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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 4: Just my Luck
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: March 19th, 2015

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Chapter 4: Just my Luck

“…How did it come to this?...” (Lucas)

Currently, I’m roasting 10 barbeque at the same time with the meat from [Mornhound] I encountered during the battle before.

After hearing Euomun’s story, I was thinking of a plan to get out of this cave when my stomach growled.

Thinking of this as an opportunity, I used up 20 [Skill Points] on [Cooking].

Since I’m a complete beginner in [Cooking] both in skill proficiency and in real life, I decided to make a simple barbeque with the [Mornhound’s Meat] and tried sticking herbs for fun. After tasting it, I noticed that it actually tasted more delicious than without the herbs.

Not only that, but as an effect, my max HP increased by 2% and STR increased by 1%. It’s small but I don’t care as long as it tastes delicious. Besides, my skill proficiency is still Beginner.

But when I looked at Euomun, I can see her drooling while looking at the barbeque I’m eating.

“…Do you want some?” (Lucas)

“R-really? Is it fine? It’s fine if it’s poisoned, at least I get to eat a tasty looking food before dying.” (Euomun)

“I already said I won’t kill you!”(Lucas)

After that, she wasn’t satisfied with just one and asked for more which brought to this situation where

I’m roasting 10 at the same time.

Well, it’s fine since I get to increase my skill proficiency but I bet I could get more profit by selling it…the ingredients are rare too, I don’t know whether [Harus] has the same type of monster here.

“Mmmnm! What amazing food! I never tasted something like this in my lifetime! What is this food called?”(Euomun)

“Barbeque, never heard of it?” (Lucas)

“Well, I’ve been here for around 300 years now so I don’t know.”(Euomun)


That’s right, Euomun here was indeed the Demon Queen, however, unlike her previous ancestors, she’s not fond of war and had wanted peace for a long time now.

The Demon General Slazore however, does not share the same interest and slipped a sleeping pill on her drink.

Normally, Euomun should’ve noticed this action, but Slazore knew her all too well and knew when the right time to place it and when Euomun’s guard drops the most.

That’s when she’s bored.

She has the habit of doing whatever’s near her when she’s bored. When there’s flowers on her side, she picks and starts fiddling with it, when there’s paperwork on her side, he dives herself in work, when there’s the bed beside her, she sleeps, when there’s food or drink beside her, she eats without hesitation.

What an idiotic Queen she is…nevertheless, she’s powerful.

When I asked why there are no monsters here, she said that she had killed all of them in her boredom, when I asked whether they respawn, she said that she knows the when and where they respawn and would go to the respawn point and immediately kill them.

She really has too much free time…

Even though she’s this powerful, because of the collar she had on her neck, she is unable to bring harm to any of the guards or Slazore when she sees them.

I asked whether she could try to hurt them indirectly but she said she had already tried numerous ways in her boredom.

Not only that, but the collar she had has been enchanted with 100% physical and magic resistance. I really want to know how they achieved such a thing.

In any case, the only way to remove the collar is when Slazore himself relieves her from it or when the durability drops to zero.

It actually had low durability despite the resistance enchantments.

Currently, the collar now has 7/10 durability, but as she said, to remove the three durability equates to spending 300 years here.

Haah…how can I get her out of here…and why do I keep on encountering these types of situation?

While we’re in here, who knows what Slazore has been up to outside…no, in the first place, how did I get here?

But 7 durability left…that means 700 years before she can finally be free from this collar. And I doubt

Slazore doesn’t know about this and would ask for a person with high level repair skill to fix it unlike me who still has Beginner skill in [Metallurgy Repair].

Heck, I would even…drop……its………………………eh?

N-no way right? To think that it would have such a flaw…but it’s not entirely impossible. We won’t know until we try!

“Euonum!” (Lucas)

“Y-yes? And my name’s Euomun…” (Euomun)

“Youmoon?” (Lucas)

“Euomun” (Euomun)

“Iyomun?” (Lucas)

“E-U-O-M-U-N!” (Euomun)

What a troublesome name…

“Euo…Eu! I think I know how to remove that collar of yours!” (Lucas)

“Don’t just cut my name short!.....Eh? You can remove this collar?” (Euomun)

“I think I found a solution….but I’m still not too sure about it so I need to try.” (Lucas)

I pulled Eu’s hand towards me and touched her neck with the collar which made her seemed to blush in embarrassment.


High Slave’s Collar




100% Magic and Physical Resistance.




A collar that can restrict the wearer’s skills when used against a select number of people.
Can cause severe pain when the owner wishes for it.
Absolute obedience to the owner.

Confirming the durability again, I started to use my skill.

“[Metallurgy Repair]!” (Lucas)


[Metallurgy Repair] has succeeded!

+1 Durability

“G-gh!? N-next one!” (Lucas)


[Metallurgy Repair] has succeeded!

+2 Durability


“M-my 300 years…” (Euomun)

Eu looked like she’s about to tear up. Well, she did wait 300 years for that 3 durability reduction and I just fixed it in a few seconds…

Damn, this is all because of my high LUK!!!

I should’ve failed normally with my skills but I kept on succeeding!

Once, thrice, 5 times…10 times…I repeatedly repaired the collar hoping to fail and destroy it but I’m only succeeding!

Not only that, but my proficiency has been leveling up faster than normal! This is all because of the X4 EXP effect I had and for repairing high rank material…In the end, I’m seriously lucky but in this situation, I can’t help but think of it as bad luck!


[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-2 Durability

Huh? I failed?...

…Could it be? Was it like that?

The moment I thought of succeeding as bad luck…the good luck setting changed to me failing? So the LUK stat now leaned on failure?


[Metallurgy Repair] has failed!

-2 Durability

As if to confirm my thoughts, I received another failure notice.

Nice! So I can really damage it using this method!

“I-it went down by four…” (Euomun)

“Alright! Fail again!” (Lucas)

I’m never been so happy to fail before…what an odd feeling.

Ever since changing my thought on what’s good or bad luck, I’ve been constantly failing and the collar finally wore out.


[High Slave’s Collar]’s durability has reached 0/10!

Due to improper care for the item, the item is now destroyed.

“I-It’s gone….I’m free!” (Euomun)

Before I can react, Eu had already hugged me tightly. What insane strength she had…

“I-I’m sorry…” (Euomun)

“I-it’s fine, rather, let’s get out of here already.” (Lucas)

“Un! Let’s!” (Euomun)

Nodding strongly, Eu followed behind as we walk towards outside……so where’s the exit?

“I-I’ll lead the way…” (Euomun)

“P-please…” (Lucas)

So embarrassing…it can’t be helped, I entered here unconsciously and Eu knows this place better than me.

“A-ah, wait a minute. There are still things I have to do.” (Lucas)

“Hm? Well…I guess a few minutes are fine…” (Euomun)

Looks like she really want to leave this place immediately…but I don’t know whether I’ll be back here again afterwards so might as well do it now!

I go back to the huge tree and picked a few leaves…ok maybe just a hundred of them.


Leaf of Life




A strange leaf that bears the power of life!

I have no idea what its use is but a high rank herb will definitely be useful in the future! With such a name, I bet I can make high grade potions with them. Maybe I can even use them as ingredients for cooking.

After being satisfied by plucking a hundred of them…..fine, 500 of them, I tried to snap a tree branch when Eu asked me.

“U-umm…what are you doing?” (Euomun)

“E-eh? Ah….I thought I can craft something good in the future with this wood as a material….sorry, I think I’ve done enough, let’s go.” (Lucas)

While regretting to part with the tree branch, I started to walk back to Eu so we can go.

Haah….such a waste of high grade material…

“Hm? It’s fine with me though? In fact, this place is just a prison to me so I couldn’t care less if you destroyed that tree. Only, all the plants here will die if you damage that tree so…you should pluck all the flowers first.” (Euomun)


She’s seriously fine with it!? In fact, she’s encouraging me on doing something more horrible than what I had in mind……she’s not the Demon Queen for nothing…

“In fact, let me help you destroy this place. [Summon Darkman].”

At her word, 100 black like beings rose from the ground and moved.

Where their eyes should be, a glowing reddish light was present instead.

“Pick all the flowers in this place.” (Euomun)

What a surreal scene…just the sight of shadows in their 3 dimensional form picking flowers delicately was really too horrifying to see. Even me, who was about to destroy the [Tree of Life] can’t help but be uneasy on continuing.

But nevertheless, I couldn’t care less.

After about 3 hours of picking flowers, we finally cleaned out all the flowers in the flower field.

Next is the [Tree of Life].

Just thinking how a bow made from that wood makes me drool already.

Bringing out a [Steel Waraxe] from the drops of a minotaur, I aimed at the base of the tree.

“Alright! One, two, thre-!” (Lucas)

As I get in position of cutting the tree and readying myself, a change occurred on the tree. Specifically, the tree begun to twist itself.

“W-wha? What’s happening!?” (Lucas)

The tree’s leafless branches moved about as if they’re alive. No, it’s not the branches that were alive, but the tree itself!








High Ent


The Tree of Life has been corrupted! Due to destroying every plant in its vicinity, the Tree of Life is angered!
You will now feel the wrath of the Tree of Life!

“B-boss monster!?” (Lucas)

To think that the boss is actually this close to them this whole time…no, this might’ve been something like a hidden boss. And the only way to fight it was to pick every plant in this place!

T-this isn’t good right?

Its level is the same as the sealed Denneth! I don’t think I can defeat this guy…what to do?...

While I was trying to think of a way to defeat it, [Zoidentro]’s branches twisted and deformed until what now stood before us can no longer be called a tree.

Standing tall in front of us was a knight made entirely of wood and earth!

With its height that towered 5 times our size, I began to doubt that there is a way to defeat this monster…

The [Zoidentro] faced its palm towards us and from there, a bright ball of yellow light formed.

“W-watch out!” (Lucas)


Feeling a bad premonition from it, I pushed Eu as far as I can and covered her body on the ground.


As I feared, a spear of yellow light ran past on top of us with tremendous force!

What was that? Solar Beam!? There’s not even sunlight here!!!

“Are you alright, Eu!?” (Lucas)

“Y-yes…” (Euomun)

Looks like she’s not injured.

Good, next, how do I defeat this thing?

I rose up and pulled Eu’s hand to stand her and faced [Zoidentro].

All my good weapons are already low in durability because of the battle earlier. I can’t possibly win with half-assed weapon and only this [Nocturnal Set]. The only way to fight would be Freya’s magic!

“[Freeze]!” (Lucas)

I expect that the whole body of [Zoidentro] would freeze but…it only freeze his foot.

Not only that, but immediately after its foot froze, the ice immediately shatters and the foot was freed instantly!

If [Freeze] can’t deal with him, then most of the spells will probably not work.

[Absolute Zero] can probably do it, but that would risk Eu’s life as well. [Tsunami] will probably only strengthen it as it’s still a tree. [Tornado] won’t do much damage. [Terror Stare] won’t be effective as it’s a tree. [Blood Rush] is…no, the tree has no blood veins so using that skill won’t do a thing.

The only way is to slowly reduce its health with [Life Steal]…Honestly, I didn’t think fighting a tree would be this hard and annoying.

When I do damage it, yellow light appears from the ground and floats towards [Zoidentro] and the damage would be instantly replenished.

This guy is too powerful for me…

While I was having a hard time thinking of a way to defeat [Zoidentro], Eu walked in front of me.

“Please let me handle this.” (Euomun)

“Eh?” (Lucas)

I let out a dumb voice but Eu ignored me and faced [Zoidentro] with her fragile looking hands faced forward.

“[Calamity of Destruction]” (Euomun)

Right after Eu uttered that ominous spell, the space in front of them distorted.

Countless explosions appeared, fires raged, a strong thunder storm appeared, the earth shook, tornadoes were born, and finally, a big swirling black ball of mass appeared and devoured everything it touched.

All of this, in less than a minute.

In that short amount of period of time, the seemingly impossible to defeat [Zoidentro] was no more.

I stood there wide eyes and jaw dropped, still dumbfounded about what just happened. For someone to hold this much power…

“Ehehe, now I can’t use that spell again for another 300 years. And my maximum Mana’s also cut by 50% during this time.” (Euomun)

“A 300 years cool-down!!!??? And 50% penalty in Mana!!!???” (Lucas)

As expected…with great power like that, it’s normal that the price would be too big…only, I didn’t think the price for this spell would be a 300 year cool-down…and for the maximum mana to be cut by 50%...

“Ah, but since I made it smaller, I think I did just 100 years of cool-down worth of power. My maximum mana was only cut by 10% too.” (Euomun)

That wasn’t it’s full power!? And 100 years is still too long!

If I had been the one who used that move, I can probably only use it once in my life time. The ultimate trump card.

And this girl just wasted it on a Lvl 300…I know I’m still weak to defeat it but she should be able to kill

it using other means…unless, she still has an ace up her sleeve?

…Whatever, now that that’s resolved, let’s just take care on the future and not destroy nature again…

“Lucas, these dropped from defeating it.” (Euomun)

“A drop?” (Lucas)

Well, it’s still a boss monster, I wonder what drops it give?

Since Eu has no use for it, she decided to give all to me. What [Zoidentro] dropped was 25 [Wood of Life], [Zoidentro’s Amulet], and a [Seed of Life].

Inspecting each of them, the [Wood of Life] is basically the same as the [Leaf of Life], but the [Zoidentro’s Amulet]’s effect is amazing! As long as you’re attached to the earth, you will restore 10% HP per minute!

Of course it’s not as easy as it sounds, in that minute, you would need to be touching the ground.

Which means that if you separate from the ground within that minute, the minute resets back to when you touched the ground again.

If it’s just walking then its fine, but when running, you’re constantly separating from the ground. So it’s not as easy as it sounds.

A minute is also very long when in battle.

Next is the [Seed of Life].

There’s not really anything special about it, but it said that a [Tree of Life] would sprout if ever this is planted on soil.

Hmm…should I try planting this in Watervliet? I bet it would make tons of profits!

Huhuhu, I let out a wide grin as I placed all these in my inventory and equipped the amulet.


After placing the items in my inventory, I noticed something inside that I had forgotten already.

It was the sweets I bought before and was supposed to have Freya and the others taste it…can’t believe I forgot all about it until now…

There’s also unknown items like [Demonic Iron Sword], [Cloak of the Night], [Shadow Gauntlets], [Blood Staff], [Horrorpest’s Needle] and [Shadowbeast’s Fangs]…just where did I get these?

As I let out a sigh, I noticed Eu tilt her head probably wondering why I sighed.

Hmm…I wonder how she’ll react to the sweets from my world? She also liked the barbeque from before…can’t be helped then, I’ll feel bad if she didn’t get anything after what she did.

“Eu, try these.” (Lucas)

“? What’s that brown thing? It smells…sweet?” (Euomun)

What I had given her was a chocolate bar, of course there were wrappings before but I thought that she might not know how to remove them so I removed it myself.

“It’s a sweet from my world, chocolate. It’s sweet so try some.” (Lucas)

“Eh? This thing’s a food? Well…ok then.” (Euomun)

Though Eu looked uneasy eating something unknown, she still ate it. Before, she probably didn’t mind since she saw me cook the barbeques myself so she didn’t doubt it, but now, I took it out of my inventory so of course she’ll have doubts.

With a small chomp, Eu bit on one of the corners of the chocolate then immediately opened her eyes wide.

She didn’t even say anything, only, she continued with big bites instead and finished eating the whole chocolate in a few seconds!

…Is her mouth also made of [Calamity of Destruction]!?

After finishing the chocolate, her eyes displayed regret. She probably thought it was a waste to finish everything immediately.

“Here, I have more.” (Lucas)

I smile wryly as I brought out every sweet in my inventory and handed it to Eu, there was also other sweets there besides chocolate and also different flavors.

“E-eh? B-but such a delicious thing…is it really alright to give it to me?” (Euomun)

Though she said what she said, her face says she really wants it.

Looking at her face like that, I can’t help but laugh.

“Haha, it’s fine, just think of it as a reward for defeating the boss.” (Lucas)

And besides, I have more money in real life…well, not yet but as soon as I get home, I’ll take the payment from Trask.

While happily walking towards the exit, we encountered the demons guarding the entrance…At least, the remains of their body.

“Huh, looks like I unknowingly defeated them when I came here.” (Lucas)

“Well, how else can you get inside?” (Euomun)

She has a point. Only, why would their corpses still be here?

In the game, rather, in [Harus], once killed, they disappear immediately and the drops immediately go to the killer’s inventory.

It’s even said that monsters also have an [Inventory] which would explain why some monsters would drop items other than those part of their body.

Could it be that it’s different in this world? Well, the boss monster from before didn’t leave a trace since Eu completely destroyed him…I also have no control from the battle before due to [Dragon’s Wrath] so this is the first time I’ve seen a [Corpse].

…Is that the only difference though?

“Say Eu, I know this might sound weird, but can you see your own [Status]?” (Lucas)

“? Well, yeah. Ah, could it be that you didn’t know since you were from a different world?” (Euomun)

“Yeah, though I also can view my status, but it might be different from your world.” (Lucas)

“I see, then let me teach you how we do it here.” (Euomun)

Eu held out her pointer finger and drew some sort of symbol on the air that looked like an inverted [4].

I copied that movement which came from the bottom of the inverted [4]. Afterwards, different from the transparent blue colored window from [Harus], the one that came out was a transparent red colored one.

Basic Statistics










Wanderer (Lvl 21)
Painter (Lvl 13)


Light Hero shrouded by Darkness
Marquis of Watervliet
Monster Mass Murderer

Max Life


Max Mana


















Art Sense


















Advanced Statistics













There’s a lot of new information here.

First of all, there’s no [Money], [Health] is called [Max Life], Mana is [Max Mana], and an additional advanced stats!

Though I have no idea how to judge these numbers, but seeing them somehow reassures me.

I’ll just take it as the higher number, the better.

Though there’s no view of skills, there should be a separate command for them.

Next, I had Eu teach me the other gestures for different windows to open. Aside from the additional stats from the stat window, there’s no clear difference in the other windows.

Ah, that’s right, I didn’t gain any EXP at all since Eu and I aren’t on a party so all the EXP from the boss monster before all went to Eu…such a waste.

Right when Eu finished showing me the gestures, the corpses of the 10 demon guards stood.

Yes, stood.

“…I thought they’re dead?” (Lucas)

“Ah, you see, when a corpse is left alone like that, after a set number of time, they resurrect as zombie monsters. That’s why the proper way of dealing with them is to burn their bodies and bury them.” (Euomun)

“Won’t just burning or burying enough? Why do you need to do those two?” (Lucas)

“If you just burn them, they resurrect as ash monsters. If you just bury them, they resurrect as skeleton monsters.” (Euomun)

What complicated world this is…

While we were nonchalantly talking, the 10 demon guard zombies charged at us to attack.

“[Freeze]! [Tornado] [Wind Cutter]!”

After freezing one demon guard zombie, I sent a tornado blade towards 2 demon guard zombies.

Afterwards, I flattened the frozen demon guard zombie with [Dragon Claw]. However, that still wasn’t enough to completely deplete its HP…to think the demon guards are this competent.

Before the flattened demon rise up, I used [Stomp] on its head and made a small earthquake. The 2 other demon guard zombies from before got freed from the tornado blade then tried to do a pincer attack on me.

I used [Metallurgy Repair] while I set my mind to think of failing as good luck.

The success rate of failing then went up and degraded the demon guard zombies’ armor, thereby greatly reducing their defense.

While all their attack on me was rebounded every time I used [Reversal], I transformed into countless mini bats to immediately travel to their back then send a [Water Shot] to them.

[Bat Transformation] is really an interesting skill. I can either turn myself into one big bat or dissolve into smaller one.

Keeping my feet planted on the ground, I used [Mana Steal] on them to replenish my lost mana. As the cost of this skill will deplete my HP, I don’t use it much if I don’t wield [Draughtbane] but with the [Zoidentro’s Amulet], I can use it as much as I want!

While alternating between [Water Shot] and [Ice Shot] as well as using [Reversal] when being attacked, my MP is constantly being drained immediately so [Mana Steal] was really helpful.

It took about 5 minutes to kill those 3 demon guard zombies. Haah…without my weapons, fighting is really hard huh? I also kept using Freya’s magic so none of my jobs level up at all. And I only leveled up by 2…

I look towards the other demon guard zombies and saw a horror scene instead.

“[Dark Repulsion] [Dark Mist] [Dark Destruction] [Dark Spike] [Dark Force] [Dark Eater]”

Eu was casually standing with her hands stretched in front of her while casually speaking Advanced or higher spells.

The demon guard zombies can’t even move. Black wave like effects kept on depleting their HP as well as black spikes and black mist that continues to poison them. The spikes weren’t even as simple as appearing from the ground, they appeared from all sides of the wall stretching far into the demon guard zombies trapping them in that space while Eu attacks them.

There’s even something like a black demonic pacman emerging from the ground eating the demon guard general whole…

…This Demon Queen is too strong. I can’t believe she was trapped by something as simple as a sleeping pill!

I think partying with her will only cause disadvantages…I can already feel her level to be way higher than mine.

“Hm? Oh, you were done?” (Euomun)

“…Yeah…anyway, what’s with that insane power?” (Lucas)

“Well, I am still the Demon Queen after all.” (Euomun)

Right…for now, let’s repair my equipments so I can fight properly.

Thinking of success as good luck this time, I repaired all my equipments to their fullest durability.

Seriously…to think luck had such a function…I feel like God.

I wonder if I can set luck for something else?

Let’s see…then let’s try using those lucky protagonists in some light novels as basis.

In most of their scenes, a beautiful girl would somehow just trip on flat ground and just happens to fall on the protagonist making them feel some parts of the girl…lucky bastards.

“Lucas, how long are you going to- Kyaa-!?” (Euomun)

As soon as I thought of that, Eu, who was walking over to me suddenly tripped!

What was that!? The ground’s too flat for her to trip!

While I thought of that, momentarily blanking out, Eu’s chest that wasn’t too big nor too small hit my face directly pushing me to the ground.

It was too sudden for me to even try to enjoy the feel since the back of my head hit a rock making me unconscious in an instant.

+ + +

“Hmmgg…” (Lucas)

I woke up feeling the pain on the back of my head.

“Ah, you woke up.” (Euomun)

I noticed Eu’s voice over head. It would seem that I’m being given a lap pillow.

I hastily sat up feeling embarrassed.

“H-how long was I out?” (Lucas)

“Just an hour. I’m sorry for suddenly falling on you like that, I don’t normally trip so I really have no idea why I did.” (Euomun)

“N-no no, it’s fine, it was an accident! Yes, definitely an accident!”

Uuu…I seriously feel guilty about this…though, I still have no proof that it really was me that caused it…but is that really good luck? I didn’t even remember the feeling since I passed out…

Just my luck…

Maybe there really is a price for everything?

Like the Conservation of Mass. In this case, Conservation of Luck? Hmm…I don’t really want to test out this theory. If I’m right, then the wider effect of the “Good Luck” is, the greater the aftereffect or something?

I’ve settled. Let’s stop playing God. I’ll just use this luck for repairing since there was no visible bad aftereffect.

Yes, Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

If Eu found out that it was me that caused it, I might get a taste of [Calamity of Destruction]…

“A-alright! I think it’s time for us to leave here!” (Lucas)

“Y-yes!” (Euomun)

Finally, the two of us begun our journey outside the cave.








10 G 54 S 50 C


Wanderer LVL 21
Painter LVL 13




















Light Hero shrouded by Darkness
Marquis of Watervliet
Monster Mass Murderer





Art Sense


















Passive Skills

  • [Play Dead] Beginner LVL 6(12.23%)
  • [Dragon Eyes] Intermediate LVL 5 (75.38%)
  • [One Foot Walk] Beginner LVL 9 (12.35%)
  • [Mouth Mastery] Intermediate LVL 2 (35.45%)
  • [Photographic Memory] Intermediate LVL 3 (75.24%)
  • [Art Appraisal] Beginner LVL 5 (42.57%)
  • [Potion Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (45.65%)
  • [Herb Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (34.14%)
  • [Wood Appraisal] Beginner LVL 6 (24.75%)
  • [Ore Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (14.52%)
  • [Cloth Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 1 (14.45%)
  • [Metallurgy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 7 (35.45%)
  • [Item Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (75.57%)
  • [Ingredient Appraisal] Beginner LVL 2 (75.25%)
  • [Food Appraisal] Beginner LVL 6 (74.35%)
  • [Trap Appraisal] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Enemy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 4 (75.25%)
  • [Magic Appraisal] Beginner LVL 2 (86.52%)
  • [Staff Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gun Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Bow Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gauntlet Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Katar Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Dagger Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Whip Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Spear Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Mace Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Warhammer Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Axe Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Two-hand Mastery] Beginner LVL 9 (25.41%)
  • [Dominant Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 6 (25.12%)
  • [Weak Arm Mastery] Beginner LVL 9 (25.45%)
  • [Sword Mastery] Intermediate LVL 8 (25.85%)
  • [Warrior’s Presence] Intermediate LVL 2 (86.24%)

Active Skills

  • [Bash] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Stomp] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Dragon’s Wrath] Intermediate LVL 2 (25.75%)>
  • [Dragon Claw] Beginner LVL 4 (34.86%)
  • [Dragon Roar] Beginner LVL 4 (45.25%)
  • [Color Picker] Beginner LVL 8 (53.12%)
  • [Color Mix] Beginner LVL 8 (97.52%)
  • [Fotiá] Beginner LVL 3 (37.14%)
  • [Neró] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
  • [Gi̱] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
  • [Mien] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
  • [Fo̱s] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
  • [Skotádi] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)
  • [Metallurgy Repair] Beginner LVL 7 (34.42%)
  • [Cloth Repair] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Hide Presence] Beginner LVL 4 (12.35%)
  • [Summon Freya] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)


  • Pure-blooded Vampires +57000
  • Drachedge Kingdom +10000
  • Church +10000

Skill Points Left: 5
Stat Points Left: 10

Author's Notes

Finally finished it~

Now then, first of all let me give you guys my review on Japtem and Royalroad.

For me, I repeat, FOR ME, I think Japtem is easier on the author's side....well, for me anyways. Since the edit doesn't redirect you to another page cause it's at the lower part of your chapter unlike here where the site redirects you and all. Or is it that I'm just not used to it?

Also, in Japtem, there's this Latest Comments and I still haven't explored Royalroad that much as I was still transferring the chapters so I son't know if this site has something like that as well.

Well anyway, I do think Royalroad is easier on the reader side as they can follow the fanfics/web novels that they want unlike in Japtem. Since I haven't been that much absorbed as a reader yet, I still don't know all the functions so that's all I can tell.

Now then, as I have no idea why the Reply isn't working on the Fiction Page or how to reply at all, I'll just say it here.

I'm an AMATEUR artist and still trying to improve myself so if the illustrations are bad, then sorry, I only posted the illustrations since I have free time to draw (and procrastinating) and I like that scene so I draw it. I don't wanna trouble someone else to draw for me and I certainly don't wanna pay them for it -3-. Also, if ever someone were to give me a drawing of a scene they like here then I will still post it even if it's not good :p

Next is the rewards. A lot of people have said that the rewards are too much but I think they're just right. Lucas' quests aren't really normal and there aren't any quest that you can base on as normal so I get what you think. Also, Lucas' quest had effected the entire world, no, probably even other worlds so I think the rewards are just right.

I will try to change my way of writing on different POVs unlike the repetitive ones in Volumes 1-2.

The skill list is too long yes, but the appraisal skills and mastery skills are needed in the future for something. But I will converge it someday into one, it's just missing something for now so I can't do it immediately.

I had no idea that the dialogues are hard to follow so I've started to place the names after their dialogues, if there are dialogues that doesn't have any names, then that means that whoever said it doesn't matter. I'm to lazy to change the previous chapters though hahaha.

And yes, I will also post here.

There, finally finished. Now that my ranting is over, I'll talk about this chapter next :3

So you've seen the next hare *cough* uhh person that Lucas will save. Though the story line is somewhat similar to the first one, but things will be different from now on.

Different from Freya, Euomun, or Eu (since it's easier to type) is much much stronger as she is the Demon Queen. If you're worried that the story might be immediately over because of this, then worry not! Of course there will be something that will happen to combat Eu's OPness.

Whether it's another OP enemy or some kind of seal or something, you'll have to read the next chapters to know :p

You've also seen how different this world is from the new status windows and their "rules of the dead". This will also keep happening in the future in other worlds and Lucas will be able to use them as well.

Also, LUK has been somewhat unfolded in this chapter, how Lucas uses it in the future? Haha, well, you'll find out in the future.

There's also the forgotten sweets from....I think Chapter 1 of Volume 3? Lucas (I) was supposed to give it to Freya and the others but.......I forgo *cough* Lucas forgot about it so it was kept in his Inventory until now. Yes, it was Lucas. Not me. Absolutely. Not. Me.

Haha, in any case, I made good use of it in the end right? Well...technically this isn't the only chapter where the sweets will be introduced so it's still not that good from here....I'm still building it up -3-

Also, I've said in the Royalroad Chat (since I was bored and procrastinating) that World Gate Online is just the [First Part] of three series :3 That means that there will be 2 more series in the future that is related to this one.

Don't worry though, I plan to end this with a BANG! And even then, WGO would continue for....I think 20+ volumes. I already have bits and bits of arcs that will get that far.

Also, the 2 series will be written so that it's fine even if you don't read the previous one. Though it will still be better if you read the previous one, but still readable alone. Only, you will be left with more mysteries than those who read the previous series.

As for the advanced stat.....honestly, I have no idea if my calculations are even right -_- all I did is multiply and divide without any basis sooo......yeah, it might seem weird -_-

Now to finish this of so I can finally sleep (since it's already 2am in my place -_-).

How will Lucas and Eu cope with the outside world? Rather, where in the world would they possibly be? How did Lucas ended up getting there? What will happen to the Kingdom Lucas left? Will Lucas now be branded as an evil existence or something more? Where had Slazore gone to and his purpose? Will Lucas take the offer of being the [Hero] Trask gave him? What will happen once he get's back? How will this event change everything they believed in?

Till the next chapter!

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