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FanFic Title: Age of Heroes
Chapter 28: LEVITIA DISK
Author: keikoku
Date Published: January 19th, 2015


All of my vassal is here, sitting in the long tables, all looking at me after they relay the news of Whitetree defeat.
The dinner did nothing to ease their worries, the silverware all untouched.
The food has been cleaned, the wine has been drunk, yet fear and worries is clear.
The tension in the dark dimly hall can be felt.
Some is whispering, others muttered.
But all waited for my decision.
Do we fight the dragon and perish like Whitetree?

Or do we bend the knee and be spared of it’s fiery breath
“ My lord, the dragon is fast approaching towards us. They are now resting in the Whitetree strongold after he decimated the Whiterees.
The other noble Houses have sworn their fealty towards him. What should we do?” the Articon of Light spoke to me.
His face is full with worry.
“He is right,my lord. Do we fight the dragon and perish. The three brothers and so many lords have joined him.”
“Pah, I say let’s kill the little boy. All this talk of fear of a boy. Pathetic ” Ser Bran say while spitting to the ground
“Haah, a young boy! Yes, you’re right! He is a young boy. A young boy who just defeated so many of those who tries to oppose him. A young boy who have the fealty of more than 100 of minor lords.
If he wanted he can raise all his vassal in the East and it would not be 10 thousand troops that came here, it will be 100 thousand, maybe more.” Lord Leath says
“He is right my lord.” The Articon spoke again.
These Articon from the Church always give wise counsel.
Every noble household has one, but not the dragon.
The dragon, the Vermont’s seems unconventional, even for their own region. Their way of rule, clothing and their own culture is weird.
They is also the matter of freedom of the people under their rule. Under their rule, many people can buy their freedom, many becomes merchant, traders, artisans and craftsman.
Many noble houses is intrigued with the Vermont weird way of living, their custom, their ideas, but none dare to say anything fearing to offend the Vermont.
Aries is known to be a very tolerant person and generous and very gentle in his dealing but it is their son that people worried about.
AT the beginning of the war, he is called a mad dog, a greenhorn trying to enter the battle of man.
But now?
Now he has shown what he really is.
Not a dog and not a greenhorn, not an incapable young lord, a regent for a kind and generous lord, but a dragon that is fierce.
Arial the Dragon.
And he wins battle after battle forcing the lords kneel their knee towards him, sworn fealty to the new King
Arial the Dragon
That is what people called him.
Yesterday a few nobles’ tries to rebel against the young lord after he has taken the Whitetree.
They are easily squashed and all of them is executed.
Arial is able.
That above all.
And his single mindedness and ability has won him many battles.
For such a young lord to bring a host of thousands of soldiers is no easy feats.
He is clearly ambitious and driven and has the strength to make his will come true. He is also a negotiator, settling dispute with his words, persuading people to swear their fealty.
A unifying force that this Dukedom has not seen for many years, even more than the Alan’s have been.
And now a King has arisen.
King Adrian.
A King.
But it is not he that battles.
It is not he that war.

“My lord?” the Articon ask again
I have to make a decision.
The dragons are at our city gate with the Three Brothers behind them making them a large force of 20 thousand strong.
“Open the city gates and ask the Young lord to come here to our castle. Let me meet this so called dragon”
“Will you swear fealty, father?” Gerrick ask
“We’ll see. We’ll see”

“Son, will you accompany your sister to the Palace today?” my father said sitting on his chair after breakfast. His belly seems full.
“She looks giddy” I said
My father glances at my sister direction preparing herself to meet the Crown Prince
“Yes she is”
“When is the wedding?”
“Next year. Will you go accompany her?”
“Let her handmaiden go with her, like usual”
“Do you not like it that your sister marry the Crown Prince?”
“It’s not that father” I said fiddling with my spoon. I cleared my throat and said
“The Court is a dangerous place. You know that. MOTHER know that”
“Your mother knows it too late” my father said his eyes shows sorrow
“Yes. She knows too little and knows too late” I agree.
“But your sister is marrying the King” he said once again joy shows itself and once again glancing at my sister
My father always loved my sister more than me.
Though I did not complain.
I too love my sister.
It is also probably because my sister so resemble my mother.
It is curious how the thing that hurts us the most can also be our medicine.
My father…his heartache because of my mother is big and impactful.
Yet, he still loves her even after all the hurt.
I hate my mother.
For leaving this family, for leaving father, for leaving me and Ariana, and for being so stupid.

“A king is even more dangerous. And anyway I’m doing my research today.”
“Again? What research you’re doing exactly?”
“Just about old stuff, history and myths.”
My father shakes his head
“Fine, but next time you will accompany her”
Then my sister enters the dining room, her black hair flowed gracefully, her blue eyes scanned my face and my father.
“Did brother agree to come?” she said he voice hopeful
My father shakes his head
“You never accompany me brother” she said sulking
I smile.
She is still my cute little sister.
“Don’t be like that. Next time, I promise”
She smiles again and she kind of reminded me of mother, the moment when I like her before she became the stupid woman who leaves their own family.
Stupid and pitiful
Ariana was too young then. A story that I don’t like to retell
She gives me a peck in the cheek and go about her way, excited to meet her betrothed, probably to sing and play musical instrument again.
The lovely couple.
The royal couple.
Playing their string instrument while my sister sings.
So beautiful their harmony, that the common folk says that even birds will freeze in the air trying to listen to their melody
I on the other hand return to my room.
A room full of books.
Hundreds and hundreds of them. All stacked according to their alphabetical order.
Yesterday I sneaked into the Library again and managed to steal one book
The Lost Generation.
I read it once before a few years ago.
But I need a revision
So, after entering my room, I close the door and sitting on the chair I began opening the book and read it.
The Lost Generation.
The lost generation refers to the generation after the first generation disappeared without a trace.
It tells the story of their offspring, that rise up and created a thriving empire of their own and they called their Empire, Enoch.
Using the technologies that their forefathers left, they forge an empire so powerful that even the Dark Lords fear them.
They live in an island surrounded by a protective barrier that no one can penetrate.
One of their most famous relic of their empire that still survives until today is their Enochian steel.
Impossible to break and very sharp that it can cut mountains.
One of Levitia swords is said to be an Enochian steel.
The fact that they can cut anything is probably exaggerated, because of Levitia.
Levitia successfully or accidentally, cut a mountain, now called the Flat Mountains in the Dukedom of Alan.
Probably the sword is as only as strong as it’s wielder.
Levitia is known to have such great internal strength, that he can battle dragon and survive. The Lost Generation then lived in peace and prosperity until their Empire sank to the bottom of the sea for unknown reason.
I put down the book.
I know why no people knows the story of the Lost Generation
The reason why this is unknown is because of Levitia.
Levitia who reached to the Blessed Land met the Three Wise Men of the Sea and was given some knowledge, knowledge some historian and scholar believe about the First Generation and the Lost Generation.
Levitia was on the march to the Dark Lands determined to wipe out all the Dark Lords that he hounded the Dark Lords to Arakath.
In the Blessed Land, the Three Wise Men of the Sea shows themselves to Levitia, and spoke to him in private.
It was from the account of Alan Shadowstrider who was there at the scene.
After their conversation, suddenly Levitia stopped his march and return back and declare Davarus as the Human Continent, that the Demon Lords may never come again.
And after what Levitia put the Demon Lords through, they did not dare to step their foot again, not as long as Levitia is still alive.
The fact that Levitia did not continue his march, and his reason, is still debated by scholars from the Human Continent or in Anvali.
He was unstoppable and no one in the world at that time came close to his strength, yet suddenly he stopped his march, send his soldier home and for the first time, peace is achieved, ushering in the creation of the Empire and their subsequent development
Then after the Subjugation, the event that refers to his subjugation of the Demon Lords that ruled Davarus, he ordered the Demon Lords to meet him to discuss the post war agreement.
He will give peace if the Demon Lords will give him all books, publications, written words about the Lost Generation or he will bring hell to Arakath and laid it down to waste.
The Demon Lords agree.
Then Levitia burn the books about the lost generation and kill all those who know about the Lost Generation.
The humans like to paint Levitia as a hero without fault, honorable and just, yet this is one of the only things in history a terrible deed, he ever did, one terrible deed.
He never rape, even when raping was legal back then, he did not drink, he did not participate in licentious activities, did not own slaves as he believe liberty and freedom is for all, and all are equal before God, neither did he kill randomly, yet this is the only time he act in such a way.
What would lead such an honorable man to act such way?
What would be his motivation?
I believe he has a secret that he need to kept.
The burning of books and the killing of the scholar.
No one understands why he did it.
But I believe he knows something.
Something so dangerous that he would rather broke his honor than let the truth be known.
The truth about the Lost Generation and the First Generation.
I should go to the Human Continent.
I will search for Levitia Disk.
Levitia after his meeting with the Three Wise Men of the Sea, carved and scribbled words to an Enochian disk using his Enochian blade, LightBreaker
Words that no one could understand. Language no one could understand.
His sworn brothers could not understand in what language he wrote in the disk.
The disk has some that is small, some large, all scribble in an undecipherable writing, yet it seems Levitia understand and so does the Three Wise Men of the Sea.
This is reported by Alan when Levitia scribbled the writing while the Three Wise Men look intently at Levitia scribbling.
After that they scattered the disk all around the Human Continent.
For what reason, no one understands.
But I will.
I will understand what Levitia tries to relay to his people.
I ordered my attendants to come in

“My lord” he said bowing slightly, rushing to come in
“Why did you call me, milord?”
“I need your help. Prepare a carriage for me, put supplies, a few weapons, and a lot of money”
He nodded and quickly get out of the room to prepare.
“Where are you going young master?”
I looked outside my windows.
The air breeze through, the sunlight hit my face.
My heart become excited.
It’s been a long time I got out of the castle.
And for once in a long time, I will go to the land that I only read in books, in story teller’s mouth and song from the minstrel and bard.
Land that produced great heroes, mostly Levitia.
My relatives were right. I’m obsessed of finding answers.
“To a land fill with myths and story of great heroes.” I reply
And for some reason I couldn’t stop smiling.
My own quest.
My personal quest

Ok, here it is..Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks and give your comments.

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  1. Shance
    January 19th, 2015 at 10:17:45 PM

    Dammit all!!!!

    I really want more, thanks for such a great story!