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FanFic Title: Monster-less
Chapter 0: The first day of the rest of my life
Author: maheusz
Date Published: July 23rd, 2015

As always fate wasn't really treating me kindly. On the run, dodging bullets like there was no tomorrow. It was kinda my fault. Trying to be a hero instead just doing my job. I cursed the luck and stupid sense of morality that led me to this situation.

I was a hired eye. This time job was pretty simple - sniff out the kidnapped girl and tell her whereabouts to the waiting police team. She was stolen from her house and her father forced to pay the ransom, yet the ones guilty never handed her over. That's why situation escalated a bit. Police were involved and even such loser as I got his chance.

Except I blew it.

They were preparing for some sort of ritual and it seemed like the blood of the girl was sorely needed. Maybe it was virgin blood? Just like in the books I often read? Who knows. They were weirdoes and oathbreakers. The worst kind.

So I swept in and took the little blonde girl with me. Except now her captors are in pursuit and I already have been shot. My bad luck once again...

My companion isn't really frightened which is a good thing I guess. She looks at me with big eyes and traces the blood on the coat covering my wounds. I try to smile "It's just a flesh wound" but I doubt that even this twelve-year old looking doll will believe me.

Ah, it certainly isn't the way I imagined myself go. All my studies in ancient history, specialized training and now this? Some mad cultists are going to butcher us here? In this forsaken harbour? I think not!

With the last of my strength fading I take the girl with me, diving into some broken down car. Checking out the cables I figure out ignition and pray. The car starts and immediately we drive away from the cursed place... with our enemies in motocycles giving chase. I would feel like a special agent if not for gaping wound in my abdomen.

One crazy chase after we stopped on some police roadblock. I already know I'm dead. Bloodloss makes me light headed. Policemen are coming closer, thinking I'm probably some kind of criminal. Suddenly a women pushes them back and approaches. Her blonde hair kinda reminds me of the girl besides me. There is also a family resemblance, even to my hazing eyes. I smirk, at least the duty I got upon me was succesfully finished. Seeing that women frowns and takes the girl in her hands.

"Foolish and brave, eh?" she says
"It kinda went out of the control I'm afraid. There was going to be a sacrifice and I... couldn't bear to watch these kind of things again" my voice is raspy and quiet, but there is no problem with communication.

Now that I think about it why isn't anybody moving?

"You... what are you?" I gasp seeing strange world around me...
"Nothing much. You're dying. But you saved my mortal child so I kinda stopped the time for a bit." Women smiles strangely, saying some weird stuff. It feels like a dream.
"Must be blood loss. I'm hallucinating."
"You may think so. It is not however."
"Well... it's not a bad dream to die with. At least you're cute."
She pouts and then looks at me sharply.
"Think as you wish mortal. Let me just tell you that Gaia will help you in the next life you got. It doesn't matter where will you end up".
"Is that a farewell?" I gasp, breathing becoming more, and difficult. Women nods again. Little girl squirms out of her hands and runs up to me grabbing my limp hand.
"Thank you Onii-san!" Her face changes for the first time I saw her. Tears. Wow. Somebody is crying after me. It kinda feels nice.

Too bad I'm dying.

The sirens in the background grow louder and louder, but soon I'm not hearing anything...

And then, only darkness.

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Comments (5)

  1. crimsonbloodreaper
    December 10th, 2014 at 12:30:02 PM

    5/5 stars i love how its going hope for more soon

  2. Youngmoe
    December 12th, 2014 at 11:58:43 PM

    Awesome Start. I was Going To Write A FanFic Like This Where The MC Saves The Daughter Of The Queen Of Gods.
    Keep Up The Good Work.

  3. Vampwalker709
    May 20th, 2015 at 04:25:09 AM

    Great start looks good so far.5/5

  4. pixelchaos
    July 23rd, 2015 at 11:03:15 PM

    we have gone from vol 4 chapter 16 to the begining! blast you gaia!

  5. ZackTan
    September 3rd, 2016 at 01:08:30 PM

    This novel seems like an american styled western english novel, so I was actually surprised when the little girl said something japanese like "onii-san!"