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FanFic Title: Realm Eternal
Chapter 3: Benefits of Open Beta
Author: NBosega
Date Published: December 20th, 2014

- - -
Author’s Note!:
It gets a bit gory at the End

And also remember that my protagonist is in the world, the world does not revolve around him

『』= Info
《》= Attribute
『』= Skill
【】= Sub-Skill
〘〙= Status, Combat Arts & Magical Spells
〚〛= Internal Thoughts

- - -
Chapter 3
Benefits of Open Beta

- - -

Part 1: Hunting {It’s more like Dynamite fishing}

Elrick & Bowden met up with the Starlight Spark’s First Ranger Cavalry and the Managing Executives near the Guild Tower. At the briefing a review of the strategy was laid out, and all 14 of the 〘Level = 0〙 Clan Quests were accepted by the Starlight Spark Clan.

『Ding! 』

~ Ding! ~
『Clan Quest! 』
〘Level = 0〙
Vermin Extermination
『Quest Reward = 2 gold Coins 』


  • 500 Mice,
  • 400 Rats
  • 250 Snakes,
  • 300 Crows
  • 300 Pigeons
  • 250 Rabbits

Present the Heads of the dead Animals at the Adventurers Guild to claim Reward.


Elrick then explained that they could then proceed to sell the headless bodies of the dead animals at 75% of the standard going rate

『Ding! 』

Standard Reward for Vermin Extermination

『Information! 』


  • Mouse = 2 Copper Coins
  • Rat = 3 Copper Coins (similar rewards for same size Rodent Species)
  • Snake = 5 Copper Coins (Giant Snake Species not Included)
  • Arachnids = 4 Copper Coins
  • Locust = 1 Copper Coin (similar rewards for same size Insect Species)
  • Crow = 5 Copper Coins
  • Pigeon = 5 Copper Coins
  • Rabbit = 7 Copper Coins
  • Fox = 20 Copper Coins
  • Wild Dog = 9 Copper Coins
  • Wolf = 2 Silver Coins
  • Ware-Wolf = 25 Silver Coins (Includes other larger Canine Species)
  • Demon-Wolf = 55 Silver Coins
  • Lion = 7 Silver Coins
  • Ware-Lion = 40 Silver Coins
  • Demon-Lion = 75 Silver Coins
  • Tiger = 7 Silver Coins
  • Ware-Tiger = 40 Silver Coins
  • Demon-Tiger = 75 Silver Coins
  • Bear = 7 Silver Coins
  • Ware-Bear = 40 Silver Coins
  • Demon-Bear = 75 Silver Coins
  • Small Herbivores = 5 Silver Coins
  • Medium Herbivores = 10 Silver Coins
  • Large Herbivores = 20 Silver Coins
  • Large Demon Herbivores = 40 Silver Coins
  • Demon Apes = 40 Silver Coins
  • Lizardmen = 40 - 70 Silver Coins depending on type.
  • Goblin = 45 - 85 Silver Coins depending on type.
  • Orc = 50 Silver Coins
  • Serpent = 40 - 200 Silver Coins depending on type.
  • All other will depend on location and the need for Extermination


After talking with every merchant, shopkeeper and general-dealer Grinder, Axil, Swordin and Hammerin concluded a negotiated deal with one of the less prosperous general-dealers. In return for the general-dealer selling to Starlight Spark equipment (including Combat equipment) at cost Starlight Spark would give the general-dealer first purchase option on any carcass Rabbit size and Larger.

Starlight Spark then proceeded to buy equipment from said general-dealer.

『Ding! 』
『Clan & Company Equipment 』

Equipment List:

  • Basic Bow X 217
  • Basic Arrows (3 sets of 15 = 45) 45 X 217
  • Basic Spears X 75
  • Basic Inventory Bag X 217
  • Basic Paralytic Poison X 217
  • Bread 2 X 217
  • Roasted Meat X 217
  • Nutritional Drink 5 X 217


Starlight Spark’s Cost Evaluation indicated that they’d spent a significant amount of money in just the first 2 hours of open beta. They had planed to spend early to avoid the inevitable prise rises due to high demand.

『Ding! 』
『Starlight Spark Cost Evaluation』


• Basic Bow (at 50 Copper Coins) X 217 = 10850 Copper Coins.
• Basic Arrows (set is 5 Copper Coins); (3 sets of 15 = 45) 45 X 217 = 3255 Copper Coins.
• Basic Spears (at 50 Copper Coins) X 75 = 3750 Copper Coins.
• Basic Inventory Bag (at 85 Copper Coins) X 217 = 18445 Copper Coins.
• Basic Paralytic Poison (at 97 Copper Coins) X 217 = 21049 Copper Coins.
• Bread (at 2 Copper Coins); 2 X 217 = 864 Copper Coins.
• Roasted Meat (at 10 Copper Coins) X 217 = 2170 Copper Coins.
• Nutritional Drink (at 1 Copper Coins); 5 X 217 = 1085 Copper Coins.

Equipment Total = 61468 Copper Coins.

Adventurer’s Guild Purchases:

  • Clan Registration = 5000 Copper Coins.
  • Clan communications system at 40 Silver Coins = 4000 Copper Coins.
  • 『Archery』 Skill at 1 Silver Coins for Each member = 21700 Copper Coins.
  • 【Bow】Sub-Skill at 50 Copper Coins for Each member = 10850 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Bow Arts〙at 25 Copper Coins for 75 member = 5425 Copper Coins.
  • 【Spear】Sub-Skill at 50 Copper Coins for 75 member = 3750 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Spear Arts〙at 25 Copper Coins for 75 member = 1875 Copper Coins.

Adventurer’s Guild Purchases Total = 52600 Copper Coins

Information Purchases:

  • Information Total = 2468 Copper Coins.
Other Purchases:
  • Carbon Dioxide grenades = 148000 Copper Coins.
Overall Total = 264536 Copper Coins = 26 Gold Coins, 45 Silver Coins & 36 Copper Coins.


Total expenditure for the day had reached 264536 Copper Coins = 26 Gold Coins 45 Silver Coins & 36 Copper Coins; that’s $52907.2 in RWM.

After the briefing 216 members of Starlight Spark set out to a training Centre to train the 【Bow】Sub-Skill & 〘Bow Arts〙, and for those with the 【Spear】Sub-Skill & 〘Spear Arts〙it was an opportunity to get those skills combat Ready.

Elrick understood that the deal he had made with Arvin in order to acquire the Carbon Dioxide grenades would mean that he would fall even further behind in combat skills, so as the others left he diligently went back into the Guild building and used his own personal funds to buy the 【Light Magic】Sub-Skill just as he had bought the Mana Bicycle.

Acquiring a physical combat Sub-Skill is relatively straightforward and innocuous, but Acquiring a Magic Sub-Skill is another thing entirely. To Acquire the 【Light Magic】Sub-Skill a death is necessary for the Soul has to be Marked with the 『Light Element』.

『Ding! 』

~ Ding! ~
『Skill Upgrade! 』

You have Acquired the 【Light Magic】Sub-Skill
Available Spells:

Since you have not gained a 【Light Magic】Elemental Symbiote the only magic spells available are Race Specific inborn talents.

  • 〘Aura Glow〙= 1 Mana per minute
  • 〘Aura Burst〙= 5 Mana with each use.

To use any other 【Light Magic】you must Gain a 【Light Magic】Elemental Symbiote.


Elrick then proceeded to Arvin’s workshop by riding the Mana bicycle while keeping the 〘Aura Glow〙 Spell Active. Elrick understood that the maximum amount of Mana that could poured be into a Spell = Spell EXP + Affinity. Spell EXP grows as with Every use of 1 Mana generates 1 mini-EXP in the Spell the Mana was used which also counts as Sub-Skill EXP.

Elrick first ate the Delicious food Arvin graciously provided then 2 litres of his blood was taken and 1020 Copper Coins transferred to his Realm Eternal Bank Account (Everyone Automatically gets a Bank Account). With the business concluded Elrick took a nap on a small yet comfortable couch provided by Arvin.

- - -

Elrick woke up 2 hours later and Arvin handed him the batch of Carbon Dioxide grenades, and it was enough to cover 3 Fields in a Carbon Dioxide Fog. Since Arvin had already been paid for the full order Elrick thanked him and left on the Bike to meet up with rest of Starlight Spark’s First Ranger Cavalry.

By the time Elrick reached the others it was late in the afternoon and Starlight Spark’s First Ranger Cavalry was in the grounds just outside the gates and practicing hunting on Field mice. However when Elrick noticed a group of over a thousand people forming a circle; even he’s people were amongst those in the circle. When he got to the Circle the gruesome sight came into view.

It was a body; the corpse of a human. Apparently the User had been bitten while trying to kill a Snake with a knife. The Snake’s poison stopped his heart in 30 seconds. But the thing that seemed to have put everyone into a state of shock is that the incident took place an hour earlier and the body hadn’t disappeared. They were expecting a game system to lessen the shock of Death; but realm Eternal isn’t a game!

Elrick knew that the Body would not disappear and ordered one of his subordinates to call for the Town Guards. When the Guards arrived they used Fire Magic to burn the Body to Ashes allowing the wind to carry the ashes away. Elrick could now see a pronounced fear in the eyes of the users; they now understood that although Death was temporary for users it was still very Real.

- - -

When Starlight Spark’s First Ranger Cavalry reached the first field Elrick was relieved that the training they had received in Atlantis had steeled the First Ranger Cavalry, and though they were shaken by the earlier gruesome sight they had found their feet by relying on their training. Elrick recognized that now they understood that this would not be a cake walk; this is why they had spent $52907 in order to be prepared.

Arvin had assured him that depending on the wind condition the fog created by the Carbon Dioxide grenades should last between 7 & 10 hours. Starting at edges of the Field they deployed the Carbon Dioxide grenades while moving towards the centre from all directions. Once the Carbon Dioxide grenades were fully deployed they moved back to the edges of the field.

Once the 1.2m high layer of Carbon Dioxide Fog was firmly in place they began to see animal Death on a massive scale. By the time the animals realized that they couldn’t get enough oxygen it was already too late. Seeing the success on the first field they deployed the Carbon Dioxide grenades on another 2 Fields to a similar effect.

10 hours later when the Carbon Dioxide Fog began to lift the carnage was self evident. Starlight Spark had completed 3 〘Level = 0〙『Clan Quest! 』in less than a day. This was a better start than even Elrick had predicted, but he hypothesized that given the amount of money invested it was not outside the realm of possibility that the first Hunt would be successful.

『Ding! 』

『Loot recovered from the First Field 』

  • Mouse X 721; Reward = 0.75(1000) + 442 = 1192 Copper Coins
  • Rat X 657; Reward = 0.75(1200) + 771 = 1671 Copper Coins
  • Snake X 473; Reward = 0.75(1250) + 1115 = 2052.5 Copper Coins
  • Arachnids X 251; Reward = 1044 Copper Coins.
  • Locust X 265, Ants X 359, Termites X 119; Reward = 743 Copper Coins
  • Crow X 378; Reward = 0.75(1500) + 390 = 1515 Copper Coins
  • Pigeon X 617; Reward = 0.75(1500) + 1585 = 2710 Copper Coins.
  • Rabbit X 492; Reward = 0.75(1750) + 1694 = 3006.5 Copper Coins
  • Fox X 37; Reward = 740 Copper Coins
  • Wild Dog X 51; Reward = 459 Copper Coins
  • Wolf X 7; Reward = 1400 Copper Coins
  • Small Herbivores X 19; Reward = 9500 Copper Coins

Total Reward = 23170 Copper Coins + 2 Gold Coins = 43170 Copper Coins


Field 2 Yielded = 45489 Copper Coins
Field 3 Yielded = 51037 Copper Coins

Giving a net daily total of 139696 Copper Coins; which is the equivalent of $27939.2 in USD.

The next RET (Realm Eternal Time) day Starlight Spark Cleared the other 11 Fields collecting a total of 512398 Copper Coins meaning that Starlight Spark had earned 652094 Copper Coins. In just 2 RET days Starlight Spark had began to see a return on the money spent in Realm Eternal, and this was largely thanks to the fact that the hunting grounds were not crowded. This is the advantage of participating in Open Beta.

However with the fields cleared the days of easy hunting were over and the next available fertile grounds were outside the protection of the Barrier.

- - -

On the Third Day RET (Realm Eternal Time) most of Starlight Spark logged off after spending 15 hours in their Capsules. Their first shift was complete and they would not be logging in for at least 7 hour RWT (Real World Time). Those who were still logged in were free to do as they pleased until the Cavalry regroups for the next mission.

A day in Realm Eternal Time is 27 hours which is 5 hours & 24 minutes I RWT. Elrick had resolved to spend 22 hours a day in Realm Eternal; only logging out to Eat, run for an hour on the treadmill and take a bath or shower. Elrick could not afford to be leisurely in his approach to the Realm Eternal; he had invested nearly everything he had in Starlight Spark and the Phoenix Consortium.

After the initial press conference where Atlantis was announced Elrick directed 80% of his Retirement Fund into Phoenix Consortium stock to a total of $407625 in Phoenix Consortium shares. By selling MMORPG Ancient Magic Items Elrick raised $35000 and by selling his car, jewellery and nearly all his household possessions he raised about $37850 combined with $40000 in his savings and 188500 left over from the sale of his Jo’Burg apartment (minus investments in Starlight Spark ) he had in $301350 Cash.

He needed $50000X2 for university tuition costs + 400X12X4 in Medical Aid expenses for 4 years (similar to Medical Insurance but it’s Government Regulated) + 200X12X4 in other living expenses for 4 years; leaving Elrick with just $172550 in unallocated Cash. Elrick reasoned that he’d need to preserve at least $80000 as a contingency or Hedge against Starlight Spark’s Failure leaving him just $92550 to spend on His Avatar; now he was left with just under $82550 to spend on His Avatar after acquiring the 【Light Magic】Sub-Skill.

Fortunately for Elrick the 150 employees hired from South Africa needed Starlight Spark’s success as much as he did and had individually and privately committed themselves to spending at least 16 hours a day in Realm Eternal; entering at 18H00 and exiting at 11H00. The 150 that formed the bulk of Raid groups 1-5 understood that they owned their Avatars and that it was in their best interests to improve their Avatars.

The next 3 days in Realm Eternal would be devoted entirely to Training at the Guild buildings Holographic Hunting grounds. The goal of the training was to reach a state where all members of a Raid Group can attack a 25cm target with all 32 arrows reaching the target at nearly the same time. The Holographic Hunting grounds cost 5 Silver Coins per Day for a clan, but it was deemed crucial for the cavalry to train on moving targets.

Between the bouts of extensive training they would hunt by baiting predators with Carcases of dead animals. Once the predators showed up they were met with over 200 arrows laced with paralytic poisons. A single arrow fired by even the strongest member of Starlight Spark’s First Ranger Cavalry could barely cause a scratch to a wolf but volley after volley of over 200 arrows could annihilate an entire wolf pack.

However for the strategy to work Starlight Spark had to spend money on a higher quality of Arrows.

And so the days passed in the Realm Eternal with the Starlight Spark’s First Ranger Cavalry gaining in power and confidence.

Part 2: Magic

By any measure Magic Reigns Supreme in the Realm Eternal. However becoming a competent mage is a laborious task; requiring tremendous effort and practice.

There are 3 known types of Magic:

  • Elemental Magic; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Light, Shadow, Sound, Psionic, Plant and Enchantments Magic.
  • Mana Shaping Magic; Alchemy, Appraisal, and Rune Magic.
  • Corporeal Magic; Dragon Shape-Shifting Magic and Attribute enhancement Magic.

Elemental Magic is the most common magic, and To Acquire the Elemental Magic Sub-Skill a death is necessary for the Soul has to be Marked with the 『Element』. This can be accomplished at the Adventurers Guild where one is killed in a Special room that is capable of applying resurrection magic. At the moment of Death a skilled 【Psionic Magic】Wizard fuses the Soul with a particular Infinity 『Element』, and then the subject is revived with minimal EXP damage.

Under normal Circumstances there is 5% Across the Board EXP loss for a Death that lasts longer than a Day and the user is deported to Atlantis and won’t be allowed in the Realm Eternal for five Days (RET). However this penalty can be reduced in proportion to 5% EXP loss = 27Hours if Resurrection Magic is Used.

However acquiring the 【Elemental Magic】Sub-Skill is only Half the requirement of becoming an 【Elemental Magic】User; for to gain the ability to use Spells other than the innate Race Specific talents a Symbiote is necessary. Symbiotes can only be Acquired at the Academy, and the process involves allowing the Elemental Symbiote to feed on your 【Elemental Magic】until it’s fully satiated which allows a skilled 【Psionic Magic】Wizard to bond the Elemental Symbiote to the Soul.

The Elemental Symbiote feeds at a Rate of [【Elemental Magic】Sub-Skill EXP + Elemental Affinity] Mana per second, and the Elemental Magic needs 7 hours to restore its Vitality; so the Elemental Symbiote can only feed once every 7 hours. This is one of the reasons why high Affinity is recommended for those who seek to be mages.

As one might expect letting an Elemental Symbiote feed on you can be dangerous. A Fire Elemental Symbiote will burn you as it feeds, a Light Elemental Symbiote will Drain you of life as it feeds, an Earth Elemental Symbiote will Drain you of minerals as it feeds and so on and so on. The Damage done to the body will depend on the related Attributes.

Elemental Symbiote Damage is = Effect / [Durability + Vitality + 25% (Endurance)]

To be satiated an Elemental Symbiote needs to feed on 10000 Mana of your 【Elemental Magic】for the Soul Bonding ritual to be performed by a 【Psionic Magic】Wizard.

By that measure it would take a Fire Elf a minimum [(10000 / 75) X (7/27) = 34.568] approximately 35 days [RET] to Acquire a Fire Elemental Symbiote. (Almost 8 full days in RWT).

It is therefore recommended that those with low Durability, Vitality & Endurance not attempt acquiring an Elemental Symbiote until they have raised their relevant Attributes to safe levels or gained Attribute enhancing Magical Items.

This is yet another example of why the High Elf is considered Cursed; because even though they have high Affinities the low Durability, Vitality & Endurance makes it incredibly difficult to acquire an Elemental Symbiote.

Since 【Elemental Magic】 is combat Magic there is a Ranking system with appropriate titles for those who achieve the specific rank.

『Ding! 』

『Ranks! 』

In Descending Order:

  • God
  • Saint
  • King
  • Master
  • Expert
  • Wizard


To Earn a Higher Rank one has to Defeat 5 individuals of the same Rank at the same time without the Aid of Magic Items; Essentially defeating 5 individuals who have exactly the same equipment as yourself. The ranking contest takes place within the safety of the Adventurers Guild Arena, and it is the Adventurers Guild that selects the opponents for the Rank-up Applicant.

There is a similar Rank system for the Archery, Blade & Spear though for the Archery Sub-Skill there are 2 tracks one starting with 『Bow-Man』 and the other starting with 『Gunslinger』, while for the Blade & Spear start with 『Blades-Man』 & 『Spear-Man』. The highest Rank for the 【Blade】Sub-Skill is 『Sword God』or the 『Blade God』depending on the level of Skill with all Blades

Denizens of the Realm Eternal consider Psionic & Sound Magic to be the most powerful in combat, and any rank beyond Expert in Psionic & Sound Magic is sufficient for one to be renowned. Though it is called Sound Magic it is in actuality Vibration Magic and it has been used to great effect in many wars. Sound Magic is a very effective counter to Wind, Water, Fire, Ice, Plant and Earth Magic or any combination thereof.

Psionic Magic on the other hand has a wide range of applications from Telepathy, Telekinesis to Psionic Energy Constructs. Psionic mages are most known for using their Telekinesis to fly through the sky, but in combat Psionic Magic has proven to be unequalled. Psionic Magic is said to have been the primary Magic of the Ancients; its one drawback being the high Mana requirements.

The Dark Elves (Svartálfar) blessed with High Magical Affinity & Proficiency in Shadow, Psionic and Sound Magic used the three Magic types in combination to Drive the Red Dragons from Alfheim thus freeing all Elf kind from a thousand years of Slavery. This act Earned the Dark Elves Recognition as the most Powerful of the Elves; power that rivalled that of the Asgardians.

However the rise of Asgard to prominence in the Galaxy lead to the other Elves needing to be less reliant on the Dark Elves for protection, and the Night, Water, Wood and Fire Elves began to look down on the Dark Elves over their high affinity with Shadow Magic; a situation that eventualy lead to the Dark Elves establishing a colony on Svartalfheim.

The Elf-Dragon King of the Dark Elves is said to be the most powerful on Ado with God Rank in Shadow, Psionic and Sound Magic as well as Fire & Wind due to High affinity resulting from the activation of his genetic Dragon Factors, he also has God Rank in Bow, Spear & Blade. Elf-Dragons though few in number are more than a match for even the Alvs one on one. The Alvs however have numbers on their side; giving them a near absolute monopoly on power in Ado.

- - -

Mana Shaping Magic:

Mana Shaping Magic on the other requires extensive Training, Knowledge and Wisdom. Alchemy will require an understanding of the properties of the materials being used, Appraisal will require an astute control of Mana to be able to read residual Mana in any inanimate object as well as read Mana flow in living things. And Rune Magic will require an understanding of Magical Engineering as well as Expertise in all other known forms of Magic.

- - -

Corporeal Magic:

Corporeal Magic; Dragon Shape-Shifting Magic is mysterious Ancient magic that even its users barely understand Other than the fact that its hereditary, and Attribute enhancement Magic is combination magic that draws from relevant magic types.

Part 3: Oasis

Just a few days into Open Beta the researchers at the Phoenix Consortium stumbled upon a revolutionary concept that they Named 『Oasis』.

The Phoenix Consortium would construct Long Term Care Facilities for the Terminally Ill & Aged. Special Capsules equipped with Feeding Tubes and human waste removal systems would be installed thus allowing long term pod use. The Idea was that people are put into a medically induced coma and they spend the rest of their days in both Atlantis and the Realm Eternal.

Upon the Phoenix Consortium announcing the research into an 『Oasis』system they were inundated with request to be included in an upcoming trial. Once the request reached Hundreds of thousands the question as to whether the Phoenix Consortium would develop an 『Oasis』system was answered; it became Self-Evident. Even though there would undoubtedly be legal hurdles for the Phoenix Consortium they would proceed.

The Rich & Powerful of the world immediately saw the 『Oasis』system as a chance at immortality and wanted to take it further by developing an actual biological Stasis System. Of-course the Rich & Powerful wouldn’t spend their own money to conduct the necessary research; not when it’s far easier to direct public State research funding to this area through public agencies such as NASA, DARPA, ESA, JSA and many others.

Part 4: Ruin of the Crimson Hand

Crimson Hand is one of the Famous Guilds from the MMORPG Ancient Magic that had successfully made the Migration to a VR platform relatively intact. With 1200 members in the Realm Eternal they were now one of the largest Clans from Atlantis. The transition had cost them some 600 members who had chosen other VR platforms, but under the leadership of the charismatic Mithriliar they were on their way to Greatness in the Realm Eternal.

Mithriliar is a long time acquaintance of Elrick having known each other since the days they were new players in Ancient Magic; Mithriliar and Elrick belonged to the same Beginners Party and enjoyed many adventures together. When developing a strategy for Realm Eternal Elrick took the existence of the Crimson Hand as an important factor. The Crimson Hand had been a benefactor of Elrick’s guild in Ancient Magic; purchasing a lot of their crafted goods.

There is little disadvantage to having a powerful Ally from the beginning, and so Elrick hoped to extend the relationship with the Crimson Hand to the Realm Eternal. At the start of Open Beta Elrick considered signing a supply contract with the Crimson Hand in order to guarantee that they end up in the same Town but ultimately decided that it was too early and both sides needed room to fully benefit from participating in Open Beta.

Members of the Crimson Hand grinded hard as soon as they landed in a town 5000km west of Vhon. They started by running around the town while wearing heavy strength training equipment rented from the training centre, and once their stamina was exhausted they’d rest eat & drink to allow their bodies to recover. Once recovered they’d practice martial arts using a heavy Sword rented from the training centre. The process being repeated over and over until logout.

This sort of intense training combined with light hunting Quadrupled their Vitality, Strength, Agility, Durability and Endurance EXP while increasing other various Attribute EXP considerably.

Physical Attack Power 『Atk』 = X 3, Physical Defence Power『Deff』= X 3

Once they reached this level they began Hunting Wolves and other large predators in forest. Over 1200 Armed people proved to be very intimidating for even the ravenous Forest Wolves and the Crimson Hand was pushing large predators out of their territories. In just a few days the Crimson Hand had earned a reputation as a group of formidable warriors.

As is always the case with overwhelming success the leaders of the Crimson Hand were growing in confidence, and they began to entertain the Idea of hunting herds of Large Herbivores some 25km outside Town. The leaders of the Crimson Hand understood once they started hunting herds of Large Herbivores they would come into competition with dominant predators of the plains.

Pushing through an area of the forest had been easy because large forest predators would never pick a fight with a large number of Adventurers. Only the small and inexperienced animals dared to confront the Crimson Hand and they paid with their lives for making that mistake. Because of this the Crimson Hand collected a large amount of resources in the form of herbs, wood and animal carcases for resale in Town.

And so the Crimson Hand mustered their resources and prepared an expedition on 4th Day of open beta (RWT) and set out to the plains. They set up camp just 2km from the targeted hunting grounds. The Crimson Hand sent out scouts to make a thorough assessment of the Area; in particular they wanted to know the size and relative strengths of the predators of the Area.

The information the scouts were looking for had already been purchased but the leaders of the Crimson Hand wanted first hand information; they wanted to know up to the day information. Their Data needed to be current.

The scouts returned with information of a Goblin Camp just 7km from their position. The scouts reported that the Goblins numbered 307. It would appear that the goblins were aiming for the same herd of Large Herbivores the Crimson Hand was targeting, and if the Crimson Hand attacked the Herd a confrontation with the Goblin troop would be unavoidable.

Embolden by their recent successes the members of the Crimson Hand voted to engage the Goblins.

After all the Phoenix website indicated that at their HP level they needed 3 to one Odds to be successful in an encounter with Goblins

- - -

The members of the Crimson Hand had resolved to raid the Goblin Camp! The Goblins were a far more attractive target so the Crimson Hand prepared its raid groups and organized themselves into 4 Legion Raid Groups; each Legion Raid Group is made-up of 10 Full Raid groups. The lack of magic meant that every party in the Full Raid group had 4 Tanks; giving 16 Tanks per Full Raid group.

The Tanks were equipped the Best Shield and Armour the Crimson Hand could afford, and the Crimson Hand provided the Damage dealers with the best Spears, Swords and Bows they could afford. Within every party was a healer who would distribute Recovery Potions and Salves since there was no Healing Magic. Thus every party had 4 Tanks, 3 Damage dealers and 1 Healer.

With the party arrangements complete the Crimson Hand set out on their mission to Raid the Goblin Camp. They’d waited for the night to avoid being discovered while approaching. The scouts were in constant communication with the leaders via the Clan communication system, and they were updating the main Crimson Hand force as to the disposition of the Goblins.

As the Goblin camp came into sight the Crimson Hand got into formations; they were going to fight in Full Raid Group formations; 2 legions at the centre and a legion on each Flank.

As the approached the Goblin camp they ran in order to catch the Goblins sleeping.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

The sound of the dogs barking rang out in the Dead of night. Unexpectedly the Goblins had guard dogs.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

The Goblin Guards sprang into action.

Wooh! Vooh! Wooh! Vooh! Wooh! Vooh! Wooh! Vooh!

A horn is blown and all the Goblins wake up and ready themselves to fight

Mithriliar being the leader of the Crimson Hand is amongst the first to reach the Goblin camp and as he brings down the heavy Sword upon the Goblin Guard it is easily parried by the Goblin’s Axe. The counter-attack is swift and it lands on Mithriliar’s shield, and he feels pain run up his arm to his shoulder forcing him to fall backwards.

The goblin Guard’s charge is stopped by an attack from one of Mithriliar’s friends and the Goblin Guards withdraw further inside their Camp.

Members of the Crimson Hand pursue the Goblins deeper inside their camp before Mithriliar can sound the warning. From the exchange with the Guard Mithriliar understood that the Goblins were far stronger than they’d Anticipated. It takes just a few seconds for the rest of the Crimson Hand to come to the same conclusions as Mithriliar.

As soon as members of the Crimson Hand pass the Make-Shift fortifications they were met with Volley after volley of Arrows; some 200 Goblins were firing more than 3 Arrows a second with sufficient power to punch through the armours of the members of the Crimson Hand. The other hundred or so Goblins then finished of the injured members of the Crimson Hand with an Axe, sword or spear.

By the time the leaders of the Crimson Hand sounded the retreat it was already too late; the Goblins having broken through the tanks had formed parties and were skirmishing with the members of the Crimson Hand. The Goblins were tearing through the members of the Crimson Hand like they were made of paper; cleaving away body parts as they moved through. Blood sprayed everywhere.

Aaaaaah! Iyoooo! Eeeeh! Aiya! Aaaaaah! Iyoooo! Eeeeh! Aaaaaah! Iyoooo! Eeeeh! Heee! Aiya! Aaaaaah! Iyoooo! Eeeeh!

Painful Screams rang out as men cried out in pain!

Panic and Fear spread through the members of the Crimson Hand like Wild Fire and they fled for their lives; leaving their friends on the battlefield. Formations collapsed and this only hastened the deaths of the members of the Crimson Hand. Those who turned their backs to the Goblins quickly found an arrow in their backs, and the surviving members of the Crimson Hand understood that their only hope was a retreating battle.

As a Goblin Axe ripped through Mithriliar’s chest he understood in the moments before his death that the Goblins were over 20 times higher in Vitality, Strength, Agility, Durability and Endurance EXP. Mithriliar knew at that moment that he had lead his friends to certain death.

Those who had fled first and survived only needed to reach a certain distance from their pursuers and they would be able to log-out; this was easier said than done for once the Goblins realized the difference in power it became an orgy of blood and death. The reptilian bloodlust propelled the Goblins to hunt every easy prey they encountered and the members of the Crimson Hand represented a boon.

In the end only 11 made it safely to a log-out zone. The rest were killed and their bodies carried back to the Goblin Camp. At the Goblin Camp bodies were being piled up in one area, and those who were barely alive were being stripped of their Armours and placed on an open flame Grill; the Goblins seemed to thoroughly enjoy the final screams as flesh cooked alive.

Some Goblins who could not wait for the cooking to begin had ripped off limbs from the bodies and were actively eating. Once the Meat was cooked to what ever standards Goblins consider cooking (which isn’t much) the Entire Goblin troop began Feasting. They ate and ate and then they ate some more; they ate until they could no longer eat.

Once the Goblin stomachs were full it triggered an effect; male Goblins got erections. Everywhere Goblin penises were erect, standing upright and ready for action. At the sight of Goblin Males fully Aroused the Goblin Females took off their clothes and began rubbing themselves between their legs. Their Vaginas started oozing a red liquid and that sent the Males in to a frenzy.

A Disgusting sight took place! Groans rang out as a blood covered Orgy took place! Everywhere Goblins were Violently Copulating! The entire Goblin Camp was enamoured with Sexual Intercourse.

Those members of the Crimson Hand still clinging to life witnessed all this.

- - -

Apparently some of the 11 who survived sold video footage stored by their Capsule Pods to Broadcasters and Online sites, and news of Crimson Hand’s folly spread like wildfire across the internet.

When News of the Crimson Hand’s disaster reached Elrick and the other Executive they left the Cavalry to carry on and logged out to Atlantis to view the available Videos. Upon watching the events that transpired they gasped at the horror before their eyes, and once they recovered their composure they began to analyze the Videos to see where the Crimson Hand went wrong.

Eyes went to Elrick who seemed to have understood the Crimson Hand’s mistake.

Bowden : " Well?"

Elrick : " Crimson Hand overestimated their Power!"

Axil : " That’s a bit obvious isn’t it?"

Elrick : " I mean Crimson Hand overestimated their Battle Power!"

Bowden : " Oh!"

Grinder : " Explain?"

Elrick : " The 3 to 1 ratio only works if you have magic Items! To use magic Items like a Fire Sword you need a Fire Elemental Symbiote. In their current state the Crimson Hand had less than 30% of the recommended Battle Power! If I had to guess I’d say they went in with15-20% of what they needed"

Swordin : " Oho!"

Bowden : " Elrick; you knew about this Battle Power issue didn’t you? This is why you insisted on us hunting the way we’ve been Hunting isn’t it?"

Axil : " Is that true? Why didn’t you warn Mithriliar?"

Elrick : " I tried! But this is the sort of mistake you make when you think of the Realm Eternal as a Game"

Bowden : " We should go see him!"

Grinder : " Who?"

Bowden : " Mithriliar! If we don’t help him the Crimson Hand might collapse!"

Swordin : " We can’t let that happen! We need the Crimson Hand!"

Elrick : " Mithriliar; what have you done?"

As Elrick murmurs softly they leave their company offices and head out to look for Mithriliar while Bowden tries to contact Mithriliar via the Atlantis Telepathic Communication System.

- - -

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