Ark :

Ark [Korean Light Novel]

Kim Hyun Woo lived the life of the wealthy thanks to his parents. But one day, he received a phone call informing him of a traffic accident which involved his parents. His father had died and his mother was hospitalized in critical condition. The normal life he once knew, collapsed…

They sold their house, cancel various insurance plans, and moved to a one room apartment. And after a few years, Hyun Woo spends four to six hours tending to his mother and worked to pay for her medical bills.

One day, one of his Instructors recommended him for position in a company called Global Exos, who made an announcement of making history with the newest technological invention. This story follows the main protagonist on his journey to adapt to a new development of a virtual reality game.

Written by: Yoo Seong

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[fusion_accordion class=”” id=””][fusion_toggle title=”Volume 1″ open=”no”]
ACT 0 : Prologue
ACT 1 : New World
ACT 2 : Mouse Hunter
ACT 3 : First Dungeon
ACT 4 : Desperate Struggle with the Demon Mouse
ACT 5 : Viscount Haverstein’s Revenge
ACT 6 : Cat Knight
ACT 7 : Familiars
ACT 8 : You’re Dead if You’re Caught
ACT 9 : The Two Girls
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ACT 1 : Special Army of Familiars
ACT 2 : Hatchling
ACT 3 : Underwater City of Nodelesse
ACT 4 : Win the Hearts of the People
ACT 5 : The White Whale’s Labyrinth
ACT 6 : The Caretaker’s Spirit
ACT 7 : Battle of the Grey Ridge
ACT 8 : Giran, a Merchant’s Battlefield
ACT 9 : Hero Assembly
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Act 1 : The Silver Arrow
Act 2 : To Jackson Castle
Act 3 : Jackson Crusade
Act 4 : Holy Knight Alan
Act 5 : Operation Bomb the Scorch Cannons
Act 6 : Lord of Darkness, Valderas
Act 7 : The Underwater Master
Act 8 : Jackson’s Hero
Act 9 : To Giran again
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Act 1 : The Giran’s Institute of Magic
Act 2 : Bounty Hunter
Act 3 : Meeting Sid Again
Act 4 : Meeting the Girl
Act 5 : Red Man
Act 6 : Lawless City of Kairote
Act 7 : Dark Brother
Act 8 : At the end of Hell
Act 9 : The Mystery of the Labyrinth

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