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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 9: Monster Extermination
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: November 28th, 2014

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Chapter 9: Monster Extermination

Turning time back, around the time when Lucas joined a party and went to hunt for the first time, a certain person has also just started playing.

Standing in the square plaza that Lucas was a few minutes ago were a player named [Rice].

He had silver hair and red iris, above his head was a wolf’s ear and behind him was a tail, the rest was humanlike. Why? Because he is a werebeast, to be more precise, he was half-human half-wolf.

First, let’s talk about the character selection. When creating the character, you choose a race that you want.

  • Human – they are normal, very normal, they have no special features whatsoever. They are mostly known for being adaptive.
  • Elf – they excel in magic and archery. If chosen, INT and DEX has an additional 10 points each no matter what the randomized stats are, so their max stat is actually 20 more than normal. Most of them tend to choose Magicians and Marksman.
  • Half-Elf – they are half-human half-elf. If chosen, INT and DEX has an additional 5 points each no matter what the randomized stats are.
  • Dwarf – they have good strength and excel in craftsmanship. If chosen, STR has 10 points increase no matter what the randomized stats are and has an additional stat [Craftsmanship] with a starting 50 points. Most Crafters or STR-dependent job are of this race.
  • Werebeast – they have good instinct, hearing, and sensing ability. If chosen, additional [Heighten Senses] passive skill. Fighter jobs are mostly Werebeasts for the skill.
  • Halfling – they are good with handling traps, whether dismantling or making them. If chosen, additional [Discovery] passive skill and [Dismantle] active skill. They are known for their innovations in tactics and traps and are mostly of the Scout type.
  • Orc – they are strong and buffed beings. If chosen, DEF and VIT have 10 points increase no matter what the randomized stats are. They are known for their endurance on taking hits and from their hideous appearance.
  • Elementals – they are special beings that control fire, water, earth, or wind. If chosen, [Fire Control], [Water Control], [Earth Control] or [Wind Control] passive skill is added depending on the type they choose and can never learn a different attributed skill or wear different attributed equipments other than their chosen element. Not only that, but they will have very noticeable weakness and will cause severe damage. Because of this, there are very few of them in [World Gate Online].
    • Earth - Gnome
    • Air - Sylph
    • Water - Undine
    • Fire - Salamander

Now that the lecture is done, let’s talk about werebeasts.

After choosing the race, they are asked what half-animal they want to be. Rice chose wolf of course which explained his wolf-like appearance. But the type of wolf wasn’t decided by him.

What Rice is, is a [Silver Wolf].

Once chosen the type of animal, the system randomizes the type of that animal. And a [Silver Wolf] is a very very rare monster.

Normal wolves are dark grey, the lighter color they go, they more powerful they are. And a [Silver Wolf] is considered as the strongest in the wolf-type monsters. Of course, there are also special types of wolves which did not have the shade of grey but the [Silver Wolf] still tops them.

Looking at his own figure in the reflection of a building’s window, Rice can’t help grinning.

“Looks like I’m too lucky.”

First, he had won a [Portal] as one of the lucky 1000 people. Then he got an ultra-rare wolf-werebeast type. So of course he felt really lucky.

“Well then, for now let’s see my status. [Status Window]”








1 G 20 S 50 C





















Passive Skills

  • [Heighten Senses] Beginner LVL 1(00.00%)

Active Skills

“Ohh, looks like I can become a Warrior with these, I was worried what I’ll do if my stats will be too far off from a Warrior.”

With that, he looked around first.

He had two objectives for looking around, one is to look for equipments, from the stands or from what others wore for future references. Two, is to look for comrades, someone to form a party with.

While he was looking, he noticed that most of the players are checking him out and most of them were females. Since his type is rare after all and somewhat attractive or cute to some. Not only that, he was already a pretty boy even in the real world so, coupled with the wolf ears and tails, he was most likely one of the handsome avatars in the game.

“Fufu, I’m a sinful man.”

He kept his cool appearance on the outside and was grinning wide on the inside.

But then, he noticed that the players’ attraction was suddenly diverted.

Following the players’ gazes, he saw a woman at the end. The woman had black short hair, limbs that seemed fragile and fierce eyes that looked like it’s looking for a prey. She was at Rice’s shoulder height and with her flat chest, she looked like the boyish type of girl which attracted both men and women from around her as a ‘Cool Beauty’ type.

“Her face seems to resemble someone...but whom...?”

Thinking this, Rice was the first person to walk towards her.

Seeming to have noticed him, the girl looked at him.

“Hey there, do you want to form a party with me? Since we both just started playing, I think it will be helpful to help each other out.”

Rice remained calm and offered to form a party in order to get to know her more since asking her name since too sudden after all.

“Well…alright then. The name’s Geeves”

Geeves extended her hand to Rice, seems like she wanted to introduce herself before forming a party.

“…What kind of girl has a name of Geeves?”

Rice shook his head thinking that it doesn’t matter anyway and shook her hand as he introduces himself.

“My name’s Rice. It’s nice to meet you Geeves.”

To this, for some reason, Geeves had wide eyes and his mouth agape.

No matter how you look at her, she was surprised for some reason. Rice tilted his head to this and asked.

“Is something wrong?”

“That…Rice…no way. Could it be that you’re….Kanin? Kanin Fried?”


This time, it was Rice who displayed a shocked expression.

It’s only natural of course, since that was his real name after all. For someone in game to know his name in the real means that she was someone who knew him in the real world but he can’t think of anyone.

“That…is my name but…who’re you?”

“I knew it! It’s me, Gavin! Gavin Fastmark!”


Actually, now that he mention it, he finally knew why he resembled someone he knew, but since he kept thinking that she’s a she, he missed out the fact the Gavin, was actually mistaken as a girl sometimes in the real. But Gavin’s a he.

To this, Rice was horrified. Horrified from the fact that he almost fell in love with a male.

“D-damn! I can’t believe I forgot how much of a trap Gavin is!!! I almost crossed a road that is never meant to be crossed!”

Rice clenched his heart and was sweating heavily.

Geeves tilted his head as to why he was panting heavily but didn’t bother to ask.

By the way, the reason why Geeves was able to know Rice’s true identity, it’s actually pretty simple…well, for Filipinos anyway since the English translation of Kanin is Rice.

“Anyway Rice, it’s good to see that you have a [Portal]. I thought you can’t afford one?”

“Hn? Ah, yes…I actually won it in the lottery. I take it that you did too?”

Geeves’ change of topic finally managed to snap Rice back from reality.

“Yeah! I can’t believe we both manage to get one! Talk about fate man!”

With that, the ‘Cool Beauty’ type before was completely destroyed with Geeves’ loud voice.

To others, it might look like she, actually a he, was a sunny type instead. But to those who knew him, it was just his loud tone like always.

“Anyways, Party! Come on! Let’s go grind some monsters!”

“Alright alright, geez, calm down a bit won’t you?”

Rice sent a party request as well as a friend request.

With Geeves’ acceptance, they first went around the town in order to familiarize themselves more.

Then finally, they decided it’s time to hunt. Even though they weren’t able to see the whole town, they decided that it can wait so they went to grind for now and left for the east gate.

Reaching the east gate, they met the NPC guards and for some reason, Geeves talked to them.

“Hey, you guys doing ok there?”

“Ah, yes. Is there something you need?”

The guard was a bit surprised since he didn’t expect that he’ll suddenly be talked to.

“Nothing really, just wondering whether you guys get bored standing here the whole time.”

“Ah, well it does get pretty boring. But still, by remembering that we are entrusted to guard this gate from enemies no matter what. It is what kept us from fighting the boredom.”

The guards looked proud as one of them said that.

“Enemies huh, speaking of which, we’re off to defeat a few monsters and come back later so ‘till then.”

As Geeves was about to head out waving to his back, the guard suddenly said something that caught their attention.

“Oh, in that case, do you mind listening to our request?”


“C-could this be…a quest! And I was just wondering why Geeves unreasonably talked to the guard…so he was aiming for this huh?”

Rice was amazed to learn that quests are triggered this way in this game.

Of course, since this is not a game that is displayed in the screen, there won’t be any [?] on top of a person’s head displaying they give out quests.

You actually have to interact to them, say the right lines in order to trigger it.

“I guess I’ve been thinking of Geeves wrongly all this years.”

“W-wow, hey Rice, I think I just triggered a quest! I can’t believe it!”

“So it wasn’t intentional!? Give me back my compliment!”

Rice tsukkomied when Geeves revealed that the whole thing was an accident.

“In the end Geeves can only be Geeves”

Rice sighed inwardly at Geeves who was tilting his head still clueless.

“There is a village nearby outside the wall that is being troubled by monsters. Though the monsters may be weak and the guards can usually take care of it, it is still best to help them as you hunt.”

Do you want to accept the quest?




Geeves immediately accepted the quest instead of consulting with Rice first which made Rice’s cheek twitch.

“W-what are you accepting it immediately for idiot! Why didn’t you ask me first?”

“Are you gonna decline?”

This cool voice coupled with Geeves’ cool glance that seemed to stare deeply in your soul made Rice step back a little.

“N-no…anyway, at least ask for my opinion first next time!”


Geeves’s attitude immediately did a complete 180 degrees after getting Rice’s confirmation and went back to his easy-going mood.

“Geez, this guy…I guess he’s the type that can be count on at the moment of need…still, is there a need to give me that cold look?”

Again, Rice can only sigh at Geeves’ unpredictable attitude.

Monster Extermination

The town guards have asked for your help in defeating the neighboring villages’ monsters.

Requirement: Eliminate 10 [Blue Slimes], 10 [Red Slimes]
Time Limit: N/A
Difficulty: F
Reward: 2 Silvers

“Oh, looks like it’s just slimes.”

“See? What were you getting so worried about?”

“Yeah yeah, but 2 Silvers huh…”

Rice muttered as he looks at the reward.

For beginners, they were given 1 Gold, 20 Silvers, and 30 Coppers.

1 Gold is equivalent to 100 Silvers.

1 Silver is equivalent to 100 Coppers.

Rice had wanted to know how the prices work in this world so he won’t get careless and buy expensive items with poor qualities. So he had to know how hard it is to earn money, then look around the shops later and estimate their value.

So with just 20 slimes, they can get 2 Silvers. That means 1 Silver is about 10 slimes worth of hunting.

“Hmm, I guess we weren’t given that much of starting money huh?”

Aside from being a pain in the neck, earning 20 Silvers shouldn’t be that hard. By that conclusion, the good weapons and item’s prices would probably in the Golds and normal weapons or items as well as consumable items are either in Silvers or Coppers.

Well, if it’s only earning 20 Silvers then it’s still fine. But 100 Silvers to get 1 Gold? Rice can only sigh on how hard it’s most likely to be to get money.

“Well, we’re still a Lvl 1. The stronger we get, the harder the monsters, the bigger the pay. Let’s just think of that.”

“Where’s this village at?”

Geeves asked the guards hoping to start soon.

“Yes, once you exit this east gate, just follow this path leading north. If you follow the path, you’ll be able to see the village soon. Also, you can get the reward from any of the guards stationed there.”

“Gotcha, we’ll be going then.”

With that, Geeves and Rice began their journey.

By the way, Geeves' current status is this.








1 G 20 S 50 C





















Passive Skills

Active Skills

+ + +

“Well, that was rather quick.”

“Yeah, though I was getting worried when slicing attacks won’t work, simple punches and kicks would do it anyway.”

After defeating the required number of slimes and then some, Geeves and Rice approached a guard in order to get their reward.

“Ah yes, thank you for your time. Here’s the reward as promised.”


After receiving the reward, they had planned to go back in town to search for another quest with a higher pay when the guard continued his words.

“Actually, there has been sighting of a bear loitering about around here. Can I trouble you again by confirming it? And if it’s true, I want you to eliminate it if possible.”


Do you want to accept the quest?



““A chain quest!!!””

Geeves and Rice’s mind were in sync.

To trigger another quest after finishing a quest is what a chain quest is.

Chain quests usually have some kind of story in it. That’s why it was explainable as to why the both of them were surprised to be able to activate a chain quest with only monster extermination.

“C-calm down Geeves, this might end after this one so it’s too early to make an assumption.”
“Either way, we have to try!”

The two accepted the quest hoping something good will happen in the end.

This time, they were asked to find [Young Bear] in the [Pliht Forest] that is a few minutes’ walk north of the village, on the quest that labeled [Monster Extermination II].

The rewards this time were 10 Silvers. And if the [Young Bear] is to be eliminated, the reward will be more, or so they were told. Quite the escalation from the 2 Silvers before with the slimes.

Just goes to show how dangerous this quest might be for them.

Though they had both acquired the skill [Bash] after leveling up to 5 as well as [Punch] and [Kick] from repetitive action, since they know nothing about the enemy, they can’t help but be nervous about it.

Also, [Wolves] is different from slimes in many ways. First of all, its appearance, the slimes actually look cute with their jelly-like substance that kept wriggling so it wasn’t that hard to confront it. [Wolves] however, look like actual wolves. Vicious, strong, and fierce. The way they growl deeply and their stares that overflows with killing intent, it’s not surprising one would get scared just looking at them.

But there are times where you must face your own fear for the sake of something. Be it for your loved ones, your family, your friends, your pride, your goal, or in their case…money.

“Alright, let’s restock our potions first before hunting.”

“Can’t wait for it! For the sake of making more money!”

Finished buying potions, the two of them went to find the [Young Bear].

“It’s all good and all but…how the hell are we supposed to find a bear…wait, do bears even appear here?”

Not even five minutes after they sent off, Geeves was already complaining.

It’s true though, in the [Pliht Forest], the only monsters supposedly found are plant-like monsters that can’t move as well as slimes and is actually a forest that is more popular from the many herbs you can harvest here. This is why the villagers can safely walk in and out to get the herbs needed.

Until some claim of a bear residing in it. They had of course asked the village guards to take care of it, however, every time they sent out, they can never find them so the bear sighting was deemed as nothing but a rumor.

However, the villagers that claimed to see them was still uneasy on entering the forest again, as a result, the village’s stock of herbs was declining.

Also, the [Pliht Forest] has a neighboring forest called the [Sleolst Forest] where Lucas and his party entered from the north gate walking east. After discovering the Lvl 60 boss [Blood Werewolf], Lucas kept running and running that he didn’t notice he had already entered a different forest and fell.

“Well, you’re the one who said that it won’t hurt to try so shut up and look around.”


Walking for another 10 minutes, they finally saw an anomaly.

A tree in front of them has a branch broken away, looking more closely, there’s a slight footmark that resembled a bear beneath it as well as claw marks on the broken branch.

“Looks like it’s real.”

“Yeah, be on your guard.”

The two switched to serious mode and drew their [Beginner’s Dagger].

After walking for a while, just when Geeves was about to get bored again, Rice felt something. TO be precise, he heard something.

“Haaah, there’s still no sign of mgh-!?”

“Shhh! I can hear something…”

Because Geeves was too noisy, Rice forced his hand on Geeves’ mouth to shut him up and closed his eyes to focus and search the sound he heard.



“Wha- hey, wait for me!”

Having located the direction of the sound, Rice immediately ran towards it ignoring Geeves as he can’t lose this chance.

Finally reaching a small clearing in the forest, there, a bear was resting in the middle of it. And the sound he heard came from none other than the bear’s breathing.

“Hey! I said wait up!”

“You idiot! Do you have to shout!?”

A large shadow covered them, when they look up, the bear had already stood.

The bear had a size thrice that from an average male’s height, shiny black fur, bulky limbs that seemed fat yet firm as well.

Geeves’ and Rice’s face twitched as they look up.

“H-heeyyy….l-l-let’s t-talk about this yeah?”

Geeves tried to talk it out.

Needless to say, the bear didn’t respond, instead, it raised its humongous arm overhead and glared at the two of them.



The arm swung down towards the two and repelled them by roughly three meters back while leaving a dust cloud behind.

“D-damn, no choice for it. Geeves, let’s bolt!”

“T-tch! Fine!”

Since the blow from before just reduced both their HPs by 70% due to the STR difference, DEF difference, and having beginner armor, they had left with no choice but to run and think of a strategy.

Author's Notes

Well......finally finished this chapter despite all the schoolwork -_-

Lucas' story has ended.......well actually it's gonna continue in volume 2 :P

Since a volume will consist of 10 chapters, I placed another story with a different character. Needless to say that this will all be important to the future as preparation for when they finally meet up and journeyed together.

Is that a spoiler? NO, I don't think it is -3- I think it's already plenty obvious that they will definitely meet up as they were Lucas' classmates so it is inevitable. When this will happen is a secret! Hahahaha :P

Lucas' classmates, Gavin and Kanin aka Geeves and Rice!

Well, there's nothing really much to say about it. Also, if any of you forgot, the bear they faced here is actually the bear that they faced in chapter 2 I think? Where the hole in the cave closed up.

Anyway, some of you guys might be wondering if I forgot the Gildas Quest of Lucas but I did not! The story will of course be continued in Volume 2 wherein the second heroine will finally show!!!

In the meantime, enjoy Geeves and Rice's adventure for another chapter :p

PS: Just added an illustration in Chapter 4 :3 actually forgot that he wasn't supposed to be topless so I changed the paragraphs around it abit :p (too lazy to redraw -_-''')

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