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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 7: Enter, the Third World
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: August 22nd, 2015

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Chapter 7: Enter, the Third World

[World Conference] starts tomorrow but today, I’m already in the uninhabited island.

This island does not have a name…yet anyway. I suspect that a name will be given after the conference that will symbolize the new era.

Currently, the only building inside this island is a large conference hall with a lot of seats and tables that forms layers of circles.

The seats are arranged so one can see that there are three groups, which makes three aisles going down the center.

The seats and tables are not welded in place so that they can be freely moved in the future. In case another group will be born.

Yes, the three groups right now are [Earth], [Harus], and [Sennerth].

Of course, only a few knows the existence of [Sennerth] so I imagine the reactions of everybody will be a sight to see.

On the center, a single circular podium is placed as well as three large monitors hanging on top which forms a triangle and each side facing the three groups.

This is a stage made for the presenter tomorrow who will explain various things and will also act as a mediator.

So, what am I doing here? Hehe, that will be a surprise for later.

The place is heavily guarded but those things are not a problem for me, they are but normal humans after all.

For now, I finished setting up what I need to set up and went back to my condo with the use of a [Teleportation Circle].

Yes, this was one thing that I also set up. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

But now, let’s sleep.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Ban is also here with me and is sleeping in a different room. Since he no longer has a place to stay, I let him stay in my condo.

I have a feeling that this condo isn’t big enough in the future…should I go buy a house?

+ + +

“Crow, the [World Conference]…the [Bi-World Gathering] begins tomorrow, do we have any plans?” (Skull)

“No, let them form the alliance. We already talked about this remember?” (Crow)

“Even if you say that…I still can’t help but be uneasy.” (Skull)

Skull scratched his bone helm and sighed while Crow just shook his head helplessly.

“Then sneak some of our members in different countries and forces. Let them gain trust and when the time is right…well, you get what I’m saying.” (Crow)

“Haha, all right! Leave it to me!” (Skull)

Looking at the energetic Skull leave, Crow once again sighed and shook his head before looking out of the window.

“…Angela…just wait. Soon, I will avenge you…” (Crow)

Under the crow mask, Crow’s eyes showed a resolute light that doesn’t seem to diminish.

+ + +

Airport, a place that usually has a lot of people that would either cry from parting with the ones they love, or people that are happy to receive those who came back home.

But now, it’s full of loud reporters and flashing cameras…

“Any second now, the President, CEO Forest Trask, the [White Haired Adventurer Lucas], the [White Knight], will be coming out of this van and into the private plane in order to partake in one of history’s most likely greatest events!”

“Ah! They’ve come out! Quick, turn the camera!”

“Damn, look at that armor!”

Upon noticing the van opening, everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and turned their attention.

Emerging from the van, the President of the Philippines, Trask, and two familiar characters.

One of which, has white hair, dark blue collar shirt with stripes inside a jet black colored suit and tie, black slacks and shoes. Plus, a grey scarf around his neck with red linings that seemed to glow.

One also needs to note that there is a white horned rabbit on top of him!

The other figure has a full set of shiny white armor with a dashing bright red cape on his back.

These two are none other than Lucas and the [White Knight].

Those who knew the identity of the two might wonder why they are separate. This is because the one wearing the mithril armor is Ban, the [Hero of the Slums] from [Sennerth].

Currently, the four people, plus rabbit, are walking inside the airport and processing the needed documents.

Just this time, the two otherworldly figures are exempted from passports as their identity is still not for public so they were able to pass easily.

This kind of sight does not just happen in the [Philippines] but to all related countries.

+ + +

Haah, there sure are a lot of people…

I looked around us while Trask is busy processing documents for us as well as teaching Ban some of it and explaining a few things he needed to know in the future.

Ban only nods and is completely silent since I told him not to speak while wearing that armor.

Why? So that people won’t know that the person inside changes from time to time and also, who doesn’t like a good mysterious character?

There is a line that divided us from the other people since they really look like they will swallow me up if they are allowed to come near us.

I mean come on, look at those crowd, they can probably kill me from stampede if I get trampled by them.

Those at the front of the crowd are repeatedly flashing their cameras and shouting. Some had large banners which I don’t want to look at. I think I saw one earlier that says ‘I Love U Lucas~’ which is completely fine but the problem was the one holding it…was a man…or well…half a man?

Hence, I decided to ignore all banners!

Not that I have anything against gays, but I prefer girls after all.

Well…they sure are taking so long…now I’m bored.

The President doesn’t seem to be doing anything either but I really don’t want to talk to him. Why? Unexpectedly, he’s a real chatterbox…he talked nonstop from the moment we got in the van until we got out.

I don’t even understand 99% of what he said.

Long story short, I’m still bored.

Oh, a kid made it into the front of that crowd, impressive.

His head is just over the line which is dangerous since the people behind him are constantly pushing forward.

Because of this, the kid’s face is starting to turn pale from being suffocated by the line on his neck. He can’t even cry out.

Geez, those people behind him are all adults but they don’t even notice.

Sighing, I walked over that direction to help the little kid.

“Ah! M-Mr. Lucas! Please sign this for me!”

“Ahh! Me too!”

“Sign please!!!”

Ah, looks like I even made the people behind the kid rush forward. Gotta get him safe quick.

First, I thought of cutting the line but that might be bad later so I placed my palm on the man’s chest and pushed him.

The man looked bewildered as to why I suddenly touched and pushed him but since my STR is stronger than normal people, he can only let himself and the other people behind him to be pushed.

*Cough cough cough*

Having no more people pushing him forward from behind, the kid finally broke free from the suffocation.

“You okay kid?” (Lucas)

I let the kid go under the line and squatted down so I can look at him from the same height.

“*Cough* Y-yes, thank you mister!” (Kid)

“Ahh, it’s fine. You can stay here inside if you want.” (Lucas)

If I let him go back, the same thing will only happen again.

Hmm, on this kind of occasion, I should be giving him something right? But what do I give him?

My scarf? No way, I like this one…ah! I can just make him an [Elemental Art]!

I could’ve given him one but the ones that I already made before are all in [Watervliet] so I could only make a new one.

And I’m bored anyway.

“Tell you what, you want to see some magic?” (Lucas)

“Magic!” (Kid)

“Right, look closely…” (Lucas)

Hm, what to make? He’s a boy so robots? Or airplane? Meh, I’ll just make it look like him.

I opened my left and right palms in front of the kid as if I’m holding some sort of invisible sphere and between them, elements are formed.

I made the earth as the base, surrounded it with water to make a transparent cloak, a fiery cape, jet black darkness as the hair, two dots of light on the face which makes the eye, and a platform beneath that is made of wind.

Like this, he can hold it on the bottom and it will still float!

After receiving the notice that it was immortalized, I gave the [Elemental Art] to the kid whose eyes are sparkling from the sight.

As for the name, I asked the kid what his name is and used that as the art’s name.

Carefully landing it on top of his shaking palms, he was surprised that the figure is still floating!

“T-t-t-t-th-than-k-y-y-” (Kid)

“Haha, can’t talk properly? Its fine, you’re welcome.” (Lucas)

Hm, somehow, doing this made me feel warm.

It’s not a bad feeling at all huh?

“Waaa~ so cute!”

“Amazing! What magic was that!?”

“Too coooooollll~”

“I want one too!”

Before I knew it, it seems all the attention is now focused on me huh?

The cameras are also directed at me…

“Please look! Not only is Lucas strong, he also has artistic sense just like the rumors said!”

“Mr. Lucas, is it true that you are opening the art gallery in your castle in [Watervliet]?”

“A-ah, yes. It will open tomorrow, [Earth] time, please come take a look if you have time. It’s free anyways.” (Lucas)

Unexpectedly, I had the opportunity to advertise…well, whatever goes…

After hearing what I said, they immediately started making notes, or fiddling with their phones. Probably making a reminder or something.

Some had even started to call their friends while bragging how I am in front of them…

Like I thought…I’m really not used to being this popular…

“Hoho, Mr. Lucas sure is talented!” (President)

“Haha, this is just a hobby to pass time. I only got pretty good with it since a certain someone kept asking me to keep making one…” (Lucas)

By that I meant Eu…

Though, it seems I was misunderstood.

“Hooh, a girlfriend huh? Even Mr. Lucas has girl problems haha!” (President)

The moment he said that, everyone around me froze.

I think even the people watching in their TVs froze as well since the cameras are still pointed at us…

“I-is that true, Mr. Lucas!?”

“So the rumor about you and the Vampire Princess being engaged is true!?”

“No waaay~!!!”

W-why are these people making such a big deal out of it!?

“I don’t have a girlfriend!” (Lucas)

After I said that, everyone seemed to sigh with relief but also with a bit of disappointment…why are they disappointed!?

“Then, Mr. Lucas’ relationship with the Vampire Princess Freya is…”

“T-that…well…still uncertain- rather, why am I telling you this!?” (Lucas)

Whatever, I don’t care anymore. I’ll just ignore everyone and go back to Ban and Trask…

“Didn’t know you can do that.” (Trask)

“Not you too…” (Lucas)

“Haha fine, fine. Anyway, we’re done here so we should get going.” (Trask)

Finally. Now, we made our way towards the private jet…or plane…or whatever this is. It’s small for a plane, but bigger than a jet so I’m not sure what it’s called.

Anyway, after boarding the private flying thingy, I was finally able to relax once more.

The inside is extravagant as expected of the President. There’s couches, a bar counter, fridge, TV, even a bath. Why is there a bath in an airplane!?

As we relaxed on the couch, the President went to the bar counter and grabbed some wineglasses and a bottle of wine.

“A toast, for a new beginning.” (President)

Not really a drinker myself but I went with the flow anyway and drank the wine after the toast.

+ + +

After a few hours, we finally reached the uninhabited island.

I can see only two planes that are parked so we are actually quite early.

From the flags painted on the planes, I can see that the two are from the USA and China.

We are gathered at the front of the conference building so we were able to see the two countries’ representative.

Though only a few [World Keys] have been discovered, China has one while the USA has two.

With the [Enemy Appraisal] skill, I found out their names, Lin from China, Bram and Shaw from the USA.

“Oh, so this is the Lucas that I’ve been hearing about. The name’s Bram, this one here is Shaw.” (Bram)

“Lin.” (Lin)

“Name’s Lucas. But I guess you already knew that…” (Lucas)

Bram…I’ve heard about this guy. If I remember right, he’s the Guild Master of the top guild in America, [Wild Guns].

On top of that, he is also famous for being the first player to reach the 3rd job stage.

There are said to be three job stages. His job is [Gunslinger] which is the 3rd job stage of [Marksman] and [Berserker] which is the 3rd job stage of [Warrior].

One needs to know that to promote to another job stage, one has to have a lvl 100 job level. This means that his job level is at least 300…as for his base level? I don’t even want to know…

That Shaw on his side isn’t that big of a deal though. Also stuck in the 1st job stage like me as far as I can tell from [Enemy Appraisal]. A [Scout] and [Marksman].

Lin however…he has one job as 3rd stage [Martial Artist]…which I didn’t even think exists. His other job is at the 2nd stage of [Warrior], [Gladiator].

Damn, compared to me, these are all top level players!

Well, they lack my diversity though.

Come to think of it, advancing a job stage is as easy as going to a place that will allow you to advance but…what should I do with my [Wanderer] job…never mind, it’s useless thinking about it now.

“This must be the [White Knight] huh? Is that your real character name?” (Bram)

Ban didn’t say anything and only nodded.

“Can’t speak?” (Bram)

Ban nodded again to which, Bram frowned.

“Anyway, we should quickly summon the [Harus] representatives.” (Lucas)

Since we cannot open a [World Gate] to [Harus], we can only do it by summoning like what I did with Freya.

However, this one is different. It’s called a [Temporary Blood Pact]. On the content, it is written that we can’t order our summon nor can we forcibly recall them back and it also has a duration of one [Earth] day.

This was the only way to make the prideful bunch from [Harus] to accept so we didn’t have any choice on the matter. Besides, it’s not like we’ll use them for battle anyway, we simply need them to be present on this occasion.

Also, I’m not only summoning those from the Philippine counterpart, [Espion], but also other countries as we lack [World Key Holders].

Like that, I summoned every influential being in [Harus] as well as some of their escort knights while Bram, Shaw, and Lin do the same.

In an instant, the surroundings are filled with people!

“Fumu, so this is [Earth].”

“What an intriguing building. What’s it made out of?”

“Hoh, those soldiers over there are carrying strange guns, I haven’t seem that kind before.”

“Truly a different world.”

Such chatters are heard around as they keep looking around in curiosity.

“Lucas, so this is your world huh?” (Prince Lanslet)

“Hoho, traveling to another world sure is a new feeling.” (Archbishop Agerad)

After finding me, the Prince and the Archbishop made their way towards me and we started to chat.

They looked confused when they saw Ban wearing the [White Knight] set since they knew that I’m supposed to be the [White Knight] so I explained it to them. Of course, I secured the area with [Silent Room].

“Demons!” (Bram)

All of a sudden, Bram shouted which made everyone aware of the demon’s existence.

There is indeed a demon in our side since I summoned him. Meaning, he is also one of the influential people in [Harus].

They are supposed to be the Demon Army that managed three cities in [Cravon] or the Central Continent in [Espion].

The leader of the Demon Army is without a doubt, the Demon King. He had dark skin, two horns to each side of his head, silver long hair, and cold red eyes.

To his side are two more Demons, one female, one male. Both of which, also has exceptionally good looks.

The trio just stood there calmly while glancing at Bram who had already drawn his guns.

The male demon subordinate looked at him coldly while holding the hilt of his sword on his waist while the female demon subordinate seems ready to activate magic at any time.

Before this escalates further, I need to stop them.

“Stop. What are you doing?” (Lucas)

I went between them and frowned.

“What are you saying, those are Demons! Why are they here!?” (Bram)

The others also nodded in unison.

“So? Since they’re Demons, they are evil?” (Lucas)

“Huh?” (Bram)

Not just Bram, even the others who heard me were also shocked.

I look around, there are some clergy people who started shouting blasphemy or the like but I ignored them.

Next, I looked at the Archbishop to see if he will also refute me but all I met was his usual amused face.

Damn, this guy definitely has some screw loose.

“Tch- Demons and evil, aren’t they the same? I guess the pure-blooded vampires are an exemption now but Demons are another thing!” (Bram)

“I say…you should know by now, that both worlds have different logics. What’s bad here isn’t necessarily bad in another world. Here, hunting wild animals are only permitted in specific areas. In [Harus], as long as you see a wild dog, you can kill it and even eat it.” (Lucas)

“That’s…true…” (Bram)

“Also, can’t you see that the other people didn’t mind? I think they are the rulers of the neighboring cities so they have probably already accepted them and even do trade.” (Lucas)

Like I said, though most people around are saying the same things like Bram, there are a few that doesn’t care and even some who seemed to want to help out.

“…Fine. Though I’m stronger than you, it seems you are more experienced in this otherworldly business so I’ll trust your judgement.” (Bram)

Of course I’m more experienced, I daresay that I’m the only one to have gotten to another world besides the known two.

With that, Bram retrieved his gun and walked away.

+ + +

“Boss, those two from the Philippines are weird.” (Shaw)

After some distance, Shaw talked to Bram.

“Yeah, I noticed. One’s a mute, and the other’s a human who defends a demon.” (Bram)

“No, it’s not that. I can’t read their status.” (Shaw)

“Then doesn’t that mean they are high leveled?” (Bram)

Shaw shook his head.

“It’s not that, if it was, I will only see [???] but this is different, it’s like the system is corrupted.” (Shaw)

“…That is weird. Whatever, no need to mind it. Let’s go inside.” (Shaw)

Though reluctant, Shaw nodded and told himself to be on guard anyway.

+ + +

“Thanks for that. I was beginning to worry how we will solve that problem.” (Demon King)

“No problem. I’m used to doing that kind of stuff…” (Lucas)

“Ah yes, the vampire business huh? I’ve also heard about it.” (Demon King)

“Nah, I meant defending a Demon Queen, though in this case, a King.” (Lucas)

Though, on Eu’s case, it wasn’t hard since the people saw her help others.

“Demon…Queen? There was such a person? Please tell me where I can find her!” (Demon King)

…Come to think of it, Demon King and Queen…don’t tell me he wants to marry Eu?

Somehow…I find that idea disturbing…

“…You’ll see her later.” (Lucas)

“I see, so she’s also taking part in this huh?” (Demon King)

Like that, I left him and entered the conference building.

There, I saw Bram and the others looking confused.

“Huh? Why are there three portions?” (Bram)

“Let’s just sit in our respective seats.” (Lucas)

I sat at the front row of the [Earth] group along with Ban, Trask, and the Philippine President.

There, we all inputted our names on a fixed keyboard on the desk and our names showed on the screen at the front of our desk along with the flag of our nationality.

Other attendants helped the [Harus] people input their names to which, they all sighed in amazement.

Next to our Philippine group is the USA group, then the China group.

There aren’t any fixed seating arrangements so we follow the first-come-first-served basis.

Soon enough, the people in the room are filled with only one group of seats missing.

[Earth] has 196 countries. Each of which has 2-4 representatives. Those who doesn’t have any [World Keys] only sent 2 representatives while the countries that has a [World Key] only numbered 10.

Including us, there are the Philippines, USA, China, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, Greece, Germany, and Canada.

The bodyguards and knights are standing patiently at the back.

The conference is about to start and people still began to wonder what the third group of seats are for.

Trask looked over at me and I nodded.

To everyone who is seating, me suddenly standing up instantly became the focus of attention.

I ignored everyone else and walked calmly in front of the third group of seats.

Now, time for the most awaited surprise!

“[World Gate Open] [Sennerth]!” (Lucas)

The familiar light appeared and gathered in front of me, forming a gate that passes worlds!

Most of the people here most likely haven’t had any chances to see this sight so they all stood up in surprise.

“My God! He’s opening the [World Gate]!? Impossible! It shouldn’t have been possible to open the gate to [Harus]!”

“So this is the [World Gate]? Truly an otherworldly feeling!”

“Wait, since it’s not possible to open the gate to [Harus]…then where does this lead to?”

From the gate, various kinds of people emerged.

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Demons.

Oh, and a Spirit.

“Hehe, Lucas, you look great!” (Aeran)

“H-how do I look? It’s been a while since I wore this dress…” (Eu)

“U-un! Looks nice!” (Lucas)

“How about me, Lucas!” (Aleris)

“Y-yeah, you also look good!” (Lucas)

Give me a break…please don’t do this to me now…

I also welcomed the Kings and Queens and shook their hands before directing them to their seats.

Aeran showed off by saying that she knows how to operate the keyboard while Eu and Aleris are arguing who I should teach among them…

“O-oi Lucas. This…this is…” (Bram)

After a while, it seems Bram couldn’t handle it anymore and asked.

The others also looked over at us seemingly wanting an explanation.

“Haha, right. They are from a world called [Sennerth]. Frankly, they’re the third world discovered.” (Lucas)


Hahaha! Yes! These are the faces I wanted to see!

Author's Notes

Sorry again for the delay. My schedule's really tight so I have very few time to write. My free time is only at Sunday and I only began writing around that time.

But since there's a storm here and class is suspended, I was able to write today and finish haha.

Anyway, the important world conference has finally begun!

This will most likely continue to ch 8-9 at least. At most, until ch 10 then onto the next arc!

Though I have no time to write, I had plenty of time to read WNs/LNs in my break time in school and am updated in Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations, Against the Gods, Douluo Dalu, I Shall Seal the Heavens, The Legendary Thief, Swallowed Star, and Martial God Asura.

Yeah, they're all Chinese WNs/LNs since I somehow got hooked in it. So I've decided. The next world Lucas will see is something like those worlds! What do you think?

Anyway! How will people react to the now discovered third world? Will the alliance be safely made? How will they cooperate? bla bla bla...

Till the next chapter!

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