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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 2: Audience with the King
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: March 3rd, 2015

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Chapter 2: Audience with the King



You have been summoned as a [Hero] due to your title belonging to the [Hero] Class.

This is your first time being summoned!
For 1 week in this world, all time in the other worlds are frozen.

Remaining time: 6:23:30:52


Due to being summoned, you cannot travel to any world until you complete your mission of being summoned.

Current mission: End the conflict between the Demon race and the Human race.


Congratulations! You are the first to discover this world [Senerth]!

For 1 week, you will have double EXP in this world.
For 1 week, you will have double drop rates in this world.

+700 Fame


I let out a weird sound as I stare at these windows.

I mean, what the hell? What does the world want with me!?

I don’t wanna become a [Hero]! I just told Trask that! Why does every force in the universe seem to want me to become a [Hero]!!!???

Normally, this would actually excite me but I’m not in the mood for such a thing.

Not only that, but I can’t even go back unless I bring peace to this world!? Are you kidding me!?

Don’t take peace too lightly!

You think that peace can be achieved that easily!? Even in our world, conflicts still happen! And you want me to bring peace here!?

…Wait…it doesn’t really imply peace right? I just have to end the conflict?

………But isn’t that the same thing?

This type of story leads to me defeating the Demon Lord or something, they just told me to do that a while ago.

Hmmm…… peace isn’t needed right? I just have to kill that damn Demon Lord and be done with it.

But still……to freeze time for 1 week of this world…I’ll just make use of it and earn as much EXP as I can.

But after it’s finished…just what is the equivalent time here from my real world…….hopefully it isn’t anything extreme like 1 day here is a decade there……I don’t wanna see everyone I know to be old people……and I definitely don’t want to see my own little brother to be older than me.

Oh yeah, there’s a time display on my upper leftmost vision…it’s frozen, I forgot that time’s supposed to be stopped for 1 week here…The upper time displays the time in [Harus] and the lower time displays the time in [Earth]…I wonder how these things actually work?

Damn, this is all because of these guys summoning me.

What did I ever do to them!? I want to sleep! Nighttime is approaching in my own world and I’m about to sleep then you summon me!?

This is way beyond jet lag.

I don’t even know what time it is in this enclosed room!

Gnngngngngggggggggggg…hurry up and explain to me so I can be done with this!

My [Rage] stat is already past 500 so I will definitely lose control the moment I use [Dragon’s Wrath]!

Explain already!!!

I stare at the priests surrounding me with hostile gaze which made them all flinch.

Am I that scary? Did I activate [Dragon’s Wrath] unknowingly? Or is it an effect of [Dragon Eyes]?

“U-umm, I apologize if we’ve brought Sir Hero any discomfort.”

“It’s fine, quickly, explain what’s happening.”

I’m already in a bad mood before you guys summoned me so hurry up!

“Y-yes, you see, our country is currently being attacked by a massive army of monsters. We fear that there is no hope so the King ordered to summon a [Hero] that can lead us to victory.”


You mean right now!? You summoned me in the middle of the war!?


Isn’t there some sort of training first? Strengthening the Hero so he can fight the Demon Lord, that kind of story!?

“And where is that King that dared summon me selfishly?”

My voice turned colder than usual.

I wonder if it’s because I’m really pissed off right now?

“Y-yes, we will lead you to his Highness.”

Looks like the priests are all scared of me……whatever.

They’re all old people anyway.

I mean come on, Hero summoning and the first people I see are old men!? Isn’t it usually beautiful Princess or Priestesses!?

While I was thinking about that, I was lead towards a rather grand hall.

Activating my appraisal skills, I found out that most of the furniture is made of rather expensive materials. They’re all definitely high class.

A lot of my skills leveled up fast as well, I guess it’s the effect of seeing something rare what with this being another world and all.

My [Art Sense] stat also increased 7 times!

The Throne Room was even more amazing.

So amazing I just wish I can steal everything in here.

“I’m definitely set for life if I sell all these in [Earth]…”

Sitting on the Throne, was an old bearded man wearing expensive noble attire.

Definitely worthy of a King. He looked down on me in that elevated throne of his…annoying.

Somehow, he reminded me of that trash King in [Drachedge]…..the Queen also had the same feel around her.

“Seriously, what’s with these Kings and Queens that just feels annoying…Sebastian and Prince Lanslet are definitely better than them.”

On the bright side, the Princess beside them feels normal.

She is indeed beautiful but…I wonder why? Somehow, I just recalled Freya at the back of my head….?

Upon reaching a few steps distance from the throne, the other priests and soldiers that accompanied me knelt and bowed their heads.

“…Why do you not kneel?”

Right, I didn’t.

“I’ll turn that question back at you. Why do you think I will kneel?”

“I am the King. It is natural to kneel in front of the King.”

Uwaaa…so he’s that type huh?

The type that does whatever he wants because he’s King?

“Listen here old man. In my world, it’s already nighttime and oh, looks like it is the same here.”

I see a window and looked outside and it’s really nighttime.

Do these guys ever sleep?

Though there’s bright light beneath, this is probably the still going war…..they really did summon me in the middle of the war huh?

“I’m tired, I was just about to sleep and relax but then you decided to summon me. Look, the way I see it, you’re desperate for my help with this war of yours. And now you’re asking me to kneel in front of you? I only kneel to the person I know I can respect and that is not you.”

“W-wha-!? You commoner! Don’t think you’re that important just because you’re a [Hero]! We can replace you anytime we want!”

Oh good, he snapped.

Now that’s a sight to see.

….But why does the Princess look so excited?

“Good! Now send me back and replace me! I wanna sleep! And for your information, I’m a Marquis!”




The King and I fell silent.

“…What? Hurry up and send me back so you can replace me.”


“…It’s that huh?...I really can’t leave unless I defeat the Demon Lord and you cannot summon another [Hero] while I’m here?”


The King flinched…

Tch, there goes my shortcut to go back…

I thought that since I will be able to go back, I can just reenter this world with the [World Key] later and monopolize the dungeons and monsters but…I really can’t leave huh?

Geez, to have my expectations go up then bring it back down immediately…this guy’s annoying.

“H-hah! Even if you want to go back, you can’t unless you defeat the Demon Lord so in the end, you’ll still do your job.”

This old man….

Hm? There was nothing mentioned in the system notice about killing the Demon Lord right?

“My job is supposed to be just to end the conflict between the Demon race and Human race…it shouldn’t matter who survives and dies right? So choose. You, or the Demon Lord. Whichever dies will surely settle the conflict.”

Well, it wouldn’t settle immediately but it will definitely make the rest easier.

Although…I don’t really think I can kill him just because of that….well whatever.



Oh, looks like he’s scared.

……And the Princess still looks excited!? Why the hell!?

It’s like she founds this amusing…..I wonder, I feel like something’s going on here…



Did I just hear him laugh?

He did right?


“…Is this King right in the head?”

“Good, good! I have to say, I’m impressed!”


I really have no words for this.

Is this some sort of prank?

Am I in one of those reality TV shows?

….Is this why the Princess was like that? Looks like she isn’t fit for acting…

“That look, I’m sure you’re confused. You see, we’re not really inclined to trust strangers like you and just call you [Hero] because you’re the one that was summoned.”


“So, we devised a test. A test whether I can see you trustworthy enough to be called [Hero].”

“In that case I failed right?”

I badmouthed him a lot, even threatened him.

I’m sure I’ll fail, then I’ll be sent back…wait, I can’t return right? Or was that an act as well?

“On the contrary, you passed.”

“Old man, I think you should see a doctor. You know, one that specializes in mental illness.”

“Haha, you sure know how to make someone laugh huh? You see, if someone just tells you to believe in them right from the get go, what would you think?”

He’s treating what I said as a joke…

“He’s an idiot?”

Well, imagine someone you don’t know and immediately tells you to trust them, what kind of people could that be other than an idiot?

…Wait, I did that when I rescued Freya right? I just took her away and led her to an abandoned building…thinking back on it, my actions are really suspicious…

“That I agree young child. You see, if you, who were just summoned, kneeled in front of me, acted all nice and all, and even make promises like ‘I will save this world’. Then believing in you would be hard.”

Well…but isn’t that what a [Hero] would’ve said?

“After all, we don’t know you. We don’t know what you are, we don’t know anything about you. So we’ll think ‘why’. Why is this person helping us? What are his true motives? But you, you ignored all that.”


“In fact, you really sounded more of a [Villain] you know? But you’re not.”

“What makes you think that?”

Though I asked that, the King just smiled.

“Trade secret.”

This damn King…

I stare at him with half open eyes.

“Anyway, if it’s you, I can be sure. You will save this world, it’s in you to do so. After all, you’re a [Hero].”

Even in this world…what the hell do people see me for?

I have too many selfish desires to be a [Hero]…

“Guards, bring the Mithril Set.”

Four guards exited the room after bowing.

…Did he say mithril?

Mithril Set? As in a [Set]?

I get to have a set of armor made of mithril!?

In WGO…rather, in [Harus], you can set a set of equipments into a set for ease of changing. I myself had added the [Nocturnal Set] Sebastian gave me from before. I also still have the [Beginner Set] for no reason...

After a short while, the guards came back carrying a pure white armor and sword.

Using the [Ore Appraisal] Skill that just become Intermediate, I found out that the armor was definitely made of mithril.

Not only that, there’s no other metals involved! I know this because using Beginner Appraisal, I actually have to see the material before I can appraise it, but with Intermediate, red dots indicate where there is an ore and all dots have been Mithril.

Only the leather straps are different, the rest was pure mithril!

“T-this is….”

“Oh? Looks like you’ve taken a liking to it. It’s made of pure mithril and mithril only, everything aside from the leather straps are pure mithril.”

No need to repeat what I already know…though I guess he didn’t know that.

J-just how much mithril are there in this world for them to waste this much on a single set!?

Mithrils are supposed to be rare right? Could it be that in this world, mithril is actually common?

Though I thought of that, the King’s next words answered it immediately.

“This is all of this world’s mithril. Every mithril every country have were smelted and given to our top blacksmith, Ulfgar, to forge this set. All for the sake of the [Hero] to wear them. For the sake of peace.”


To spend every mithril in the world for just one set…and just give it to the [Hero]…Should I say these guys are kind or an idiot?

I really can’t make up my mind. So I’ll just call them kind idiots.

But one thing’s clear.

If I became this [Hero] then this means the mithril is mine!

“Well then, it’s good you found yourselves a [Hero]!”

“I thought you didn’t want to be one?”

“Hey, I can’t leave here until I finish my mission and you seem to have already considered me as a

[Hero] so what else do you want me to do?”

Now I can have all of this world’s mithril by myself!

See? I’m greedy! I’m not fit to be a [Hero]!

But I will be one if it means gaining this amazing set!

“Knock yourself out then. It’s all yours.”


Senerth’s Mithril Armor




+300 VIT
+ 30% Light DEF
+30% Holy DEF




Heaven’s Shield


Title must have the word [Hero].


An armor made of pure mithril that consumed all of Senerth’s mithril mines. Crafted by Senerth’s greatest blacksmith, Ulfgar.
Specially made for a [Hero].


Senerth’s Mithril Gauntlets




+100 STR
+ 15% Light DEF
+15% Holy DEF




Heaven’s Fist


Title must have the word [Hero].


A gauntlet made of pure mithril that consumed all of Senerth’s mithril mines. Crafted by Senerth’s greatest blacksmith, Ulfgar.
Specially made for a [Hero].


Senerth’s Mithril Boots




+100 SPD
+ 15% Light DEF
+15% Holy DEF




Heaven’s Speed


Title must have the word [Hero].


A boot made of pure mithril that consumed all of Senerth’s mithril mines. Crafted by Senerth’s greatest blacksmith, Ulfgar.
Specially made for a [Hero].


Senerth’s Mithril Helmet




+150 DEX
+ 20% Light DEF
+20% Holy DEF




Heaven’s Blessing


Title must have the word [Hero].


A helmet made of pure mithril that consumed all of Senerth’s mithril mines. Crafted by Senerth’s greatest blacksmith, Ulfgar.
Specially made for a [Hero].


Senerth’s Mithril Blade








Heaven’s Fury


Title must have the word [Hero].


A sword made of pure mithril that consumed all of Senerth’s mithril mines. Crafted by Senerth’s greatest blacksmith, Ulfgar.
Specially made for a [Hero].



Everything’s just too awesome.

I look like a full-fledged knight now! Haha, I look like a different person!

Unlike the [Nocturnal Set] I got from Sebastian, these ones have bonus during the day!

When they’re all worn as a set, additional 10% bonuses to all stats were given during the day!


Senerth’s Mithril Set




+350 LUK
+10% to all stats during the day.


Heaven’s Crucifixion


Equip all of Senerth’s Mithril equipment.


A set of equipment made of pure mithril that consumed all of Senerth’s mithril mines.
Specially made for a [Hero].

Damn, this is too good to be true.

They even all have additional skills!

  • [Heaven’s Shield] manifests a transparent white shield in front of me or my target for 1 minute!
  • [Heaven’s Fist] is like [Dragon Claw] but instead, a transparent white hand shows! STR+ 10%!
  • [Heaven’s Speed] increases me or my target’s SPD by 30% for 1 minute!
  • [Heaven’s Blessing] Heals and Cures me or my target as well as increased HP and MP recovery for 1 minute!
  • [Heaven’s Fury] releases a torrent of slashes to all enemies within 1 meter! STR+ 10%!
  • [Heaven’s Crucifixion] releases a cross of light to stop the movement of all enemies within 1 meter for 1 minute! This is even better than stun or paralysis type skills!

Huhuhuhu, this is seriously a good armor! The only downside is that I can’t level up the skills…meh, that should be fine.

But how come [Durandal] has no skill?...Could it be that Gildas is still hiding something from me?

Just as I was thinking that, the King clapped his hands.

“Ohoh, you look rather dashing in that armor. Like a real [Hero]. All that’s left is a cape! Guards! Bring in the [Matador’s Cape]!”

…Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

The moment the guard brought the cape, I knew the reason.


Matador’s cape




+80% chance of being targeted.
+200 Charm
+1% STR for every enemies that you attract.


Durability 250/250


Red marks the spot!
You will be targeted by your enemies as long as you wear this cape!
The more enemies you attract, the more powerful you get!


You have gained a new stat [Charm]!

+100 Charm

“I’m not gonna wear that!”

“Why not? Ladies will love you if you wear it.”

“I don’t care! I don’t want to be targeted all the time!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Now off you go! To the battlefield!”

“Listen to me!”

The King just pushed me off the balcony!

The fall could kill me you know!?

Is what I thought but I was immediately caught by a wyvern.

Damn it. That guy really knows how to piss someone off.

And I even thought of forgiving him earlier for giving me this awesome set…now I’m wearing the [Matador’s Cape] and attracted attention…well, on the bright side, I get to kill monsters that isn’t known to other players and monopolize them.

I can also use this to gather lots of monsters to level up faster in 1 week where time is frozen.

I need to settle this mission as well.

…Why isn’t it recorded as a quest though? Whatever, it’s annoying to think about that now.

“You better prepare yourself you damn King…someday, I’ll make you pay.”

The driver stiffened when he heard me mutter that.

We were now flying on top of the battlefield.

There’s minatours, cyclops, giant worm like creatures, mammoth like creatures…There’s really a lot of monsters and looking with my [Enemy Appraisal], I see Lvl 100-200 monsters…I can’t believe this.

Do you guys know I’m just Level 17!?

Well…my stats should be that of a Lvl 100+ but still…haah, let’s just do this.

…Wait, what happens if I die?

…I don’t want to even think about it…Let’s just hope that I get to be transported to that special hospital…

Hmm…it seems my [Rage] still hasn’t gone below 500. Good, good. If it’s here, I can vent out all my anger.

“Oi you. Warn everyone below to retreat if they don’t wanna get caught in the crossfire. I’m going to let loose and I don’t think I can distinguish friend from foe so this will be the last time I’ll warn you.”

“Y-yes sir!”

“Now then…”

I equipped the mithril blade on my left hand, Durandal on my right, and Draughtbane on my mouth.

My helmet has a feature where I can slide off the mouth guard to open it you see. It’s pretty neat.

Holding three swords like a certain pirate hunter, I stood on top of the wyvern.

I don’t have a three swords style mastery or something, but since I have dominant arm, weak arm, and mouth mastery, it will do for now.

I don’t need sword skill or finesse in what I’m about to do anyway.

Activating [Dragon’s Wrath], black mist gathered around me.

Like that, I fell.

“[Dragon Claw]! [Heaven’s Fist]!”

With the black transparent mass appearing on my left side and a white transparent fist on the right, I swung it down towards the battlefield.


Dust cloud piled up and the battlefield froze wondering what happened.

Because of the attack earlier, my fall was softened and I was able to avoid damage upon falling and safely landed.

When the dust cleared up, I was surrounded by monsters that were at least twice as big as me.

Being surrounded by thick black fog from the [Dragon’s Wrath], my mind was slowly drifting away.

Before my mind fades away, I let out one skill after another, [Heaven’s Shield], [Heaven’s Speed], [Heaven’s Blessing], [Heaven’s Crucifixion], and lastly, [Dragon Roar].


And that, was the last thing I remember.








10 G 54 S 50 C


Wanderer LVL 19
Painter LVL 13




















Light Hero shrouded by Darkness
Marquis of Watervliet





Art Sense


















Passive Skills

      [Play Dead] Beginner LVL 6(12.23%)
      [Dragon Eyes] Intermediate LVL 3(12.24%)
      [One Foot Walk] Beginner LVL 9 (12.35%)
      [Mouth Mastery] Beginner LVL 7 (28.11%)
      [Photographic Memory] Intermediate LVL 1 (14.45%)
      [Art Appraisal] Beginner LVL 5 (42.57%)
      [Potion Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (45.65%)
      [Herb Appraisal] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Wood Appraisal] Beginner LVL 5 (12.24%)
      [Ore Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (14.52%)
      [Cloth Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 1 (14.45%)
      [Metallurgy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (12.24%)
      [Item Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (75.57%)
      [Ingredient Appraisal] Beginner LVL 2 (75.25%)
      [Food Appraisal] Beginner LVL 6 (45.65%)
      [Trap Appraisal] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Enemy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 1 (45.35%)
      [Magic Appraisal] Beginner LVL 2 (86.52%)
      [Staff Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Gun Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Bow Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Gauntlet Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Katar Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Dagger Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Whip Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Spear Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Mace Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Warhammer Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Axe Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Two-hand Mastery] Beginner LVL 6 (72.75%)
      [Dominant Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 3 (72.52%)
      [Weak Arm Mastery] Beginner LVL 6 (74.35%)
      [Sword Mastery] Intermediate LVL 7 (45.85%)
      [Warrior’s Presence] Beginner LVL 8 (14.45%)

Active Skills

      [Bash] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
      [Stomp] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
      [Dragon’s Wrath] Beginner LVL 9 (75.42%)
      [Dragon Claw] Beginner LVL 2 (75.25%)
      [Dragon Roar] Beginner LVL 3 (72.53%)
      [Color Picker] Beginner LVL 8 (53.12%)
      [Color Mix] Beginner LVL 8 (97.52%)
      [Fotiá] Beginner LVL 3 (37.14%)
      [Neró] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
      [Gi̱] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
      [Mien] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
      [Fo̱s] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
      [Skotádi] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
      [Metallurgy Repair] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Cloth Repair] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
      [Hide Presence] Beginner LVL 3 (57.45%)
      [Summon Freya] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)


      Pure-blooded Vampires +57000
      Drachedge Kingdom +10000
      Church +10000

Author's Notes

Ughhh....too many tables in this chapter....

Anyway, I thought this style of writing is easy but...turns out it's harder than before.....owell haha, I'll get used to it soon enough.

So! A new world! Lucas summoned as a Hero then huh? War immediately!? Haha, unlike most, or some Hero Summoning genre where they strengthen the Hero or train them first, this guy was summoned in the middle of the war and was sortied out immediately! haha :p

The reason for the time freeze is to get the Heroes, who had their first time summoning, to get used to it. Why? Because this is definitely not the only hero summoning in this story! But don't think that everything is about hero summoning now, there are still lots of twists and turns in this story you'd think you're riding a roller coaster!

Now, for the Mithril Set. Kukukuku, this is very important later in the story, specifically when Lucas goes back to [Earth]! How? Just wait and see mhahahahahaha

So there are actually some novels that have VRMMO and Hero summoning acording to the comments...but! This will not be all! Haha, there are still 'that'! When 'that' comes, everyone of you will definitely be surprised! This time, I'm sure of it!....sure......definitely..........

If you're wondering why this author's notes seem somehow broken up....well, I'm writing this as I read the comments of the previous chapter soooo...yeah, sorry about that

I'll just answer you guy's comments since I think most of you son't look back at your comment to see if it has been answered....okay, maybe some of you are like that if not most -3-

Next, some are wondering if Lucas got Brandon's, the red player from before, [World Key] like @Harlequin. He did, sorry, I seem to forgot to write it but I thought it was self explanatory. If he did ignore it, then I would've wrote so since that is unusual. Anyway, he got it and will also play a role when he returns.

@ Hyoudou, Did he get a new character? No, as you've read, he didn't and is still in [Harus' Lucas] form. Why? The explanation of that is...well, still far from the story. I already thought of the reason as well as some specifics but I can't find a chapter to insert it into...maybe when he gains a new character...aslo, this isn't part of the Wanderer class hehe.

@l0gin4me, whether he gets to be summoned into another world besides this....kukuku, I gues it's fine to say: Yes, he will. As for how, why, when....haha, can't tell you yet :p and for the "giving up" part you mentioned, well, you're half-right there :3

@AndrewRL, I don't know how to view other author's homepage but for me, I used this process:

  1. Go to your fanfic tab in the Fanfic page.
  2. Edit synopsis. Doesn't have to change anything if you don't want, just click Edit and Submit.
  3. Page redirects you to your own fanfic dedicated page.
  4. Copy link and post it in one of your chapters or all of it or whatever, just share the link somehow
There, so yeah. All you can do is ask the author to give you the link. I have no idea on other methods yet...

@AziroFF, I'm honored you think of that to me <(_ _)> (<-bowing person...). I've also just read LNW in royalroad and immediately got hooked! I'm surprised you said we're of the same level and I thank you for that, but I think he's better :3 But still, I found flaws and ideas, and I think I can improve my story more thanks to LNW. He's novel also seem to have similarities to mine so it's easy to understand. In the future, I'll probably copy some of his ideas, though not as exact, just a reference.

@Tristus, I will join the appraisal skills into 1 skill sometime in the future but that will still be far...also, I don't plan on doing mistareader's suggestions down to the letter but the skills ranking would still be a part of this...actually, it's already been introduced? If you remember about Lucas' skill tree books about all being [Basic] then there's definitely higher rank. Further explanations will continue when Lucas gets and [Intermediate Skill Tree Book] or, maybe when he get's back....anyway, I'll somehow find a way to insert the explanation naturally in the story.

And oh yeah, if you think Lucas is already OP...he's not...well, he's definitely stronger than normal but, there are millions, trillions of players all over the world and I'm telling you this: He's not as OP as you think. :3

@VincentAtd, thank you for always pointing out the wrong spellings and grammar. Actually, I'm writing this as a game and see if I can get 0 errors :3 haha, hopefully I did here...

@Alixonzen, the summoning is already the 3rd world. There’s [Earth], the world we all live in currently; there’s [Harus], the world of the "game" WGO, then there’s this summoned world. Which still has no name….oh yeah, there’s that [Monotone World] where the phantom Warren lives, but Lucas still has no way in going there soooo…..yeah, this is the 3rd world Lucas had been.

@Alphraksas, I've read the Sphere but I don't think we're similar background story? Well, if it is, then I might've unknowingly copied some parts.

@furriost, Pizaa \(0q0)/ yeah, what's better than pizza anyway? haha

@deafvader, kukuku, as for those scenarios, just wait till he get's back to his home.

Phew, this Author's Notes is too long -_-'''

Lastly. As you've seen from Lucas' status, [Dragon's Wrath] is almost Intermediate. What does this mean?

Till the next chapter!

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    To spend every mithril in the world for just one set…and just give it to the [Hero]…Should I say these guys are kind or an idiot?

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