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One Day Tour in Alis Academy

Location: Atlantis
Time: 9:23 am

Three days after the fight between the five-colored rooster head and Ryan, I received an invitation.

“Little Yang, are you awake yet?”

Knock, knock I heard someone knocking on my door. However, senior hasn’t been around for the past few days, and the person knocking on my door didn’t seem to have the sound of senior’s voice.

Still feeling sleepy, with misty eyes, I crawled out of bed, dragging my legs into the living room. After I opened the door, I saw Andy standing outside.

Seems like he didn’t have work today, since he was wearing casual clothing, but an extremely formal kind… I don’t know how to describe it, it looks like a modified version of a clerical clothing. He looked really orthodox, with his golden hair tied up into a ponytail at the back of his head; he looked very refreshing.

Compared to his refreshing look, my face was full of wanting-to-sleep due to staying up late playing on the computer. With dark eye circles, I looked just like a living corpse.

Andy looked at me, he could probably guess what I was doing, because all of us do the same thing during holidays.

“Little Yang, this is bad for your health.” He then blew a breath at me, and I felt as though my face was being hit by ice. I was completely woken by that chill, “When you just wake up, the first thing you must do is wash your face. Allow the water affinity Elf to wash and calm your body and mind, and allow the filthy spirits to be washed away cleanly.”

You’re here to advocate…?

“Is there anything I can do for you?” I rubbed my face, afraid it would turn into ice.

“Oh right. Just now, a messenger came here to deliver this.” It was only then that Andy remembered his purpose of coming to my room. He took out a white Western styled envelope and passed it to me, “This came from Alis Academy, are you acquainted with someone over there?”

Alis? I wrinkled my forehead. Very familiar, but it felt like I’ve never heard of it before.

“From one of the representative of Alis Academy, Yido. His messenger sent this.” Andy saw me tilting my head and thinking for quite some time, so he said a few more words to explain.

Ah! Right, it’s the school of the three brothers from the last time. No wonder I felt it was rather familiar. But why was he looking for me? We’ve only met once, and we didn’t talk much either.

“There was probably something they wanted to show you.”

“Something?” My right eyelid suddenly started twitching.

“Don’t worry, Yido looking for someone won’t be anything bad.” Andy seemed to have sensed my hesitation, “Yido, Yado, and Leido. The three of them are aristocrats of the Water Fairy, and also the guardians of the Foretelling Mirror. They are important people in the Water Fairy clan. The most probably they saw something regarding you through the Foretelling Mirror, so they wanted to see you.”

Foretelling Mirror? A very general and simple name.

“They are also like Chifuyu who has foreknowledge?” Why are all the people around me, these kinds of people.

“Not exactly the same, you’ll know after you see it.”

Again it’s you’ll know after you see it!

I’ve decided that I should go and make a catalog. Next time, if there is a similar victim who didn’t know what it was like to die and entered this school the same way I did, I can sell it to them.

“I’ve already passed the thing to you, so don’t let others wait for you too long.” Andy patted my shoulder, and went back to his room.

To be honest, Andy is actually a good person, as long as he doesn’t get to encounter the five-colored rooster head.

I stood in front of the door and opened the envelope, inside was a card, a white and very refined card. The cover of the card actually had a flower printed with gold powder, but my knowledge about plants is very poor, so I couldn’t make out what kind of flower it was. Anyway, it gave off a really noble feeling.

When I opened the card, the first thing I saw was an emblem. It was somewhat like a Japanese family crest or the like, and the bottom was filled with words.

Worm words.

F——! I can’t read the words of foreign languages in their world! I think I better go find someone to help me translate…

* * *


As soon as I left the dorm and heard the voice, I immediately turned around and headed back inside.

“Hey, hey! I was actually being kind enough to bring someone to see you!” This time, the five-colored rooster head didn’t grab my collar. Instead, he said this sentence, causing me to stop.

Bring someone? I turned around, but I was so shocked that my soul almost left my body! Standing slightly behind the five-colored rooster head was actually Chifuyu!

Dear mother of mine, can it be that I accidentally fell asleep when I went back to change clothes in my room?! In fact, I am almost most certain I am dreaming right now!

I took two steps back, and then took another two steps back. The thing in front of me was definitely an illusion. Everything is an illusion, you can’t scare me to death!

“What do you mean bringing someone!” Chifuyu said with an extremely disgusted tone, as though he was spitting at the cockroach in the drain ¡X that kind of feeling, “Yang Yang, Miao Miao and I wanted to look for you to go for a movie at the right shopping mall.”

“You guys can go ahead and meet up by yourself, Yang wants to go to the left shopping street with me.”

Wait a moment, when did I make an appointment with you to go to the left shopping street!?

“When did he make an appointment with you!” Chifuyu’s eyes flashed brightly.

“I didn’t make an appointment with him.” That damn five-colored rooster head, are you trying to kill me! You obviously knew Chifuyu hates you to the same degree that if he saw a cockroach, he would use a slipper to smash it to death out of hatred. Yet, you still purposely spewed a bunch of rubbish at him!

“Yang~ You obviously said we can go out and have fun whenever you’re free!” The five-colored rooster head looked like he was in shock. Holding onto his chest, he took two steps back, “You, lied, to, me…”

I wanted to hit his head, to get him to sober up.

“I didn’t say that.” To be honest, I’m already used to the five-colored rooster head’s style of acting crazy, so most of the time, I can just ignore him.

Chifuyu showed an expression as though he was looking at an idiot to look at the five-colored rooster head, and he quickly shifted his sight away, ignoring him.

“Chifuyu, I’m sorry I have something on today.” I passed the card to Chifuyu.

Chifuyu took the envelope and looked at it for a moment, “Alis Academy?” On top of it was the school’s badge, “You know people from over there?” He looked rather shocked.

“Something like that, but I can’t read what’s written on it.” I can only see a bunch of worms crawling on the card.

“Alright, I’ll help you read it.” He took out the card, “This is an invitation. Generally, it’s about someone called Yido inviting you to go sightseeing in Alis Academy. They have prepared some snacks and stuff, and would be waiting for your visit at eleven in the morning.” Chifuyu substantially and briefly told me.

“You are not acquainted with Yido?” I thought their job was rather similar so they would know one another. However, it looks like Chifuyu doesn’t know this person.

Chifuyu looked at me with an expression as though there were question marks all over his face and shook his head.

“I heard he is the whatchamacallit guardian of the Foretelling Mirror from the Water Fairy clan.” I took back the card, and started to think if it was possible to arrive at Alis Academy with a teleportation charm.

Then, it dawned on Chifuyu, “Yang Yang, I also came from the same world as you, so I’m not really clear about the foretelling clans of this world. However, I’ve read about the Foretelling Mirror in books. I also heard it’s one of the ten treasures of the Fairy clan, if it’s possible I wanted to follow you there to have a look, but he only invited you in that invitation, so it would be better if I don’t go.” He said and smiled.

“Oh, I understand, thank you.” I actually wanted to ask Chifuyu if he wanted to go with me, because I’ve never been there before, I’m afraid it’ll be the same as our school, so before I even entered, I would have died outside.

“Then I’ll go to the movies with Miao Miao. Such a pity, today is the last day of showing for ‘The Temple of the King of Hell’.” Chifuyu said pitifully, “You can see lots of incantations and the killer Ghost King’s soul skills.”

… What kind of movie is that!

“Oh right, behind the card there is an array, but it only can be used to go to and from once. You can use it to go to Alis Academy.” As soon as he said that, I immediately flipped the card around, and sure enough, there’s a gold incantation.

“Alright.” I guess the method of using it should be similar to a teleportation charm.

Chifuyu, who was in a rush to go to the movies, once again glared at the five-colored rooster head, who was chewing on gum at one side, and only then did he leave.

As I was about to throw the card on the floor, I noticed there was one person, who was supposed to leave, but was still there.

“Why are you still here?” The five-colored rooster head looked at me from one side. He didn’t look like he had any plans on leaving.

“Why can’t I stay here.” He answered in a matter of factly way.

“Because I’m about to go to Alis Academy. If you are beside me, you’ll be sent there together with me.” I approximately knew of the size of arrays, and no matter how small the array, there would still be a range.

“I want to go, too.” The five-colored rooster head said in an even more matter of factly way.


Then the rooster claw draped over my shoulder, “Yang~ we are friends, right.”

Who is your friend! You are a troublemaking king! Every time I encounter you, I would die horribly!

“If we are friends, then we should travel the world together, battle in the world of masters, and conquer the four seas!” The five-colored rooster head tightened his fist, and hot-bloodedly roared at the sky.

Which light novel or manhua did you see this from! Me conquering the four seas!? What nonsense!

“Since it’s already decided, if you don’t let me follow you, will we still be considered as friends?” The five-colored rooster head curved up a strange smile, materialized his beast claws, and draped it over my shoulder as he laughed.

“You even took out your claw, do you think I could say no?” I looked at the beast claw hanging on my shoulder, and I was speechless.

“Of course not!”

The five-colored rooster head really was a juvenile delinquent!

* * *

I guess this was the first time I left the school area. Other than the left shopping mall and the Ghost King tomb, this was the first time I saw another special ability school. Nn… how do I describe this. After seeing our school’s extravagant buildings, and now that I look at this, made me feel like it was very… poor.

My previous school was like a school in the forest. The first second I laid my eyes on it, it made me think of loving-the-nature kind of local program. Appearing in front of my eyes, was an entire mountain. The five-colored rooster head and I was standing on the hilltop, and in front of us there was a building creeping with vines.

It was a castle in the mountains, considerably huge, surrounded by creeping green vines. Half of the castle was buried in the forest, and compared to our school, it was considered as very, very small. However, it was several times bigger compared to my previous junior high school.

There was already someone waiting at the entrance of the castle.

“I thought Yido only invited one guest.” The one standing and waiting was Yado. I knew it was him simply by looking at his gloomy face devoid of any smile. He glanced at the five-colored rooster head, walked right in front of me, slightly bent his body, and nodded.

I hastened to return the formality.

“I’m sorry. Because I don’t know how to come here, I found someone to help me.” Damn it, why am I helping the five-colored rooster head to lie!

Beside me, the bastard naturally draped his hand over my shoulder, and smiled. Fortunately, Yado didn’t probe further.

“Please come, today there are no classes. Yido and Leido are waiting in the observation room.” He turned around and headed into the castle with almost the exact same steps, very rhythmic.

I hurriedly followed up, while the five-colored rooster head moved slowly behind us, strolling here and there as though he was inspecting the school.

“Alis Academy also has students from every grade?” The castle didn’t look like it could fit that many people.

“Nope, we only have students enrolled for high school and university, with only two classes for each grade, and a maximum of twenty-five people in each class.”

Wasn’t that like a super small school?

“Due to our college’s personal problems, over the years, not a lot of students were admitted.” Yado said while walking, “Maybe you might think it’s very strange, but Alis Academy has indeed declined over the years. Even for the representatives, we could only send arrogant people like last time.”

“I think that it’s good that you guys took over!” I blurted out. Yado stopped and turned around to look at me. I immediately thought he must think I was being rude, since aristocrats were usually like that!

“I meant, you guys have an elegant demeanor, and are also very powerful. You guys should have been chosen as representatives from the start.”

Yado didn’t answer, and he continued to lead us forward.

The castle’s corridors were very beautiful, and there were paintings on each side of the walls. Although I couldn’t understand the inner meaning, it was very pleasing just looking at them. Most of them were similar to mythical figures, combined with the high-ceiling of the corridors, each and every one of them were very huge. At one side, the walkway outside was very green and lush, surrounded by trees, flowers, etcetera.

“So far away.” The five-colored rooster head issued a sound.

“We’re here.” Yado suddenly stopped his steps.

We stopped in front of a huge heavy door, and there were carvings on it. They looked like Elves, Angels, or the like. There was one on top, a reverse carving below, and in the middle was a flower.

“Open the door.”

He didn’t speak in Mandarin, but I actually understood it.

I felt like I was getting more and more strange. In our school, I could still use the mysterious forces to explain strange happenings, but why was the same things happening in someone else’s school? Could they also have the same miraculous and natural translation power?

The door seemed to have understood his words, with a “squeak” sound, the door slowly opened. The same sound effect could be heard in horror movies, and listening to it caused me to have goosebumps.

However, the thing behind the door was not scary at all.

It was a classroom, but inside, there were no tables and chairs. The classroom was very empty, but there was a telescope facing towards the sky. It seems like it was something used to look at the stars. With one look, I could tell it was very expensive. Because it was so expensive, it was not something a civilian like me would normally see.

On the walls surrounding the classroom, were astronomical drawings. Even the ceiling was entirely transparent. The huge telescope was inserted through a circular hole in the ceiling, quietly resting there.

Yido and Leido were inside the classroom.

“Thanks for coming here.” Yido immediately smiled as soon as he saw me. I don’t need to mention Leido, for he was still smiling like a crazy person as soon as he saw the five-colored rooster head… I mean his steel brush head, both his eyes immediately started shining.

“Uh, thanks for your invitation.” I didn’t know what I should say, so I replied in accordance to his words.

“You must find it very boring. Alis Academy is a school majoring in Astronomy, very different compared to Atlantis Academy which is very huge and interesting.” He snapped his fingers, and the astronomical picture on the wall nearest to me suddenly moved. A very bright star on the wall fell down with a “snapping” sound, and it opened up, turning into a white chair.

The identical thing happened on the five-colored rooster head’s side.

“Please sit, both of you.” Yido said politely, then a star chair appeared behind him, too. After that, several stars rolled out onto the floor, and with more snapping sounds, a table appeared in between us.

Such a convenient storage method!

At one side, Yado suddenly took out a tea set. With neat actions, he made some red tea or the like, and poured a cup of tea for each of us.

“Can I stroll around the area?” The five-colored rooster head, who obviously felt very bored while sitting quietly, suddenly said, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t demolish someone else’s school.”

Yido turned to face him, and smiled slightly, “Of course, please do have a look around.”

The five-colored rooster head jumped up, and rushed out of the door, just like a wild pheasant set free.

He actually left me stranded alone in an unfamiliar place!

Yado also followed suit and went out, and with a bang sound, the door slammed shut.

“Before we enter the main topic, I wonder if it would be convenient for student Chu to answer a question?”

His speech was rather stiff and very strange, making me feel rather nervous, “Sure.”

“I would like to ask how you entered Atlantis Academy?”

* * *

I was stunned for a moment.

How did I enter the school… To be honest, I would like to know the answer to that myself. These matters, from the beginning to the end was a puzzle.

And so, I told Yido about the error in my school distribution, once in a while he would be frowning and then would suddenly be thinking of something, not knowing if it was serious or not. Leido, however, would keep smiling like a ghost, causing me to feel the extreme contrast between the two.

After I finished talking, Yido didn’t speak for a long time. I felt embarrassed, so I drank my tea quietly.

The tea was quite nice to drink. Sweet, but also very refreshing.

“Actually, there are many types of enrollments for each special ability school. So for you to be able to enter Atlantis Academy, it means you must have been eligible for one of the enrollments.”

About five minutes later, I listened to him making a rotten and useless conclusion.

“Amongst the special ability schools, they are differentiated into many types, just like Alis Academy, a school that naturally specializes in astronomy. There are also schools that specializes in Mechanical Engineering, and spells. Amongst these schools, Atlantis Academy has the majority on unique special abilities and talents, and among upright special ability schools, Atlantis Academy undoubtedly has the highest quota.” Yido explained. It was only then that I realized I seemed to have entered some top school, but what’s with it being an upright?

“For you to be able to enter Atlantis Academy, there must have been something you wanted to escape from. It borrowed your thoughts and energy, and responded.”

“What do you mean?” I don’t quite understand.

“Everyone has their own different abilities, but there were many people who have not been able to confirm their abilities, so they were suppressed. Only those who are seriously searching and agreed without a shred of doubt in their hearts were able to reach the real answer.” Yido didn’t seem like he wanted to explain, he only told me these very rap-like words.

While listening, there were only question marks, more question marks, and even more question marks in my head.

Fine, I should memorize it first, and when I go back, I could ask Chifuyu or senior. They definitely would know what it meant.

“After getting acquainted with you that day in Atlantis Academy, all our treasures placed in the water of our hometown started a commotion. Yesterday, we went back to our hometown and awoke the mirror under the water, and from the Foretelling Mirror, we found out something related to you.

Sure enough, it was almost identical to what Andy had said.

“The Foretelling Mirror is…?”

Yido smiled slightly, not at all surprised that I would ask this question, “It’s one of the top ten treasures of the Fairy clan, and the Water Fairy clan has the ownership of it. The Foretelling Mirror is made by the God of Time. He can view the past and the future, and see through things that couldn’t be seen by our naked eyes.”

“Oh.” In any case, it was one of those treasures that could look into the future. I’m very familiar with this, since this has already appeared in the TV and manhua more than a hundred times. I’ve seen until I was bored of it.

“In the near future, something is going to happen to you, something extremely personal to you.”

But since the day I’ve entered the school, many things have been happening to me on a daily basis, and it was not only the personal things, so I have gotten very used to it already.

“These things will be related to your safety.”

I immediately stretched my ears and concentrated on listening.

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