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FanFic Title: Re:Golem
Chapter Prologue: Prologue: Ticket out of your world
Author: AncientKaiser
Date Published: October 24th, 2014

Re:Golem Prologue

I sat there in my stationary car listening to the radio. Some more war and death happening across the world, another new plague, another horrifying tragedy. All in all another normal day across the world. As I wondered about how horrible life was, I heard an incredibly loud beep which knocked me back into the real world.

Traffic had once again started so I put my car into gear and began driving, ignoring the A-hole behind me who continuously beeped for the next five minutes even going as far as pulling out a megaphone (What the F? I mean really?) and began yelling swears at me from his little convertible.

I again ignored this overly passionate fellow and continued to drive home, when I realized this man was following me. I mean how passionate can a guy be about something as minor as not realizing traffic has started?

Nonetheless I was beginning to get pissed, as this man was now dangerously nearing the back of my car and even had the nerve to lightly bump my sweet girl (My beautiful and sturdy Ute, which I may have made out of parts it shouldn't have been) several times. So what did I do about this you ask?

Well since we were in the middle of a free way I did what any sane and reasonable person would do. I slammed the brakes and watched his car slam into the back of mine. What happened was predictable.

His convertible slammed into pieces and I think I saw blood seeping out of the car. I may have just killed him. I felt happier than I should, but then again, why should I be sad I killed a stalker A-hole.

I stood there in my car for several minutes waiting until I could hear the police sirens before I got out of my car and slowly walked to the wreckage behind me.

And what a wreckage it was. Marvelous simply if I may so. His convertible had been reduced by nearly half its sized squished together marvelously. Since people were gathered around, I of course acted shocked at what had transpired and attempted to be panicked and worried.

And it worked, a few minutes later the police and ambulance arrived and began to do what they do. They sat me down and got my side of what happened, and then they questioned the onlookers. While the guys from the ambulance attempted to save the A-hole. Which I of course figured impossible.

And I was proven wrong as the asshole ha miraculously survived, leaving me wondering how. I of course acted out my, if I may so, a beautiful act of relief and happiness at the survival of this fellow. The police nodded at my act having seemingly bought it, only for what happened next to shock us all.

The A-hole jumped off the cot the ambulance guys were using to carry him and ran at me at a speed which seemed too fast for his obviously unhealthy body and then pulled out something from his coat and yelled;


Before reaching me and spectacularly exploding. The impact affected me, him, and the few police officers near me. I was too flabbergasted to even try to run away as this happened as had almost everyone else.

I had been blown away and now laid down on the ground my body alight in a blaze of red fire. How I felt nothing meant I was nearing death incredibly fast. So I asked myself, why the hell was I so calm.

As I began to once again question what was happening, I felt the urge to sleep come to me, like it had never before, beckoning me with ridiculous haste to come into its godly embrace.

I of course knew what this meant. I knew what accepting sleep here and now would mean, so I did what anyone would do in this situation. I accepted it. Why not fight you ask, because I don’t want to survive in a body like that. (Burned incredibly, looks like a fire elemental).

I closed my eyes and felt a beautiful and sweet embrace letting me relax for the first time today. Oh how sweet it was. But before I move on, allow me to curse that asshole, seriously. F*** Him. Alright now let’s go, I shall accompany death.


Hey Guys, This is the Prologue to my Re:Monster Esque Story. I could have given him a more normal death, but I chose to go with something a tad more extreme. I mean no offense to Christians but Muslim extremists are over used. The First Chapter will begin the actual story, so please read that and tell me what you think as I can use all the help that I can possibly get!

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Comments (7)

  1. Strife
    October 24th, 2014 at 05:39:58 PM

    I would advise editing ‘swears’ to profanities or swear words, either of which would make a bit more sense.

    Interesting and more original start which I like.

  2. Tcol521
    November 3rd, 2014 at 03:25:50 AM

    I had the O.O when I realize the A-hole was Christian. That took me by surprise quiet frankly. Now I’m truly interested I your story.
    Wow more dark stories are popping up now. They used to be rare as God weapons.

  3. Tcol521
    November 3rd, 2014 at 03:26:22 AM

    O.O face*

  4. Mike777ac
    November 9th, 2014 at 04:33:23 PM

    Well, if the suicide bomber was a Muslim that would be racist roflmao

  5. Love4NovelGuy
    January 20th, 2015 at 10:28:24 AM

    I’m trying to submit my fanfic but it says Volume must be set to an integer

  6. Victor DoUrden
    January 26th, 2015 at 08:05:13 AM

    Random fun fact… History wise christians have killed more then muslims can only dare dream of. Also extremists aside muslim is a more peaceful and friendly religion. They have a more you will/must help thy neighbor thing then the christian yeah you should help that guy.

  7. Ultrabenosaurus
    July 1st, 2015 at 05:58:32 PM

    Re-reading because I love this story and you’ve started posting again. Thank you! This has got to have the best first paragraph of any story ever.