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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 1: A New World
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: October 24th, 2014

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Chapter 1: A New World


A boy around 17-18 years old yawned as he rose up from the bed and scratched his black messy hair.

He got up immediately and started to prepare for breakfast.

Living alone in a condo unit was Lucas Lauwers, now a 2nd year college student at Mapua Institute of Technolgy in the Philippines as an IT student.

Don't get it wrong, his parents and family aren't dead. Since Lucas is now a college student, he decided to live alone and rented a condo unit near his school. Though, his parents are still the one paying for his expenses as he has no part-time job.

After cooking a simple sunny side-up egg, he started eating and turned the TV on to see if there's something interesting.

Seeing as there is nothing, he quickly finishes his meal and start to prepare for school.

“ ok, clothes.....ok I guess?”

Lucas muttered as he stares at himself in front of the mirror.

Reflected on him was a boy with black hair with his forelocks split into two above his right eye and eyes that suggested lack of sleep wearing a dark grey shirt with minimal design, black denim pants and finally, dark grey shoes with black checkers.

Overall, his looks is as average as it gets, if not, just a bit below.

Seeing as it won't get better no matter how hard he tries, he sighed and started to go out.

〚And now let's have a bit talk about gaming-〛

An adult male's voice rang out from the room just as he was about to go out.

“Ah, I forgot to turn off the TV...”

Lucas turned around and started to walk towards the TV to turn it off when he suddenly hears an interesting talk.

〚A new gaming device has just been released all over the world at the same time! Together with a game only compatible with it, gamers from all around the world started to buy it despite its high price!〛

〚How much are we talking about here?〛

〚In our currency, 700 000 pesos!〛 (15 575 USD)

“Uwahh, even if I want it, there's no way to buy it...”

Lucas was shocked to see such a high price.

〚That is high, just what is this new device?〛

〚Oh you're not gonna believe this.〛

〚Come on, we're supposed to be news casters here.〛

〚Haha, that's right, the new gaming device that has rocked the gaming world! 【Portal】The world's first Virtual Gaming Device!〛


The remote on Lucas' hand fell immediately and hit the ground with a dull noise.

“D-did he just say virtual gaming device!? Then the game he mentioned earlier that can only be played with this device is...”

〚Together with the game 【World Gate Online】this is all the topic gamers now talk of everywhere! And not just gamers, even people who aren't interested in games started to purchase it as well! In fact, I myself am currently playing it and it was like none I have seen so far! You wouldn't believe that world was virtual! The scenery, the people, animals, and monsters looks so real!〛

〚Oh my, looks like someone just turned into a gamer. Haha, maybe I'll buy one myself and see. But such a high price, I don't think many people can play it.〛

〚Oh, in that case, they should get this chance! Right now, at the bottom of your screen should display a phone number, just type in your name and address together with PORTAL and your chosen color, and send it to the following number! The 1000 lucky winners will earn themselves their very own【Portal】!!! Winners will be chosen later at midnight! So send your entry now!〛

“...Even if they say it like it's easy...I don't think there's a chance at all...”

Lucas sighed in dejection reminding himself how broke he is.

“Well, it won't hurt to try it at least”

He typed in his name, address, PORTAL, and chose white as color and sends it at least trying to make it hard for other people to get a chance.

Since he is going to be late if he continued to watch longer, he turned it off and went out with a dissatisfied mood as he kept thinking how high the price is for that device.

+ + +

“Hey hey, did you watch the news this morning?”

“Yeah, finally, a real virtual gaming device has been invented!”

“I know right!? I’m definitely gonna get me one of those! Even if I have to prostrate to my parents!”

“Dude seriously? Then prostrate for my sake too.”

“Get your own 【Portal】!”

Two boys of around the same age as Lucas were excitedly discussing about the new gaming device behind him while they are waiting for their professor.

“I wonder if I can beg my parents for one too?...”

He shook his head upon the thought as soon as he thought about it thinking he’ll only get scold at if he did such a thing.

It wasn’t just the two boys behind him that were talking about the virtual gaming device, ever since he went out of his condo unit, almost all the people around him were talking about it in excitement. Be it on the streets, the school lobby, hallways, cafeteria, or his classroom, he would hear words like 【Portal】, 【World Gate Online】, virtual world, etc. Frankly, he was already fed up with it as it reminded him how he cannot buy such a thing.

After letting out another sigh, someone that looked like the professor came in and the students quieted as they went back to their seats silently.

Though the class orientation has started, he would still hear his classmates whispering to each other saying things like checking 【World Gate Online】later or buying a 【Portal】after school. Because of that, his bad mood went on further and he could hardly remember the orientation.

Since this is the first day of class and the professors only gave the orientation, class was finished immediately and he started to go to the cafeteria to buy lunch. After getting a simple meal which was the cheapest, he looked around to look for free table and spotted a table with his friends on it. Since there were no vacant tables, he chose to sit there instead.

Even now, everywhere he hears things about 【Portal】or 【World Gate Online】, even his friends were talking about it. Since he was filled with irritation, he didn’t hear any of what they were talking about and silently ate his meal until he was suddenly asked by one of his friend.

“How about you Lucas?”


“Were you not listening? I’m asking whether you have the money to buy a 【Portal】.”

Gavin Fastmark, one of his fellow IT student friends suddenly asked him while Lucas shut himself in his own world so naturally, he didn’t know what he was being asked about.

This isn’t extortion by the way, Lucas isn’t someone that was bullied though he probably looked like one. It seems his friends were also stuck on the same situation as him and were asking if there was one who can buy.

“Of course not, even if I do, I don’t have the time to play it.”

“Haah, I forgot you were the studious type huh? Since you have a bit of knowledge in animes and game, I thought you’ll be interested.”

“Of course I’m still interested, I mean, who wouldn’t? I’m really curious how they were able to make the game and the device, I wonder what algorithms they used?”

“That kind of interest huh?”

“Well, killing monsters is interesting too…but there’s no helping it since I don’t have money.”

“I know right?”

They all sighed at the same time disappointed by their own lack of money.

Though Lucas said what he said, he was seriously interested in playing the game, and he didn’t lie when he said he was interested on how it was made, as an IT student, he was seriously curious about it.

After finishing their meal, they gave their goodbyes and went for their next class.

+ + +

School has ended without a hitch, though, Lucas was still in a bad mood as the continued talk about 【World Gate Online】around him. As an otaku, Lucas is really irritated over the fact that he can’t play such a fantasy like game where he could play using his own body strengthened by the system, using magic, swords, defeating legendary monsters like dragons, he was put on a bad mood as he went back to his condo unit.

After changing his clothes, he lazed around the unit either by reading mangas, watching animes, and reading light novels to forget his misery. Though his friends know him as the studious type with a bit of knowledge in animes and games, in reality, Lucas was a lazy person who would laze around like so though he isn’t that into games but still played a few. For now, he avoided playing games as it will only remind him about 【World Gate Online】. The reason why he kept it a secret was so that his parents won’t be able to know about it through any means possible. So he created another personality of himself, the scholar, studious, know-it-all type.

Even as he lazed around, he never forgets to do his homework and studies when there is an exam. So I guess you can really call him a genius to be able to get scholarship despite being actually lazy. Though, he probably never realized it himself.

After being satisfied, he prepared dinner. Since he wanted to sleep early, he cooked a simple meal and finished it fast, this time, he made sure that he didn’t open the TV to avoid hearing news related to 【Portal】 or 【World Gate Online】 and went to bed.

“…A virtual world huh…must be nice to live in such a fantasy like world…”

After he let out a mutter while staring at the dim ceiling, he finally closed his eyes. What he didn’t know, that as soon as he wake up, something unbelievable would come that would change his world.

+ + +

【12:00 midnight】

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

A small light appeared in the room as Lucas continued to sleep.

The small light which appeared came from his own mobile phone that vibrated as it received a message.

New Message


You have chosen as one out of 1000 lucky people which were given their own 【Portal】 together with the game 【World Gate Online】!!!

【Portal】 will be shortly delivered after 5 hours upon receiving this message!
Thank you for your time and good luck adventuring!

+ + +

*ding dong*

“Mmmh…who is it…such an early hour…”

Lucas awoke with the sound of his doorbell being ringed.

He sleepily walked out of the room to in front of his door. He stopped for a sec and tried to fix his bed hair and his crippled clothes. After he was satisfied, he opened the door to see who it is, though he could have looked through the peephole but since he just woke up, he couldn’t think straight.

What appeared as he opened the door was a delivery man in white uniform with blue linings.

He knew he was a delivery man since the man was holding a medium sized box which looked slightly wider than a shoebox wrapped in packaging tape.

“Ah, I don’t remember ordering something, what seems to be the problem?”

Seeing as he can’t remember ordering something that needs to be delivered, he asked if he has another business.

“Really? But umm….this is the address right?”

The delivery man showed him the receipt with his address on it. Sure enough, it was really his address.

“…Yes, this is the place but…”

“Then, are you Mr. Lucas Lauwers?”


“Then this is the delivery for you, don’t worry, there is no delivery payment, just sign this for me here as proof that the item was successfully delivered.”

The delivery man passed the box to Lucas and presented a paper in which he has to sign.

Lucas carefully placed the box on the floor and took the pen and paper. He signed the paper and returned it to the delivery man.

After the delivery man was out of sight, Lucas closed the door and stared at the box which was delivered.


After a short moment of silence, he picked it up and placed it on top of the table and decided to open it.

”…Wait a minute…what if this is a bomb and they’re planning on destroying the building!? Bu-but I don’t remember a reason why I would be made to do this! I’m sure there isn't anyone out there that hated me this much! Well, there’s also the case where whoever does it will really matter…What if this is actually drugs!? Did they just use me to hide their drugs!!! Wh-what do I do!? P-police…I should call the police!..What was the number again……….Damn because I watched too many American movies the only number that comes to mind is 911!!! This is the Philippines!!!”

Lucas’ face paled as he began his wild imaginations run amok and grabbed his head with his hand full of sweat not knowing what he is supposed to do.

“O-okay…calm down…such a movie-like scene shouldn't be possible! First…let’s check if it’s a bomb…”

As he thought of that, he carefully pressed his right ear on top of the box to check for ticking sounds. Sure enough, there was none.

“…I guess it should be safe…probably…”

Lucas carefully cut the packaging tape and opened the box. After seeing the inside, Lucas’ pale face returned to normal but it was replaced with a shocked expression.

“I-it can’t be…”

After muttering that, he ran back from his room and grabbed his mobile phone.

After confirming the reason why that thing was delivered, he ran back to the box and quickly removed the packaging tape and the excess box.

What was in front of him now is a white box with a picture of the object inside on its front side.

At the upper right corner of the front, the words written were 【PORTAL】. And thus, he acquired his very own virtual gaming device.

+ + +

“Let’s see…how do you set this thing?”

After school, Lucas immediately ran back his condo unit to play 【World Gate Online】.

The 【Portal】 device has disk-like cup that fits in your ear like a headset with a transparent visor over your eyes connecting the two. On its left disk, a black out plug stretched out. He inserted it to one of his outlets beside his bed and clicked the on button in the middle of the disk which was accompanied with the visor displaying an 【Insert game】. On the device’s right disk, there is a small straight vertical cut at the back in the middle. There, he placed the CD which contained the game 【World Gate Online】 that was delivered together with the 【Portal】. After waiting for the loading showed in front of him, a new message showed up.

Do you want to start 【World Gate Online】?




Lucas shouted excitedly as he closed his eyes and was enveloped in a bright light.

+ + +

Finally opening his eyes again, Lucas was entranced with the beautiful sight in front of him.

With his body floating in the air, he saw the clear blue sky around him and the earth below. At least, it looked like earth, having the same continents, he saw his own country, Philippines, as well as other countries. But on closer inspection, one could see that there were few buildings on them, with forests mostly consuming the continent and mountains that should not have been there. But of course, since Lucas doesn’t even know that much about his country, it looked like an exact replica of it.

Lucas and the new world

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

Lucas noticed that he wasn’t alone floating in the sky, a few meters in front of him was a beautiful woman dress in Greek tunic which made her looked like a goddess with her entrancing figure and beautiful voice which made her look like a typical Onee-san type in mangas and animes.

“I am your guide in creating you character. Step forward adventurer, and choose your race.”

“An NPC huh? Does it really have to such a beautiful woman?”

Appearing in front of Lucas was his own image displayed in various races. Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Werebeast, Orc, Halfling, Elementals.


Lucas answered without hesitation.

“Do you want to change your appearance?”

“Ah yes please.”
Since he didn't want anyone to notice him in game, he decided it would be best to change his appearance a bit.

“Hmm...where to start...then change color of hair to white.”

As soon as he said that, the image of himself in front of him started to change according to his will.

“Then, lets lighten the skin tone a bit...there. Then the eyes, hmm...well red would do...remove eye bags..., as for the height....let's leave it be, it would be bad if I lose my sense of balance in game and in real.”

Satisfied with his self that didn't look like him, he told the guide he was finished.

“Where do you wish to start your journey?”


Where do you wish to start your journey?




“Hmm…I wonder if it’s possible to know where each of them is located.”

Lucas tilted his head as he had no idea where he should start.

Seeing this, the guide giggled and answered.

“Yes, I will show you the Philippine map and point out the 3 towns that were stated.”


After that, a map with 3 red dots accompanied with description showed in front of him. With

one each somewhere in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

It seems that in the game, Philippines is called 【Espion】, Luzon is called 【Cyble】, Visayas is 【Cravon】, and Mindanao 【Etrano】.

But instead of staring at the map, Lucas focused his eyes on the guide.

“Hmm…I just said that on a whim but to think she can be flexible with her response…I’m really curious how the AI was made…and she said Philippine instead of Espion…”

Lucas kept thinking as he circled around the guide carefully observing her.

“Is there a problem?”

“Eh? Ah, no…wait…is it still possible for an AI to reply like that?”

Lucas kept wondering how accurate her reply was and kept observing her.

“? Yes?”

“…You…Are you the same as me?”

“? Yes, as you can see I am human.”

The guide giggled and answered making Lucas think whether she was being sarcastic or that was an NPC's understanding.

“No, I meant, uhh like an adventurer, user, or player, that kind of thing?”

Is this something I could even ask an NPC? As Lucas thought of that, the guide giggled again.

“Fufufu, I guess I was found out huh?”

The guide surrendered and raised her hand in resignation.

“Then you’re…”

“Yep, my name is Lily, I am an employee of the company that made all this possible assigned to guiding beginners like you in 【World Gate】. Nice to meet you umm...”

Lily curtly bowed. As expected, having a goddess like beauty bow in front of you only makes you all the more embarrassed, and Lucas wasn't an exception to that.

“Y-yes umm, my name is Lucas.”

“Nice to meet you Lucas, then, have you decided on your starting point?”
Suddenly remembering that he is still making his character, Lucas hurriedly studied the map that has been ignored for a while now.

“Hmm....I don't want to start in the central since most people would start there...hmm...then I'll choose 【Drachedge】, the capital of the Southern Kingdom.”

“Oh? the South huh? Come to think of it, you don't know where the towns were positioned, didn't you look at the game website?”

Lily tilted her head as she asked for why he didn't know about something so basic.


“…Don’t tell me you just noticed…”

Lucas laughed weakly as he scratch the back of his white hair. It can’t be helped, he was too excited to play the game and didn’t look for any information.

“Well…I’m afraid that by looking at information first before playing will limit my own play style…or something?”

“Fufufu, you’re just making that up, though it is true, there are also players out there that plant false information just so they can get ahead of everyone else so be careful on reading information players post. And the official website only has the most basic information such as Town Map, Job descriptions, etc. There are no information about monsters though, as to make the game more hard and interesting.”

“I-I see…”
Seeing Lucas repeating what she just said in his mind, Lily can’t help but giggle again.

“You’re basic stats are randomized based on the system’s assessment of you, this way, you will be able to be a unique character even in the beginner stage.”

“Do you want to do the tutorial?”


Do you want to do the tutorial?



A familiar window appeared in front of Lucas. Knowing how clueless he actually was about the game, decided to accept it.


As soon as he said that word, he was enveloped by a strange light until he can no longer see the sky and the earth.

A few seconds later, the light diminished and he was brought into a pure white tiled room.

〚The first phase of the tutorial is movement, please try all kinds of movement through this obstacle course.〛

Liliy’s voice resounded from somewhere, though no matter how hard he looked, he only saw pure white.

After Lily’s short statement, A few white tiles moved, some rose, some sank, some changed form. Now in front of him was an obstacle course created from the changed tiles.

After a few stretching as he stand in the same place to ascertain his body’s flexibility, he walked a few steps in all eight directions, afterwards, he began to run through the obstacle course.

“…Looks like my speed is higher than in real…looks like I got a good stat.”

As he thought of that, he jumped, ducked, rolled over the tiles and even did a few stunts like somersaults and backflip.

Afterwards, he tried the monkey bars to check his strength. What happened was…


He fell on the second bar.

“…High speed and low strength!? Uuuu…”

Lucas moaned as he can’t believe how low his strength was.

“Well, I’ll just have to raise it then.”

As he said that, he started doing push-ups then and there.

After 10 minutes of push-ups, his long awaited window popped out.



+1 STR!.


Lucas let out a victory cry upon receiving the message.

“Hm? I wonder why I’m not tired despite doing push-ups for so long. Could it be that I have high vitality as well?…probably?...well whatever, let’s up the STR more and then the others.”

+ + +

Watching this scene from a different space was Lily with her eyes and mouth opened wide.

“T-this is…”

Seeing the white haired boy doing push-ups for a long time and even running around the obstacle course end to end, he was gradually building up STR, SPD, VIT, and for some reason LUK as well. As far as she know, he was the first person to have done this method in the whole country, no, most likely the whole world!

“…Either he’s an idiot for not realizing it, or a genius…fufu, what an interesting kid.”

Since the 【Training Room】 was built only to increase your familiarity of the game, the developers seems to have created a glitch, in this room where you can never get tired of in order to familiarize yourself better, Lucas can actually raise his stats as long as he wants.

“I wonder how this kid will turn out in the end? Fufufu, I can’t wait.”

Lily giggled and curled the ends of her lips upwards.

+ + +

After 2 hours in the 【Training Room】, Lucas gained +17 STR, +8 SPD, +20 VIT, and +22 LUK.

Even he has no idea why luck was raised. Well, a raise is a raise, so he decided not to think deeper into it. In the end, he couldn’t come up with a way to increase his INT and DEX in the first phase.

〚Now that you have finished the first phase, we will now move onto the second phase of the tutorial. With the weapons presented in front of you, try and hit the straw doll. After the straw doll’s HP ends 0, it will disintegrate and a new one will be replaced so fell free to take your time as you did on the first phase.〛

Lily announced while smiling though, it feels like her eyes weren’t smiling – is what Lucas felt since there was no way of seeing her in the 【Training Room】.

“I-is she mad that I took 2 hours on the first phase? I guess I have to go faster…”

As Lucas thought of that, he picked up the iron sword and used it to kill the straw doll, after depleting its HP, he used the spear next, then the axe, the daggers, the maces, etc, then finally, the bow.

As he had unlimited arrows, Lucas shot the straw doll in succession while correcting his aim in each shot he released.

After about 100 arrows, he finally got the aim right, then a familiar window appeared again.



+1 DEX!.

It seems that accuracy is dependent on dexterity, as soon as he figured that out, even after depleting the straw doll with the bow and arrow once, he continued to raise his DEX.

After 50 minutes, he finally achieved a +12 DEX and a +5 LUK, satisfied by it, he moved on to the next phase.

〚The last phase of the training, magic, you will be given simple commands in controlling fire, water, earth, and air. If you choose skip this step, you may do so.〛


Lucas shouted the short chant and a small flame emerged on the tip of the wand he was given.

“Woaaaahhh…I can’t believe I’m doing real magic!!!”

Next is water.


Same as the fire chant, a small ball of water floated on the tip of the wand.


Now a small rock can be seen.


A ball of air seemed to be swirling on the tip.

“So these are the four elements magic…maybe I should try being a mage?”

Lucas thought as magic continued to fascinate him, he repeated this for an hour and achieved a +13 INT in the end.

Satisfied by the end result, he finished up the training and was once again brought back to the top of the world after being engulfed with a strange light.

For some reason, once he saw Lily, she was staring at him as she continued to smile.

“Fufufu, I’m sure you will turn out to be a great player one day, now then, shall I send you off?”

“Ah, yes please!”

“Good luck in your adventure, if you make all the way to the north, maybe we’ll meet again, Lucas.”

“Ah yes- wait…I still haven’t decided the name for the character ye-”

Lucas suddenly remembered his character’s name and as soon as he pointed it out to the guide, Lily, he was silenced by the engulfing light.

+ + +


Lucas let out a small mutter as he came to his senses.

“W-wait, I still haven’t made the name yet! I don’t wanna be known as Noname!!!”
As he silently cursed his guide for hurrying him, he thought of looking at his status window to check his name.

“【Status Window】”








1 G 20 S 50 C


















“…Lucas…but how? Ah!”

He felt relieved he wasn’t given an absurd name for not naming his character and thought how come his real name was written there. After a while, he remembered introducing himself to Lily, back then, he was embarrassed to be suddenly asked so he accidentally said his real name.

“…Could it be that she was actually asking for my character name?...”

As he thought of it, he let out a sigh and just accepted it. Since there was no other way to change it anyway.

“More importantly, what’s up with this insane luck…?”

Finally calming down, he noticed his surroundings. Right now, he was in the middle of what looked like the town square. With players and NPCs roaming around everywhere clad in armor, robes, and light equipment, there are also those that set up their stalls to sell their goods. And there are those that yelled recruitment for party.

The buildings looked like the standard ones that you often see in medieval movies, there’s a pub, a restaurant, clothes store, smithies, etc.

Over the highest hill in the town was a majestic medieval castle that screams fantasy all over it.

From giant ostrich like birds pulling carts to wyverns flying about the sky. This is certainly a world he can only see in fiction.

As Lucas stared at awe everywhere he looked, some people began looking his way.

“Oh, a newbie huh.”

“Looks like he got too fascinated with the scenery huh.”

“Haha, guys like him tend to be the first one to die.”

And so on, hearing this, Lucas fixed his appearance with a tint of red on his face clearly showing how embarrassed he was.

“Excuse me, you’re a newbie right? Do you want to join our party?”

Suddenly, someone a bit taller than him appeared to his side wearing cheap leather clothing and a rusted sword on his side which suggested he was also a beginner who was a bit ahead of him, accompanied with a similar man behind him.

“Ah, if you are fine with me, I’ll be in your care.”

Seeing as there was no problem, he accepted it and bowed slightly.

With that, the familiar window accompanied with a sound appeared.


You have been invited to Feredir’s party, do you want to accept?




Without hesitation, Lucas accepted the request. Afterwards, the party menu opened to show his team mates


Party Menu








【Add Friend】





【Add Friend】


“Then, let's begin hunting.”

“Ah, yes”

Lucas followed them like a gofer. Though it might've been his imagination.

They passed by the slimes outside the town walls and entered the forest.

“...Is hunting in the forest normal for a Level 7?”

Lucas thought as he followed the two from behind with conflicting expression.

“There! A 【Wolf】! Let's get him!”

Feredir rushed as he brandished his sword, Ravi followed soon after.

“Wha- I'm no expert but do this two even know teamwork!!!??? And to challenge a Lvl 13 Wolf just like that!?”

Lucas was confused if he was the strange one for thinking such a thing or those are the weird ones. At any rate, they won't be able to defeat that wolf with those random swings.

Lucas decided to help the two and attacked as well with his 【Beginner's Dagger】.


Just when there is only slightly HP left from the wolf, he released a cry for help and soon enough, help arrived.

Though, not any ordinary help, a humanoid wolf with dark red fur came and released a slightly pissed off growl.


“A-a-a...A 【Blood Werewolf】 came!!!”

Seeing the boss monster right of the bat, the trio ran for their lives and headed for town. But alas, the werewolf was faster. Soon enough, the werewolf materialized itself in front of them which made them stop their tracks.

“T-there's no way in hell I'm gonna face the death penalty here! There's no winning against a Boss Lvl 60 with level like ours!”

Feredir quickly browsed his inventory and took out a scroll.

“Da-damn! I don't wanna die too!”

Seeing Feredir, Ravi also took out a similar scroll.


The two shouted and immediately vanished after being surrounded by a familiar light.

“No way, are those scrolls that teleports you back to town!!!??? What the hell!? Did they just abandon me!!!???”

Lucas was filled with half-shock and half-anger as he saw his two team mates leave him behind.
Seeing this, the werewolf let out a small laugh and slowly walked towards Lucas.

“D-damn, even though you're just a fur ball!”

Lucas cursed and turned tail. As it was an item sold in shops, there was no way he would have one, thus, he has no choice but to run. He kept running and running making full use of his speed and strength to swing across branches or jump from branch to branch. Turning the forest into an obstacle course, he kept speeding up as he ran from the werewolf.

Though no matter how hard he tried, the werewolf always appeared in front of him making him hesitate from time to time until he finally tripped.

As he fell towards a gap made from a boulder, he continued to fall just like that. Waiting for his death, Lucas looked at the sky once more and closed his eyes.

Illustrator: imaginexbreaker
Background image source:

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WordPress Version


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  6. Theorize
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    "This isn’t extortion by the way, Lucas isn’t someone that was bullied though he probably looked like one. It seems his friends were also stuck on the same situation as him and were asking if there was one who can buy."

    -Nothing about the dialogue before even remotely seemed like extortion. To me it seemed like two normal people talking. So this paragraph doesn’t really seem necessary.

    "Appearing in front of Lucas was his own image displayed in various races. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, et

  7. Theorize
    November 22nd, 2014 at 10:52:27 AM

    "Appearing in front of Lucas was his own image displayed in various races. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, etc."

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    The extortion part is something that I thought which seemed that way so…….well, I guess it’s fine anyway as it is.

    As for the races, I didn’t explain them since they are still not needed at this point. Why? because he’ll be stuck in the cave anyway so he won’t meet other players. The races are going to be properly explained in Chapter 8 since that will finally show the…life(?) outside of the cave, hence, various players of various

  9. imaginexbreaker
    November 22nd, 2014 at 11:56:27 AM

    I thought of placing the explanation there so that the readers won’t backtrack for the explanation the chapters looking for each explanation on each races.
    Also, this also gave a sort of vibe that Lucas was hurrying in creating his character so he didn’t need to listen for the explanation.

    I hope this will explain the questions surrounding the races at this point and that I won’t repeat this again because of stupid net -_-

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    You should decrease either the number of units or the cost of the machine. Basic math says the news broadcaster would have to shell out over 15 million dollars to hand out 1000 units.

    Two, get rid of the cd thing required to play the game, and make it a stand alone system that requires internet access. There is no way you could get enough data on a cd to support virtual reality.

  13. imaginexbreaker
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  14. imaginexbreaker
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