylight hurriedly ran towards them, and yelled angrily at the Violet Academy students.

The Knights saw the Blue lining of Daylight’s uniform, and their face changed. They had no choice but to do what he said and stopped their approach, though their eyes were flashing with dissatisfaction.

One of the Red Knights started to talk: “We just want to duel with them.”

“Nonsense!” Daylight angrily replied: “If you want a duel, go find the Mecha Fighters or Knights, not the Sorcerers. As Knights, you shouldn’t bully the weak.”

‘Does that mean we’re weak… ?’ Liola and others pouted and thought.

“Then we can duel with them, right? Sir Blue Knight?” The two girl Sorcerers looked at Daylight with fawning eyes, and tried to get closer and closer to him.

Daylight frowned, and turned around to them and asked: “Will you guys be okay?”

Kaiser raised his eyebrow, and said: “Don’t worry. If it’s just a Sorcerer duel, then in worst case scenario we can sleep under Meinan’s protective shield.”

“What? Then what about me?” Meinan’s face turned pale. They can’t be asking him to hold a shield all night long, right?

“Let’s go to the dorm.” Liola said concisely. He had no plans in getting involved.

Kaiser immediately nodded in agreement.

“That’s a good idea. There’s nothing good about that dorm, except that it’s practically indestructible. Looks like we can at least sleep well in the dorm.”

“I’ll escort you guys back.” Daylight said worriedly, and then glanced at the Violet Knights ferociously. The two girl Sorcerers ducked behind their Knights.

“Sir Daylight, you’re just too good and far too kind.” Kaiser smiled flatteringly.

Daylight said awkwardly: “Let’s go. I still need to come back to defend the Academy.”

Kaiser continued his flattery: “Sir Daylight is certainly extraordinarily knightly, virtuous, kind hearted…”

“Let’s hurry!”

Daylight, who felt weird after listening to Kaiser’s flattery, immediately interrupted him. Then, he summoned his Fire Dragon, Flames, let Liola and the others ride on it, and took off towards the Sorcerer dorm.

Though many students were dueling in the air, but there was no Violet student who would be brave enough to provoke Daylight. A Blue Knight was considered to be the strongest among students, not to mention a Blue Dragon Knight.

The faces of Mecha Fighters and Knights in the air changed as soon as they saw Daylight, and they hurriedly gave way, fearing they would run into Daylight.

But of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

When Daylight was not far from the School of Sorcery, a light blue Water Dragon blocked his path, with a Knight standing on top of it. That’s right, just like Silver Mask, he was standing on the Dragon’s back.

The person had long dark purple hair reaching his hips, and a pair of cold black eyes. The blue-lined Black Knight uniform and the Violet on his chest had already proved his identity.

Daylight’s face remained calm, but his eyes were shining with anticipation for an impending battle.

Kaiser worriedly pushed Daylight lightly. Daylight turned and looked at the squeaky wheels… no, the Sorcerers to be escorted.[T/N: Idiom – Squeaky wheel gets the oil. It means people who complain the most will get attention or what they want.]

He said to the Water Dragon Knight: “Wait until I escort these people back, then I will duel with you.”

“We’re all students, why do they need your escort!” The Water Dragon Knight coldly said: “If they can’t survive on the battlefield by themselves, they deserve to be eliminated.”

“They are Sorcerers.” Daylight frowned, disagree with the Water Dragon Knight.

Another voice came out of nowhere and said “So what you’re trying to say is, Sorcerers are weaklings?”

It wasn’t until then that they had noticed there was someone standing on air, covered in a cloak, staring at Liola and others in disdain.

“Levitation… it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Sorcerer who could do that.” Meinan said.

The person in the air grunted mockingly: “That’s because Aklan Academy is full of degenerates. You can’t even learn Levitation and you got accepted into the academy. Hmph, seems like Aklan Academy is the place where only garbage attends.”

Purity protested in dissatisfaction: “What you’re saying is too rude! We all had a test of our abilities before we could get into the Academy. Right, Kaiser?!”

Purity turned and looked at Kaiser, waiting for his reply.

“Mhm, right!” Kaiser answered earnestly, though in his mind he thought,

‘There was a test of whether Liola and I could write our own name, and whether we know our gender.’

Purity turned to look at the Sorcerer in the air, and her face was covered with anger.

Curious, Kaiser whispered to Meinan: “Strange, since when did Purity became so brave?”

“Because Purity’s older brother is teaching in Violet Academy. Purity really hates letting her brother hear anything bad about her.” Meinan whispered back.

“So that’s why…” Kaiser realized.

“Little girl, how about a Sorcerer duel?” The person floating in air gave out a sinister laugh.

When Purity heard him, and her long, black hair began to dance in the air. She even took off her large glasses. Determination flashed in her eyes. Even Daylight could sense Purity’s change, and the surrounding tinkling magic.

The Sorcerer in the air also had a slight change of expression. He seemed to be even more excited.

He took off his cloak in one swoop, to show his real identity. Surprisingly, he looked identical to the Water Dragon Knight. The only difference was that his hair was short.

“How about a double duel then? You and that Blue Knight versus me and my brother.”

The excited Sorcerer slowly landed on the water Dragon, and stood shoulder to shoulder next to the Water Dragon Knight.

Purity and Daylight vs. Water Dragon Knight and floating Sorcerer, who would win?

Kaiser held his forehead to think: “Let me think. Either the Violet students beat Purity and Daylight, and then give us all a good beating, or Purity finally uses her ultimate, and the hundreds of people, including all of us, perish together.”

“Damn! No matter what we’re screwed. No! We demand to change our Sorcerer. Meinan go take Purity’s place.” Kaiser said firmly.

Meinan desperately nodded. Though a duel was dangerous, but experiencing Purity’s space magic was far more fatal.

“No!” Purity’s hair grabbed Kaiser’s neck like vines, and her eyes flashed with stubbornness, as if she’s going to use her ultimate right now if they were to change Sorcerers.

To prevent himself being teleport to Pluto or wherever, Kaiser immediately changed his mind:

“Then we demand to change Knights!”

Daylight appeared to be hurt and asked: “Why?”

“It goes without saying. If Silver Mask goes, he could finish those two before Purity even has a chance to do anything. This is the only way that Aklan and Violet won’t both perish!” Kaiser yelled.

Daylight was still doubtful, and skeptical of the a possibility that Purity could destroy both academies.

“Silver Mask, Lancelot’s apprentice?” The Water Dragon Knight finally spoke, but his tone was still extremely cold.

“That’s right! If you know what’s good for you, you better do yourself a favor and butt off. Otherwise who knows when he will have a little ‘chat’ with you, then you would be in deep trouble.”

By making use of the Paladin’s name, Kaiser became more bold.

“Imposter.” The Water Dragon Knight said coldly.

Kaiser widened his eyes, and even Liola, who seemed like he had nothing to do with this, raised his head to look at the Water Dragon Knight, unsure if the Knight had a lucky guess or if he really knew that Silver Mask wasn’t Lancelot’s apprentice.

Without a change in his facial expression, Kaiser said: “Imposter? Who are you calling imposter?”

“Lancelot has no apprentice.” The Water Dragon Knight got impatient and unsheathed his sword. He said with a deep voice: “I don’t care who you send. Let’s duel.”

Daylight curiously looked at Liola, as if he had something to ask.

Kaiser saw this and he was afraid that perhaps Daylight had already discovered Liola’s identity.

When Daylight saw Liola covered in blood and locked in a cage, Liola probably hadn’t transformed.

This could be a mess.

Kaiser immediately looked at Liola to see if he had any plans, but his expressionless face told Kaiser nothing.

‘Maybe that guy is thinking nothing at all!’ Kaiser thought.

“Let’s wait before we talk about it.” Kaiser had no choice but calmly negotiate with Daylight, whom nodded in agreement. Whatever Kaiser wanted to say, Daylight will have to wait.

“We send Daylight and Mei—…”

With Purity’s terrifying gaze, and to prevent himself from taking a trip to Liola’s world, Kaiser immediately corrected himself:

“… Purity.”

Daylight nodded, and asked the Fire Dragon land slowly on the ground to drop off Kaiser, Meinan, and Liola. Then he took Purity back into the air, and confronted the Water Dragon Knight.

Both sides seemed to be extremely strong: the Water Dragon Knight and the levitating Sorcerer were obviously strong. But Daylight hadn’t gotten his Blue Rank for nothing.

Also, the immense magic emitting from Purity’s body made her opponents feel like they were about to face their nemesis… Though Kaiser and the others waited to see how it would turn out.

“Hurry! We should go as far as possible.” Before Kaiser had finished speaking, he was already more than ten meters away.

“What about Daylight?” Meinan nervously asked.

“What about him? I’ll visit his grave every Memorial Day.” Kaiser stood at the entrance to the Sorcerer’s dorm and yelled. He was so loud that even Daylight heard him and had a strange expression on his face.

Liola slowly walked to Kaiser, then dragged Kaiser by his collar back to where Daylight and others were dueling.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing?! I don’t care if you want to die but don’t drag me along with you.”

Kaiser desperately struggled using his hands, feet, and even mouth to hold onto the dorm’s door frame. Unfortunately, the strength he has in his entire body didn’t come close to the strength of one of the Assassin’s finger. In conclusion, Liola dragged Kaiser with ease to die… No, to the dueling ground.

“I need you to explain how the fight is going.” Liola’s eyes seemed to be flashing with desire for a battle.

Kaiser laid on the ground and muttered: “If you have to promise me that I won’t lose a single strand of hair, then I’ll explain.”

Liola nodded. After getting Liola’s promise, Kaiser immediately jumped up and started giving a live coverage:

“A double duel is actually fairly common. Normally, two Knights or two Mecha Fighters were the common duo. But before technology was as advanced as it is now, a duo commonly consisted of a Knight and a Sorcerer, because the Knight’s close-quarter combat and defense are both strong, and Sorcerer mainly handled ranged attack, healing, etc.”

“Am I responsible for ranged attacks?” Purity pointed at herself and asked Daylight.

Daylight frowned: “I’ve never partnered with a Sorcerer… Do you know Protective Shield? Fireball?”

“I don’t know either.” Purity answered honestly.

“Then what do you know?” Daylight asked straightforwardly.

“Teleport.” Purity thought about it, and realized only knew that.

“Uh… Then don’t do anything until the situation is dire.” Daylight said tactfully with an awkward expression.

The Water Dragon Knight couldn’t wait anymore; he yelled: “Let the duel begin!” He took his long sword and charged, and the Sorcerer wasn’t idle either, he shot a few ice bolts from his hands.

Since his opponents suddenly attacked, Daylight didn’t have time to respond, so he could only let his mount barely dodge the ice bolts.

Just as Daylight pulled out his long pike, the Water Dragon Knight’s long sword had already reached his eye brows. Daylight flustered to block the long sword, and took a few steps back, trying to get a stable footing.

However, the Water Dragon Knight wouldn’t give him that chance. With every step back Daylight took, the Water Dragon Knight pushed one step forward, which made Daylight remain a defensive stance and could not fight back.

What’s worse was that, the opposing Sorcerer was clearly not incompetent. He constantly threw ice bolts at Daylight’s Fire Dragon, which made the Fire Dragon wail in pain as it tried to block the Water Dragon’s claws. Daylight was already at a disadvantage at the start of the fight.

“Looks like they’re going to lose for sure. If they had Meinan’s protective shield, perhaps they would be at equal footing.” Kaiser raised his head to look, and said as if he had already predicted this outcome.

“Kaiser underestimates Purity too much.” Purity yelled from above in dissatisfaction. Her black hair then again began to fly, and her magic power made it impossible for her opponent to ignore her.

“No! Big boss, I didn’t underestimate you. Please, I beg of you to stay behind Daylight. Don’t do anything stupid!” Kaiser immediately yelled, fearing that Purity would use ‘group teleportation’ and God knows where they would end up.

“Hmmph!” Purity pouted, and slowly gather a black magic ball in her hands.

Purity then yelled: “Daylight, get down!”

Daylight was shocked but still obeyed Purity, but as a result the Water Dragon Knight’s long sword had scraped his arm.

Purity screamed “Your lives are mine!” and threw the ball as hard as she could.

A ball of magic darker than night left her hand. The magic power within it made the opposing Sorcerer panic and yell:

“Brother, dodge! Don’t touch that!”

Hearing his older brother’s warning, the Water Dragon Knight immediately rode the Water Dragon and back away from the black ball. He then carefully observed the trajectory of the ball, fearing that it would suddenly accelerate.

A second passed by, then two, then three… the black ball had only moved about 36 cm, and it floated like an air balloon. It wasn’t even going in a straight line, and it would occasionally float towards Daylight.

Everyone looked at the black ball with doubt. When the black ball floated to about 5-6 meters in front of the Water Dragon Knight, it completely stopped. Everyone waited for ten more seconds, and nothing happened.

“Hehe…” Purity laughed awkwardly: “It looks like it failed.”

Everyone’s faces had a miniature seizure, and Daylight’s face was especially rigid. However, Kaiser and Meinan sighed in relief. It was better for Purity’s magic to do nothing, and they would never wish for her magic succeed.

The Water Dragon Knight had an ugly look on his face.

He said coldly: “Is this the attitude Aklan Academy students duel with? Do you treat duels as games?”

Daylight angrily yelled back: “Then is suddenly attacking before your opponents are even ready something Knights should do?”

The Water Dragon Knight laughed coldly, but just as he was about to open his mouth to say something, a huge black hole suddenly appeared in front of him.

Before the Water Dragon Knight and his brother had the chance to scream, they were completely swallowed by the black hole. All they could see was nothing but falling deeper into darkness… After swallowing the two people, the black hole burped and then disappeared into thin air.

* * *

For a long while, Daylight stared at empty place where the two people were standing. Then, He turned around and ask Purity:

“Where did they go?”

“I don’t know!” Purity widened her eyes and answered honestly.

“Are their lives in danger?” Daylight seemed worried. Even if it were a duel, it wasn’t necessary to kill them.

“Their lives aren’t in danger, but they’re probably going to be doing a bit of traveling.”

Kaiser’s laughter at other people’s misfortune got louder and louder. Things were going better than Kaiser had ever imagined.

“Daylight, behind you!” Liola suddenly warned.

Liola felt there was some power rumbling behind Daylight and Purity.

Daylight was stunned for a moment, then he immediately turned his head, but it was already too late.

A huge Water Dragon suddenly appeared.

With the Water Dragon Knight’s spell, the Water Dragon spit out a large pillar of water towards Daylight and Purity, along with tens of ice bolts cast by the Sorcerer.

Daylight had no time to dodge. All he could do was hold Purity in his arms and use his back to protect Purity from the magic spells.

After ten large sounds of impact, the Fire Dragon could no longer hold up and fell out of the sky. When it landed, the earth itself rumbled, and the air around it was covered by dust. But the Water Dragon Knight and the Sorcerer weren’t about to give up. A few more rays of magic appeared and headed towards the Fire Dragon.

Liola grabbed Meinan and ran toward the Fire Dragon, and Meinan cooperatively started his own spell: “Protective Shield!”

All the rays of magic hit the shield, but the shield was completely unscathed.

Meinan firmly maintained the protective shield so the Water Dragon Knight would not have another chance to attack Daylight and Purity.

Liola turned around to determine their situation. The dust was slowly settling, and Purity’s sobbing sounds could be heard faintly.

Liola frowned. He saw Purity was under Daylight’s body and was still conscious. She seemed to have only suffered minor injures. But Daylight, as a human meat shield, wasn’t as lucky. His white Knight uniform had been almost torn completely, and his back was also covered in blood. Daylight was unconscious.

Liola immediately held Daylight up. He placed one finger under Daylight’s nose to check it he was still breathing. Then he grabbed Daylight to take him to a healing Maxus and patch up his wounds.

“Freeze! The duel isn’t over.” The Sorcerer’s continuous attacks failed to penetrate Meinan’s protective shield, and got upset. Seeing Liola was about to take away the Blue Knight, he immediately tried to stop him.

Liola answered with an expression on his face: “He is already unconscious. You win.”

“This is a double duel. As long as one person stands, the duel must continue.” The Sorcerer’s eyes were filled with malice.

Liola sensed that the unconscious Daylight was still bleeding, and his body temperature seemed to be dropping. He couldn’t wait any longer. So he turned and walked towards Purity, who curiously raised her head to look at Liola.

Liola said: “Close your eyes.”

Though Purity was confused, she had never doubted anything Liola said. She obeyed and closed her eyes, and then felt numb in the back of her head.

Purity fell over and fell unconscious just like Daylight. And what knocked Purity unconscious, was of course Liola’s foot to her head.

Liola turned and said to the Water Dragon Knight and Sorcerer.

“Both unconscious. You win.”

Liola’s cold silver eyes stared at them. They felt If they didn’t stop now, they will be paying a heavy price.

The Sorcerer looked at Liola up and down, then he asked: “What’s your name.”

“Liola.” Liola answered straightforwardly.

“Liola.” The Sorcerer repeated his name, confirming he had never heard his name. He then raised his head and said:

“I am Yiyu, and my brother’s name is Yizhou. Tell your principal that the school ranking matches are about to begin, and we, the Violet Academy, were here to greet you first.”

“After the next ranking match, the Violet Academy will no longer be the second best!” Yizhou said coldly, as the Water Dragon underneath him gave out a roar.

The Violet Academy students who were attacking Aklan Academy all stopped to look in the direction of the Water Dragon Knight. Yizhou gestured a command with his hands, and then flew away without looking back.

* * *

“Academy ranking match?” Liola raised his head to ask Meinan, whom cluelessly shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know either.

“What ranking match? How come I’ve never heard of it?! But I say, a match like that probably has nothing to do with the School of Sorcery, right?” Kaiser said restlessly: “No person would send Sorcerers to it, right?”

But then everyone thought: ‘Barbalis probably doesn’t count as a person!’

Though all the students were angrily waiting for the principal to come out and explain this ranking match, but even with such large disturbances, the principal was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until Liola tossed Daylight into a healing Maxun, and then kick down the principal’s office doors with Kaiser, did they find the principal along with Blood Wolf.

“Liola? It’s a good thing you’re here. Have you decided to be a Dragon Prince yet? I’m busy, you know, I can’t wait all day everyday for your answer.”

Blood Wolf was sitting in front of a game with his eyes staring at a screen. Both of his hands were holding a joystick. After glancing Liola with the corner of his eyes, he muttered and went back to his game.

“Liola, why was the Academy so noisy today? Did you guys cause some more trouble? I told you, I can’t always go and fix your mess. As a principal, I’m really quite busy.”

Barbalis crossed his legs and sat on the sofa. His face was buried in some book entitled The Most Beautiful Magicians in History, and there was a cup of bubbling green liquid next to him.

Liola felt something he couldn’t comprehend. It was like anger but not exactly. It wasn’t until Kaiser had explain it did Liola understand that he was dumbfounded.

“F— you.” Kaiser swore as soon as he spoke, he also raised both his middle fingers and said:

“We were fighting for our lives outside, and what are you guys doing?! Playing games and looking at erotic magazines?!”

‘Did you even move a finger?’ Liola thought skeptically.

“I’m using the most popular Maxun to research for new moves!” Blood Wolf immediately looked at Kaiser to explain.

“And I’m researching the great history of magic.” Barbalis also put down his magazine and explained.

“Bullsh—!” Kaiser mercilessly gave out more middle fingers. He then sat on the principal’s seat, and acted like a principal yelling at his ‘students’:

“You’re still playing?! Other schools already came here. They shat in your toilet and didn’t flush, and just walked away.”

“What?” Barbalis got angry: “What kind of unhygienic guy would poop in my house without flushing? And he didn’t even wipe his ass? What a disgusting person.”

“It’s just a metaphor!” Kaiser snapped: “Hey, Barbalis, what is this Academy Ranking Match?”

Hearing the match, Barbalis’ face changed slightly, then he said awkwardly:

“Uh, it’s just a meeting between Academies where we exchange some ideas and learn from one another.”

Kaiser turned the lamp on the desk towards Barbalis. The light made Barbalis dizzy.

Kaiser said with a deafening voice:

“Barbalis, tell me the truth, otherwise all your beautiful magician girl’s books, pictures, and even statues will all be turned into muscle men.”

“No, don’t turn my beautiful magician girl into a muscle man! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you anything!” Barbalis cried.

Blood Wolf was speechless, and he felt regretful of the accident that lead him to meet Barbalis.

“Well… Everyone had always been unhappy about Aklan Academy being the best. So the last time there was a meeting between the academies, they decided on a ranking match every three years. The academies would compete with each other, and became better because of it.” Barbalis said with and innocent look on his face.

Kaiser coldly continued to inquire: “When was this decided?”

“A year ago.” Barbalis looked even more innocent than before.

Kaiser jumped over the desk and flew onto the sofa. He grabbed Barbalis’ The Most Beautiful Magicians in History and tore it to shreds. Then, he pointed at Barbalis’ nose and said exaggeratedly:

“You better tell me the rules now. Otherwise I’ll announce this news to all the schools. I promise, the students who just fought with the Violet Academy would love to come to the principal’s office and give you a piece of their mind!”

“Ah! My beautiful magician girl…” Barbalis knew he did something wrong. He howled as he grabbed the shreds from the ground, and explained as he did so:

“Every academy sends a group of five students, and they will be competing in elimination matches.”

“Really? That’s all?” Kaiser narrowed his eyes to inquire.

Barbalis desperately nodded. He had no choice. He fell asleep during the last meeting, and he hadn’t heard anything else.

Kaiser sat down, and cross his legs to think:

“Five people, who should we send then? Liola is a must, and Daylight isn’t bad. Meinan’s protective shield should be useful too. Hey, Barbalis, are there some useful students in the School of Mecha Fighters? If we don’t send one from their school, I’m sure we’ll never hear the end of it.”

Barbalis looked uneasy: “We probably have to send Jetter Motor.”

“You’re talking about the guy controlled a rank-C mecha and was no better than someone controlling a rank-D mecha?” Kaiser snapped:

“We’re better off sending one less person, at least he wouldn’t be able to hold the rest back.”

Barbalis looked uneasy again: “I have no choice. If we don’t send him, I would never hear the end of it from the Commerce Alliance. Liola can 1v5 them anyway, so it’s not going to make a difference.”

“Well, that’s true.” Kaiser nodded. With Liola there, even if the other four people were all Jetters, they can’t lose.

Barbalis put his hand on Kaiser’s shoulder, and said as a matter of fact: “Then we’ll send you as the last man!”

Kaiser opened his mouth wide and stuttered: “Wa-wa-wa-wa-why me? Wouldn’t Jasmine or Lanski be much better?”

Barbalis shook his head: “This is something you don’t understand. The battle between the academies in Aklan Empire will be full of trickery, deceit, and cheating. And who else is more contemptible than you? No one, right? So you have to go. And it’s decided. I will draft a list of names for the council.”

“Wait…” Kaiser still tried to protest.

Barbalis turned and looked outside the window: “Hmm, I hear that Mizerui will be back soon!”

Kaiser’s shoulders collapsed: “Fine. But I will only be responsible for tactics. Don’t ask me to fight.”

“Liola will be there, there won’t be one for you to fight with even if you wanted to.” Barbalis laughed loudly as he patted Kaiser’s back.

Kaiser had no choice but nod his head forcefully and agree.

The silent Liola had another strange feeling. Blood Wolf, too, patted Liola’s shoulder and sighed:

“This is called helplessness! Little bro, I’m going to ask you again, are you not going to the Dragon Empire?”

Liola finally gave Blood Wolf an assured answer: “I’m not going.”

Blood Wolf was shocked at the unexpected answer, and he laughed loudly:

“Good for you, Liola. Now I can see the Dragon Emperor’s shocked expression! But because of your decision, Lancelot probably won’t have you as his apprentice. Honestly, being Lancelot’s apprentice would be quite an injustice to you.”

“We can’t do that!” Kaiser suddenly remembered something. He jumped up from the sofa and yelled:

“If we’re entering Silver Mask into the match, there will be someone who would question Silver Mask’s identity. It’d be fine if he wasn’t Lancelot’s apprentice, but he’s not even a Knight!”

Upon hearing this, Blood Wolf laughed mysteriously: “Who says Liola isn’t a Knight?”

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Chapter 5 : Holy Knight


Daylight had just climbed out of the healing Maxun when he noticed Silver Mask, Kaiser, Meinan, and Jetter, who had a distasteful expression on his face. They were all standing in front of the healing Maxun, staring at him.

Daylight was baffled, so he asked as he walked towards everyone: “Are you guys waiting for me?”

“Yup. We’re waiting for you so we can be on our way.” Kaiser answered

“On our way?” Daylight was even more confused.

“There was suddenly an academy ranking match this year, so every academy will be sending a five-person team to the match.” Meinan explained the situation to Daylight.

“The old geezer Barbalis didn’t realize the match was the day after those Violet students came to cause trouble, and that would be today. We’re short on time, so we’re here waiting for you so we can be on our way.” Kaiser snapped.

“Academy ranking match? Aklan Academy had been the best for years, why is there suddenly a ranking match?”

Daylight suddenly felt heavy responsibility placed upon his shoulders. If they lost and it caused Aklan Academy’s ranking to drop, wouldn’t they suddenly be the sinners of Aklan Academy’s history?

“Barbalis said, the other academies have joined forces against him.” Kaiser snapped and grunted:

“That damn old geezer, if I were in other academies, I would make him pay too!”

Daylight looked at the quiet Silver Mask on the side, walked in front of him and asked:

“Silver Mask, are you a member of this team too?”

Wearing the silver mask, Liola nodded at Daylight, whom seemed to have sighed in relief. As a defeated opponent, Daylight was quite clear of how strong Silver Mask was.

Daylight calmed down and began to get excited for the battle: “Let me go prepare for the trip then we’ll go.”

Kaiser pouted and took out a long pike — it was Daylight’s weapon.

Meinan opened a bag, inside were Silver Mask’s white, silver-lined uniform, gray Sorcerer robe, and Daylight’s blue-lined Knight’s uniform. Liola didn’t say anything, but his legs were wrapped by two Dragon tails: one was white, the other was red.

Everything was ready, even the Eastern Wind.

[T/N: The refers to the Battle of Red Cliff where two allied forces won a decisive victory because of the eastern wind, and it carried flame ships towards the enemy fleet.]

Kaiser snapped again: “The principal said, since we already have two Dragons, so we will have to ride the Dragons to the match, and therefore save on traveling fees.”

Daylight nodded. As he walked out of the healing room, he asked his Fire Dragon, Flames, to transform outside via telepathy. Liola walked out with Daylight and also used telepathy, asking Baolilong become bigger.

Before long, two giant Dragons stood tall on the plaza. Right after Daylight had gotten on Flames, Kaiser and Meinan too climbed up with him.

Daylight curiously turned around and looked at them, then he looked at Silver Mask, who was standing alone on top of the white Dragon.

“One of you could go ride Silver Mask’s Dragon.” Daylight reminded them.

Meinan’s face suddenly changed, then shook his head continuously. Kaiser said: “No, thank you. We’re not too terribly interested in things like 720 degree turns in mid air.”

“Wait a minute, what about me?” Jetter, who had been silent, suddenly yelled anxiously.

“You?” Kaiser said coldly: “I remember you are from the School of Mecha Fighters? Do the students there not have Mechas to use?”

Jetter ground his teeth and said: “My Mecha can’t be used for long distance flights. I’ve already used a flying Maxun to send it to the match!”

Kaiser smiled sinisterly.

Everyone who knew Kaiser would know that it was the same smile he puts on whenever he saw the misery of other people.

Not only was his smile despicable, the sound he makes when he laughs would wanted to make the listeners punch him in the face:

“Then… You go sit on Silver Mask’s White Dragon. It’s a Sacred White Dragon, and not something you would have a chance to ride whenever you want.”

Jetter looked at Silver Mask hesitantly. Since Silver Mask had some conflicts with him, Jetter thought that if Silver Mask want to take revenge on him, wouldn’t it be easy to give him a little push in mid air?

As if he had read Jetter’s mind, Kaiser lightly flung his fingers and said.

“Don’t worry. If Silver Mask wanted to kill you, it wouldn’t be much harder than stepping on an ant. He wouldn’t take you up into the sky, and then push you off as if he was trying to announce to the world that he killed you.”

Though Jetter was furious at the tone of Kaiser’s voice, he couldn’t refute Kaiser’s statement. Besides, it was indeed a rare chance to ride on the Sacred White Dragon! So with a grudge against Silver Mask, and excitement with riding the Sacred White Dragon, Jetter stepped onto the Dragon and headed to the match.

* * *

Jetter didn’t noticed at all why Kaiser and Meinan would rather ride on Daylight’s Red Dragon instead of the Sacred White Dragon. But before long, he understood completely.

With a child’s heart, Baolilong wasn’t at all interested in ‘smooth flight’. His favorite thing to do in the air was tumbling.

Baolilong didn’t like flying straight, but instead flying in the shape of an ‘S’ was his favorite. Flying into the path of a wave was also a common occurrence.

Anyway, since it was rare for Baolilong to return to its true form nowadays, it would always play when it was back in Dragon form, often to the point where it forgets its master was riding on its back.

Fortunately, Baolilong’s master happened to be the best Assassin with a terrifying sense of balance, otherwise Baolilong probably would’ve killed its master a countless number of times. (So in a sense, perhaps Lanski should be thankful to Liola?)

“Let me down! Let me down!”

Jetter desperately screamed on the top of his lungs. Every now and then, Liola would grab him and “fish” him back to prevent him from being shaken off of Baolilong, and falling out of the sky to his death.

“Silver Mask’s balance is unbelievable. Is he really the same age as me?”

Daylight curiously asked. But as he said so, he suddenly remembered that there was an even bigger question that needed answering.

Daylight turned and looked at Kaiser, then asked skeptically:

“Kaiser, is Silver Mask really the Paladin’s apprentice? Why was that Violet Academy’s Water Dragon Knight so sure that he isn’t?”

Kaiser, who was originally laughing his head off at Jetter, heard Daylight’s question and almost choked on his own saliva. After coughing for a long while… Actually, he was using the time to desperately think of an excuse. Finally, under Daylight’s gaze, Kaiser bit the bullet and said:

“Well, you already know, Liola is Silver Mask.”

Daylight nodded. When Silver Mask was in danger, Daylight looked for Silver Mask, but instead saw Liola with a gray Sorcerer robe and a white-haired, pink-eyed child.

“He’s in a disguise because…” Kaiser showed a forced smile and continued, “Because his master, the Paladin, had told him so. As for why… well, maybe…”

“Because the Paladin didn’t want Liola to become arrogant.” Meinan quietly continued where Kaiser had left off.

Daylight’s gaze was now focused on Meinan.

“If everyone knew Liola was the Paladin’s apprentice, then their attitudes to him would be far different.” Meinan kept his calm and continued,

“In order to not let Liola be intoxicated by pretentious fame, the Paladin forbid Liola to announce himself as his apprentice, and he himself never said he has an apprentice, so the Water Dragon Knight said the Paladin has no apprentice.”

Daylight finally understood what happened, and he wasn’t at all suspicious of what Meinan had said.

Daylight continued:
“Whenever the principal needed Liola’s help, Liola would disguise himself as Silver Mask to help the principal. So that’s why. The Paladin’s thoughtfulness is really admirable, and Liola is certainly worthy to be his apprentice. Liola even entered the School of Sorcery, and he didn’t disobey his master’s order even if Knights with lower rank than him would insult him.”

Daylight nodded in satisfaction, and he was no longer skeptical of Liola’s identity. He even secretly reminded himself, never leak Liola’s secret identity, so the Paladin’s thoughtfulness wouldn’t go to waste.

Though the dangerous situation had been averted, Kaiser curiously looked at Meinan, who was making a ‘V’ sign.

‘Since when did this guy learn to lie?’ Had he not been certain that Liola was definitely not Lancelot’s apprentice, even Kaiser would’ve been fooled by Meinan’s explanation.

“We’re here.” Daylight pointed at a place where loud cheers could be heard.

It was a circular arena. It was a place only used for special events in the Empire, but now it was used for the academy ranking matches.

Daylight looked at Liola and pointed in the direction of the arena. Liola nodded, and soon both directed their Dragons toward the arena.

Two Dragons appearing in the air on top of the arena made the original cheers silent. Thousands of students in the circular arena widened their eyes to look up, and even the teams in the center of the arena looked up at their opponents.

Having two Dragon Knights indicated significant power, but it was not uncommon, as there were quite a few Dragons on the side.

What was important was the Dragon Knights’ ranks.

The White and Fire Dragons slowly landed, and the administrative staff immediately walked up to Liola and the others. After having seen the school badge on their chest, he immediately raised his microphone to announce:

“Aklan Academy has arrived!”

The arena immediately started to roar. Being currently ranked first, Aklan Academy was commonly regarded as the biggest opponent. Everyone seemed to be surveying the five Aklan Academy students.

“Two Dragon Knights, my god! They even have a rank silver Knight? How is that possible? Silver Knights are usually instructors!” One of the students screamed.

“One Mecha Fighter student. Isn’t that Jetter? Ahaha!” Participants from other academies exploded with laughter, because Jetter had fallen off as soon as the White Dragon landed. And then, with foam around his mouth, he was unconscious and was carried off by the medical staff.

“Two Sorcerer students…” People who were examining the representatives had gotten quiet when they saw Kaiser and Meinan, and they were confused.

Ordinarily, very few principals would send Sorcery students. Out of the tens of teams present, only two of which had Sorcerers. Violet Academy had only sent one Sorcerer, but Aklan Academy sent two.

“Come here quick, you’re the only ones not in position.” The administrative staff beckoned the students from Aklan Academy.

Daylight looked at Liola, and reminded him: “Silver Mask, your rank is the highest. You should walk in front of us.”

After Liola asked Baolilong to return to a meter-tall small Dragon, he walked in front of his companions, and followed the staff to the center of the arena. There were already more than ten teams of participants standing there, and everyone settled their gazes on Liola.

Though Liola didn’t care for their stares, he wondered if he had done something wrong. Why else would everyone be staring at him?

Actually, Liola hadn’t done anything wrong. But he was wearing a white uniform, and he walked very calmly.

His eyes were sharp, and he mimicked a Knight’s pride perfectly. His demeanor was exactly of a Silver Knight. But the reason why all the students were staring at Liola, was because of his rank.

There had never been a Silver Knight ranked among students!

Though every academy had a couple of Blue Knights here and there, no one had ever reached rank-silver while they were still a student.

The abysmal gap between Blue and Silver rank was something that many Knights couldn’t cross in their lifetime. Even instructors in academies were not all rank-silver. The majority of them were still Blue ranked.

“Your position is here. Please wait.” The staff courteously asked Liola to stop. His identity as a Silver Knight made even the staff cautious.

“If I knew this before hand I would’ve asked Barbalis to lend me a Silver Knight uniform, so they wouldn’t treat me as if I’m transparent.” Kaiser quietly complained:

“No, I should just get a Gold ranked uniform.”

“Then every Knight would have their swords on your neck. There are only ten Gold Knights in the world, and they’re all very famous.” Daylight advised with good intentions.

“And Kaiser, no one is treating you as a transparent person.” Meinan was holding an eyelash brush, and looked in the mirror to raise his lashes even more:

“There are more than ten Knights, lots of Mecha Fighters, but only three Sorcerers! I can safely say that we are the most eye-catching ones. Why don’t you straighten up your messy hair? You can use my hairbrush.”

Kaiser looked at the brush Meinan handed over, and he did not bother to hide his disgust:

“Get it away from me! I’d rather be bald than brush my hair with a pink brush with a butterfly pattern on it!”

Meinan shrugged and took the brush back. He then started meticulously brushing his hair, even though it looked straight and neat.

Seeing every academy had a different badge, Liola lowered his head for the first time and looked at his own chest, at the badge he temporarily took off from his Sorcery robe and put on his Knight uniform.

For the first time, Liola realized the Aklan Academy’s badge was a pentacle. Liola raised his head to look beside him. Those students were wearing a violet on their chest. He then looked up and saw a familiar face, because it was the person who came to Aklan Academy yesterday to provoke them and defeat Daylight and Purity — Yizhou.

Yuzhou had a distasteful expression. He glanced at Liola, and his voice was as cold as yesterday: “I will defeat you, you fake Silver Knight and expose your lies.”

The staff saw that every academy had arrived, so he raised his mic again:

“All 15 participating academies have arrived. Then allow me to introduce this ranking match’s judges. The first is the Silver Knight, Feir.”

A man with black hair, black eyes, and wearing white, silver-lined Knight uniform stood up on the stage. He had a warm smile, and it made people feel refreshed.

Feir nodded lightly, and said: “I hope that everyone can compete in this match fair and square. Long live chivalry!”

Feir put his right fist on his left chest, and performed a Knight salute to everyone. All the Knights returned the salute, even Liola had learned to do so.

Feir looked curiously at Liola before he sat down.

“Feir is Purity’s older brother. His full name is King Feir.” Meinan whispered in Kaiser’s ears, which made Kaiser’s jaw drop.

[T/N: In Chinese customs, last name is placed in front of the first name.]

Because of his sharp hearing, Liola heard this information too. So the Knight uniform Liola took from Purity belonged to the same Feir before him?

“Hey! Purity’s last name isn’t really King, is it?” Kaiser was rather curious.

“Yes. Her last name is King, and her first name is Purity.” Meinan said as a matter-of-fact.

[T/N: Purity’s original name is Qing Qing]

Kaiser showed a strange expression: “Then is your last name Mei and first name Nan? Daylight, is your last name Day and your first name Light? Haha, Liola would be even more strange. Could his last name be Li and first name be Ola?”

Daylight answered seriously: “It’s true. My last name is Day and my given name is Light.”

Meinan raised his head from looking at the mirror, and rolled his eyes at Kaiser: “My name is Meinan Glory, not Mei Nan.”

“I don’t have a last name.” Liola replied to Kaiser, whom awkwardly scratched his face upon hearing.

While Kaiser and others were discussing names, the staff had introduced a few Mecha Association’s Honorable Advisors, and a representative from the Sorcerer Association. After the judges had greeted all the aforementioned attendees, the staff saw that everything was just about in order, so he spoke again:

“Now I announce that the First Annual Academy Ranking Match begins! First…”


A voice had interrupted the staff’s announcement. Everyone looked at the person who spoke. It was a person in the Violet Academy, and he was wearing a purple Sorcerer robe.

It was the person who came yesterday to provoke Aklan Academy, and the Water Dragon Knight’s elder brother — Yiyu.

“There is a Silver Knight among students. Doesn’t anyone suspect something?” Yiyu smiled maliciously.

Everyone’s gaze immediately gathered on Liola; their eyes were indeed filled with suspicion.

Yiyu from Violet Academy walked out of his team, and said loudly to the judges on the stage:

“This Silver Knight not only wearing a mask and call himself Silver Mask, he even claims to be the Paladin Lancelot’s apprentice. I hereby proclaim, this person is most likely lying. He’s definitely not Lancelot’s apprentice, and he’s probably not even a Silver Knight!”

This speech caused the stadium to rumble as if there was a bomb. Everyone within the arena, and probably everyone on the Aklan Continent, were already suspicious of this Lancelot’s apprentice appearing out of no where. But because they were intimidated of his silver rank, no one opened their mouth to openly question his identity. Now that someone had spearheaded questioned him, everyone’s suspicions had surfaced.

Standing at the epicenter, Liola still remained calm. Fortunately, Kaiser had already predicted something like this would happen.

Facing everyone suspicions, Liola did not say a word, but instead walked towards the stage. As he walked step by step, the crowd had slowly quiet down. Finally, Liola was in front of Feir, and everyone was quietly watching how this would progress.

Feir’s face was still filled with warm smile, and he curiously looked at what Silver Mask would do.

Liola then took out a silver, metal card from his pocket, and placed it in front of Feir. He said: “Please don’t say my real name.”

Feir took the card he was most familiar with, because it was given out by the Knight Association to prove a Knight’s identity. The silver color represented the Silver Knight’s identity.

The small card had the Knight’s name and rank, a picture of the Knight, and a Holy Sword Emblem representing the Knight Association.

Feir took out his card as well. When two authentic Knight card touch, the emblem will shine with a golden color. This was the best way Knights could confirm each other’s identity. Feir lightly touched the two cards, and the sword emblems on both cards did indeed glow.

“Your Knight card is authentic, but I still need to confirm if the picture is really yours.” Feir said as he handed the Knight card back to Silver Mask.

Liola nodded. With his back to everyone, he quickly took off his mask and then immediately put it back. Though it was a short time, but Feir had already seen his face clearly. He nodded and said:

“You really are a Silver Knight, that I can promise. But I don’t know if you are the Paladin Lancelot’s apprentice.”

“Whether I’m the Paladin’s apprentice has nothing to do with this match.” Liola hadn’t planned on explaining any further.

“But this has to do with your code of honor. Are you sure you don’t want to give any explanation?” Feir asked somewhat curiously.

Liola’s face sank, and he was unsure how to respond to anything regarding to his code of honor.

At this time, Daylight, who had been anxious for Liola, couldn’t hold back anymore. He quickly ran up to the stage, and his serious face was filled with determination. He first saluted Feir, then said:

“Sir Feir, Silver Mask has his reasons for not explaining, and I can promise you on my honor that Silver Mask is not lying.”

“Crap! Somebody’s honor was just destroyed in the hands of Liola.” Kaiser murmured. Meinan, the only one who heard the murmurs, had a helpless expression.

“You’re on the same team as Silver Mask. You would obviously say he’s not lying.” Seeing the favors were tilting in Silver Mask’s direction, Yiyu hurriedly yelled.

Daylight’s face sank, and turned around to say solemnly to that Sorcerer: “I’ve already sworn on my honor. If you still insist that I’m lying, then I must duel with you to protect my honor.”

“We’ve already dueled, and if I remember correctly, you’ve lost to us yesterday.” Yiyu smiled.

Without giving up at all, Daylight openly admitted: “Yesterday I did lose. But to protect my honor, I will give it my best today.”

Unable to make Daylight feel embarrassed, Yiyu was obviously unhappy. He narrowed his eyes and started announcing:

“My brother had met Sir Lancelot before, and the Paladin himself said he had no plans to have any apprentices. This was only five years ago, so how could he suddenly have a Silver-ranked Knight apprentice. Do you think this is possible?”

After his speech, everyone had gotten quiet again. Everyone’s gaze was back on Liola.

“Oh, so, you wanted to be Lancelot’s apprentice, but in the end you got rejected. No wonder you’re acting like we owe you a ton of money.” Kaiser looked up and down at the Water Dragon Knight, and he was laughing sinisterly.

Everyone seemed to thought about what Kaiser said, and what Yiyu had announced, then burst out laughing.

Yizhou’s face had turned colder, and his freezing gaze was on Liola. He said word by word: “The Paladin would never have you as an apprentice!”

Seeing the doubtful voices in the arena was increasing, things were getting out of hand. Liola had no way of fixing this. The only person who could complete his lies, Blood Wolf, was nowhere to be seen after giving him the Knight card last night. (Strange, why does Blood Wolf not care about his honor?)

When Kaiser was completely helpless, a crisp neigh was heard from the sky. When everyone raised their head to look at the sky, their jaws dropped in disbelief. Even the Silver Knight, Feir, immediately stood up, and performed a Knight salute.

A snow white unicorn was snorting amidst the blue skies, and on it there was a man in White Knight uniform. His long brown hair was tied into a ponytail, and his sky-blue eyes seemed to be searching among the crowds. As soon as he saw Liola, Lancelot slightly frowned, and commanded the unicorn to land on the stage, where Liola was standing.

Lancelot got off the unicorn, and walked directly towards Liola. He didn’t not look at anyone else, and he only waved his hand briefly at Feir’s salute. Lancelot walked to Liola, and curiously looked at Liola. His face sank and he said solemnly:

“You don’t know how to salute?”

Though Liola was stunned at the situation, but he still put his right fist on his left chest out of reflex to salute Lancelot.

“Wait for me on the unicorn.” Lancelot sounded like he was scolding his own child. His tone was strict and as if it can’t be defied.

Hearing a command tone, Liola instead felt strangely familiar. His body practically obeyed Lancelot without his control. It wasn’t until he had gotten on the unicorn did Liola remember that Lancelot wasn’t the Leader, and he didn’t need to obey his orders.

Though Liola thought this way, his body still obeyed the order and he stayed on the unicorn without moving. Confused, Baolilong, who was in a meter-long Dragon form, bit the corner of Liola’s pants.

Liola lowered his head to look at Baolilong. After thinking about it carefully, he used telepathy to tell Baolilong.

“I’ll be fine. You stay here and help Kaiser and others.”

On Baolilong’s long Dragon face, two cheeks puffed up, and he grunted in dissatisfaction. But it obeyed Liola’s orders, and walked back to Kaiser. Baolilong frequently turned around to look at Liola, hoping Liola would change his mind and allow itself to remain by his side.

Lancelot now finally looked directly at the judges on the stage. He said, “I’m sorry, but I have to take him away. I will try my best to bring him back before the match starts.”

No one dared to say anything. Even if Liola evaporated from the world, no one would say anything bad about the Paladin. Lancelot knew this very well, and it was just a formality for him to give an excuse to the judges. He then walked back and rode the unicorn, then took his apprentice and flew away.

* * *

When everyone was in shock, Kaiser suddenly burst out a cry: “My god! He took away my trump card!”

‘But, why did the Paladin take Silver Mask away?’ Meinan was puzzled as he thought about it.

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Chapter 6 : Seal


Liola quietly sat on the unicorn, and he did not speak a word. Instead, Lancelot, who was sitting in the front, curiously opened his mouth first:

“Aren’t you going to ask me what’s going on?”

It wasn’t until then that Liola spoke.

“Did Blood Wolf ask you to come?”

“Yes, and no. Blood Wolf did indeed ask me to come. But even if he hadn’t say anything, I was planning on having a talk with you anyway. Why don’t you go to the Dragon Empire? I heard Miluo had already caused you some trouble, why not seek protection from the Dragon Empire?”

Lancelot asked a multiple questions in one go.

Liola was quiet for a while, and then said.

“I don’t want to go.”

Hearing Liola’s reply, but didn’t considered it to be a real answer, Lancelot smiled:

“You are just like how Blood Wolf described: a lost and indifferent boy, not to mention very stubborn.”

Liola didn’t care for this comment, but instead he stared blankly at the passing earth below. Before long, Lancelot guided the unicorn to land on an uninhabited plain.

After jumping off the unicorn, he observed his surroundings, then nodded in satisfaction. He turned and said to Liola, who was standing next to the unicorn:

“Take off your mask. As your master, I still don’t even know what my apprentice looks like.”

Liola obeyed and took off the silver mask, which showed his elegant face. Lancelot looked at the mask and said after a moment of silence:

“Where did you get this mask? It actually changed your eye color.”

“Mizerui gave it to me.”

“Mizerui… His things were always a bit strange.” Lancelot seemed a bit skeptical, but he wasn’t going to comment on the Dragon Emperor’s friend, Mizerui.

The straightforward Lancelot then continued to get to the main reason why he came: “Blood Wolf said, you wanted to learn healing magic?”

Hearing about healing magic, Liola’s interest was finally aroused. He nodded and asked,

“You can teach me healing magic?”

“The most famous attribute of being a Holy Knight is healing magic.” Lancelot said as a matter-of-fact.

But then he continued solemnly: “If it’s healing magic, I can teach you, because Blood Wolf had specifically asked me to do so. As for other abilities, I would never teach them to an Assassin. Even though you’ve promised Princess Anise you won’t kill again, I don’t trust you.”

Seeing Lancelot doubt his promise to Anise, Liola’s mind was started to be a bit discontented, and his attitude towards Lancelot got colder. No one noticed the subtle change, at least Lancelot didn’t. Lancelot then proceeded to fulfil his promise to Blood Wolf.

“Blood Wolf told me that your main problem is not being able to feel magic element; is that right?” Lancelot didn’t beat around the bush.

Liola nodded.

Lancelot told him to watch, then he took out his snow white sword, and lightly cut the palm of his hand. Bright red blood instantly poured out, but Lancelot closed his eyes to concentrate and chanted a few lines of a spell.

LIola’s wounded palm started to emit white light, and the blood seemed to have slowed down, until finally there was no blood at all. Lancelot took out a handkerchief and wiped away the blood stains, and there wasn’t even a scar left on his palm.

Liola slightly frowned. When Lancelot was healing, he did indeed feel some sort of energy concentrating in Lancelot’s hand. Could that be the supposed magic element? Liola had a blurred idea about this element, but it wasn’t clear enough to him to control such special energy.

Liola took Broken Silver out of his boots. After turning the stick into a dagger, Liola took Broken Silver and cut a long wound on his arm, then lifted for Lancelot to heal.

At first, Lancelot looked at Liola’s unique weapon curiously, Broken Silver. When Liola lifted his arm, Lancelot placed his hand over Liola’s wound. A warm white light emitted from Lancelot’s palm, and Liola felt at the energy on his wound. The energy slowly sank into his skin, and it repaired his tissue slowly, until the wound was nowhere to be found.

Liola knitted his eyebrows, trying to remember the feeling and attempted to control that feeling.

Lancelot was also trying to help: “Put out your palm, look at it, and try to remember that feeling”, he reminded.

Liola did so, and his silver eyes concentrated on his palm. For a moment, he even seemed to forget an Assassin’s awareness to the surrounding. The only thing in Liola’s eyes and mind was his own palm.

Slowly, Liola felt a familiar energy, and there was a warmth in his palm that extended to his heart. Liola felt excited and a sense of achievement, and even his face began to smile.

Lancelot suddenly put his hand on Liola’s forehead. Liola curiously raised his eyes to look at Lancelot, but Lancelot yelled: “Concentrate!”

Liola obeyed, and focused all his attention back to his palm. The warmth in his hand felt more and more intense, until it finally began to emit a faint white glow.

Liola immediately bit a finger on his other hand, and then touched the wounded finger against the light. Liola immediately saw his wound was slowly recovering.

He really did learn healing magic!

“Congratulations on learning healing magic. Now let’s experience another unique skill of the Holy Knight.”

Lancelot’s hand remained on Liola’s forehead. A pair of blue eyes looked absolutely selfless, even brutally altruistic.

Though Liola had started worrying about Lancelot’s gaze, but there was no way that the Paladin Lancelot would hurt him, right?

With that thought, Liola didn’t do anything, just quietly sustained the heavy pressure on his forehead. But even with Liola’s endurance, his expression was still reflective of how much pain he felt.

Finally, Liola could no longer hold it, his hands held Lancelot’s arm, trying to push away this source of pain.

But Liola suddenly noticed, not only did Lancelot not let go, his fingers held on even tighter to Liola’s head, and the pressure was getting strong.

Liola almost yelled out in pain, but he held back, instead he could only squeeze these words out between his teeth: “Lancelot?”

“Seal is magic unique to Holy Knights. We don’t like to kill, and sealing can make even the most dangerous enemies powerless to harm others.” Lancelot said calmly and justly,

“You’re too dangerous, Liola. Since you don’t want to join the Dragon Emperor’s side, he agreed to use this method to stop you from causing any more harm to this world.”

“I didn’t cause any harm!” Unfortunately Lancelot didn’t stop.

Liola could only helplessly watch as hundreds of white, transparent chains came out of Lancelot’s hands, and the chains wrapped themselves around Liola’s body. Wherever the chains touched, Liola could feel his powers being drained away, and even his mind began to drift off to unconsciousness.

Before Liola lost consciousness, he faintly hear Lancelot say: “I did not seal your magic, so you can still follow your wish on becoming a healer. Your wishes are good, both for you and this world.”

The chains slowly sank into Liola’s body, and the intense pain finally took away Liola’s consciousness and he fell the the ground. When the last chain appeared on his body, a few strange golden pattern slowly surfaced on Liola’s skin, and they looked like ropes wrapping Liola.

Lancelot quietly looked at the unconscious Liola on the ground, and calmly said:

“I’m very sorry, but I can’t let strong Assassin, such as yourself, roam in this world.”

Lancelot dragged Liola back onto the unicorn. He also took the silver mask hanging from Liola’s waist. He frowned when he felt that it had some form of magical energy, but he had no way of ascertaining what magic Mizerui put on it. Lancelot clenched his hand, and the mask in his hand broke into several pieces. He threw away the pieces, then rode the unicorn back towards the arena.