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FanFic Title: Realm Eternal
Chapter 0: Prologue
Author: NBosega
Date Published: December 4th, 2014

Realm Eternal

Meet Nabi Elrick ; betrayed by the woman he loves, and blinded by anger he acts rashly and it nearly costs him everything. Nabi Elrick’s actions have drastic consequences and he looses the prestige of his occupation and he sinks into an epic slump; a Deep depression. Fortunately the Alternate Reality Simulation Realm Eternal rouses him from his melancholic abyss.

Nabi Elrick sees an opportunity to Begin Again.

Inspired by; Mushoku Tensei, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, Daybreak on Hyperion, Log Horizon and Only Sense Online. I unashamedly draw some elements from my favourite light novels in writing this FanFic.

- - -
Chapter 0


VRMMORPG – Virtual Reality Massive Multi-player Online Role-Player Game; a Revolution that spread through the modern digital culture and imbedded it’s self in the consciousness of every person with a digital communication device.

It began with 3D movies which created interest in 3D TV’s which in turn created interest in 3D Goggles / Glasses and 3D Helmets. A research paper from the London School of Economics espousing the potential future benefits to Public Education caught the interest of the UN Secretary General; It is at this point that Governments became actively involved.

Failing to garner support at the UN the Secretary General gave a proposal to the G20 Governments at their summit for a Consortium to investigate the potential benefits of 3D Technology & Virtual Reality. The G20 Governments Agreed to each Contribute $225 million (USD) Biannually for 6 years and to jointly own the patent rights to any resulting technologies under the Advent Consortium.

With $4.2Billion invested 2 Universities from each of the G20 were chosen to conduct the Research & Development for the Advent Consortium. After 5 years of R&D the Advent Consortium produced a number of breakthrough technologies but the major ones were the 2 types of Virtual Reality Capsules and the Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality Engine ( 【AIVRE】)

It was determined that even though further miniaturization was possible the Capsule Pod was indispensable in creating the sensory deprivation necessary for Full Immersion. Capsule Pods had the size for the system to be built robust and with multiple layers of redundancy. Thanks to the Capsule Pod size other systems including healthcare systems could be included.

The 2 types of Virtual Reality Capsules:

 The first type of Virtual Reality Capsule is the Hypnotic Induction Full Immersion Capsule Pod. Named; 【Hipno Pod】

• Puts the individual into a Hypnotic state that allows Full Immersion into a Digitally constructed Virtual Reality
• Entry and Exit of the Virtual Reality Construct is Quick since the Individual remains Conscious
• Max time compression is 3 times Normal
• Minimum sleep requirement is 4 hours a day to prevent mental fatigue

 The second type of Virtual Reality Capsule is the Hypnotic REM-Sleep Induction Full Immersion Capsule Pod. Named; 【REM-Sleep Pod】

• Puts the individual into a Hypnotic REM-Sleep state that allows Full Immersion into a Digitally constructed Virtual Reality
• VR Entry takes 10 to 15 minutes and Exit of the Virtual Reality Construct takes 20 – 30 minutes since the Individual is in Deep REM-Sleep
• Max time compression is 5 times Normal
• No sleep requirement since the User is actually sleeping.

Designed to be temper proof each 【AIVRE】 consisted of a Minimum of 10000 Desktop size 15 Teraflop Computer with 10 Terabytes Read Only Memory. AIVRE was designed to be installed in any building of sufficient size and cooling Systems. The Size and number of external storage memory Drives would be left to the owner.

The US and 3 others demanded that Production & Commercialization of Technologies be handed over to the private sector but those demands fell on deaf ears since the G20 Governments all had an equal stake in the Advent Consortium. With a $15Billion Loan from the other G20 Governments already secured the US and the 3 others Reluctantly offered a further $4Billion in cheap loans to the Advent Consortium.

The G20 Governments Agreed to establish Self-sufficient 3D Printing Factories in each of the G20 countries capable of producing 400 Capsule Pods a day; all work-share would be distributed equally; giving a maximum Daly capacity of 8000 Capsule Pods. The 20 Factories would share the production work of every Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality Engine (【AIVRE】).

Initially each 【AIVRE】 had a production cost of over $200million, but with every G20 Nation compelled to purchase 5 【AIVRE】 units economics of Scale brought the cost down to $125million. As expected the First customers were the G20 Governments themselves but the other Governments quickly placed orders

Each 【AIVRE】 order had to include an additional order of 10000 Hipno Pods or REM-Sleep Pods. Governments bought an equal amount of Hipno Pods and REM-Sleep Pods, but from initial private sector testing the Hipno Pod was a clear winner with over 95% of initial private sector orders.

The Hipno Pods had an initial production cost of $5000 eventualy moderating to $2000 and REM-Sleep Pods had an initial production cost of $8000 eventualy moderating to $5000 due to economics of Scale.

The emergence of the Advent Consortium VR technologies created waves in the Entertainment Industry and Media & Tourism Conglomerates swiftly swallowed the top 50 Gaming Corporations through Mergers, Take-Over and Acquisitions. Using the Advent Consortium VR systems platforms provided for testing and exposure work began on all manner of Virtual Reality Constructs and Games.

By running the Factories 24 hours a day rather than the intended 8 hours a day Advent Consortium was able to more than quadruple Pod production to 35000 Capsule Pods a day; thus by the end of the first year they had produced over 12Million Capsule Pods. The Advent Consortium selling price was fixed at cost + 15%.

The Boom in VR Tourism was soon eclipsed by the Boom in VRMMORPG; the age of Adventuring had returned.

It took about a year for the Major Corporations to produce their first true VRMMORPG and within the space of a month 40 Hipno Pods platform Games went into Open Beta testing lasting from 2 - 6 weeks. Since the Pod isn’t tied to a specific Game system users were free to test every available compatible Game.

After Beta testing was completed 10 Clear winners emerged and they gained 80% of the VR Gaming market with their subscription service. The losers of the competition of the VR games would soon be sold and Absorbed into the Larger Corporations. 2 of the winning games were based in China since Information Censorship Restrictions removed their competitors.

Almost unnoticed 25 small regional Gaming Companies who had been left out in the cold during the first round of Corporate Mergers opted to form The Phoenix Consortium and Developed a Simulation built exclusively for the REM-Sleep Pods Platform; offering a Free to Play Model with an Item Mall. The Phoenix Consortium expanded to include over 400 Online businesses and retailers.

The selling point to Online businesses and retailers was that all initial Consumable NPC produced Items would be Identical to real world products produced by partner companies in look taste and feel. NPC produced Clothing and Armour would include partner branding and Logos.

Through this the Phoenix Consortium received $570Million in Funding to Develop the VR Simulation and purchase 3 【AIVRE】; 1 to handle North and South America, 1 For Asia & Australasia and 1 for Europe & Africa. A month after the Competition of VR Games was conclusively decided the stage was set for the Dark horse to enter.

2 months before Phoenix Consortium VR Simulation【Realm Eternal】 went into Open Beta Phoenix Consortium concluded a Deal with the Advent Consortium; the Advent Consortium would sell 350000 REM-Sleep Pods to the Phoenix Consortium at Half-Price ($2875) and Phoenix Consortium would offer the REM-Sleep Pods to its Beta testers at $1500.

The Advent Consortium would provide a 10 year loan to Phoenix Consortium to purchase the 350000 REM-Sleep Pods. Phoenix Consortium gets 350000 Users and Advent Consortium gets to promote a product that had initially been suffering in sales; both parties take a loss but guarantee a successful launch of their respective products with a shared risk.

Until this point in time the largest customers for the REM-Sleep Pods were the militaries of the world with sales totalling 1.5 million REM-Sleep Pods and another 2 million on the order books. Defence officials valued the fact that there was less mental fatigue over the convenience of being able to quickly log in and out of the Virtual Reality Construct.

Nevertheless the defence sector was a relatively small sector for sustainable production and improvement of the REM-Sleep Pods. But because of strategic military interests the owners of the Advent Consortium would not allow the cancellation of the REM-Sleep Pod program. Thus the Deal the Advent Consortium signed with the Phoenix Consortium was the best hope for the future of REM-Sleep Pods.

With this deal with the Phoenix Consortium the Advent Consortium could now include REM-Sleep Pods in the Factory capacity doubling project. The Advent Consortium had been reinvesting profits in Factory production capacity expansion and the Global production capacity would soon double to 70000 Capsule Pods a day.

While Deals were being made in the background Gamers all over the world were waiting in anticipation for Realm Eternal. While most gamers had firmly committed to one of the top ten Hipno Pod VR games some were waiting for the only REM-Sleep Pod game; Realm Eternal. Granted this was a minority of Gamers but the rumours about the environments of Realm Eternal were tempting & it is Free to Play on top of that.

Over the past 3 months the Phoenix Consortium released several short 20 to 40 minute videos as part of a series of 10 videos detailing the background story to Realm Eternal. The videos are part of the marketing campaign designed to create hype around the start of Realm Eternal. The videos tell the story of Ragnarök; the fall of Asgard.

『First Video』:

The video shows Loki murdering Baldr and blaming the killing of the youngest Prince of Asgard on the 《Gaal》 ( Eagle Humanoids; Head of an eagle, body of a human, eagle wings on their back and the feet of an eagle ) by stabbing him with a Mana infused Gall ceremonial knife. Loki then cuts off his head and puts it atop a spear that is planted on the ground. The scene takes place on the planet Ecobar on the outskirts of a village whose people had been slaughtered earlier.

Ecobar is shown to be a planet close to the border with the Gaal but firmly within the area of space controlled and protected by Asgard.

『Second Video』:

Asgardians are Revealed to come in Red, White, Blue, Green, Golden (Extremely Rare), Black and Brown Skin Colours and they have the physical features of all races of Humans according to clans. Asgard is revealed to be a Continent floating it space; the original home of a mysterious race the Asgardians call the Ancients. Apparently the Ancients created Asgard using Extremely advanced Magic.

A figure of Loki writing in the castle courtyard can be seen; he’s been there the whole day, and for five Days he’s been coming there to write and prepare his magic scrolls. However that day a messenger arrives with word of Baldr’s Death the day before. Somehow Loki managed to be in two places at once; in the eyes of everyone in the Castle he’s not involved.

News of the Death of the Prince of Asgard Hits the King & Queen hard; the country descends into deep sadness over the loss of the Beloved Prince of smiles.

『Third Video』:

In the throne room Odin (King of Asgard) orders Thor (First Prince of Asgard) to Raise an Army and hunt down the killers of Baldr wherever they may be. Thor Vows to hunt down all those responsible for Baldr’s death.

Asgardians can be seen signing up to be part of Thor’s Volunteer Army; Hundreds, then Thousands and then even Hundreds of thousands of men and woman join Thor’s Volunteer Army. Seeing the size of Thor’s Volunteer Army Odin grants Thor command of Asgard’s First & Fifth Armoured Cavalry. 2 of Asgard’s 5 Elite Armoured BattleMage Cavalry will lead the war against the Gaal.

Asgard’s 5 Elite Armoured BattleMage Cavalries are Equipped with Armour and weapons made from Uru . The metal Uru is a product of Alchemy through Higher Matter Conversion Synthesis of 10 units of Mithril to produce 1 unit of Uru. Though Uru doesn’t have the Highest density it has the Highest Magical properties of any metal making it the best for magic wielders.

Asgard’s Armoury is Unlocked and Thor’s Volunteer Army is equipped with Uru weapons and Mithril & Black Steel Armours.

The 1000 strong Starships of the Asgard Fleet can be seen leaving Asgard. The Magic Sigel covered hulls of each submarine like ship is made from an alloy of steel, Mithril and Uru.

『Fourth Video』:

With the Gaal fleet engaged in battle with the Asgard fleet the Bifröst Portal opens on the outskirts of the Gaal border Capital, and then Asgard’s First Armoured BattleMage Cavalry lead by Thor pours out of the Bifröst Portal. Warriors of Asgard’s First Armoured BattleMage Cavalry use their Uru weapons to clear the area by defeating all Gaal in the vicinity; thus establishing a Beachhead.

Every member of Asgard’s 20 thousand strong First Armoured BattleMage Cavalry then reaches into their Magic Inventory Bag and takes out a 2.5m Diameter Teleport Platform. As soon as the Teleport Platforms are Deployed beams of light begin to come out of the Bifröst Portal and connect with the Teleport Platforms instantaneously teleporting 14 soldiers to every Teleport Platform.

The 280000 soldiers that just Teleported in immediately Equip their Longbows and begin a ranged attack of Gaal Instillations with Magic Sigils covered Rune magic Arrows. The Magic Longbows have a range in the Hundreds of Kilometres depending on the Mana capacity of the user but all the Arrows have Anti-Barrier & Anti-ward Runes and Explosive impact Elemental Magic Runes.

Millions of arrows erase entire Gaal cities in an instant. On another planet Asgard’s Fifth Armoured BattleMage Cavalry leads another 280000 soldiers to the same effect on that planet. In one day the strategy is carried out on 14 Gaal planets. Thor’s Army withdraws back to the staging planet before the Gaal can mount a Defence or counterattack.

It’s not conquest, it’s a Raid; Designed to inflict maximum casualty on the Gaal while minimizing Asgard’s Casualties. In one day the entire Gaal Border collapsed leaving them no choice but to withdraw deeper into their territory were they can mount a defence.

『Fifth Video』:

Loki informs his allies’ 《Surtur》 & 《Hrym》 that Asgard only has 110000 soldiers to defend it against surprise attacks. Hrym informs Loki that the Jötunn Fleet lead by the warship Naglfar is already en-route to Asgard.

Loki poisons Heimdall preventing him from blowing his mighty horn Gjöll. Loki then uses the Bifröst to open a portal to 《Jotunheim》 allowing a 200000 strong Jötunn Army to come through to Asgard. Loki uses teleport Magic to Teleport the Giant winter wolf 《Fenrir》 from its prison through the Bifröst Portal into the centre of the Asgard capital Valhalla.

Loki uses the same process as with Fenrir to Teleport the Colossal serpent 《Jörmungandr》 (the Midgard Serpent.) into the Asgard Capital. Jörmungandr is said to be the product of the rape of a Half-Elf princess of a prominent Midgard kingdom by the Dragon King Surtur, and after a week of pregnancy Jörmungandr killed and consumed his/her mother as it was born; by consuming hundreds of thousands of humans it grew into the Colossal serpent known as the Midgard Serpent.

The Nine Head Hydra 《Garmr》 (described here as the "worst of monsters") was also summoned from his bonds in front of Gnipahellir, and once Garmr arrived he began to eat hundreds of Asgardians forcing the legendary BattleMage Týr to engage him in battle.

Once Dragon King Surtur and his 250000 strong Demon army were Teleported through the Bifröst Portal into Asgard Loki destroyed the Bifröst generator to prevent Thor’s Army from returning to Asgard. Red dragons covered the Sky setting everything Ablaze while Fenrir froze the ground.

All Asgard Ships immediately abandon their positions and open Hyperspace Portals and began to return to Asgard at maximum speed. Sensing a weakness in Asgard the Gaal ships pursue the Asgard Ships back to Asgard.

『Sixth Video』:

Surtur & the other Red Dragons Cover the ground in fire, causing everything to burn. Odin’s First wife Freya uses her holy Sword 《Skirnir》 to confront Surtur while Freya’s Valkyries do battle with the rest of the Red Dragons.

When Odin realizes that Loki destroyed the Bifröst generator he finally understands that it was Loki who killed Baldr, and that all the Chaos before him has been organized by none other than Loki, and then to make things even more dire Thor’s Army is cut-off from Asgard. Odin understands that he has no choice but to use the power of the King of Asgard.

Using the Authority of the King of Asgard Odin uses the Sacred Spear 《Gungnir》 (Also known as the Spear of Destiny) to reach out to the First 《Tesseract》. It can be seen that Yggdrasil is made through 10 Tesseracts; 9 Tesseracts arranged around the First Tesseract, and through the Tesseracts pathways to every Habitable World in the Galaxy are open and sustained by the Mana energy generated by the Tesseracts.

The Tesseract is a Zero Point Mana Generator; an Artefact of the Ancients. Yggdrasil was built by the Ancients, and Asgard is the heart of Yggdrasil as it served as the home of the Ancients. Odin uses the Mana from the First Tesseract to activate the Royal Crest Sigils on the equipment of the Members of Thor’s Army to Teleport them through the First Tesseract to Asgard along with any other Asgardians currently on a connected planet.

The arrival of Thor’s Army turned the situation into a Chaotic Battle. Thor uses his Magical Hammer 《Mjolnir》 to battle the Midgard Serpent Jörmungandr.

Odin is weakened by the use of the Authority of the King of Asgard to teleport Thor’s Army leaving him unable to hold back Fenrir’s power.

Fenrir swallows Odin causing his Second wife Frigga her second great sorrow (the first being the death of her son, the prince Baldr). However Frigga continues to Battle Loki until shi kills him.

Thor kills Jörmungandr, yet is poisoned by the serpent, and manages to walk nine steps before falling to the ground dead.

After Fenrir swallows Odin the Spear Gungnir falls to the ground and when Thor dies Odin’s second son 《Víðarr》 inherits the Spear Gungnir. Empowered by the Sacred Spear 《Gungnir》 Víðarr kicks his foot into Fenrir's lower jaw, grips Fenrir's upper jaw, and rips apart Fenrir's mouth, killing Fenrir.

The Asgard Fleet arrived above the skies of Asgard and began attacking the 《Jötunn》 Fleet, the Dragons and other Large Magical monsters. But then the Gaal fleet also emerged from Hyperspace bringing with them their Giant Starship; the Gaal Flagship. Another great battle erupted in the skies above Asgard.

Trying to deliver a finishing blow to Asgard the Gaal Flagship fired on the Asgard Capital Valhalla, but Asgard’s shield Barrier held off the immense power of the Gaal Flagship’s weapons. The Gaal were surprised that Asgard’s Shield were holding even at the force of a 《Tesseract》 powered Gaal Flagship. Clearly the Gaal had not known that there was another 《Tesseract》 on Asgard.

The Gaal Flagship continued to fire its weapons and the Asgard’s Shield continued to defend. A cardinal rule of the Ancients was being broken; 《Tesseracts must not be used in close proximity to each other》.

The High mages of Asgard recognize that the Gaal Flagship is powered by a Tesseract and Activated 《The Beacon of Ado》; a 《Ragnarök》 contingency.

The energy Discharge of 2 Tesseracts in opposition to each other created a massive Mana Energy build up eventualy creating Mana explosion on the scale of the Supernova of a giant Star.

Everything in the Star system was Vaporized, but that was only the beginning; the Explosion created an Implosion that fused the 2 Tesseracts with Yggdrasil creating a Mana Chain-Reaction that fused the other 9 Tesseracts with Yggdrasil, thus Transforming Yggdrasil into a Zero Point Mana Generator connected to every Habitable World in the Galaxy.

The Mana Chain-Reaction through Yggdrasil releases astronomical amounts of Mana into every Habitable World in the Galaxy. This is the 『large scale Mana Catastrophe』 that would later be called the 《Mana Metastasis》. The Mana Metastasis event introduces 1000 times the normal ambient Mana into every Habitable World in the Galaxy.

Before the Mana dissipates into space it is absorbed by the life on the planets; All living things instantly become a hundred times larger; plants animals trees. The massive Mana output activated Teleportation platforms, and then people and monsters are teleported throughout the Galaxy. Humanoids outside of Magic Barriers in Cities are transformed into Giants losing all reason and memories. Once the Mana wave passes Magic Barriers in Cities collapse due to the strain and the waves of Giant monsters attack the Cities, towns and Villages.

Yggdrasil’s Mana output into every Habitable World in the Galaxy stabilizes at 10 times the normal Ambient Mana of Habitable Worlds.

『Seventh Video』:

The Beacon of Ado is a Ragnarök contingency sent to every Asgard Ship and territory in the event of the imminent destruction of Asgard.

Five Asgard warships who due to the damages received during the campaign against the Gaal were slow in arriving with the rest of the fleet received the Beacon of Ado. The Beacon of Ado directed the ships to save as many survivors as they could and then follow the signal to Planet Ado; the final refuge for all Asgardians.

The scale of the devastation on the Asgard Allied Worlds was beyond Imagination billions had been either transformed into violent monsters or killed by monsters and survivors everywhere were calling out for help. The entire Galaxy was in Flames.

The ships rendezvoused with surviving Asgard Merchant & Cargo ships then went to Vanaheim, Alfheim, Nidavellir, Svartalfheim and then Midgard saving as many as they could then followed the signal to Planet Ado.

In the end they could only save 7458:

Asgardians = 272
Vanaheim = 56
Alfheim = 1685
Nidavellir = 1379
Svartalfheim = 352
Midgard = 3714

『Eighth Video』:

When the Refugee ships arrived in orbit around Ado an Energy force guided them into the Atmosphere and through a Magic Barrier landing them safely on a hidden Floating continent.

They were met by 5 Asgardian High Mages; their leader Gandor the Great spoke for them.

Gandor : " Welcome to the Asgard Planet Ado; the last vestige of civilization in the Arello Galaxy! We are the Guardians of Ado! I am Gandor! The protection of Ado has been the responsibility of the High Mages of Asgard since its discovery by King Rune ; the Golden Skin fourth King of Asgard ; a descendent of the High Elves. We believe that Asgardians were created by combining Human, Dwarf, Elf and the Blood of the Ancients to create a Guardian race that would watch over the Galaxy"

The people gathered express shock at Gandor’s statement. However they can’t question the validity of the High Mage’s since they know that Asgardian High Mages are amongst the most long lived and knowledgeable individuals in the Galaxy; the depth of their knowledge is only rivalled by the long lived Elf-Dragons.

Gandor : " It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise given the correlation between Elf Clans and Asgardian Clans; they have the same skin colours. The strength and Durability of a Dwarf, the magic of the Elf, the vitality of the Humans and the Longevity of the Ancients gives you the Asgardian. As for the Ancients, there’s really only one candidate for who they could be!” the crowd goes silent in anticipation “They can only be the only real Myth of this Galaxy!" they seem to wait with abated breath “It can only be the Black Dragons!”

The mouths of the adults are agape, and only the children seem to murmur. The shock is so severe that the adults forget to breathe. Once they recover they begin to ask questions; mostly referring to the White & Red Dragons.

Gandor : " White & Red Dragons are not pure Dragons otherwise they would be genetically incompatible with Humans and Elves. In all likelihood the White & Red Dragons are a failed attempt by the ancients to create a Guardian race. Black Dragons of myth are said to be more than twice the size of White & Red Dragons, and the Black Dragons are said to have high affinity with all known types of Magic. Asgardian analysis of White & Red Dragons indicates that they correlate with White & Red Elves. Thus we believe that the Ancient Black Dragons dropped their blood into the wombs of pregnant White & Red Elves which produced the first White & Red Dragons, and once they were born the Ancients took them and sought to train and teach them the ways of the wise dragons, but over time new generations of White & Red Dragons grew arrogant and spiteful seeing the Humans, Dwarves and Elves as lesser beings. Legend says that the Ancients who ruled the heavens cast down the White & Red Dragons to the ground. Legend says that when the Black Dragons deemed the life in the Galaxy ready they split the Heavens and all of them left. White & Red Dragons can’t fly in space but by all accounts the legendary Black Dragons were able to move through space without the need for ships! Splitting the Heavens seems similar to opening a Hyperspace Portal”

The group seem to have been convinced by Gandor’s reasoning and ask no further questions. Seeing this Gandor decides to move the conversation along.

Gandor : " Our analysis indicates that Ado is where the Ancients landed when they came to this Galaxy! This is evidenced by the Tesseract that powers the Barrier that shields and suspends this continent in the Atmosphere of this planet. The continent itself is 4.2 times the size of Old Asgard and we don’t understand the magic by which it’s held together and suspended in the Atmosphere, and the Tesseract powering it is inaccessible; sealed in a chamber protected by an impenetrable barrier. Ancient warnings about the Tesseracts indicate that they left only 12 Tesseracts in the Arello Galaxy. By proclamation of King Rune if Asgard is Destroyed this Continent is to be Named Asgard. Our analysis indicates that the Ancients attached magic Rune Sigils to asteroids and then brought the asteroids together to form this continent, and as such the dimensions of this continent are a nearly exact Pentagon of 1.5km depth at the edges and 1.2km depth at the centre. The magic of this place makes it impossible to dig more than 2 metres; it’s as if you reach an impenetrable magic barrier at 2 metres; any construction materials would have to be brought here. If we are all that remains of the noble races of the Galaxy then our first objective must be to increase our numbers!"

There is some murmur as the groups unconsciously begin to count the numbers of the members of their own particular races.

Gandor : " It seems that there are 1751 children below the age of 13; older children would have died in the battle for survival. There seems to be 9 times more women than men, and there are only 5 Asgardian women. It seems unavoidable that the Asgardian race will go extinct! It can’t be helped; we can create a new race by all of us working together; a new race that will reclaim the Galaxy! To that End I want all the children to separate and move to my Left, all the men separate and move to my Right and all the women to remain in the centre!"

Despite initial hesitation the over seven thousand strong group begins to separate as instructed by Gandor.

Gandor : " I want the women to choose from the men a Husband!" there is some surprise but most seem to have expected this outcome “Please note that there can only be a maximum of 10 women to each man! And if the man already has a wife here only 9 can be added”

The women suddenly throw away their hesitation and inhibition and rush towards the Elven men. Once the Elven men are all taken up the women fill the spots around the Asgardian men, then the Dwarf men and lastly the Human men.

Gandor : " Ahhh!"

The High Mage Gandor and the other Guardians of Ado are surprised to each find 10 women around them.

The High Mage Gandor then takes out a large rock from his magic inventory bag.

Gandor : " This is an 『Artos』 stone; it is an artefact of the Ancients, and only three were ever found! An Artos stone was used by the Ancients during their marriage ceremonies; it is binding magic of the highest order, but it boosts the fertility, stamina and vitality of those who are joined through marriage!"

Looking at the stone.

Gandor and the other High Mages begin to chant as they channel a tremendous amount of Mana from the Tesseract into the Artos Stone; the stone activate and vanishes in light and then Rune covered rings appear on the left hand ring fingers of all the men and women. Each of the male corresponds to only his wives and the rings of the women only correspond to their Husband.

Gandor : " The Artos Stone fragments are inside all of us and the rings are a Mana manifestation! Unfortunately the Artos Stone permanently binds the heart in what amounts to an incurable love spell resulting in absolute loyalty and fidelity; thus any attempts at infidelity results in excruciating pain. Fortunately the Artos Stone allows the spouse access to the skills and talents of their spouse. Let us work together to rebuild our civilization!"

The children join their respective families.

- - -

Resources are harvested from the planet Ado and homes & fields are built with use of Earth Magic.

As time passes children are born; lots of children. It appears all the women get pregnant on average every 2 years due to the effects of the Artos Stone. Even the Dwarves and the Elves who usually have low fertility have children at the same rate.

A city develops near the lake at the centre of the continent; the City is named 【Daybreak】. A new race of people is born; they are the descendents of all the races but have pronounced Asgardian and Elven features. The new race begins to call itself 《Alvs》. The new Alv Race has Elf ears that are like human & Dwarf but pointy at the top, Magical Affinity & Proficiency correspond to that of the Elves as it relates to skin colour.

The Birth of the Alv Race creates a separation as the Elves, Dwarves and the Humans do not wish to be absorbed by the Alvs. Four new cities are built by each race as a square with the city of Daybreak at the centre. The Alvs construct the City 《Haven》, the Elves construct the City 《Avalon》, Dwarves construct the City 《Nidavellir》 and the Humans construct the City 《Olympus》.

Seven hundred years pass and the Five Cities grow to be magnificent.

『Ninth Video』:

Nine hundred years after the fall of Asgard recorded in the tales as Ragnarök Ruins of the Ancients were discovered on the surface of Planet Ado. Found at the heart of a great forest the Ruins are protected by Enchantments and Rune Magic; thus for over a hundred metres around the ruins the plants and trees are edible but no monster can enter.

After deciphering the text on the Ruins it was discovered that there is an Ancient Cave on Midgard containing the 《Eldar》 Stone. The Eldar Stones come in pairs and form a link across vast Interstellar distances. The Eldar Stone’s magic makes it indestructible.

An Expedition is formed and the five surviving Asgardian ships set of to Midgard with 2000 warriors. Once on Midgard the warriors fight their way through hordes of monsters and arrive at the Ancient Cave containing the Eldar Stone; yet Another site of the Ancients buried deep inside a mountain and protected by Enchantments and Rune Magic.

The Expedition locates the Eldar Stone which is 25m high and 10m wide. The Ancient writings on the walls of the cave reveal that the Eldar Stone is a pathway of the Body, the Mind and the Soul. The Ancient writings on the walls of the cave also reveal that that particular Eldar Stone connects to the Original Home of the Human Race; a Planet called Earth. There is an Eldar Stone at the bottom of Earth’s Ocean.

The Expedition transports the Eldar Stone to Ado, and after some examination it is decided to place the Eldar Stone on a platform at the Ruins of the Ancients on the surface of Planet Ado. Once the Eldar Stone is placed on the platform it reacts; confirming that it is meant to rest on that platform as it is similar to the one on Midgard.

After some study the Council of Elders of the Asgard Continent authorized initial testing. The most skilled mages of the Asgard Continent gathered around the Eldar Stone and upon injecting the Eldar Stone with Mana it activated and after a moment began glowing. From the light emerged young people from Earth; all of them seemed to be teenagers.

The Eldar Stone had apparently Teleported 2 fifteen year old men and 2 fifteen year old women from every village on Earth to Ado. 17000 people had been brought to Ado (from the time period 2000BC). However only about 35% of those transported could be classified as Human. Through the use of Appraisal Magic it was determined that the other 65% had been wearing animal skins and the DNA of the animals was fused into them by the Teleport magic of the Eldar Stone.

Thus the 《Beast Human Races》 were born.

 The Beast Human Races consisted of:

 《Foxtails》 :

• Born from those who had been wearing Fox Skins.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, Fox Ears, 1 to 3 Fox tails, Fox teeth and Fox claws on nails.

 《Wolf-fang》:

• Born from those who had been wearing Wolf, wild Dogs, Coyotes and Dingoes Skins.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, Wolf Ears, Wolf tail, Wolf teeth and Wolf claws on nails.

 《Horned-Folk》:

• Born from those who had been wearing Skins of all manner of horned animals like ox, buffalo, dear, rhino etc.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, a Horn on the forehead or 2 on the side of the head or both, a tail and a thick skin.

 《Mer-Folk》 :

• Born from those who had been wearing Skins of all manner of aquatic animals.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, gills on the back, webbed hands and feet, Shark teeth and a tail like the bard of a sting ray.

 《Winged-Folk 》:

• Born from those who had been wearing clothes made from feathers & Skins of all manner of Bird species.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, Wings on the back that start small and grow larger over time, Talons on the feet and eyes of the Eagle.

 《Raptors》 :

• Born from those who had been wearing Skins of all manner of Reptilian species.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, Thick Reptilian skin, Reptilian Eyes, Reptilian Tail, Reptilian Teeth and Reptilian Claws on nails.

 《Ape-man》 :

• Born from those who had been wearing Ape Skins.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, slightly longer Ape Arms, Ape Feet, Ape Tail, Ape Teeth and Ape Ears.

 《Rabbit-Ears》 :

• Born from those who had been wearing Rabbit Skins.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, Rabbit Tail and Rabbit Ears.

 《Cat-Ears》 :

• Born from those who had been wearing Skins of all manner of Cat species.
• Basic Characteristics are; a Human face, Cat Ears, Cat tail, Cat teeth and Cat claws on nails.

It was discovered that all those from Earth had a 《Soul Power 》 (SP) of 1. The Soul Power factor determines the rate of Mana Regeneration. The Soul Power is something one is born with as a genetic heritage and cannot be changed. Humans of Midgard have an SP of 100 to 150, Dwarves have an SP of 200 to 370, Elves have an SP of 400 to 750 and Alvs have an SP of over 1000. Elf-Dragons also have an SP of over 1000.

Asgardians had an SP of over 2500, and Odin had an SP of over 8000. Red & White Dragons also have an SP of over 2500.

This particular discovery lead to the Humans of Midgard referring themselves as the Midgard Human drawing a clear distinction between themselves and the Earth Human. Thus the 《Midgard Race》 was born. The difference in SP between Midgard Human and the Earth Human meant that any offspring from a union would have SP of 1; the same applies for any offspring from a union of Earth Human and Dwarf, Elf and Alv.

Immediately the Council of Elders of the Asgard Continent authorized the construction of a city named 《Camelot》 for the newcomers at the Ruins of the Ancients on the surface of Planet Ado. Around the city Camelot 10 villages were built; one for the Humans of Earth, one for the Foxtails of Earth, one for the Wolf-fang of Earth, one for the Horned-Folk of Earth, one for the Mer-Folk of Earth, one for the Winged-Folk of Earth, one for the Raptors of Earth, one for the Ape-man of Earth, one for the Rabbit-Ears of Earth and one for the Cat-Ears of Earth.

Over time the Earth Humans and Human beast races prospered making full use of abundant resources. The Council of Elders of the Asgard Continent had thought them weak because of their inherent SP of 1, but the humans of Earth showed that they too had the Courage of the human heart. They formed hunting parties of 6 to 8 and hunted monsters that were far beyond their individual abilities; adventuring into the unknown.

The Council of Elders of the Asgard Continent decided that they could use the Earth humans to repopulate the Arello Galaxy. The Council of Elders of the Asgard Continent used the Eldar Stone to summon Humans from earth once every 500 years. The Humans grow in number and begin to move out of the territory controlled by the Council of Elders of the Asgard Continent to establish their own kingdoms and nations.
After 2500 years the mages of the Asgard Continental Republic learned to use the Eldar Stone’s pathway of the Mind to Earth and use Psionic Magic to connect to Minds of people on Earth.

『Tenth Video』:

It’s been over 4900 years since Ragnarök and the Asgard Continental Republic has become prosperous. The city of Camelot is on 《Grandeur》; the largest Continent on Ado. The Grandeur Continent has a Size Equal to all the land masses of Earth, and there are 16 other Continents that are 45% to 87% the size of Grandeur on Ado. The Asgard Continent has a size that is 70% that of Grandeur.

The Grandeur Continent is divided 60% North / 40% South by Ado’s equator, and the Asgard Continental Republic controls a Seventh of the Grandeur Continent leaving the rest to independent states, nations and kingdoms. The Asgard Continental Republic’s domain on the Grandeur Continent is from the Western Coast to 1000km inland along the Coast of the Grandeur Continent centred around Ado’s equator.

The Asgard Continent floats just 2400km from the Western Coast of the Grandeur Continent. Although the Asgard Continental Republic claims Domain over a Seventh of the Grandeur Continent in reality their actual control does not extent far beyond the thousands of Rune Magic Barrier protected Cities, Towns and Villages they’ve established over the millennia.

In truth of the 14.29% of Grandeur Continent the Asgard Continental Republic claims Domain over some 75% is monster territory. The only monsters that seem to recognize the Asgard Republic’s borders on the Grandeur Continent are the DemiHuman Demon Races; the Orcs, the Goblin, the Trolls, the Lizardmen, the Serpent races, the Devils and the Vampires. The Wyverns on the other hand go wherever they want.

The Mana Metastasis event had amongst other things teleported people and monsters all over the Galaxy. With the Demon King Surtur dead the Demon Races no longer cooperated and each race sought its own objectives. The Mana Metastasis introduced a thousand times more food for grazers, and with plenty of food the Demon races flourished.

Another side effect of the Mana Metastasis is that small animals like rabbits, mice, snakes, frogs, fish etc reached maturity in one week. In just a week a newborn small animal would be ready to breed. The larger animals would need a few months but it was far shorted than it had been in the past. This is why most of the lands were controlled by monsters.

Through the use of the Eldar Stone’s the Asgard Continental Republic’s Mages used Psionic Magic to monitor developments on Earth and the Development of VR technology was an opportunity that could not be missed; a chance to turn the tide availed itself. An alliance was formed with the Phoenix Consortium.

Using cloning Magic Loki once used to hide his complicity in Baldr’s Death Humans on Earth could pilot bodies on Ado through the Eldar Stone’s pathway of the Mind. However it was soon discovered that cloned bodies that only used the pathway of the Mind were incapable of Magic, and thus for the Humans on Earth to pilot powerful bodies on Ado the Eldar Stone’s pathways of both the Mind and of the Soul were necessary.

Fortunately All the inhabitants of Earth without exception had a maximum SP of 1; all the Earth Humans have SP = 1. The Soul Power (SP) factor determines the rate of Mana Regeneration, but it also indicates the size and complexity of the Soul. Since the Humans of Earth have an SP of 1 it meant their souls were very small but very simple. That made the Humans of Earth Ideal for piloting powerful bodies on Ado through the Eldar Stone’s pathways of both the Mind and of the Soul.

Death while piloting a body on Ado had no risk of Soul corruption since the souls were very small but very simple.

Testing revealed that the Humans of Earth could pilot cloned bodies of Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Beast-Human on Ado since the bodies could be made at SP of 1. However Alvs being of Asgardian Heritage could not be made at SP of 1 and that the Humans of Earth could never pilot Alv bodies. Despite the low SP of the Humans of Earth their true power would be the ability to revive after every Death; 『Rebirth』.

- - -

After the broadcast of the tenth video the Phoenix Consortium and the Advent Consortium held a joint press conference announcing that they’d made a Deal; for Realm Eternal Open Beta the Advent Consortium would sell 350000 REM-Sleep Pods to the Phoenix Consortium at Half-Price ($2875) and Phoenix Consortium would offer the REM-Sleep Pods to its Beta testers at $1500.

The Phoenix Consortium then declared that their VR tourist site 『Atlantis』 is now Open and Active. The Phoenix Consortium also revealed that Atlantis is also a Corporate Centre as well as the host City for the First Virtual Reality University. The Phoenix Consortium revealed that the City of Atlantis would be the initial transit location to the Realm Eternal.

Then the Phoenix Consortium’s Public Relations Officers (PRO) indicated that all the selectable races and skills had been extensively evaluated and the resulting Data had been published for everyone to see at the Realm Eternal website. The Phoenix Consortium executives explained that Open Beta would last 10 days and that after 10 days the Avatars would be reset, Beta testers would be able to retain their Avatar’s money.

- - -

Intently watching the joint press conference 27 year old 『Nabi Elrick』 is one of the many gamers from all over the world who had been waiting with abated breath for Realm Eternal.

- - -

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