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FanFic Title: Age of Heroes
Chapter 03: GOALS
Author: keikoku
Date Published: January 11th, 2015

I’m already two years old.
By now I have already racked my brain and I have reached a hypothesis of how I was sent back through time.
I believe it is connected to those weird runic markings. At first I mistakenly believed that is a dissipating spells that would sacrifice anything that has energy but I sense some flaw with that assumption.
If it takes energy as his source of power then everything would disappear in that Empire not only the people.
But now, I believe it is a Time-Space magic. Time –Space magic is not practiced because it is deemed impossible.
And now I could understand the Archmage intention.
How he could sacrifice so many lives.
If everything can be turned back, then what’s the harm?
Though I suspect it doesn’t work on the Archmage.
I have a theory about that.
The difference in spiritual power and the internal energy that we possessed.
Spiritual power also refers to magic energy. The reason why I believe in this theories is because I once read about this in one of Levitia journals.
It describes in detail about Time Space Magic and its application and prerequisite to even successfully attempt to use a Time Space magic.
The sacrifice was needed and serves as energy to power up the runic markings.
The Arch mage was supposed to be the vessel but I guess his spiritual energy prevent him from crossing over while I’m not. I did not only have less spiritual power than him, I also sacrificed more people at the runic markings.
Combined with all the lives in Vern Empire and the Dark Lands troops that died as sacrifice I was able to break through the barrier of time.
In other words this also means something else.
If I go through with my plan in strengthening my internal power, then maybe I can’t do the same thing again if once again we lost.
Still, I will increase my internal energy. I’m already lucky enough to be given a second chance whether it be by God or human effort, I’m thankful.
My internal energy and spiritual energy is at the Commander level by now. It’s not that unbelievable.
Combining my previous internal energy and the meditation technique used by the Hero Levitia, it made my internal energy to become so strong.
Not to mention for the past two years I only meditated.
It’s true that Levitia technique is really powerful. Learning this meditation technique could increase his internal energy by leaps and bound compared to the normal training.
But even though my internal energy is strong I can’t fight with swords yet.
My physical body couldn’t keep up. If only internal energy, I doubt anyone on this village could even hold a candle to me.
But physical strength that’s different. I need to address this issue later.
For these few years I’m helping my father collect money and maybe I would go and fight in some tournament and become a Knight under the patron of some lord.
I need to make a name for myself, with influence maybe before the fated day I can gain allies and defend my village.
I also need to ascertain some truths.
Did the Emperor of Vern Empire really sent people to kill Azrael bride?
If it’s true I can stop the Killer and maybe the war wouldn’t even happen. But it could also be a lie.
Maybe the Prince wanted to invade and just made his wife death as an excuse. Or maybe there is a misunderstanding.
How close to the truth can I get?
Either way, I need to grow fast.
After my mother feed me pumpkin soup I continued my meditation.
I must cultivate it every day.
Matter and Non matter produce each other.
Difficult and Easy complement each other.
Long and short define each other.
Fore and aft follow each other.
Arial recite the teaching in his head.
It can never be emptied and can never be filled.
Infinitely deep, it is the source of all things.
It dulls the sharp, unties the knotted,
Shades the lighted, and unites all of creation with dust.
It is hidden but always present.
If I couldn’t get allies or influence, the only thing I can hope for I my past knowledge and my strength.
Armed with knowledge of all the books I read in the imperial Library and the technique of the Hero Levitia,I paced myself for another day.
Now I’m four years old.
I began helping my father in the farm.
I also practice swordsmanship using sticks. Of course my parents believed me to be playing make believe.
Danoba is very far before all the other cities in the Dukedom but it had fertile farmlands and many animals to hunt because of the massive forest.
There is also Dagur Hill near the village which is often visited by travelers, who go to see the place where Alan Gerhardt was born. There is also a beautiful stream of water near the village.
Arial also plays with the neighborhood kid.
Arial become one of the favorite kid in the small village.
HE would always play the soldier with their neighbor kids Kyle and Lisa. He would marshal the other boys and ordering to battle while at the same time teaches them about fighting and defending.
This is all for the future.
I also teach Kyle and Lisa how to cultivate internal energy secretly. That is because on remote villages like this not many become adventurers or learn to cultivate internal energy.
Only children of noble people groomed for battle usually learn to cultivate internal energy.
He trained them, in the use of arms, the bow and arrow, the javelin, the sword, the spear, and accustomed them to wear heavy clothing to exercise with.
Or at least with the replicas he carved from sticks. His father always praises him that his carving was very good for his age.
Of course, he’s good.
He learned carving during his year in the Library and sometimes he carved birds, sometimes he carved trees but most of the times he carved his parent because he fear he would forget how they would look.
On to my family.
Using my knowledge that I glimpse during my passing over, I introduced a new way to farm to my father.
The four step farming method where my father would plant in rotation.
I explained it to my father saying that it will help the soil to fertile for a long time, save time, and it also help the livestock to be abundant and not die of starvation during the cold harsh winter.
The harvest was astounding.
Aries also help the other neighbors that worked on the farmland encouraging them to follow his method. Soon enough, many of the villagers have enough food for the winter.
My father also becomes respected in the village.
Since the Lords rarely check villages and the city is far away from their castles they rarely come here. Not to mention House of Alan controls many cities and town.
A place like Danoba which has no great importance is rarely checked upon.
Now we need to sell it.
My father brought the grain to the miller to sold in a market. Maybe in the cities. Probably the grain will be sold in The Bleeding Rock or the Bleeding Eye.
Our family usually takes our grain to Josh Miller because he doesn’t cheat and handles his business fairly.
My father brought 40 bushel of grain, many potatoes and clover, there even 5 basket of turnips on the back of the ox carriage that father bought last year with the money we got from selling our bountiful harvest.
Josh mills the grain and my father cart off the produced flour.
It is possible to grind grain at home without a mill and a miller, but this produces a lesser quality flour and requires an incredible amount of work.
Most farmers and their families would rather use their time in other pursuits and allow the miller to grind their grains into flour.
Grinding wheat grain into flour causes some loss in the weight of the grain as certain portions of the grain are not to be included in the flour.
Though a skilled miller can get more flour out of the grain than an unskilled miller but I guess we should be thankful with what we have.
With all that flour last year I suggested to my mother to open a bakery. My father builds the stalls.
I have always believed my mother cooking is the best, Arial smirked.
But I guess I’m not the only one that thinks like that.
Many people bought my mother bread and not only because it is delicious it is also cheap.
My mother learned from other housewife when she ran with my father.
My mother was from a noble family but she loved my father which comes from a farmer family. My mother ran from her family and she never speaks of them again.
Mother makes bread rolls, muffin, griddle cakes, and many other various dishes from flour.
We also have enough for our family.
With the money my father buys more tools and he also hires some young people to work on the new farm he acquired last month.
It cost my father 10 gold.
That is a lot in a village.
This is all because of the harvest.
Malnutrition and starvation in our village also dropped. Like I said earlier, my father always helps those people that are suffering making the villages’ people to treat us cordially.
Oh and about the bread.
Wheat flour makes white bread. It is a luxury items so we sell it to the noble houses with a middleman that brings our flour to the Houses of this nobles.
It is better not to deal with them directly.
Arial knew about nobility.
One day you make them happy, the other you will make them angry. Staying close with them is like staying with a lion.
Who are we but peasants, how dare do we presume the hearts of High Lords and their noble houses.
High Lords, Low Lords what does it matter to peasant that can do nothing when they order us?
So, that is our daily life.
I need to prepare myself and my family of what about to come.
At the age of 7 I will enter a tournament and be proclaimed a Knight.
I then will find some lord to align myself with.
And he already knows to whom he would ally with. He would serve Adrian Alan.
Adrian Alan is the son of Hadrian Alan, the younger brother of Alderam Alan.
Alan is one of the sworn Brothers of Levitia.
Upon the death of Levitia, Alan asks the First Emperor Alexander Montblanc known posthumously as Emperor Alexander the Diligent.
He ask to the Emperor to give him lands opposite the Blessed Lands so that quoting his word, “Darkness shall not lay it’s feet here, in the land that my brother spread his peace”.
Alexander himself is one of Levitia sworn bother so Alan is his older brother in term of the day they take their oath of brotherhood, so he agreed. So he constructed The Bleeding Wall in this Dukedom.
It is called the Bleeding Wall because it was in this Land that it said Levitia mourn for his parent that die under the hands of the Demon Race.
So deep was his sorrow that the stories describe him crying blood in the land that separates humans and the Dark Sea.
The Bleeding Wall is one of the most time consuming construction that the Empire ever did.
It takes about 90 years to be finished.
At that time both the First Emperor and Alan Gerhardt has already passed away.
So the descendant of Alan was tasked with the noble task of guarding the Lands from the Dark Lands.
Since the wall has been constructed never one the Dark Lands soldier ever succeeded in breaking the defense of the wall.
But Arial know better.
They will.
And they don’t even need to destroy all the wall to gain access.
From the stories the guards of the Tower Castle was bribed to let some Demon race to pass.
It was Azrael. Then, it was history.
Azrael and his elite guard kill the other captains and the Guard and from there they start their invasion of the Human Continent.
Back to the reason why he will serve Adrian instead of his older brother.
The Succession War.
In the history I knew Adrian will challenge his brother calling that his father gives him the right to rule in the Dukedom. Alderam do not believe him.
In that war, at the Battle of Liona Hill Adrian is killed by his brother.
Alderam then forced the Low Lords that swear fealty towards his younger brother to swear allegiance to him. He united the nobles and declare himself King.
Then for another 5 years he will wage war against Dostov and conquered it. Then knowing that the coffers are empty and many supplies have been used in the war Alderam stop and began trying to stabilize the Kingdom.
2 years after that the Dark Lands invade. With the guards in the Bleeding Wall not replenished and the military weakened from the war, the Kingdom easily fall.
The second brother on the other hand is known to be generous and kindhearted.
Maybe if he rules the outcome would be different.
I also read that he has many assassination attempts on him by his brother. If I could gain his trust then I could rose to great influence.
With influence I can maybe be the Captain of the Guard. And at least if I worked for them I might have be able to have a lot of gold.
Penny, coppers, and gold.
He suddenly remembers one of his friends words to him. What makes nobility noble? He would ask me
Penny, coppers, and gold.
Yes, penny, coppers, and gold.
And with it I could maybe sent my parents to Renasia or other Kingdoms. Renasia would be my first choice considering it will be the last to fall.
For now he will wait until he is old enough.

Chapter 3.What are your thoughts?

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  1. Lonjest
    January 11th, 2015 at 08:46:49 AM

    Cool of you to post this FF on Japtem as well. So I gave you a rating as the one I give at RRL 🙂

  2. keikoku
    January 11th, 2015 at 09:14:48 AM

    I can open Japtem in my college so it will easier for me to post.Though I can’t italic or bold the word..Which kinds of weird.

  3. ghostpeople
    January 11th, 2015 at 09:49:19 AM

    just needs pr, again good story