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FanFic Title: Age of Heroes
Author: keikoku
Date Published: January 11th, 2015

Remember, look at the year.

10 AF
Eastern Land, 10 years since the Fall the humans are killed in indiscriminate killing, a family in the West, MontBlanc revolt against the rule of the Demon Lords, while the illustrious Anjou family migrate and sail the Weeping Sea.
The Ranoa family follows the Anjou family and also sails the sea hoping to find a new home.
The Mountain Tribe terrorized the people in Davarus looting and pillaging.
Others seek refuge in the Dessert, the Dry Lands.
In these tumultuous times, villains and evil prevails. The Demon Lords in their tall and strong sturdy palace indulging in carnal pleasure daily and victimized the Humans.
Every day, news of slaughter of the Human race can be heard.
Heroes and villains emerge in this period.
A loyal commander by the name of Hadrianus Junius who serves the Demon Lords gives military secret to save the humans and finally was executed by the Demon Lords.
His bravery and loyalty inspires the people.
Humans are left homeless and lives in poverty. Heroes from all over the continent raise their swords to uphold justice and protect their rights.
A war filled with bloodshed begins.
Our story begins in a village know longer known in history.
The noise of chatter fills the tavern.
Everyone seems to be discussing about the same thing.
Either the news about Hadrianus execution or the ongoing revolt in the West by the MontBlanc family.
“The Court is full of fat minister who only knows to fill their own belly” some said. The other nodded.
Another said “The Demon Lord victimized us, abused us, rape our daughters and kill our sons” The other agreed.
Another said “ We, the human race is more than the Demon Lords. If we unite our strength we can stop them”
In the corner are two brothers that are just listening to the conversation.
“Brother let’s join the heroes and defend our races” said a man while speaking to another man. His voice was strong and clear.
The man that he speaks to has white hair and blue eyes with tall broad shoulder .
His muscle was well defined and he looks like he has fought many battles from the scar in his left hand.
The man reply “I’ll go with you brother”
Their conversation is heard by the people in the tavern.
Then another man in the tavern said “Young heroes” he said pointing to the two brothers
“ You might risk losing your life like Hadrianus” the old man said advising the young heroes.
“You’re young and have great love for our people but be patient”
“Pah” another man in the middle table spits to the ground.
He then rise and bang the table. The other looked at him.
“Patient? For how long we have been patient against the Demon Lords?”
The other nodded. He then climbs the table and stands and began speaking in a loud voice, mesmerizing the spectator with his actions.
“During the Lost Year, the First Generation has made an Accord with the Demon Lords. The Accord was as long as the Demon Lords respect our rights, we will uphold and protect their rule over Dazarus.Am I right?” he yelled
The brothers nodded. The other spectators also nodded in agreement.
“But 10 years after we chose our King for us to rule over our own people the demon Lords imprison Alexiniad MontBlanc in their Black Tower and torture him to death. Who knows where his son,Alexander went? Whether he is still alive or if he is already dead?”
“Yes” the other said speaking in unison.
“ Mikael Mournstar, you scum” the brother with the black hair said his word was full with disdain.
“Hero” he said to the man that make the speech “Am I right to scold him?”
“RIGHT! THAT SCOLDING IS RIGHT” said the man passionately.
The man that spoke so brazenly against the Demon Lords was tall and excessively handsome and has quite the peculiar hair color.
My brother has white hair color, while this brave young Hero has blue hair colour, Arian mused.
Of course, Arian would not know that someday the descendant of the blue hair man will someday save his son lives countless of times and become the King of a great country.
The tavern cheered and banged their weapons to the ground feeling spirited hearing the blue hair man speech.
“This man is a great speaker and he has the right intention” his brother muttered.
“True”Arian replied shortly
After that the brothers went out from the tavern with new determination.
“All heroes has risen”
“Chasing the glory of battlefield”
“For the sake of our people they sacrificed their life”
“Should our body wither till old?”
“What regret it would be?”
The brothers are approaching their home with happy hearts. They recite poem while still drinking.
“HAHAHAHA, Brother Arian ,let us go drink again sometimes” said the man with the white hair.
A woman can be seen sweeping around the yard.
She is of short stature, well proportioned, thin and delicate, and amazingly pretty; her eyes are lively that she inspires reverence and respect.
Her voice is smooth and gentle.
She is also much skilled in ladies' work, such as producing all sorts of embroidery with the needle.
She has knowledge of music, chiefly on the lute, on which she plays exceedingly well.
Arian know this because Gabriel wouldn’t stop boasting about his wife every time he got drunk
“You’re back Dear” her tone welcoming
“Yes, I’m home”
Then, the woman turns and addressed Arian.
“Brother Arian, bring sister Mary over for dinner. Let us eat together” The woman ask Arian while Arian is walking over to his house.
This two families has tight bonds and Arian and Gabriel was childhood friends and Sworn Brothers in their youths.
Their wives also are great friends with each other.
“Thank you, Sister in Law” Arian reply
“I guess tonight we will taste your superb cooking Sister in Law.” He smiles.
Gabriel just laugh
The Gabriel excited spoke“ Arian let’s go to the forest and hunt”
“Let’s do that” Arian replied enthusiastically.
Elizabeth was watching and could not stand it anymore.
“No, you don’t” Elizabeth pinched Gabriel ears.
“Oww,oww,that hurts”
Arian just laughs at the scene
“Sister in Law, I will tell Mary to come for dinner”
“Go, while I deal with your brother”
In the background he could hear his prideful brother beg for mercy.
I guess my brother fear only one person: his wife Arian chuckled.
Arian ran happily to his home.
Inside he could see he wife is praying earnestly saying the Hymn of Light.
His wife is the ardent follower of the God of Light.
“I’m home, Dear”
“OH, you’re back, Dear” Mary finally realizing his husband is back.
Arian stores his weapon and then hugged his wife from behind.
“What did you pray for?” Arian asked
She blushed.
“I wish us a child, dear”
Is she that worried? Arian mused.
Then Arian lifts his wife to the bedroom while Mary is giggling
“What are you doing?” Mary said feigning ignorance
“I’m trying to fulfill your prayer, my lovely wife”
Mary was giggling harder now.
Then the curtain closed.
They began kissing and……. you know the rest.
Nine month from that day, Mary will bear a healthy son, destined for greatness.
“I overhear people talking about that cruel King during my way here brother.”
Arian relay the stories he heard to his brother. Unrest is everywhere this day.
Mary and Elizabeth are in the kitchen preparing dinner while the two brothers talk about the ongoing events.
The slaughter of the human race has increased since the revolt.
“Sister Liz,please rest. You’re at the last month already. Take it easy Sister in Law.”
“It’s fine. I can do this”
Elizabeth is pregnant and nearing her time for the child to be born.
They spend their time that evening chatting and eating together. After they have finished eating then they ask each other well-being and Elizabeth play her lute.
They were marveling at Elizabeth mastery of the music instrument, when something happen.
Suddenly Gabriel heard the screams.
“What happened outside?” Gabriel rushed to open the door.
From afar he could see smoke
Arian is behind him.
“What happen, Brother?”
“The Demon Lords army has come here” Gabriel said his voice is tense.
We need to leave
“We have to leave, Brother”
Gabriel was gripping his sword roaring to go to battle with the Demon Lords army.
Arian notices his brother intention.
Then Arian glance at Elizabeth swollen belly.
Elizabeth looks worried.
Her face was livid.
This is not right. Arian decided.
Just about when Gabriel start to stepped outside, Arian blocked him
“Where are you going, Brother?”
“We have always spoken to avenge our people. Now is the opportunity”
“What about your family, Brother?” Arian said pointing to Elizabeth
Then finally like he is awakened, he looked again at his wife expression.
“Let us avenge them when your son is born. Let him know his father.” Arian advise.
Elizabeth has already has tears on her eyes.
“What do you say,Brother?”
Gabriel nodded.
For my family.
Quickly they only take supplies that are absolutely necessary and ride thei horses.
The village people that were late in running away was either burned by the fire or killed by the Demon Lords.
People frightened by the shouting ran out of their houses and were cut down by the sword before they knew what was happening.
Others were smashed by the Orcs big clubs. And some were massacred in their houses where they tried to hide, and some in churches where they sought refuge.
It was a sight of pure carnage.
It has been 3 days since they run from the onslaught of the Demon Lords army. They are all exhausted.
They were resting in the forest and make a camp for the night.
“Arhgg” startled they check the source of the scream
They find that Elizabeth water broke.
Gabriel quickly rushed to his wife side.
“Elizabeth,are you fine?” His tone worried
“DO I LOOK LIKE I’M FINE, GABE?” she screams.
“Let me handle this,Brother In Law” Mary said. Mary pushed Gabriel out of the way.
“Push,push,sister in law” Mary said tensely
Mary has experience delivering child in the village so she is calm.
But this is the forest and who know what animals will be coming here hearing Elizabeth screams.
After two hours finally the child is safely delivered.
It is a he.
His hair is white and like his father he has a clear pair of blue eyes.
Gabriel is happy to see his son.
“He looked healthy, Sister in Law” Mary said.
Mary handed the child to Elizabeth.
“He looked handsome” Elizabeth said happily while inspecting his newborn baby.
“How can you know that? He is still a child” Gabriel remarked.
“A mother knows” Elizabeth said glancing at Gabriel
Gabriel just shuts his mouth.
“Dear what should we call him?”
“Hmmm,Ah, I know” He exclaimed
“Do you have a good name, Dear?”
“Yes, a good and heroic name.”
“What is it?” Elizabeth asked again.
“Levitia.It sound heroic isn’t it?” he said cheerfully clearly proud of himself.
“Levitia,huh?” Elizabeth is contemplating.
“Levitia Vermont. That is a good name Brother” Arian said from the back.
“Isn’t it?Levitia Vermont”
Then he looked at his son face and said “Someday, my son, you will be greater than any man” he said as an offering.
“Why wish for that, dear? Just wish him healthy like other parents” Elizabeth disapproves.
“It’s alright. Who knows if he will really be greater than any other man?”
“With you as his father, I doubt that” Elizabeth said jokingly. Gabriel and Arian laugh.
Every parent will whisper their wish to their newborn baby.
Some wished for health, some wish their son to live rich, but Gabriel Vermont wish his son for greatness.
It is the custom for the Sky People.
Of course, Gabriel did not know how prophetic his wish is.
His son Levitia will become the greatest Hero in Human History leading the Subjugation and rid out the Demon Lords from Davarus and declares the continent as the Human Continent.
They are also countless of heroic feats that Levitia performs that cemented his name in the history, like slaying the Red Dragon Galahad, fighting the Dwarven General,Dulira Zaraf for three day and three nights and single handedly destroy an army of 10 thousand soldier by himself.
Of course, maybe if Gabriel knows what his son fate he will not wish for such thing.
Levitia like any other hero has a tragic end.
Then suddenly Arian got an idea.
“Brother, I have an idea”
“What? Brother Arian, say it” Gabriel said while hugging his son
“Me and my wife has been trying to get a child for a few years now. If I have a boy let them become sworn brothers. If it’s a girl let us betroth them to each other and they can become husband and wife. How about it,Brother?”
“HHAHAHA, GREAT IDEA BROTHER” Gabriel laughed heartily
“Ssh,you wake the child” Elizabeth shushing his husband.
“That is a good idea. Let the family of Gerhardt and Vermont be bonded for years to come’”
The two brothers laughed happily.
Mary and Elizabeth just smile.
Today is a joyous day for the Vermont family.
And nine months after it will be a joyous occasion for both of the family.
Arian Gerhardt and Mary Gerhardt will bore a young healthy son, named Alan Gerhardt and known as Alan Shadowstrider and one of the most loyal brothers of Levitia.
Both of them will have many adventures and endures hardship together.
Alan is known as a loyal and honorable person compared to Duvan Renasi another sworn brothers of Levitia,who is smart an cunning.
But his stories will inspire the creation of the Knight codes and defines for generations to come of what chivalry means.
He is also one of the people Levitia trusted the most and care for among all his brothers.
In that forest, a boy destined for greatness, that sets him apart from all the other heroes of his time is born.
That night, seven Blazing Stars from the Sky fall and the world shakes signifying his birth.
This is the beginning of his epic legend.

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Comments (4)

  1. ghostpeople
    January 11th, 2015 at 10:22:32 AM

    A little notice about when but otherwise great history, needs pr 4.5/5

  2. blitflame
    January 11th, 2015 at 10:55:09 AM

    This is extremely confusing I can bot tell who is who while I like the story its confusing first off why does everyones name start with A second off while you give a name you don’t get that descriptive it also seems like everyone’s name is ariel and then you have several errors where a he should be a she or vice versa its confusing please fix

  3. keikoku
    January 11th, 2015 at 11:03:02 AM

    Everyone name start with A? What are you talking about?

  4. ghostpeople
    January 11th, 2015 at 11:58:39 AM

    the brothers, and main character have unique a names, i get a little lost myself