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FanFic Title: Realm Eternal
Chapter 10: Arc 1 Epilogue
Author: NBosega
Date Published: March 6th, 2015

- - -

『』= Info
《》= Attribute
『』= Skill
【】= Sub-Skill
〘〙= Status, Combat Arts & Magical Spells
〚〛= Internal Thoughts

- - -

Chapter 10

Arc 1 Epilogue

- - -


Elrick’s rather painful self-inflicted death in Realm Eternal forced him back to Atlantis; though this wasn’t his first Virtual Reality death after testing Hipno Pods it was his most painful. In all honesty Elrick had never experienced that much pain in his entire life; he had never broken or even fractured a limb so he was unprepared for the amount of pain he felt.

Elrick understood that he needed to experience a painful Death under controlled circumstances in order to use it as a reference for future deaths, and given that he would be spending some time on Chaos Island he could expect to experience hundreds or even thousands of deaths. Those who had been sent to Chaos Island for a week for attacking or killing other users indicated that Chaos Island is an extremely harsh environment and death was a certainty with most dying within the first minute of landing on Chaos Island.

Apparently Chaos Island is populated with only carnivorous animals and with no towns and cities prisoners survive by taking shelter in caves, but that tended to attract large predators and pack animals. The most prominent of the pack animals on Chaos Island is the dinosaur Raptors, Ware-Wolves, Ware-Bears, Ware-Lions and Serpent-Wyverns. There are a myriad of other carnivorous animals that hunt and kill other Carnivores.

The Serpent-Wyverns are a product of young Wyvern males forcibly mating with other giant animal species creating a new incipient species that is called Serpent-Wyverns. There are many different types of Serpent-Wyverns with some flightless subspecies living in woods, forests, sub-terrain environments and water. The Serpent-Wyverns are the top predators of Chaos Island.

- - -

Feeling slightly daunted by the prospect of a prolonged stay on Chaos Island Elrick logged-out of Atlantis in order to eat, exercise, bathe and prepare for the 9pm flight to London. After about 5 hours out of his capsule Elrick decided to go back into Atlantis until it was time to leave for the Airport; he would wait for Open Beta to end while walking the streets of Atlantis.

The Starlight Spark offices were empty as everyone who hadn’t died was enjoying a victory party in Realm Eternal and those who had died were enjoying a Phoenix sponsored event at the Atlantis beaches. Before Elrick could walk the streets of Atlantis he went to the Atlantic offices of the Phoenix Consortium where he had been invited to a meeting with the Chief Marketing Officer.

Phoenix Consortium’s Chief Marketing Officer wanted the Starlight Spark Clan to participate in the Realm Eternal Clan Ranking System and allow the members of Starlight Spark to participate in the Realm Eternal User Ranking System. As expected Elrick rejected the participation of Starlight Spark in the Realm Eternal Clan Ranking System, but Elrick agreed to allow members of Starlight Spark to participate in the Realm Eternal User Ranking System.

The Clan Ranking System gave a point for every copper coin in the Clan Account, a point for every copper value of the Clan Asset, a point for every EXP of all the Clan members and 10 points for every Clan Reputation point. After adding all the points the Clans could be Ranked and displayed for everyone to see. With the User Ranking System the Clan Reputation is replaced by the Reputation Attribute.

Phoenix Consortium had offered Starlight Spark a publicity deal that involved placements on Real World magazines and Television appearances as well as cash payments and a 1 to 1 Realm Eternal money for Real World money Exchange but Elrick still did not bite. Elrick felt that the publicity would do more harm to the future business prospects of Starlight Spark.

- - -

After the meeting at the Phoenix Consortium offices Elrick was free to walk the streets while enjoying the sights and sounds of the splendid City that is Atlantis. Somehow Elrick’s feet eventually carried him to the Item Auction Centre; a magnificent high rise building that resembled some of the world’s most famous auction houses.

〚Elrick : " So even when I try to forget it’s impossible!”〛

Elrick recognized that in the back of his mind he was thinking about Chaos Island; a fate he had brought upon himself. However Elrick had already resolved to face his problems head on; he would no longer hide from the realities of his situation. And so Elrick entered the Item Auction Centre with the hope that he might gain an item that might be useful in the upcoming adventures on Chaos Island.

As Elrick walked the rooms displaying thousands of Items from Realm Eternal he came upon an unexpected sight; Hiroshi Nakamura. Once noticed Elrick knew that he could not avoid a public conversation with Hiroshi Nakamura; arguably the best user in Realm Eternal. As Hiroshi Nakamura and his entourage walked towards Elrick he thought about his previous encounters with Hiroshi Nakamura.

Hiroshi Nakamura is the leader of the Clan Nakamura; a Clan that used to be one of the top Guilds in Ancient Magic. 26 year old Hiroshi Nakamura is a legendary figure in the gaming communities, and now he was starting a new legend in Realm Eternal. Hiroshi Nakamura is the 3rd son of the founder of Nakamura Crops; a Japanese Hydroponics Corporation.

With a Puerto Rican mother and a Japanese father Hiroshi Nakamura could be said to have the best genetic mix of both peoples; tall, intelligent and handsome. Hiroshi Nakamura graduated from the US Air Force Academy and until recently flew drones for the Air force; leaving the USAF when the drones became fully autonomous. Hiroshi Nakamura welcomed the VR phenomenon and understood it to be the dawn of a new age of technology.

Elrick : " Hiroshi Nakamura!"

Elrick gave Hiroshi Nakamura a bright smile and Hiroshi Nakamura returned it with a genuine smile while taking Elrick’s outstretched hand.

Nakamura : " Nabi Elrick; It’s been a long time my old friend!"

The people around Hiroshi Nakamura understood that coming closer would be an intrusion and so they stood about 2m away.

Elrick : " Indeed"

Nakamura : " What brings you to this place? Selling or Buying?"

Elrick : " I’m hoping to find something that might be useful for a man in my situation."

Nakamura : " I see! Chaos Island for 2 years; that’s rough!"

Elrick : " I really stepped in it!"

Nakamura : " Yeah; You should look into Spiritual Fortification! You can afford it now can’t you?"

Elrick : " Oh right!"

Nakamura : " Where you’re going you’ll need a major Attribute Boost"

There is a warm and reassuring smile from Hiroshi Nakamura and Elrick is relieved that his friend hasn’t change all that much despite the fame.

Elrick : " Thanks"

Nakamura : " Anytime"

Elrick : " I take it you’re here to deliver Items?"

Nakamura : " A few Items we picked up after the fight. There’s a helleva party going on back at the Town; users are going all out!"

Elrick : " Is that so?"

Nakamura : " I’m heading back as soon as I’m done here"

Elrick : " I’m still locked out after my death."

Nakamura : " When Mithriliar said you had changed I didn’t truly believe it until I saw videos of you on the wall. You’ve become a true leader!"

Elrick : " Is that so?"

Nakamura : " The General on the wall who could inspire men to give everything for a fight with little rewards is worthy of the title King. I hope all of us from that beginner’s party in Ancient Magic can rise to the level of Kings."

Elrick : " Perhaps you and Lorelei have what it takes to be kings but the rest of us lack the fame necessary to achieve such a lofty goal."

Nakamura : " One becomes a King when others recognize you as one, and the Elrick I saw on the wall had the trust of users and natives alike; that Elrick can be King"

Elrick : " Thanks; I appreciate your confidence in my abilities"

Nakamura : " You’re very welcome! How is our Fair Lady?"

Elrick : " From what I understand; Formidable!"

Nakamura : " Yeah; I heard she basically took over the town she was on."

Elrick : " The legend of the Lady of Nora Lake continues"

Nakamura : " You shared tactics with her and Mithriliar didn’t you?"

Elrick : " We cooperated in strategy development; they helped us out with large scale combat tactics"

Nakamura : " They are very Competent Martial Artists!"

Elrick : " Who knew Tai-Chi could be used that way? It’s a pity I didn’t learn."

Nakamura : " I thought that her Tai-Chi was like yoga when we were dating but it turns out it has a combat function"

Elrick : " Yeah; when Lorelei and Carol took-up Tai-Chi I thought it was like yoga but they insisted that it was a genuine martial arts and upon closer examination I realized that it’s very useful and easy to practice."

Nakamura : " Give her my regards when you see her!"

Elrick : " Still holding a torch?"

Nakamura : " She left me rather abruptly; It’s hard to forget something like that! You?"

Elrick : " I got over that a long time ago!"

Nakamura : " Yeah right?"

Elrick : " I was engaged you know?"

Nakamura : " Was?"

Elrick : " It’s a bit tragic"

Elrick’s eyes cast downwards.

Nakamura : " No need to say anymore; I understand!"

Elrick : " Thanks!"

Nakamura : " Well I’ve got to go; see you on the other side Elrick!"

Elrick : " See you later!"

〚Elrick : " Dam-It; I also want an entourage!”〛

Hiroshi Nakamura left as he was whisked away by his entourage leaving Elrick to continue browsing the Items at the Auction Centre.

〚Elrick : " That guy”〛

Hiroshi Nakamura’s success had always made Elrick feel a little small; an uncomfortable feeling that made their relationship a bit difficult.

- - -

By the time Open Beta officially ended and all the users were booted out of Realm Eternal Elrick was already on the way to the Airport. Elrick had left a message for the Executives of Starlight Spark indicating that he would meet with them before the scheduled meeting with representatives of 4 private bankers. Elrick wanted the 4 private banking consultants to meet with the Executives of Starlight Spark once an agreement in principle was reached.

Elrick cut a lonely figure as no-one was available to see him off on his way to London; his uncle was far away on a work project and his mother and his half siblings lived some 800km away. Elrick thought it peculiar that his mother is an agricultural scientist and his father a Scottish farmer but yet their marriage lasted little more than 2 years because they couldn’t agree on life styles.

Elrick’s mother practiced in large scale commercial agriculture while Elrick’s father is an Organic Farmer. Both of Elrick’s parents had remarried and had other children, but since he’d left for university at 14 he had hardly spent any time with any of his siblings. Even before he went to university he had spent nearly all his waking moments reading or tinkering with his scientific equipment and tools in his basement laboratory; trying to invent.

Once aboard the plane Elrick spent the hours it took to go from Cape Town to London working; finalizing the preparations for his presentation the following evening. Elrick needed the representatives of 4 private bankers to buy into his projections of the profitability of Starlight Spark’s business model as a first Step to them letting him gain access to their select clientele. The select clientele is the goal of this endeavour, and they could change the fortunes of Starlight Spark.

However Elrick gained a new additional goal for this trip; reconnecting with his family. Elrick resolved that once his business in London was over he would go home to Edinburgh to see his father and 3 siblings

- - -

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