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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 1: White Space
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: October 27th, 2015

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Chapter 1: White Space

“…You lost it!? A [World Key]!?” (Lucas)

Damn, this is beyond being careless! It’s like losing the key to your house!

And he even has an [Inventory] right!? Ah wait, I think he was transported while in his [Earth] body…

“Haah…You see, right after we transferred, the only window that popped up was the double EXP and item drop rate. There wasn’t any [Mission] like in Lucas’ case.” (Lin)

Eh? None?

You got to be kidding me!

Do you know how much trouble that damn [Mission] gave me!? And you didn’t have them!?

Sigh……..the world sure is unfair…

“This is probably because Lucas was [Summoned] while Lin was simply transported accidentally.” (Archbishop Agerad)

In one of the monitors, Archbishop Agerad gave his hypothesis.

As for how we were able to achieve an internet connection to [Harus], I have no idea. In fact, I didn’t even know these guys started to research on it.

But come to think of it…it’s weird how you need an internet connection to start up [Portal]…

I made a mental note to ask about this some other time.

“Probably. After the transfer, since someone else was caught up together with me, I wanted to go back first and discuss about what we will do with the new discovered world but…” (Lin)

“But you lost the key…” (Bram)

“…Right…You see, in that world, there is a bird called [Jewelry Sparrow] which was famous for collecting anything shiny. People in that world would sometimes find their habitat but few will kill them. This is because they only want their accumulated treasures, if they kill the bird, then no one would collect the treasures for them.” (Lin)

Hearing his explanation, a cave full of treasures appeared in my mind.

Treasures! Jewelry! Shiny!

It’s decided, I’ll definitely go to that world and find them!!!

Looking around, it wasn’t just me who was thinking of that. The different people from [Earth], [Harus], [Sennerth] gulped down their saliva to prevent it from leaking out.

“In our bad luck, one happened to be gliding above us. The moment I took out the [World Key], it immediately swooped down and snatched it.” (Lin)

Lin sighed as he probably thought back to that moment.

“I was in [Earth] form so I didn’t have the power to give chase. Like that, we got stranded in another world…took me a very long time to track the damn bird down…” (Lin)

…I really pity this guy…

To get stranded in another world, full of unknowns! This is on a whole different league than being stranded on an island!

1100 years!

Haah…I can’t even imagine how uncle and Lin survived like that…

But still…1100 years…100 years per 1 month in [Earth].

That’s hmm….

“Lucas, hey Lucas. Are you listening?” (Bram)

“Hm? Ah?” (Lucas)

“What, are you daydreaming or something? We’re talking about who will go that world to investigate.” (Bram)

Ah, somehow, the conversation already flowed to that direction while I was unaware.

“Ah, I see…I was just thinking that if in that world, 100 years had passed per month here, then a day there must be approximately 5 minutes here.” (Lucas)

“So you were calculating instead of listening!? And fast too!” (Bram)

Eh, it’s nothing special, all I did was keep on dividing both sides and eventually reach that point. There’s still leap years to consider so it was just an approximate calculation.

“Don’t give me that ‘it’s nothing special’ look you damn genius!” (Bram)

Ehh, I’m not really a genius though? More importantly, does it show on my face?

Well whatever, let’s continue the conversation.

“So, who was going to go right? I want to participate too.” (Lucas)

“…I want to go as well.” (Bram)

“We want to send in someone too.”

Most of the [Gatekeepers] volunteered while the other higher ups would give a name to send to that world instead of going themselves.

They probably didn’t want to lose to others and would want to get some gains as well.

After all, if they send someone from their side, it’s not like they would share all of the intel they gained and would keep the intel which would be most beneficial to them.

“How about we open it to public? Send people who want to try their luck and explore while we give them quests? We can also earn money from the transportation.”

One of the higher ups suggested which brought about discussions in the room.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” (Lin)

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Unfortunately we lack the power to protect the gate. If the powerful people in that world were to catch wind that there is another world out there, they will do anything to go here. If we sent in normal people, they will be hunted down, taken hostage, tortured, killed, or even worse.” (Lin)

As Lin spoke, it seemed as if the air around the room changed. From the faces of those on the monitor, it seems that even on the other side of the monitor, they also felt that sensation.

It was the feeling of being suppressed.

A drop of sweat trickled down my cheek as I try not to give in to the pressure.

Being in the same room as Lin, naturally, we felt the pressure more than those behind the monitors.

But still…what’s worse than being killed and tortured?

“First of all, let me give you a rough explanation about that world.” (Lin)

Lin sighed and the pressure decreased before finally disappearing.

Afterwards, he brought out an old looking scroll out and unraveled it, then placing it face down on the table.

After clicking a button, the monitor scanned the scroll then showed it on the main monitor of the room.

“This is the world map of [Zoulang], which is Chinese for-” (Lin)

“-Corridor…as the name suggests, it really looks like one.”

The Chinese President spoke up as he looked at the map in awe.

Seeing the image on the main monitor, we wondered why it had taken such a shape.

The map was a long rectangle. On the right, top, and bottom sides were images of mountains while on the left side, was a waterfall.

Inside the rectangle, most of the islands populated the right side and gradually receding as it goes to the left.

Weird, is this map even possible?

I mean, if we look at the [Earth’s] map, it will certainly be a rectangle for the flattened version, but it wasn’t as long as this.

It was as if, the two ends don’t meet at all.

“Like in other worlds, the sun rises from the east and sinks on the west. But in this world, their planet does not rotate on the sun’s axis, but only on its own axis only. And yes, this is the real shape of [Zoulang].”

“Huh? Are you saying it’s not round?” (Momo)

“Yes, though this might sound ridiculous, but is truly flat.” (Lin)

Eh? Is this even possible? What about gravity and stuff? Don’t tell me it only flows downwards not inwards?

“You said it as if you’ve seen the end of the world.” (Bram)

“Because I did. Not on the waterfall side, but the mountain ranges of the right side. Like all of you, I was also doubtful so when I was able to, I flew over those mountains.” (Lin)

“Eh? Flew? You can fly!?” (Lucas)

“Haha, you need to have a very high cultivation to do so, anyway, that’s for later. After I went over the mountains, I almost died from suffocation. Turns out, I was already in outer space. There was literally nothing beyond those mountains. The same can be said to the north and south mountain ranges.” (Lin)

Huh? And here I though magic was the most impossible thing that actually existed…turns out there’s a world out there that’s beyond unimaginable!

How fun! I wanna go there!

“Alright, now I’ll give you a brief explanation about this world. Frankly, it’s the law of the jungle, a dog eat dog world.” (Lin)

We all quieted down as we hear Lin start his explanation.

In that world, the people are separated into 2 main kinds, Practitioner and Non-Practitioner.

Non-Practitioners are normal people who cannot conceive qi. Qi is roughly the same as Mana but it is still different.

It is something that is hard to explain as Lin said that only Practitioners would understand it after experiencing it so he didn’t explain much on that front.

For political standings, the Non-Practitioners, there are nobles and commoners, for Practitioners, it’s either you belong to a powerful Sect or not.

Now, for the different realms of Practitioners.

The first realm after being a Practitioner is the [Human Realm]. This is then further divided into 10 levels, the first three levels are called the [Beginner Stage], the next three levels are called the [Adept Stage], then the next three is the [Master Stage]. The 10th level is called the peak of the [Human Realm].

The realm after that is the [Beast Realm]. Like the [Human Realm], the different stages are the [Hatchling Stage], [Adolescence Stage], and the [Mature Stage]. 10th level is also called peak of the [Beast Stage].

After that is the [Spirit Realm] which is comprised of the [Death Stage], [Ascension Stage], [Transcendence Stage] and finally, the peak of the [Spirit Realm].

“This is the only realms known by lower level Practitioners. Some would even reach [Spirit Realm] and think that they’re at the peak of power. But they’re not. There is still the [Deity Realm] beyond it. After that…even I’m not sure.” (Lin)

“Deity…are you saying that the people in that world can become gods!?” (Shaw)

“Well, it is certainly a ‘god-like’ power. Those on the [Spirit Realm] and below view them as gods because of their powerful might!” (Lin)

“What’s your level then?” (Lucas)

I still remember that pressure from earlier. Something tells me that the pressure from that time wasn’t the full extent of what Lin is capable of.

Also…he said that most do not know of that [Deity Realm]. For him to know…

“Haha, it seems you noticed it. Yeah, I’m at the 8th level of the [Deity Realm], the [Highgod Stage].” (Lin)

Haha…we have ourselves a god in the room…and a Highgod at that…

“Eehh, you’re not gonna suddenly tell us to bow down and worship you right?” (Momo)

“Hmph, if you want to then be my guest. Hahaha.” (Lin)

Lin stuck out his chest with pride.

It seems getting on that level isn’t easy huh?

“As for my ability, well…let’s just say I can destroy a whole country by myself.” (Lin)

Haha…that’s seriously broken…

“Ah, your uncle, who is at the peak of the [Deity Realm], can destroy a whole continent. See that one continent named [Swordfall Continent]? It’s now known as [Swordfall Ocean].” (Lin)

Suddenly, Lin pointed towards me.

Eh? A whole continent?

That uncle!?

Wait…so he literally wiped a continent off the face of the earth!? What the hell is that old man thinking!!!???

“Now imagine if guys that powerful were to find out that there is another world out there.” (Lin)

They will literally be worshiped as gods who descended…

The other people in the room and those behind the monitors also gulped down in uneasiness.

“In that world, the strong is always right. If the strong fancied your woman, he will kill you then take your woman away. If the strong liked this or that country, he will kill the king and sit on the throne. It is that kind of world where morals rarely exist!” (Lin)

“How about magic? Can’t we fight them with magic?”

“I can’t say no as I haven’t tried. But from what I saw in that world…there’s very little chance. Besides, there might still be a realm higher than the [Deity Realm]. Though I’ve only heard about it a few times, some would mention the word [Sovereign]. I asked David…Lucas’ uncle, about it but he refused to tell me about them.” (Lin)

Hm? What’s that guy thinking?

Everyone looked at me as if they’re expecting some answers.

Don’t look at me, I don’t know anything!

“Anyway, I imagine that the existence of another world will definitely lure various powerful people so it’s unwise to send in too many people.” (Lin)

To this, the others naturally nodded. It can’t be helped as there is still that fearsome existence of gods and sovereigns.

“So we keep the public unaware of another world while we use it for ourselves?”

“At worst, yeah. However, it would be best if at least one of us can eventually become a [Sovereign] or at the very least, meet a trustworthy one for us to rely on.” (Lin)

“I agree, no matter which world, connections are still important. Let’s take this step by step. First, we secure a location in that world where only we know and set up base there and send in a few people to explore the world while in undercover.”

“Nn, we should get a sample of that world’s soil and see how that planet works…a flat planet, I’m really intrigued how that is possible.”

“The ones sent out should need a good alibi. I think amnesia is believable enough right?”

“Yes, to add that, we should also add another detail to make it more believable. Let’s say a man in black appeared before them and used a mysterious technique which wiped their memories and their cultivation.

Of course, the only thing they will say is that they can only vaguely remember a man in black.” (Lin)

“Yeah, if the excuse is consistent, then other people would connect it and think that this man really exists.” (Bram)

“Alright! When do we leave?” (Lucas)

After hours of suggestions and talk, I finally asked as I was barely able to contain my excitement.

I can’t wait!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a real adventure!

I was thinking of adventuring in [Harus] after the training but…such a fun world, how can I miss it!?

“We’ll live tomorrow, for now, best prepare yourselves. Right, those present in this room, which ones are going?” (Lin)

Me, Bram, Momo, and a few more [Gatekeepers] raised our hands.

Bram and Shaw decided to switch so that this side won’t reduce much manpower.

As for Ban, he didn’t want to go saying he can’t handle being far too long from that reporter girl.

The others also decided to switch with someone or they are simply uneasy to venture an unknown world where people who can destroy a continent exist.

“You should also leave behind your [World Keys]. We can’t afford for anyone to know about the existence of another world yet and the [World Key] will drop if you’re killed after all.” (Lin)

Uwah, this guy is assuming that we’re going to get killed already…

“Speaking of, if we use our [Harus] bodies, then the ones we kill will turn into smoke right? Isn’t that too unnatural then?” (Lucas)

“Hmm…that’s true…well, when it comes to it, you can simply say that you used a mysterious technique. Actually, if people saw that, they would be scared immediately. If they suspect something, then run.”

We all nodded and made sure to remember this fact in our hearts.

Our lives depend on it after all.

“Anyway, those that will go, come here. I’ll impart you with a cultivation technique.” (Lin)

Hm? Cultivation technique?

Though we didn’t understand, we still followed and went close to him.

Afterwards, he tapped his finger on our foreheads and immediately, I understood what a cultivation technique is.


You have learned a new skill, (Passive) [Soul Vacuum] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

A cultivation technique which allows the user’s consciousness to be directed to his/her soul in order to gather qi in a more efficient manner!

Note that it is best if one does not move when using this technique in order to be fully concentrated.

Later, I’ll go try it in my room.

“There, I will also do this to the others who would be sent out. I just thought that you would want a head start in cultivating” (Lin)

Lin nodded satisfied.

After we thanked him, we all went our separate ways.

+ + +

Finally reaching my new house, I slumped down on the sofa in the living room.

“Ah, you’re back already?” (Steph)

“Yeah. Today was a real shocker.” (Lucas)

“Lucas, you’re here. There’s something I have to tell you.” (Eu)


Hearing Eu’s voice, I tilted my head and see Eu in [Earth] casual attire.

Fumu, this view is quite amazing…

What does she want to say?

“I’m pregnant.” (Eu)

“Pppppfffftt-!!!???” (Lucas)

Eh? EHH!?


“Actually, that’s a joke. Hehe.” (Eu)


I opened my mouth to say something but then decided it would be too much work so I simply sighed and slump back on the couch.

Haah, this girl…

“The thing is, I actually still haven’t finished my training. So I won’t be coming back for a while.” (Eu)

“Ah, it’s fine. I’m also leaving tomorrow to explore another world.” (Lucas)

“Another…I see…” (Eu)

“Heeh, so another world was discovered again huh?” (Steph)

“Yeah, but please don’t tell anyone as it won’t be released to the public for some time. Hm? Where are the others?” (Lucas)

“In their rooms. Wait a sec.” (Steph)

Steph jogged to the stairs and went upwards in order to call everyone.

After they got down, I also told them about my trip.

Turns out, all of them will also be leaving as their training hasn’t ended.

Lily also has work and can’t skip while Steph is participating in the mafia war or something.

In the end, only Vil chose to come with me.

At first, I was against it but after her countless pestering, I gave in and simply told her to remain in her rabbit form if she wants to come with me as well as not to transform into human form if we are not alone.

…I feel like I would have a lot of sleepless nights from now on…

Oh yeah, when Vil transforms into rabbit form, her clothes disappear. And when she transforms into human form again, the clothes instantly comes back.

Till now, I have yet to find a proper explanation to this so I simply let it be.

Afterwards, I went to my room and rested.

Not the master bedroom but another room. I don’t want to stay there…I have a feeling one of them will suddenly come and attack me.

On the wall of my room was a huge map of [Harus], [Earth], and [Sennerth].

At the top portion, I can pull a string and a transparent plastic would unroll which would show another layer on the map.

This layer has markings and notes on it.

There, displayed the places I’ve been at and places I should be concerned about.

Until now, there isn’t much written yet but someday. Someday, I will travel every place there is!

But for now, I want to see what this [Zoulang] world is capable of!

Thinking that, I sat in a comfortable position on the bed and closed my eyes.

Recalling the technique Lin passed down earlier, my consciousness submerged into the depths of my mind.

Inside my head, I saw a purple orb floating steadily and had a golden glow to it.

This should be my [Soul].

The technique that Lin passed down allowed my consciousness to be directed instantly to my soul, otherwise, it would’ve been hard for me to look for it.

The technique stated that as long as my soul is within my vision, the absorption of the surrounding qi would be faster than normal. Sure enough I can feel the suction force generated by my body.

Lin said that the qi in [Earth] is minimal so I shouldn’t expect to get much qi but it’s better than nothing.

Afterwards, I should direct the qi to my lower dantian as stated from the technique.

The lower dantian can be found three fingers below the navel. Regarding this, I have no idea what it is and only know that I should refine the surrounding qi in here.

In my mind, a purple drop appeared in my lower dantian. Then another drop, and another, and so on.


You have gained a new stat [Qi]!

+100 Qi

I continued to spend my day like this, only stopping during dinner and before bedtime.

Currently in my lower dantian, a small puddle of purple water can be seen. It should be about the size of a glass of water.

Hmm, the qi in [Earth] really is scarce…

Oh well, it can’t be helped, I’ll continue tomorrow in [Zoulang]…hm?

Just when I was about to retract my vision from my soul, I caught sight of a thin thread that seemed to be connected to my soul.

As for the other end of the thread…I don’t know where it is.

I traced my line of sight so see where the other end but it was too far away.

Thinking that, I moved my consciousness and followed that thread.

A few minutes passed and I saw another purple orb with a golden glow.

…Huh? Another soul?

Just as I was thinking about that, my consciousness seemed to be sucked into the soul which made my eyes open wide in shock.

However, when I opened my eyes, I didn’t see anything resembling my room.

I looked around and saw only an endless white.

My naked body floated in this white space.

…Huh? Why am I naked?

Is this still in my mind?

A dream?

Where am I?

“…What is this place…?” (Lucas)

I scratched my head helplessly. That’s when I noticed it.

“Huh? My hair…it’s black?” (Lucas)

That can’t be. I was in [Harus] form when I was cultivating just now. Why am I suddenly in my [Earth] form?

Unless…No way…

This body…

This place…

Don’t tell me…

“This is where our bodies are sent after switching!?” (Lucas)

Author's Notes

Woosh~ An unexpected development!

Supposed to post this last sunday but things happened and....booom!

Next up, wuxiaaaa~~~

Till the next chapter!

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  1. alex1264
    October 27th, 2015 at 09:22:16 AM

    so coiling dragon style with the multiple bodies? or like other xanxia novels where as long as you cultivate the power you have it(ignoring things like possible affinities for elements or heritage, though i guess his would be pretty strong because of his uncle and all elements mastery level, his combat levels are strong as well)

  2. IsUnavailable
    October 28th, 2015 at 03:04:37 AM

    I wonder if the Qi in the area he just went to is really dense.

    It would be funny if he comes to the world already at a decent level.

    Thank you for the chapter.