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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 5: Beware the Clown!
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: November 20th, 2015

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Chapter 5: Beware the Clown!

“Lord Jack, sorry for the wait. Everyone is done splitting the loots!”

“Hm? Ah, alright.” (Lucas)

For a moment there, I forgot that I called myself Jack while in this Jester suit.

I also finished telling El my stories as well. Not like I’m hiding it anyway.

First of all, she’s stuck inside me.

Second, there are goddamn movies about it in my world after all…

I bet that this adventure will also be turned into a movie. But before that, I guess I should cut some parts…especially what I do during the night.

Standing up, I called everyone to gather in front of me.

“Are you all from [Ziyou City]?” (Lucas)

“Yes milord. We were all slaves of the [Fork Lion Group] and were asked to accompany them while they capture demonic beasts…”

“Us males were in charge of labor while the females…”

“Ah, no need to say it. I think I already understand the situation.” (Lucas)

Since they are all from [Ziyou City], I told them about my plan of going there and raiding the [Fork Lion Group’s] hideout.

I also showed them that I can transform into that bastard Ras so I can enter easily and that they need to act properly at the time.

Hearing my plan, they were all elated. As it turns out, some of their friends and family are also slaves I that company so they’re happy that they can also be free.

Hence, we started our journey after having rested.

They said that in our current location, it’s possible to reach [Ziyou City] in a day which made me happy.

Finally, I can see what a city in this world is like!

Along the way, us humans and demonic beasts traveled together.

At first, the others were afraid of the demonic beasts that aren’t chained and distanced themselves.

However, as they saw me and Wargon seemingly chatting like friends, their tension gradually loosened up and they also got close to some demonic beasts.

If other people from this world were to see such a sight, they would probably think that they’re hallucinating.

Because to them, demonic beasts are synonymous to monsters. Who would want to befriend a monster?

If it was still a young one, then perhaps it’s possible. But to befriend a mature demonic beast? That’s just asking to be eaten.

Dinner arrived, I cooked for the lot using the meat that the slave traders had in stock.

It’s been a while since I cooked for so many people and monsters so I went all out. Last time, it was also for a pack of monsters as well…I wonder if I have some kind of charm to monsters?

Nah, probably the food.

“So good!”

“Damn! You cook better than my wife!”

“What is this!? How can there be such good food!?”

“This…this is a food for the heavens!”

“Such heavenly taste!”

And so on…

Seriously…these guys are exaggerating way too much.

It’s not like it’s that delicious right?

Well, because they were slaves, it’s probably been a long time since they last ate decent food.

“It’s so good…It’s really…*sniff*…good…”

Suddenly, one of them started crying. Then, as if an infectious disease, everyone soon followed.

Ahh…damn, if you all keep crying like that, I’ll feel like crying too you know!

“Thank you! Really…really…thank you!”

Now, one of the female ex-slaves suddenly kowtowed in front of me.

“A-ah! I get it, I get it already! You don’t have to kneel that much!” (Lucas)

“This is the least that I can do! Please let me kowtow!”

Facing this much determination, I can only sigh wryly and scratch my cheek. Not knowing what to do.

The others also followed the girl’s example and kowtowed.

Arrgh! Now it became such a big deal!

Why do people keep kneeling in front of me!?

That time too…when the pure-blooded vampire’s innocence was revealed.

Sighing once again, I placed my palm on the girl’s head who was the first to kowtow.

It was really an unconscious move in my part. It seems that because of that Wargon who always pet the two foxes, I unconsciously think of petting when I see a head before me.

But because of this move, the girl flinched a bit before raising her head to look at me curiously.

Well, since my hand is already there, might as well continue all the way.

“Look, you’re also making it hard for me if you all kneel to me like that. I already understand so please stand up now. Okay?” (Lucas)

I smiled wryly while petting her head.

At the corner of my eyes, I seemed to see the other girls look at the girl I’m petting with jealousy while the girl in question was blushing.

…Let’s stop here before things go out of control.

The girl looked dejected when she saw my hand leaving her head while the other girls’ eyes revealed a strange light of hope.

…I have a sudden urge to pet them all one by one but let’s stop. Otherwise, I fear for what may happen.

Damn, is this the effect of the [Lover for All] title?

I don’t really want to…expand my number of wives any more. I mean, I already have Freya, Eu, Lily, Aeran, Steph, Vil, and Aleris…that’s already one too many.

After dinner, everyone slept except for me who kept cultivation.

I told Vil to cultivate as well but she was already sleeping before I can even tell her to…such a lazy pet…

Closing my eyes, I once again saw my soul and the thin thread that stretches towards my other body.

“Oh yeah, El.” (Lucas)

“Hm?” (El)

“Is it possible for you to take over my body?” (Lucas)

“…If I do that, then I would still retain your abilities but your mind will be trapped in place of me.” (El)

In other words, we just exchanged controllers?

I imagined a video game where I am in control of the character and gave the controller to El.

Hmm…I thought I would get a momentary power up if it was possible for her to control my body but I guess reality can’t always be convenient.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely useless.

After all, she has more experience than I have which is just as useful as skills and powers.

On the downside though, she doesn’t fully understand my skills so it would be hard for her to use them properly.

But there’s still another use to this…

“El, see this thin thread?” (Lucas)

“Huh? Where?” (El)

“You can’t see it? Here.” (Lucas)

“Wait a sec…you’re right! Why is there such a thing attached to your soul!?” (El)

Hm? It seems that it’s hard for her to see it?

Maybe it’s because it’s my own soul so it’s easier for me to see it?

But then again…Lin has never mentioned anything about this.

…Is it that my perception is just high? Or, like me, they are also hiding it as their aces…

“Ah, can you try to follow it to the other side? I bet it will surprise you.” (Lucas)

“Hm?...Okay then.” (El)

After a few minutes, I heard El’s shout in surprise as she most likely reached the other end.

“Wh-why am I in your body!? Wait, where is this place!?” (El)

“Calm down. That’s my other body, the [Earth] one. I also don’t know where that place is but I feel that it’s the place where my other body is placed when I switch.” (Lucas)

After explaining to her, she had begun to calm down somewhat and tried to feel out her new body.


“Why are you naked?” (El)

“I DON’T KNOW!” (Lucas)

“Ehh…I must say, having a male body feels…different…” (El)

“Enough! Don’t touch anything!” (Lucas)

“Too late~” (El)

…Damn, I shouldn’t have let her possess that body!

Ughh…whatever, a lot of women had already seen it anyway. Another one should be fine…

“Listen, just make sure that body continues to cultivate in there so I can borrow its strength when necessary!” (Lucas)

“Ah, so that’s why you need someone to control this body…fine, I’m bored anyway and I can still see through your eyes there.” (El)

I nodded when I received her acceptance and sighed in relief.

Good, since I can borrow skills from that body, then perhaps I can also borrow its cultivation.

“WOAH! What’s with this absurd amount of qi rushing inside me!? What is this place!?” (El)

“Yeah, for some reason, that place has a tremendous amount of mana and qi.” (Lucas)

“What’s mana?” (El)

“Umm, something like qi, but different. How to say this…oh! You know that qi is absorbed through the surroundings and not inborn right?” (Lucas)

“Yeah?” (El)

“Well mana is different. All you need is to increase INT so you can say that mana is from the body itself while qi is from the surroundings. Life essence and World essence I guess? Or at least, that’s my understanding.” (Lucas)

After saying that, I paused for a while and thought about what I said before nodding satisfied.

It’s the first time I even thought of differentiating the two after all so I’m still a bit unsure…guess I’ll experiment some time later.

“I see…so what’s INT?” (El)

“Ah, call out [Status Window] aloud.” (Lucas)

“Hm?...Oh! It’s the blue thingy from before! But the content seems different…” (El)

“That’s the status of my [Earth] form. STR is strength, INT is intelligence, VIT is vitality, SPD is speed, DEX is dexterity, LUK is luck.” (Lucas)

Even though I explained, I have this feeling that she didn’t hear anything that I said.

“Pft…L-Lucky Pervert…What did you do for something like this to appear here!?” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

“Haha, and this other one! That sleeping student in the class! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OH GOD, IT HURTS! MY SIDES HURTS! HAHAHAHA!” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

“Haha…ha…but still…What’s with this overpowered ability of healing anything you touch? I mean, you can basically heal any wound and cure any poison or disease! Though you can’t regrow a limb, this is still too powerful!” (El)

“How should I know…” (Lucas)

Feeling tired from this girl making fun of me, I weakly answered and went back to cultivating.

Like that, night passed and a new day arrived.

My [Harus] body is now at the 9th level of the [Human Realm]. And I still don’t know any skills in this world.

On the other hand, my [Earth] body is already at the peak of the [Human Realm] and already forming the [Egg] for the [Beast Realm].

El says that it will only take a few more hours before it will finally hatch and I can finally use my [Beast].

“You’re worried about martial techniques?” (El)

“Yeah…right, can’t you teach me one?” (Lucas)

How can I forget that I have a Sovereign in my body…it’s like having a walking encyclopedia with me…

“Alright! Then, which one do you prefer. Attack, Movement, Enhancement, or Weapon technique?” (El)

Hmm…so there are also different kinds huh?

I can understand them just from the name but, what’s the Enhancement?

“I bet you’re wondering about the Enhancement technique. Those kinds of martial techniques apply some sort of enhancement to your body either for defense or for attacking use.” (El)

Ah, don’t really need it.

“Let’s go with Attack.” (Lucas)

“Alright! I’m going to pour a list of techniques in your mind. For now, choose one.” (El)

All of a sudden, a bunch of names and descriptions flowed inside my head and wow, there’s a lot!

However, one of them caught my attention.

Implosion Palm

A palm attack that causes a momentary vacuum appear upon contact then explode inwards which causes severe internal injuries.

“This one!” (Lucas)

“Ohh, not bad. But it’s hard to learn it you know? Do you still want to?” (El)

“I can just choose another one if I really can’t right?” (Lucas)

“Alright! I’ll teach you how to use it!” (El)

On the remaining journey, El thought me how to use [Implosion Palm] so from time to time, I would suddenly do a palm strike in midair which raises the eyebrows of those watching.

Basically, you channel your qi out of your palm and let it expand then contract…is what El explained to me which really sounded easy and all but doing it is another matter…

Whenever I shoot out my qi, it continues to shoot forward instead and not remain on my palm.

And even that qi shot isn’t even an attack since I accidentally hit Wargon but he didn’t receive any damage at all.

I wonder what I’m doing wrong?...

Oh, and speaking of Wargon, the guy’s seriously weird…he’s different from the other demonic beasts.

I mean, look! He’s altering the slave trader’s equipments! What kind of demonic beast does that!?

He even made clothes for his two foxes…

Having no idea what this guy is, I sighed and just continued to contemplate about the [Implosion Palm].

I kept asking El but she doesn’t give any good explanation…correction, she did but it was like ‘First, you SHHHH then you WOOSH, then BANG!’…guess that’s a true genius for you…

Once again, I sighed…

+ + +

“Didn’t expect to see you here, Cygnas.” (Lucas II)

In a certain plane above [Zoulang], the future Lucas, Lucas II, approached a silver haired woman dressed in black and white.

Her face had a strange charm to it, which had both the maturity and sensuality of an older woman and the innocence and purity of a young girl. Her eyes also had a peculiar appearance to them, having a light cyan coloration and seemed to shine in a mystical way. She was a bit less than one head shorter than Lucas II, but had a well-proportioned body capable of putting even actresses of any world to shame. Her all black, her dress was long and widened a bit on the waist area, forming a long skirt that split right in the front, showing a white and a bit shorter under-skirt, the dress also left her arms exposed. She didn’t hold any accessory besides a simple silver necklace with a small blue jewel embed in it, not even shoes, leaving herself barefoot.

This girl is called Cygnas, a God from another world and not of [Zoulang] which was why Lucas II said what he said.

“Ah, you are…Lucas, right?” (Cygnas)

“You know me?” (Lucas II)

“I should be the one asking that question you know? After all, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know you after what you did.” (Cygnas)

“Haha, I guess.” (Lucas II)

Hearing Cygnas’ retort, Lucas shook his head and laughed wryly as if saying it can’t be helped.

“Then if you’re here…that one must be…the past you?” (Cygnas)

“Yeah, I came here to take care of a loose Sovereign snooping about earlier. Else, he would have raided the other worlds after all. Haah, these guys think that they’re above gods because they’re Sovereigns…that’s just a name humans made. A real Sovereign however…is much much more fearsome…” (Lucas II)

As he said, the moment Lucas and the others arrived in this world, [Zoulang], a roaming Sovereign was indeed flying above that island and just so happened to have discovered humans suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

If that Sovereign were to know about the [World Gate], then there would indeed be trouble.

“Muu, its unfair how only you can interfere this much…” (Cygnas)

Seeing Cygas pout in displeasure, Lucas II chuckled and shook his head helplessly.

“It’s the other way around. I can’t interfere anything at all. After all…everything I do is already bound to happen…I’m just here to [Repeat] what I already [Did] in the future.” (Lucas II)

“Geez, you Gods who can travel through time are all confusing…” (Cygnas)

“Haha, can’t deny that. So why are you here? Isn’t the world you govern far from this one?” (Lucas II)

“You see that idiotic stupid weird golem you named?” (Cygnas)

“Ah, Wargon? Yeah…that guy…is still insane from up to what I can remember.” (Lucas II)

“He’s someone from my world. I revived him here.” (Cygnas)

Normally, a person would have wide eyes in shock but Lucas II only let out an amused expression.

As if it was a normal thing.

“No wonder…how did he die?” (Lucas II)

“Hm? He was crossing a road when a truck suddenly broke its brakes and hurled towards him.” (Cygnas)

Hearing this, Lucas II didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Thinking it was a very stereotypical reincarnation.

“Of course, what kind of idiot would stand around to wait for their death? In panic, he threw away the banana he was eating and ran to the side…”(Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

“…Only to step on the banana peel he threw himself and slip.” (Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

“Not that he died from the truck…but as it happened on an elevated road and he was near the stairs, he fell down.” (Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

“After falling down, he stepped on a cat’s tail which greatly angered the poor cat.” (Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

“With the cat stuck on his face, he wasn’t able to see anything and just ran about wildly until…he stepped on a bucket of wet cement.” (Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

“On his struggle to take it off before the cement hardens, he bumped into a construction site.” (Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

“Steel beams fell and this time, he was too scared to move.” (Cygnas)

“…Finally…” (Lucas II)

Having reached the ending, Lucas II sighed. However, whether it was in grief, relief, or exhaustion, no one except him knows…

“But…” (Cygnas)

“There’s still more!?” (Lucas II)

“The steel beams didn’t actually hit him. He actually died in shock.” (Cygnas)

“…Should I say he had a shitty luck or a good one? I mean, even as a God of Luck myself…I don’t even know what to make heads about this…” (Lucas II)

“No, wait. I’m not finished.” (Cygnas)

“He’s already dead isn’t he!?” (Lucas II)

“Yeah, but you’re probably thinking he died from shock of the steel beams falling. But it was not there.” (Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

“Surviving the steel beams, he went home immediately. Along the way, he overheard some civilians discussing how the next Monster Hunter game that was about to be released was cancelled.” (Cygnas)

“…Then he died?” (Lucas II)

“…Yes. He died of shock that the game he was intensely saving up for was cancelled…” (Cygnas)

“…I say…that’s too much...idiotic? Stupid? Insane? Nonsense?” (Lucas II)

“Haah, not only that, the thing about the game being canceled was just a rumor and a false one at that.” (Cygnas)

“…” (Lucas II)

Hearing such…unfathomable…scenario, Lucas II can only accept it in silence. As if he had already lost interest or gave up understanding it.

Cynas just shrugged and continued watching over the golem.

“You retained his memories?” (Lucas II)

“Yeah…he was just too pitiful right?” (Cygnas)

“…Something tells me that isn’t the only reason…” (Lucas II)

“Well…he’s interesting?” (Cygnas)

Right after she said that, Lucas, Wargon, and the others had reached the border of the city.

Wargon was saying something to Lucas which he somehow understood and would explain why he had a weird expression on his face.

Wargon reassured him with a smile and a thumb’s up which made Lucas sigh and shake his head helplessly.

Seeing that, Cygnas let out a bemused smile as she saw Lucas II’s figure overlap Lucas’ figure upon that action.

Afterwards, Lucas, for some reason, lifted Wargon by the waist.

“…” (Cygnas)

“Ah…” (Lucas II)

Then, as if about to throw a paper airplane, Lucas stretched his back with the golem on his right arm and the two foxes riding on the golem’s back.

With a ‘humph-!’, Lucas let lose all his strength and…threw Wargon to the other end of the plain…

On the distance, you can just faintly hear Wargon’s voice which was, for some reason, sounded like ‘I believe I can fly~!’…

“…See?” (Cygnas)

“Yep, I saw it happen thousands of years ago…and now again…” (Lucas II)

Afterwards, the two Gods laughed and chatted for a bit before separating ways.

+ + +

I say…that guy is one hell of a weird golem…

Though he only made sounds like *war war*, I somehow understood what he wanted me to do…and it was utterly ridiculous.

But since it was interesting anyway, I just sighed and did as he wished…to throw him to the other side of the plains…

Strange enough, I thought I heard him say ‘I believe I can fly~!’ for a second there…nah, probably my imagination. I mean, he can’t speak. And how is it even possible for him to know that song?

Anyway, after parting with the demonic beasts, I had the ex-slaves to be chained and used the [Mimic Mask] to look like Ras. Oh, and also into his clothes...can’t really use a clown outfit for that right?

Before going in the city, I had one of the ex-slaves to beat me up and tear some of my clothes and even bleed out.

As expected, when we reached the gates, the guards hurriedly came to me.

“Hey, what happened to you? Where are your guys?”

“Haah…haah…It’s already a good thing I made it out and take my slaves! Bastard appeared out of nowhere!” (Lucas as Ras)

“What? What happened?”

“I-it’s a clown! That bastard was dressed like a clown!” (Lucas as Ras)


“He…he wields weird techniques! There was nothing we can do!” (Lucas as Ras)

“You’re saying…he alone almost annihilated your group?”

The two city guards looked at each other curiously. Hoping that one of them can make sense of the situation.

“That’s right! Even after I released my [Fork Tailed Lion], he just shrugged it off! He was simply too formidable!” (Lucas as Ras)

At this, the two city guards raised an eyebrow.

Tch-, isn’t it enough already?

“…You said he’s a clown…what do you mean?”

“He…he was dressed like a clown and wore a strange mask to cover his face. He wields two weird swords. One was pitch black that can somehow absorb a person’s life. The other was pure white as if it was made by the Heavens!” (Lucas as Ras)

“Hahaha! That’s impossible!”

“You think that a weapon like that exists? Impossible!”

“Tch-! Believe me or not, I don’t care! You can go see the carnage he left behind yourself! I’m outta here!” (Lucas as Ras)

Well, even if they didn’t believe me, they would probably just think that Ras has gone insane. Either way, all I need is to pass the gates anyway.

“Oh! And he calls himself Jester Jack! I’ll be careful if I were you…” (Lucas as Ras)

…What? They still piss me off so I’ll come back and see them in [Jester Mode] later…hehehe…

Seeing me leave, the two city guards looked at each other again.

Though common sense tells them that what I said was impossible, in their hearts, a lingering fear emerged.

No longer being able to take it, they ordered a scout to look for the scene of the crime so they can confirm it.

+ + +


In the City Lord’s castle in [Ziyou City], a soldier opened the door to the City Lord’s office with a bang.

You can see in his expression that the soldier was pale in fear and even forgot to show manners from how he opened the door.

The City Lord frowned but upon seeing the soldier’s expression, he quickly forgot about his rude behavior and became uneasy.

“What? What has happened?” (City Lord)

“Lord Hall! Something unbelievable has happened in the [Thousand Grave Plain]!”

The City Lord, Ewart Hall, was confused at the soldier’s words.

After all, whatever happens in the [Thousand Grave Plain] was none of his concern as it is outside of [Ziyou City]. So why would he be alerted for this?

“Speak clearly! What exactly happened!?” (Ewart)

“T-that…This one apologizes! This one has no words to clearly explain what has happened! It would be better if Lord comes to the scene himself!”

Ewart frowned again.

No matter what, this was simply too rude of him.

Under normal circumstances, he should already be fired for his incompetent work and he clearly knows this as well.

So for him to still act this way…just what has happened in the [Thousand Grave Plain]?

Full of curiosity, doubt, anxiety, and many more complex emotions, Ewart stopped his current work and made haste.

Upon reaching the scene, he was dumbstruck!

There are too many odd variables to point out!

“Such a massacre! Who did this!?” (Ewart)

“Milord! We were told that a single person was responsible for this!”

“What!? Then how can you explain the weird terrain!? Why are there burn marks, wet marks, and an earth pillar here!? And that platform, why are there stairs!?” (Ewart)

“S-sir, we truly don’t understand. Also…if you go up those stairs, you will see who did this…”

Ewart frowned again, clearly unable to understand what the soldier meant by that.

However, he knew better than question him and just simply run up the stairs to find out.

Once again, he was surprised!

The bloods that the corpses spilled…they actually formed a face! A mask!

The mask had thin slits for eyes and mouth, creating an eerily looking smiling face! As if he had enjoyed the massacre!

And if that wasn’t enough…


You had viewed the Master Art, [Cirque de Mozart]!


Cirque de Mozart




For a day, you will have an uncontrollable laughter. Even the corniest joke will give you a laughing fit! Hahahahaha!


This horrific art was made by a masked clown who slaughtered a group of slave traders while Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was played in the background.


Whether it was because his mind had broken down or because of the effect of the art, no one truly knows why he laughed as he saw the blue window appear in front of him.

As if on cue, the other soldiers who had seen the art also laughed strangely as they try not to let it out.

Having not understood anything one bit, Ewart’s heart trembled.

For someone to be able to do such…unfathomable things! Just what sort of fearsome person is he!?

It wasn’t just him who was afraid, but everyone who were in this place.

They were all afraid…of a person whose existence was too unfathomable!


“What more!?” (Ewart)

“T-that…we know someone who had personally seen what happened!”

The one who approached Ewart was exactly the city guard that Lucas had met earlier.

Hearing his report, the City Lord was struggling whether he should go see the witness or not.

After all, if the mysterious person had attacked this guy who had escaped, then there is a high chance that he won’t let him live for long and kill him.

So if he were to go see the witness…he might get caught up in their feud.

But if he really does go…then there is also a chance for him to better understand the situation.

“Argh, screw it! Let’s go see that witness!” (Ewart)

+ + +


Having arrived at the slave trader’s base, the subordinates quickly recognized me in Ras’ form, injured.

Of course, I also gave them the same excuse I gave the guards…not like it matters since they will die soon but oh well.

After finally going inside, I saw some slaves walking about, servicing the slave traders by either giving them food or…

…Alright, I’ve had enough of this acting thing. Let’s just kill them all already!

“Boss, are you sure you’re alright?”

“Of course I am, rather, you should be more worried about yourself!” (Lucas)


Poor guy didn’t even understand what was happening and his head was already flying.

The others were also surprised and in their faces, you can see just how clueless they all are.

Not wasting any moment, I immediately switched to my [Jester Set] and activated [Jester Mode].

“Haha! Surprise surprise!” (Lucas)


Taking advantage of the surprised slave traders, I beheaded another person.

This time, they all snapped out of it and begun to draw their weapon. But, how can they even compare to me?

“Non non non~ Didn’t your parents’ teach you that swords are sharp? And they might just…kill you!? HAHAHAHA!” (Lucas)

While I had fun with my slaughter, Vil also made her move.

It’s not just manners and common sense that Mare taught her, she was also taught how to use magic.

Black mist formed a cone shaped drill on her head as she hoped around stabbing people.

This is a magic called [Dark Driller] which was perfect for Vil to use as she is used to using a cone shaped horn to stab her enemies.

Another magic she learned was [Dark Eater] which looked like a gigantic pacman of doom!

“Wh-what the fuck is this clown!?”

“Why does this rabbit had so many powerful innate abilities!?”


“Ah! You can’t do that~ Isn’t it common sense that it’s improper to leave early in a party!?” (Lucas)

Haha, how can these guys possibly escape me!?

Controlling the air, I willed for a gust of wind to push them back to me.

“W-what the actual fuck!?”

“Aha, so you really want to dance after all!” (Lucas)



Aw, that’s mean!

I’m not a freak! I’m a clown!

…Wait, aren’t they the same?

Whatever! Let’s kill!

Oh yeah, I forgot the background music!

Let’s see…well, since we’re in a party, I’ll just make a mash-up beat!

All of a sudden, the surrounding was filled with a beat as if there is a DJ present in the room.

“PARTY PEOPLE!!!” (Lucas)

Vil seemed to suddenly be energized and even started to dance in her rabbit form as she kills.

Of course, I won’t let her dance alone so I also danced!

Hm hm hm hm hmmmmm…ah?

“What? Is it over already?” (Lucas)

“Y-yes, Lord Jack…”

“Damn, should’ve started the music earlier…owell!” (Lucas)

Switching off the [Jester Mode], I let the ex-slaves free the others.

After a few minutes, they were all freed and I told them to take everything they see in this place for them so that they wouldn’t need to be enslaved again.

Again, they cried tears of joy and kowtowed to me which was tiring.

Eventually, they finally settled down so I had them disperse.

After all, according to my calculations…they should be appearing right about now.

Seeing that everyone has left and taken the treasures of the slave traders, I also left the building myself.

As I step out, they finally arrived.

One of them had noble clothes and a height that was one head taller than me. He had black short hair and beard as well as chiseled muscles which added to his imposing aura.

Just one glance and you can tell that he is an important person.

Again, I activated [Jester Mode].

“…Are you the one called Jester Jack?” (???)

“That’s right! Jester Jack~ At~ Your~ Service~! You the City Lord?” (Lucas)

“…Ewart Hall. Indeed I am the City Lord. Can I ask what milord’s business in this place?” (Ewart)

“Hehe…” (Lucas)

Instead of answering him immediately, I raised my hand towards my mask.

Seeing this little action caused Ewart and the other soldiers to flinch and take a step back as they hold their sword handles.

“Haha, no need to be so…jumpy!” (Lucas)

While laughing, I traced the edge of my mask with one finger. But as I did that, a trail of fire appeared on the front side of the [Fork Lion] building which seemed to follow my finger’s trace.

The trail of fire continued, making an upside down egg shape, then three thin curved slits that makes up the face and mouth as well as the ‘J’ on top of my left eye.

Receiving the art notice again, I named it [Slaughter Party]!

The rank and effect were pretty much the same as the last one and the description was similarly the same.

Immediately afterwards, shock and surprise appeared in the City Lord and soldiers’ faces which means that they should’ve seen the blue window now.

“Is that enough to satisfy your questions? Ci~ty~ Lo~rd~? Ahahahahahahahahahaha!” (Lucas)


Not even staying to hear their answers, I already used [Blink] to teleport away!

After switching back to my usual attire and turning off [Jester Mode], I started to walk towards [Free Breeze School] when…my [Earth] body finally finished breaking through the [Human Realm] and into the [Beast Realm]!

Finally! The [Egg] hatched!

Now…what [Beast] had appeared?

+ + +

In some corner of [Zoulang], a figure is standing alone in a dark room. However, in the next moment, the figure was no longer alone.

All of a sudden, four figures appeared and now, there are five of them.

“Good work, Two-Face.” (???)

“Has the plan changed?” (???)

“No, we stick to it till the end.” (???)

“Move out!” (???)

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Hey! Another Jester chapter!

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