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FanFic Title: Realm Eternal
Chapter 12: Trust
Author: NBosega
Date Published: March 16th, 2015

- - -

- - -

Arc 2: The Power of Knowledge

- - -

『』= Info
《》= Attribute
『』= Skill
【】= Sub-Skill
〘〙= Status, Combat Arts & Magical Spells
〚〛= Internal Thoughts

- - -

Chapter 12: Trust

- - -

Part 1

In the blink of the eye 7 weeks had passed as Starlight Spark Employees and Executives worked tirelessly to bring the Cafés to Operational Standards and Realm Eternal went Online. Like before the Users had to use the Atlantis Teleport Platforms and move through the Atlantis Bifröst to one of 25 Asgard Continental Republic Academy Cities on Grandeur; randomly selected as before.

This time Elrick had to go in first and once he was in Grinder and Bowden followed. The first Clan member to arrive at a location acts as an anchor causing all other members to be sent to the same location. Elrick as the Clan Chief could change the anchor location by moving to a new location thus registering the new location as the Clan Chief’s rebirth location.

Elrick, Grinder and Bowden arrived in Realm Eternal then waited in line then paid to be transferred to Cobalt City; all this while the rest of Starlight Spark waited in Atlantis. The first thing they noted when they went through to Grandeur is that Asgard Continental Republic Cities are massive; dimensions measuring some 50km in diameter.

When Elrick, Grinder and Bowden eventually arrived in Cobalt City they realised that the Adventurer’s Guild Tower was different from the Teleport Tower. The Teleport Tower is just as large as the Atlantis Tower; dominating the city skyline. While Bowden logged-out to inform the rest of Starlight Spark that it was safe to Teleport through Elrick headed to the Adventurer’s Guild while Grinder wend to the Cobalt City administration building.

It was convenient that it was midmorning and all the public facilities were open. Elrick headed to the Adventurer’s Guild in order to make Skill Purchases for the Clan members and Grinder had to invest the cost of land. Elrick proceeded to purchase skills for all 3079 members of Starlight Spark; much to the surprise of the clerk.

『Ding! 』

『Adventurer’s Guild Purchases』

Adventurer’s Guild Purchases:

Physical Combat.

  • 『Archery』Skill; Cost = 100 Copper Coins.
  • 【Long Bow】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Long Bow Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.
  • 【Bow】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Bow Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.
  • 『Spearing』Skill; Cost = 100 Copper Coins.
  • 【Spear】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Spear Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.
  • 『Shielding』Skill; Cost = 100 Copper Coins.
  • 【Shield】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Shield Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.
  • 『Blade』 Skill; Cost = 100 Copper Coins.
  • 『Gunnery』Skill; Cost = 100 Copper Coins.
  • 【Rifle】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Rifle Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.
  • 【Gun】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Gun Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.

Sub-Total = 950 Copper Coins.

Magic Skills.

  • 『Mana Shaping』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Earth Magic】; Cost = 500 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Rock Bullet〙; Cost = 250 Copper Coins.
  • 【Fire Magic】; Cost = 500 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Fire Bullet〙; Cost = 250 Copper Coins.
  • 【Wind Magic】; Cost = 500 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Wind Blade〙; Cost = 250 Copper Coins.
  • 【Water Magic】; Cost = 500 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Water Bullet〙; Cost = 250 Copper Coins.

Sub-Total = 3750 Copper Coins.

Cost for an individual = 4700 Copper Coins
Cost for 3079 members = 14471300 Copper Coins

Other purchases:

  • Clan communications system; at 40 Silver Coins = 4000 Copper Coins.

Adventurer’s Guild Purchases Total = 14475300 Copper Coins.


Each member of Starlight Spark would complete the process of Acquiring a Magic Sub-Skill later but it had been paid for. To Acquire the 【Magic Sub-Skill】a death is necessary for the Soul has to be Marked with the 『Magic Element』.

However acquiring the 【Elemental Magic】Sub-Skill is only Half the requirement of becoming an 【Elemental Magic】User; because to gain the ability to use Spells other than the innate Race Specific talents a Symbiote is necessary. Symbiotes can only be Acquired at the Academy, and the process involves allowing the Elemental Symbiote to feed on your 【Elemental Magic】until it’s fully satiated which allows a skilled 【Psionic Magic】Wizard to bond the Elemental Symbiote to the Soul.

Using his own funds that amounted to 7500 Gold Coins Elrick decided to purchase additional Skills that would help him survive on Chaos Island

『Ding! 』

『Elrick’s Additional Purchases』

Physical Combat.

  • 『Axe Hammer』Skill; Cost = 100 Copper Coins.
  • 【Hammer】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Hammer Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.
  • 【Axe】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Axe Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.
  • 【Sword】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 〘Sword Arts〙; Cost = 25 Copper Coins.

Sub-Total = 325 Copper Coins.

Magic Skills.

  • 【Ice Magic】; Cost = 10000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Plant Magic】; Cost = 10000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Light Magic】; Cost = 50000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Shadow Magic】; Cost = 50000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Appraisal Magic】; Cost = 500000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Alchemy Magic】; Cost = 500000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Sound Magic】; Cost = 1000000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Psionic Magic】; Cost = 5000000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Enchantments Magic】; Cost = 5000000 Copper Coins.
  • 【Rune Magic】; Cost = 10000000 Copper Coins.

Sub-Total = 22120000 Copper Coins.

Other purchases:

  • 『Elf Eyes』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Elf Eyes】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Cooking』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Cooking】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Foraging』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Foraging】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Survival』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Survival】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Linguistics』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Linguistics】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Mining』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Mining】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Tool Making』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins
  • .
  • 【Basic Tool Making】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Map Reading』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Map Reading】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Mapping』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Mapping】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Construction』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Construction】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.
  • 『Repair Magic』 Skill; Cost = 750 Copper Coins.
  • 【Basic Repair Magic】; Cost = 50 Copper Coins.

Sub-Total = 8800 Copper Coins.

Elrick’s Additional Purchases Total = 22128800 Copper Coins.


The 『Elf Eyes』 Skill is only available to Elves and Half-Elves and it incorporates ranged, targeting and night vision which would ordinarily require separate skills though some beast species have comparable abilities. 【Basic Elf Eyes】 & 【Basic Cooking】 Sub-Skill have to be trained and once you pass the test at the Academy the full range of the Sub-Skills can be evolved. The 『Repair Magic』 Skill is combined magic; to repair wood items Plant, Water, Earth and Appraisal Magic is necessary.

Next Elrick went to the Cobalt City Academy in to register members of Starlight Spark for Education. The Registration Cost is 50 Silver Coins and there is a monthly fee of 25 Silver Coins to continue studying. Elrick paid the Registration Cost of 50 Silver Coins and the first months 25 Silver Coins for every member of Starlight Spark at a total cost of 230925 Silver Coins or 23092500 Copper Coins.

When the rest of the members of Starlight Spark arrived they were sent to the Cobalt City Academy in order to make free use of the Academy’s training facilities to improve their Combat skills; magic training will start once their Souls have been Marked with the 『Magic Element』. While the rest were training the Executive of Starlight Spark investigated the prospect of purchasing Land.

The Northern part of Cobalt City starts at the base of the Red Stone Mountains straddling the river that runs through the first section. The City then goes up the 357m high hill the top of which is the centre of Cobalt City. Further south down the hill is the start of the rocky valley that borders the Blue Moss covered Mountain that is affectionately called the Blue Mountain; Cobalt City gets its name from the Blue Mountain.

The dimensions of Cobalt City taken from the wall are 27.65km Across and 75.64km long. The Psionic Barrier extends 12km from the defensive wall going over parts of both the Red Stone Mountains and the Blue Mountain. The Blue Moss covering the Mountain is Toxic and produces a foul smell; thanks to that the area outside the Psionic Barrier over Blue Mountain is the City dump.

Because no one wants the property Grinder was able to negotiate the purchase of the Entire North Facing side of the Blue Mountain at 4000 Gold Coins. The Blue Mountain is 7.523km long and 756m high giving Starlight Spark 804 Hectare size Fields. Starlight Spark had paid 49751 Copper Coins per Hectare for land the locals viewed as worthless.

At the Central Field at the base of the Blue Mountain Starlight Spark started construction on the 100mX100m 55 story Tower at a cost of 2700 Gold Coins. 【Earth Magic】, 【Fire Magic】and 【Water Magic】 make construction relatively cheap and easy and the Tower Starlight Spark had contracted locals to build would take 2-3 Realm Eternal Weeks to complete.

Starlight Spark had already spent [23092500 + 14475300 + 40000000 + 27000000] = 104567800 Copper Coins or 10456.78 Gold Coins of the 35000 Gold Coins at its disposal leaving just 24543.22 Gold Coins. The next Starlight Spark purchases are the Mana Crystal Fabricator at 8000 Gold Coins, Mana Generator at 5000 Gold Coins and the miniaturized LFTR Nuclear Power Source at 12000 Gold Coins. To meat the shortfall Starlight Spark put in $2.5million from the Real world accounts.

Rated at a maximum output of 2500000 per week the Mana Crystal Fabricator they ordered had a capacity of 2500 of the 1000 Mana Crystal or 500 of the 5000 Mana Crystal or any mix of the 2 types of Mana Crystals; Starlight Spark chose a configuration that produced 2000 of the 1000 Mana Crystal and 100 of the 5000 Mana Crystal.

The Mana Generator converts Electricity to Mana and can also drain Mana from individuals. The miniaturized LFTR Nuclear Power Source is a Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor a type of thermal breeder reactor that use the thorium fuel cycle with a fluoride-based, molten, liquid salt for fuel. The combination of the LFTR Nuclear Power Source and the Mana Generator could only produce 15% of the required 2.5million Mana to produce the Mana Crystals so Starlight Spark planned to periodically drain Mana from all 3079 members of Starlight Spark.

Starlight Spark has successfully implemented its Realm Eternal Strategy. At full capacity the Mana Crystal Fabricator would earn 625 Gold Coins per week, and even at 15% if would still generate 93.75 Gold Coins per week. The only problem being that it would take 4-6 weeks for Mana Crystal Fabricator, Mana Generator and the miniaturized LFTR Nuclear Power Source to each be installed on one of the 3 Fields adjacent to the Tower.

- - -

The next day when it was Elrick’s turn to have his Soul be Marked with the 『Magic Element』he decided to go ahead and perform Spiritual Fortifications while most of Starlight was performing 『Level = 0』 Clan Quests. Spiritual Fortifications is a process by which Attributes gain a + 50 EXP boost at a cost of 5% of the Maximum Mana at the time the Spiritual Fortification was performed; the Mana is permanently lost.

The benefits of such a procedure is that the Attributes will always have a + 50 EXP boost. The maximum an Item can increase an Attribute is + 10 EXP and such an Item would need to have an Uru Core making it expansive at 50-75 Gold Coins. However Spiritual Fortifications expansive at 200 Gold Coins and the pain is considerable as it is likened to being immersed in Acid.

The nobles of Ado perform Spiritual Fortifications and proudly display the accompanying Tattoos on visible parts of their bodies. The ritual for Spiritual Fortification is similar to being Marked with the 『Magic Element』and a death is necessary. Elrick had 52871200 Copper Coins left over in his Realm Eternal personal account; enough for 26 Spiritual Fortifications.

Elrick decided to focus on 《Strength = 5》, 《Agility = 3》, 《Dexterity = 5》, 《Durability = 1》, 《Endurance = 1》, 《Vitality = 1》, 《Awareness = 4》, 《Observation = 10》, 《Knowledge = 15》, 《Wisdom = 15》and 《Intelligence = 15》.

Elrick died many times while being Marked with the 『Magic Element』and screamed like a little girl while repeatedly dying as the Spiritual Fortifications ritual was performed 22 times. Elrick chose to hide accompanying Spiritual Fortifications Tattoos on top of his head, his buttocks, his crotch and underneath his feet.

At the end of the torture his status screen revealed the improvement.

『Ding! 』

Name: Elrick Starlight
Race: 『High Elf of Light』
Profession: Director of Starlight Spark
Titles: None
Clan Affiliation: Starlight Spark
Clan Chief: Elrick Starlight
Clan Faction: Nova Horizon

『HP = 1242』『MP = 181』『Atk = 178.655』『Deff = 191.25』


《Strength = 5 ( + 150)》 - 《Agility = 3 ( + 200)》 - 《Dexterity = 5 ( + 50)》 - 《Durability = 1 ( + 150)》 - 《Endurance = 1 ( + 200)》 - 《Sensitivity = 1》 - 《Vitality = 1 ( + 100)》 - 《Eyesight = 5》 - 《Charisma = 1》 - 《Leadership = 1》 - 《Awareness = 4 ( + 50)》 - 《Reputation = 0》 - 《Observation = 10( + 50)》 - 《Knowledge = 15 ( + 50)》 - 《Wisdom = 15 ( + 50)》 - 《Intelligence = 15 ( + 50)》


『Magic Skill = 58.5』

Magic Sub-Skills, Affinity & Proficiency

【Earth Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Fire Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Wind Magic EXP = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Water Magic EXP = 0 ~ Aff = 2.5 ~ Prof = 2.5】- 【Ice Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 2.5 ~ Prof = 2.5】 - 【Alchemy Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Appraisal Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Enchantments Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 【Light Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Plant Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 2.5 ~ Prof = 2.5】 - 【Psionic Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Rune Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Sound Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 5 ~ Prof = 5】 - 【Shadow Magic Exp = 0 ~ Aff = 1 ~ Prof = 1】.


Elrick’s Attribute Stats now ranked him amongst the strongest users but it had cost 4400 Gold Coins and now 8871200 copper coins was all he had left in his Realm Eternal personal account. Expecting to die Elrick bought Level 1 Military Armour, Helmet, Boots, Shield, Rifle, Longbow, Sword, Spear and Axe-Hammer spending 80 Gold Coins on equipment and Ammunition and thus leaving him 8071200 copper coins.

- - -

Part 2

Just as Elrick left the Weapon’s Shop he was approached by 2 Hooded Figures.

Hooded : " Elrick Starlight?"

Elrick : " Yes?"

Hooded : " The King will hear you now"

Elrick : " Oh; Okay!"

Hooded : " Come with us!"

Elrick : " Understood"

Hooded : " We have to go outside the City"

Elrick : " I understand; I’ll follow"

And so Elrick was taken by Mana wagon in the company of the 2 Hooded men.

- - -

After about 2 hours minute ride in what locals call a wagon but looks more like minibus the finally arrived at their destination. It had taken them a little over 2 hours transverse more than 200km at what Elrick considered an alarming speed. The wagon companions offered little in the way of conversation, and despite the fact that there were 2 other people in the wagon no one spoke a word to Elrick.

The people in the wagon had their face covered at all times and if it wasn’t for the fact that they seemed to be on good terms with the Cobalt City Guards Elrick would have bolted. They had left in the late afternoon and it was now early evening, but of concern to Elrick was that darkness had fallen over the land with no visible lights; clearly they had not gone to a nearby village.

So when the wagon suddenly came to a halt Elrick was more than a little alarmed as they exited the wagon in the middle of nowhere. However one of the Hooded men took out a Rune Covered object and as the runes on the object shone the object emitted golden light and once that happened a jet black submarine looking ship began to De-Cloak.

Elrick : " A Ship? Is it a Space Ship?"

Elrick couldn’t hide his excitement.

Hooded 1 : " Technically it’s a Golem"

Elrick : " Golem?"

Hooded 2 : " It’s a Sovereign Class Transport Golem"

The 155m long Jet Black Submarine looking Sovereign Class Transport Golem had a Solid flat base that apparently did not require a landing gear.

- - -

When the door that looked more like an Airlock hatch opened and 4 Light Elf Royal Guards came out and ushered Elrick’s into the ship. As they moved from what Elrick assumed was the back to the front Elrick couldn’t help noticing that the inside of the ship looked more like a luxury yacht that a warship. Elrick reason that it was to be expected of Lord Elron’s personal Transport.

They reached a room that Elrick concluded was a waiting room. The Hooded 4 the removed their Hooded Cloak to reveal that they are Half-Elves; 3 young looking and one elderly looking. The Half-Elves were then escorted into what Elrick assumed was a mobile Throne room. Elrick was left alone in the room with a guard posted outside both doors.

Elrick realised his case was not the priority; he was not so important that the king of the High Elves of Light would come all the way here just to hear an Appeal. Elrick’s new perspective allowed him to ponder how he would approach the appeal process. In his mind Elrick acknowledged that he was in-fact guilty of the crime he had been convicted of.

In that case Elrick couldn’t plead innocent, but what he could do is argue for mitigation of sentence sighting extenuating circumstances. Above all else Elrick resolved to be completely honest, and should he be asked questions he would answer truth fully. If he was to be sent to jail it would happen for the right reasons and not because he angered some telepathic king by trying to manipulate the situation with deception.

- - -

Finally a Guard ushered Elrick into the king’s chamber where the 4 Half-Elves had been meeting with the middle age looking High-Elf King. As Elrick walked in he was gazed upon by the majestic figure with white hair and piercing red eyes.

Being British Elrick had some familiarity with etiquette and courtier manner as well as how to address royalty so he knelt on his right knee and bowed his head then waited the king to acknowledge him.

Royal Guard: " Presenting Elrick Starlight; Chief of the Starlight Spark Clan and former commander of the irregular forces militia during the battle of Vhon. Found guilty of Crimes against the Eastal Kingdom; a member of the Asgard Continental Republic. Appeal Case K4597LEHE."

Lord Elron : " Well well well; if it isn’t the famous tactician?"

Elrick is overcome by a feeling of dread as Lord Elron focuses his attention him; it’s as if the atmosphere suddenly became thicker or somehow the gravity increased ten times.

Lord Elron : " Elrick Starlight; do you dispute the charges against you?"

Elrick : " No; your Majesty"

Lord Elron : " Then you admit your Guilt?"

Elrick : " Yes; your Majesty. I unknowingly broke Eastal Laws."

Lord Elron : " Unknowingly you say? But did you not knowingly kill yourself thus completing the contract with the Red-Elf Princess?"

Elrick : " I did; your Majesty. At the time it was a choice between a year with no financial benefit with the possibility on another year of imprisonment and 2 years of Imprisonment with the possibility of Appeal; I believe I made the only rational decision."

Throughout it all Elrick never raised his head.

Lord Elron : " Hmph! So you weren’t trying to help the Princess?"

Elrick : " Majesty; After her explanation I thought helping both the Princess and Prince was an acceptable result."

Lord Elron : " So you didn’t care about the consequences to the Ljósálfar?"

Elrick : " Majesty; My limited understanding lead me to believe that the effects would be negligible."

Lord Elron : " Oh? So you didn’t wish to punish Eastal for imposing as sentence on you?"

Elrick : " Majesty; I couldn’t have? I … I ….?"

Lord Elron : " Weren’t you Angry?"

Elrick : " I suppose I was; your Majesty."

Lord Elron : " Then it’s conceivable that you wanted to punish the High-Elves of Light?"

Elrick : " It’s conceivable; your Majesty."

Lord Elron : " So what is the basis of your argument for leniency?"

Elrick : " Personal Circumstances"

Lord Elron : " Let’s hear it then!"

Elrick : " Majesty; I come from a world ……"

And so Elrick began telling the story of his life in detail; focusing on when he met Elise and detailing the circumstances that lead him to Realm Eternal and the founding of Starlight Spark and ultimately ending up in the current situation.

In response Lord Elron rose from his chair.

Lord Elron : " Cursed?"

The mood had suddenly turned violent.

Lord Elron : " You are unworthy of that Body; unworthy of its Light. YOU’RE UNWORTHY!"

Elrick : " Aaah!"

Elrick is suddenly accosted by something so powerful that he Convulses, then vomits and collapses while soiling himself. Elrick lies limp and unconscious before the king.

Lord Elron : " Frack! My Magic leaked out!"

One of the Royal Guards uses Telekinesis to lift up Elrick and take him to a nearby Bathroom. Once there the Royal Guard uses 〘Healing Light〙 to revive Elrick.

- - -

When Elrick wakes up in the Bathroom he is horrified to discover that not only did he vomit but he also peed and shit himself; a complete humiliation. Once he composes himself the Guard directs him to a shower and clean clothing and leaves the bathroom.

As the clean and refreshed Elrick comes out of the Bathroom he sees that the Royal Guard has been waiting for him.

Elrick : " I’m sorry about humiliating myself in-front of the King; it’s bad Etiquette"

Royal Guard: " Forgive our King; once you gain Symbiotes you’ll realize that sometimes your Magic activates unconsciously. Strong emotions are difficult for us Elves of Light."

Elrick : " Cursed Elf?"

Royal Guard: " The King didn’t’ like that; none of us do!"

Elrick : " I see"

Royal Guard: " Please try to avoid angering him any further; we don’t want anymore Magic Leakage."

Elrick : " That was just his Magic leaking out?"

Royal Guard: " If you didn’t have Spiritual Fortifications you would have been ripped apart."

Elrick : " Oh?"

Royal Guard: " You must have spent a fortune to survive that much power?"

Elrick : " Apparently not enough"

Royal Guard: " Only Magic can truly protect you against Magic."

They had arrived back in the Chamber and Elrick returned to his kneeling position. The mess he left behind had been cleaned up and the King was back on his chair.

- - -

The king sighs.

Elrick : " Majesty; I apologize for showing you something unsightly"

Lord Elron : " No Elrick; I should be the one to apologize. I’m sorry!"

Elrick is surprised that a king would humble himself and apologize.

Elrick : " Majesty; I should not have angered you or tried your patience."

Lord Elron : " Let’s move on from this. Elrick you did more damage to Eastal than you understand; the marriage of the Red-Elf Princess to the Green-Elf Prince has connected their Royal Houses. This action has opened the door for the Red-Elves to return to the centre of Elf politics through the Green-Elves; something they haven’t been able to do since the Fiasco that was the Alfheim Campaign. Until you showed up the Red-Elves were on the fringes of Elf Politics."

Elrick : " Oh?"

Lord Elron : " Your crimes against Eastal not withstanding this relationship between the Red-Elves and the Green-Elves complicates Eastal’s position; diminishing the amount of influence we have in the Continental Republic.”

Elrick : " I had no Idea your Majesty."

Lord Elron : " Now we have to deal with this Atlantian dislike of the bodies of the Elves of Light. Elrick; is it such a large burden? Do you hate it that much Elrick?"

There is silence as Elrick properly considers his response. The king seems dejected.

Elrick : " Majesty; if I’m to be truly honest with myself then I must admit that I don’t hate being High-Elf of Light in the Realm Eternal. The one I actually hated is myself; my weakness and my lacking and shortcomings as a man. It just got transferred to a dislike of the body of the High-Elf. Being High-Elf of Light has helped me cope with a difficult period in my life and I should be grateful. I know I haven’t been but I am now; I’m grateful to be of the High-Elves of Light. I vow that from here onwards I will treat this body with the respect it deserves; I will be proud to be a High-Elf of Light. To that end I will start by withdrawing the petition for leniency; I don’t deserve it. I am unworthy. Majesty; I humbly request to withdraw my Appeal."

Lord Elron : " There he is! Nabi Elrick of the Fortunate Five!"

Elrick : " Huh?"

Elrick is visibly shocked as he raises his head to look at the King.

Lord Elron : " What? Did you think my telepathy could only reach your surface thoughts?"

Elrick : " Heh?"

Elrick is stunned by the revelation that the king and probably others have been reading his deepest inner thoughts.

Lord Elron : " Unlike the other 2 you’ve been completely honest; painfully so!"

〚Elrick : " Other 2? What other 2?”〛

Lord Elron : " Oh? You didn’t know? After you died 2 Atlantian tried to sell their bodies to Red-Elves, but only royalty can act with impunity so they were rejected. However the crimes have already been committed so they’ll spend a year on Chaos Island. I heard their Appeals yesterday; they stupidly tried to deceive me!"

Elrick : " I’m sorry your Majesty; this is also my fault."

Lord Elron : " Anyway I saved you for last because I hoped that I would get to see the High-Elf of Light who lead warriors on Vhon’s wall."

Elrick : " I hope your Majesty is aware that I was trying to run away."

Lord Elron : " Yes; but before that you used Atlantians as shields for Adonites."

〚Elrick : " Adonites? Oh; natives!”〛

Elrick : " Atlantians are immortal"

Lord Elron : " You placed Adonites lives ahead of Atlantian suffering?"

Elrick : " Even though Adonites were soldiers who were ready to die their lives are still precious."

Lord Elron : " And that’s why I have to reject your request to withdraw your Appeal; I need someone like you! Serve Eastal and regain your Honour!"

Elrick : " I can only act with honourable intensions my King!"

Lord Elron : " That is acceptable! So; Elrick Starlight will you Serve Eastal?"

Elrick : " I will Serve Eastal"

Lord Elron : " I do not have the authority to commute your sentence by more than half without exonerating you. However since your under 30 years old you’re technically still a child by Elf Laws, and that means as King I can suspend up to 75% of your sentence for 10 years. Is this acceptable?"

Elrick : " My King; I will project my soul outward as a Force to bear my burdens and in this I will carry weight of the responsibility born from the damage my greed caused Eastal. To restore, to exult, to repair; I Accept!"

The King smiles.

Lord Elron : " In Accepting; you have Joined the Eastal Security Agency. Welcome aboard Agent Elrick!"

One of the Guards brings over something Elrick recognizes as a Runic Contract stone and once Elrick’s blood touches it a pop-up appears.

『Ding! 』

~ Ding! ~

『New Profession Gained!』

You have joined the Eastal Security Agency.

  • Operative 〘Level - 0〙
  • Missions〘N/A〙

Betrayal is Treason.


Elrick : " Outstanding!"

Lord Elron : " Eastal doesn’t have and Adonite Country in it’s sphere of influence; the Midgard have a monopoly on humans and the Half-Elf kingdoms are already taken. Your Primary Task is to form a Cosmopolitan Country aligned to Eastal that we can use to positively influence Adonite Countries. Since you’re Family background is Cosmopolitan you are perfect for this role."

Elrick : " I will get it done my King."

Lord Elron : " I’ll leave it to you then!"

The King then swiftly leaves the chamber and an older High-Elf gentleman Approaches Elrick. The elderly looking of the Half-Elves also approaches Elrick.

Dir Orlin : " Hello! I am Orlin; Director of the Eastal Security Agency."

Sup Arwick : " Greetings! I am Arwick; I’ll be your supervisor."

Elrick : " Good to meet you both; I’ll be in your care."

Dir Orlin : " Getting down to business; you can’t survive Chaos Island in your current state."

Sup Arwick : " You’d need to have 10 times your Attributes to survive more than a month; most monsters are party Rank."

Elrick : " Then what’s the plan sirs?"

Dir Orlin : " We can’t reach Chaos Island because it’s in a pocket dimension; we can’t lend you some assistance, but we can help you prepare."

Sup Arwick : " The only way someone like you can survive is to hide; Easier said than done right?"

Elrick : " Yeah"

Sup Arwick : " Which is why you must bring a robust hiding place with you; a Hunter’s Lear. The best Hunter’s Lear cost around 80 Gold Coins, and to power the Hunter’s Lear you’ll need a 5000 Mana Crystal a day. Needless to say that you must never leave the Lear so bring everything you need."

Elrick : " Never leave it?"

Sup Arwick : " Yeah; you’re too weak to survive even the weakest monster on Chaos Island. So bring books and stockpiles of Food."

Dir Orlin : " Arwick; I was hoping your Clan might be willing to help him gather the resources he needs? And that you might be open to selling him your Combat and Training memories?"

Elrick : " Memories? A Memory Imprint?"

Dir Orlin : " Elrick; since you don’t have Combat training in the world you come from a Memory Imprint is the fastest way to get you combat ready."

Elrick : " I understand sir"

Sup Arwick : " Since I’m old now and I’m looking towards retirement I suppose I could let you cheat by getting my memories for 400 Gold Coins."

Elrick : " Huh? Please teacher; have mercy! 350 Gold Coins should be fair."

Sup Arwick : " Let’s split the difference and settle at 375 Gold Coins."

Elrick : " Agreed!"

They shake hands as a Guard approaches Orlin.

Royal Guard: " Director; the ship is ready to leave."

Dir Orlin : " Understood! Has the King been informed?"

Royal Guard: " Yes sir"

Dir Orlin : " We’ll finish up"

The Guard walks away.

Dir Orlin : " Elrick; take this and apply your blood to activate it."

Elrick takes the Black Stone and applies his blood which makes it glow.

Dir Orlin : " That’s your Badge! It will grant you access to our facilities, safe houses and other instillations. If you lose it you can remote detonate it, but it has the best security so it will now only work for you. By the way you have 2 days until you have to turn yourself in for transfer to Chaos Island"

Elrick : " Understood sir"

They leave the ship and watch as it takes-off; disappearing in the skies.

- - -

On the way back to Cobalt City Elrick transfers 650 Gold Coins to Arwick for the Memory Imprint and for the supplies as well as the Hunters Lear. As soon as they arrive Elrick and Arwick go to the Adventurer’s Guild for the Memory Imprint, and just as Elrick had Predicted it was very painful; like a hot piece of metal being shoved into your head.

Once the procedure was done Elrick couldn’t resist looking over at Arwick and reciting a line from a Classic VR Movie.

Elrick : "I know Kung-Fu!"

Sup Arwick : " Really? Then show me!"

Not sure how Arwick knew the correct response but assuming that he probably read his mind Elrick followed Arwick to one of the training rooms.

Elrick had gained Decades of Knowledge in the elite combat techniques 〘Heavens-Blade〙, 〘Sky-Breaker〙, 〘God-Speed〙 and 〘Celestial-Steps〙.

Elrick’s EXP had not changed but like those who practice martial Arts in real life Elrick now knew techniques behind combat.

- - -

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  1. Harlequin
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