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Yido who didn’t go on stage

Location: Giya
Time: 12:15 pm

Gasai supported the five-colored rooster head as they came back. At this time, I found out an extremely horrifying thing.

“Yang~ what are you looking at?” The five-colored rooster head stared back at me in puzzlement.

“You were wearing these when you went up to fight?” The situation in the room earlier was very tensed, so I didn’t realize the terrible problem. Everyone looked down and followed my line of sight.

That’s right!

The five-colored rooster head was wearing his Hawaii shirt and shorts, a Taiwan visitor-like clothing! He even wore his flip-flops and ran all over the stage!!

Oh God…

“It’s very cool this way.” The five-colored rooster head smiled, “Very conspicuous, isn’t it?”

Of course it was very conspicuous, it was a live Taiwan visitor who came on holiday with a steel brush on top of his head. All he needed was a matching equipment called a surfboard. The sun, the sandy beach, the waves on the seaside, such a perfect combination.

…Why did you dress like this on the stage!

I felt sad for the people the five-colored rooster head had defeated earlier.

Now, I had the suspicion senior didn’t go on stage because he was afraid of losing face.

“Let’s do some basic treatment.” Gasai supported the five-colored rooster head to lean on the wall and sit down, and faced his palm towards the five-colored rooster head’s forehead.

If it goes according to martial art light novels, he would slam his palm down, causing the five-colored rooster head’s soul to fly up the seven levels of heaven.

A white ball of light vaguely appeared under Gasai’s palm, and then on the five-colored rooster head’s body. The injuries that were still bleeding black blood, had slowly turned purple, then red.

“May I ask what you would like to do? Do you want to go back to the lounge, or do you stay in the player room to watch the next match?” Jieer looked at us and smiled. The crazy form from before was completely gone, leaving without any leaving anything behind, not even a shadow. “We’ve already prepared the lounge for the wounded, and you can go back at anytime.”

Senior seemed to have glanced at me, but when I noticed it, it didn’t look like he did, and spoke to Jieer, “We’ll continue to stay here and watch. Ziray, you can go back first.”

“I also want to watch.” The five-colored rooster head jumped up, and Gasai, who was treating his wounds, was shocked, “Boss Gasai’s healing skill is very effective, don’t have to waste time going back again.”

Senior nodded.

“Next we have about half an hour of performances. If there’s anything you need, please do inform us.” The information ball emerged in Jieer’s hands again, and disappeared right away.

“Chu, are you guys hungry yet?”


That’s right, now that senior mentioned it, it was only then that I realized it was already past twelve. Normally, we would already be in a restaurant eating. But where do we find food in this competition stage…

A round object flew past right in front of my eyes.

“Fast food car.” Senior said as he pointed at the few big round balls that were flying around the stage.

Fast food car! That’s basically a fast rolling ball, alright!?

“I’m very hungry.” Although still in the process of healing, the five-colored rooster head raised his hand, “I exhausted my energy just now, Yang~ help me to order a few set meals.”

Set meals? They have McDonalds?

“You guys like to eat this kind of thing?” Senior frowned, he went out and lifted his hand, and in less than half a second, a round ball did an emergency break in front of us.

There was a child inside the round ball.

“May I ask, what kind of meals you want?” The child’s voice was rather flat. It’s probably also a robot or the like.

“McDonald.” Senior directly reported what was in my mind, “Set meals.”

…I suspected senior didn’t even know what McDonald was.

“I do know!” Red eyes murderously glared at me, “Which one do you guys want to order?”

The child in the ball turned around, and his clothes actually transformed into clothes McDonald staff members usually wore; this was too weird.

“As long as I can eat, anything is fine. I want three sets.” The five-colored rooster head drawled and looked at Gasai who was still treating him, “Ah, four sets.”

Gasai lifted his head to glance at him, and continued with his job without saying anything.

“I-I’m ok with anything, I want one set.” I shouldn’t be able to eat as much as the five-colored rooster head and the others, because I didn’t do anything at all.

Senior turned back, lifted his hands, and counted for a while.

“Then please give us eight set meals, any combinations will do, with additional two combo meals.”

Ah? Did I hear wrongly!? … Can we really finish these?

* * *

In the end, the five-colored rooster head also added seven apple pies and eight sundaes. In just two minutes, the smell of fried food circulated inside our players’ room.

Compared to the other side, the players, who were messed up by the five-colored rooster head and Gasai, had left earlier for treatment. I suddenly had some sort of illusion, as though we actually came here just to have a picnic…

“Thanks for your patronage.” Said the child from the instant ball, and after receiving the payment from senior, he once again started on his flying ball journey.

Wait a moment, receiving the payment?

“This is will be reported to the public account, so even if you eat until you die, it won’t matter.” Senior explained.

I suddenly realized this was the first time I’m seeing senior eating a main meal. Was it because there won’t be any matches today, nor was he working?

“I don’t have any matches or work tomorrow either.” Picking up a cup of drink and inserting a straw, senior leisurely found a place and sat down.

Gasai also stopped healing, because the five-colored rooster head was hugging onto a bucket of chicken from the combo meal and started gobbling it down. Since he couldn’t continue treating him, he could only stop to have his lunch first.

He was eating his own companions… I looked at the five-colored rooster head eating his own companions…

Although there were spots on his body that hasn’t stopped bleeding, he already couldn’t wait to swallow his companions.

“You’re not eating?” He took out an apple and slowly bit it. It was only then when I realized senior’s drink was a probiotic drink, while the others either had cola or orange juice.

“Going to eat soon.” However, after looking at so much food, I suddenly felt I didn’t have any appetite.

“Your eating speed is too slow!” The five-colored rooster head threw the empty bucket away, and the next moment, his hands were hold hamburgers.

Actually, it’s because your eating speed was too fast! Wait a moment! Where are the bones? There were no bones in the bucket! You ate until the bones went missing!?

“Chu, if you don’t hurry up and eat, you won’t have anything to eat.” Gasai kind-heartedly reminded me, and then he took off his white mask.

…Ah? Taking it off so easily!?

According to the normal progress in a manhua, he should only be forced to take off his mask in some huge event, or when the savior was being forced into a dead end, he uses his real identity to solve the problem!?

Under the mask, was a face similar to me, Asian facial features.

In comparison, Ziray’s Western facial features looked rather odd.

He was cool looking teenage boy, very clean and rather handsome. He also had a bit of good-at-studies kind of feel. In any case, it’s just the type of scholarly guy girls would like. However, he was not frail, but was a sporty young man.

The main point was, I realized I had seen Gasai before.

Come, let’s recall back to Volume two Chapter five. It was the first time I went to second year class A to look for senior. When senior was about to leave the classroom, he reported his whereabouts to a guy who, for some reason, made me feel he was rather familiar.

Turned out he was actually senior Gasai! And here I thought he was a class A’s passer-by.

Tsk, tsk. Class A is really a place for crouching tigers and hidden dragons, but no one realized it.

That’s too powerful!

“While you are eating, can you not think of so much crap!?” From my right side, a killer Devil King said as a warning.

Turning around, I was accurately hit by the apple pie’s packaging senior just finished eating and had rolled into a ball.

In fact, I had already been thinking of this from the beginning… If you don’t like it then don’t listen to it…

“Chu, take this.” Senior Gasai took two McChickens and stuffed them into my hands, and with an extremely dignified expression, he said, “Quickly eat!”

When I snapped out of my trance, I saw an extremely horrifying thing.

Beside the five-colored rooster head was fully piled up with paper packaging and dessert’s remains. In addition, about one dozen of cokes were completely drained by him.

Just now when you ordered three sets it was fundamentally you being a little subtle, right?

Gasai and senior only got a chicken bucket. In the end, almost everything went into the five-colored rooster head’s stomach, and he apparently wasn’t even eighty percent full.

Your stomach leads to an extra dimension, right?

“I’ve heard members from Beastmaster clans eat a lot, luckily there’s more.” Senior somehow felt relieved there was still some left.

I noticed the five-colored rooster head glittering eyes were staring at the two McChicken I had in my hands.

This can’t be, right?

The pitiful me; my lunch was reduced to only a half of a McChicken and one sundae.

This deep blow told me that, next time I must finish eating everything before the five-colored rooster head finishes his meal.

* * *

Exactly one in the afternoon.

“This marks the official start of the preliminary of Alis Academy versus Evil Spirit Academy!”

The moment Sandra’s voice resounded in the stage, I saw two silver circle player room opening it’s frame at both of our sides. On one side, there were familiar faces; it was Leido and the others. And on the other side, there were three Purple Robe… girls?

Evil Spirit Academy’s representatives were all girls?

An uproar occurred on the stage.

“Alis Academy seems rather strange.” Gasai said as he narrowed his eyes.

Following his lead, I looked across only to find out why there was a sudden uproar on the stage.

Yido, who was being supported by both the twins, was covered with blood, his white robe looked terrible. Looks like something must have happened.

“Looks like they were also ambushed.” Senior glanced at the referee seat, and there were also some unrest over there. After a period of time has passed, Sandra seemed to have received a message from the referees. She then walked towards the Alis Academy’s player room to ask a few questions.

Yido, who should be the captain, shook his head, said something to Sandra, and then nodded.

It looks like the main injuries are on his palms. I noticed his palms were wrapped around with layers and layers of cloth.


“Alis Academy decided they can continue on with the competition.” Sandra flew back up into the air, and broadcasted loudly, “Then, let’s start the first stage of the preliminary. Both sides, please send out your competition player.”

I guess it would be similar to our preliminaries. First, it was the questions and answers, then the fighting.

Looking at the player room far away, I felt rather worried.

The people from both sides, theirs and ours, continuously had something happened. Who knows what will happen in the next game…

“Jieer, Atlantis Academy requests a link with Alis Academy’s player room.” Senior glanced at me, and walked towards Jieer, who remained motionless.

“Understood. In the midst of sending the message.” Jieer stared at the ball on her palm, and after about half a minute, there was a response, “Alis Academy agreed to link with Atlantis Academy’s player room, all of you please do not move.”

Feeling the vibration below my feet, the staircase below our round resting room automatically moved back and started floating sideways. Suddenly, the wall facing Alis Academy’s resting room also disappeared. The same thing happened in the Alis Academy’s side, and then the two resting rooms were linked together. The room re-expanded, turning into a huge round resting room that was twice as big.

In the other circle, there was a girl that looked exactly the same as Jieer.

“Giya Academy’s Cyborg #7, Dier, completed the link, sending message to notify the success.” The girl also had an information ball on her palm.

“Yang Yang.”

As soon as he saw both our resting room had completed the link, Leido, who was left in the resting room, immediately bounced towards us, “Never thought you would also be in the resting room.”

At the other side, Yado was already walking down the stairs, and Evil Spirit Academy sent out a girl with sharp pointed ears. She looked like she was also a fairy.

“Linking the resting rooms could only be done during the preliminaries, so won’t be able to do the same for the finals.” Leido said, and politely greeted senior and the others, “Sorry for troubling you, we were just about to suggest this a while ago.”

Senior curved up a smile, and said it was nothing.

“Yado didn’t take his weapon, will he be alright?” I looked at the empty handed Yado, feeling rather worried.

“Even if it’s not okay, it has to be.” Poking the back of my head, senior shook his head, “Gasai, take a look at Yido’s injuries. There is a magical sealing incantation on his body.”

As soon as he heard senior say that, Gasai immediately pulled Yido to one side, not allowing him to look at the match.

What’s that?

“Magical sealing incantation?” Apparently the five-colored rooster head had the same question as I did.

“That is a very… damned incantation.” Leido probably wanted to swear, as he abruptly changed his words, “It’s a high level sealing incantation. A person who is sealed by it, will have his body’s energy completely sucked dry… If it’s serious, the person might even die…”

It felt as though he didn’t want to explain it clearly.

“It’s also a type of incantation used to deal with people who possess weapons in their body.” Senior said in his place, “But not many people would use it, because it is an evil incantation. It is only used on enemies who caused great hatred.”

I understand.

Gasai took off the cloth on his palms. From his palms until his elbows, were covered with dried blood, and I could vaguely see some strange red lines engraved on top.

“How did you encounter this?” Looking at Yido, whose face was still stained with blood yet to be rubbed off, senior narrowed his red eyes. Looks like he was still unhappy, because he was also attacked not too long ago.

Yido helplessly gave a bitter smile, “Just now I met a little girl, who was crying while she was looking for someone. I thought of bringing her to the school’s police department and let them deal with it. Then, she said she wanted me to hold her hands, I didn’t think much about it and held her hands, but it turned out this way.”

To put it in a simple term, he was deceived.

“Hmph! That’s not all! That kid was definitely not a kid. If it wasn’t for Yado and I arriving there in time, Yido would have been killed by that grayish white thing!” Leido was indignantly grinding his teeth. I believe they didn’t allow the ambusher to have a good end either.

Nn? Grayish white?

“Looks like we encountered the same ambusher.” Senior gave a cold laugh.

* * *

Yado came down from resting room.

“The first round is Q&A.” Sandra, who was floating up high in the air, uttered the exact same preliminary first stage as ours.

In front of Yado, there was a Purple Robed girl. She revealed up an extremely evil smile, and it felt as though he was being stared at by a snake.

I didn’t know if it was an illusion, but it looked like Yado’s eyes were rather red. His face was normally very gloomy, and now his gloominess had reached its highest point.

“The first topic, who is the first leader of the Wind’s branch of the Beastmaster clan?”

“Lyenna!” Evil Spirit Academy’s representative took less than half a second to answer the question.

I saw shiny silver knives floating at Yado’s side, and he didn’t even bring a weapon with him. Would he really be able to fight without his full power?

“Yado! Get rid of her!” Leido suddenly burst out yelling.

In the blink of an eye, a charm appeared in Yado’s hand, the charm turned into a rather transparent sword, a long sword similar to the Illusionary Weapons they usually use.

The second the punishment knives slashed down, Yado kicked the ground, and his whole body traveled forward. The representative of the Evil Spirit Academy never thought he would suddenly rush towards her. The Purple Robe girl quickly took out a military knife from her waist and blocked horizontally.

This time, I was very certain. Yado’s eyes had really turned red, so red that it was extremely scary. I suddenly remember them saying they were taboo children. Taboo children who loved blood.

However, it wasn’t Yado’s sword that clashed against the girl’s military knife. It was the punishment knives. Yado’s action was so quick that even his shadow couldn’t be seen, and in an instant, he was already behind the girl.

The surrounding sound seemed to have stopped.

The transparent sword went through the Evil Spirit Academy representative’s abdomen, and bloodstains appeared, followed by the player’s shrills scream. Yado held onto the sword’s hilt, and she was not able to fight back. When he moved back and pulled the sword, there was not a single drop of blood on the tip of the sword.

The girl’s body, from her abdomen up to the tip of her head, was abruptly cut into half in the middle. Black blood sprayed all over the place just like heavy rain. The still beating internal organs, attached to the blood vessels, lost their support, and fell down one after another. The intestines and what-not, were handing on a part of a body that was still moving.

Yado turned around, and under his feet a magical array similar to Gasai’s array appeared, and the silver knives above vibrated until they were destroyed.

After the girl’s body was shaken by the vibration, it fell down. With a “thud” sound, her brains came out of her body, and the bluish-white liquid and the black blood treacherously mixed together.

I felt nauseated. The food I ate for lunch was threatened to come out of my stomach, and acidic water started to desperately rush up my throat.

“Uwek…” Sounds of people vomiting could be heard from the audience.

“Yang~ don’t look.”

My sight was covered by a huge beast claw, and I couldn’t see anything.

The stage was silent for a long time. Nobody dared to speak, since they were all frightened badly by Yado.

After about one minute, I heard Sandra’s voice. “Evil, Evil Spirit Academy’s player is judged to be unable to continue the match. The first match is won by Alis Academy!”

When the beast claw protecting my eyes was gone, the stage was already covered by silver liquid, and with the corpse inside it, completely hidden. By then, Yado had already came back, and his eyes were no longer red. Or perhaps, I saw it wrongly in the beginning.

“Yado, your attack is too much.” Yido, who was accepting Gasai’s treatment, said with a slightly angry voice.

“Hmph, compared to their dirty tricks, this is considered as little!” Leido who hardly argue with his eldest brother, glared at the opposite players’ room, where the players were equally shocked.

Yido shook his head, and sighed.

This was the first time I felt Yado was really, really scary. The pressure he lets out suddenly increased, as though it was going to overwhelm me.

This person was not the same as the Yado I knew. Without blinking, he could cut open a person, coldly stepped over a person’s blood and her body. Even if the person was a girl, it was also the same.

Very horrifying.

Suddenly, someone grabbed hold of my shoulder from behind. It was only then that I realized I was taking steps backwards. Raising my head, I found out it was senior, with an expression I couldn’t read, and explained, “Don’t worry, the representative won’t die. Giya Academy has already sent her to the medical room.” However, it was not the answer I wanted to hear.

What was it I wanted to hear, in fact, even me myself don’t know. I just felt the current Yado looked very scary, extremely scary.

Senior gripped onto my shoulder, and loosen his grip, “Chu, sooner or later there will be a day when you will know how to judge this kind of thing. Before that, we will always be on your side.”

Senior said, and his red eyes kept staring at me. For some reason, I felt a little more at ease.

Yado turned his head to look at me, and his expression told me he felt he needed to say something. After a long time, he finally opened his mouth and said, “Yang Yang, don’t worry, we are friends.” He tilted his head, cautious of his words, “No matter what, we would never ever attack our friends.”

His expression seemed to have reverted back to the Yado I knew.

Then, Yado held out his hand, facing me. “If you believe me, and make a pinky promise.”

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