Dwarven Village Iron Hand

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“Excuse me, what is the level of your sculpting skill? You’ve clearly progressed into the Intermediate level, but is it over Intermediate level 6?”

“If I hand over my prized iron ores to you, would you disclose a little secret about creating a sculpture?”

It was unusual for a Dwarf to beg to another dwarf to the extent of clinging to his legs. The moment Sculptor Weed walked into the Sculptor’s Guild, an astonishing event occurred.


    – You have started on the path of the Eternal Sculptor.

    Possible changes in some stat will occur when earnest attitude towards sculptures is displayed. To some extent, magnificent artistry would be helpful to accomplish high skills.

    Sculptors have formally stepped back into the world.

    Nobles and Royalty will hear of your name through the Sculptor’s Guild, and other Sculptors will have their competitive spirits kindled.

    The immeasurable imaginations and variability in expression; if one has the creativity, they are able to pioneer a new techniques to Sculpting.

    – Because of passion for sculptures, Art stat has increased by 100.
    – Charm has increased by 50.
    – The effect of skills related to sculpting has increased by 20%.
    – Cost for skills has been permanently reduced by 20%.

He had sacrificed many benefits to pursue the path of a Sculptor.

Weed was already standing at the zenith of the Sculptor profession.

Since the sculpture he created garnered attention, it surprised the entire continent; in which he recieved abundant fame and glory.

The Dwarf Instructor said.

“Even if you devote your entire life to the boundless world of Sculpting, you will never see the end. While people who are obsessed with hunting and adventuring can’t see the value of sculpting, they say that the venerable Dwarven Sculptor Kendellev thoroughly enjoyed adventures. Have you heard of his tale?”

The Dwarves who gathered around trying to unveiled the secret of sculpting, grew silent.

They were closely listening to the Dwarf Instructor, since it seemed like he would provide some information.

‘Dwarven Sculptor Kendellev?’

‘That’s the name of the Dwarf from the quest that no one was able to solve.’

‘However, the prologue is a little different from last time.’

‘Hurry up and say that you haven’t heard of it!’

The dwarves were thinking this, however they were eager to hear the Instructor’s words, so they stayed silent.

Intuitively, Weed’s mouth began to speak words of praise.

“So it’s like that. That is a welcoming task for us Dwarves who love challenges. Us Dwarven Sculptors can walk anywhere using our powerful legs.”

“Ahm. That’s right, if it’s another race with weak constitutions, they have to travel by horse.”

“The romance of traveling lies in walking. It is a given that only by walking can one fully experience things and be inspired.”

“It’s something you should try.”

Weed was getting annoyed with the onlooking Dwarves.

‘How can I have a peaceful conversation with the instructor like this.’

‘All I can hear are tremulous chatter.’

The Dwarf Instructor continued.

“In any case, he was a Dwarf who liked to travel alone, and no one would ever lay a hand on him. One could say that he was one of the rare Dwarves who was extremely respected by even the arrogant Elves.”

“He seemed be a very talented Sculptor. He can even tolerate the loathsome Elves.”

The characteristics of the Elven race.

They despise using materials such as trees, rocks, and clay to create their sculptures. They despise using parts of nature [to artificially create sculpture, and labelled them negligible.

The Elves hated Sculptors because they take the lives of trees and turn them into wood.

Because of that reason, forests where Elves reside did not have a Sculptor’s Guild.

“This story has been passed down from the time of my great-great grandfather. It was said that his sculpting skills have reached godliness but unfortunately, none of his remaining works can be seen.”

Although most of Zahab’s sculptures in Rosenheim Kingdom were destroyed, there were significant number of collectors who kept his sculptures in storehouses, who now thrive from selling them.

As with the religious shrines and the Tower of Warriors, the Tower of Magicians also preserved the products of the great masters, but the Dwarven Sculptor Kendellev did not leave any pieces for posterity.

“Due to the situation, only the Dwarves knew of his God-like skills. The haughty Elves would not even talk about our ancestor, who made astounding sculptures in their image…”

“He doesn’t have any family or disciples?”

Even if it was just Kendellev’s descendants, Weed wanted to meet them somehow.

“They say he didn’t. He liked to travel by himself so much that he didn’t marry and lived all of his life alone. Even the location of his final resting place remains unknown. We Dwarves can only cherish the pieces we make everyday.”

“That’s right.”

The Dwarves were a race who had great pride in their equipment, protective gear, and artwork.

“I can’t believe that he would destroy his life’s work so that no one could see it. Although it’s only conjecture, a place that is difficult to find… I think his work could be contained in a hidden place that only the most outstanding craftsman, even amongst us Dwarves, can enter. If it’s an exceptional Sculptor, he or she might be able to discover it.”

Weed nodded his head.

“That could be possible.”

“Please let me know in the event that you are able to discover traces of that person, because I want to rub it in the noses of arrogant Elves and Humans.”


– Sculptor Instructor Jorbid’s Request.

An unbelievable story was disclosed in the Dwarven Sculptor’s Guild since antiquity.

The Dwarves claim that there was a Sculptor who could craft fire and water, light and darkness, amongst them. However, others don’t believe this claim.

“While the Dwarves may be a race that can produce an amazing quality of weaponry, no matter how talented they are, their artistic talent is like that of a child’s. Since they’re short, even if they say they know how to sculpt, how can they? Hahaha!”

The Elves’ insulting remarks echoed throughout the forest.

“The Dwarves have still yet to learn about the mystery and beauty of nature.”

Although their words were very degrading, the Dwarven race would not protest.

    For Dwarves to regain their pride, one would need to find traces of Dwarven Sculptor Kendellev’s work.

    Difficulty: Dwarven Sculptor Race Quest.

    Reward: Honour among the Dwarves

    Quest Limitations: Only available to Dwarven sculptors.

    If the quest should fail, Dwarves will receive the same hostile treatment from Humans as that of Elves.

Bystanding Dwarves who were listening to the story tried to discouraged him.

“The Instructor have also tried to give me this quest before.”

“Don’t accept this. This is an inferior quest that they give to any Dwarf who thinks of picking up Sculpting. If you accept it for now, it’s hard to forfeit it later, and it’s an impossible to clear quest. I swear.”

“I accepted this quest, but no one knew anything about Kendellev. It’s a quest that I gave up on after suffering for two weeks trying to complete it. I suffered a lot to recover from the loss of fame and intimacy.”

The Dwarves were trying to stop a Dwarf they had never seen before, and kept encouraging him to refuse the quest. However, there were also extremely curious.

‘But this time, the explanation and the description of the quest is a little different…’

To be honest, it varied greatly.

But because he and many others were curious about Kendellev, they were forced to accept the quest and investigate him.

It was a racial quest; they accepted it because they thought there would be additional bonuses after succeeding, but there were many Dwarves who regretted accepting it.

However, unlike before, he gave Weed more details and kindly explained. They carefully observed how his fame and intimacy as well as the difference in his sculpting skill changed the dialogue of the Instructor.

And then Weed said.

“I believe it is a fact that we Dwarves, once had a great sculptor among us. I will definitely look for evidence to snub it in the Elves arrogant noses.”

– You have accepted the quest.

“Thank you. I’m hoping you’ll find it.”

As a means to show gratitude, the Instructor presented a carving of an Elf.

“Oh! He already accepted the quest.”

“Even though I begged him not to that much..-nim, please abandon it before it’s too late.”

The Dwarves who were beside him grew impatient.

To be honest, they were anxious.

Even if one considered the failure of the quest they accepted, it had been acknowledged as an insurmountable quest. However, since Weed accepted the quest, the Dwarves had an uneasy feeling that he would succeed.

“Instructor, I also believe in the tales of the Sculptor, Kendellev. I also want to search for his tracks.”

“I will as well…”

“Didn’t you guys already fail earlier? However, it would be good if many Dwarves would participate in this event.”

The vigilant Dwarves left together after receiving the quest from the Instructor because they all suspected that they would be left behind. Weed, making the most of this opportunity, left the Sculptor’s Guild.

* * *

The Dwarven Village, Iron Hand was built along the rugged mountain peaks.

Blacksmith stores and houses were built on an uneven surfaces, and the village square was made in the form of staircases. There were very few flat terrains to be found, and therefore they were very costly.

There is no place like the village square for people to sell their unwanted goods and recruit teammates.

Weed went to the corner of the square and started sculpting.


“I heard that Dwarf has superior sculpting skills, is that true?”

“It remains to be seen. Anyone who accepted and completed Kedellev’s quest would have bragged about it.”

“We’ll, have to wait and see.”

The Dwarves were closely watching Weed. The users who accepted Kendellev’s quest were filled with regret.

Weed was determined to solve the issue with this quest.

Weed was sculpting, showing no intention of relocating.

His marvelous skill allowed him to carve a circular block of wood by spinning it, as if it were an apple!

Even after becoming a Dwarf, the unknown beings whispered in his ear.

  • I’m sorry I ignored you up until now. Please hurry and sculpt me.

  • Look at me; look at me and sculpt me, I say. Sculptors have always ignored our existence.

  • Weak. Pathetic. Don’t you desire power?

It might be because he was transformed as Dwarf using his sculpting skill, but the beings who muttered with alluring voices became more polite.

They stopped cursing him after he displayed his skills in the Sculpting Guild, because of that, he sculpted with relief.

“No, now! It’s not like I’ll be here day in and day out. I will make you some sculptures. Please stand in a line, a line!”

In this manner, he sold souvenirs to young Dwarves as a side business…

While there weren’t many Dwarves with outstanding skills to choose from, there were many Warriors and Fighters. If a sculpture was smaller, there would be a greater probability of usefulness during a battle.

In that case, he made a living making and selling sculptures, he sold them to the merchants who wanted to buy and sell, and to the tourists.

“Can’t you increase the price by just 1 copper?”

“It’s a sculpture I made with a lot of effort… Please give me 1 more copper. I’ll show you around for cheap.”

“I’m giving special discount. For a short time, all sculptures will be 30% off! It’s first come first serve up to the first 5 people.”

For some Dwarves, sales came in different sum, while others walked away with their confidence crushed.

The Dwarves who were watching got their hopes crushed and left.

Although he started sculpting in order to elude the pursuers, Weed was overflowing with motivation. Compared to carving and selling sculptures in other villages and Kingdoms, the customer responses here were completely different.

“You sculptures differ from what those other Dwarves made. I’ll pay 1 gold.”

“Thank you. It’s very beautiful.”

“Did you make these as souvenirs for those who came to Dwarven Village? Thank you.”

In order to show respect towards the Dwarven master craftsmen, they usually paid the asking price. He received different treatment from human villages.

The Dwarven sculptures humorously transformed into the appearance of the guests, it was so popular, it sold like hot cakes.

And the masterpieces he made prioritizing his inner feelings above all!


    – A fine piece! Dwarf boy was completed!

    A happy Dwarven boy wearing a hat.

    Although the sculpture does not have a childlike appearance, his lack of a beard tells you of his young age.

    Looking at the sculpture closely, in-depth sculpting artistry can be found.

    Artistic Value:
    Because it is a work of a qualified Sculptor, 73.

    Special options:
    Luck stat increase by 7.

    The number of completed Fine Piece: 34

    – The effect of sculpting skills have increased in experience.
    – Fame has increase by 1.

There are a few minor errors but the sculpture still came out as a fine piece.

I think it is very well done for my standard, even beans can grow in the midst of a drought.

But since walking down the path of the Eternal Sculptor, masterpieces are produced fairly frequently.

‘It all thanks to the increased effectiveness of my skill.’

Weed was satisfied with the end result. Not only did the Sculpting skill increase, but even the related skills would increase its effectiveness by 20%.

Sculpting Blade skill increased by 20%, and Sculpture Transformation will become better at expressing racial characteristics.

Weed was able to use the fast paced method he had learned from his illegal part-time job during his teenage years.

With approximately 45 masterpiece sculptures created, he could earn approximately 1,200 gold.

It was petty cash compared to what other classes made, but with all his money invested in Morata even this small amount was precious!

Weed made sculptures all night long.

When morning came, the Dwarven Liberation Corp entered the town square.

“One day of taxes from all travellers!”

All are required to pay taxes for all commercial activity done in the square, if you do not pay the taxes required, you will be forcibly expelled.

The Dwarven Liberation Corps ruled over all the guilds in Iron Hand!

The Dwarven Liberation Corps increased the village’s tax rate by 35%, making it higher than any other villages.

Murderous tax rates!

Most people agreed, that as a whole, the group did not fit their name.

‘They should change their name. Dwarves Exploitation Group would be a much more fitting name.’

The Dwarven Liberation Corps ruled Thor Kingdom, including 8 guilds and other small villages.

Every month the guild had to pay tribute to the Akryong (Evil Dragon) Kaybern in the form of goods. Thus the greedy dwarves could not become wealthy.

Dwarves with Beginner Blacksmithing skill did not open their eyes to avoid the high taxes. Those with Intermediate skills tried to bluff their way stating that they were moving to another village. However, the Dwarven Liberation Group still had influenced over the village, forcing them to pay the taxes.

Dwarves from the Liberation Group walk towards Weed.

“Art Hand, you have to pay taxed for that.”

“Seniors, earning a day-to-day living is the plight of the poor Dwarves.”

“All other Sculptors also pay taxes. And from what we’ve heard, you’ve been earning quite a lot.”

“I have recently pursued sculpting and it’s the truth that I have a few customers. However, others are jealous of me and are defaming me. How much could a sculptor possibly make?”

“Please accept 15 gold.”

“I can’t shave off 20 gold, if you don’t like it leave the village.”

At the Dwarven Warrior’s threat, Weed had no choice but to pay the 20 gold. However, it was a relatively small price to pay if you compared it to the weapon craftsmans’ taxes of several hundred gold pieces. Gathering all of their income from taxes, the Dwarven Liberation Corps were very profitable.

Inside the protection of the Akryong Kaybern, there was no need to maintain an army because neither monsters nor other Kingdoms dared to invade. There were occasional power struggles amongst the dwarves, which didn’t normally last very long, nor very catastrophic.

The Dwarves were a race that was naturally hard to siege.

The cities and villages were built on harsh terrain of mountains, which gave an overwhelming advantage to the defenders, and, without Magicians or Archers, they did not have the necessary resources to attack.

The Kingdom of the Dwarves was a disappointment.

Although it was their birthplace, those with a certain degree of skill scattered throughout the Versailles continent.


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“Ah! What a beautiful sculpture, lately I’ve made most of them without errors.”

“What are you talking about, Pin? The brass statue you made yesterday had more dignity. How good was the “Anxious Dwarven Child” statue?”

“From a woman’s perspective, the sculpture you created today is more appealing.”

Weed created a sculpture of two people who couldn’t stop squabbling.

Herman had a profession as a Dwarven Blacksmith. At the sight of Weed making sculptures, he said.

:“You look like a Blacksmith with superior skills.”

Weed could not helped but asked.

“How did you know that?”

“If you look closely it’s obvious. You are not a native Dwarf are you?”


“In this place, the most Dwarves acquaint themselves and live on. Although most other people think all Dwarves look alike, if you look closely, there’s a slight difference.”

The length of the beard, hair color, the shape of the jacket, and even to the size of the head differs according to the taste of the Dwarf. Even if other people have difficulty differentiating them, if one actually became acquainted with a Dwarf, it would be easy to tell them apart.

So Herman said while gently stroking his beard.

“While I think I know, to some extent, most of the Dwarven Sculptors who live in the Kingdom of Thor, there wasn’t one among them that looked like you.”

“It appears you know how to sculpt.”

“It’s a job without anything special involved. Speaking of sculpting, aren’t you skilled with your hands?”


“Although I trained in order to master sculpting, there was no reason for me learn other skills. While it’s hard to attain greatness, it’s probably easy to become good enough at it.”

“You can see a lot of struggling Dwarves.”

“The Dwarves who worked on Sculpting have usually dreamed those dreams and achieved it. However, the actual number of Dwarves who have done so are very few. They had their hand full with training their Sculpting skill, how can they possibly raise other skills? However, I think a person of your caliber can make it possible.”

“Why is your estimation of me so prominent?”

“Do you know how long you’ve been sitting here sculpting while eating only bread crumbs?”

Weed had not been aware of the time for hours.

“It is already the 22nd hour. Seeing your composure, patience, and remarkable skill in sculpting, I would guess that it would be unthinkable for you not to be honing other skills.”

Particularly among the Dwarven race, there were many older users.

Production, and especially the ranking of the manufacturing fields, was usually thought of as boring and irritating by most energetic youths.

Herman was an elderly user who was in his mid-40s.

Both his son and daughter worked for another kingdom, as a soldier and gardener, respectively, stopping by to visit once every three to four months. Herman lived for the the joy of mending the weapons and armor he’d crafted for them whenever they stopped by.

Besides Herman, there was a female user named Pin.

The girl with the cute name was female of the Elven race!

Unlike the extremely thin fairies, it was a female elf who had similar proportions to an adult human. Even though her job was a Shaman, when she travelled to the dwarven village, she settled down. To age her specialty; spirit wine.

Offering spirit wine to the Earth in the Thor Kingdom doubled its effects.

In order to properly age spirit wine and progress it past the Intermediate level, she had to pick a good and strong soil, offer it there, and stay put.

Since Weed was in the plaza of the Iron Hand Village and sculpted for consecutive 20 hours, he became intimate with more villagers aside from the two users.

“Art Hand, did you finish the mother-of-pearl cabinet order, yet?”

“Yes. Here’s the finished product.”

Weed handed over the remaining mother-of-pearl cabinet he made beforehand.

Although it was a bit overboard to say they were pure statues, they were only simple products. He was now able to make crafts that took a lot of skill.

Since woodworking, metalworking, various cutting techniques, crafts, and other handiwork were all related to sculpting, it was an extremely exceptional display of practical skill.

The mother-of-pearl cabinet must be detailed and comfortable to use. In that way, it required an artistic side and was not easy to make.

“Great, Art Hand! It must have been a difficult request, but I like it. You completed it meticulously as if you were part of our Dwarven clan.”

The Dwarf paid his dues and left with his mother-of-pearl cabinet.

Weed was satisfied with this transaction.

As expensive as the mother-of-pearl cabinet was, he made it back cost and more.

“Art Hand, what about the scabbard work I requested?”

“Here. I completed everything.”
“Thank you. Let’s do business again.”

Dwarves kept looking him.

“Mister, is the crane statue that I dropped and broke fixed yet? If I get caught by my mom, I’ll be in big trouble.”

“I used a high quality glue to attach the neck portion as good as it new.”

“You can’t see a scratch, right?”
“Of course.”

Weed was wrapping up all of the requests that the villagers had.

While there were also cases of people requesting a special sculpture to be made, most were trivial requests. If the Dwarves had a piece that they coveted, they raced to make it themselves instead of entrusting it on others.

However, the work that the Dwarven villagers requested did not give much rewards, fame, or intimacy.

At his skill level, if he were to focused all of this attention on the production of an occasional irritating piece it would be easily completed!

At that moment, a drunk Dwarf who was wearing a red vest walked down the path while searching for something.

“Where was it? Where can I go to recover it? There isn’t much time left before the arranged time with the man is up.”

Weed found that the eyes of the figure shone brightly.

‘I guess it is time to stop the long wait.’

There were no Dwarves in the village who knew about the Dwarven sculptor Kendellev. There would be no way the citizens of the Thor Kingdom would not conduct a search.

  • They were… the ones who were here since the beginning and could not settle on a form. You, who loves sculpting, the place you have to go is the Kingdom of the small beings. There will be a place where the hugely stubborn beings will feel a great amount of pride.

However, if for no other reason, this was the place that the Goddess Freya, told Weed to go to.

Weed walked up and spoke to the drunken Dwarf.

“Do you happen to be looking for some good iron ore?”

“That’s right! That’s right! How did you know that? But anyways, that’s not a big deal. But if you happen to have some iron ore on you, will you be willing to sell them to me? I know it’s a hard request. Other dwarves usually don’t ask this boldly. I’m asking since you didn’t refuse the others who are in trouble and need your help.”

    – Dwarf Dane Hand’s request.

    Because the lazy drunkard Dane Hand doesn’t turn in an iron ore to the forge within the designated time, he is always in trouble. Since the Dwarves greatly value honor, he will ask you to procure an ore in order to keep his promise, even it’s a somewhat unreasonable request.

    Difficulty: F

    Compensation: Monetary reward

    Quest limit: More than 20 Grade 2 Iron ores

As Weed fulfilled the Dwarves’ requests, he had receive some ores as a reward. Dwarves generally did not give money, but ores and swords as rewards.

“I’ll get you the pieces of iron ore”

“Will you do that for me? Thanks a lot.”

– The quest has been accepted.

“I am short on time. When can I expect you to get some ores? I’m a Dwarf who values keeping promises. That means you should keep your promises and not be late.”

“I am carrying some ores right now. Let me give you the amount you need.”

Weed searched through his bag and pulled out 20 Grade 2 iron ores.

“Th, Thank you so much! With this I can keep my promise to the blacksmith Noble Hand!”


    -Dwarf Dane Hand’s quest completed.

    Dane Hand can now return the iron ores to the Blacksmith shop.

    Quest Reward: Please ask Dane Hand directly.

Dane Hand asked.

“That’s right, how much should I pay you for the iron ores? Does 20 silver above the regular price sound good?”

The average price for a grade 2 iron ore is 1 gold 30 silver.

While merchants might be able to get more than this through the market, it was an acceptable value to Weed.

Weed disagreed with the price and shooked his head excessively.

“I am not a shameless Dwarf who would demand more just to exploit your time crisis. You can give me the going price of 1 gold and 30 silver.”

“Will that be okay? Actually, let’s go to the pub and get some beer, my treat.”

Dane Hand stroked his beard and became elated.

“You, you’re a really likable Dwarf. Since I can see that you’re carrying around 20 iron ores it would appear as though you really like iron. You also didn’t ask for an impossible price and instead asked for a reasonable price; you must be a Dwarf of scruples.”

Weed had received 26 gold for his Iron ores. After that, Dane Hand kindly said.

“Would you like to take at look around Noble Hand’s Smithery?”

Weed asked as if he was a Dwarf that did not know anything.

“A Smithery?”

“Since you usually only let Dwarves who are close to you to enter the forge, and hate letting anyone you’re not close to enter, if it’s not too much to ask, I hope you won’t refuse. I have to go to the tavern and am busy, so I’d like it if you could deliver the ore to the forge.”

Another Rank F question have appeared!

It was a simple request. He had to bring the 20 Grade 2 Iron ores to Noble Hand’s Blacksmith shop.

Weed accepted his request and rose up from his spot.

Herman was playing and telling jokes, and then Pin turned around and asked.

“Are you heading for Kurueso?”
“I wish you success.”

Herman shook hands with him.

“Thank you”
“Then I’ll see you next time.”

Weed bow slightly, kept his head down, and moved a step back.

* * *

“If he leaves, do you think he’ll ever come back here again?”

“His objective here has been accomplished. As well as the Dane Hand’s quest that he’s been waiting for.”

As Pin and Herman watched him walk off in the distance, they looked sadly upon each other.

Herman spoke in a really low and quiet voice so that the other people in the square could not hear him.

“There were eight ways to get to Kurueso. The easiest way is to obtain Dane Hand’s request, but you’ll need a great deal of tenacity to get it.”

“How did he know it was him?”

“He might have received some information. Anyway, we have more reason to stay here.”

Herman and Pin got up from their seats.

The Dwarves in the plaza looked at them briefly and soon averted their eyes.

“Are we going back to Kurueso?”
“Of course. We have work to be done there.”

“I’m sure there will be something interesting or a surprise waiting for us.”

“It appears as though you have fallen for him, young lady.”

“Please don’t tease a lady! Also, I told you it wasn’t like that.”

Pin shook her head and strongly denied.

Whenever she shook her head, purple light unique to the elf became visible from the antennae in her hair.

Herman bursted into laughter.

Kkeol-kkeol Is this not some kind of strange attraction? It’s his indifferent attitude that appeals and draws you closer to him.”

“That’s right. Truthfully, I am worried about it. This is the first time I’ve felt this way about a male Dwarf. However, I don’t think it’s love, but affection I feel, and…”

“And, what?”

“Also I’ll just say this now, but his hand movements while he sculpts are attractive.”


Herman started laughing pleasantly.

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