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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 5: Madman
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: January 8th, 2015

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Chapter 5: Madman

Everything has been weird since the day the Queen died.

The King started to become more unreasonable. More haughty. More selfish.

Tax increased by a margin.

New laws.

New curfew.

Then the Prince died.

And the King grew more powerful.

“But even so, he is our King. I must believe in him till the very end as his loyal subject.”

Fawkes thought as he walked inside the castle.

He is the Knight Commander of [Drachedge].

He was called Fawkes of the Phoenix from his fiery red hair, armor and also from his sword.

Right now, a criminal is on the loose that is targeting the King.

“His majesty is currently asleep in the royal bedroom. I must guard him at all costs!”

Resolving himself, Fawkes stood in front of the door and did not lose focus.


After a while, he detected presence at the end of the wall seeming to have tried to erase their presence. But to Fawkes who has been in many battles so far, such elementary hiding of presence isn’t enough to fool him.

“Show yourself. I know you are in here.”

“Tch, busted huh?”

There, a white haired red eyed person revealed himself along with a silver haired girl wearing a tattered robe.

They match the descriptions of the criminals that were described to them by witnesses.

“I am the Knight Commander, Fawkes of the Phoenix. Name yourself, criminal, before I kill you.”

“My name is Lucas, for now, people call me the White Haired Adventurer. Let’s see if you can kill me.”

Introducing oneself is a customary for duels such as this, even if the other side is a criminal, one must still name himself in honor of the battle.

Fawkes was irritated that the other side introduced himself jokingly at first, but felt his seriousness at the end so he swallowed his irritation.

“I can still spare you if you hand over the slave.”

At his words, the silver haired girl shrank to the boy’s back trying to hide herself.

On Fawkes’ mind, the slave is the primary criminal here and may have done something to the boy in order to let him cooperate so he offered a chance for the boy.

Well, he may be brainwashed somehow but it would seem that it won’t matter anymore.

A change began to appear on the boy.

Black mist gathered around him as if he’s wearing a black robe. His entire feel became different.

He glared right at Fawkes and declared seeming to be irritated.

“Just try it birdy.”

He was like a different person from before.

This kid that released intense killing intent is definitely dangerous.

“I must get rid of him at all costs! For his majesty!”

+ + +

With both sides drawing swords, their fight began.

One wielded crimson red bastard sword and the other, a one handed sword of pure black, except for the red jewel that glowed on the hilt.

As they clashed, sparks flew all over the place.

For every slash of Lucas, Fawkes parried and countered, which Lucas tried his best to dodge or block.

One might see this as an even fight, but in reality, Lucas was losing.

In contrast to Lucas’ wild swings, Fawkes’ was flawless.

“T-this is the difference between real skill and level!?”

As Lucas thought.

True strength isn’t measured by numbers. You need real skill to back it up, otherwise, you’re just some overly decorated sword that cannot cut.

At first, Fawkes was overwhelmed by the power Lucas had for every swings.

But after a while, Fawkes deduced that Lucas has only begun wielding a sword and can only swing it around. He does not know how to fight.

“It might be enough to fight monsters but…Don’t expect to win against me with such half-assed swordsmanship!!!”

Countering Lucas’ attack, Fawkes managed to slice a diagonal wound on Lucas’ chest.

“K-kh!? If I hadn’t stepped back that moment…I’m already dead!”

“Hmph, I compliment you for managing to avoid a full blow. But, you just prolonged your own death!”

Fawkes immediately kicked off and lunged an attack on Lucas.

“N-not giving me a time to rest I see!”

“There is no rest in battle boy!”

Their clash began so suddenly that you cannot say that their now in round 2.

“D-damn…I can’t even land a clear hit! And he still hasn’t used any skills or magic!”

Once again, Lucas felt irritated by the fact that he cannot do anything but block Fawkes attacks.

Though the [Dragon’s Wrath] is activated and is slowly increasing whenever Lucas gets irritated, it is still only just power. If he cannot use it, then it means nothing.

His HP was already cut 70% from the last attack alone.

Not only that, Lucas’ base level right now is Lvl 1…in other words, his HP right now is just his VIT multiplied by 5 plus 100.

As [Dragon’s Wrath] increases, all stats increase as well, meaning, his VIT also increases, thereby increasing his health bit by bit.

But that will only last when his [Dragon’s Wrath] is activated, once it deactivates…his HP will return to normal and his will likely be reduced to 0.

It’s thanks to [Dragon’s Wrath] that he’s still alive right now.

“Damn, in the first place, this guy’s unfazed when he saw [Dragon’s Wrath]! Just what kind of monster is he!?”

Lucas knew he was different from the rest of the knights, but this was over his expectations.

“Is that all you got? To think that someone of this level tries to kill his majesty…or is it that the lady over there is the real problem.”

Fawkes started to grow interest whether Freya was stronger than Lucas and even diverted his attention from him.

Seeing this, Lucas was greatly ticked off.

“For some honored knight you are! To look away while in battle! I’ll make you regret this you bastard!!!”

Of course that wasn’t the only reason why Lucas got mad.

He thought that Fawkes might try to attack Freya and force her to join the fight. Although he knows that Freya is most likely stronger than him, his pride still can’t allow having the one he’s supposed to protect to join the fight.

With this, [Dragon’s Wrath] amplified even greater and Fawkes’ attention was naturally drawn back to it.

“Tch, what you’re doing is only releasing your anger! Learn how to swing a sword boy!”

Lucas feels like he heard Fawkes say something but can’t seem to understand it.

He just wanted to hit him.

“Hit, hit, hit, hit, HIT, HIT, HIT, HIT HIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMM!!!!!”

“G-guh-….enough! Amos! Burn this criminal into ashes! ”

Irritated by Lucas wild yet powerful strikes, Fawkes activated his sword’s ability.

The scarlet red bastard sword he held immediately burst into flames.

With just a slash, a burning crescent-shaped projectile was lunged and was directed at Lucas.

“[Water Wall]!!!”

The voice didn’t belong to Lucas and especially not Fawkes.

This was none other than Freya’s magic.


Seeming to have been snapped into his senses, Lucas’ mind became clear again.

“I-I can also help! [Heal]!”


After healing Lucas with a healing magic, Lucas inhaled deeply in order to calm himself.

The black aura dissipated by Lucas calming down.

Since Freya has healed him, he was still able to live after it deactivated.

“Sorry about that unsightly behavior of mine just now…I want to say that let’s get ready for another round but…I want to get this over with quickly.”

“W-what did you say…?”

Fawkes seemed perplexed at Lucas complete 180 degrees attitude.

“Now then, my MP will be extremely low after this so…can I count on you if things go rough, Freya?”

“Mhm! Please count on me!”

Lucas revealed a grin to Freya to whom, immediately nodded.

“I won’t let you do as you please.”

Fawkes readied his stance while Lucas only sheathed back his sword.

“Wh-wha-!? Why have you sheathed your blade!?”

“…Fawkes…there is no need to die under a false King. We shall continue this duel for another time! [Dragon Claw]!”

Lucas unleashed a gigantic black transparent arm on his left side and pushed it forward.


With a shout, he used the gigantic arm to blast away Fawkes along with the wall and door behind him, not only that, after passing through the wall, he redirected the arm downwards thereby destroying the floor of the royal bedroom.

This was because there is supposed to be secret stairs leading to the dungeon there which Warren pointed out and it will definitely be a pain to search for the hidden door so he just destroyed it.

They have also been discovered as well so Lucas figured that sneaking is over.

In truth, Lucas thought of using this before their duel began but for some reason, he just can’t think straight that time.

Well, whatever the case, now they need to act fast before the other guards reach them.

“U-uwaaah!!!!??? W-w-w-what’s going on here!!!???”

This isn’t Fawkes as he was knocked unconscious due to shock.

This is the King’s voice that just woke up from the noise and destruction.

“…Wow…so he was asleep the whole time we were battling!? Seriously!?”

Well…they made quite the noises during their battle so of course he was surprised that the King didn’t notice any of that and just continued to sleep.

“U-umm…actually, I activated [Silence Room] to trap the noises during battle…it will be hard if the other soldiers caught up right?”

“Seriously!? Please tell me about that next time please!!! Rather, just where did you learn all those magics!!!???”

“A-ah well…it was passed on to me by mother so…”

It seems Freya was a bit overwhelmed by Lucas and was having trouble speaking.

“Ah no, forget it. Let’s focus on the matter at hand.”

“W-who are you!? How dare you enter the chamber of the King!”

“Shut up.”

With just those words from Lucas and a gaze that seems to say ‘I’ll kill you if you speak again.’, the King trembled and even stumbled.

“What…I don’t even need [Dragon’s Wrath] to scare this guy…this country’s doomed for to have such a King.”

While thinking that, the duo walked closer towards the fallen King whilst Lucas continued to glare at him.

“I am the one who knows that you are the one responsible of killing the Queen and staging it as a ‘sickness’. I also know that you are also the one who ordered the ‘bandits’ to kill the Prince. I also know that you have the contract with you. I also know that you hid it in a vault in the dungeon below. And I also know that you have the key to that vault with you.”


“Now…are you gonna hand over the key or shall I kill you and get it myself?”

Lucas drew his sword back and turned the blade to the King’s throat.

And as to show he isn’t kidding, he made a small cut and made him bleed.

“…Surprisingly…I seem to be fine with killing humans…is it because this is a game? Or that this King is just trash?...or that this is just who I really am?”

While thinking of such things, the King gave up and gave them the key.

“H-here take it! Just take it and leave me alone already!”

“…He sure gave up easily…as expected of trash, he’s life is more important than pride.”

Showing the key in his hands to Freya while grinning, he knocked the King unconscious then the two headed towards the dungeon.

The floor was already destroyed along with the first few steps of the stairs so they jumped off ignoring the stairs directly to the dungeon.

Thanks to Freya’s wind magic, they were able to land safely without any injuries.

“…Looks like Freya excels in almost all magic…Just how long did she run away for her mana to run out?”

As Lucas nonchalantly thought, they surveyed the room which was supposed to be the dungeon.

The room was pretty dark, but both Lucas and Freya are already accustomed to darkness because of Lucas’ [Dragon Eyes] and Freya being a vampire.

It’s basically daytime for them.

The room is about an average room’s size, there isn’t that much here to begin with.

There’s a vault on one corner which is most likely the vault Warren mentioned and another room which looks like a prison cell with the bars and all that. That cell only has one thing inside, a bed.

To this, Freya stared at it intently while gripping her fists and biting her lips seeming to be holding something back.

Looking at Freya like this, Lucas had already guessed the situation.

This is where the first slave was held.

Most likely, the King from 100 000 years ago was once a King of [Drachedge]…well it was probably not called that before. But in any case, this is still the same castle.

“So the castle survived the war…”

After the war, the bloodline of the Kings was restarted, probably along with the name of [Drachedge], thereby making this situation.

And now that the real bloodline has appeared, he wanted to reclaim back his kingdom.

“Well…it has been perfect so far with the fake deaths and all…Too bad he decided to buy Freya immediately and make me notice.”

Sure the King’s plans have been perfect so far, if Lucas hadn’t intervened that is. With no witnesses, there is virtually no way to prove that he killed them.

In fact, even Lucas has no proof of it. But that doesn’t really matter.

For Lucas, proving the innocence of Freya and the other pure-blooded vampires is enough for him, and the proof is right here.

“But still…I wonder if there’s a connection between Freya and the first slave?”

Lucas decided to shrug off the idea and just wait for Freya to tell him if she wanted.

“There’s no need to force it out of her. For now, let’s just get the vault open.”

While thinking of such thoughts, Lucas walked towards the vault and used the key to open it.

At first, Lucas thought to ignore the key and just blow off the vault, but by doing so might damage the contract and there was no need to make such a risk.

In the first place, the key was already weird.

Different from the standard shape of a key like his [World Key], this one is cylindrical with grooves on it.

Not only that, it would seem that you also needed to pour in mana as you insert and turn it.

Curious on what the key was made off, Lucas used his appraising skills.


Aioshalt Metal




A rare metal that can absorb mana.

“Oh, so such metals exist…the vault’s made of that as well…”

As he kept thinking of such carefree thoughts, Lucas can hear gears turning from inside the vault as it opened.

“…I wonder if I can take this vault and the key later then melt them so I can use the metal…”

Now Lucas is already thinking like a criminal.

Freya seemed to have noticed something from Lucas’ face but just kept quiet about it.

Inside the vault, were mountains of gold coins piled up along with a few handful of papers.

Lucas though, ignored the papers naturally and had his eyes turn into gold as he was taken over with greed.


Noticing Lucas, Freya let out a troubled sound.

“A-ah! Woah! I did not notice the gold coins at all! I was definitely focused on the contract! Yes yes! Just the contract!”

Snapping back to his senses, Lucas tried to fool Freya in futile and tear up a little as he ignores the gold.

“Just wait my gold! I will definitely sneak back here later to come get you!!! Just wait for me please!!!”

With a troubled smile, Freya went over to Lucas to look at the contract.

There states how King Litordar Danessad III made a contract to the Black Hand Assassins Guild to kidnap Princess Helene Draculae for a price of 100 million gold.

This King Litordar was the supposed king from 100 000 years ago and Princess Helene, the vampire princess made into the first slave.

“With this…with this, my family’s honor will be regained…”

Freya treated the contract as if it were some fragile glass as she wept tears of joy.

Lucas on the other hand though, turned his gaze back at the vault.

Not towards the gold though…well sure he did give it a glance, after all, it’s still money. But anyway, Lucas was more focused on the other papers that were there.

There were just a few but Lucas was interested at the two, namely, the contract to poison Queen Hewlett Danessad Drachedge and the one which says to kill Prince Lanslet Danessad Drachedge whilst disguised as bandits.

The other papers were also similar instructions which are aimed to silence nobles and some commoners. Lucas didn’t recognize the names.

And all of the contractors are the Black Hand Assassins Guild.

“Looks like the Queen and Prince weren’t his first to kill…and to keep contacting the Black Hand…I need to investigate about this later.”

The King by himself isn’t dangerous, what Lucas should watch out for is the Black Hand.

By the way, it seems that the trash King of this generation’s name is Thrarsh Danessad Drachedge. Even his name sounds trash.

“Anyway, Freya, let’s hurry to the church along with this other contracts.”


Seeming to have finished crying, Freya swiped the tears in her eyes and nodded at Lucas resolutely.

+ + +

With the two finally gone, Fawkes woke up in a start.

“Where!? Where are they!?”

He turned his head left and right to search for the two criminals but to no avail.

Then, he finally spotted the collapsed King.

“Y-you’re majesty!!!”

Rushing up to him and holding his head up, the King awoke as well.

“U-ughh…Is that you Fawkes?”

“Y-yes! I truly apologize for letting them in! However, it seems that they weren’t after your majesty’s life.”

Fawkes immediately kowtowed in front of the King.

Sure it was disgraceful, but to Fawkes, his pride was already shattered the moment he failed his King.

For a while, silence filled the room and the one who broke it was the King.

“…You’re right…they were after something else…”

“Something? But…what could it be?”

Fawkes asked in curiosity.

“…The contract I got from Black Hand to kill my wife and step son.”


Well, the truth was that the contract they were after was the one from 100 000 years ago, nevertheless, it’s still the same.

Having heard the King honestly gave out the answer, Fawkes inadvertently raised his head to affirm it from his facial expressions but was soon stopped by a pain from his chest.

Looking on his chest, a sword’s tip was sticking out from his body.

Fawkes looked back to his King confused.

However, the King only let out a mad cold look that doesn’t seem to care and pulled out the sword from behind as he kicks his body away.

“W…why……my Ki…ng…”

Suddenly, Fawkes remembered the words of the boy he fought before.

“…Fawkes…there is no need to die under a false King.”

In that instant, Fawkes finally realized.

The two weren’t real criminals.

They were trying to save this city.

This kingdom.

Even when the others brand them as criminals or evil, they still fought for us.

Bearing all the pain all by themselves.

Making things right even if it means sacrificing themselves.

What difference were they to him?

A knight that is always ready to die for his King.

“Tch-!...What…in the end…how am I different to that brat who only swings his sword…”

As he said, Fawkes is the same.

He has the skills sure. But he just uses it blindly for his loyalty.

“I’m sorry…it’s all up to you now…”

With his last strength, he can only pray for Lucas.

Even the most mightiest of the knight can fall with a simple stab at the heart after all.

“Tch-! What an annoying pest. Can’t even handle two brats!”

“I don’t wanna hear that from a coward who hires assassins!!!”

Fawkes tsukkomied in his thoughts.

Well, true, if stabbed at the heart, anyone would die.

If it was the heart though.

But he really cannot move. Fawkes fears that even that weak King can kill him with such a grave injury in his chest.

So he can only wait for his chance.

There was no need to sacrifice. If the two from before really did get that contract, then the King is already doomed for anyway.

So he decided to just wait it up.

Yes, it is pathetic, but it is even more pathetic to die needlessly.

He can only believe in those two.

“Please…I ask of you…bring justice to this false King!”

+ + +

Having checked that the contracts really had been taken, the King…no, he is no longer a King. Thrarsh pounded on the wall.

“Damn them! How did they discover this place!? No…to begin with, how did they know my involvement to the Black Hand!? Did they betray me!? No, was it someone else!? Is there someone backing them up!? Who is it!? Who!? WHOOOOO!!!!????”

Thrarsh started to mumble at first, but then it became louder and louder, until he finally went mad.

With each time pounding on the wall, one side of his hand already bled.

Then, seeming to have remembered something, Thrarsh raised his head.

“That’s right! I can just call them again! They left the gold alone! Summon them! Tell them to get rid of those brats before they show it to anyone!!! And if someone else sees…KILL THEM AS WELL!!!!”

While still being a mad person, Thrarsh took out a card from his pocket.

This card was pure black, with a red magic circle engraved on it.

“Black Hand! I call you forth! Grant this wish of mine! KILL THE BASTARDS THAT TOOK MY CONTRACT ALONG WITH ANYONE THEY SHOWED IT TO!!!”

Upon his words, a man in full black clothing came out from the magic circle that enlarged and glowed a while ago.



To this, even though the man was wearing a black mask, he seemed to have smiled.

After all, the customary was to give the payment after the deed is done, Thrarsh however, gave it now. Probably because of madness or that he trusts them or just doesn’t care anymore, the man did not care and just accepted it.

After the man took it, he gave the other side of the contract to Thrarsh after he signed it and dropped a blood.

“…I shall carry out your order.”

With those words, the man disappeared in the dungeon room.


Like a mad man, the broken king let out a despicable laughter.

Author's Notes

Before anything else, there is something I would like to say.

So I was real bored one night and Tate no Yuusha's translation is in hiatus so I am mega bored. Which led to me browsing the comments to find out why it was on hold, but then I saw something interesting.


Pablo AS! I don't know who you are but really, thank you for the support! I did not expect this novel to travel all the way there at all!

For someone who just started writing novels like me, this was really amazing, honestly I still can't stop grinning! :D

Well, this isn't the first novel I made, there is this Novel Relay which I did with my friends...which led to my character being lost in the woods for some reason and was forgotten by the way. OTL

I also made a volume of To aru Majutsu no Index Fanfic which is really embarrassing so I'll not say any details. -3-

There's also one called "Chowa no Toreta Sekai" meaning "Harmonious World" which only lasted 1 chapter -_-

Anyway, "World Gate Online" is my first work which I actually posted online. It was just on a whim as I was bored but then I saw the comments so I continued it anyway haha!

So for those that continued to support me, thank you m(_ _)m really.

I am not being haughty here, this is my honest feelings. I know there are plenty fanfics/novels here that are better and has more potential which I TRY not to read in order to avoid copying some details into here.

Well, now that that's done, let's get to the point.

I know I still suck at fighting scenes but this is the best I can make as I am currently so it might've been not that amazing

Also, as many of you had guessed, this is Fawkes' character. I'm actually amazed I was able to get it across to some of you, if not most, with just a few lines from him on the previous chapter.

He is very loyal, sometimes, to a fault even.

Yes, as you have read he is actually an ally that just happened to serve the wrong King.

He's character basically made Lucas realize that he still needs real skills to back up his game skills.

Also, what happens next, definitely the fight between Lucas and the Black Hand assassin...I really can't think of a better name so spare me if I copied that name somewhere...I seem to have heard of it somewhere but I can't really remember. -_-

Anyhow! What will become of the battle with the Black Hand? How will the people react from this newly discovered truth? How will this affect the world? How goes Noir's and Warren's search for the Prince? kukukuku

P.S.: For those that missed it, there's a new illustration on Chapter 4! Also...this is really embarassing...but I actually posted the Illustrations chapter of Vol1 in the Arifureta tab -_-....though I see that I wasn't the only one that did that haha :p

Till the next chapter! :P

Illustrator: imaginexbreaker

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    I have one question will the interview be cancelled because it sounded so interesting?

  27. SilvaLau
    January 19th, 2015 at 10:20:36 AM

    What happened? There haven’t been any new chapters for a while now…

  28. Name
    January 19th, 2015 at 10:25:39 AM

    yeah probaly busy?

  29. imaginexbreaker
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    Sorry -_- college classes just started last week and there are actually stuffs that needs to be done right away -_-

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    tomorrow though, tuesday, I have no scheduled classess sooooo….most likely, chap 6 will be done that day :3

    and I just realized how weak Lucas really is…I’m now having trouble not killing him…….what with all the professionals he’s been fighting -_-

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  32. SilvaLau
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  33. imaginexbreaker
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    haha, luck is a writter’s best excuse when ot comes to unreasonable events :p haha