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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 10: White Knight
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: April 21st, 2015

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Chapter 10: White Knight

“I wonder why he won’t accept?” (Pearce)

Pearce sighed as he sat on his boss’ desk.

“People have their own reasons. And don’t sit on my desk.” (Trask)

“Ah, s-sorry Sir. But still, if it were me, I would gladly accept it.” (Pearce)

Pearce realized how rude he was and bowed to apologize then relaxed his back on the wall instead.

“Lucas isn’t you, he must have his own reasons for turning it down” (Lilianne)

Lilianne prepared three mugs and filled them with coffee.

Normally, this isn’t Lilianne’s job but as a part of the night shift work, coffees are necessary and she thought that she’ll prepare Pearce’s and Trask’s as well since she’s already doing hers.

“Anyway you two, get back to your works.” (Trask)

As soon as Lilianne had finished distributing their coffees, the two employees complied and bowed towards their boss before leaving.

“But still…it’s such a shame if he refuses. What was Lucas’ level again?” (Pearce)

“I think it was 17? Let see…here, 17 alright.” (Lilianne)

Lilianne checked on her tablet just in case, since Lucas was already in the [Favorites], the info was seen right away.

“17 huh? He’s already so strong in just level seventee-………..” (Pearce)

“Hm? What’s wrong?” (Lilianne)

“Eh? Ah, no…just wondering if your tablet is broken…” (Pearce)

“Broken? No, that can’t be……I think it is.” (Lilianne)

Lilianne refuted Pearce at first but acknowledged it as soon as she saw the data on her tablet again.

After all, a second ago, Lucas’ level was 17, now, it increased to 107!

A whole 90 levels increase!

Not only that, but his skills had also leveled up by quite a lot and there were also new skills and titles and other increases in stat.

“SIR!” (Pearce)

Ignoring Lilianne who was still standing still, Pearce took the tablet from his hands and ran back to his boss’ office.

“Mr. Reynell…how many times do I have to tell you to knock before entering? I’m still the boss here you know?” (Trask)

“S-sorry, but I can’t help it! Please look at this!” (Pearce)

Trask sighed at his over energetic employee and motioned him to come closer.

While Trask was drinking his coffee, Pearce began to explain.

“Please look, this is Lucas’ status before, then, in a second, his status updated and…this is the new one.” (Pearce)


It was all too surprising that Trask spat the coffee on his employee’s face.

Even though Pearce was clearly dumbstruck, Trask ignored him and took the tablet.

“H-how is this possible!? You said it updated in just a second? Are you sure you just took a long time to see his status again?” (Trask)

“N-no Sir. I asked Ms. Bristow about Lucas’ level and she showed me the data, that time, it was clearly still level 17 then…it updated.” (Pearce)

Pearce, who can’t complain to his boss about the coffee on his face, reluctantly wiped it with his handkerchief and explained.

“That’s…how can this be? Wait…it isn’t necessarily a second right? You only saw it update in a second because this is designed to update every second so…there’s a high chance that the actual thing was only a millisecond! Call Ms. Bristow over and have her call Lucas!” (Trask)

“On it!” (Pearce)

However, before he can even talk to Lilianne, she was already talking in the phone and was asking questions non-stop.

“Please explain this Lucas! How did you level up 90 times in a second!? What monster did you kill this time!? Where did you encounter it!? Rather, didn’t you just get home? Just how fast did you kill that monster!?” (Lilianne)

Due to her loud voices, everyone had already gathered around her thinking what was going on, even Trask came out of his office to check.

Seeing her boss in her field of vision, Lilianne saw her boss’ mouth move as if saying to put the phone on loud speaker.

After nodding her head, a male’s lazy voice can be heard in the room.

[[Mmmhh…what do you think the time is already? Why do you have to be so loud?]] (Lucas)

“Please answer, how did you level up 90 times in a second!?” (Lilianne)

[[Hm? Ah…that…well, technically it was in a millisecond…And explaining everything now would be too bothersome…I’m tired…let me sleep.]] (Lucas)

He really sounded tired as a yawning sound can also be heard.

“At least the video! Please let us see the video!” (Pearce)

[[Hm? What, am I in loud speaker again? Well, I’m tired. I doubt you can understand just by seeing the video…or is there even one? Anyway, we’ll talk tomorrow right? Then I’ll answer then.]] (Lucas)

“It’s fine even if we can’t understand the full story! I wanna see the fight!” (Pearce)

As if to agree with Pearce, the other employees in the surrounding are nodding their heads.

[[Haah…listen up. I’m tired. I’m sleepy. When a person is tired, that person’s systems slow down. When they slow down, they tend to malfunction. When they malfunction, I can die. If I die, there will be no one to
fight with other key holders. When there’s no one that can fight them, the world ends. Long story short, I’m tired, if you don’t want the world to end, let me sleep.]] (Lucas)

The others can only hang their mouths at that insane explanation that sounded like they came from a kid.

They don’t even know how to refute it since it was too ridiculous.

[[Fuwaaah…g’night guys…]] (Lucas)

And so they were hanged up.

+ + +

“Hnnnnn~” (Lucas)

I stretched my arms as I woke up.

Uwaaa, finally able to sleep in an actual bed after a week…well, it’s only a millisecond here though.

Anyway, the rewards I got were really amazing.

After our dinner with the Kings in [Senerth], I immediately followed the Elf King to the [Skill Shrine] to bless my equips.

First of all, the [Nocturnal Set]:

  • [Nocturnal Cross Hoodie] was given the skill [Dark Cross] which buffs you with 30% DEF and 50% when nighttime.
  • [Nocturnal Gloves] was given the skill [Dark Grab] where you can aim it on a chosen target in order to grab it. Basically like telekinesis but is limited to only one target and you can’t lift anything that you physically can’t.
  • [Nocturnal Trousers] was given the skill [Silencer] where all noises you make are reduced by 50% in 5 minutes and 80% in nighttime.
  • [Nocturnal Boots] was given the skill [Dark Walker] which increases SPD by 30% and 50% in nighttime.
  • [Alpha Scarf] was given the skill [Alpha Bark] which is the same paralyzing skill the [Alpha Grey Wolf] used before where it would paralyze the opponent for 2 minutes.
  • [Silver Coated Ebony Shoulder Guard] was given the skill [Shoulder Bash] which is basically a tackle using the shoulder where ATK will increase by 20 temporarily.
  • [Nocturnal Set] was given the skill [Call of the Night] which calls every nocturnal being within 5 kilometers. Of course, whether they will be hostile or not, depends on their nature.
[Draughtbane] was given the skill [Blood Blade] which takes 1000 HP from the user then uses it to increase its damage by a thousand, it is an extremely troublesome skill to use in battle but definitely a strong one.

[Durandal] was given the skill [Holy Torrent] which is a sword skill that unleashes a sudden wave of attacks on the enemy with the added Holy bonus.

[Watervliet Ring] was given the skill [Watervliet’s Lord Projection] which basically shows a gigantic 3D hologram image of me only when I’m in [Watervliet].

[Arch-bishop’s Bracelet] was given the skill [Saint’s Restoration] which is basically an advance healing and curing.

[Ring of Connection] was given the skill [Lover’s Promise] which buffs the wearer of the other pair with 70% in all stats for a minute…I can’t even use it unless Freya blesses hers with the same skill…

Next, I tried placing a pebble on the shrine on a whim and was surprised that it was also given a skill [Explode]. Thinking that it would be a good weapon in the future, I place every pebble I can find but they were given different skills. Some got [Enlarge], [Noise], [Burst], [Multiply], [Swamp], [Accelerate].

The reason for this was because the [Skill Shrine]’s blessings cannot be chosen nor can it also be called random. If I have to explain it, it was because those skills were [Chosen].

The [God] of [Senerth], he chooses the skills that are appropriate for that item that is being blessed with skills.

When I heard of this, I realized the skills given to the mithril set, they had the word [Heaven]. Even though it might be because there is also a [Heaven] in [Senerth] that such a word was given, but there are many
forms of [Heaven] in many languages.

That’s when I noticed something I haven’t for a week. Why was I able to understand their words as well as the other way around?

Why can I read this world’s letters?

The answer was simple. It was in [English].

When they say that English is a universal language, they weren’t joking about it. It really was a [Universal] language.

Well, this can also means that the [God] of this world is the same as one of [Earth’s] Gods, no, maybe the same God that really created [Earth] as well as [Harus] since it would seem that English is also a language in [Harus].

But even though English is a universal language, there are still different languages here in [Senerth] which I cannot understand one bit of it.

I only know that there’s a language for the Elves, the Dwarves, the Fairies, Demons, and they all have different dialects as well.

But in any case…the person responsible of spreading English in [Earth]…just what sort of existence is he?

Well, that’s that, next, I move on to Eu’s castle where the secretary-like demon welcomed us.

Eu glared at me again for staring but I can’t help it can I? Even though Eu is also beautiful and has a nice body, I can’t help but think of her as only an idiotic demon queen, well, there was also that possible confession before but it may be my misunderstanding.

In contrast to that, the secretary-like demon called Mare has a sexy kind of feeling to her.

Aeran also puffed her cheeks and glared at me which I can’t help but think it was somewhat cute.

She got the title [Idol of the Battlefield] after that battle ended which makes her allies’ morale to go up as well as STR bonus when she’s cheering and drops the morale of the enemy. I need to remind myself to bring her when I get to war again someday.

Once we got inside of Eu’s castle, we were greeted with countless paintings and sculptures which made my [Art Sense] stat go up!

Then, we were lead to the library where the [Skill Scrolls] are kept.

The library was circular in shape which rose up to 3 storeys with countless book shelves forming a circular pattern.

We were then directed to a drawer with scrolls stored inside.

There were really a lot of scrolls and it would be troublesome to check each and every one of them so it was a good thing that they were properly categorized.

First of all, I want to get a fire, light, and dark element magic.

There weren’t any light magic but there were plenty of fire and dark.

Unlike in [Harus] there are no such things as a [Skill Points] here, only requirements such as level and stats.

From my [Wanderer] level and my stats, I can only get the skills [Fire Aura], [Fire Ball], [Fire Wall], [Dark Wall], [Dark Mist], [Dark Ball], [Black Flame]. The others require a lot of Fire, Dark, and INT stat as well as a high job level.

Next, I found another interesting skill called [Shadow Clone] which needed 350 SPD so I spent all my stats to SPD. And by all I meant all 195 points.

I already poured 255 to LUK so I don’t care anymore.

From now on, I’m going to pour everything on a single stat in one go. Probably per 195 points or something.

And besides, a shadow clone can be really useful. I can only create one clone though since each clone can only be made per 350 SPD.

Basically, if I want to get more clones, I need to speed up more.

Other skills however, didn’t interest me so I ignored them. Those that I did like though, had a harsh stat requirements so I can only sigh and increase that stat before I go back here.

Then, Eu continued to show me around her castle.

We went to the armory where various weapons and equipments are held. When I asked if I can take some with me, she answered that I can take everything if I wished for it with an insane smile.

Well, taking everything will be bad right? So I only took one on each kind of weapon for my weapon masteries.

There isn’t anything that really stood out of them, from what I can see, they’re basically just B ranked weapons and there were no special effect but they will do for now until I can find a weapon comparable to at least [Draughtbane].

Next, my eyes were attracted to a necklace in display.

The necklace has a plain design to it yet it holds a mysterious vibe or some sort.


Necklace of the Unidentified








A necklace made by a very shy person which will allow the wearer to be completely unidentified by others.
Others will not be able to get any information on the wearer.

When I saw the description, I know that I will definitely need this!

It’s troublesome that my name is already known internationally so I won’t be able to play peacefully, now, an item to hide the face…there!


Mimic Mask




Appearance Change




A mask made from the materials of a monster known as a [Mimic]!
With this mask, the wearer will be able to change his appearance for a day.

Now I’m all set to start anew!

With these, no one will bother me when adventuring. I’m really glad I came here.

I should treat Eu someday, ah, maybe I’ll show her around in my world. I bet she’ll like the sweets there.

Aeran too I guess, but I have to take them separately since they tend to fight and cause a scene.

Mh-!? Somehow…Freya’s image appeared in my head with an evil smile…can she even make such a face?

Anyway, after that, I gave one of my keys to Aeran as a gatekeeper of sorts so they can freely come to my world if they want.

Though I told them not to do so yet since I still have other things to settle on the other side. I already discussed it with the Kings before.

I also freed my tamed monsters since they will be loyal to me anyways even untamed so there will be no difference to keep them tamed.

With this, other tamers can still tame them.

The [Dorville Forest] is now a popular relaxation spot for couples and nobles as well as a great training ground for soldiers.

Monsters inside the forest also stopped attacking them and some even accompany them if they want to.

There, I also said my farewells to the Kings and my companions and went home.

By the way, Vil, the first tamed monster, refused to be freed so I still have her as a pet.

When I started to wonder how to keep a horned rabbit in my world, that was easily solved when I disconnected.

Together with my equipments, weapons, stats, and appearance, Vil also disappeared to who knows where and I was able to become [Earth’s Lucas] again.

Now, here I am eating breakfast like normal.

After battles and battles, one would think that this ‘me’ eating breakfast peacefully like nothing happened is ridiculous but I couldn’t care less.

I’d say I earned this already.

What? Even if I’m a [Hero], I’m still human no? I would naturally get hungry and this is the first normal food I’ve had in a week…well, in [Senerth] anyway since only a millisecond passed here.

Oh yeah, I’ve also checked the time when I entered [Senerth] again and found out that time runs the same here and there which would explain why it was also night when I was summoned.

Anyways, let me relax like this all day…haaah…couches are amazing aren’t they?

Thinking on just spending the day relaxing while watching TV, I opened the TV with my remote.

Haaaah…a nice warm morning and nature channel…if only this will last forever…

However, reality, was ever so cruel with me.

[[We are sorry to interrupt this program with a breaking news! At 5:34 AM, Rizal Park, a-a monster is on the loose! Currently, this unknown monster has been rampaging around and had most likely killed a few citizens!...We just got word, the army are on their way bringing tanks! Let us hope that they make it in time before many citizens are hurt!]] (Reporter)

Together with that announcement, a shaky video was shown revealing Rizal Park and a huge monster thrice the size of a human with a bulky body with huge horns on its head, [Behemoth]!

H-how is such a monster here!? No, the only answer can only be another key holder!

But still…to summon a high level monster such as this…

Damn…I have to go do I?
Tch, whatever. Let’s do this!

“[Character Switch]! [Mithril Set]!” (Lucas)

I donned that mithril set so as to hide my identity and equipped the [Necklace of the Unidentified].

As for how to go there…well, I can use Freya’s [Bat Transformation] to fly but since a large bat is suspicious, I dissolve into many smaller bats instead.

Next, no matter what, a flock of bats is still weird if others were to see it so I used the basic light elemental magic to surround myself in light for camouflage.

I used [Hide Presence] as well just in case. It would be troublesome if people saw a flock of bats coming out of my room after all.

Now, let’s fly!

+ + +

“T-thi-this is Leith Tyson, reporting live in Rizal Park! Kya-!...C-currently, a monster known as [Behemoth] is rampaging kyaa- a-around! Police are powerless to stop it and is now focusing more on kya- e-evacuating the citizens! The army has yet to appear! P-please hurry up!” (Leith)

Leith was currently in Rizal Park where the [Behemoth] is rampaging around.

Her job was simple, that is to provide live footage of the incident. But even if you call it simple, she is still risking her own life just by being here.

In fact, she can’t even properly commentate since explosions had been happening near her resulting to her shouting.

“Uuuu…I wanna go home! Why did I even accept this job!?” (Leith)

Even as she asked herself that question, she already knew the answer.

“W-will he appear? Will he save us like he did in the Mapua incident?...Please…please…someone…” (Leith)

She can only pray.

Pray for a [Hero] to appear.

Then, ‘he’ appeared.

Like a knight in shining armor, he appeared falling from the sky with a pure white sword at hand aiming for the monster’s head.

Everyone that is currently running away or reporting stopped what they were doing and stared at the white knight with bright red cape that came falling from the sky.


The monster bellowed in pain as the sword was stabbed on its head.

Next, the monster’s movements stopped as a cross made of light stabbed it in place.

From the white knight, a white gigantic hand appeared on his right side that sent the monster high up in the sky.

The white knight jumped and released a torrent of slashes that glowed.

Then, a water pillar sprouted from the ground that changed form to that of a hand like object that grabbed on the monster.

With the white knight’s touch, the water instantly froze, trapping the monster along with it.

But even with all those attacks, the monster has yet to die.

High up in the air, a wall of water appeared in front of him, again changing form into that of a huge lance. Freezing it again, the white knight stabbed the ice lance to the monster’s head with all his might, killing it instantly.

Soon enough, the monster disappeared into a white smoke, covering the white knight entirely.

As the smoke disperses, there, standing on top of the battlefield covered with the blood of the monster was the ever so dazzling white armor and a bright red cape that seemed to gather everyone’s eyes.

Overlooking all of these on top of a building, was a masked figure.

“Hooh…I figured the White Haired Adventurer Lucas would be the one that will appear but…there seems to be another problematic [Player].” (???)

The masked figure let out a dry laugh and quietly retreated from the scene.

“No matter. Today was an experiment anyways.” (???)

Through the mask, a cold smile was revealed.

“There’s still more to come, [Heroes].” (???)

+ + +

It’s finally over…it’s a good thing that this [Behemoth] is still a young one. I’ve read in the wikis that a full grown [Behemoth] is at least five times larger than this one at Lvl 500. This one is but a Lvl 100 [Behemoth] so it didn’t take a long time to defeat it.

Nevertheless…how am I to deal with this?

Surrounding me is a crowd of people repeatedly asking questions such as who am I? What’s my jobs? What were those skills? Where did I get this armor? And so on and so forth.

Honestly, answering everything is too troublesome and I don’t wanna reveal my voice so I really can’t answer.

By the way, most of the questions were asked by a female reporter that seemed to keep on staring at me with a hot gaze…what’s with that?

She looks dangerous…like she’s going to eat me or something.

Anyway, I released a bright light surrounding me which made all of them close their eyes in reflex and I activated [Hide Presence] and [Bat Transformation] to disappear.

Now, to Trask’s office again!...I really want to go there this afternoon but since I already caused such a scene, I had no choice but to retreat there.

Well…arriving with this armor might be a shock since they didn’t know it was me so I went home first, grab my clothes, then used the [Mimic Mask] to change into my [Earth] form.

With this, I can appear as [Earth’s Lucas] but have the abilities of [Harus' Lucas]! Haha, I can finally cheat as much as I want during exams!

Ah, no good, I let out my inner thoughts for a while there.

I mean that I can use my powers without anyone knowing that I can…or something like that?

Also, when I switched character before, I forgot that I have a pet now so Vil looked at me grumpily when I got back.

I also told her to stay for now since I can’t bring a horned rabbit in broad daylight with me.

Though she was unsatisfied, once I gave her a lot of foods from this world, she just happily ate and stayed.

Well whatever. I still have things to discuss with Trask.

+ + +

“Lucas! You came!” (Lilianne)

Lilianne welcome me as soon as I get to the floor where Trask’s office is.

“Yeah, I came to settle the matters from a wee-…I mean yesterday.” (Lucas)

Damn, I keep forgetting that time was frozen when I was in [Senerth].

Though Lilianne tilted her head wondering what’s wrong, I ignored her and walked towards Trask’s office.

“Lucas! The video! I wanna see the video!!!” (Pearce)

“Haah…later…” (Lucas)

This guy’s noisy as always.

Rather, why are you so hell bent on watching me fight?

“Oh? I was under the impression that you will come this afternoon. No matter, shall I hear your answer now?” (Trask)

Trask, like some boss character in a movie, rotated his chair facing me with a grin on his face.

This guy…does he know something?

Trask was the kind of guy which will make you constantly think that. A really suspicious character.

For a while, we only stared at each other in silence. Even the noisy Pearce didn’t say a word because of the atmosphere. Lilianne was looking uneasy as if thinking what she should do.

Rather, what are you guys doing here? Are you guys really important figures in this company?

Soon, I gave my answer.

“I refuse.” (Lucas)

“…I see, such a pity.” (Trask)

Trask revealed a sigh as if saying it can’t be helped.

Pearce and Lilianne also let out disappointing expressions.

But I wasn’t done talking.

“I refuse to be the symbol of hope and peace that you wished for. So I gave my key to the [White Knight] so he can become what you want.” (Lucas)

“Th-the [White Knight] you say? You mean the one that defeated the [Behemoth] just now? You know him?” (Trask)

The name [White Knight] isn’t something I made up. It was something the masses seemed to call me from what I heard from the news.

Since they have no idea who he was, they arbitrarily named me as such.

As if there is some silent agreement, everyone decided to call me as the [White Knight] while in my mithril set.

“Yes, however, he does not wish his identity to be known so I will be his spokesperson, his representative so to say. That’s why even if I can’t be this symbol you wanted me to be, I will help you achieve this thing you wanted to do.” (Lucas)

“L-Lucas…” (Lilianne)

For some reason, Lilianne uttered my name in admiration.

What? Why are you looking at me with such pitiful eyes? Stop that!

“So to say, even if you refuse, you still want to be involved?” (Trask)

“That’s right.” (Lucas)

“Certainly that is indeed favorable to us. Although I haven’t met this [White Knight] in person nor do I know who he is, if you trust him then I will trust your judgment. His skill is also not bad as he displayed earlier. Tell me, can you at least tell me his jobs? Like I thought, he’s a [Paladin] and a [Magician] of sorts?” (Trask)

“Hmm, well, if you think he’s that then we’ll just make it so that he is.” (Lucas)

While we were talking, I was walking around closing the shutters and blinds from the windows in the room and activated [Silent Room].

“At least, that’s what you will say to the public.” (Lucas)

“…What…do you mean?” (Pearce)

Next, I moved my fingers in front of me, manipulating the window I opened and selected the [Mithril Set]…no, let’s rename it to [White Knight Set].

“After all. I am the [White Knight].” (Lucas)

I uttered as such while I was engulfed in bright light transforming my clothes into that of the [White Knight Set]…well, I say transforming but it was more like switching my current clothes back to my inventory while equipping the other set.

I can clearly see Trask and the others’ shocked faces.

Haha, somehow, I’m having fun seeing them make this face.

“E-eh!? But how!? The skills the [White Knight] showed earlier aren’t in your skill windows!” (Pearce)

“Oh, you mean this? [Heaven’s Crucifixion]!” (Lucas)

Temporarily acknowledging the three as an [Enemy], I used the skill that stops the opponent’s movements as Trask and the two was pierced by a cross made of light.

I don’t think this causes damages so they shouldn’t be hurt.

I canceled the skill immediately since there was no need to keep them like that.

As soon as they were freed from the skill, Lilianne manipulated her tablet. I think she’s checking my status.

Hmm…somehow, the feeling of someone able to see my stats annoys me but I guess it can’t be helped.

“Hm? What’s happening? I can’t read anything?” (Lilianne)

I checked the screen to see what’s wrong and all I see are weird characters and a corrupt screen.

“? This should be impossible, try banging it on the side or something.” (Pearce)

What is that, an old TV?

Ah, could this also be the effect of the [Necklace of the Unidentified]?

“Sorry about that, let me unequip this first…there. Is it fine now?” (Lucas)

“Ah, it’s fixed…what was that all about? Also…like I thought, [Heaven’s Crucifixion] isn’t in your skill window.” (Lilianne)

“Of course it’s not there. Try checking my equipments.” (Lucas)

Though the other three are still confused, Lilianne did as she was told anyway and clicked on the icon that looked like armor.

“Let’s see here…eh? W-what’s with this ridiculous equipment!? They can have skills!?” (Lilianne)

“Let me see that…it’s true. Though I’ve heard there are some that has effects when worn, but I haven’t heard of any that can give a skill like these. Where did you get these?” (Trask)

“I wonder~” (Lucas)

I tried to play innocent for fun.

It really is fun to see them like this. Haha, take that you annoying know-it-all boss.

“Senerth? Is this a place? No, I think it’s more likely to be an NPC. Let me check on the NPC department.” (Pearce)

Pearce was about to head out but I stopped him.

“It’s no use. First of all, this isn’t an NPC…no, it’s not a person. Stop calling them NPCs. This is a place.” (Lucas)

“T-then the Locations department?” (Pearce)

“Let me finish talking. Second. Though it is a place, you cannot find it in [Harus].” (Lucas)

I see Lilianne and Pearce still confused.

Trask however, looked as if he just discovered a golden egg.

By the way…how on earth can they see datas from another world? It’s not like [Harus] is a program…before I start thinking of such things deeply, Trask asked.

“Don’t tell me…another world!?” (Trask)

“That’s right. [Senerth] is a name of a different world.” (Lucas)

I started to explain to them what happened in the past week…millisecond.

They appeared doubtful at first but consented as the story goes by.

“I never thought there would be another world. We were only told of [Harus] so we thought that it was the only world besides [Earth]…I see…”


Rather, there is still someone behind Trask?

Though there were still a lot of questions in my mind, I decided to push them back for now. Knowing too much is never good.

“Like I said before, the part where I am not the [White Knight] but his spokesperson will be the only thing known to the public. This secret is only between us and the other higher ups from all over the world.” (Lucas)

I don’t intend to keep a secret to the high figures in the world as that will only lead to trouble. I just don’t want the masses to know my identity for now.

“Understand, Pearce?” (Lucas)

I glared at this guy who has the highest possibility of disclosing this information.

“Y-yes! I swear to God that I won’t say a thing!...But what if there were eavesdroppers just now?” (Pearce)

“Don’t worry about that, I activated [Silent Room] so no noises would escape this place.” (Lucas)

“Hm?...that skill isn’t found in you skill window nor you equipments…wait…this ring…” (Lilianne)

Lilianne froze as she sees the ring and its description.

“L-Lucas?...Can I know who is the girl on the other end of the ring?” (Lilianne)

Why did you decide that it’s a girl immediately? Rather, why are you looking at me with such cold eyes? You may look like you’re laughing but your eyes aren’t!

“…Freya.” (Lucas)

I got scared of her so I inadvertently answered meekly.

“I-I see!...I see…Ha-hahaha…hahahahaha. Wh-what can I say? Co-congratulations?” (Lilianne)

“T-thanks?” (Lucas)

Confused to suddenly being congratulated, I said thanks anyway.

Suddenly, Trask came from behind and patted Lilianne’s shoulder while looking at her with a pitiful face.

Anyway, after Lilianne, who was looking blank, was escorted outside by Pearce, Trask and I began the real talk.

“Now. Let me tell you about the [Gatekeeper] project.” (Trask)

+ + +

In a dungeon somewhere in the world of [Senerth], a looming figure entered the tightly guarded prison.

The hooded figure passed by the guards as if he weren’t even noticed.

The guards only continued on with their board game while the hooded figure walked pass them, silently, eerily, mysteriously. As if he was but a ghost.

He approached a certain prisoner tied in countless chains and a special restrict in his mouth, like it was the deadliest part of his body.

The prisoner was once a demon that commanded a dragon army to attack the humans as well as imprisoning the Demon Queen who wanted peace.

He was called Slazore.

Then, as if cutting off his spell, Slazore suddenly noticed the hooded figure in front of him.

The hooded figure moved its hands towards the mouth restriction and removed it easily.

“He-! Hehehehehe…I don’t know who you are but I thank you for freeing me. Once I rule this world, I will definitely reward you greatly. Speak what you wish! You want half the world? I will give it to you! You want all the women in the world? I will grant it! You want countless riches? I will reward it to you!” (Slazore)

Slazore, like some 3rd rate demon king, said such things only to be greeted with the hooded figure’s chuckle.

“Haha, anything I wish eh? Certainly that is rather tempting.” (???)

“Then hurry and rid me of these chains! I will gather all the monsters in this world and raid every city! Every forest! Every village! And I will kill that bastard [Hero] that dared to do this to me!!!” (Slazore)

However, the hooded figure chuckled again.

“Hooh, I see, I see. But I think you are mistaken.” (???)

“Huh?” (Slazore)

What does this guy want now? Is probably what was on Slazore’s mind right now.

“It is true that I’m certainly here to [Free] you, but not the kind of freedom you probably expect. After all, I’m here to [Free] you from this world and the others.” (???)

“Wh-wha?” (Slazore)

“In short, I’m here to kill you?” (???)

As if playing with Slazore, the hooded figure let out a playful voice.

“B-bastard! You think you can kill me!? GUARDS! AN INTRUDER! THERE’S AN INTRUDER HERE!” (Slazore)

“Oh my, to ask for the guards that put you here to protect you. Aren’t you something?” (???)

“S-shut up! OI GUARDS! GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE!!!” (Slazore)

However, there was no response.

As if they were trapped in a room that trapped all noises.

“No matter how much you scream, they won’t answer oh? I didn’t kill them by the way nor did I knock them out. It’s just that you are inside my spell.” (???)

Even though the hood hid most of his face, Slazore still felt a chill run down from his spine and felt a cold smile from the hooded figure.

“Wh-who the hell are you!?” (Slazore)

“Oh you’ve already met me before. But no hard feelings. It’s just that I need you to die before ‘they’ notice your worth.” (???)

Suddenly, a gigantic black arm…no, it looked more like a claw than an arm. The black claw rushed towards Slazore instantly decapitating him.

What was only left, is a body and a separated head soaked in a demon’s blood.

“Such a pitiful creature. He wasn’t even able to get to play his role. But like I said, no hard feelings. Just think of it as saving thousands of life with your death here.” (???)

Even though he knew there would be no one to listen to him, he said those words anyways as he walked back outside.

As he walked into a shadow, a dark mist surrounded him and he disappeared just like that.








10 G 54 S 50 C


Wanderer LVL 37
Painter LVL 19




11430 (+2000)


11405 (+1000)


170 (+200)


141 (+200)


363 (+200)




146 (+400)




Light Hero shrouded by Darkness
Marquis of Watervliet
Monster Mass Murderer
King of the Dorville Forest
Spirit’s Friend
Senerth's Hero





Art Sense





100 (+200)













Passive Skills

  • [Play Dead] Beginner LVL 6(12.23%)
  • [Dragon Eyes] Master LVL 6 (31.12%)
  • [One Foot Walk] Intermediate LVL 9 (24.82%)
  • [Mouth Mastery] Intermediate LVL 8 (57.72%)
  • [Photographic Memory] Master LVL 3 (53.34%)
  • [Art Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 8 (24.54%)
  • [Potion Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (45.65%)
  • [Herb Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (34.85%)
  • [Wood Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (42.23%)
  • [Ore Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 4 (51.45%)
  • [Cloth Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 5 (62.67%)
  • [Metallurgy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 9 (85.45%)
  • [Item Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 8 (23.86%)
  • [Ingredient Appraisal] Beginner LVL 5 (75.12%)
  • [Food Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 5 (71.35%)
  • [Trap Appraisal] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Enemy Appraisal] Master LVL 1 (12.74%)
  • [Magic Appraisal] Beginner LVL 2 (86.52%)
  • [Staff Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gun Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Bow Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Gauntlet Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Katar Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Dagger Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Whip Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Spear Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Mace Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Warhammer Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Axe Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Two-hand Mastery] Beginner LVL 9 (99.99%)
  • [Dominant Arm Mastery] Master LVL 1 (97.53%)
  • [Weak Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 3 (42.75%)
  • [Sword Mastery] Master LVL 1 (45.23%)
  • [Warrior’s Presence] Master LVL 1 (85.12%)
  • [Tamer’s Order] Master LVL 1 (34.72%)
  • [Poison Resistance] Beginner LVL 7 (42.72%)
  • [Earth Manipulation] Beginner LVL 9 (08.39%)
  • [Water Manipulation] Beginner LVL 7 (41.23%)
  • [Wind Manipulation] Beginner LVL 7 (23.45%)
  • [Fire Manipulation] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Dark Manipulation] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

Active Skills

  • [Bash] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Stomp] Master LVL 10(100.00%)
  • [Dragon’s Wrath] Intermediate LVL 5 (71.25%)
  • [Dragon Claw] Beginner LVL 5 (12.72%)
  • [Dragon Roar] Beginner LVL 6 (07.12%)
  • [Color Picker] Beginner LVL 8 (53.12%)
  • [Color Mix] Beginner LVL 8 (97.52%)
  • [Fotiá] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Neró] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Gi̱] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Mien] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Fo̱s] Master LVL 9 (99.99%)
  • [Skotádi] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Metallurgy Repair] Master LVL 4 (02.45%)
  • [Cloth Repair] Beginner LVL 5 (74.27%)
  • [Hide Presence] Intermediate LVL 8 (52.2%)
  • [Summon Freya] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)
  • [Cooking] Intermediate LVL 9 (42.37%)
  • [Tame] Master LVL 1 (41.28%)
  • [Fire Aura] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Fire Ball] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Fire Wall] Beginner LVL 2 (53.34%)
  • [Dark Mist] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Dark Ball] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Dark Wall] Beginner LVL 2 (56.23%)
  • [Black Flame] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)
  • [Shadow Clone] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)


  • Pure-blooded Vampires +57000
  • Drachedge Kingdom +10000
  • Church +10000
  • Senerth +12000

Skill Points Left: 25
Stat Points Left: 0

Author's Notes

Volume 3 Dooone~

I get that many were disappointed at last chapter's fight with Slazore and I'm really sorry for that. At first, I was planning on using him again in the future but decided to kill him now anyways by this mysterious hooded figure that seemed to know 'something'.

This ??? hooded figure is different from the ??? masked figure by the way in case some people think they are the same.

Anyway, I've introduced the [Gatekeeper] project! What it is, you'll only find out on vol 5! haha

Volume 4 will be entitled World Crucible.

In this volume, I will introduce Ashclad and Blood, 2 classmates of Lucas and how they started. I know that some thinks that a chapter without the MC is boring but what these 2 will discover is important!

And I really don't plan to make Lucas the only OP anyway so just wait. And besides, they will only take 3 chapters.

The next 3 chapters after that is RIce and Geeves' adventure and their 'predicament' which is again, important for the story to move forward.

The last 4 chapters would be Lucas of course and his 'preparations' as well as an unexpected change.

Like the volume title means, Crucible, in other words, turning point. This volume will literally be a turning point for our characters!

What happens when worlds clash? What is the [Gatekeeper] project? How will the humans of [Earth] handle this change? Who is the masked figure that seemed to be plotting something to the [Heroes]? Why did the hooded figure kill Slazore? (Though you guys will most likely only find out in the 3rd Series :P) And lastly, the question everyone has been waiting for! How will Freya react upon seeing Eu and Aeran? Haha.

Till the next volume!

P.S.: By the way, I can probably make the [V4] Prologue immediately so should I do it now or only do it after [V4] Chapter 1 is done? If there are more that said do it now before thursday then I will release it on thursday, if not, then next week with chap 1 :P

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