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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 5: Complex Feelings
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: July 27th, 2015

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Chapter 5: Complex Feelings

“Right, I promised to show you guys around [Senerth] right? Let’s go now then.” (Lucas)

After eating, in order to dispel the weird atmosphere of our group, I tried to sound upbeat and rouse their excitement.

“[Sennerth], so this is the other world you spoke of aside from the world of that game and this world?” (Arlo)

“Yeah, there are only a handful of people who knew about it, around five days or so, it will be open to public.” (Lucas)

Good, it seems that awkward mood lightened a bit.

I took a glance at Eu and couldn’t help but ask myself…whether what she said earlier was the truth or not.

Perhaps, I’m the one who wish to think that she didn’t lie…if she did…I’m really at a loss at what to do…

Sighing at the thought, I tried to push these feelings deep inside me but it wasn’t easy. Not when I see Eu most of the time.

[“Lucas.”] (Warren)

Warren? This is…the [Call] function? No, if it was, then I should’ve received a notice first asking me whether I should accept or not.

[“Hmph, do you hear me or not? This is my first time doing this so I’m not sure if it’s working…”] (Warren)

“It’s working, how are you doing this?” (Lucas)

Come to think of it, where’s Warren, I don’t see him anywhere…

[“Oh! It worked!”] (Warren)

“What worked? Rather, how did you get here? In [Earth]?” (Lucas)

[“I tried to fully fuse with your shadow and thought if I can talk to you like this…didn’t really think it worked. As for getting here, I was hiding in Freya’s shadow when you summoned her.”] (Warren)

Huh? Was he considered as an Equip? Or maybe even a pet?

Well, no matter, I was also beginning to worry how I can bring Warren here. It’s good that there was a way.

“By fuse you mean…can you control my body?” (Lucas)

[“Nah, nothing that powerful. If I can do that, then I would’ve helped you in your battles long ago.”] (Warren)

Right…if he had that sort of power, wouldn’t fighting a dragon become way easier?

All he had to do is fuse with the dragon’s shadow and stay still. And by the way he talked about it, the process isn’t that special.

Most likely, it’s the same as diving into a person’s shadow and merging his own consciousness with it…wait, isn’t that hard?

“How did you do the fusing?” (Lucas)

[“Hm? Well it’s really simple. All I have to do is merge my thought process into the shadow I wish to fuse?”] (Warren)

Simple!? Was something like that really simple!?

Seems like this guy is unexpectedly a genius…seems like I underestimated him.

[“…I feel you’re thinking rude things about me. And since I’m fused with your shadow, I am definitely sure that wasn’t just a feeling!”] (Warren)

“W-whatever could you be talking about?” (Lucas)

[“Haah, forget it. Anyway, what are you going to do with that Demon Queen, Euomun?”] (Warren)

“…Even if you ask me…” (Lucas)

How should I know?

For me, Eu is a great friend who had helped me when I went berserk in [Sennerth]. Though we met only recently, traveling with her for a week, was enough for me to trust her.

I recalled the days we were in [Sennerth].

Eu, the Demon Queen who was trapped by her own men.

Me, the Hero who was summoned to kill the Demon Queen.

A lot has happened and I ended up saving her instead.

Meeting Aeran, a Spirit.

And Vil, my first tamed monster.

I can still recall Eu’s image when she surrounds herself with the [Dorvilles].

And that time when Eu was interrupted by Aeran when she was about to…say something…I wonder, was she really about to confess that time?

[“You know she loves you, what are you going to do about it?”] (Warren)

“I…know? Didn’t she say earlier tha-” (Lucas)

[“Lucas.”] (Warren)

Warren’s voice turns cold. Even I couldn’t help but shiver.

[“I don’t know what happened to you in the past. But the past is the past. There five girls here who loves you, the more you delay and feign innocence, the more you will only hurt them.”] (Warren)

…What did he say? Five?

“Lucas? What’s wrong?” (Freya)

When I suddenly stopped in shock of what Warren said, Freya and the others looked at me clearly worried.


This…don’t tell me…

[“Haah, right. Geez, I didn’t expect you to be this dense.”] (Warren)

It wasn’t because I was dense…I…kinda already felt it but…I just didn’t want to accept it.

Especially after…‘she’ happened…

…How am I supposed to deal with this?

Freya…I’ve known her ever since I escaped that cave. She has been by my side most of the time except for when I went to [Sennerth].

Aeran, though I’ve known her recently, ever since I saved her from the poison in her body, she had been clinging to me at every chance she could.

Lily, I’ve known her ever since I entered the game. She was the first person that I met since she was my guide that time.

Steph…does she truly love me? I just met her yesterday…maybe it has only started to develop but…

Eu…she actually tried to confess twice…and each time was a failure.

[“Did you know, Lucas? She was crying while she ate earlier…”] (Warren)

“This…” (Lucas)

Just imagining the sight of Eu holding back her tears while she silently ate…

I…really am an idiot.

The further I prolong this…the further they will only get hurt.

Perhaps, Eu knows that I would reject her…so to save me the trouble of making me say it myself…

I mean, I really don’t want our friendship to end like this. Most likely, if I were to reject her, none will ever be the same again…and I don’t really want that.

But then, if I accept her with half-assed feelings like this…it will only hurt her more in the future.

But I can’t ignore this matter either…

Sighing once more, I made my decision.

Right now, the others had been looking at me worriedly, wondering what I might be thinking.

Seeing the look on my face, my Mom and Lora quickly made their move as if understanding something.

“Ah Lucas, we’ll go ahead and prepare for a while, Stephie, you can stay here. Come, Alice.” (Lora)

“We’ll prepare too. Now now, you all, let’s go and prepare.” (Margo)

Though the others were confused at their sudden urging, after glancing a few gazes on my way, they seemed to understand the situation and went with the flow.

Freya and the girls as well was first confused, but upon seeing me seemingly not caring about the others. They also knew that I was about to say something.

After they were gone, I finally spoke.

“Eu.” (Lucas)

“!? Y-yes?” (Eu)

Seemingly startled that I immediately started with her, she stuttered a bit and looked at me.

Preparing myself, I sighed again once more.

“I’m sorry.” (Lucas)

“…I see…it’s alright, I…kinda knew it anyway…” (Eu)

Eu’s face twitched for a bit before forcing a smile.

How can you still smile like that?...I can clearly see her knees already shaking…right now, this mighty Demon Queen looked as fragile as a glass…

“…I’m sorry, but let me think this more thorough…” (Lucas)

“!?” (Eu)

Eu’s complexion started to become better, clearly seeing another hope.

“I…You see, in the past, there was someone that I loved more than anything…but…it didn’t end well. So right now, I’m a bit uncertain in…relationships.” (Lucas)

“…I see…” (Eu)

“…Sorry, Right now, I’m really conflicted with…this kind of feeling. Also…” (Lucas)

I glanced at the other girls beside Eu.

“I…don’t know if you also feel the same as Eu…or even a little bit of it…but all I can say is that…I wish you all to also think this more thorough. We only met very recently after all. There are a lot of guys out there…that is better than me.” (Lucas)

They didn’t respond, just nodding silently.

“I know I’m being cowardly at this…but I don’t want to ruin what we have right now as well…” (Lucas)

I unconsciously scratched my cheek with my index finger, clearly embarrassed with what I just said.

Hearing me say this, the others revealed helpless smiles as well.

“It’s fine, Lucas. I’ve also very recently became clear about what I feel towards you.” (Freya)

“Hmph, Lucas. You manually sucked the poison inside me, what can I do but fall in love!” (Aeran)

“Lucas…at first, I was only interested at you…the boy who raised his stats inside the [Training Room] and the novice who fought a dragon…but now…it became different…” (Lily)

“I…I don’t really know if what I feel is love…but…I feel safe around you. Yesterday night, it was the first time for me to have such a carefree dream…” (Steph)

“Hmph! Lucas, if you marry me, I’ll give you half the world!” (Eu)

Seeing Eu’s rather sudden change of mood, all of us looked stunned at the moment but then, a chuckle escaped my lips.


Soon, we were all laughing.

It seems, for now, I can relax for a bit…

…I just hope they won’t start a war like something I read in a manga where the protagonist got a harem of girls from different worlds which incited the war between worlds…

[“Haah, Lucas you…whatever, I guess this is for the best for now.”] (Warren)

Warren’s voice sounded in my head.

“Warren…thank you.” (Lucas)

[“…”] (Warren)

If it wasn’t for Warren forcing me to open my eyes, I would’ve probably ignored all of their feelings as well as mine forever…

“Besides, Lucas, you can just marry all of us! Of course I’m the first wife!” (Aeran)

“A-all!?” (Lucas, Lily, & Steph)

Come to think of it, in both [Sennerth] and [Harus], having many wives is normal. Rather, almost all nobles have multiple wives!

“Muu, wasn’t that the point? The only reason why we are all love rivals is because we want to be the first wife!” (Eu)

Huh!? So they weren’t even competing who I’ll be going out with…they’re competing who’s first!?

So they’re actually completely fine with me accepting others!!!???

I turned to look at Steph and Lily who are both from [Earth] and saw that they were also surprised. Meanwhile the otherworld trio only tilted their head looking questioningly at us.

I sighed once more at their behavior…I guess I have a lot to learn regarding the common sense of the other worlds…

I mean, even killing is fine in their world…

But still…marrying them all huh?

“…Lucas, why did you suddenly grin?” (Freya)

Eh? I was grinning!?

Damn, this face doesn’t really know what a poker face is!

“*C-cough* Anyway, let’s go get the others now.” (Lucas)

Or so I say but…these guys are actually eavesdropping…damn, I didn’t notice them since I was completely focused on the girls…

“Fufufufu, though the end result was a bit disappointing, I guess that should be fine for now.” (Margo)

“Stephie, good luck!” (Lora)

“Damn, this guy finally realized he has a harem but he doesn’t want it!?” (Kanin)

“Good thing Lien isn’t here, otherwise, Lucas would be in for a long lecture about harem…” (Gavin)

These guys…

Lien huh? Since last term, he was out of money to pay the tuition, we haven’t seen him at all ever since. I wonder what he’s doing right now?

“Anyway, let’s go to [Sennerth]!” (Lucas)

+ + +

[Harus], [Etrano] Continent, a young man walked through the desserts accompanied by a seemingly beautiful girl with a relaxing atmosphere around her as well as two identical half-elf girls that suggests they were twins.

The man had a short straight white hair hidden under a blue hood. Wearing round glasses, he traversed the desserts under the bright hot sun but still didn’t look bothered by the heat at all.


Though, for some reason, he suddenly sneezed.

“Merah, did you catch a cold?” (???)

The three girls looked at him with worried expressions.

That’s right, this youth was the boy named Merah who had also gotten a [World Key] back when he finished reading all the books in [Drachedge].

“Maria, I’m fine. Someone’s probably talking about me somewhere haha.” (Merah)

“? You sneeze when someone’s talking about you?” (Maria)

“But we always talk about Master.” (???)

“Yeah we always talk about Master.” (???)

The three cutely tilted their heads as they couldn’t understand it.

“T-that err…” (Merah)

“Master, we’re sorry. We’ll stop talking about you so you won’t sneeze again!” (???)

“Yes Master. We’ll stop talking about you so you won’t sneeze again!” (???)

The half-elf twins pumped their modest chest, clearly proud at themselves.

“Ameria…Emeria…” (Merah)

Merah sighed and shook his head as he didn’t know how to deal with the two.

Ameria is older for a few minutes than Emeria and is often the one who talks first while Emeria backs her up.

These two became Merah’s familiar due to certain events that happened and the two wanted to become of use so they offered themselves as familiars.

Maria however, was a figure of a tale that Merah stumbled upon as he was searching the truths in the tales.

After saving her, she followed Merah until today.

“Hn? There’s a [Dessert Worm] beneath us.” (Maria)

“[Dessert Worm]!” (Ameria)

“[Dessert Worm]!” (Emeria)

After a while, a huge cylindrical shaped monster sprouted from beneath them attempting to eat the four but with Maria’s warning, they were able to easily escape.

“Let’s do this! [Book Transformation: Dual Sword]!” (Merah)

The book in his hands glowed a bright white light and split into two, changing the shape into a sword.

With a leap, Merah and the three challenged the gigantic worm that towered nearly 10 feet high.

+ + +

“It seems Lucas brought quite a number of friends this time.” (Aleris)

Aleris was at her room, gazing out of the window.

Though Lucas and the others first started in [Dorville Forest], after a few hours of touring, they came to the [Human Kingdom] next.

“Ah, come to think of it, it’s already that time huh?” (???)

A voice resounded from behind Aleris.

Looking back, Aleris found a hooded figure that seemed to melt in the darkness.

Seeing him, Aleris sighed inwardly.

“…So you were here again?” (Aleris)

“Something wrong?” (???)

Aleris turned back at the window seeing Lucas outside surrounded by girls. Two of whom, she is familiar with, the others were new.

“…Nothing…just…seeing them like that, I…” (Aleris)

“Hm? Why don’t you join them then?” (???)

“Uuu, not that! I Also want to flirt with Lucas!” (Aleris)

Aleris pouted at the hooded figure behind her.

“? And what’s stopping you?” (???)

Hearing this, Aleris revealed a blank expression and blinked for a while as she stares at the hooded man.

“But but…you said I-” (Aleris)

“I said…” (???)

The hooded man sighed and removed the hood covering his face, revealing a man in his prime with black hair, red eyes, and a face that seems to be carefully sculpted with a knife.

He had an air of a very experienced man, someone that seems to have lived over thousands of years and experienced more than one life and death situation.

“I said that you cannot love the present me. And by that I meant this me, Lucas.” (Lucas?)

“Huh? Isn’t the present Lucas that Lucas?” (Aleris)

“Ah, so that’s why you misunderstood. From my point of view, I am the present and that one you see there is the past me. Though, I guess I’m the future Lucas from your point of view.” (Future Lucas)

Hearing this, Aleris stayed still for a few seconds before going back to her senses.

“Eh!? Then…” (Aleris)

Aleris looked back down from the window and saw the present Lucas showing the others around the city.

At that point, she wondered…what if she started to get close to Lucas before he was thrown to war?

Maybe, right now, instead of Eu and Aeran, it would be her at his side right now.

“It’s not too late you know? Go do what you want.” (Future Lucas)

Hearing the future Lucas behind her, a sudden idea appeared in her mind.

“Can’t you bring me back to the past? That way I can-” (Aleris)

“I can’t. I’m not the God of Time you know? Though I know time magic, I can only use it on myself. The true God of Time is…really hard to deal with.” (Future Lucas)

He sighed, seemingly remembering a past event…or is it the future event in this time?

“Then…then why can’t we go out? Can’t we have a child at least?” (Aleris)

Hearing Aleris, the future Lucas looked stunned for a while before finally reacting.

“I just came back from that timeline where as you said, we had a kid. Want to know what happened?” (Future Lucas)

“Eh?” (Aleris)

“You see, due to my blood, my offspring often stood out, be it in a bad way or a good way. Our child, P-” (Future Lucas)

“Wait wait wait wait! Who chose the name, me or you?” (Aleris)

Just before the future Lucas started the story, Aleris interrupted him which made his head tilt in confusion before answering.

“You.” (Future Lucas)

“Then don’t say the name of our kid!” (Aleris)

“? Ok then. Anyway, since the founding of the [Gatekeeper Project], I…rather, the past me…or the present me…ugh, let’s just call that Lucas you see outside is Lucas and I’m Lucas II.” (Lucas II)

Aleris laughed and nodded, urging Lucas II to continue.

“So after the founding of the [Gatekeeper Project], Lucas was always the object of worship and at the same time, the symbol of hope, which the enemy considers as the most important enemy. After a few months, our child is born, you say that the father died in an accident but of course, that was suspicious, so the enemy investigated and found out that the child has your DNA and Lucas’ DNA.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II looked at Aleris to see where he was getting at but Aleris only tilted her head in wonder, seemingly still not getting the point.

Lucas II sighed and continued.

“They killed you and kidnapped the kid in order to use h-” (Lucas II)

“Stop!” (Aleris)

“…What now?” (Lucas II)

Lucas II frowned as Aleris interrupted him again.

“Don’t say if it’s a boy or a girl.” (Aleris)

“…Fine. Anyway, our kid was mad hostage and started to cause trouble saying their third-rate villain words which made everyone realize that the kid was yours and Lucas’ child.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II paused again to see if Aleris will interrupt again. Seeing that there’s no problem, he continued.

“You see, trust is a strange thing. That time, I…Lucas promised the other girls that I won’t go out or have a child with someone without informing the others first. Hearing that Lucas had a kid, their small group had a falling out. Aeran, was poisoned once more but kept it hidden from Lucas and asked Freya to help take the poison out, what she didn’t knew was that the first time Lucas sucked the poison out, Lucas lend her the [Necklace of Life]. Since she wasn’t wearing it while Freya sucked the poison, she died due to blood loss. Knowing that she just killed her own friend, Freya despaired and killed herself. Founding about this, Lucas wreaked havoc at the person who poisoned Aeran, releasing [Dragon’s Wrath] continuously which gave birth to the Dragon of Wrath, Kamirth. Eu and the others tried to stop it but alas, they all died. After finally calming down, Lucas saw the corpses of his dear friends around him. In his despair, he also killed himself. Before I completely disappear in extinction, I went back in time to change the cause of these events. That is, a few minutes from now.” (Lucas II)

“Uwaaaaaaaaah!!! I’m showeeee!!! Even though it didn’t happen, it still happened! I didn’t expect I caused so much trouble to everyone even after my death! Uwaaaaaah!!!” (Aleris)

All of a sudden, Aleris released her tears that she held back as Lucas II was telling the story.

Tears fell like waterfall from Aleris’ eyes and Lucas II can only look at her in surprise.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying all of a sudden?” (Lucas II)

“Why aren’t you even affected about it! This is your past right!? Aren’t you sad!?” (Aleris)

“…I’ve long since gotten used to…seeing stuff like this.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II smiled wryly.

“…Can you tell me, why is that you are here? You told long ago, that you don’t exist in other timelines like the others. So why are you here? There should be a timeline way better than this one. One where Eu wasn’t imprisoned and Aeran wasn’t poisoned…” (Aleris)

“…Yeah, I bet a world like that exist somewhere. But like I said, I’m not the God of Time. My powers in time manipulation are limited. Even if I have all the time in the world, it’s still impossible to search an infinite number of timelines. And the world you mentioned…it’s very far from this timeline.” (Lucas II)

“Far?” (Aleris)

Seeing Aleris unable to understand, Lucas II smiled wryly and explained.

“See it like this, if you walk until this point, you will take 3 steps right?” (Lucas II)

Aleris walked to the point where Lucas pointed and it indeed took 3 steps.

“But in another timeline, it’s possible that you only took 1, 2, 4, 5 and so on. Heck a timeline where you jumped is also possible. Bisecting that further into the number of breathes you took will lead to different timeline to be created as well. When people say that life is a series of choices, they weren’t wrong. Because or every choice and decision you make, you create your own future.” (Lucas II)

“I…think I get it…or maybe not?” (Aleris)

Lucas II chuckled once more as he saw Aleris unable to understand if she understood.

“I even saw a timeline where you always walk with your arms you know? Always doing a hand stand haha.” (Lucas II)

“…You’re joking right?” (Aleris)

“Right, I took a picture actually, at first, it was just a joke when I visited you in your childhood by saying if your arms are strong, then you will be the most amazing Queen in the future which was why you started doing hand stands. Hahahaha!” (Lucas II)

Lucas II took out some sort of gadget and showed a picture to Aleris.

Looking at herself doing a handstand from childhood to old age, Aleris’s face was dyed red in embarrassment and started shouting at Lucas II.

“Waaa! So it was your fault!? Erase it, erase it from existence!!! Why did you even do that!?” (Aleris)

“I get bored. Fine fine, I remember it perfectly anyway haha. I only took a picture to show it to you someday.” (Lucas II)

“Boo!” (Aleris)

Aleris stuck her tongue out and repeatedly punched Lucas only to get laughed at even more.

“Haha, anyway, though it’s possible to find that sort of perfect timeline, I would have to trace it back to its roots from where it began. But that in and of itself is impossible. A perfect world like that should be something that was created in the beginning of times…which is nonexistent anyways. There is no beginning of time. It just started…well, that’s how I see it anyway.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II shrugged his shoulders as if he couldn’t care less anyway.

“Which is why I am here. In this timeline where I was created. Where Lucas began.” (Lucas II)

“…Then…how about just telling the past me that it’s fine to flirt earlier?” (Aleris)

“? Sure…I just got back, want to hear what happened? You see, Eu-” (Lucas II)

“I’m showeeeee!!! I’ll stop being selfish! I’ll just live normally from now on!” (Aleris)

Before Lucas II even started to start the story, Aleris already broke into tears and stopped Lucas II.

“I don’t think something bad really happened though…well whatever, I was just going to make a story anyway, it’s too troublesome to start all over again when there’s nothing wrong in the first place.” (Lucas II)

In his mind, Lucas II chuckled and looked out of the window, looking at his past self with a hint of nostalgia in his eyes.

“Well, I still have to visit a God here. I only came to see how you’re doing anyway, I do get bored you see. Best of luck.” (Lucas II)

“…Uncle Luke…” (Aleris)

Before Lucas disappeared, Aleris called out to him once again.

“It’s been a while since you called me that, Little Ris.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II chuckled at the thought of being called an uncle by this grown up Aleris.

“A kiss…shouldn’t be bad…right?” (Aleris)

“…Fine, come here.” (Lucas II)

Aleris walked timidly in front of Lucas II. Closing her eyes and tilting her head upwards, waiting for Lucas II to approach.

Lucas II cupped his hands on Aleris’ cheeks, before finally drawing his head in and intertwining his lips with hers.

They continued like that for a few seconds before finally separating.

Aleris looked unwilling to let go but she still did as she understood she can’t have him to herself.

“Well then, take care.” (Lucas II)

“Hehe, even if you say that, I know you’re actually watching over me and the others every time. You’re a God after all.” (Aleris)

“Haha.” (Lucas II)

Like that, Lucas II disappeared as if he wasn’t there in the first place.

Aleris stood there for a while, looking at the area where Lucas II disappeared before turning back and looking at the Lucas outside who’re preparing to leave the city.

“Hmph, I already know I will be one of his wives anyway, but I need to make a strong foundation first! For all those teasing you did to me, I will have my revenge on your past self, Uncle Luke!” (Aleris)

With a newfound determination, Aleris stormed out of her room and out of the castle, heading straight to Lucas and the rest.

+ + +

“Lucaaaaassssss~” (Aleris)

“Hn?” (Lucas)

Hearing a familiar voice behind us, I turned around to look…only to see darkness and a soft sensation on my face.

“Hehe, why didn’t you say you were visiting?” (Aleris)

“A-Aleris?” (Lucas)

“Y-you! Stop hugging Lucas with your breast!” (Eu)

B-breast? Eh? Then this darkness on my face is…

“What, can’t you see he like it?” (Aleris)

“Wha- y-you…since when did you become this aggressive!?” (Eu)

I want to know that too!

My image of this princess was completely destroyed in an instant! What happened!?

“Hmph, that was just me giving you guys a head start.” (Aleris)

Aleris finally let go of me and crossed her arms while staring at Eu with a hostile gaze.

…This princess…how did she suddenly change?

“Hah, head start? Well then I’m sure you regret it already. After all, I already kissed Lucas!” (Eu)

“Eu!?” (Lucas)

Startled at Eu’s sudden reveal, I shouted as I turn towards her and saw Eu covering her mouth hastily.

…So it was a slip of the tongue…

I turned towards Aleris to look at her reaction…hm? No reaction? Rather, she looked like she’s praising Eu? Or is it just my imagination?

“Hoh, so you already made it that far huh?” (Aleris)

“Wha- T-that reaction…Lucas!?” (Eu)

“I didn’t do anything!” (Lucas)

Already knowing what she’s probably thinking, I readily made my answer.

“L-Lucas already entrusted his everything to me!” (Freya)

With the appearance of this sudden new challenger, everyone turned to look at the source of the voice, Freya, as she showed the ring on her hand.

In the corner of my eyes, I see the girls turn their head towards me like a robot that was not oiled properly.

Seeing the same ring on my finger, I sensed an incredible amount of malice.

“That’s right…there was still that matter right? Why do you have the same ring?” (Eu)

“I almost forgot about this, so what’s your excuse?” (Aeran)

“How come I never heard anything about this huh?” (Aleris)

I recalled the time I gave Freya that ring…Come to think of it, that was awfully like a proposal wasn’t it? Rather, the Arch-bishop was present so wasn’t that already marriage!?

Finally realizing it, I feel my face become hot from the embarrassment.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! To think I actually said those lines!!!!??? I wanna die!!!

“Seems like Lord Lucas has more woman problems as I thought.” (???)

I turned to the person who said such things, Ban!

This guy, Ban Stanford, is a person who is around his early 20s. Short black hair and a soldier aura about him.

He is one of the knights present from the battle a while ago but I didn’t see him as apparently he disobeyed orders and retreated from the front lines.

But when everyone thought he was a coward from doing so, in reality, he went straight to the slums where he was born and helped them evacuate.

The monsters that managed to get past the line of defense was also dealt by him as he saved the people from danger.

Thus, he was actually granted with the title, [Hero of the Slums].

After finding out about it, the King introduced him to me so I can show him the ropes as his senior in being a [Hero].

Geez, more like they just didn’t want to punish him from his disobeying orders as they knew he helped a lot behind the scenes, but if he was not properly punished, it will set a bad example to the others so he was then pushed on to me.

Something like banishing him from [Sennerth] so I should take him in [Earth] where he may be of use.

But it was good timing anyway since I needed someone with the [Hero] title anyway.

Like this, I can continue grinding my level while he, wearing the [White Knight] set which only a [Hero] ca wear, go save people in [Earth].

Haha, like this, the [White Knight] will soon become popular and the [White Haired Adventurer] will be forgotten! I can finally roam free!

Well, I still have to teach him the common sense in our world…

It took a long time but I finally calmed the girls down and we prepared to leave towards the [Elf Kingdom].

In [Sennerth], there is only one continent and there are 4 kingdoms that reign over it. The distances aren’t that great as well so every kingdom was basically composed of one city and a couple more villages.

Though, it seems that no one has ventured far into the oceans so there may be a different continent somewhere.

Aleris somehow wanted to join the tour as well and since I can’t really shake her off, I sighed and let her join.

We rode a carriage and chatted inside, reintroducing everyone once more and after 5 hours or so, we reached the [Elf Kingdom].

“Waa~ so pretty!” (Rose)

“Pretty!” (Alice)

The two younger kids looked out of the carriage as they saw the many houses made of wood and leaves, tree houses high up on the trees, countless bridges connecting different points in the air above us.

I was a city that was purely made from the environment and had a refreshing feel to it.

“Welcome, Sir Lucas, Princess Aleris, Queen Euomun, Ms. Aeran. I take it that these are Sir Lucas’ family and friends?” (Elf King)

“Greetings, King Sael. Yes, since today is a rare free time for me, I decided to take my family and friends around this world. I imagine there will be a lot of visitors after the [World Conference] after all.” (Lucas)

“Huhu, I think so as well. Come, let us show you around as well.” (King Sael)

King Sael started to walk forward and we followed him from behind.

“My son really became a bigshot in this world huh?” (Margo)

“Brother, where is this [Skill Shrine] you talked about!?” (Len)

Len sure is eager to see that…

“Haha, no rush. We’ll see all of the [Elf Kingdom]. Next weekend, we’ll go visit the [Dwarf Kingdom] and the [Demon Kingdom].” (Lucas)

Like that, we quietly toured the famous spots in the [Elf Kingdom] with King Sael as our tour guide.

Finally, we came at the [Skill Shrine].

The shrine is made out of [Moon Stone] it seems, a very rare ore that was said to have come from the moon itself. And when I said shrine, I meant the stone that grants the skill itself, not the location.

The shrine itself didn’t have a very good design and is more like a natural formed rock. As I thought of that, a fragment of the moon must’ve fallen in this place.

That [Moon Stone] is housed inside an elvish looking building which was then called the [Skill Shrine]. But of course, the actual [Skill Shrine] is actually what’s inside of it.

As for granting an item a skill, one only needs to let the item touch the [Moon Stone].

…I wonder if the moon can really grant it? I have a feeling that the God who bestows the skill only chose this rock here randomly…nah, maybe there’s something else to it.

How should I know? This is already in the realm of the Gods, there’s no way this mortal me can even think of what they’re thinking.

We all tried out different things to be blessed with a skill.

We got skills like [Hard Guard], [Boost], [Farsight], etc. from placing our clothes, shoes, glasses, and other things.

Just for the fun of it, I tried to touch the [Moon Stone] with my hands to see if I can get a skill.

The elf guards present only laughed saying that they also tried that but didn’t succeed, saying a living object cannot be blessed with a skill.

Unsatisfied with the result, I sat on it in frustration.

The God is currently away.

Please try again later.


D-did I annoy it perhaps?

I tried placing another object on it only to get the same message again.

Next, I had the others do it as well but they also got the same message…

Dejected, we all left the place hoping that it will work next time.

+ + +

“? Did something happen?”

“No idea, they looked like the [Skill Shrine] didn’t give them any skills…”

The two guards looked at each other and tried giving it a go as well to see if there’s something wrong.

“…It works fine though?”

“Weird. Then again, I don’t think I can understand what people from another world think.”

The other guard nodded and they immediately resumed their task.

+ + +

“…Is that really you?” (???)

“…Mistake of my youth…” (Lucas II)

Lucas II, having visited an acquaintance God, was looking down [Sennerth] together with the God as they watched people try to bless their items with a skill.

“Why do you even do this, Udite?” (Lucas II)

“Hm? I’m bored. And it’s interesting to pick a skill to give their items. There are some who bring good items after all. Like that Lucas actually pulling out the holy sword, [Durandal]. Alas, his [Durandal] isn’t completely awakened yet so at most, it’s only a good sword than normal.” (Udite)

“No rush, that comes later.” (Lucas II)

“So…we were talking about the [Death Eaters] right?” (Udite)

Author's Notes

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Anyway,if you're thinking that there will be less casualties now because there is a guy who can time travel anyway to fix it, you're wrong.

As Lucas II explained it to Aleris earlier, just them having a kid already made a disaster. So what you will see from now on is the future Lucas II made out to be. There will be casualties, tragedies, and such but all those are needed sacrifices.

Lucas II himself can only grit his teeth as he see people dying knowing that saving them will lead to a disaster in the future.

Anyway. I've talked long enough.

Next chapter, Time skip of 5 days and [World Conference] Start!

The struggle of world peace begins!

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