Van Hawk’s Humiliation

Lee Hyun’s computer was connected to a trading site that deals in items. He would check the site for the common gold prices of trade goods almost every day, but this time it was for a specific reason.

“Absolutely amazing.”

Royal Road’s popularity was increasing day by day. Although it was only last week, the listed number of registered items was around 160,000, and today it went over 165,000.

But for auctions from last week, when they are unsold, they are not attached to the following week. People place them on high or very absurd prices, and save for the unwanted items, almost all were sold.

The items that were sold after the end of the day are purged from the list and afterwards new items are registered. Lee Hyun looked for a list of the more mundane.

“This week, this many items are usable.”

Sword of Melak:

Durability 105/105.
Damage 40 to 43.

Sword is of a long sword style, made by mixing a small amount of mithril. A sword considered to possess superior strength, a blacksmith of some renown in Melak produced this item directly.

Strength 200.
Level 100.

50% additional damage to the undead.
+25 Strength.
+17 Agility.


Krakow’s bracelets of forty-two:

Durability 40/40.

A creative, yet eccentric wizard was familiar with forty-two enchantment spells. He infused his wrist items which granted magical abilities; this item has become something that everyone on this continent desires.

Restrictions: Level 150.

Maximum mana increased by 30%.
Magic effect amplified by 20%
+10 to all stats.

These kinds of items were very few and were coveted. Weapons and accessories with special abilities, they broke through Lee Hyun’s greed.

“How much?”

The Melaka black auction started at 1.5 million won. However, the prices continued to soar, currently exceeding 2.5 million won. Limitations based on class were absent, and it could be used at relatively low levels, because of this the item can be sold at an expensive price.

Krakow’s bracelets of forty-two is a unique item that exceeded 3 million won, and its current price was more than 5 million won.

“A blessing from heaven.”

Lee Hyun licked his lips.

From the start, he planned to buy things from the auction site. Of course, the strategy was to make a good investment in items to hunt with. He set aside for himself about 30 million won to use.

But talking about buying items, there is no end to spending money. Gain a good item then seek for better items; ultimately even the purpose fades.

Roughly, Lee Hyun decided to search until the auction ends.

He wanted to sell the items he had obtained from hunting things in Levias. Mainly with the Death Knight’s weapon, the loot did not sell due to them being so unusual, or of specific importance.

In case of the Loot, there are some that are needed for quests and can be sold for cash. Others might just discard these, left to be sold in grocery stores, or placed in auction postings daily in search for those who need it; Lee Hyun did not forget this option.

The limit for an auction is one week.

At about 4 weeks of game time.

Weapons dropped from the Death Knight.

Weed posted the best one by itself, and decided to start the remaining weapons and armor at 10,000 won. Auctions are preferable with the advantage of having many people bidding. As the competition heats up the price will rise, and at least there is no worry as the starting cost was already determined.

Loot can only be listed if the beginning is at least designated at 3000 won. Anything less is an inconvenience as it would not make sense to bother with it. Simply because, it would a waste of time. Lee Hyun had registered more than 30 items on the auction site.

“Price, please climb a lot.”

He was anxious as this was the first time he listed his own items from Royal Road for sale.

“Now, how much will they rise?”

He knew that he couldn’t force it by wishing for it, but he could not help but be excited. Lee Hyun is with the highest rating for the transaction site– a triple diamond rating.

With 1 month limit to 100 and the transactions commission being obviously exempted, the goods which are registered the most are arranged to the place which catches the eye well. Per month he is exempted commission fees for 100 transactions, and the items that he registers are listed in a prominent way. With red font, placed in a separate box and raised to the middle of the auction item screen.

“If this is the case, then at least it will not be buried.”

At the start, people proposed bids for the usual weapons of 20,000 won, then 30,000 won for the Death Knight weapons. The auction for a duration of one week. It was already posted, so it was good not to have expected too much.

In the beginning, the continent of Versailles was the ancient Arpenian Empire!

After 300 years, the glory of the empire did not last and was divided into dozens of countries. Since then, all that was left were the written accounts of historians.

History is founded on blood and death!

The Principality and the weak forces of smaller countries allied to survive in the era of war. Respectively, this sparked the establishment of the United Kingdom of Briton. In its early days, the seven kingdoms shared a strained atmosphere of distrust and suspicion; now the kingdoms have integrated into one through laws and regulations, as well as with arranged inter-marriages. The lords of each nation can go to other countries and be treated as equals. They also had a thriving economy. Geographically, they were situated somewhat to the east of the centre of the continent, and thus were able to prosper while avoiding major wars. Born of these free cities, merchants were able to advance in trade and technology. Due to this reason, quite a number of users decided on the United Kingdom of Briton to play and spread out from.

Tomlin town. The best town in the east of the United Kingdom of Briton.

“BUYING rabbit skins!”

“Seeking one more for hunting in Peschiera cave!”

“Cleric preferred. Level 50 priest or higher. Item share distribution to the two people who hit.”

A huge crowd gathered at the square. Users dressed in colorful clothing and equipment. Also there were an astronomical number of traders. The United Kingdom of Briton is a kingdom highly advanced commercially, so a fair number of merchants are involved in the business of trade.

“Purchasing strong spices?”

“Buying cheap stuff could save you quite a bit of money in the long run.”

Tomlin village was primarily low level beginners, and then there were the traders. With merchants frequently droping by, quite a variety of goods were sold and exchanged.

A wagon was slowly approaching the east entrance of the village; these men caught a lot of attention.

“Huh? What’s that?”

“This doesn’t look very good….”

The wheels were wobbling as it was tumbling down the road, the condition of the canopy covering the wagon was almost a rag; however, the state of the wagon was not what gathered their attention. The reason was that it was coming from the East.

Weed was carving away on the coachman’s seat and Mapan also was sitting while working hard at his expense calculations.

Mapan’s ears were still covered. Weed was shouting as they crossed over the Bar Khu mountains! He had heard so much of the Lion’s roar that he was near the point of neurosis. It put pressure on the enemy, and the warrior’s war cry technique enhanced stats, unlike the Lion’s Roar skill which was still vague in its usefulness. To be able to raise the morale of an entire army, cancelling the chaos in a military engagement. In fact, the usefulness of this is not usually shown. As for Lion’s Roar, which is a combat oriented skill, the use is questionable, but the skill improvement was very quick. Once he yelled for a long time, the level of the skill climbed rapidly. Weed raised the Lion’s Roar skill to Advanced Level 3.

Thanks to this, Mapan vowed to never attend Weed on a similar trip, even with a warrior.

“Really, this is quite a lot of people.”

This was Weed’s first impression of Tomlin village.

Despite the village being in the fringe areas of the East, there is a large number of players. Though it does not change the fact that realistically no one crosses over to the centre of the continent from a nation like Rosenheim Kingdom. It takes nearly one month of a march of suffering over the Bar Khu Mountains to finally arrive at the United Kingdoms of Briton. Giant spiders, then basilisks, ogres, and loads of various other beasts in their way! Once, Water demons had seized Weed by the ankle by the lakeside, and with their limbs and roots attacked fiercely.

Bar Khu Mountains truly had to be heaven on earth for monsters. First the lycanthropes came out droves, with more force than necessary. The multitude of monsters increased and did not lessen for more than 10 hours, and they had to fight to break through.

Through these odds, Weed crafted all of the jewels he had. In truth, intermediate sculpting does not rise well by anything at this point. Then, for sculpting he gained the new ability to facet gems. Yet, this type of crafting did not even give as much as 2 or 3 times the proficiency for sculpting; however, thanks to this, sculpture mastery rose to level 4 intermediate. But what was more delightful, intermediate handicraft finally rose to level 6. The rapid growth in handicraft affects throughout all the areas, in a sense, it is second only to sculpting in importance.

“Weed, is this the first time you left Rosenheim Kingdom?”


“I’ve been through other countries to meet a few friends, though most people do not start in Rosenheim Kingdom. Even the Kingdom of Brent has a lot of people.”

“There are a number of people who start up in the kingdom to get many benefits.”

If there are nearby possibilities, the law is to be the first.

And in the case of a special dungeon or a demon’s lair, there was the notion of ownership. When a guild takes ownership, they have several advantages. Firstly, guild members have 20% additional experience, and non guild members in the dungeon could not enter due to a number of restrictions emplaced. A friction that was often the cause of many wars.

This can be seen from the activity of the developed guilds in the United Kingdom of Briton. The Ohdein battle fortress is also one example.

‘You and I have very little timeto do irrelevant issues. We do not have the time to waste with guild fighting or their pride.’

Startled eyes followed Weed and Mapan, they ignored the used and their first order of business was to drive the wagon to the stock exchange; because small exchanges in rural villages are grungy. The owner was a nice old man.

“Came in order to sell a few things.”

Mapan’s luck should be mentioned, the master of the exchange showed great joy.

“Yes? A lot of traders come by these days. It is greatly appreciated. What kind of goods do you have for sale?”

One by one, Mapan pulled out all of the cheese and bottles of olive oil from the wagon.

“These items are for sale.”

“Oh my! Those are from Rosenheim Kingdom, aren’t they? Coming from so far away, I’ll pay 4 silvers and 8 silvers respectively for each.”

In the manner of disposing a major annoyance, for a moment, Mapan tightly closed his eyes. Until now, the entire journey in the wagon was just short of revolting because it was loaded with the smell of cheese and olive oil. Every time the wagon hit a bump his stomach toiled; Royal Road’s outstanding realism rather felt more of a drudgery to Mapan.

“I am grateful. It was a hard thing to purchase in the town, 470 gold should be enough.”

“My pleasure.”

Through the transaction, Mapan’s profit was about 200 gold as well as a little rise in fame and expertise. At last, the month long trip was worthwhile in the end. After all, the greatest happiness as a merchant is the feel of success and the feel of being satisfied when you obtain wealth after a long haul.

Next was Weed’s turn.

Mapan looked at Weed with eyes full of envy.

Groceries reap this much profit, seeing the jewelry, how much more profit will be gained from that.

‘The gems Weed directly faceted and formed into jewelry….’

Mapan gulped.

Weed opened the backpack, and one by one pulled out brooches and bracelets.

“How much would you pay for these?”

At that moment, the exchange was in an uproar as users spat out comments.

“It’s a jade!”

“Those are jewelry. That one is an emerald…. if I’m not mistaken, that must be a sapphire!”

“Where did you find these precious stones?”

“It’s so beautiful.”

The reaction was hardly surprising. Traders who come to the Tomlin exchange are people with relatively low level, and this would be the first time for majority of them to have seen jewelry.

The exchange owner looked carefully at the jewels Weed passed forward, and he expressed disapproval.

“Things like this are impossible to deal with in a small town like this! What do you see this as, a big city?”

Mapan gave a helpful comment.

“Jewelry is classified as a luxury; rather than selling in a small town, it would be profitable to sell in a big city with developed commerce. Maybe it would be better to sell directly to the jewelry stores rather than to the exchange, would be a hit on the price.”

“Is that so?”

Weed put the jewels back into the bag.

Anyway, they did not necessarily need to dispose of them in Tomlin town right this moment.

Each and every town or city had a different value on jewelry So the current price in the United Kingdom of Briton required further examination. Instead of selling food and clearing the rest of the purchased inventory, Mapan ended the day at Tomlin village.

Even after the two men rode slowly westward in the second-hand wagon, and were gone, their visit to the merchant in Tomlin village was a hot topic.

“If the exchange in the town could not afford it, how expensive might it be?”

“For that handcrafted jewelry, I’d wager they would be incredibly expensive when sold!”

“Where on earth did those people come from?”

“East! There is only the Bar Khu Mountains….”

“They seriously pa