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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 5: Blood Sucking Village
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: November 2nd, 2014

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Chapter 5: Blood Sucking Village



Your 1 week EXP and Item drop bonus has ended. From now on, you will receive normal amount of EXP and item drops.

Though there was this message, Lucas ignored it and stared at the scene in front of him.

“…This is….I’m still in the cave right?…”

In front of him was a chaos. Large rocks and boulders that have never been there scattered all over the place. Even though the floor was already uneven in the first place, it was no deformed so much that it no longer looked like the same cave.

It was as if a large scale battle was performed here and this place was at the center of it. Large gouges with a diameter ranging from 2 to 5 meters, scratch marks of a large monster, burn marks so big it looked like a wildfire had started. And more importantly, large quantities of blood splattered everywhere.

Though there doesn’t seem to be any bodies, he wondered how long has it been when the battle had ended and who, or what had been fighting here.
At this sight, Lucas can only sigh deeply.

“Damn…just what the hell is going on here…for now…let’s get away from here…and from that dragon…”

Lucas judged that it would be best not to fight the dragon without any plans and decides on thinking about it as he levels up.

Going the opposite way of where he remembered to be the place the dragon is kept. He continued to kill [Dracula Bats] and [Grey Wolves]. Due to his high level, they were just small fries now. What he really wanted is to fight is another [Crypt Owl] since that will be easier to level up.

As he continued to search for an enemy, he heard a scream. And not just a scream, sounds of battle as well.

“A battle…are they the ones responsible for the mess earlier?”

“D-damn, fall back! Retreat!”

As soon as he heard those shouts, he ran towards the battle in hope to see other players.

When he arrived, he saw the familiar owl attacking a group of humans.

“Finally, a [Crypt Owl]!”

Since the group was trying to retreat, he thought if he attacks the owl, it will no longer be called [Kill Steal].

[Kill Steal], it is a term gamers use when other players outside of their party kills an opponent they were meant to kill.

As soon as the owl dived to attack the group, he grabbed its feathers and jumped on its back like before.

Surprised by the sudden enemy climbing on its head, the owl desperately tries to lose him. However, Lucas already resolved himself not to let go by all means.

He didn’t stab the head this time, he went further up the head and stabbed both of its eyes.


Letting out a cry, he owl can no longer see and was forced to the ground.

“Hehehehe, I won’t let you go, my precious EXP!”

Lucas, who no longer see the owl as an enemy but instead a, EXP piece of meat, stabbed the head deeply and left the dagger on its head.

While letting out a sinister smile as he looked down on the owl that’s easily larger than him, he released his skill.


Instead of the head, he stomped at the dagger sticking out of the owl’s head and made it dig deeper.


However, he didn’t stop there.

He released a magnitude of stomp that would make people think there is a stampede and made the dagger dig way deeper until finally, the owl died and vanished.

Though he only gained 1 level, it was still better than the bats and wolves who gave less EXP.

Also, since he died before, he only retook the level and stats he lost at that time.

After picking up the loots, he went to towards the group who were supposed to be retreating, since they were surprised by the sudden help, they had stopped and watched the battle dumbfounded.

“Sup, sorry for suddenly taking your enemy like that, are you alright?”

“A-ah, yes, thank you, we we’re saved.”

The person that seemed to be leading the group bowed and thanked Lucas.

“Where did you guys come from?”

“Hm? Ah, that’s right! Right this way, please follow us.”

Thinking of finally seeing the exit, he followed the group happily.

Though he know he cannot get out, it is still better than not knowing. As they walked down the cave, bats and wolves came to attack only to be repelled by the group, since Lucas already took the [Crypt Owl] from them, he let them attack the other monsters. Since they wouldn’t give a good EXP anyways, though he still attacked those that targeted him.

Then he noticed the change in surroundings.

There were trees, bushes, and grass in the cave! This is a good sign thought Lucas. Thinking the entrance of the cave is nearby.

However, his expectations were betrayed. Where he was led to by the group is a village.

“T-this is?”

“Let me introduce you, this is Aldcrest, a village of pure blooded vampires.”

So they were an NPC, since Lucas hadn’t met an NPC ever since he fell in the cave so he didn’t know how high the intelligence of NPCs.

“…wait…can you repeat that again?”

“? This is Aldcrest, the village of pure blooded vampires.”

Pure blooded vampires…pure blooded vampires….pure…vampires…



The vampire leading the group earlier as well as the others revealed a face which looked like they are ready to receive any discord coming from Lucas, however, they were surprised by what came next.



This was what Lucas truly felt, after all, this world wouldn’t be called a fantasy if there aren’t dragons and vampires, fairies and such. Since he felt more fear in the dragon, the vampires didn’t scare him at all and instead amazed him.

Not only is that, in the mangas and animes he saw so far, vampires said to have alluring beauty.

Looking closely at the group, there were actually beautiful girls mixed in. Lucas thought that vampires would have silver hairs and red eyes but it seemed he was wrong since there were varieties among them.

“H-hey hey, tell me, how old are you?”

“R-right now, about 15,000 years or so?”

“Heeeeeeeeeh, it wasn’t pretty boring?”

Like a child, Lucas’ eyes were sparkling as he kept asking questions.

Soon, people began to notice the commotion and came to take a look.

“What’s going on?”

“They say it’s a human.”

“A human? Here?”

Before Lucas noticed it, there was already a gallery formed around them. Then, an important looking person came.

This person had looks that say he’s in his 20’s, though, as he is also a vampire, it is impossible for him to be that young. The man wore noble clothing and is holding a cane on one hand.

“What is this all about?”

“Y-yes! This human saved us when a [Crypt Owl] had unexpectedly attacked us while I was training these kids.”

“So you’re saying that this human has singlehandedly killed a [Crypt Owl]?”

“Well, though we’ve dealt about 20% or so before retreating, he had dealt more damage than us and managed to kill it.”


The important person looked at Lucas as if to assess him.

Since he was wearing a beginner’s set, he wondered if he would believe him.

“Boy, are you not afraid of us?”

“W-well, not really, though it is true that I could die by having my blood sucked dry but…dying from being burned to death is more fearsome…”

A fear greater than any fear, Denneth’s impact on him was that great and made Lucas think of other monsters less fearsome.

“…I see…then tell me, how is it did a human managed to get inside of this cave?”

“What do you mean?”

“I meant what I said, the entrance and exit of this cave is past a certain monster, if you had come from there then that means you have defeated it correct?”

From what the vampire leader had said, the only way in and out of here is to pass that monster like it was a gatekeeper.

Lucas stored this information at the back of his head for now and explained.

“I’m sorry, but I went inside this cave with a different means.”

“…a different means?”

Lucas then told them about him falling from the hole above, and that it was later filled in somehow.

To these words, the vampires made a face as if they just missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Yes…for now, let’s go inside and we’ll talk.”

Lucas followed the vampire leader towards a hut that seemed larger than the rest.

They went inside and Lucas saw two female vampires cleaning the hut and readying dinner.

“Father, you’ve come, dinner’s almost ready.”

“Oh my, you didn’t say we’ll be having a guest…..and a human at that.”

The daughter wore a white one piece and an apron with her long silver hair reaching up to her waist. She had a bewitching figure as expected from a vampire.

The mother wore a red dress and looked exactly like the daughter with her silver hair tied up neatly behind her head.

The only difference in their face was that the mother had slight droopy eyes which makes you calm down whenever you look at them and the daughter having energetic eyes that seemed to shine in the moonlight.

It seemed that the royal family of vampires is the only ones which had the standard red eye, silver hair look.

The vampire leader led Lucas to seat in one of the tables which made him embarrassed as to how he should act.

With all four of them seated, with Lucas having white hair and red eyes, they actually looked like a family of four.

“Now then, let me introduce myself, I am Sebastian Lytton, the current village head. This is my wife, Emma, and our daughter Lilith. Can I ask of your name traveler?”

Sebastian bowed slightly and introduced himself and his family after they had finished their meal which only composed of [Grey Wolf Meat], [Dracula Bat Meat] and other seasonings. Likewise, Lucas did the same.

“Yes, I am called Lucas. It is my pleasure to meet you.”

Sebastian then explained their circumstances.

To sum it up, a hundred thousand years ago, the demi-vampires had raised a coup d’etat, the demi-vampires are a mix of vampires and other race, it could be human, demon, elf, and etcetera. As they were only half vampires, they have the ability to walk under the sun and had their abilities of their other race, making them more powerful than pure blooded vampires. After their uprising, they imprisoned the pure blooded vampires to this cave and placed a gatekeeper to keep them from escaping. The reason why they chose to imprison them instead of killing them is simple. To keep breeding demi-vampires.

Since demi-vampires are the child of a pure blooded vampire and a different race, they would abduct a female or male vampire here and give them to some noble who has money.

Because of this, the pure blooded vampires train every day in hope to defeat the gatekeeper. At first, there was also another human thrown together with them, they said that he was considerably strong and was known throughout the world. However, as he was too old, he was defeated by the gatekeeper who he could have easily defeat.

“Please, honorable traveler, please help us defeat the gatekeeper.”

Sebastian had bowed his head and so did the other two.

Actually, Sebastian supposedly had another daughter, their firstborn. However, a couple of weeks ago, she was chosen by the demi-vampires and was sold off to someone else. Her name was Freya and was said to have the most beauty in all the pure blooded vampires and Lilith came second.

As the next selection will be held 3 days from now, Lilith will surely be the next to be sold off.

Do you want to accept the quest?



There is no time to think, Lucas accepted it without hesitation thinking he can’t waste any time.

Defeating the gatekeeper can also give him a considerable amount of EXP in preparation to

defeat Denneth. However, he was again betrayed by the next window that opened.

Pure Blooded Vampire’s Escape

The leader of the pure blooded vampires, Sebastian’s daughter is next in line to be sold off! Defeat [Denneth the Nocturnal] and escape the cave together with the vampires!

Note that if you cancel or fail this quest, you will be hated by pure blooded vampires and will no longer help much less talk to you.

Requirement: Defeat [Denneth the Nocturnal]
Time Limit: 3 days
Difficulty: A
Reward: ???

Lucas can only open his mouth in disbelief. After all, thinking that he’ll turn the gatekeeper as preparation to defeat Denneth, he accepted the quest. But to think that Denneth is the gatekeeper…so the reason why he cannot leave the cave if he didn’t defeat Denneth was because the exit is behind him!

“What kind of dungeon has the last boss right from the start!!!???”

Well, it was wrong to think of this as a dungeon anyway, since from the beginning, this is a prison for the pure blooded vampires.

The vampire family rejoiced when they heard Lucas accept their request.

“Now I have a time limit…moreover…3 days…If I die then its automatic failure…”

Just as Lucas was thinking that, he was presented with a sword.

“This is our family’s heirloom, I noticed that you don’t have a suitable weapon for the fight. Please take this as thanks for accepting our selfish request.”









Job Requirement



A royal heirloom of the pure blooded vampire clan. This sword has the ability to drain the enemy’s life and pass it to the user for every slash. The amount of life taken will differ depending on how powerful the slash is.

An amazing weapon appeared!

Lucas held the black sword in his hands. The sword had a red gem embedded in the middle of the handle and the blade and a red diamond design on the tip of the sword. The grip fitted Lucas’ hand comfortably as he tests each swing.

“Since they only want me to use it for the fight, there was no job requirement. It’s sad that I’ll have to part with such an amazing sword.”

Lucas then placed the sword back to its scabbard which was given to him next and equipped it on his back.

Since Lucas has only been using the [Beginner’s Dagger], he felt like real swordsman now that he has an actual sword.

“With this, I should stand a chance against that dragon!”

Thinking this, Lucas stood and left the hut in order to get accustomed to the sword when he suddenly remembered something.

“This…when traveling here, I saw what looked like the remains of a huge battle. Do you know what that was?”

“Ah yes…so you saw that…”

Sebastian smiled wryly at Lucas’ question.

“You see a summoner in the village tried to summon a…rather strong demon for defeating Denneth 3 days ago but…”

“He couldn’t control it huh?”
Lucas gave his deduction as Sebastian sighed.

“Yes, it resulted with a large scale battle that took many of our kind’s lives along with the summoner.”

“…I’m sorry to hear that…”

Lucas bid his farewells to the family and went outside of the village.

Sebastian had offered him a bed to sleep in and wanted him to rest for the day but Lucas declined for now since he wanted to test the sword immediately.

When he was out of the village, he looked for monsters he could fight.

Seeing a [Grey Wolf], he unsheathed his sword and brandished it towards the wolf. With a fast clean strike, the wolf immediately died and red light oozed out of it and went towards the gem on the sword and strength reached him from his hand.

“Hooooh, now I am able to kill it in one strike!”

He practiced over and over in order to accustom himself from the sword and even tried to get intentionally hit in order to see how much health he gains.

He learned that the amount he damaged is the amount he gains, like this, it is almost a cheat like ability. Well, if the attack hits anyway.

After being satisfied with the results, he logged out in order to eat a real dinner. Even though he already ate here, his real stomach will not get full after all.

+ + +

After finishing dinner, Lucas logged in again and went back to the vampire village.

Since there were no ins and outs in the cave because of Denneth, there was no form of money in the village, hence, Lucas cannot gain money by selling his loots. When he did, he was only told that they can get those whenever they want.

Since the villagers are getting ready to sleep, he decided to go hunting again to increase his level and proficiency with the sword.

As he slashed [Grey Wolves] left and right, he noticed a different monster at the corner of his eyes suddenly jumped at him.

Lucas hurriedly dodges and was able to dodge at the nick of time and finally saw the attacker.

[LVL 120 Alpha Grey Wolf]

It had the same appearance as the [Grey Wolf] but this was bigger, it had the size of about 3 wolves with vicious red eyes that glowed in the dark, with red linings that glowed along its grey fur.

“Its level is greater than the [Crypt Owl]!!!???”

Keeping his guard up, he waited for the alpha to attack. The alpha then howled and the remaining wolves surrounded Lucas creating an inner and outer circle.

It would seem that the alpha is the leader of the pack as its name suggests and led the other wolves in order to cooperate.


At the alpha’s command, the inner wolves jumped at Lucas at the same time while the outside wolves kept their guard.

Lucas killed the three behind him and retreated from the encirclement.

At this time, the outer wolves then attacked him while the wolves at the far end split into two and surrounded him again.

“D-damn, what’s up with this teamwork!? Enough! [Stomp]!!!”

Frustrated by the wolves surrounding him, he released a stomp in hope for staggering them.

Sure enough, after releasing a small earthquake, most of the wolves staggered and hesitated to attack. Lucas didn’t miss this chance and killed as many wolves as he can.

Losing the number required for their team play, the number of [Grey Wolves] decreased at a fast pace as Lucas swung his blade left and right while draining their health.

Drenched with the wolf blood, Lucas glared at the alpha wolf.

“Come here my EXP pot!”

Taunting it, the alpha took a step back from the scene in front of it and hesitated for a second, however, it soon regained its senses and jumped an attack at Lucas.

Using its fast speed, it used the hit and run tactic that Lucas used before.

Not used to having an opponent faster than him, Lucas wasn’t able to dodge all of its attacks which made his HP decrease slowly but surely.

“Tch! Hold still you- [Stomp]!”

Lucas used stomp and made the alpha stagger and missed its attack. He used this chance to land a critical blow at the alpha and regain his HP.

The alpha immediately retreated a few meters back and let out a strong bark.


“Gh-! A paralyzing skill!?”

Following that, the alpha let out another skill as it brandished its paws in the air. Something like a transparent claw shaped shockwave was released from its paw and headed to the unmoving Lucas.

However, Lucas already knows how to deal with a situation like this.


With the system’s assistance, his feet automatically stomped the ground making him dodge the claw barely as he crashed to the ground.

Though the alpha was shocked that his attack was evaded, he immediately regained his composure and attacked Lucas himself

“D-damn! Just how long will I be paralyzed!?”

Seeing the alpha drawing near him, he thought of an idea in case he won’t be able to move anytime soon.

The alpha soon closed in and tried to bite his feet but that was his mistake.

Lucas was ready for this and released his skill.

Using another stomp, his feet which were about to get eaten kicked the face of the wolf which yelped in cry.

Finally being able to move, Lucas swung his sword and cleaved the head of the alpha. Not letting it escape, he continued to rain down his attack and skills.

“[Bash] [Bash] [Bash]!!!”


After letting out a death cry, the alpha wolf disappeared and dropped items.


You have gained a level!
You have gained a level!

“H-hah, damn…that guy was tougher than I thought.”

Lucas panted and sat down on the spot as he wipes his face from the blood.

Along with the EXP he gained from the [Grey Wolves] he gained 2 levels and immediately allotted the [Stat Points].








1 G 20 S 50 C























Passive Skills

  • [Play Dead] Beginner LVL 1(0.00%)
  • [Night Vision] Master LVL 10(100.00%)

Active Skills

  • [Bash] Master LVL 5(20.43%)
  • [Stomp] Master LVL 7(75.13%)

His [Night Vision] has already maxed out for a while now and he can now see the inside of the cave as clear as day. Since [Bash] and [Stomp] is his only skill to attack, they reached Master rank easily due to the constant repetition. As for [Play Dead], well, since he’s no longer weak enough to be in the brink of death, there was no chance for the skill to activate.

After being satisfied with the results, he searched for more enemies and hunt until he leveled up 3 times. Before he knew it, the day had already passed.

+ + +


Lucas entered the village once more and found the vampires grouped together and armed with weapons.

“Ah, you’ve returned.”

“What is all this? Did something happen?”

Lucas questioned Sebastian who seemed to be organizing the group.

“We were touched by your motivation to grow stronger instead of resting for the sake of defeating

Denneth. Please, let us lend our power. It was our problem to begin with, as the noble pure blooded vampires, our pride will not allow just sitting by and watching you fight alone.”

Sebastian gave a dignified look as expected from a real noble. His eyes showed unwavering will to fight or die.

Lucas stared at these eyes assessing his will, then the other vampires behind him and decided.

“Understood. Prepare for battle! Let this day be known as the day the dragon known as [Denneth the Nocturnal] dies!!! Avenge those souls that lay defeated against him! Escape this cave and be free!”


You have gained a new stat [Charisma]!

+100 Charisma

“Hooh, so it’s possible to get more stats?”

Lucas was amazed by how flexible the game is. Actually, his line from before was just his own selfishness of wanting to say those lines once in his lifetime.

While happily grinning, he turned his back from the vampire army and looked into the horizon.

“Now, let’s get that EXP dragon.”

Lucas and Sebastian

Author's Notes

I'll probably be doing this starting today, if I didn't then I most likely forgot :p

Anyway, chapter 4 was really annoying to write and pretty boring because of all the explanations and stuffs. I also hate those kinds of chapters but it was really needed. I noticed that the ratings of chapters without action scenes or in the real world scenes are lower than in game chapters. Somehow, I'll fix that....probably.....if I can....OTL

On another note, next chapter will finally be the battle against the dragon [Denneth the Nocturnal]!!! Now, will Lucas be able to defeat it? or will he suffer his first failure? fufufufu, chapter 6 will most likely be posted on Wednesday, if not, then Friday as I still have capstone and school stuff -_-

Btw, the setting of the story was in Philippines because yes, I'm a Filipino who has nothing to do in his free time and thus made a story out of everything that's been in my head, it was supposed to be a manga but I realized how hard it is to draw a dragon so nevermind -3-

So, back to the question, will Lucas succeed in killing the dragon? or will he not? either way, your answers won't cahnge anything so you can freely say what you want. In fact, Volume 1 has already ended inside my head, the only problem is to elaborate the story and give it more finer details....and I still suck at describing things so please spare me.

Till the next chapter :3

Illustrator: imaginexbreaker

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WordPress Version


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    November 2nd, 2014 at 07:07:32 PM

    He has to kill the dragon… it would suck to much if he didn’t. Plus, there is more options for future chapters if he kills the dragon… And while I know you said that the replies wouldn’t matter… I’m just giving you the incentive to make the right choice, kill the dragon…

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