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FanFic Title: Alteration
Chapter 1: Summer start
Author: Crow
Date Published: May 23rd, 2014

They are tools which need much attention to be made. Every weaponsmith puts a lot of blood, sweat and tears into his work. Their desire is to make a weapon which will be like an extension for the users arm, something with which the user will feel secure and self-confident.

In fact, such a tool is in the hands of a young man at this very moment.

He has short,straw colored hair which is waving around as he thoroughly examines the sword from every corner. He is quite tall and wears some kind of black leather armor. The armor has a pattern of a dog-like face on both shoulders,other than that it is pure black.

The young man makes a few quick stabs in the air. After that small practice he sits down and puts the sword on the ground in front of him.

He mutters quietly to himself to sum the analyze of the blade.

-''Solid blade… bad ballance… artfully decorated hilt, but very bad grip…''

Again another common butter knife… I don't understand people who pick looks over efficiency…
The man suddenly stands up while holding the sword horizontally with his hands. He then speaks loudly but with a bored tone.

-''Item analyze, on!''

A white light surrounds the sword, while the man just continues to speak.

-''Material: steel. Type: one-hand sword. Style: common. Blade type: standard. ''

The light vanishes, but nothing except that happens.

…Huh? Oh, I forgot to turn it off.

-''Identification, expert mode off.''

Two windows appear in front of him and he starts to read them.

Identification complete.
Success! 67% completion.
Expert mode bonus.
Identification +6
I missed something again… well it doesn't matter.

He then proceeds to the other window.

Dinner in 15 minutes. – Rose 18:45

-''Local time!''


Just in time.

-''Log out!''

Everything around him slowly faded and turned into a refreshing green color.

Thank God I customised that horribly white end screen.
A young man which looks just like the adventurer gets off his chair and takes his AWS(Artificial world simulator) goggles off.

His room is rather small. Most of the space is used up by a cupboard,desk and a table. The weird looking chair in which he sat before is placed in front of the table. Judging by the low seat and soft cushions it is made for relaxation. Only the armrests have some technological parts in them. It looks like the parts measure various body conditions like heartbeat and similar things.

He left his room, headed down the stairs and finally entered the kitchen. His father Caleb was just taking a pizza out of the oven. He was in his very late thirties and was athletically built.

Although he looks quite cheerful his life wasn't an easy one. Caleb and his wife got married while they were still in college. They had their son a year after the wedding and their daughter two years after that. Despite having kids they both finished college with quite good grades. Later on the childrens' mother died in a car accident. This accident hit Caleb very hard but he made a promise that his kids won't wanting for anything . Now he is trying to balance the roles of a successful lawyer and a father.

-''Oh Blake! Finally got up from Alteration,eh ?''

Blake ignores the remark and heads to the table. His sister Rose is already sitting there and looking at him.



-''What do you think about the expert mode?''

-''Ah that. It is interesting.''


-''But it isn't really my thing. I just want to see the stats of items, constant guessing gets boring very quickly.''

-''Still,the skill point boost is quite useful. A higher level in Identification makes it much easier to notice secrets…''

-''That doesn't change the fact that it is painfully boring after some time. Another problem is that it doesn't just hide the item windows, it hides all the windows! It was just a coincidence that I stopped and saw your whisper on time.''

-'' I'm sure that it will be fixed in one of the next patches,it just came out so it isn't weird that there are some imperfections.''

-''Okay,enough Alteration talk. Pizza time!''

Caleb put smilingly the sliced up pizza on the table and let Blake and Rose dig in.

After the first assault on the pizza ended Caleb faced Blake and started chatting with him.

-''So what are your plans now that summer holidays have finally come?''

- ''Well I just bought Alteration yesterday after school, so I plan to play a lot with it. My friends and I are also planning to meet for bowling or watching a film, but we still haven't decided when.''

-''To be honest this game worries me. Don't you forget about our agreement! You will hit the gym at least twice a week and do a morning jog every second day.''

-''Yes,yes. It's a deal.''

-''The same goes for you Rose. This Alteration is said to be a technological revolution but you must stay fit and healthy.''


Their chatting continued till late in the night.

After they finished, Blake went to sleep and his consciousness slowly drifted away as he thought about Alteration and the countless possibilities that come with it.

Author's note: Alteration won't be happening in the real world 95% of the time. Well that actually refers to vol 1 but it is huge, the percentage won't be like that after vol 1. I'm saying this because there are no tags with which I could make that clear, that or people don't really pay attention to them (depending on which site you are reading this from)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy Alteration.

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Comments (3)

  1. FreiFire
    June 9th, 2014 at 07:01:59 PM

    Okay so you have a really nice and engaging first chapter there are a few places where grammar is incorrect but that just needs someone to read over it before release. I am sure i have the same problem 😀 I love your concept of an Expert mode that requires you to figure things out by yourself and know how you’re doing without any of the assistance of the system. Also like the family scene nice to see the family together in a story if the MC is with his family. 😀 and the pizza evening talk was well done 😀

  2. NaughtyHippy
    December 7th, 2014 at 12:47:32 AM

    This is a comment, you’re welcome.

    Signed, <3 NaughtyHippy <3

  3. NaughtyHippy
    December 7th, 2014 at 12:48:43 AM

    Just kidding, I’m looking forward to reading your story. The expert mode is interesting, and I’m actually a huge fan of the family dynamic.