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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 4: Rival
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: September 21st, 2015

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Chapter 4: Rival


You have learned a new skill, (Passive) [Bonds of Connection] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

You have been blessed by the Goddess of Rainbow, Iris, and gained the ability to sense different people who have connections to you. You will now be able to sense their life force as well as their general location according to how powerful their connection is to you.


You have gained the blessing of the Goddess of Rainbow, Iris, and gained the ability to use the [Bridge of Connections] which you will be allowed to use only (3) times which will allow you to instantly go to the location of a chosen person you have connections to.

“Use it wisely…” (???)

“Huh?” (Lucas)

Just before we reached the IDEA building and go see the [Japanese CEO], Yoshihatsu Saraga, two windows suddenly popped in front of me accompanied by a strange female voice.

Iris…a GODDESS!!!???

Why all of a sudden!? I’ve never met her, so why am I suddenly blessed???

Though I was still confused, immediately afterwards, I started to somehow feel other people’s presence far away.

Some of which, were very powerful.

Freya is currently in her village close to her little sister, Lilith.

Eu is in her castle in [Sennerth] and seemed to be with Mare.

Aeran is in the [Dorville Forest] with the many [Dorvilles] that I once tamed as well as with Aleris.

Lily is still in the [Philippines] with Trask and Pearce.

My Mother is at the house, Len and Rose are at their school, My Father is in [Hong Kong, China] at his office.

Mii…she’s still in her school, at the infirmary.

My friends, the people that I met, and everyone who had made an impact to me, I can sense them all. Though fainter than some, there is still that faint sense that they’re alive and a general direction of where they are.

It’s a weird feeling having all of these in my head.

It was as if they are still together with me and I feel very reassured.

What troubles me…is that I can sense at least three other strong presence which I don’t know about.

One should be the Goddess Iris herself, but as for the other two…they feel very familiar to me, but I don’t know whose it is.

Not to mention, both of them had a similar presence as well…one was in [Harus], another was…in some place that I do not know about.

Sighing, I shook my head as I have no idea how answer the questions in my head.

“? Something wrong?” (Momo)

“N-no, it’s nothing…” (Lucas)

I decided not to tell anyone else about this as I am still unsure. Besides, what will they do with this information?

Whatever, the skill is useful so I am not complaining.

We reached the IDEA building and reported what had happened.

Saraga was enthusiastic to know that [Japan] now has its own [Gatekeeper] and it was both an idol and a world ranker which would mean that she will become more popular.

We let her register as an [Rank S Gatekeeper] after having finished interrogating her on top of a [Truth Circle].

“What is your name?”

“Momo Shirazaki.” (Momo)


“18” (Momo)

“Do you attend a University?”

“No.” (Momo)

“Do you have any work? If so, what?”

“Yes, I work as an Idol, Moshiro Sakuya.” (Momo)

“How devoted are you in your country and to the worlds under the alliance?”

“I would gladly die fighting to protect them.” (Momo)

“Do you have any hidden agenda in joining the [Gatekeepers]?”

“…No, everything I do from now on, will be for the [Gatekeepers].” (Momo)

The integrator nodded and nodded to Saraga.

Like that, Momo sighed in relief and was formally registered as [Japan’s Rank S Gatekeeper].

Bram, Ban, Lin and the others also returned after hearing what happened in [Japan].

Turns out, we were worried for nothing. It seems that the only attack was in [Japan]…I wonder why?

“Haah, [Death Eaters]…we just started with this whole [Gatekeepers] thing and we already have an evil organization…” (Bram)

“Well, nothing we can do about it for now. Let me know if anything new pops out.” (Lucas)

“Yeah, I’ll be going too.” (Lin)

Me and Ban went back to [Philippines] where Ban removed his helmet.

This time, I can see his expression and couldn’t help but ask.

“What’s wrong? You seemed to be thinking about something. Worried about the [Death Eaters]?” (Lucas)

“There’s that too but…” (Ban)

Ban sighed again after a slight hesitation.

“Sir Lucas…today, I stopped various normal crimes while you were in [Japan]. Mugging, stealing, and a few more…” (Ban)

“Mn, good job. You seemed to be getting used to here.” (Lucas)

“…I was wondering…you said that this armor, the [White Knight], is the symbol of the [Gatekeepers]. Is it fine if I…well…umm…” (Ban)

What? What is it?

How come this knight of valor type of guy is blushing like this!?

“…Is it fine if I wear this and…well…meet a certain…person?” (Ban)

“…A girl?” (Lucas)

Ban’s body shook at the sudden question. I asked him just in case as I had this suspicion from seeing his blushing face.

…So it was a girl…

Frankly, he wants to impress a girl…

I’m so sharp.

“Th-that well…yes…” (Ban)

“Haha, if you want to impress her, fine! You can even tell her your identity! No need for my permission.” (Lucas)

“Eh? It’s fine?” (Ban)

“Yeah, like I keep telling you. The man under that helmet doesn’t mean anything. The [White Knight] is not you, nor is it me. The [White Knight] is the [White Knight]. Nothing more. You also don’t have to always wear it. Just when you feel the need to like me.” (Lucas)

Ban nodded excitedly.

I must say, it’s the first time I saw him excited like this.

“But be careful. Now that there is a person in your heart, people will use that as leverage. Especially now with this [Death Eater] business.” (Lucas)

Hearing my warning, Ban closed his eyes as if to let it sink in deep in his mind.

Opening his eyes, he looked very resolute and unmovable.

“I understand, Sir Lucas.” (Ban)

“No need for the sir thing. Haha, I’ve kept you long enough, go get her.” (Lucas)

Ban smiled and wore his helmet again before heading out.

Love huh? Speaking off…what the hell should I do to my love life…

It would be nice and easy if there was only one but…

I glanced at Lily who was working on her desk and sighed once more before heading out and switching back to my [Earth] form.

After heading home, I started up [Portal] and went to [Harus].

“Hm? Oh, Warren. Where have you been?” (Lucas)

After appearing in my castle in [Watervliet], I saw Warren walking in the corridor in front of me.

[“Ah, Lucas. You’re back. You can’t believe what just happened to me…”] (Warren)

“Huh?” (Lucas)

Could it be…did the [Death Eaters] attack here?

[“I met this man. He wore a hood so I couldn’t really see his face. But he did something to me…”] (Warren)

“What? What did he do to you?” (Lucas)

I asked impatiently, clearly worried that something happened to him.

[“No need to worry. He gave me a skill. No, it was more like he made me remember a skill.”] (Warren)

A skill? Could it be like me? Did a God also bless him a skill?

No, from the way he said it, it seemed to be done by a person…or the God could’ve disguised himself.

[“It’s called [Shadow Slave]. I can bound the shadow of a fallen being and become my slave.”] (Warren)

“Oh? Then can that shadow slave be seen by others or touched by others?” (Lucas)

[“Yeah, I already tried it on a normal fox outside. It’s not really powerful though, it had the strength half that of a living fox.”] (Warren)

I nodded and thought that with this, he can also fight while remaining undetected to most people which is better than not being to.

“So, who was the guy who gave that skill?” (Lucas)

[“No idea. But I can sense a faint familiarity on him…I can’t really explain it.”] (Warren)

“I see…well, at least we have a bit of clue now. That guy definitely has something to do with your erased memories. As long as we encounter him, you should be able to recognize him, then I’ll help you detain him to ask questions.” (Lucas)

Warren nodded, clearly excited to finally have a lead.

“Right, wanna go with me to [Drachedge]? I’m gonna choose a [Style].” (Lucas)

[“Sure, I was getting bored anyway.”] (Warren)

Like that, Warren and I teleported to [Drachedge] but before anything, I first need to make a short detour.

I still hadn’t forgotten how I was forced back by the [Blood Werewolf] from before and fell into [Denneth’s Cave].

There’re also those two guys who abandoned me…I’ll be sure to pay them a visit one of these days…but first, the [Blood Werewolf].

[“Haha, Lucas, you’ve faced dragons, demons, and hordes of monsters, and you were forced to such a sorry state by a mere Lvl 60 mutt? Haha!”] (Warren)

“Oh shut it.” (Lucas)

Where is that monster?

Before, it appeared immediately, but…I can’t even see it now!


“The smell of blood…?” (Lucas)

It’s very rare for there to be this strong smell of blood since corpses disappear immediately but now…I can clearly smell it.

I ran to the direction of the smell and found myself in a clearing.

There, a lot of groaning players lied on the ground, clutching their severed limbs and bloodied bodies.

At the center, a somewhat huge furred creature also lied on the ground and bleeding with only a bit of HP left.

Standing above them all, was an elf wearing a brown sleeveless hoodie drenched in blood.

The elf had a somewhat feminine face but this elf is definitely a man as he has a flat chest!

*Cough* Moving along…the elf held a tonfa on each hand, both of which had chained blades attached on the end side, also drenched in blood.

It’s very clear that he’s the person responsible for this massacre. Not to mention his bright red name hovering above his head. [Alec].

[“Wow…this guy is strong!”] (Warren)

As if the elf heard Warren’s voice, he turned his head towards us.

He had silvery white long hair tied by a ponytail at the back of his head which fluttered with the wind. His yellow piercing eyes stared at our direction with a coldblooded aura.

I felt warry and held the handle of [Draughtsbane] and was in battle stance while he only stood there.

When I look at him, I knew…that there are a lot of similarities between us but I can still feel that we won’t get along.

Besides…I’m really annoyed right now.

I came here to get my revenge on the [Blood Werewolf] but…It’s already defeated!

It would take days for it to respawn again and I really don’t want to wait for it.

Right, this guy defeated the [Blood Werewolf] which defeated me in the past. So as long as I defeat this guy, it can be considered that my revenge is complete!

I’ll just compromise to that…

Thinking that, I dashed forward with and unsheathed [Draughtsbane] whilst controlling the earth beneath him to bind him.

The elf’s body swayed and dodged my attack by a hair’s breathe. Afterwards, he smashed the earth on his feet with his tonfas and jumped back.

While he stayed at the air for a while, I manipulated the wind to compress him in midair.

This time, some unknown force burst out from his body and he was able to move freely once more.

This unknown force surrounding him made it so that the wind that I controlled won’t get near him

After which, he whirled the tonfas and the chained blade made it look like he is being surrounded by a hurricane of blades!

“[Water Wall]! [Freeze]!!” (Lucas)

Since I can’t carelessly touch the hurricane blade, I froze the water instead which encased a portion of him in ice.

“Heh!” (Alec)

I heard a small chuckle escape from his lips, looking closely, he’s actually smiling!

Immediately afterwards, the chains on the tonfas emitted a bright red color and melted the ice!

His weapons actually had an elemental enchantment!


I moved the earth beneath us and transformed them into a hundred swords that hovered around us!

Let’s see how you deal with this! Unlimited Blade Wo- wait! Where is he!?

Just before I stab him with a hundred earthen swords, he disappeared!

“Haha, nice, I got a good draw this time!” (Alec)

“Where are you!?” (Lucas)

I looked around but cannot see him.

“Haha, you’re that Lucas right? Powerful indeed, but I’ve spent most of my MP earlier so I naturally can’t fight well. I’ll see you later then~” (Alec)

Dammit, he’s escaping!

Ah! I still have [Bonds of Connection]! Right, there should already be connection with him. Something like my target of revenge or something.

Anyway! I can feel where he is!

I’ll just stab the area around it with the hundred earthen swords!

“Hm? Wh-whaaaaa!!! I said I’ll see you later dammit! You’ll pay for this!!!” (Alec)

Ah, he’s dead.

Good, problem solved.


At the corner of my eye, I saw a huge shadow besides Warren.

[“Hehe, I finally got a good slave this time!”] (Warren)

“Ah, is that the [Blood Werewolf]?” (Lucas)

[“Yeah! Haha, I should stick with you. Who knows, maybe I could even get a dragon slave!”] (Warren)

“Come on, I don’t always run into dragons…” (Lucas)

Laughing, I take a look at what Alec dropped.

…Bah, just scrap…and here I thought I had a good luck…

Shrugging, we went back to [Drachedge].

“Hehe, what a fight.” (???)

Just then, someone spoke behind us which immediately alerted me.

How come I didn’t notice this guy before!?

What appeared to me was yet another [Red Player]. His name flashing red above him, [Volf].

+ + +

“GAAAAHHH!!!” (???)

In [Earth], a frustrated voice resounded in one of the condo rooms.

The person who made such voice sat up from the bed holding a [Portal].

The person had long messy bed hair with pinkish dye at the ends and black from the roots.

The blanket on top of the person fell and displayed two bountiful breasts which clearly showed that the person is a female.

Right now, she still had a sour expression on her face.

“That Lucas, if I ever saw him again…hehe, you’ll regret killing me then!” (Alec)

That’s right, this girl was none other than Alec, the [Red Player] elf who Lucas saw just minutes ago. Only, she was actually a girl.

Though her character was also a girl, she made it so that she looks like a boy who is playing the role of an elf who looks like a girl.

“Haah, good thing that I had that passive skil…otherwise, my precious tonfas might’ve been taken…, whatever, I guess I’ll do my homework now…” (Alec)

Alec grabbed a notebook with a name written on the cover. [Eve Klien Muller].

Little does Lucas know, but this name will be etched onto his mind in the future as his life-long rival…

Author's Notes

No, Alec isn't part of the harem! *BOOOOOOOOOOOOM*

Now that that's cleared up, before I begin...just know, whatever VRDraco, Jormlung, and Warhawx say about me, DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!! (Authors in RoyalRoadl)

that's all.....oh, and sorry, I thought this would be the chapter where Volf fights Lucas so......yeah, just wait next chapter.....

Till the next chapter!!

P.S.: Seriously, don't believe those guys -3- haha

Royalroad Version


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  1. IsUnavailable
    September 21st, 2015 at 11:38:35 AM

    Thank you for the chapter.

    I like the blessing it is very useful to someone like him.

    Also I liked that little rant at the bottom; it sounds like all you authors are like brothers (or annoying friends) who mess with each other a lot.

  2. sbag
    September 21st, 2015 at 01:18:22 PM

    "You have been blessed by the goddess Iris"….. because I don’t want to share and want to capitalize on this insane ability I decided that I wouldn’t tell anyone about it.