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The Experimentation of a New Magic

The members of the research society who just got out of the hot springs had strange expressions on their faces.

It seems like they received a large impact from grandpa’s story.

Although the topic of the conversation is a little complicated, it seems like everyone was in an agreement that they were grateful to be friends with me…

And with the same timing, the women got out of the hot springs.

They looked towards us with strange yet refreshed expressions. And when they looked at my face, their expressions turned gentle.

Eh? What is it?

After we left the bath house and were preparing for our meals, grandma suddenly brought up the topic of the training camp.

“Ah, that’s right. This was decided earlier in the bath house. In the beginning, we were only intending on acting as your guardians, but we decided to train you as well.”

“Eh? Are you telling the truth?”

“Merlin-sama and Melinda-sama will be teaching us as well?”

The girls were calm because they knew of this information beforehand, but the boys were fired up after hearing it.

“Eh? Is this okay, grandpa?”

“Hohho… This is the first time I’ve heard of it…”

It seems like even grandpa is hearing it for the first time.

“Well, Shin will be teaching you how to imagine the magic spells. The grandpa will be in charge of teaching you magic control, and I’ll teach you Enchantment magic.”

“Whoa! It’s like a dream!”

When she heard that grandma will be teaching Enchantment magic, Yuri’s tension went up.

It’s quite unusual for that child’s tension to go up. She’s usually very quiet.

“In other words, when I have some free time… I’ll be able to experiment with new magic.”

When I spoke, everyone’s movements suddenly froze into place.

“…Wait a minute there, Shin.”

“What is it? Grandma?”

“It’s not ‘what is it?’ There’s no way I can let what you’ve just said slide…!”

“A new kind of magic, he says…”

“Experimenting, he says…”

“Umm! When that time comes, please let us know! Because we want to evacuate!”

Olivia unusually stepped forward and said. While looking somewhat frightened…

“Eh… What’s with this reaction…”

“You… When you said new kind of magic, what were you intending of doing?”

Gus continued to interrogate.

“About that… In order to defeat Schtrom, I thought that a new magic is necessary…”

“Eh? If I remember correctly, when you faced Schtrom, you said that you weren’t using your full power?”

Thor remembered what happened in the Security Force training ground.

“Well, although I did indeed say that, but when I think about that event, something suddenly came to my mind and I wanted to test it out…”

“…What is this, is it only me who feels that it will be a dangerous situation right after hearing it?”

“No, Your Highness, I feel the same way.”

“I feel the same way as well.”

“Me, as well! It has the strong smell of danger all around it!”

…Even though they haven’t heard the details, and to actually have this kind of reaction… Is it okay if I cry soon?

“I want to hear about it a little, will that be really dangerous?”

“It’s not at all dangerous… to me…”

“In other words… it will be dangerous to the people around?”

“No… Well… although it’s more or less an attack magic, so the other party will…”

“…Well, I guess that is somewhat expected. Then? How much power does it have?”

“Who knows? That’s the reason I want to test it out…”

It has become a petition on whether or not I can be allowed to perform experiments.

“Haaa~ …Listen well, when you want to perform experiments, go to that wasteland and make sure no one else is around.”

“That is only natural. Then, is it okay if I experiment?”

“Will it be really alright? When you use that magic of yours, the world won’t come to an end, right?”

“No… As one would expect, I won’t practice that kind of magic…”

What in the world does grandma thinks of me? I’m not the God of Destruction!

Although I was persistently grilled by grandma, I somehow managed to receive permission to experiment on a new magic.

While everyone is receiving guidance from grandpa and grandma, I will be experimenting with new magic.

While I was watching grandpa’s magic, I thought of something.

With my imagination, it might turn out to be something really interesting. I really want to hurry up and test it out.

“Shin-kun… Umm, as I thought, you should take care of yourself a little more…”

“Sicily? What’s wrong?”

“Umm… how should I say this… you have an extremely excited expression on your face…”

“As I thought, I am really worried.”

“Haaa…. Will this really be alright…”

Eh? Was I really making that kind of expression? It might be because I’m happy to have a chance to finally test it out…

For the time being, I decided on the schedule for tomorrow’s training.

In the morning will be magic control practice under grandpa’s supervision, magic practice with me in the afternoon, and in the evening until dinner time will be Enchantment magic lesson with grandma and my magic experiment time.

However, during my magic experimentation time, either grandpa or grandma must be supervising me or else I’m not allowed to do it.

The reason is because they’ll be able to deal with it in a case of an emergency.

Well, although I understand their worries because it’s a practice for a new magic, but I feel like they’re being too overly anxious…

“Think about the things you’ve done up until now.”

…I can’t say anything in retort…

Maybe it was because of the long journey, or because I was able to relax in the hot springs, I immediately fell asleep that night.

* * *

The next morning, when everyone appeared for breakfast, they all looked refreshed. As I thought, the hot springs are effective. It is the best accommodation for a training camp.

When everyone said that, Sicily and the employees of her house looked really delighted. After all, I’ll feel delighted if my own territory was praised.

And as decided yesterday, everyone participated in magic control practice.

As expected, grandpa’s magic control guidance is precise.

“Pay attention, Thor-kun. Your magic control is a little disordered.”


“Sicily-san, you can already control that much magic power, why don’t you increase it a little.”


“Rin-san! You are gathering too much magic power! It’ll end up running wild!”

“Huh? I made a mistake.”

Rin, who is acting rashly as usual and was on the verge of having her magic power run wild, was stopped by grandpa. Even now, she’s constantly reaching that point… She needs to be put under observation because if there’s even a slight delay of putting up a barrier, something terrible will happen.

The amount of magic power everyone could control increased a little that morning.

And after lunch, it was my turn to supervise magic practice.

At this time, the reason why I wanted to test magic becomes more obvious.

Everyone said that they somehow understand the imagination process I use to cast magic.

That’s right, just ‘somehow.’

It was strictly the ‘substance’ and such, the ‘reaction’ and such, the ‘results’ and such, but it doesn’t mean that they were able to imagine it clearly.

Which means, even if the image is more ambiguous, even if it is physically unreasonable, as long as there is a feasible imagination, it would be possible? That’s what I thought.

For example, such as ‘Flammable Gas,’ the image of it is too vague. Even so, will magic still activate?

To begin with, when I was a student, I wasn’t good with sciences. However, magic still activated with the proper image.

In other words, we up until now, we have been under the impression ‘things will end up this way’ when we ‘imagine’ it before it’s actualized?

While watching everyone practice, that belief increases further.


Maria shot a blazing flame spell. However, she has yet to completely understand the principle of combustion.

Sicily shot a blade of ice after she froze the water. Sicily has yet to understand the molecular structure of water and the molecular structure of when water turns into ice.

Although Rin shoots out a number of Wind Blades, she doesn’t understand it either.

Up until now, everyone only has a vague understanding of how to use those magic.

As I thought, the hypothesis I have isn’t wrong.

While watching everyone practice magic, only grandma had a shocked expression.

“How could you, with everyone being able to cast these kinds of magic spells without any chants… Won’t the Magic Division’s position be in a predicament…”

“However, aside from dealing with the mass production of demons, I think it’ll still be hard to deal with devils.”

“Good grief… The world really is in a crisis.”

As for me, I don’t know what kind of level students from the Advanced Academy should have. However, I thought that with just this level, it’ll be hard to deal with devils, and if they do not increase their skills, the condition will be even more severe.

Even though devils are running amok in the territory of the Old Empire, I am in agreement that we cannot even lift a finger.

They might not even be an opponent for a single devil.

And although demons run rampant in the Old Empire, we are still unable to send an evacuation team to help out nearby towns and villages. Even if one was sent, they won’t reach those places.

When one thinks about what is happening, only the words ‘hopeless case’ can describe the situation. In order to increase the war potential of the people who will be fighting on the front lines, everyone needs to get stronger in this training camp.

* * *

When the magic practice ends, during the short break, I decided to do some new magic experimentation.

Everyone looked at me while appearing tense, but although I said it would be an experiment for a new magic, I won’t cast a big spell.

First of all, I try to sufficiently imagine a combustible gas. And when it is combined with the source of fire, the magic will…


It was similar to a magician lighting up a fire and dispelling it.

I can do it with this!

“Is that the new magic you were talking about?”

“No, that was something I cast to confirm something.”

Now then, this is the start of the real thing. Though I said that, I took a little distance to test something.

The magic I want to try is an explosion spell.

First, with the air, I tried imagining trapping the same gas I used earlier.

In order for gas to explode, gas needs to be enclosed in an air-tight space. And because it’s been sealed, when the gas expands, it’ll have nowhere to go, but when the seal collapses…


I used the explosion magic principle I’ve been practicing thus far. However, even though the ball of gas was smaller than before, the explosion that occurred was greater.

When I looked around, everyone had a dubious expression. This is still preparations for the experiment.

Now then, next one. Next one is finally the image of a magic that defies the laws of physics.

The image of ‘Directivity.’

I imagine the shockwave of the explosion forwardly spreading in a concentric circle.

I imagine the same ball of gas I used earlier, in addition to the directivity, a shockwave is produced.

And then…


I did it! It’s a success!

The energy and shockwave of the explosion didn’t affect me and only moved forward.

Alright! With this, the preparations are over.

“Everyone, although I think it will be all right, but just in case, please cast Magic Barrier. Since an emergency situation might occur.”

After hearing those words, everyone gave their best and developed a Magic Barrier.

Even though I said it will probably be all right…

Because everyone seems to have low confidence in me, I finished the preparation for the new magic feel a little lonely and pushed forward.

First of all… I gathered the same gas used earlier and compressed it. More compression, compression, compression.

With surroundings covered with thick air, the preparations to generate a large explosive energy was complete.

And finally, I added the image of the directivity of shockwaves before shooting it.

With the impact along with the ignition source, the gas quickly caught ablaze.

And then…


The magic spell caused an unbelievably large explosion.

By adding directivity, the shockwave coming from the center of the explosion didn’t come near me at all.

And the