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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 3: Why?
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: September 19th, 2015

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Chapter 3: Why?

I arrived in Igur High School in the nick of time and was able to stop an attempted rape from happening.

Though I was surprised to see a lot of people in their [Harus] bodies, what shocked me even more was a certain girl in the room.

She had a long black hair, cold piercing eyes, and a pinkish pale skin with nice proportions. Though she had a different air about her now, I cannot be any more certain about her.

The girl who I once gave my whole world to seven years ago…and also the girl who destroyed it. Mii Shiratori.

My eyes went wide for but a second before returning back to normal.

Even though I’m very much surprised in meeting her, this isn’t the time for that. It’s a good thing I immediately removed [Mimic Mask] before reforming myself. Let’s hope she doesn’t recognize me…

At this point, I really regret using my own image for undercover…whatever, let’s deal with this bastard first.

I redirected my gaze at the seemingly leader of the group and focused myself on the fight.

After a few minutes, the fight had ended with their leader on the ground and the others dead.

I had to admit, I really let my guard down which was why the leader was able to break free.

A [Berserker] has a skill that would give them a sudden burst of strength for a period of time called [Berserk]. After the time limit, they will experience pain and will not be able to move for a period of time.

This is one of the reasons why few people chose to be a [Berserker] as it’s skills are mostly for when one is cornered.

At this time, I was prepared to take action to kill him immediately but he took a hostage. And  it has to be Mii…

Right now, I felt conflicted.

Should I save her or not?

Should I agree to that guy and let him pass for her to stay alive or not?

Should I just slash through her or not?

When I saw her for the first time before, surprisingly, there was no hatred in my heart. But relief.

Am I relieved?

Am I relieved that she is well?

Am I relieved that I was able to see her?

I don’t know…I don’t understand…

Logically, I should hate her. I should never forgive her. But…when I saw those cold eyes of hers…all the hatred vanished as if it never existed.

I guess…in my heart, I have already forgiven her. But I never accepted it. Only now, that I see her so isolated, did I finally accept it and now, I can’t help but get worried.

Why am I even angry at her? Even if I am, it shouldn’t warrant for ignoring her life would it?

I don’t know why she said those words but…it would seem that I wasn’t the only one who broke on that day…

The leader calling himself Mizushi pressed a water blade on her neck which made me sigh in relief.

No matter what, if it’s either fire, water, earth, wind, light, or dark, I am in complete control over them. How am I supposed to feel threatened in the face of a water blade?

So I walked casually to go near him.

Everyone was surprised at my actions that don’t seem to care about the hostage but I ignored them.

This guy definitely has to die, but before that, I will let him experience fear like no other!

Even if Mii betrayed me years ago, I still can’t bare the sight of her like this, with her clothes tattered and a face of resignation that seemed to have no care about the world.

Before the water blade touched her neck, I manipulated it so that it cut Mizushi’s hand that was holding Mii instead.

He screamed in agony but I didn’t care. I held him up and used Freya’s [Terror Stare] to instill his greatest fear on him.

With everything done and over with, I was prepared to take my leave after giving Momo the [World Key].

I didn’t think much of it, as I see it, we are really short in hands so having another top ranker in our team would be better after all.

Well, we’ll still let her undergo interrogation from the [Truth Circle] first to make sure.

However, before we left, a familiar voice called my name from behind which made me stop.

“Lucas-!” (Mii)

I know who it was that called me, however, I didn’t want to turn around.

What am I supposed to say?

How are you?

Have you been well?

It’s been a long time?

…Do you still hate me?

Hesitation held me back from turning around.

I was afraid that if I see her face, I would no longer be able to hold my thoughts and blurt something I shouldn’t.

However, before I could make up my mind, a flash of red light caught my attention in the corner of my eyes.

[Metallurgy Appraisal]!!!

Without even thinking about what it might be, my body already moved on its own and [Blinked] behind Mii as if it was no longer in my control.


I heard a dull noise on my chest which made me turn my head to look...a bullet hole!

There’s a sniper outside!?

With my [Dragon Eyes’] farsight ability I was able to see the culprit of the man who shot me.

He was located in a building a kilometer away! More importantly…there was no reaction from [Magic Appraisal] which would mean that whoever the attacker is…he’s not a switched body!

If his attack had hit Mii instead…then she won’t be sent to the [Special Hospital] or the [Special Prison] but will be killed for real!

This took long to describe but after the first shot, only a fracture of a second actually passed. Also, when I [Blinked] behind Mii, it was almost exactly at the same time as when the bullet was fired.

It was like I knew that it will happen beforehand…

Before I shout to the others about the sniper, the sniper didn’t lose any moment and shot more bullets towards me.


In a moment’s time, my body was already punched with five bullet holes!

Blood spilled from my body, head and my mouth.

Thankfully, the shot to my head wasn’t too deep that I immediately died as I had managed to have at least dodged a lethal shot by placing a layer of earth and air shield on my head.

But in the end, it was still pierced and I still got injured.

The first to act was Momo.

“[Character Switch]! [Sniper Throw]!!!” (Momo)

Immediately after switching, she threw a kunai towards the man who had shot me.

As expected of one of [Japan’s] top rankers. She was able to locate the culprit and even accurately throw a kunai on his forehead from a kilometer away!

As far as I know, not many are capable of such feat. And it just goes to show how much force was behind that single throw.

I saw the man drop down lifelessly in the room he was at before white smoke flowed out of the window.

Just as I was about to sigh in relief, a corroding pain appeared from my chest and even my head was suddenly attacked by a severe headache!

Unable to bear the pain, I collapsed on the floor and alarmed everyone.

“P-poison! The bullets were laced with poison! Sakura! Are there any antidotes that he dropped?” (Shaw)

Shaw, having seen my reaction was first to think of the cause. Indeed, it was poison. After experiencing a lot of poison in the past, how can I not recognize that it is a type of poison?

However, my [Poison Resistance] is only Beginner level! It’s not enough to combat such a strong poison such as this!

“N-no! He only dropped his sniper and a piece of paper.” (Momo)

“Damn! If only we have some kind of all curing antidote…these poisons are made from different materials. What we need is an antidote for his poison! Otherwise, we may only hurt him more!” (Shaw)

“The room! He might’ve kept an antidote there! We need to check!” (Momo)

“You stay, we’ll go and check that building. Let’s go!” (Shaw)

Shaw and the others directly jumped on the window and started to head towards the building while Momo stayed.

“Lucas!” (Mii)

As if everything that just happened only just registered in her brain, Mii woke from her passive state and ran towards me before holding me to her embrace.

I only felt a soft feeling on my head but the pain in my body made me quickly forget it.

Ahh, how long has it been since I heard her voice? How long has it been since I’ve been this close to her? How long has it been since she last embraced me like this?

It’s a pity I had poison in my body so I wasn’t able to clearly feel it.

But even a fracture of it caused nostalgia to surge through me.

While letting myself drown in nostalgia as I try to resist the pain of the poison, drops of water trickled on my face.

I managed to open my eyes despite the pain to look at her.

Her cold eyes were nowhere to be seen and replacing it, the usual Mii that I know once again resurfaced. However, she was crying.

“Why?...” (Mii)

Everyone was quiet, only Mii’s trembling voice was heard.

“Why did you protect me?...” (Mii)

More tears flowed from her eyes.

“Why can you still smile like that?...” (Mii)

Indeed, I was smiling. I don’t know why though.

“Why aren’t you hating me!?...” (Mii)

She started shouting. However, I can clearly feel that she wasn’t shouting at me, but herself.

“After what I did…After I said those words to you back then…Why do you still care for me!!!???” (Mii)

I sighed after hearing her complaints.

“*Cough* Your face is a- ngg- real mess you know? *cough cough*” (Lucas)

After much difficulty, I finally spoke.

Not without coughing out blood though, which made her pale even more.

“…Mii, that was seven years ago. We’re just ten. Just two brats who know nothing about the world, much less, love…You ask me why? I also thought of hating you. I want to hate you.” (Lucas)

“Then w-” (Mii)

“But I can’t. However, I also no longer love you. In the end, I’ve already forgiven you. But…have you forgiven yourself?” (Lucas)

I cut her off before she can say anything.

After hearing my words, she went quiet for some time. As if letting it sink in first.

“…I…” (Mii)

However, she doesn’t know what to answer…

I imagine that her mind is in a mess right now so I stopped saying anything and just let myself focus on fighting back the poison.

Just then, Shaw and the others had returned.

“Lucas! Haha, you really are one lucky guy! We found an antidote!” (Shaw)

I laughed wryly at his arrival.

One moment, the atmosphere was rather heavy, and then this guy comes in and laughs it off. How can I not laugh?

Not wasting a moment, I drank the antidote he gave me while separating myself from Mii.

“Haah, that was a close one…” (Lucas)

After feeling that the pain was no more, I sighed in relief once again.

“Lucas, I checked the antidote. Normally, it has to be given before one minute was up after the attack. This is because after a minute, the victim should be dead! But you were able to last for five minutes! How can you still be alive?” (Shaw)

“Haha, you think this is my first time being poisoned? I was poisoned twice by a [Black Hand] assassin, ate poisonous fruits in [Sennerth], and had to drink about a liter’s worth of poison. At this point, how can I my body not adapt to it?” (Lucas)

Hearing what I just said, everyone’s faces went pale at the thought of being poisoned more than once and can’t help fearing Lucas’ body resistance.

“Right, now you got another from shielding a cute girl. I bet those other times you mentioned were the same.” (Momo)

Momo grinned mischievously.

She had obviously seen my interaction with Mii just a while ago and had probably thought we had a past relationship.

To her words, Mii’s face twitched a bit.

“Well…” (Lucas)

I only scratched my head as I can’t really deny it.

First time was shielding Freya, second time was on a whim of eating poisonous fruits, third time was sucking the poison inside Aeran sooo…

Seeing me hesitate, Mii’s face twitched twice again.

Looking at Momo’s still mischievous face, now I regret giving her a [World Key]…


Vil jumped on my head and looked down on me with a concerned look.

Sighing helplessly, I patted her head to reassure her.

“Right, I think you said the sniper dropped a piece of paper, what is it?” (Lucas)

“It’s amazing how you were able to hear that despite the pain from earlier…well, let’s see…” (Momo)

Momo blinked in surprise before looking at the paper that the sniper dropped.

“…I didn’t read it all before since it didn’t look like a recipe of the antidote but reading it now…you have to see this…” (Momo)

Me, Shaw, and the [Gatekeepers] circled around to look.

--Watch Mizushi well. If he fails, kill at least one person.--

This manner of writing…

“[Death Eaters]…” (Shaw)

Shaw gritted his teeth, clearly showing his frustration.

“This is bad, it couldn’t be that it only happened here. Let’s return! We need to see the others!” (Lucas)

Clearly, these guys wanted to cause chaos so it can’t be that this will be the only place they hit.

Shaw and the others nodded and jumped from the window once more.

I was ready to jump as well and had one foot on already before stopping and turned my head.

Taking a last look at Mii, I turned back and jumped down.

+ + +


In a certain hidden place, a table was slammed with and created a dull noise.

“That bastard! He didn’t kill anyone!” (Volf)

“Volf, calm down. This was still within our predictions.” (Hood)

“Predictions your ass! How were they able to locate Mizushi!? Now we lost one [World Key]!” (Volf)

Hood sighed from underneath his hood and shook his head.

“This was one of our tests in the first place. Now that we know that they are able to locate him. The next step is figuring the how. In the future, we will conduct other tests to measure their flexibility before making our move.” (Hood)

“And the [World Key]? We still lost a [World Key]! You know how hard it is to acquire one!” (Volf)

“Hihihihi, it seems that your brain is only as smart as a dog.” (???)

A weird laugh rang out from the room.

Everyone turned to look at the person who uttered such insults to Volf and couldn’t help but frown a bit.

Even Crow showed displeasure in his face.

The person responsible for this is an old lady wearing a pointy hat like a witch. Her face was full of wrinkles and it is by no means, a pleasure to see.

Even the people who believes in ‘appearance isn’t all’ and that ‘the inside is better’, there is no doubt that they will also frown even a little bit after seeing her.

Though it was said that she was an old lady, she’s actually still around her teens. So using age as an excuse for her appearance is not possible.

However, this isn’t the only reason why even Crow would frown as well underneath his mask.

It was because by the witch’s side, there was a white dove perched on the witch’s hand and the witch was carefully caressing it.

“Witch, you’ve been quiet these past few days. Now you speak and you insult me!?” (Volf)

“Hihihihi, I just stated a fact. That’s all. Isn’t that right, my little angel?” (Witch)

Witch laughed and caressed her dove lovingly.

“Haha, a witch with a pet dove. Isn’t a raven or a crow better for someone like you?” (Skull)

“On what basis was that? Ravens are such vile creatures, they’re not good for company at all.” (Witch)

Witch gave Skull an annoyed look and turned to Crow with a conflicted look before returning to normal.

“Crows however, I really love them as I see them as the true King of the skies…but a dove…this little angel is my hope and my only light. I will not part from it.” (Witch)

“Tch- fucking weirdo.” (Volf)

Hearing Witch, Crow gritted his teeth hard as his face was filled with rage.

Who can blame him?

After all, those words…has a lot of similarity to what Angela and him discussed in the past.

Then this witch shows up and kept on making him remember those days.

In truth, this wasn’t the only time Witch had relieved him from his memories of Angela.

Be it from the way she spoke, what she likes, and even what she calls her dove. Crow had been constantly reminded of Angela every single time he sees Witch.

However, this caused him to hate her even more.

Because Witch is not Angela.

She cannot be possibly Angela.

There is no way the beautiful Angela and this failure of a human being to be one person.

She doesn’t deserve it.

But he knows well that he cannot let his hatred control him.

Because Witch had very satisfying results.

“Hihihi, doggie, you don’t have to worry about something like the [World Key]. What matters most is that Two-face has successfully infiltrated the [Gatekeepers].” (Witch)

“Huh? Two-face?” (Volf)

Two-face is an unknown figure to almost everyone in the [Death Eaters]. However, only Witch and Crow knew of Two-face’s existence.

But even if that was said, Crow only knows that Two-face exists. Only Witch knows who Two-face really is and what gender Two-face is.

Crow let it be as Two-face’s main objective was missions like these. So it is better that no one knows of Two-face.

“You don’t have to worry, as Witch said. Two-face is on the move. As for who he…or she is, not even I know and it’s better this way. So none of us will hinder Two-face’s work. Like this, even the [Truth Circle]
won’t make us say Two-face’s identity.” (Crow)

Though reluctant, Volf nodded as he also understood the complications of the [Truth Circle].

“Now…Lucas unexpectedly had a tough poison resistance as we saw from this trial. Now, we should test how good he really is. Or is the media only making him look strong. Volf.” (Crow)

Crow gave Volf a meaningful look to which Volf began to excitedly grin, waiting for Crow to finish his sentence as he dared not to misunderstand.

“Go test him out.” (Crow)

“And if I kill him?” (Volf)

“Then we take [Watervliet] for ourselves. As for the transport, there are still numerous [Dark Church] in [Harus] and they have sworn allegiance to us. You can use their [Teleportation Circles].” (Crow)

“Hehe, Just leave it to me!” (Volf)

Volf laughed in excitement as he starts to imagine what kind of face Lucas will have on his death.

On the side, Witch only frowned for a second before looking normal once again.

+ + +

“Haah…finally passed another milestone safely…” (Lucas II)

Lucas II had been observing everything that had happened from the place where Gods reside.

Beside him, was one of the smaller Gods of [Earth], Iris. The Goddess of Rainbow and a Messenger of the Gods.

“Humans are really such pitiful existences. Look at that girl, she actually prioritized her stupid father than her loved one and look what happened.” (Iris)

Iris sighed as she also knew what happened between Lucas and Mii.

“Did you look into her mind?” (Lucas II)

“Why should I even bother? I don’t want to know what’s inside the mind of a trash.” (Iris)

Iris clearly looked at Mii in disdain.

As the Goddess or Rainbow, what she liked the most were connections.

Human connections to be exact.

She likes hearing what kind of relationship a person has with another. Connecting them and looked at them with pride.

Conversely, what she hated the most was people severing connections with others.

Have you ever seen a rainbow that is not connected to each other?

No, so why is it, that a rainbow can connect with each other despite being so far apart, yet people cannot do the same?

One might question her logic as rainbows don’t have any ends to begin with, but she is a Goddess after all, and she has her own way on how she views the world.

“Iris, as Gods and Goddesses, we should know more than to judge a book by its cover. If I really wanted it, I could make it so that I…so that Lucas will end up with Mii and grow old together.” (Lucas II)

Hearing Lucas II lecture her, Iris blushed embarrassedly. Actually, it can be said that Lucas II is her senior God as he existed before Iris so it looked like Iris still lacked experience.

“Then why didn’t you? Even if you don’t become a God, you will still leave a happy life no?” (Iris)

“Haha. If only I can…but Fate won’t allow me.” (Lucas II)

“Fate? Why would he intervene?” (Iris)

“Who knows what that perverted bastard has in his head.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II sighed as he shook his head from being unable to answer.

“Perverted…bastard…?”  (Iris)

Iris looked surprised.

After all, she was still a Goddess, but despite being one, meeting Fate himself is still a very rare occurrence, even for higher Gods so she naturally didn’t know what he looked like or what he’s like.

All she knew was that he didn’t like to intervene on mortals himself and decided to leave everything to their own natural order.

“If you believe that he didn’t like to intervene, you’re very wrong. He is Fate. To him, there is no such thing as a natural order or luck. He always intervenes on everything.” (Lucas II)

“Then what do you mean by him being a perverted bastard?” (Iris)

“Hmph, just look at me. I’ve been living my life inside a gigantic loop! From being born to being a God and going back in time in order to help my past self, everything that has been happening, has already happened! Do you know? That during my life from before the Lucas you see there is born, I have been journeying worlds for ages! Had many offsprings then what? Without me even doing anything, I noticed that all my bloodlines in [Earth] started to be together, giving birth to another child which got together with another one from a distant family tree and so on…until only two remained. And after they gave birth to me, they even named me Lucas! Giving birth to another me! Which in the future, will be his ancestor! Long story short, I am my own ancestor! If Fate wasn’t a perverted bastard then what is he!?” (Lucas II)

Iris blinked stupidly on Lucas’ rant.

Though she knew a few things on how he came to be and why he is time travelling, she didn’t know the full story.

This made her really surprised.

Was it the chicken who came first? Or the egg?

One can call Lucas’ story similar to that profound question.

Who came into existence first? Lucas who came to the past and birthed his own self? Or the Lucas who was given birth?

“And to make things worse, that bastard even intervened with my relationship with Mii!” (Lucas II)

“What do you mean?” (Iris)

“Didn’t you even question why her father suddenly asked Mii to go live with him in Japan? Because Fate waited for it. He waited for me to build up my feelings for her, confess, and cruelly break me. He not only lead Mii’s father to make her go to Japan, he even went as far as making Mii say those things!” (Lucas II)

The air around Lucas II trembled as it seemed to sense Lucas II’s anger.

“But…why?” (Iris)

“Because the world will end. Not just [Earth] but multiple ones. Think about it, if I had been happy with Mii until I die, what will happen to the [Gatekeepers]? Angela would’ve been killed in that incident in the school, Jason would let his anger to the world, and brought down everyone to join Angela in her grave. Though there are different versions, but none ends well. Even if there is one that is better, I have no ability to find it. I'm not the God of Time after all.” (Lucas II)

Iris’ eyes went wide from hearing Lucas II’s predictions.

“For a simple relationship to destroy the world…this really is too much…one can say…that you and Mii were never fated with each other…” (Iris)

“…Just what you expect from a guy who gets turned on upon seeing people’s misfortunes…enough of this, I still need to meet a certain [Phantom].” (Lucas II)

Watching Lucas II’s back, Iris can only let out a sigh of worry and pity before turning back to [Earth] and looking down on Lucas.

“It would seem that you will experience many tribulations and troubles. This might not be much as I am a lesser God but…I hope you use this well.” (Iris)

Her hand revealed a dazzling rainbow light which shot forward and descended onto Lucas, merging inside him.

Author's Notes

Sup! Before everything else, to the Insania Online readers in here, you would know that Lucas appeared at the end of Chapter 86. It should be known that it was done so with mine and warhawx' permission and that it is a non-canon character. Which basically means that the Lucas you saw in IO is not from WGO but just someone who happened to have a very similar outline of Lucas here.

Well, you can view it as Lucas in another parallel dimension or whatever. Anyway, another thing. A character similar to Wargon will also appear in WGO which had already been agreed by Warhawx. Though, he won't appear till next volume.

To those who hadn't read IO, try giving it a go, if you still don't want to but is curious to see Lucas' cameo, just click the link and even though most of the parts in the chapter will not be understandable, you can still get the basic idea on how they met.

With that over, let's talk about this chapter.

I am willing to bet that 99% of you guys will misunderstand something about a certain someone's true identity. :3 Fufufufufu

Also, a slight reveal of Lucas II's situation! However, Lucas II's adventures itself will not be made until the third series which will most likely be titled: World Gate Again or something. Anyway, did you understand the paradox of Lucas being his own ancestor? I bet that will be a headeache for you guys haha! FEEL THE PAIN!!!

So! Will Volf succeed on killing Lucas? Who is Witch? Who is Sakura? Who is Shaw? Who is Mii? Who is Vil?(I'm just messing here, just to confuse you guys mwahahahaha!) What did the Goddess Iris gave Lucas? Who is the [Phantom] Lucas II will be meeting? And Mii part of the harem now or...

Till the next chapter!!!!

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