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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 9: Painting and Training
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: June 28th, 2015

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Chapter 9: Painting and Training

Now then…what to paint…

Upon arriving at a free room near the Art Gallery of my castle, I stare at the empty room thinking what to draw.

[“How about painting a mural on the walls about your life or something.”] (Warren)

Or so Warren suggested from behind me with a bored tone.

“A mural huh? Well I guess anything’s fine for now.” (Lucas)

While saying so, I used Warren’s idea and started painting on the upper left side of the door’s wall thinking to start from there going downwards then moving clockwise.

Let’s see…starting from when I was born is tedious and I don’t remember much of my childhood anyway so let’s go with when I first logged in the game.

I painted myself in [Beginner’s Set] in a certain plaza in [Drachedge]. Moving downwards, I painted myself meeting Feredir and Ravi, partying, and meeting the [Blood Werewolf] and finally, falling in the cave thinking about it, it’s all those two’s fault that I didn’t get to have a proper start.

I wonder what those two are up to? If I ever see those two bastards, I will definitely kill them. I don’t care if I turn into a criminal! I will definitely get my revenge for those two ditching me like that!

Moving along, I started painting how my life began from then on.

The most entertaining ones were when I painted the fight with Denneth. While I was painting that part, Jacob would do an understanding nod every once in a while, Ellen looks scared, and Alfan looking furious.

When they found out about the demi-vampire inside the dragon, they all made a surprised face.

“I see…so the dragon was not in control.” (Jacob)

“So this is the power of the demi-vampires…” (Ellen)

“Having others fight for you without their consent, what a disgrace! If I find a demi-vampire I swear that will be his end!” (Alfan)

Jacob nodded again while Ellen looked frightened on what the demi-vampires are capable of. Seeing this, Alfan became more furious on the demi-vampires.

What a weird couple.

Though I said couple, it seems Ellen is oblivious to Alfan’s feelings. Haah, even though Alfan is openly displaying it like that, how come Ellen hasn’t noticed?

As I thought of that, I felt a slight chill run down my spine…I wonder what that was?

After that, the rewards, meeting Warren, going to [Drachedge], chance meeting with Freya, the scene in the abandoned building, sneaking in the Palace, fighting Fawkes.

When I got to that part, Alfan exclaimed something about how great it was to have the honors to fight Fawkes of the Phoenix or something like that but I didn’t really care about that.

Then the scene in the dungeon below the Palace, being attacked by the Black Hand assassin Tibb, and rampaging in [Dragon’s Wrath] mode again.

…Even though I saw this myself in the video, I still can’t believe how much I changed because of that skill…

Moving on, there was the scene of awakening in a church and meeting the Arch-bishop, and my favorite moment, the part where I launch the trash king with a catapult!

Finishing that part, I felt Vil from on top of me seemingly excited with sparkling eyes…don’t tell me, she wants to do that?

…Well, it does kinda looks like fun…

After that was the summoning part.

The audience with the [Sennerth Human King], gaining the [Mithril Set] now called [White Knight Set], riding and dropping from a wyvern into the horde of monsters beneath.

I painted that part where I was falling with black and white transparent arms on both sides. Needless to say, that was [Dragon Claw] and [Heaven’s Fist].

After that was a badass scene of me standing on top of mountains of monster corpses while my armor starts to turn demonic. Then I met Eu in that flower garden inside the cave, battling the [Tree of Life], walking in the empty gorge, and meeting Vil.

On top of me, Vil seemed excited to see herself in the painting and has sparkling eyes.

Then, I met Aeran, cured her, led the army of fluf- monsters outside of the forest, meeting Eude and defeating the enemy’s monster army.

After that, I felt my hand moving unconsciously, continuing my work even though I have yet to visualize what to put in next.

My hand moved and painted.

After a few hours, what was painted was the battle I had…rather, me in [Dragon’s Wrath] mode, with the dragon army and Slazore.

Not only that, there is a silhouette on my back showing a gruesome black dragon.

Just looking at it makes me uneasy, yet there is this feeling of familiarity…Could this be the [Dragon of Wrath]? [Kamirth of Rage]…

How can this be? I mean, I’m sure I’ve never seen this guy before. Denneth should be the first dragon that I encountered.

Oh, there also a different silhouette, though this one is fainter than Kamirth…

It was a silhouette of a girl.

It was ‘her’…

I wonder…It’s been a long time since I last saw her, I think it’s been 7 years? But how come I still remember her to this point of detail?

And 7 years ago…I was 10 and she was as well. Meaning, we were kids. But she was clearly 17 as well in this painting…

No, to begin with, why did my hand move on its own?

Argh! I don’t know anymore!

I want to erase it but the quality of the painting will drop and I’m aiming for a master piece at least.

Tch- this is clearly because of our earlier conversation which made me resurface ‘that’ memory.

Forcing it back in my head, I filled it with what to paint next to distract myself.

After this was meeting the three Kings and visiting the [Skill Shrine] in the elves’ territory before going back to [Earth].

Then I battled with the Lvl 100 [Behemoth], met Trask, and finally, going back to [Harus] and visiting [Watervliet] before finally, showing the new water fountain city mode.

I didn’t paint me painting since its weird, and I will constantly update this anyway like a diary anyways. I can’t be drawing myself painting at the end every time after all.

My only concern is how will be completed. To complete this, I need to die and I’d rather not do that.

…Why did I paint this again?



You have created a historical art!

+12000 Fame


Enter name:

Oh, looks like I don’t need to die after all.

I set the name of the painting as [Lucas]. I thought of naming it [Life of Lucas], [Lucas’ Life], [Lucas’ Adventure], or even [Legend of Lucas] but it feels like I’m some sort of historical figure and really embarrassing so I stick with just my name.


Lucas (Incomplete)




+20 to all stats for 1 day
Able to use a random skill of Lucas at 5% of its original power except for specific skills unavailable to share.
(Number of uses for passive skill gained: 1 day)
(Number of uses for active skill gained: 1 time)


A legend in the making!
This mural shows how Lucas started as an adventurer in [Harus] showing the many great trials he faced as he encountered different problems in different worlds!
Those that gaze upon the mural will be filled with excitement and thirst for new adventure.
(This mural will only be completed when Lucas dies and should be updated every once in a while for new effects.)


+50 Art Sense

“…” (Lucas)

“This is…as expected of milord! What an amazing art! I also gained [Water Manipulation]! To be able to manipulate water even though milord is not an [Elemental]…truly amazing!” (Jacob)

“Wah, I gained [Cloth Repair]! Hm? Isn’t this a [Tailor’s] skill?” (Ellen)

“+20 to all stats! Not only that, I also gained [Enemy Appraisal]! A [Scout] skill!” (Alfan)

*Vii vii!*

Oi, don’t tell me Vil also got a skill!?

Rather, what’s with this effect!!!???

Aside from the stat increase, the other effect is no use to me at all! Wah! I demand reset! I’m going to start over!

No, no, wait…calm down…it’s not that bad.

+20 is already a lot. Rather, I’m surprised I was able to make a historical art.

From what I know and seen so far, art rankings goes like this.

Art>>Fine Art>> Master Art>>Historical Art>>Legendary Art>>Godly Art

Another way to put it is like this.


I bet this would be a hit in the news as a historical art and would therefore, attract people.

Not to mention that there is that 2nd effect. Since many had seen me fight in the movies, they would definitely be curious about my skills and would want them. Not to mention, a skill gained here can be something that isn’t a part of one’s class as showed by the fact that Alfan got a [Scout] skill despite not being one.

Also, I’m opening the castle anyway and the Art Gallery and since this room will be part of it as well, it would be an instant attraction!

Long story short, awesome art = many people wanting to see = many people coming to [Watervliet] = many people buying from [Watervliet] stores = more money comes back to me from taxes!

Alright! I don’t need to be concerned about a few certain skills since it said ‘except for specific skills unavailable to share’. I don’t know why but I know that the dragon skills are one of those specific skills mentioned so there is no harm in letting them use the others.

And it’s just at 5% anyway.

I also placed my other arts so far.

Namely, the 2 paintings of Freya in the abandoned building, and the [Elemental Arts] I made in the empty gorge.

Freya’s paintings were placed in a canvas stand near the part where I painted that on the wall while I gave the [Elemental Arts] to Jacob so that he can arrange for glass displays to be made and have him put them inside.

Finally going out of the room, I looked out of the window only to see it’s already dawn. Looks like I actually painted all night huh?

“You three can sleep if you want. I kept you up all night after all.” (Lucas)

“Well…how to say this, it seems that my drowsiness was instantly swept away after milord has finished painting.” (Jacob)

“Me too. I suddenly feel like I can clean the whole castle by myself!” (Ellen)

“Rather than sleeping, I feel I can take on a dragon at any time!” (Alfan)

Th-this is that huh? The effect of the painting…It did say in the description that ‘Those that gaze upon the mural will be filled with excitement and thirst for new adventure.’…

Well, if they’re fine with it then it’s fine.

“Alright, but don’t push yourselves. Oh, and from now on, I’m banning anyone from entering this place during the night. It would be bad if people start to use this effect to keep themselves up all night every time.” (Lucas)

“Understood, I will inform every personnel. But will it be alright to open it to those in night shifts?” (Jacob)

“If it’s them…alright, I’ll permit it. Also, can you order for boats to be made? Around a hundred should do.” (Lucas)

“Boats?” (Jacob)

“Yeah. Just the standard one. The plainest. In other words, the cheapest. But don’t buy damaged boats that are bound to sink.” (Lucas)

“Understood, I shall make the arrangements. But if I may, what will it be used for?” (Jacob)

Hearing Jacob ask, I let out a playful smile.

I then explained my idea, to which, Jacob was amazed and both Ellen and Alfan showed gratitude.

After that, let’s see…what should we do next?

“Milord, it is almost time for the knights’ morning exercise. I would like to excuse myself.” (Alfan)

“Morning exercise?” (Lucas)

“Yes, every day, us soldiers and knights under milord train every morning so as to not neglect strengthening our bodies.” (Alfan)

Training…when I heard that word, the only image in my mind is when Fawkes trained me when he was drunk…

But still, I almost forgot. But doing this will increase stats so I shouldn’t ignore it just because I can raise stats from leveling up.

With this, I will be able to face stronger enemies despite having a low level. Meaning, this is another chance to get ahead of others.

Players have a mindset that leveling up is the easiest way of getting stronger after all. I can’t get haughty just because I have a high level. What I need is stats.

Also, training would increase my proficiency in [Sword Mastery] faster and I’m already near in maxing it.

“Alright, let me join too.” (Lucas)

“!? Are you sure, milord?” (Alfan)

“Come on, it couldn’t be that bad. I doubt it would be worse than a drunken Fawkes’ training.” (Lucas)

“Master Fawkes trained milord!?” (Alfan)

“Ah, just one night, he was drunk and was lashing out complains to me which led to training me one way or another…do you have any idea how many times I have to repeat it because he can’t count properly while drunk?” (Lucas)

Just the thought of it makes me shiver…

Hm? Is it just me or did Alfan’s eyes sparkle just now…nah, there’s no way this guy swings that way…right?

I shook my head trying to forget my thought a while ago and followed Fawkes to the training field.

The soldiers seemed to have already formed lines once we got there.

From what I can see, there are 4 types of activities being done.

• Those who only swings a wooden sword.
• Those paired up and practicing offense and defense moves.
• Those who runs around the field building up stamina.
• Those who supervises them.

Hmm, what I’m interested is those paired up and practicing moves. It’s like a different move from skills. The moves they make don’t seem to be random like what I do.

There’s a flow of movement and everything.

“Ah, what they are practicing is called the [Dragon Sword Style].” (Alfan)

“[Dragon Sword Style]? Is that some sort of skill?” (Lucas)

“Ah, no milord. It’s different from the skills which are systematized and has default moves. Styles are what you can call techniques. It does not require mana and teaches you how to attack on certain points or defend properly.” (Alfan)

This…is the first I’ve heard of it. Come to think of it, Fawkes also didn’t use any skills while I battled with him and that didn’t make it easier for me.

“You said [Dragon Sword Stlye] earlier, are there any other styles?” (Lucas)

“Yes, there’s a lot. Only, the [Dragon Style] is the most practiced style here in [Drachedge].” (Alfan)

According to Alfan, there are many styles in the world but what he only knows are those limited here in [Espion] which is the [Harus] counterpart of [Philippines].

In the northern continent, [Cyble], governed by the [Cyle Kingdom], they use the [Bull Style] which practices the saying ‘Defense is the greatest offense’. Alfan doesn’t know the exact moves but he says that fighting them is like fighting a stampede of bulls. Overwhelming charges that will make you step back.

In the central continent, [Cravon], governed by the [Morburn Kingdom], they use the [Turtle Style] which mostly focuses on defense. Alfan also doesn’t know the exact moves but their defense is said to be stronger than the [Bull Style] and hard to break. At first, you’ll think that you are winning, but before you know it, your stamina is already depleted while the enemy is still full. That’s when they start to attack. Just like the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. The Hare rests while the Tortoise uses it as an opportunity to win.

Lastly, is the southern continent, [Etrano], governed by the [Drachedge Kingdom], they use the [Dragon Style] which is the complete opposite of the [Turtle Style], in other words, complete offensive. Just like the raging dragon, the relentlessly attack without a care on defense. It involves moves that are easily connected to each other and can be re-arranged in any number of ways.

“It’s not as powerful as its name sounds. There are others that uses styles that can easily defeat us and if not used properly, even the [Turtle Style] can easily win. Also, these are not the only styles but just the most frequent used. There are still many styles that are not bound to any kingdom like Master Fawkes’ [Phoenix Style].” (Alfan)

“[Phoenix Style]?” (Lucas)

“Yes, it is somehow the same as our [Dragon Style] but mostly uses counters. Even has counters for counters from what I’ve heard.” (Alfan)

“So in other words, they use the enemy’s strength against them?” (Lucas)

That’s…really an overpowered style…

“Can you only use one style?” (Lucas)

“Not really, but it’s not advised to use many. Because once you learn one style, it will be difficult to manage another since your body still remembers the previous style. Also, if you did manage to learn it, you cannot possibly master them. As I said, your body will be confused which styles to follow and will not be able to use the complex higher leveled moves.” (Alfan)

Hmm, this is a problem.

In other words, I need to choose wisely huh? I want to immediately learn a style but…I also want a powerful style like that [Phoenix Style]…

Or should I gamble that I can learn multiple styles?

“What level is milord’s [Sword Mastery]?” (Alfan)

“Hm? Master Lvl 1 at the moment.” (Lucas)

“Then it is impossible to learn any styles.” (Alfan)


Isn’t it that I can easily learn if I have Master level already?

“Actually, most knights have already maxed their respective weapon masteries. Only soldiers have not yet.” (Alfan)

Alfan explained the ranking of the army.

Trainee>>Soldier>>Knight>>Decanus>>Decurio>>Tesserarius>>Optio>>Centurion>>Military Tribune>>Legion Legate>>Imperial Legate

From what Alfan said, If you want to be a of Knight rank, then you have to at least have maxed a weapon mastery…which means I’m actually still at the bottom huh?

Somehow, I feel depressed…and I’m supposed to be a [Hero]…

“W-well, this is only the ranking for those who are within the army so there’s no need to compare other yourself to them in terms of strength. Besides, there are those who have reached high ranks but still weak in terms of strength and have reached that rank because of his smarts.” (Alfan)

Alfan tried to console me but I ignored him and only sighed.

Well, for now, I guess I’ll max [Sword Mastery]. Then I’ll start using a different weapon to master. Hopefully, on the way, I can find a good style to use.

I decided to join the bunch who practices sword swings as well as those who’re running around the field to increase my VIT.

By breakfast, I only managed to increase [Sword Mastery] to Lvl 2 and a +3 on VIT.

After eating breakfast, I continued training with the soldiers until afternoon when I will meet the Prince.

Fuh, I didn’t think that simply swinging a wooden sword will increase my [Sword Mastery] faster. I guess I’ve really been doing random moves until now huh?

By afternoon, I raised [Sword Mastery] to Lvl 5 and a +4 on VIT.

By the way, at the corner of the field, I see Vil also training by creating black walls and hopping from one wall to another. Huh, so she gained [Dark Wall] from the painting huh?

I grinned at the sight of the soldiers and knights who seem surprised at a rabbit that can use magic.

Since my body’s full of sweat now, I took a quick bath before going to the teleport circle to go directly to [Drachedge’s] Palace. And by quick I mean using a [Water Wall], passing through it, and the basic wind and fire elemental spell to dry myself. Easy right?

Since most of the noble houses that are under the King are connected, there are teleportation magic circles in them for ease of transfer like the churches.

I could use the teleportation portal of the city itself as I already discovered [Drachedge] but it will be hassle to walk to the Palace afterwards.

I stepped onto the teleportation magic circle together with Vil, the Arch-bishop who has awoken before breakfast and was watching me training ever since, Warren, and Freya who has a somewhat lonely atmosphere around her.

Well…I was not with her after that incident after all, she’s probably mad that I ignored her all this time…guess I take her out someday.

Being surrounded by a familiar light, we were transported to [Drachedge’s] Palace.

Now, the next job is to convince the Prince. Though, I have a feeling he’ll accept any way.


(This part of the chapter is not official as I am still trying some things out. Eventually, a real Vil's POV will be made but I'm not sure this sounds cute enough so this is just a trial. There is no need to reed this part if you don't want to.)

This one’s name is Vil.

Master granted Vil the name Vil the first time Vil met Master…well, it was actually Master’s other companion that time that named Vil but she is not Vil’s Master so Vil only accepted Vil’s name when Master called Vil, Vil.

Vil still remembers that time when Vil met Master~

At that time, Vil was scarred of Master’s companion because she was a Demon and a rea~lly powerful one so Vil thought that Vil will die.

Though, Vil managed to stay alive, Vil still ended up as the Demon’s plaything and Vil did not like it that much…

Vil doesn’t really understand it but the Demon likes to play with Vil’s fur so Vil let her do what she wants so Vil can stay alive.

“Right, for now, the Demon can hug Vil as much as she wants. When the Demon lets go, Vil will run!”

That was the only thoughts Vil had that time but the Demon did not let go of me so Vil’s only choice is to beg Master!...which wasn’t Vil’s Master that time but Vil was taught of a way to let a Human spare Vil so Vil used it on Master!

Right, Vil remembers how it was. First, tilt the head slightly downwards then…widen the eyes, pretend to cry and even shake in fear then look at the other in the eye!

Now, this should be the part where Master lets Vil go but Master won’t be Vil’s Master if Master let Vil go that time so that means that Master did not let Vil go!

All of a sudden, this red transparent thingy appeared in front of Vil but since Vil cannot read, Vil has no idea what it means.

Then Master and the Demon started talking about classes but Vil doesn’t understand it so Vil has no idea what was happening.

Before Vil knew it, Master became Vil’s Master!

Because of that, Vil was stuck with the Demon so Vil hated Master that time. Of course Vil doesn’t hate Master now!

Though, Vil was really worried that Master would get sick when Master kept eating herbs from the forest. Vil heard that to others outside the forest, all the herbs in Vil’s forest is bad for their tummies so Vil though that Master must be an idiot for keeping on eating bad food.

As Vil travels the forest with Master and the annoying scary Demon, Master made me fight other residents of the forest.

There are a lot of different types of residents in Vil’s forest but Vil doesn’t talk to other types since they are scary. In the end, Vil can only defeat the plant types.

Master looks disappointed when he saw that. Vil doesn’t know why but Vil felt that Vil needs to be stronger!

That’s why when Master taught Vil how to fight properly, Vil was pumped up for the first time!

Because of Master’s teaching, Vil now has nothing to fear but the annoying scary Demon beside Master! Vil was really happy to be of help to Master but after Vil celebrated, the annoying scary Demon hugged Vil again and Vil’s mood went down again.

Continuing on following Master, we met more of my kind and the annoying scary Demon forced Master to take them all again.

Muu, Vil really wants to tell that annoying scary Demon not to force Master but she’s scary so Vil has no choice. Sorry Master.

Well, because of that, Vil was freed from the cuddling of the annoying scary Demon so Vil was happy!

Oh yeah! Vil forgot to mention, Master’s food was rea~lly delicious! Maybe Vil can also learn how to cook?

But when watching Master, cooking seems hard~ so maybe not.

While traveling with master, I found out that Master is amazing! Sometimes, Master would suddenly disappear and reappear like he was hiding his presence, Vil can’t detect it at all!

Though, Master is also weird because Master would walk with one foot sometimes and even hold his sword on his mouth…hmm, maybe Master is training?

There was also times when Master would use magic and create something pretty and when the annoying scary Demon likes it, she forces Master to take give it to her.

Master would also use his magic to wrap out feet with fire or other things.

Like Vil thought, Master is amazing! Vil can’t even feel hot even though there is fire on Vil’s feet!

Vil’s other friends also agrees with Vil so we decided to make Master our King!

After some time, Master also welcomed other kinds and soon, the forest was once again reunited!

After that, lots of things happened like meeting a Spirit or other Humans and Monsters and Dragons which makes Vil think that Master is amazing after all. Master was even called a Hero!

Then, when Master was about to leave, Vil asked Master if Vil can stay with Master and Master accepted! After that, Vil saw Master’s home!

It was not like any Vil has ever seen!

But then, before Vil can explore, Vil suddenly appeared in a different place! Though Vil was still in Master’s house, the surroundings completely changed in a blink of an eye!

This must be the so called teleport that Vil has heard!

Before Vil can ask Master, Master suddenly took off from the window so Vil was not able to follow…

When Master came back, Vil looked at Master with a grumpy face and said things like going out are bad for Vil because Vil has horns.

Vil doesn’t really understand it but if Master says so then Master must be right.

Vil also liked the brown food that Master calls chocolate. Right, when Master comes back again, Vil should ask to get more chocolates.

Then, the next thing Vil knew, Vil was already in a different place again. This time, VIl seemed to be in a cave.

Since it’s scary, Vil went up to sit at Master’s head.

Master kept meeting with new people and Vil doesn’t understand what they are talking about so I rested on Master’s head while occasionally being petted.

Vil has no idea why but the way Master pets me feels good unlike the annoying scary Demon.

Vil still learned a few things about Master from seeing how different people talk to Master.

It seems Master has also saved this place some way like Vil’s forest and Master even owns a huu~ge castle!

Master is amazing after all!

Right now, Master is painting in a wall in one of the rooms.

Starting from the top right of the door side, Master painted about meeting two people and running away from a wolf man. Then Master fell in a cave and was chased around by bats!

Is this Master’s life before meeting Vil?

If so, then Master is amazing after all!

Because there was a huuu~ge black dragon and Master lead a huge army to defeat it! But it seems Master was eaten, Master still won against the creepy guy that was controlling the dragon inside!

And Master only has one leg!

“I see…so the dragon was not in control.” (Jacob)

“So this is the power of the demi-vampires…” (Ellen)

“Having others fight for you without their consent, what a disgrace! If I find a demi-vampire I swear that will be his end!” (Alfan)

Seeing Master paint it, Master’s four…wait, it was three. Right, three! Vil can count!

Master’s three subordinates commented. The one with pretty clothes nodded, the one with the frilly dress looks scared and the armor guy looks scary…

Then, Master continued to paint. There was receiving an arm from the dragon, going out of the cave, meeting a shadow guy, and arriving at a city!

There, Master painted himself protecting someone with tattered clothes which Vil thinks is a slave. Master is really kind.

Master took the slave in an empty big house and introduced the slave. Turns out that the slave was a vampire princess!

Master then proceeded to paint showing Master and the vampire princess sneaking in a huge castle and fighting a scary guy with red armor as well as going in a dungeon under the castle.

Then Master fought against a person with black clothes all over which Vil thinks is an assassin! How dare that assassin attack Master!?

But it seems Master defeated the assassin and passed out from poison.

Hmm, so this must be why Master was eating bad food in Vil’s forest before.

After everything was done and Master has saved the vampire princess, a person was drawn strapped in a catapult and was shot far~ away!

Waaaa, that seems fun~ Vil will ask Master to make Vil fly like that someday!

After drawing that, Master was grinning so Master must want to do it as well!

Then, Master was suddenly in a different place. From what Master said, Master was summoned to Vil’s world so this must be that.

After receiving the shiny white armor, Master rode in a small dragon and dropped in the group of monsters!

The next scene after that, Master was already standing on top of the monster’s corpses and the white armor was no longer all white.

There are black spots and red splashes, probably blood by Vil doesn’t know what the black spots are.

Then Master was in a different place again, this time, it was a pretty place with full of flowers but there was an annoying scary Demon in the middle so Vil didn’t like it.

Defeating a huge wood man and passing through an empty gorge, Master arrived to a familiar place. Right! This is Vil’s forest! Vil remembers that tree in the drawing!

Master draws meeting Vil and my other kinds as well as the others and meeting the Spirit.

Right, this was where it all began for Vil. If it weren’t for Master, Vil would probably die being eaten but Master took me away from that and now, Vil is happy going with Master in different places!

After helping the Spirit, Master draws the fight with the many monsters!

Ah! Vil looks cool in that scene! Oh! Vil is there as well! There is Vil again!

Since Vil kept seeing Vil’s image on the wall, Vil jumped up and down on Master’s head while pointing at Vil’s image on the wall.

After the huge frozen army, the army of dragons was next.

But what Master drew was different from what Vil remembers. After all, on the wall, Master was wearing a black armor and behind Master was a silhouette of a hu~ge black dragon which was scarier than the previous black dragon and there was also a silhouette of a different girl that Vil does not know.

Vil thought of asking Master but when Vil looked at Master’s face, Master was crying. Well, there were no tears but Master was definitely crying inside.

Since Vil has no idea what to do, Vil simply petted Master’s head since Master might like it as I like Master petting Vil.

After that, Master looked at me surprised and smiled.

“Thanks, Vil.” (Lucas)

After Master said that, Master petted me again and continued painting until today’s events. Except for Master painting since Master did not paint himself painting on the wall.

Author's Notes

Finally able write and finish!

Haah, too much work......actually, I still have 1 more Finals left for next week but was able to write and post anyway so here is [V4]Chapter 9...finally

To those who might've thought that I dropped this, sorry, I was just busy.

Also, I still haven't updated the WordPress Chapters but I've at least placed a Status Widget there that will be updated as to how long the next chapter is and such.

There's also upto-date list of characters there while Job Tree, and Races which are still incomplete.

So! Let's talk about this chapter.

After a long while, Lucas finally paints! How the [Lucas] painting will become in the future, kukuku, just wait and see :3

And to those who thinks that Lucas' growth is abnormal, well, he is the MC so it's bound to be abnormal. But anyway, the masteries are actually easy to level and needed to be maxed in order to gain [Styles]. These [Styles] are more important as it will be using techniques outside of the system guidance moves and will help the world to be more dynamic.

Other skills also have higher level counterparts so just wait :3

So! Who is the girl in Lucas' mind? How will Freya continue with this newfound conflict in her heart? What [Style] will Lucas be able to use? Just what sort of discussion will Lucas have with the Prince and Arch-bishop? And what has happened to Aeran in [Earth]?

Till the next chapter!

P.S.: The Vil POV was supposed to have been the first part of this chapter but it somehow feels wrong so I didn't go with it. What do you think?

P.S.2: And uhh, sorry Japtem...I seemed to have destroyed the page of the previous chapter cause of miscoding...(edit)nvm, it's fixed

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    Condition: Mastered Santoryu, Mastered Nitoryu, Mastered Ittoryu

    Attack +300
    Speed +300
    Defend +300
    Sense of direction -99999999999
    Sleep –> Deep Sleep +999999
    Resist Sleep -999999

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