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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 9: Dawnbringers
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: October 15th, 2015

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Chapter 9: Dawnbringers

In a certain forest in a certain mountain in [Drachedge], a figure can be seen running about in a very graceful way and no unnecessary movements wasted.

Naturally, that figure is me.

Over the year, I can already do things in a synchronized manner unconsciously to the point where I gained a natural air of elegance when I walk.

However, this is still just movement. On the next year, I will now learn how to retain this kind of movements while in battle.

But enough about me, in this year, it wasn’t just me who changed.

My city for example, [Watervliet]. The construction of the [Water Elevators] have been accomplished so now, boats can move up and down the layers.

And speaking of boats, the previous rules have also changed.

The boat beauty competitions were changed into once per three years so as to give them enough time to decorate. Thinking about it, my previous statement of once per three months might’ve been made too hastily…

Then there’s the [Art Gallery] which attracted a lot of tourists, especially otherworlders.

A lot of questions popped out when they saw my personal gallery like, how were the elemental arts made? If Lucas is the [White Knight], then how come we saw the [White Knight] and Lucas separately before? Who’s this girl at the background? And so on.

Needless to say, I used the excuse that I’m training so as to not answer their questions…since I especially don’t want to answer that question pertaining to the girl on the background…

The [Seed of Life] that I planted before had also grown quite well, but it was still far from being called a mature tree and there haven’t been any visible effects yet as of now.

Other than that, I’ve also been told that the [Gatekeeper Watervliet Division] is close to completion.

As for Prince Lanclet, he’s now officially King Lanclet of [Drachedge]. I myself as well as Archbishop Agerad visited him during his coronation and it was like watching a medieval movie which was pretty exciting.

It wasn’t just [Harians] who were interested in the event but also people from other worlds.

Even [Earthling] reporters were there and recorded the whole event in order to show it in [Earth].

Enough about [Harus], though a year had passed here, only four months have passed in [Earth] and [Sennerth] but there were still changes.

In [Sennerth], Eu had kept Vil in her castle saying she is under house arrest at the moment while Mare teaches her things she needed to know…and I hope being able to wear clothes by herself is one of them…

Meanwhile, Eu and Aeran went back to seclusion for their training while Aleris’ whereabouts are unknown.

Though, with my passive skill, [Bonds of Connection], I can feel that she is somewhere above [Sennerth] for some reason…

Well, she’s safe anyways and how do I say this…I feel that she’s not in danger. Probably an effect of the skill.

Anyway, let’s talk about events in [Earth].

School had obviously started for a long time now but I no longer go to school myself since I didn’t feel there is a need to do so anymore.

But I didn’t drop out of it, instead, I graduated early.

After all, they can’t let a student who is also one of the first Magi-technicians to drop out from their school as it would be a loss of face so I was made to graduate early as a reward for being one of the members responsible for creating a new technology.

Yes, a new technology which combines magic and science. We call it Magi-tech…Yeah…we ran out of names…

In my free times, I would stroll around the HQ and would often hang out in the Magi-tech division.

There I would pop out and drop suggestions when I notice something which they try to experiment.

With four months, we had discovered the existence of magic sequences and runes which may lead us to our first step into combining magic and our technology.

To explain what a magic sequence is, first, I’ll talk about runes.

Runes exist in [Harus] and [Sennerth] and they also exist in [Magic Circles]. However, [Harus] has more information regarding their runes than [Sennerth] so for now, we focused on understanding [Harus’] runes first.

Runes can be called characters of another language in [Harus]. Each symbol corresponds with a meaning and a pronunciation.

Right now, we still don’t know how to read them all but we had already understood a few things.

Alone, a rune cannot do anything, but a set of runes has the ability to invoke magic. This is called a magic sequence.

Just as a set of characters are called a string, a set of runes are called a magic sequence.

And all mana has a magic sequence inside them.

In [Harus], there are also cameras which have the same function as [Earth’s] cameras. Well, similar anyway.

The magic cameras in [Harus] are made with a magic circle engraved on it, which of course, means that a magic sequence was etched onto the rock.

The magic used is [Mind’s Eye] which is a [Scout] class skill where one closes his/her eyes and you can hover an illusory camera around you. The distance will reflect on the person’s skill mastery.

With that, the ‘data’ will remain on the rock so anyone who holds it can see whatever the rock ‘saw’.

At first, it was used to relay information to another as a definite proof of sorts but years ago, the [Harians] had discovered a way to better use it.

That is, to use an [Aioshalt Metal] and turn it into a wire, then connect one of the ends to the camera and the other end is connected to another stone.

This other stone will be continuously held by the monitor guard for surveilance

The [Aioshalt Metal] has the ability to store mana, which means, they can store magic sequence too.

So this means that an [Aioshalt Wire] can transfer a magic sequence to another.

After we discovered that, we tried to experiment on the [Aioshalt Metal] but there weren’t any progress. This is, until one scientist it into powder, placed it on a container, and asked me to pour mana on it.

What happened next was astonishing. The [Aioshalt Powder] actually formed characters!

Like metal powder being attracted by a magnet below, the [Aioshalt Powder] combined and separated which formed a set of characters. Or to be exact, a set of runes, a magic sequence!

Since then, we made breakthroughs one after another.

We discovered that the magic sequence is divided into three parts: the user’s mana, the element, and the parameters.

When writing a magic’s magic sequence, one can ignore the user’s mana as that can be automatically added by the user itself when it activates the magic sequence.

What’s important is the element and parameters.

The element is simple, it’s a set of runes which describes what element was used.

So what about non elemental magics like [Teleport], [Blink], [Mind’s Eye], and such? Well, they do have an element as well. However, we have yet to know what these are.

Yes, they have elements. To be specific, they had more than one element.

One or more element combining and turning into which that magic needs. Or at least, that’s what we think.

As for the parameter, it’s further divided into two parts: the variable and quantity/quality.

The variable pertains to things like [Size], [Speed], [Density], [Dimension], and such. We haven’t fully discovered everything yet after all.

The quantity/quality can be said as the parameters of the variable. When the variable is, for example, [Size], and the quantity is [5], then the magic created will have 5 centimeters as the size. And yes, it automatically uses centimeters.

The parameters can have multiple variables as well.

For the [Dimension] variable, it asks for the 3 dimensional points of the created magic, or the x y z locations of every point of the polygon with the user’s center of gravity being the origin point.

Before, using this variable is hard and has a lot of trial and error but now, it can be easily done by first making the polygon in a 3D software and look for each points location.

It should also be noted that not every magic sequence will work just because the formula is perfect. It would need a specific amount of MP for it to successfully activate.

Confirming which rune is which was easy for us because I had elemental manipulation passive so it was easy as long as I change one variable in my head, then we look at the magic sequence, and see which rune changed.

Which was why I was a big help and earned credits!

Anyway right now, we are working on making a programming language for this which I also help a bit when I have time.

On my other free times, I would be dragged by Lily to do this interview, that photoshoot or this commercial…well, though it is annoying and tiring, it was fun nonetheless.

Well, let’s stop there, as for other people, Lin and my uncle are still MIA…no change there.

Ban has been called the [Guardian] during the times he doesn’t wear the [White Knight] armor. And he’s already dating that noisy reporter.

Yeah…we’ve met…and she’s noisier than Momo.

But since she’s Ban’s girlfriend, I put up with it and entertain her questions.

But of course, when she started to ask who I’m dating at the moment, I only told her it’s a secret.

…What? I didn’t want to say that I’m not dating anyone!

Anyway, there’s also Gavin and Kanin, aka, Geeves and Rice who had surprisingly made a name for themselves.

They’re called the [PVP Dual Lords] due to the fact that those two actually went to every arena they can find and always get first place. Be it in single or double matches. It was said that they had only lost to each other.

Zeal and Lowy, aka, Ashclad and Blood had also explored the [Labyrinth] a lot and even found two [World Keys]!

It was also said that Ashclad would always bring a robot beside him while Blood would have a zombie beside him. Together with their hype on either mecha and undead, the two were called [Freak Brothers] by quite a lot of people.

Well, all in all, a lot had happened in the past year in [Harus] but there were still no signs of the [Death Eaters].

*shh shh*

While I thought of that as I ran around the forest, I heard an unnatural rustle of grass to the side.

Being here for so long, I naturally got accustomed to this place and I would pick up anything out of the ordinary.

I got on guard and looked over the unnatural noise.

“Who’s there?” (Lucas)

A man with short straight white hair and round glasses appeared together with a four girls. The eldest girl had a gentle appearance and looked in her early 20s, next was two were half-elf twins that are around 16 years old, and last one was a petite girl around 13 years old with a sandy brown hair covering her eyes.

Oh, and all the girls seemed to cling closely to the round glasses guy…hm? Why does this situation seem familiar?

“Pardon me my friend. It’s just that I heard of a rumor, an urban legend…a tale concerning these woods.” (???)

The man held a book on his hand and seemed to have a scholarly feel around him. Even the way he speaks is too polite.

…Why do I feel irritated?

“I hope you can tell me about it.” (???)

+ + +

Meanwhile, in a certain college school in [Earth], a figure emerged in the hallway.

It was night time in this world so naturally, the school is closed so there wasn’t anyone else in the dark hallway.

The figure had red flowing hair, tattered robes and a nostalgic look in his face.

He looked around the hallway as if reminiscing something from his memories.

“…Finally…I’m home.” (???)

“Home? I wouldn’t say that.” (???)

Surprised to hear another voice, the red haired figure turned around and looked in every direction to search for the source.

However, he only saw a dark hallway, nothing more.

“Who’s there?” (???)

“Relax. I’m not an enemy.” (???)

“Hah, usually, the one who says that line is the true enemy.” (???)

The red haired figure snorted and remained on guard. He muttered something and his hands were immediately engulfed with fire!

The fire illuminated the hallway, but there was still no sight of another person.


Hearing the sound of another person’s step, the red haired figure immediately turned towards the direction of the sound and released a fireball from his hands.

The fireball came into contact with the other person but it surprisingly didn’t hurt him. Rather, he was holding it casually like a basketball!

The red haired figure’s eyes went wide as he saw this happen, not just because someone actually ‘caught’ his fireball, but also because he saw the man’s face illuminated by the fireball!

“It’s been a while hasn’t it, Brandon?” (???)

“You…you’re Lucas!?” (Brandon)

“Well, yes and no. You can call me Lucas II.” (Lucas II)

That’s right, the two people standing in the dark hallway was none other than the future Lucas, and Brandon.

Normally, Brandon wouldn’t recognize the person in front of him as Lucas. After all, Lucas II had black hair and a more mature look than the present Lucas.

However, how can Brandon forget the face of the man that killed him?

Brandon was the first ‘player’ Lucas fought in [Earth] which was also caused the start of the new era.

At that time, Lucas had ‘killed’ Brandon, thereby sending him to the [Special Prison].

“You…your hair is black, but your eyes are red…just what happened to you? And your aura…” (Brandon)

“Oh? You noticed huh? But like I said, I’m Lucas II. The one who killed you was a different Lucas yet the same me as well.” (Lucas II)

“Answer more clearly!” (Brandon)

“Heeh~ If I answer, you will have to follow what I have to say.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II smiled which made Brandon’s face twitch.

For a while, Brandon remained silent before finally sighing and walking away.

“Tch- forget it. I just want to go home.” (Brandon)

“Hoh…as expected from someone who survived the [Special Prison] and came back.” (Lucas II)

“Hmph! [Special Prison] is just the nice way of saying it. That place…is [Hell].” (Brandon)

“Haha, I guess so. But are you sure about going home?” (Lucas II)

“Huh?” (Brandon)

“Brandon. You are the world’s first [Villain]. Your family hates you because of that. I wonder…if you can still call that home?” (Lucas II)

Brandon stopped in his tracks.

“To everyone in the world, you are already [Dead].” (Lucas II)

Brandon clenched his fists.

“Your family didn’t even mourn for you. Rather, they just continued on with their lives…as if you never existed.” (Lucas II)

Brandon gritted his teeth.

“There is no longer a place for you in this world…tell me. Can you really go home?” (Lucas II)

“THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!!!???” (Brandon)

Brandon roared towards Lucas II who was still unfazed, only looking at him quietly.

“In order to finally go back from that hell, I needed to fully reform myself! I know I was wrong! I know that I deserved my punishment! I no longer hate you for killing me nor will I ever go back to living like scum! Tell me, other than beg for my parent’s forgiveness, what can I do!?” (Brandon)

“You can start by saving the world.” (Lucas II)

“Don’t be ridiculous! I’m no [Hero] and you know that.” (Brandon)

Lucas II looked at him quietly for a while before turning his gaze to the side as if he was watching something that no one can see.

Until now, he remained unfazed at everything but as he stared into the distance, his expression changed into a helpless look.

“The [Gatekeepers] are a bunch of naïve brats. They only know of the evil on the surface. If it continues like that, then there will be a calamity in the future.” (Lucas II)

“[Gatekeepers]?” (Brandon)

“Right, you didn’t know did you? Well, you can view it as a [Hero] organization. But they only move on the surface. They barely know about the darkness deep within the world.” (Lucas II)

Hearing this, Brandon understood what he wanted to say. As well as what he wanted of him.

“In other words…you want me to create another [Hero] organization that only moves in the darkness?” (Brandon)

“That’s right~” (Lucas II)

“…But why me? Why aren’t you doing it yourself?” (Brandon)

“First of all, you know the darkness better than me since you were once a part of it. Also…technically, I don’t ‘exist’.” (Lucas II)

“…And if I refuse?” (Brandon)

“Of course you can. But like I said…to the world, you are dead. And no one wants you alive. Not even your family.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II smiled wryly while Brandon remained quiet with his eyes closed.

“Also, no one would come looking for a dead person.” (Lucas II)

The hallway was filled with silence for a while as Brandon quietly ponders.

It was true, Brandon know this himself better than anyone. He knows what he did was wrong. And he even killed a lot of innocent people just because he was stressed out.

No one will blame them for hating him.

Even if it was his parents.

To begin with, he wasn’t close to them in the first place.

Back then, he would hear his parents sigh in regret of letting him even attend college when he doesn’t even study properly.

Since he didn’t want to keep hearing it, he would often hang out elsewhere and eventually got involved with bad crowds.

Sneaking his way in stores, stealing, drugs, and such.

He also knows a lot of backdoors to enter. As well as people who he can contact if ever he needed something.

But all of this changed when he was sent to the [Special Prison].

Time moved differently in that place but he never aged.

It felt like eternity but at the same time, it wasn’t.

The time he spent there, he continuously repented everything that he had done.

He swore to himself to turn a new leaf if ever he goes back.

There wasn’t any lingering evil in his heart and all he wanted was to atone for his sins.

Then, as if answering to his prayers, he was sent back.

Brandon finally opened his eyes and saw Lucas II with an expectant smile.

“Alright. I’ll be what you need me to be.” (Brandon)

“Good, now let me take you to your new ‘home’.” (Lucas II)

Lucas II tapped on his shoulder with one hand.

Immediately after, space distorted and in a flash, the two figures were gone. All that was left was a dark and quiet hallway.

On a certain part of [Earth], two figures emerged as space was distorted.

The two were none other than Lucas II and Brandon.

After a moment of disorientation, Brandon finally grasped his bearings and looked around.

In front of him was a building that had two floors and a logo on the front.

The logo looked like a half of a sun, as if the sun was about to set or about to rise.

As Brandon looked at the logo, he somehow knew that is was a logo of a sun rising. At the same time, there is a strange sensation in his heart.

It was excitement!

The logo of a sun rising…from the dark night to the bright day…from the path of darkness to the path of righteousness.

“Congratulations. You are now the first member of the vigilante group. The [Dawnbringers]!” (Lucas II)

Author's Notes

Sorry for the very late chapter...still getting used to new term's sched. orz

So, two previous characters had finally showed up again and rejoined the story! I think the round glasses guy with the harem is already obvious but I think most of you forgot about Brandon huh?

Now, the [Heroes], [Vigilantes], [Villains] had showed up! Will there be more? mwahahahahaha

I will reveal Lucas' status again next chap.

Also...a certain scene that will surprise/excite a fraction of you (if not all) will appear in the next chap :3

Till the next chapter vi~ (Vil)

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    October 15th, 2015 at 09:51:37 AM

    Thank you for the chapter.

    I think a vigilante organization was really needed. Some times you need someone willing and able to dirty their hands to save the world.