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FanFic Title: Age of Heroes
Author: keikoku
Date Published: January 11th, 2015

My name is Aries Vermont.
A farmer and a son of a farmer .
My father is a farmer and his father before him is a farmer and his father before him and his father before him.
It was said that my family hailed in Vnagua and then we migrated.
My grandfather was one of the first with the Village Chief Rudolf that came here and together built Danoba village, a picturesque village in the Dukedom.
In my teenage years I fell in love with Sofia Aquitane, daughter of a minor noble, House of Aquitane in Vern.
We fell in love and we marry each other despite the difference in our status.
Then years passed.
The day that Sofia bore me a son was a joyous day. It was a healthy young boy. We name him Arial.
He has white hair like me and my father before him, and the father before him.
It’s weird but my family always has white hair.
Though having a color hair dos not mean anything weird for example people in Renasia,their royalty has blue hair. Arial eyes were piercing blue, and his skin was pale.
“He looks healthy, Aries”
“Yes”I replied my wife
“My beautiful little prince” Sofia said hugging Arial in her embrace.
We were trying for many years to get a children an finally our wish are granted by God.SO of course we are beside ourselves. Having Arial in our family motivate me to work harder.
Years passed.
My son taught me about this new method of farming. He was so enthusiastic that I didn’t want to dash his hope so I just follow his instruction not believing him.
I just entertained the idea because he is my precious son. But who would have thought that my son method work.
Our harvest multiplied and from then on our life has become smooth sailing from then on. My son asks me to buy lands and shops with the profit we got from the gain we sell.
SO I bought lands which in turn enable me to gain more profit.
It makes me feel weird sometimes but where does all his knowledge come from.
In the village my son is also known by the village people. Arial is a bright and beautiful boy and he grew more and more engaging every year that passed.
I took a great deal of pride and pleasure in witnessing Arial development and his increasing attractiveness.
My son also has many talents.
Though like I always I don’t know where he pick up all this knowledge.
Maybe from traders.
He could carve beautifully, he could read, he could do arithmetic, and he would know some obscure knowledge.
He is also very fond of playing the soldier.
He would marshal the other boys of the village, usually Kyle and his sister Lisa and few other boys in the village, his little soldier, Arial once said to him, into a little troop, and train them around the village surroundings, in the river, in the creak, at the hill, in the thick bush, just as ardent and aspiring boys do with their comrades now.
I also noticed something else about my son. He possessed a certain vivacity and spirit too, which gave him, even then, a great ascendency over his playfellows.
He invented their plays; whether to fight with swords or learning to defend themselves bare hand, he led them in their mischief; he settled their disputes wisely for a little kid of 6.
Many of his playmates are older than him but no one dares disobey him.
In a word, he possessed a temperament and character which separates him from the other kid.
Sometimes I couldn’t believe he is my son.
All the while my wife shop flourishes.
Our family becomes rich and respected in the village.
My son now 7 year old, he is tall for his age more than any of the other kid in his village, probably because o his diet. He always insist to eat what he want, healthy foods and healthy drinks my son said.
Then I remembered a conversation with my son a year ago.
“Why do you eat that stuff, Arial?” I said seeing him ate something that is quite revolting in smell and sight for me to swallow.
“I have to grow bigger and taller. Maybe if I manage what I eat now, my growth of body will make me tall” He replied tersely.
“Is that so?” I replied “Why?”
“I have something that I need to protect, so I need to grow strong” He said adamantly like he was making a promise to himself.
His ferocity shocked Aries. For a 7 years old to speak so ferociously about a promise.
Then finally after Village Chief Rudolf retires he passed the responsibility of Village Chief to me.
“Aries,you will become the next chief of this village” He announced to m in his house.
‘I’m afraid ,I cannot. I know nothing of administering” I said trying to object to this one sided appointment
“And do you think I have?” He said. Then Rudolf sighed “As long as you treat the village people as you used to everything will be alright “ he said his word consoling.
The decision has been made. I will succeed the Chief position
Then since I could no longer reject, I guess I just have to embrace it.
That night I ordered a feast. We were all celebrating. There was dancing.
Laughter being share stories were exchanged, then suddenly the mood is broken.
A priest informs us of a bandit attack.
I quickly form a volunteer to intercept the bandits. In horseback I was about to check the bandits in the forest with the adventurers.
“Be careful, Dear” Sofia said, her voice was worried.
Arial on the other hand jump into another horse in our stable.
“What are you doing Arial!” I said shocked
“Get down Arial!” Sofia said, her voice stern
“It will be fine Mother. I will only watch”
Because Arial is so stubborn and sensing I had not many time to spare, I quickly rides the horse to the forest while Arial follow behind.
In the forest, the adventurers began engaging the bandits.
The adventurer is putting a tough fight.20 Adventurers fighting 50 bandits.
It does not seem like the bandit is weak either. Aries was watching the adventurers fight in a safe distance when suddenly he heard his son scream “Dodge the arrows”
Some are lucky and have fast reaction avoid death. Some are not.
Then Arial came in front of him and carry him while gracefully dodging the arrows left and right. Arial put him behind a large tree shielding him from the arrow attack. I could not hide my amazement.
Where did he learn this?
I could see that my son is trying to take his breath when suddenly his son join the fray.
What the hell is my son doing? Why court death?
Then I could see my son killing a bandit easily with his eyes ferocious as a tiger.
Arial blade flies and dances in the air, the blood of the bandits was spilling and Arial was jumping around in the battlefield still dodging the arrows and at the same time parrying the attack from the bandit’s sword and blade.
“Get back, Arial. That’s dangerous. Here, come”I scream asking him to go back
My heart was beating like crazy that it might burst
His father was yelling for him to get back. My son cloth are filled with red blood.
Then I could see the bandits began focusing their attention to my son.
The adventurers also were being attacked by a barrage of arrows.
I could not help but trembling in fear.
Fear of losing my perfect son.
My brilliant and brave little prince.
Can he do it?His son promised that he can do it
He knows his son. His son is a smart but he never shows any indication of being strong. Then, Aries could hear his son scream “Charge”
He was charismatic. A natural born leader. He was the youngest among the other people in the group yet they could not help but listen to his order.
Aries was looking at this scene with awe.
My son will be a great man.
They charged against the bandits. The arrow was shooting against them. Aries was seeing his son split into 10 images fending off the arrows.
The adventurers were also amazed by the look of it. Some even just stare at his son.
This is high level swordsmanship, some of them muttered. Aries heard them
Since when my son learned swordsmanship?
No one from the bandits group was able to hold Arial let alone fight him.
He weaves through the enemies, stabbing and hacking, in a very short time 10 people lost their lives under his sword.
Then even when the bandits have reinforcement he waded through them like a frenzied warrior hacking away their lives.
Aries then heard hooves. He turned back and he could see Knights from House of Alan has come here.
Thank god! They must come here to help.
The Knights then also entered to battle. Arial on the other was so in front that Aries think his son didn’t notice what is happening right now.
There are also some people on horseback that s watching his son intently.
Then the bandit leader was felled. Aries couldn’t see it. He was busy speaking with Lord Adrian explaining what is happening. The bandit then surrendered almost immediately.
His son was sitting in the middle o the battlefield with the corpses of the man he killed littered beside him. He was so calm that if you only watch hi you may not believe just a moment ago, many were battling her to death.
It was like scenery of story of Great Heroes.
Fighting hundreds unscathed while showing the slightest care. Emotion were varied. The Knights arrest the bandits. But even they do not dare to come to my son.
Lord Adrian step down from is horse and approach my son. He was checking something. Then my son rise up and went to me.
“Father let’s go home. I need to clean myself.” He said boringly
I could not help but just nod.
Daniel is another adventurer that also went in the forest to battle the bandit.
He is one of the neighbors of the Vermont family.
In his youth he is an adventurer. He even went to the Southern Temple, though he never met the famed Southern Healer. He has two children.
Kyle and Lisa.
His father is also an adventurer. Then when he is 25 years old he got married to Alissa, a tanner daughter.
He then settled here in Danoba, a peaceful and small village and lives his life in obscurity. But in this past few years the village has been expanding in an accelerated pace.
This can only be explained with the Vermont family.
At first, Daniel think that Aries Vermont is just like any other farmer that live day to day. They live comfortably but Daniel sense no greatness from Aries.
But in this couple of years, the Vermont family rose to respected position.
As one of the richest in the Dukedom, and the richest in the village, they did not only help the villages, Vermont family give them a job and sometimes help the starving families make their ends meet.
Thus, Aries Vermont were elected to be a Baron by House of Alan, the High Lords of the Dukedom.
To be honest, the gold that the Vermont family has is a lot than most noble families even almost rival the gold that the House of Alan have.
This is because of the way how Vermont family handles their account and the investment they have in other business.
Most noble families only depend on tax or one business but the Vermont’s have shop of every kind.
No one has ever thought to do that before.
Then tonight he saw something more absurd. A 7 year old fighting dozens of man armed with bows,blade and knife alone. He fought them all and not only he survived he won.
“Dad,is something wrong?” Daniel looked. His daughter seems worried. It’s probably because of my expression
“No everything is alright” I said.
“It’s fine,Alissa. It’s just tonight I realized something”
“What do you mean?”
“Truly this world is vast. There’s always someone better.
Alissa looked puzzle. I continued speaking
“I’m sorry Alissa. I don’t even know what I’m feeling. Is it envy? Or is it dissatisfaction?”
Alisa just smiles.
“Let’s go to bed, dear. The kid has already went to bed”
“Yeah, alright. Alissa,you go first. I think I’ll clean myself up first”
His cloth is filled with mud and blood.
They also have to bury a few of the adventurers that die.
Aries also prepare some compensation for the family of the deceased.
Alissa nodded.
And she went to bed while Daniel contemplate in the darkness.
Azrael is the Crown Prince of Anvali.
Though everyone in the Human continent refer Anvali as the Dark Lands.
There are a lot of races that lives here in Anvali.
There is the Elf, the Dwarves, the Orcs, the Faeries, Kobold, Troll and Goblin and even in the Far East there is also the Giants.
Though there a few in numbers they’re strong.
There is also a few of dragon that still exist.
Originally there is a lot of them in the Human Continent but after the Subjugation by Levitia and the Purge 200 years after Levitia,it is said that dragons in Human Continent has already extinct.
Every race has their King but everyone of their King pledged allegiance to the Demon Lord that ruled in Arakath and the descendant of Azazel Mournstar.
Azrael is now 17 years old. His father is Iriel Mournstar the current King of Arakath and the ruler of Anvali,the Protector of all the realms. Today is a joyous day for Azrael and his family.
Azrael was betrothed to the Devonshurst family since he was 2 years old. Devonhurst is one of the four Heavenly Noble Protector of Anvali and one of the oldest families of Anvali.
“Ariana Deveonhurst” Azrael muttered.
Heralded as one of the great beauty of Anvali,her fame is widespread.
“Do I look dashing?”
“Yes,Crown Prince” Elkar reply.Azrel smiled while looking and posing in front of the mirror.
I sometimes worry about the Crown Prince.
When he reach 20, he will be crowned King. Even though he is the attendant of the young prince, he know what is happening in the palace.
Majority of the ministers is pro war towards humans.Azrael is a peaceful young kid. He is charitable and a compassionate person.
He has attended to the prince since the Prince was a kid.
The Prince dislikes fighting and war.
And Iriel,the current King also dislike war.
That’s why for almost 800 years there is no massive war against the Humans.But the King minister wanted to reclaim back the Lost Land.
But still they are loyal.
If not probably they have already raised their banner and march to the Blessed Lands and retake back their Lost Lands. And there is still many ministers that wished for peace.
“Really? Do I really look dashing?” The prince asked again
Elkar looked again. The prince looked graceful in the red robe. With jet black hair, and his green sea eyes, he was looking like the perfect prince.
His trouser was high quality leather decorated with dragon design, symbol of royalty in Anzali.
“Yes,Prince. You looked dashing”
After Azrael is ready finally they started walking to the rendezvous place.
Every prospective marriage partner need to see each other accompany by their attendants or matchmaker. Finally they reached the door of Moon pavilion.
In front of the door,Azrael start getting nervous. He pushed the door gently and slowly he stepped inside.
Then he saw her.
He was awestruck.
Ariana gave him a glance. Her face flustered.
She had the most beautiful pair of eyes that Azrael has ever seen.
Her eyes were blue that remind of the clear summer sky. Her skin was white like snow, and her black hair in contrast to her complexion give her this air of mystery.
It was love at first sight for both of them.
”Crown Prince, please be seated” Elkar said noticing that the Crown prince is wearing a dazed expression. Azrael takes a seat facing Ariana.
“Would both of you like some wine?” Elkar offered. Azrael nodded.
Then quickly Elkar and the other attendants bring the couple various kind of wins for them to choose.
There are the wines from Ranoa Republic which tastes sweet, the sour red from the Orchish Lands, white clear wine form the fabled fairies, and three cask of Dwarven ale.
To ease his nervous heart, the prince chose a strong wine marked as his father private stock. The taste was nothing like he ever felt. It was languorous and heady onto the tongue, the color was red black.
Azrael filled the cup to the brim and quickly chugged it down his throat.
Ariana chuckled. Her smile and laughter make the atmosphere brighter.
“”Are you alone, Prince ?”Am I not here? Where is my wine?” she said jokingly.
Then Azrael grinned.
“I have no cup for you. We have to share” The Prince reply trying to sound as confident as he could be.
She nodded shyly.
Then when he was just about to pour the wine for her, Ariana stayed his hand
“Look at me” she said.
And I looked at her. I realize that I did not truly look at her during our conversation. And I looked at her again, this time feeling more confident.
This will be my wife.
My beautiful wife.
My princess.
My queen.
And that day, they started to learn about each other.
Azrael would tell her his hobbies of painting and playing the lyre.
Ariana on the other hand has a very beautiful voice.
So their days were spending in the gardens playing music and singing.
They are the most perfect and beautiful couple that Anvali has ever had.
They were loved by their people and they loved their people.

I noticed something here..My bold and monolgue whic is in italic turn to normal when I post it here...

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  1. ghostpeople
    January 11th, 2015 at 10:07:06 AM

    probably because o his diet.
    should be probably because of his diet.
    He announced to m in his house.
    should be He announced to me in his house.
    There are also some people on horseback that s watching his son intently
    should be There are also some people on horseback that are( dont like is) watching his son intently
    His son was sitting in the middle o the battlefield
    Should be His son was sitting in the middle of the battlefield

  2. ghostpeople
    January 11th, 2015 at 10:11:06 AM

    Good story, I like the point of views of other characters as well 5/5, just needs pr

  3. Shance
    January 19th, 2015 at 07:44:06 PM

    i started Reading it and im hooked! you have a great story here!