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FanFic Title: Re:Conquror
Chapter 10: Day 22 ~The Long Day~
Author: Chicco20
Date Published: November 16th, 2014

[Day 22] ~ The Long Day

The next morning I strut around the cave with pep in my step and a smile on my face, three times during my morning rounds I had to be brought back into reality after I had zoned-out into another daydream featuring variations on the events of last night.

At some point I had found Rogger who was similarly cheery and for a second we both suspiciously eyed each other’s unusually happy disposition {Care to pose a guess as to what he’s been doing?.. or dare I say, who he’s been doing?}.

Shaking the suspicions aside I got right to business. I discussed with Rogger the events of the previous night and my encounter with the [Humans] and then requested that he gather a team of his choosing and scout the southlands for any sign of civilised life.
After thinking a moment he nodded to me and rolled off a list of names of the people he chose. 4 individuals; including Aliea & Roukin.
I nodded my agreement and gave him strict instructions not to kill anything that somebody may notice has gone missing. After losing almost half the clan recently, I had no wish to enter another war in which I did not fully understand the numbers & capabilities of my enemies.

As he nodded his understanding, Killiya walked past the chamber and upon noticing us, called out. She shouted a sisterly hi to Rogger to which he nodded discreetly in reply. She then told me to meet her in her Research room when I was finished with my rounds, as she had a few ideas she wanted to run by me, she ended the statement with a wink and trotted off.

After she had gone I turned back to Rogger to find him once again eyeing me suspiciously with a raised eyebrow. He walked slowly backwards until he had exited the chamber and maintained the stare until he was out of sight {and that my friends was the single most awkward moment I had experienced in this life so far}.

Before I went to meet Killiya I had visited Marin & Dagon. They were inspecting the arms and armour I had recovered and Dagon was ecstatic with excitement. I appraised the new stock with them and summarized that it was all useful, but there was nothing special at all but for the bow {which I had with me at the time} all the other accessories, items and weapons were of a [Normal] or [Inferior] grade. As I understood it in this world all created things are graded, and the class system for items, weapons etc. went like this:

• [Inferior]
• [Normal]
• [Rare]
• [Unique]
• [Ancient]
• [Legendary]
• [Phantasmal]

Something I did find useful though was a roll of parchment that had on it a town map of a place called [Northhearth Fort]. Whilst looking at the thing, my [Psychometric] ability activated, and within my mind’s eye I could now see a small walled town about 2hour’s travel to the south-west. Curiously enough, this mental map did not show what lay in-between here and the town, but for a small part of the forest I had hunted in in the past, all of it was shrouded in a mixture of darkness and fog.

Whilst I was there I appraised the Bow [Sal'Ashenith], my insight was as follows;


~Bow – Sal'Ashenith~


~Weapon of the Woods~



~Ability effects~
1. High powered shots
2. Wind Element Channelling
3. Voice of the Wilds
4. Multi-Shot
~ Carved from the timbers of the Great Oak King Yarog.
This bow was gifted by the southern tree-folk to the [Elf] maiden I’alathrill, as thanks for her efforts in protecting the children of the forest.
This bow fired one of the 9 arrows that pierced the body of the great [Elf King] Eran’tal, killing him in an act of betrayal. An action which sparked the event known as [The Elven Civil War]. ~
An interesting weapon indeed, though a disappointing factor of the weapon is that it’s not something than can be reproduced by [Dwarfish] hands. Bows and arrows are fletched goods and it’s an area of construction that [Dwarves] have little talent in.

After cataloguing all the loot, I left the smithy in search of Ella so that I could return [Sal’Ashenith] to her.

I found her in the main hall once again sparing with Arrak. The [Hobgoblins] showed amazing growth and determination, both were better than they had been the day before and so again I challenged them to a 2-on-1 match.

Again I won, though the difficulty this time was several levels higher than the last. The two had become familiar with each other’s fighting patterns and so each knew in what area they had to pick up the slack to make up for the other’s flaws.

After the bout I schooled each of them in how they could adapt their own respective styles in order to account for their individual failings. Before leaving the two to work on their technique along with the other training clan members I had sat a while with Ella and told her of what I had learned of her weapon, we agreed that we would hunt together later today in order to explore its abilities.

Finally done with my morning rounds, I happily headed towards Killiya’s Research room at a brisk pace and with a head full of X-rated thoughts. Sadly upon arrival that wasn’t the case. Killiya had her nose a one of a dozen tomes that she had recovered from the fire shrine in the eastern cave. Upon noticing my arrival she demanded that I hurry up and help her translate the “damn illegible books with their stupid-weird squiggly language.” as she put it {so yeah, no X-rated play for me}.
After taking a look at the books myself, I found that they were mostly originally written in [Human Language] and had side notes and annotations scribbled about the pages, each side scrawling amounted to rough translations of those individual pages contents in [Lizard Language].

They were an interesting read though it seems the lizard mage didn’t have too great enough a grip on [Human Language] to fully understand them. I though, could read them just fine. Not all of the books were about magic, within the pile a found 2 cookbooks, 3 traveling-journals, 1 ships manifest and what seemed to be a young girl by the name of Larrana’s diary {It seems like Sarik was quite the hoarder}.

One of the books turned out to be entirely written in Sarik’s own hand. It was fashioned from several kinds of leathers; I recognised some to be from the local fauna and disturbingly enough, I found that a few pages were made of lizard skin, from what I could tell it seemed to be a selection of [Lizardlings] & [Minor Lizardmen]. My ability told me the book was called [Sarik’s Grimoire].

For a long while Killiya and I had discussed the books’ contents and I had schooled her in the learning of [Human Language] as well as furthering her understanding of [Lizard Language]. In our study we soon came across mention of a fire mountain far to the north, and that it was the spirit that dwelled within this mountain that had blessed Sarik and her tribe with fire. It also explained where the [Fire Spirit Stones] we had collected had come from.

The [Human] written books explained that normally spirit stones are found in an area where their respective element is pure and abundant, for example [Water Spirit Stones] are found mostly at the bases of waterfalls, in hot springs and in unpolluted rivers. Taking this into account it seemed unusual that we had found so many [Fire Spirit Stones] in the [Lizard River], in her grimoire Sarik explains why that is.

According to Sarik, in the north there is a great volcano that periodically spews out the stones, the [Lizard River] passes the base of this volcano and its debris is carries downstream.
After discovering this, Killiya became insistent that we immediately investigate these claims. At first I was reluctant to do so, but I was quickly convinced otherwise as Killiya began to get angry with my reservations.

Leaving Marin in charge of the cave, I had, Ella and Arrak accompany Killiya and I east to the Lizard river, Gom(Mog’s second) and a few others from the cave who had decided to travel over and set up in the [East-Tollian] came with us carrying baggage and supplies. Parting ways with the group at the river the 4 of us then headed upstream and began our investigation.

The river flowed from a north-north-westerly direction and we followed its route as it snaked through the forest. Every so often we would examine the riverbed for any signs of the promised [Fire Spirit Stones], and so far the expedition looked to be fruitful, already we were finding the stones at an increasing rate the further upstream we travelled.

After travelling for about 25 minutes or so, we found that the river had flowed through a cave. Cautiously entering we found that the waters soon disappeared underground.
Killiya was distraught at the discovery; she whined that they had come all this way just to find that the river leads to nowhere.
Examining the water closely I found that the submerged cave floor was littered with the stones. I suggested to Killiya that the river may just pass through the cave as did the one found in the West-Tollian cave, and that it may re-emerge from the cave system further upstream.
She brightened up a little at the prospect but wasn’t too convinced. So I then offered to swim upstream and investigate the rivers path so that we might get a better bearing on which direction to travel.

“Do as you please.” She said with a dishevelled wave of the hand, then she set about trying to drag out some of the stones in the water using a long soggy stick in order avoid getting wet.

After removing my [Stone-Claw Gauntlets] {which I decided that it would be a good idea to wear more often now, purely in order to avoid another confrontation over possession of the [Foebreaker] like that encounter I had with the [Humans]} and heavier clothing, I set about swimming upstream.

I travelled for about 10 minutes on a single breath {a period which means little to one with [High Lung Capacity] a trait I had gained accidentally after being swept downstream one time whilst bathing in the [Tollian River]}, interestingly I had noticed that the water in here was warm, hot even in some cases.

I investigated the source of this and found it to be the odd cylindrical pits in the floor, the same kind of depressions that could be found scattered throughout the length of the river. Scrutinising the bubbling pits I had found to my astonishment that they were all full off [Fire Spirit Stones]. In my surprise I had involuntarily exhaled a little and this caused my subconscious to exert its authority over my body in a mad scramble upwards in search for air.

As I reached what I supposed was the water’s surface I managed to regain my senses, even with that expulsion of air I still had more than ample supply to see me safely out of the cave. I quickly reined my body functions back in and smiled at the quirks of the mind before reaching up to push myself off of the ceiling and back down to the fire stone pit, but again to my astonishment my hand broke the surface and all it grabbed, was air.

I surfaced to find myself in an unexpectedly large chamber, all was darkness and my eyes would never have been able to adjust if not for my stealing of the [Goblin]’s natural ability [Dark Eye]. As I waded my way out of the river {that had in this large space managed to pool into a small internally heated lake} I took in the scope of the room, the water gently flowed behind me and stretched out about the room to about 30 meters at its widest. The rest of the chamber seemed to spread off and lead into some unexplored cave system.

As I swam-waded my way over to the shore of the pool to investigate more of my current surroundings I noticed that the uneven ground soon begin to crunch and marginally give way beneath me as I waded out of the shallows, by the echoing crack and snap sounds that soon accompanied the crunch and give I had gathered that I had trodden on something, and a lot of something at that.
Using my abilities to examine the floor I discovered thousands of small animal bones littering the ground and upon closer inspection of the room, I found entire mounds of them, each was larger and higher than I myself was tall and were composed entirely of time withered bone. My [Psychometric] ability told me that they were [7-Colored Bat] bones, and as I knelt down to pick one up the first stone hit me.

Distracted in my investigations I had failed to notice the encroachment of some unknown assailant and paid the price for my complacency in pain. The first rock to hit me was fist sized and connected with my skull square in my temple, the blow sent me reeling back into the water shallows, my mind was a blizzard of confusion and pain, and my vision had become blurred and darkened as my control of the [Dark Eye] ability wavered.

I looking in the direction that the rocks had come from, and I could just about make out the position of about a half dozen or so individuals each of varying shape and size, from the nearest I managed to glimpse a vague outline of gaunt facial features. More rocks came, and I quickly made the decision to retreat, that first hit had impaired me quite effectively and I didn’t want to risk a fight in the darkness against unknown enemies in this state whilst I was also unarmed and unarmoured.

I used my [Threatening Roar] ability to try and momentarily stun the enemy, the ability worked to great effect as it was amplified in this enclosed echoing space. Now free of the rock rain, I took the opportunity to flee into the waters of the river, and I powered as swiftly as my limbs would take me down stream.

Aided on by the current and determination, the return journey barely took 3 minutes. I emerged from the waters like an angry sea creature and sent Killiya {who was still moping and faffing around with her damp stick} screaming and running is surprise as she thought the water had risen to claim her.

Ella and Arrak abruptly stopped another of their sparring sessions in favour of discovering what the commotion was about.

Realising it was me as I dumped myself on the dry cave floor, Killiya came at me in a rage with her stick raised to punish me for scaring her, but stopped just short of clonking me on the head as she noticed the scratches and bruises about my torso. Suddenly worried she dropped the stick and enquired about my wounds.

I told them the story in detail as I re-donned my weapons and clothing. When I was finished Arrak and Ella asked me questions about these assailants and this unknown cave, while Killiya had wandered off to the water’s edge and began poking and prodding the river’s surface with her stick and mumbling to herself {I’m fairly sure she stopped listening halfway through, all thoughts gone and replaced with the idea of the potential amount of stones I had just discovered becoming hers}.

“How do we get to them?” asked Ella.

“How exactly?!” exclaimed Killiya “I can’t do one minute in that, never mind ten!” she continued, wide-eyed and pointing at the water {Killiya, if you hadn’t noticed by now, didn’t do water well, and the prospect of having to submerge herself for an extended period of time wasn’t a welcome one}. Ella though was actually enquiring about my attackers but I think that fact was entirely lost to Killiya’s fire addicted mind.

“Judging by the amount of [7-Colored Bat] bones I found I think it’s safe to assume that this is part of the northern cave system.” I said.

“Aye the entrance to the bat cave is no more than 5 maybe 10 minutes from where we now stand.” agreed Arrak.

“Off we go then.” Said Killiya and turned to walk off in the direction of the cave mouth. “Time to roast some bat-folk.” She finished, punching a fist into the sky.

Nodding to Ella and Arrak with a sigh we followed after her. “I’d like to engage in peaceful negotiations if possible, don’t kill anything that doesn’t try to kill you!” I shouted after Killiya.

“And if they are hostile and peaceful negotiations fail?” asked Ella.

“Burn them all!” shouted back Killiya punching a fist into the sky again.

“We can’t have unchecked and unknown hostiles running around freely as it just invites the disaster of another lizard war down the line.” I said shaking my head whilst and hoping that the decision to let the [Human] go the day before was the right one. “If needs be, we’ll wipe them out.”

“Burn them all!” shouted Killiya again {though I was still not sure if she’s even listening}.

We had approached the cave directly from its south facing mouth, and almost immediately we became assailed by the caves namesake, the [7-Colored Bats]. I lead the way with my twin [Stone-Claw Gauntlets] cutting down any bat that dared come within reach.
Arrak who was now sporting an old shield and one of the swords I had recovered from the [Humans], did the same to my right.
Killiya & Ella followed our path, sniping with arrows from [Sal'Ashenith] and burning with small shots of flame from [Ignatil].

The bats perished in their droves as we pushed on through the cave, by the time they stopped coming there must have been near two hundred of the creatures either dead or incapacitated on the cave floor.
Reaching the first off-shoot of the cave we found ourselves assailed by 5 giant bat creatures {or more accurately bat-like creatures}, they resembled thin but fluffy furred chimps with the ears and facial features of bats. Their noses were up-turned, ears ridged and pointed, and their mouths were dominated by thick, sharp and elongated incisors & fangs on the upper jaw the same fang features on the lower jaw too. Their long thin arms ended in talons, each with webbed skin that joined each finger and stretched out along the torso connecting to their short legs too.

They lingered there for a tense few seconds after spotting us, eyes appraising us deeply as we combatted their entourage of [7-Colored Bats]. I could tell they these things were possessed of a cunning intelligence and my eyes told me they were called [Vampire Bats], but still these were not the creatures that assaulted me earlier today. Their features were garish and nightmarish aye, but they were not the same as the gaunt face I had glimpsed earlier.

The bats came at us in a flailing rage. I dived directly into one’s chest impaling it on both my claws and bringing it down with a roar, a second bat assaulted me, though it was careful to keep a wary eye on my blood-slicked gauntlets.
Arrak battled one of the beasts one-on-one, his sword swiping and thrusting as he slowly hacked the creature to pieces.
Ella took two on at once using her bow’s technique [Multi-Shot] to attack them simultaneously, when a she loosed an arrow the ability would duplicate its power and create a phantom arrow that would impact on a second target.

The first arrow had embedded itself in the gut of the nearest bat and the creature collapsed to one knee with a squeal of pain, the second/phantom arrow hit the other bat in its left shoulder, it squawked in rage as it stumbled sideways and backwards a few paces, an awkward movement for a forward hunched body to easily do. It screeched loudly before correcting its posture and charging at Ella.

Luckily the cave wasn’t quite big enough for a creature with a 3 meter wing-span like these [Vampire Bats] to fly well, so Ella had ample time to prepare for the Bat’s assault. She blocked a swipe from the [Vampire Bat]’s good-arm with [Sal'Ashenith] and then dodged away from the beast as it swung a clumsy swipe at her with its left arm, a futile move with its damaged shoulder.

Ella’s distracting paid off as Killiya told her to get clear before dealing out two large [Fireballs] at the two bat beasts. She panted hard and lent heavily on the red staff [Ignatil] as the use of so much magic had drained her, though she was still a novice/apprentice level magic user, the staff and [Fire Spirit Stones] combined made for a formidable force.

As Killiya and Ella stood over roasted corpses, Arrak was just delivering the final merciful blow with a thrust to the heart of [Vampire Bat] that he had already cut, stabbed and dismembered, and I {fed up with my quarry’s annoyingly persistent dodging but not attacking} used my [Acidic Shot] ability to melt the bugger’s face off.

As I surveyed our trail of death, I informed the others that none of these creatures were one of the ones that assaulted me earlier. Arrak seemed quite happy at the idea of more enemies to test his mettle against, though Killiya seemed a little deflated having used so much of her magical energy today, I suspect after using another two of those [Fireballs] the [High Gnome] would be spent of magic for the day.

“So which way do we go then? left or right?” inquired Ella, who was trotting around the cave recovering all of her arrows from the dead, she pouted as she found that Killiya had burnt one of them to ash.

“We go right.” I said. “The river is to the east and I travelled it west-wards, so that route should take us directly into its path.”

Before I could even put my plan into action, I noticed something in the darkness that didn’t quite seem to be a shadow. “You!” I said with a scowl on my face and in an unconsciously foreboding tone of voice.

The others quickly followed my gaze and a creature darted out of the shadows, intent on attacking me “Die intruder!” it shouted in a hoarse dry voice. It wasn’t wielding rocks this time but an old and rusty {but still sharp} sword. The creature swung at me in a downward stroke and I caught the blade neatly between the claws of my gauntlets and twisted my wrists to hold it in place.
My attacker was male and a [Ghoul] which it seemed was some sort of anaemic [Hobgoblin], its skin seemed to have a deathly brown hue and almost its entire skeleton could be made out from its emaciated frame. Its eyes were small entirely black orbs, its hair just wisps of grey strands lolling down from its skull, and its teeth were few and hung loosely from a limp-jawed foul smelling mouth.

As I held him another [Ghoul] emerged from the shadows in panicked pursuit of the first, this one a female. “No! Ghovagore stop!” she shouted.

“Halt or die!” shouted Ella in response and the female froze, staring in fear at the [Hobgoblin] with an arrow pointed directly at her head.

A third figure shuffled from the shadows, though this one was not a [Ghoul] but some sort of cross between a fat Orangutan and a [Dwarf]. “Don’t intervene Liv!” It said as it tried to call back the female [Ghoul].

“Did you not hear the lady?” said Killiya, stepping up beside Ella with a [Fireball] menacingly smouldering away in her grip like some miniature sun, the newcomer also froze in reply.

The strength [Ghoul] that i contended with was no joke, though it didn’t quite match that of a [Hobgoblin] or a [Gremlin] never mind that of a [Dwarf], it certainly outstripped that of a [High Gnome] like Killiya.

Twisting my gauntlets with a grunt I shattered the sword into pieces and shoved the [Ghoul] back. Now unarmed but still undeterred he came at me again his dirty claws just passing beside my head as I dodged. In reply I thrust a heavy elbow into the creatures chest which sent him skittering back into the cave wall, then I lunged out with my claw, its target, the [Ghoul]’s skull.

“Dwarmahgan stop!” shouted Arrak. “Don’t kill him!”

My claws stopped just shy of the [Ghoul]’s face {It was like Aliea all over again}. “I know I said that I wanted peaceful negotiations, but I also said I’d kill any hostility.” I stated to Arrak. “He tried to kill me on sight. Twice! He’s too hostile to let live.” I continued.

“That he may be Chieftain, but-” Arrak began whilst moving closer. “I think that he’s also my younger brother.” {see, I knew it, just like Aliea}.

“Pah!” said Vagore. “My only “brother” is long since dead fool; I will not shame his memory by playing whatever sick games you outsiders choose to play!” after he completed his statement he lunged at me again, stabbing for my throat with his sharp and dirty nails.

Effortlessly dodging his overly televised move, I gripped his arm and the back of his head and slammed him to the ground face first holding him in place by twisting his arm and locking the joint, I then ensured his head remained still with my boot.

“What are you talking about?” I asked Arrak.

“U-umm a-are you really Gobarrak?” interrupted the female [Ghoul] taking a small step towards Arrak. Though she stopped abruptly as Ella’s arrow whizzed past her face, and let out a high pitched wordless noised as she realised the sharp arrow tip just about scratched the tip of her nose.

“I told you not to move.” Said Ella. “Now explain how you know his name.” she demanded, nocking another arrow.

“My name is Gholivara, I used to be [Goblin] trooper Livara, and I served under captain Arrak in the [Lizard Wars].”

I looked to Arrak who nodded towards the truthfulness of her words. “Well,” I said with a great sigh. “Looks like we need to have a long talk.” I finished as I released Vagore and walked over to Livara and bade Killiya and Ella to stand down before smiling and placing my gauntleted hands up on the taller Livara’s skeletal shoulders. “Now where can we do that?”

We changed locations to the entrance of the cave, and our three new associates began to cheer and bask in the afternoon air. An odd group of people they seemed, but I was soon to discover that the reactions were warranted. As Killiya and Ella set about making a giant-bat buffet with the corpses of our slain foes, I set about getting negotiations underway.

I first inquired about how many people the three had had with them, commenting that I had noticed more than six people when I had encountered them earlier. Vagore scoffed at the question saying that entering this cave was akin to entering the jaws of death, that only them three have survived this entire time.

The last of the three which introduced himself as Domdorovo {though he was something called a [Domovoy] so I guess his real name was Dorovo} clarified Vagore’s words for me. Technically speaking, those three were the only survivors of those that entered the cave, but they weren’t the only members of the current group.

As I was about to enquire more I noticed that as many as thirty [Gnomes], [Goblins] & [Brounies] emerged from the deeper darkness of the cave, each of them was tattered and extremely thin with malnourishment, and revelled in the sight outside of the cave but not one of them chose to leave its shadow. After calming a little from their revelry, they began to hover around the periphery of Ella and Killiya’s ongoing catering work.

Seeing that getting them fed should be a higher priority, I cut Dorovo off and helped to get all these newcomers fed before sitting down by the light of the fire and listening intently as Dorovo told us all the fireside story of Ol’Karghule, "The Bat-King", terror in the dark.

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    Another great chapter. I know this was your own suggestion from the previous chapter, but would still advice caution during the use of fan made characters.

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  7. Chicco20
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