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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 8: ...Vil?
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: October 5th, 2015

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Chapter 8: …Vil?

“Non non non~ You aren’t matching your steps with your pulse and your pulse isn’t matching your breaths. Again~” (Pierre)

“Ugh…” (Lucas)

“Oops, your voice isn’t in order~” (Pierre)

“U-uuu…” (Lucas)

“Now how on god’s good name did your center of gravity get there? Again~” (Pierre)

“Y-yes…” (Lucas)

In a certain forest in a certain mountain, I am currently doing a very meticulous training with a clown teacher…while wearing a clown’s outfit…

…I wanna die…

Right. Dying sounds easier. Let’s just die, haha hahaha HAHAHAHAHAHa…huh?

Like being awoken from a dream, I snapped out of whatever I was thinking just now…what was I thinking again?

This doesn’t feel good…I feel like something important is missing in me…

However, in the end, I can’t seem to remember it so I sighed and shook my head helplessly.

“Come on, come on. Move your feet soldier~” (Pierre)

“Y-yes!” (Lucas)

Being recalled back by Pierre, I continued my annoying training…

+ + +

“This kid is amazing. To be able to reach ‘that’ stage this early in training…fufufu, looks like I chose the right guy!” (Pierre)

As Pierre kept on instructing Lucas, he was laughing in his mind as he was amazed by Lucas’ progress!

“However, he didn’t last a minute so he’s just at the tip of the iceberg at the moment. Alas, I hope that he won’t end up like my last student…” (Pierre)

Pierre sighed inwardly as he thought about his student before Lucas.

Like Lucas, the previous student was eager to be stronger, however, in the last stage, he failed.

And because of that, something irreversible happened.

And Pierre wasn’t able to stop what he had become.

“My little Jester…I hope you won’t end up like little Clown…” (Pierre)

+ + +

Fuh…finally done for the day…

I exhaled deeply as I went straight to my tent.

Pierre and I have been living in this mountain ever since the start. Though I live in a tent in the middle of the forest, Pierre had been living in a cave.

A nice warm cave…

And I get to sleep in a noisy, scratchy, and full of wild life tent…

I sighed again for the nth time and lied down on my makeshift bed.

So tired…sleep…

I let myself drift into dream land due to exhaustion.

After a few minutes, I was forced to wake up by something jumping on top of me.

Opening my eyes, I saw Vil somewhat excited about something and inched her way towards my face.

What…it’s just Vil…

Thinking that, I went back to sleep when suddenly, something soft touched my lips.

At first, it was a furry soft kind of feeling, however, it suddenly changed into a wet soft feeling accompanied with heavy breaths and something heavy seemed to have gotten on top of me.

Thinking that Vil’s just playing around, I tried to ignore her and sleep as I am really too tired.

However, the soft feeling on my lips changed and something wet and slippery entered my mouth, intertwining with my tongue, seemingly licking every place in my mouth.

I opened my eyes immediately at that.

What was in front of me, was a beautiful girl, with short white hair that went down her neck, her eyes closed and her hands feeling my body…body…that’s when I noticed…

She’s naked!!!???

Surprised, I pushed her away from me.

What the hell!?

What’s happening!?

Who’s this girl!?

Why is she naked!?

Why are we kissing!?

Why is she here!?

Too many questions in my head which made me dizzy.

If it were any other person in my position, I think they might’ve already pushed her down. But I don’t even know how this situation happened. So why should I let her uhh…rape me?

Hm? Maybe this is a dream?

Then isn’t it alright then?

But it feels too real…

Just then, I noticed something wrong with her.

She…has a long horn on her forehead! And are those rabbit ears!?

And why does it feel so familiar…ah!?

“…Vil?” (Lucas)

“Master~ Let’s make lots of babies!” (Vil)

This voice, this manner of speaking, this familiarity…it really is Vil!

I can still remember how I can somehow hear this kind of voice from when I wore the Driradeeth Mask which turned me into a Driradeeth.

No no no no no, wait a minute.

Why is she humanoid?

Why now?

What exactly is happening!?

Damn, finding out who she was didn’t help at all! Rather, it only made the number of questions in my head increase!

“Master~ Master is so unfair! Master doesn’t play much with Vil! Master always flirts with annoying scary Demon and others! Vil wants to flirt with Master too!” (Vil)

“V-Vil…calm down. First of all, get dressed.” (Lucas)

“Vi? Master likes to make babies while dressed?” (Vil)

“No!” (Lucas)

How did it even get to that!?

Vil cutely tilted her head for a second before crawling her way towards me again.

As she crawls in a very seductive manner, her two mounds swayed and jiggled…

Wh-what’s with that!? Why does she have them big!?

I gulped down the saliva in my mouth…my mind is saying that I should get as far as possible from her, but my body wants to push her down!

Wh-which side am I supposed to choose!?

“Master~” (Vil)

Unable to move, Vil was on top of me yet again and she stared at me with her eyes.

When I stared at her…I noticed that something is wrong.

It’s like…it’s like…she’s not in control…like she’s…in heat?

Like the mating season of animals?

…Eh? C-could it be…she’s also affected by it?

T-this kind of thing…so she only wants to do it with me because I’m near her?

I- I need to stop her!

Right, let’s run away!

I don’t want my first time to be something like this!!!

“[Log Out]!” (Lucas)


You cannot [Log Out] during battle.


I didn’t even recognize what I said in my mind.

It’s like I said a lot of different curses all at the same time!


Well…I guess it is a…form…of battle but……..SERIOUSLY!!!!????

“Master~” (Vil)

“Noooooooooooo!” (Lucas)

Seeing as Vil started to remove my clothes, I made the choice…to run!

“Vi? Master wants to make babies outside? Vil is good with that too!” (Vil)

“Stay away from me you horny rabbit!” (Lucas)

See what I did there?

Ah! This isn’t the time for puns! I need to run! My chastity is in danger!

…I swear I never expect that I will say that line ever in my life…and I really didn’t want to…

“Master~ Where are you going? Come back to Vil!” (Vil)

“Nooooooooooooooooooo~” (Lucas)

And so begun my life on the run…from a horny rabbit…in the middle of the night…and my body is still sore from this morning’s training…

Like that, my running around in the forest continued even in the night.

Later did I know that urban legends sprung up saying that in the night, if you listen closely, you will hear the despairing screams of a man deep within the mountain…

+ + +

“Oh dear, I didn’t expect that you liked training so much, that you’ll even continue during the night!” (Pierre)

“Haah…haah…don’t…even…make me…remember…” (Lucas)

I’m tired…so tired…

Turns out, I ran from Vil until daybreak.

I didn’t even get a chance to rest.

And I don’t want to hurt Vil either so I can’t even fight back…

Or, to be more exact, I didn’t even think about doing anything other than run…

“Master~” (Vil)

Hearing Vil, I shuddered and turned my head to look…

Beside me, a white haired woman with a horn on her forehead was sleeping peacefully with only a sheet of leather covering her. It was Vil.

Phew…she’s still sleeping…

I don’t know why, but it seems that she’s only in heat during the night. When dawn arrived, she suddenly fell unconscious and began to sleep.

But she didn’t go back to being a rabbit.

“…And who’s this little bunny?” (Pierre)

“…Vil…” (Lucas)

“That scurry tiny rodent thing?” (Pierre)

“Yeah…turns out she can turn into a human…” (Lucas)

Wait…did I just [Tame] a living person!?

“[Free]!” (Lucas)


Your pet [Vil] has refused to be freed.

………………………..Well…………..that’s new…

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” (Pierre)

Huh? Why is this guy laughing?

“Ahahahaha! A pet that doesn’t want to be freed. A bunny who can turn into human form. You really know how to pick a pet!” (Pierre)

“…” (Lucas)

…I still don’t get what’s funny.

Well, he’s a clown.

“Alright, now! Let’s continue the training! And this time, we’ll continue till midnight!” (Pierre)

“Wait! I’m still dead tired! And why are we continuing till midnight!?” (Lucas)

“Because it’s funny~” (Pierre)

……I feel tears coming from the side of my eyes as I laugh dryly.

…I really shouldn’t have chosen him as my teacher…

“On your feet maggot!” (Pierre)

“*Sniff*…yes sir…” (Lucas)

As I continued to train, I pondered on how Vil was able to transform.

Come to think of it, the place I found her was in the [Dorville Forest]. Back then, I thought it was named that way because it’s a forest that’s abundant with [Dorvilles] but…

I also gained the titles [Dorville’s Comrade] and [Dorville’s King]…and I didn’t get any similar titles on the other monsters…

…And Vil also learned a skill in the painting that I made before…

…Eh? C-could it be…

“Teacher! Can I go back for a bit? I need to ask a certain clumsy Demon Queen about something.” (Lucas)

“Hm? Fine, but be prepared not to sleep afterwards~” (Pierre)

…………………I’m already regretting it…

+ + +

After convincing Vil to dress up…which was like telling a 2 year old to dress by herself…literally…I logged out and immediately went to [Sennerth].

Afterwards, I went to find Eu in the [Demon Kingdom].

Since I’m basically a mega VIP, no one barred my way when I went directly inside the demon’s castle.

Anyway, turns out Eu and Aeran are in the living room…or something similar…I don’t really know if it can be called that way since it was too big…

“Lucas! Perfect timing! There’s something we need to tell…you…” (Aeran)

Aeran jumped up when she saw me and started to say something in panic. However, she stopped when Vil entered the room.

Yes, Vil. The humanoid Vil. I switched to my [Harus] body when I got to [Sennerth] so Vil would appear since I need to show them.

“Th-this is…Vil?” (Eu)

“Oh? So you knew? You knew, that she’s a what? A demon too?” (Lucas)

This was the conclusion that I came up with earlier which was why I wanted to ask Eu.

Like I said before, I thought the [Dorville Forest] was named after the [Dorvilles] since there were a lot of them living there.

But what if it’s not? Maybe, it used to be a homeground? A village? A community or something?

Werebeast are regarded as Demons in [Sennerth]. So a were-rabbit should be a Demon as well is what I thought.

This would also explain why she can use the magic she gained on that painting…and also why I gained those titles only to the [Dorvilles]…

“I…I just knew it myself!” (Eu)

“Me too! We were going to warn you about it tomorrow but…you came instead.” (Aeran)

“Wait, I don’t understand. How come you didn’t knew before, and why do you know now? Before I came here and brought this…rabbit…girl…” (Lucas)

Eu and Aeran both looked at each other.

From what I can see, it seems that Aeran is more hesitant that Eu…

After a while, they began to tell their story.

“…You had amnesia!? W-why didn’t you tell me?” (Lucas)

“I…I don’t really need to remember my past right? Isn’t it fine that I’m happy the way I am already?” (Aeran)

“Aeran…but you don’t want to know who poisoned you?” (Lucas)

…I can’t believe I actually forgot about this…

After I cured her, we immediately went to battle. There was no time to ask her before and it just went out of my mind before I knew it.

It’s annoying to think that the person who poisoned her may still be alive and around…

“If I knew, I’m afraid that you might ask me, then go after him…” (Aeran)

“Well of course I’m going after him! His plan to kill you failed. If he knew, then he’ll come back again!” (Lucas)

Damn, why have I been this careless…just thinking that I was ignorant to all of this annoys me!

It’s really a good thing that whoever that was that did it hasn’t shown up yet…otherwise…

“So, do you remember now?” (Lucas)

“…Yes…” (Aeran)

“…Can you tell me?” (Lucas)

Aeran shook her head sideways quietly.

“Please tell me…I want to know who I should k-…who I should protect you from.” (Lucas)

I don’t know why…but I had this feeling that if I continued that phrase…I’m going to become someone else…a different person…

And I don’t like this feeling…

“I don’t know Lucas. I really don’t. In my memories, the person who poisoned me…was an old hunched woman who was covered in a black robe.” (Aeran)

“…What? An old lady with a poisoned apple?” (Lucas)

Ah, damn. This was supposed to be a serious moment.

Why did I have to pull a Snow White reference…

“Yes! It…it was an apple!...How did you know?” (Aeran)

…What? Seriously!?

“I…I was just joking when I said that…” (Lucas)

“But it was accurate!” (Aeran)

“Well…there’s a fairy tale in [Earth] with that kind of concept. Only, the one who was poisoned was a princess…I think?” (Lucas)

Hm? I can’t remember if Snow White was a princess that time or she only became one when she lived happily ever after with the prince.

“Princes…yes…I…I think I’m one…rather, I was.” (Aeran)


Oi oi oi, isn’t the resemblance too much!?

What, are you saying next that she used to have 7 dwarves…wait, was it 7? Yeah, I think it was 7.

“…Did you have 7 dwarves?” (Lucas)

Ok, I can’t help it alright? So I asked!

“Huh? Why?” (Aeran)

“Ah no, nothing. Just asking…” (Lucas)

“Well, I haven’t really finished recalling who I was. But there’s only a fraction in my recovered memory that said I was a princess…” (Aeran)

…………So it’s still possible…

I sighed and patted Aeran on the head.

“Look, just…don’t…burden yourself too much okay?” (Lucas)

“And you? Aren’t you carrying everything by yourself?” (Aeran)

“…Perhaps…” (Lucas)

Seeing that I know it myself yet still doesn’t dare to ask for help, Aeran sighed and let it go. However, I feel that her gaze is more firm than ever…looks like she’s not going to listen to me…

I sighed again and looked at Vil who was comfortably sleeping on the floor as if she’s used to sleep like that…well, she was in her rabbit form till now.

“So what’s the deal with Vil? Why did she suddenly turn humanoid and why was she a rabbit in the first place?” (Lucas)

“Many years ago, before Aeran was poisoned, the [Dorvilles] were still the same as today.” (Eu)

Eu, who has been quiet till now finally spoke.

She glanced at Mare who was at the corner and nodded to her.

From this point, Mare continued the story.

From the very beginning, the [Dorvilles] were treated as monsters. No one knew their origin or how they came about.

Since they were weak, they were ignored and was only treated as low leveled monsters.

However, legends had it that a woman was lost in the forest for many years due to some unknown reason.

This woman lived in this forest and she came across a rabbit. A horned rabbit.

The woman knew it was a weak monster hence she didn’t put her guard up at all towards it. This in turn made the [Dorville] come close to her.

It started there, before she knew it, she was already so attached to the little [Dorville].

She loved it so much that she would kiss the furred creature without any hesitation.

“A true love’s kiss. They say that only a true love’s kiss would transform a [Dorville] into a humanoid one.” (Mare)

“…I thought it was a legend?” (Lucas)

“Fufu, people call it a legend. But this is the true origin of the [Demons].” (Mare)

In that era, [Humans] dominated the world.

The number of [Elves] and [Dwarves] were scarce, and the [Demons]? They haven’t even existed yet.

One day, a group of adventurers visited the forest and came across a first seen werebeast.

The man had rabbit ears and a horn. People believed it was a monster and killed it.

The woman tried to stop them but she was also killed and was even called a heretic. For mating with a monster.

All of this was witnessed by their child. A child born from a [Human] and a humanoid rabbit.

The child gained most of the traits of the [Human] but she gained one thing from the [Dorville]. It’s horn.

Driven by revenge, the child, the [Demon], hated [Humans] and killed them.

She bred more [Demons] from mating with different species and races.

Until it became what it is today.

“…………………Seriously!?” (Lucas)

“Ugh, believe me…I’m in way more shocked than you are…” (Eu)

“How did you even not know your own history!?” (Lucas)

“Hehe, I did tell you I was a trouble child right?” (Eu)

Eu winked and stuck her tongue out with a ‘tehe~’.

Seriously…this girl…

I sighed…again…Somehow, I have a feeling that I’ll be sighing a lot from now on…Haaah…

I looked back to Vil who was still sleeping peacefully.

How can this girl even not wake up after all the noise?

“Then why did she suddenly kiss me?” (Lucas)

I looked at the three who stared back at be with half-closed eyes.

What? Did I do something wrong?

“…I can think of a lot of reasons but it’s most likely due to the mating season. She knows that she likes you but didn’t know how to go about it. The mating season acted as a trigger of some sort I guess?” (Mare)

“…But I thought the [Dorville’s] mating season isn’t till a few months after?” (Aeran)

“…You guys seem to be forgetting that [Harus] has a faster time than others…” (Lucas)

“………………………..Ah…” (Eu & Aeran)

Author's Notes

Well...nothing really to say other than school's back for me....orz...owell, gonna post as much as I can squeeze. :P

Till the next chapter!

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  1. IsUnavailable
    October 6th, 2015 at 12:27:05 AM

    Bunny girl!

    I wish I could say I am not surprised … but I can’t. I will however say It is perfect. A innocent "being" like Vil is one of my favorite kinds of characters. (think Yuu from insania online)

    Although she was "aggressive" this time I think she should still be considered innocent.

    Thank you for the chapter.