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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 6: Entrance Exam
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: November 24th, 2015

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Chapter 6: Entrance Exam

“Lucas! The [Egg] is hatching!” (El)

Hearing El’s excited voice, I quickly stopped and paid attention to the purple egg shaped object in my lower dantian which emitted a golden glow just like my soul.

On the surface of the purple egg, tiny cracks can be seen from the top, stretching towards the bottom while creating tree like branches expanding as it reaches downwards.



It finally shattered!

Immediately afterwards, a ray of purple light shot out from it and continued to extend upwards, reaching my middle dantian!

There, it formed an orb of golden purple glow, the upper portion extending into an oblong, the lower portion extending into a coil, and the middle portion revealing two protrusions that spread outwards.

Slowly, the orb is taking form into another object, no, into a [Beast]!

The light dissipated quietly…revealing the [Beast] that it had taken form.

What was revealed was a white snake which was about half a meter long with scales that held a golden brilliance. On its back were two white feathered wings like an angel. On its triangular head, there was a gold circle which emitted a golden soothing glow, like a halo, only, it was tattooed on its forehead.

Slowly, the white snake opened its eyes which were golden colored and also emitted a golden glow.


Having finally awakened, the white snake flapped its wings and ran about inside my middle dantian excitedly. Like a cat who found a new home.

“Th-this is…” (El)

“You know what demonic beast this is, El?” (Lucas)

“It’s actually an [Angelic Snake]!” (El)

“? What? Is it supposed to mean something?” (Lucas)

“Mean something!? This is one of the top beasts for healing! Since you have it as a [Beast], I’ll explain to you what advantages you will have!” (El)

El begun to tell me about this [Angelic Snake]

As it turns out, any fluid that an [Angelic Snake] secretes can heal and cure any injuries and disease. With just one drop, even the most potent poison will be dispersed!

Although it’s healing cannot regrow limbs, its healing rate is still fast!

And since I have it as my [Beast], then the same thing will apply to my body! Which means, be it sweat, blood, saliva, or…other fluids, it can be turned into an elixir that everybody will kill for!

“So…it’s basically the same as my [Angel’s Touch] right?” (Lucas)

“Not completely. After all, for that skill of yours, you will have to touch someone to heal them. But with this new constitution of yours, all you need is a drop of fluid from your body! Not to mention you still have its innate ability!” (El)

“Innate ability?” (Lucas)

“On the [Beast Realm] level, you will be able to access the innate ability of your [Beast] like any demonic beast. The more powerful your [Beast] is, the more powerful your innate ability is!” (El)

Ohh, in other words, it’s like having a pet. Only, the pet is inside me and I will be the one using the ability directly.

“Then, what’s its innate ability?” (Lucas)

“[Angel’s Halo]! A single target heal/cure ability!” (El)

Then that means I can now heal from afar? Good! I don’t need to touch them or give them a drop of my fluid!

This will definitely help since there may be a situation where I cannot touch a person I want to heal and giving out my fluid is just embarrassing…

Though, it’s a pity that it’s not an attacking kind.

“But isn’t this pretty powerful? I mean, just a drop of blood can cure the most potent poison?” (Lucas)

“It is powerful indeed. But not the most powerful. Besides, its self-healing properties aren’t that useful later on since you will be able to do that by yourself once you reach the [Deity Realm]. The most powerful of that kind is the one which can regenerate a being from a single drop of blood!” (El)

A- a single drop of blood!?

Isn’t that dead already!?

Are you saying that as long as there is a single drop of my blood left on the floor, I can still be healed!?


I guess, compared to that, mine isn’t really that much…

Nevertheless, I’m not on the [Deity Realm] yet so this ability is still very useful to me.

But it’s kind of funny.

After all, snakes and serpents are mostly aligned to evil and poison. But the one I have is clearly the opposite!

“Alright, for now, I’ll call you Ouroboros! Oro for short!” (Lucas)


Well, I know that Ouroboros is the snake where the head is biting the tail but owell, it’s just a name anyway.

“Well, that’s that. I should go to the [Free Breeze School] now…” (Lucas)

“Why do you even need to go when you already have me, the greatest teacher you can ever find?” (El)

“For the environment! I’ll have competitions there!” (Lucas)

And so, I began to walk towards my new school.

A few minutes later, I am now standing in front of it.

The school is a huge campus ground located at the edge of a cliff. From the side, there’s even a map for it as one might get lost easily.

From the top view, it had a clear 3 layers. Each were labeled as [Core Students], [Inner Students], and [Outer Students].

For the elders, there is a separate space for them on the left side of the campus.

On the far right side was an arena called [Life and Death].

How fun…

After taking a quick glance on the map, I moved towards the entrance and asked the guard for application.

It seems that entrance exams are done by batch. Luckily, this is the last day of the recruitment and the exam will be done by the afternoon.

Bidding the guard good bye, I roamed around [Ziyou City] to take a look around.

When one wishes to stroll around the city, where would you go first? For me, I will go towards the most eye-catching building first.

Looking at the high towering yellow dome located inside the city, I walked towards it without hesitation.

Upon reaching it, I finally knew what it was.

[Ziyou Branch Golden Dome Auction House].

Seeing the sign, I really want to retort just how something this big is even called a house…

On the side, there’s also a sign that says an auction will be held tomorrow which made me remember what the [Fork Lion] group said before.

Tomorrow, this auction house will held an auction. Most likely, there will also be slaves there…

After thinking about it, I roamed around the city for a bit before I went inside the auction house after wearing a huge hooded robe and donning the [Mimic Mask] to mimic a completely random person.

“Excuse me, where can I drop an item I want to sell?” (Lucas)

“Esteemed guest, please follow me.”

Nodding, I followed the attendant towards a private room which I was told to wait.

A few seconds passed by and the door finally opened.

There stood a beautiful woman wearing a Chinese oriented tunic.

Her orange hair was tied to a bun on her back which was held by several expensive looking hair ornaments.

She looked about 25s or so, just a bit taller than me, with curvaceous figure and a mature sexy aura about her.

Her thin eyes are colored red which complemented her red Chinese tunic and orange hair.

After she saw me, she flinched for a second before continuing on as if nothing happened.

“Good afternoon, I am called Mei Jin. Esteemed guest, I was told that there is something you wish to sell for tomorrow’s auction.” (Mei)

Without speaking, I nodded and produced a hundred vials on the table.

This are all vials which I placed on the storage ring so as to not arouse any suspicions and inside each vial, is a drop of my blood. Well, my [Earth] body’s blood.

“These are…?” (Mei)

“Each of those drops can heal any wounds and injuries as well as cure even the most potent poison.” (Lucas)

After hearing what I said, Mei, who was about to pick one of the vials suddenly flinched and stopped before looking back to me dubiously.

I guess it isn’t that believable huh?

“It seems you don’t believe me. Fine, I’ll do a demonstration.” (Lucas)

I really don’t like inflicting pain but oh well, nothing to do about it.

I showed her my hand, free from wounds and my dagger. Then, I stabbed it on my arm and slashed it!

“Wh-what are you-!?” (Mei)

Ignoring her, I quickly grabbed one of the vials and poured the drop on my injured arm.

A second ago, that arm would’ve been known as a cripple and I wouldn’t be able to hold anything anymore with that hand. But after the drop, the wound immediately closed as if nothing happened.

Not even a scar was left!

“You’re one masochistic bastard…” (El)

“Shut up.” (Lucas)

It took a while for Mei to understand what happened as she kept staring on my arm.

“…You can touch it if you like.” (Lucas)

I only said that as a joke so as to snap her out of it as I don’t want to let the awkward silence to continue but…

She actually nodded and grabbed my arm, looking at it in every corner meticulously…

“…” (Lucas)

“Ah! S- I’m so sorry…” (Mei)

Finally realizing her blunder, Mei quickly let go of my arm and blushed.

“…As you can see, its healing properties are no joke. You can either drink it or drop it on the injury. It can’t regrow a limb but can quickly close large wounds. As for its curing properties…do you mind if I borrow your most potent poison?” (Lucas)

“Eh?” (Mei)

Still flustered, Mei took a while ingesting what I said before finally revealing a shocked expression which turned into a frantic one.

“No no no! You don’t have to take the poison to prove anything at all! We have a specialist that can determine the effects of this drop anyway so you really didn’t have to do what you did earlier…” (Mei)



“…I see…Anyway, can I count on you to sell this in the auction tomorrow?” (Lucas)

“Y-yes! Umm…can I ask what these are called?” (Mei)

“…[Angel’s Blood].” (Lucas)

Hearing the name, Mei’s eyes went wide and almost dropped the vial she was holding.

Hm? Something wrong with what I said?

“Well, you did get the name right. But for these mortals, that name is equated to a divine treasure after all!” (El)

“Oh? I got the name right? Haha, lucky!” (Lucas)

“…That’s what you take from that?” (El)

Ignoring El, I stood up and prepared to go outside.

“U-umm!” (Mei)

“Hm? Did you need me for something else, lady Mei?” (Lucas)

Yes, I called her lady Mei. From roaming the city before, I found out how people call each other here so I figured to call her that way.

It would be weird if I suddenly call her Mei or rude if I call her Ms. Mei or Ms. Jin so I just copied what some young guy called a young girl I heard earlier.

“L-lady…T-that is…is it possible to know the esteemed guest’s name?” (Mei)

“…Luke.” (Lucas)

At first, I thought of using Jack again but shook my head as I wanted that name to be equated to a vigilante or a killer so I thought of a different name instead which wasn’t that far off to my real name.

“Luke…then, lord Luke. Please have a nice stay in [Ziyou City].” (Mei)

After nodding, I walked out of the room and out of the auction house.

+ + +

Looking at the fleeting figure of the one called Luke, Mei sighed weakly.

“Lady…he called me lady Mei…” (Mei)

Thinking about their conversation earlier, Mei’s face flustered with a hint of red and couldn’t help but shake her head embarrassingly.

As the hostess of the auction, she knows how to read a person’s train of thought from their expressions. However, this Luke’s expression was hidden in the shadow of his hood so she can only make use of his voice.

Due to her work, she would need to always keep a polite smiling face when meeting guests.

Upon seeing Luke for the first time, she flinched because she learned that he was only at the 9th level of the [Human Realm], what treasure can he possibly hold with such weak cultivation?

Nevertheless, she kept her polite behavior and greeted him but in her heart, she looked at him with disdain.

But that soon changed when he produced the hundred vials with a red drop in each of them.

At first, she was bewildered at what it could possibly be. When she heard its use, naturally, she didn’t dare believe it.

Yet, Luke had actually dared to demonstrate it himself.

She had figured out what he was going to do the moment he held a dagger. Normally, she would stop him as there is an expert in their auction house who can determine the properties of the drop anyway, but since she wanted to see him get humiliated from being so arrogant, she let it be.

However, his words were indeed correct as proven by its effects which she personally saw, so when he asked for a potent poison, she hurriedly stopped him from inflicting more pain on himself.

That was when her disdain turned into admiration.

But this too, seemed to be changing.

When she heard the name of the drop, [Angel’s Blood], her heart finally gave in.

[Angel’s Blood]. From the records her family has, this drop of blood is equal to a divine treasure! It is a very powerful elixir which can heal all kinds of injuries and cure all kinds of poison!

To get something like this, forget [Beast Realm] experts, even [Spirit Realm] experts can’t possibly get them!

Then, she suddenly remembered something her father once said.

That once you reach a certain level of cultivation, you will be able to suppress your own cultivation into that of a lower one!

When he called her lady Mei, her heart fluttered uncontrollably.

From what she knows, when a man calls a woman lady like that, it means that the man desires for her and wishes to court her.

Due to this misunderstanding, she believed that Luke had fallen for her and wanted to impress her, which would explain why he showed the effect of the drop like that.

She thought Luke wanted to prove himself to her that he isn’t a coward or something.

With her mind and heart in a mess, she finally got herself to ask his name.

She knows that it is rude to do so when he had purposely hidden his face with a hood but she needs to ask, else, it would be hard for her heart to calm down.

“Luke…huh…” (Mei)

Looking at where Luke once stood again, Mei’s eyes revealed a strange light.

“Hehe…” (Mei)

+ + +


W-what was that?

Just now, I felt a cold chill run down my spine…

Looking behind me franticly, I tried to search for that something but wasn’t able to.

I don’t even know what I am looking for.

Whatever, let’s not think about it. More importantly, the entrance exam should be starting!

After shrugging off the strange feeling, I trotted towards the [Free Breeze School’s] main gate where a few hundred students are lined up.

Following them, I also chose a spot and waited in line.

After about an hour or so, the examinee finally nodded his head and guided us inside.

We were then led to a huge coliseum like arena which didn’t have any matches going on as this would be the site of the exam.


“The arena is so big!”

“One day…we will also be fighting on this stage…”

All around me, the various commoners were admiring the scene and some are getting motivated while some were nervous.

Me? I’m excited indeed.

I never participated in the arenas back in [Harus] after all!

Looking around, I found that there seems to be a number of students watching from the seats. Most likely, they wanted to see this batch’s potential.

It always happens no matter which world.


To put simply, they wanted to know which ones they can bully and which ones they should stay away or befriend.

“Hah, look at these commoners. So unrefined.” (???)

“Hehe, you used the wrong term there. For us practitioners, we don’t use the terms noble and commoner. But they might as well be commoners to be in a no name sect!” (???)

“Haha, Boss Galen Juren has enlightened me indeed!” (???)

“Haha, so you know who I am! Good! I think that emblem is of the [Fire Lotus] sect?” (Galen)

“That’s right! I am the son of the 2nd elder, Silas Huo. Though our sect isn’t much compared to your [Giant Emperor] clan, it can still be considered as a powerful sect!” (Silas)

“Hooh, I remember that your [Fire Lotus] sect is allied to our [Giant Emperor] clan! Hehe, if you follow me, your position in your sect will definitely rise! In fact, your father might even replace the current head!” (Galen)

“Boss Galen is so kind!” (Silas)

Hearing the conversation between this two, I can only sigh at their simplicity.

The one called Silas Huo had a bright fiery red short hair with a few golden strands on the forelock. He wore a dark red robe with an emblem of a red lotus flower on the left chest area.

Galen Juren on the other had had a golden blonde hair that reaches his shoulders. He wore a sleeveless golden robe as if to emphasize his biceps or something. Decorated on the back is a silhouette of a man with a crown, probably depicting a giant king. Or in his case, a giant emperor.

“Position…yeah right. He’s position will turn from the young master of his sect to the dog of another sect…” (Lucas)

Oops, did I say that out loud?

Well, not like it matters haha.

“What did you say!?” (Silas)

“Haah, can’t believe he’s also deaf…” (Lucas)

“Haha, good! Good! You still dare to insult me! You should be prepared to die!” (Silas)

Oi oi oi, seriously? He’s seriously going to fight me right now?

Thinking that, I glanced around at the examinees.

Seeing my gaze, the examinee let out a sigh and stepped forward.

Oh! I thought he would ignore us but it seems that isn’t the case! It seems this world isn’t as bad as I thought.

“You there! The exam is about to begin! If you have any other business, wait until the exam is over!”

…I take back what I said.

In other words, he’s only intervening because of the exam? And that he won’t intervene again next time?

“Remember, killing is prohibited in the school. If you want to settle any enmity, you are to do so in the [Life and Death Arena] on the far right.”

…Not only that but there’s actually an arena dedicated for that!?

I didn’t think that I will actually hear a teacher say its fine to kill fellow students…

Well, whatever.

“Tch- you better remember this you trash!” (Silas)

“Yes yes…” (Lucas)

“Y-you bastard-!” (Silas)

Seeing me act so indifferent towards him, Silas snapped and looked raring to go but remembering what the examinee said, he calmed down.

Taking one last hateful look at me, he turned away his head hatefully with a snort. To which, I only shrugged as if it saying it can’t be helped.

“Pst, hey.” (???)

“Hm?” (Lucas)

Thinking that someone is calling me, I turned around to look for the source.

There stood a man with short grey hair looking at me.

He was about an inch taller than me, with a thin body yet you can clearly see the defined muscles which suggest that he didn’t lack training at all.

He was wearing a grey tank top and a dark greenish pants which makes me remember a soldier from our world.

Hmm…if you turn that short hair into a buzz cut, he might pass as a soldier in our world…

While having such thoughts, the man greeted me with an energetic smile.

…He can’t possibly swing that way…right?

I shivered when I remembered the Demon King from before…

“Something wrong?” (Lucas)

After I spoke, he let out a wry smile and sighed helplessly.

“You really shouldn’t have done that.” (???)

“Why so?” (Lucas)

“The [Fire Lotus] sect is a powerful sect and there are also plenty of senior students here who are from that sect. I reckon that after this exam, you will be in one hell of a situation.” (???)

“Heeeh…so?” (Lucas)

“Y-you…didn’t you hear what I just said?” (???)

I heard…but like I said, so?

I know that I don’t know much about this world, but I’ve faced worse.

To me, losing again isn’t an option. However, that doesn’t mean that I need to pick my enemies so as to not lose.

On the contrary, the stronger they are, the better!

At the side, Silas flinched.

“…Alright, there is still the [Giant Emperor] clan. From their conversation earlier, the [Giant Emperor] clan may help him kill you as well.” (???)

“I say…I already know those stuffs when I said what I said. In fact, they should all just come at me all at once.” (Lucas)

It’s more fun that way~

Ah, oops. [Jester Mode] leaked out a bit.

At the corner of my eye, I saw not just Silas but even that one called Galen flinch.

Hehe, they’re mad!

“I-…I see…wait, don’t tell me you are from some major sect?” (???)

“Nope. I don’t belong to any sect.” (Lucas)

Hearing what I said, Silas and Galen sighed in relief before looking at me with hateful glares as if saying ‘You aren’t even part of any sect yet you make such claims!’ or something.

Hmm…I found that those two are pretty funny! Maybe I shouldn’t kill them?

…Meh, if they attack, I’ll retaliate. Otherwise, I’ll ignore them.

“…Haha…hahahahaha! You’re really interesting! By the way, my name’s Elwin Di from the [Earth Tower] sect! We’re not much compared to those two but our sect still holds a considerable amount of face.” (Elwin)

“H-huuhh…Right, I’m called Lucas. Nice to meet you too.” (Lucas)

Suddenly overwhelmed by this guy’s energetic greeting, before I knew it, I was also introducing myself.

“Hm? Well, Lucas it is then!” (Elwin)

Ah, I didn’t say my family name since I wasn’t used to. Maybe I should’ve?

Well, he’s already fine with it so I’ll just let it be.

“Are you sure you want to befriend me? You said it yourself, I’m a dead man.” (Lucas)

“Haha, if you’re really a dead man, you wouldn’t say that as if it’s none of your business. Besides, you can call this an investment. You seemed more than meets the eye.” (Elwin)

Shrugging off my shoulders, I focused on the examinee.

The exam had finally started. Each of the enrollees is to step onto a platform where two orbs and a tablet are in place.

The tablet is to identify one’s age. And by that, I mean not the literal one, but the age of being a practitioner.

Meaning, it will start when you first achieved the 1st level of the [Human Realm].

One orb is to test one’s element proficiency. It will glow red if you are proficient in fire, blue when water, green when wind, yellow when earth, white when light, and black when darkness.

The more intensity it has, the more proficient you are in that element.

This will come in ranks. Low, Medium, High, Top, Legendary. Of course, the only ones that are shown are the low to high. Top proficiency rarely occurs, more so the legendary one.

As for the second orb, it tests one’s talent.

What better way to test talent than to look at one’s soul?

So for the second orb, it will shine with the color of your soul.

At first, I was worried that people will discover my [Divine Soul] but El told me that the orb they have can only copy the color of the soul, not the additional glow.

After a few minutes, it is now Elwin’s turn.

Until now, the lowest in the age tablet is 10 years old. While the highest on the element proficiency orb is a high proficiency in the Water element. As for the talent orb, the highest is a Blue colored one, just two ranks below mine.

Actually, all of those records are from one person. A girl with a wavy blue hair and aqua blue eyes that always looks indifferent.

I didn’t catch her name though as I was too busy annoying the two nobles.

Elwin’s results, 9 year old practitioner, High proficiency Earth, and a Blue soul as well. Just a bit better than the previous record holder.

Next was Silas’ turn.

8 year old practitioner, High proficiency Fire, and a Blue soul.

Again, it was just a bit better than the previous record holder.

“Heh!” (Silas)

But even so, he looks so smug that it’s annoying…

Galen came up next and achieved a result which shocked a lot of people.

6 year old practitioner, Top proficiency Earth, and a Violet soul! His soul is just a rank lower than mine!

“A Top proficiency appeared!”

“Not only that, but he even has a Violet soul!”

“Look, just 6 years! He’s a genius!”

“As expected from the young master of the [Giant Emperor] clan!”

The crowd showered him with praises. Clearly, they’re trying to get on the good side of Galen so that in the future, they might reap some benefits.

However, Galen only gloated at them and looked at them with indifference. As if to him, they are no more than ants to step on.

While feeling irritated at him, I stepped onto the platform next.

Behind me, the two idiots are most likely preparing to make fun of me.

Hmph, let’s see who’ll make fun of who!

I stretched my hand towards the age tablet and touched its surface.

Age: 7 Months, 1 Day, 22 hours, 6 minutes, 40 seconds

Hm? 7 months?

I thought I only started yesterday?

Ah! That was in [Earth] where time flowed differently!

Damn, I felt cheated…

“7 MONTHS!!!”





Tch- these guys dare to laugh at me…

While being irritated, I moved on to the next orb.

Placing my palm on top of it, I felt a cool touch on my skin and something absorbing me.

Then, a brilliant light with 6 different colors flowed out from the inside!

Suddenly, everyone who was laughing earlier quickly shut up.

“T-that brilliance…TOP PROFICIENCY!?”


“T-this is…Top proficiency on Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Darkness!”

Finally, when the examinee shouted, all hell broke loose.

“T-this is too absurd!”

“2 Elements, fine! 3, Amazing! BUT 6!!!???”


Taking a quick look at the two idiot nobles, I let out a satisfied grin when I saw their shocked expressions.

Haha, Silas even has a drool on his nose!

As for Elwin…he had the face of ‘I struck gold!’ or something. Well, he seems to be an interesting guy so I wouldn’t mind being his friend, or as he said it, his investment.

Ignoring the surprised examinee, I moved to the next orb and placed my palm on it.


“T-this guy…”


“I give up, this guy’s too much!”

“Was he loved by the heavens!?”

“He doesn’t even belong to any sect…”

And so on…

The two idiot nobles who somehow got their grip from the earlier surprise, loosened again and now their faces are as pale as white!

Soon though, they gritted their teeth and looked at me with much hate.

Hey hey, don’t look at me like that. It’s not like I’m to blame you know?

Though the Top proficiency did surprise me.

Meh, I guess it’s to be expected from someone who can manipulate the elements at will.

“Right…hello? Are you still there?” (Lucas)

“Eh? Ah! Y-yes! That will be all…”

Seeing as the examinee froze in shock, I waved at him a couple of times before finally snapping out of it.

Then, I stepped out of the platform and moved next to the shocked Elwin.

“Ha…haha! I’ve truly made good judgement!” (Elwin)

“Yeah yeah…anyway, it’s fun seeing their expressions…” (Lucas)

Saying so, I glanced at the two idiot nobles who’re now staring daggers at me.

While we were laughing, the first part of the exam was finally over.

Actually, what the exam only need is our age, then we will move on the second phase of the exam.

This phase will determine whether we will be an Outer, Inner, or Core student.

All those who are above 18 years old are kicked out of the exam while we moved onwards.

The next is determining our cultivation.

This time, a monolith is placed on the platform.

The aqua girl from earlier…I decided to call her aqua girl since I don’t know her name…anyway, before us, she was the highest again. [Beast Realm: Hatchling Stage] 3rd level.

Elwin was the same, only, he’s still at the 2nd level.

Silas was, as expected, higher than the two. [Beast Realm: Adolescence Stage] 4th level.

When he got down, he looked at me smugly again.

Galen, once again, shocked everyone. [Beast Realm: Adolescence Stage] 6th level! Peak of the Adolescence Stage!

Just a bit more and he will be in the Mature Stage!

Like Silas, when he got down, he also looked at me with contempt which I ignored.

I already know I will lose anyway so there’s no use annoying them.

When I got up, everyone looked at me with high expectations.

Placing my palm on the monolith, I felt a suction force that reached my dantians.

[Human Realm: Master Stage] 9th level

“Hahahaha! He had a high talent, but in the end, that talent did not deserve its master!” (Silas)

“Truly a waste of talent!” (Galen)

“Ah…what, he’s just a [Human Realm] expert.”

“What a letdown.”

“Well, if you think about it, he only started 7 months ago.” (Elwin)

“…Wait, then in 7 months, he was already able to reach that level?”

“Amazing! With that training speed, he’ll catch up immediately!”

Ohh, nice one Elwin!

I thought I would be showered with ridicules because of the two but he unexpectedly brought back my reputation! Or, in the words of the people in this world, he brought back my face!

Seeing as how their plan to ridicule me didn’t work but instead, backfired, the two idiot nobles grimaced and stared at me hatefully.

Haah, why do these two never stop?

They should know by now that they’re only digging their own grave.

Alright, I’m already bored by them. Let’s just ignore them.

The examinee was also surprised at the results but after thinking about it, this is still a bit logical and that if I really reached the [Beast Realm], it would be too illogical.

Then, those who had failed to reach at least the 5th level of the [Human Realm] were also kicked out of the exam.

Here, those who are at the [Human Realm] 5th level – 10th level are Outer Students. [Beast Realm] 1st level – 6th level are Inner Students. And those who’re above those are the Core Students.

Lastly, we’re finally in the last phase of the exam. Though it’s actually already concluded, the next exam will determine our ranking in this batch.

One can chose not to join or join in this part as it isn’t mandatory.

So in order to lure the students into joining, they placed a prize on the top 3 students.

“The 3rd place will have 10 000 qi stones as well as a Qi Condensation Pill! 2nd place will have 30 000 qi stones and 3 Qi Condensation Pill! 1st place will have 50 000 qi stones, 5 Qi Condensation Pill, and a pass

on the fourth level of the [Martial Tower]!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

If you hadn’t noticed by now, the currency in this world is in qi stones. These are then dissected to three classes. The low class, medium class, and the high class. Each is equivalent to 1000 of the lower class.

Why qi stones you ask? Because to practitioners, there is another use to these stones.

That is the pure qi they have inside.

Us practitioners can refine them into our own qi. Absorbing qi in the surroundings is also one way, but that is too much time consuming to those who doesn’t have a [Divine Soul].

Refining the pure qi in the qi stones was a better alternative.

As for the Qi Condensation Pill, it’s a pill that aids the consumer to be able to absorb the surrounding qi faster. A booster so to say.

Then there’s that pass to the fourth level of the [Martial Tower]…which I don’t know what for.

Well, I’ll know it when I get it.

However, even in the face of these alluring rewards, the majority of the students knew that it will be impossible to get them and refused to join.

So all that was left was me, Elwin, the aqua girl, Silas, and Galen.

“Hmph, you actually dare to participate without reaching the [Beast Realm]? You’re courting death!” (Silas)

“It’s good that you didn’t run…so I can show you that your talent means nothing!” (Galen)

“Lucas, you don’t have to join! Though you’re talent is great, it’s still impossible for you to fight them!” (Elwin)

“…” (Aqua Girl)

“Ehh, it’s fine right?” (Lucas)

Towards their contempt and concerns, I just shrugged off as if it truly isn’t any problem.

“W-why youu…-” (Silas)

Silas, who was about to snap and come towards me, was stopped by Galen.

“Stop, it’s better to meet in the ring. If you go at it now, you’ll both be disqualified!” (Galen)

“Ah!” (Silas)

Not knowing what to do, I simply sighed at their exchange.

These guys are truly too malicious, it’s better to deal with them earlier on than later.

Like that, the examinee begun the draw lots as to who will go first.

The tournament will be held in a round robin format and the number of wins will determine the winner.

“First match! Galen Juran VS Silas Huo!”

“I concede!” (Silas)

Obviously, Silas conceded.

“Second match! Elwin Di VS Aqua Shui!”

N-no way, so she really was named Aqua!?

Well, can’t deny that it suits her though.

“Sorry for this. Watch out!” (Elwin)

While warning his opponent, Elwin begun to charge.

Upon reaching his opponent, he swung his fist towards Aqua’s waist.

“…[Flowing Water Movement].” (Aqua)

Suddenly, Aqua’s body was like fluid water, easily dodging Elwin’s punch as she bends backwards.

“…[Water Rush]!” (Aqua)

While taking opportunity towards Elwin’s unsteady posture, Aqua’s arms became a blur as she delivered multiple palm rushes towards Elwin’s chest!

Shocked with the sudden rush, Elwin’s body was blown out of the platform!

“Aqua wins!”

Huh…well that was…unexpected…

Rushing to Elwin’s side, I saw that he seems to be in shock.

Just as I was about to comfort him, I heard his mutter…

“…I think I’m in love…” (Elwin)

“…” (Lucas)

Thereafter, I ignored him. Seems like he wasn’t too hurt anyway.

“Next match! Elwin Di VS Galen Juran!”

“…Haah, I concede.” (Elwin)

Well, can’t blame him. I also think that this Galen is stronger than the rest.

“Next match! Silas Huo VS Lucas!”

“Hehe, you better not concede you bastard.” (Silas)

“Why would I?” (Lucas)

Finally, my turn!

After stepping up the platform, I can still hear Elwin’s worries about me but I just continued to ignore him and focused on Silas.

“Come.” (Lucas)

“Bastard! [Spinning Flame]!” (Silas)

Upon running near me, he suddenly rotated and unleashed a rotating kick towards me.

Though, it wasn’t a normal one as from the soles of his feet, a fire had ignited.

Well, if it doesn’t hit, then it’s not different from a normal spinning kick!

Making a step back, I intentionally made it look like I just barely dodged his kick so as to not waste any movements.

“Tch, lucky bastard! [Fire Hammer]!” (Silas)

Switching from his rotating kick, he jumped and his body twisted horizontally and attempted to kick me overhead as he drops.

Again, I dodged it just barely.

When his foot touched the ground upon missing my head, the ground beneath caved in.

“Hooh.” (Lucas)

“Tch-! Barely missed again!?” (Silas)

“Well, enough of that. My turn! Normal punch!” (Lucas)

I made an exaggerated posture and an exaggerated punch to ridicule him.

Of course, if it was a normal punch, he can avoid it. But my normal punch isn’t normal!...Well, to everyone’s standards anyway.

Facing the fast approaching punch, Silas didn’t even have the time to block it as it approached his unguarded chest.

“Gh-!?” (Silas)

“Hmph-!” (Lucas)

Forcing more power onto it, I punched Silas right out of the platform!

“L-Lucas wins!”

“W-what power…”

“Too abnormal!”

“Silas didn’t even get to unleash his [Beast]…”

The crowd was surprised. Why wouldn’t they?

Well, my body is different from normal anyways.

“A-amazing…you didn’t even use any martial technique!” (Elwin)

“H-hehe! But of course!” (Lucas)

…I can’t tell him that I don’t even have one…right?

And the one martial skill that I did have…I can’t even use yet…

“Next match! Lucas VS Aqua Shui!”

When we stepped up on the platform, I looked at the girl who isn’t older than me.

Hmm…I really don’t feel like fighting her but it can’t be helped! Let’s try to win without hurting her too much.

I don’t have any enmity towards her nor do I want to have any so it’s best to finish this quickly.

Besides, Elwin might get mad at me if I hurt his crush.

“…[Water Geyser]!” (Aqua)

Suddenly, a transparent huge whale appeared underneath our foot. Its nozzle was pointed below me!


Immediately, a water pillar emerged engulfing me!

…Well, not like it did anything though.

I mostly controlled it to go around me anyway.

“T-that’s the [Great White Whale] demonic beast!”

“Truly a powerful [Beast]!”

“He’s done now…”

Is what they say, but when the geyser stopped, all that was revealed was the dry me…I didn’t even get wet!

“…Do you still wanna go?” (Lucas)

“…No, I’ve seen enough. I concede.” (Aqua)

Phew, I didn’t even need to touch her!

“H-how is this possible!?”

“He didn’t even get wet!”

“Unbelievable! This is simply unbelievable!”

“L-Lucas wins!”

As I sigh in relief, I stepped out of the platform to greet the shocked Elwin who kept stuttering ‘h-how in the’ or ‘w-what…’ or something.

I just shrugged my shoulders and looked at the platform.

“Next match! Galen Juran VS Aqua Shui!”

“…Haah, I concede.” (Aqua)

Perhaps knowing that she had already revealed her [Beast] while the latter have not, not to mention that Galen also has a higher cultivation, Aqua conceded the match.

“Next match! Elwin Di VS Lucas!”

“Concede! I concede!” (Elwin)

Looking at the frantic Elwin, I can only shake my head helplessly.

This guy is too afraid of me…

“Next match! Silas Huo VS Aqua Shui!”

The match started and Silas immediately showed his [Beast].

“[Fire Breath]!” (Silas)

A transparent salamander like lizard appeared behind Silas and its head overlapped Silas’ as it breath fire through Silas’ mouth.

However, he was immediately shut by Aqua’s geyser.

“Well, a [Flame Salamander] isn’t a match to the [Great White Whale] after all.”

“He just didn’t have enough luck.”

“Aqua wins!”

“Next match! Elwin Di VS Silas Huo!”

“Good luck.” (Lucas)

Bidding good luck to Elwin as he step onto the platform, I relaxed myself.

Currently, Aqua has 2 wins and 2 loses. Galen has 3 wins and 0 loses. Elwin and Silas both have 3 loses and 0 wins. While I, like Galen, have 3 wins and 0 loses.

Aqua’s the only one to have finished all her matches and no matter the results on this match and the next, her place as the 3rd is settled.

The next fight is to decide whose 4th and last place. While the match after that…me vs Galen will determine the 1st and 2nd place.

Now…the match to decide the last and the first! To be continued!

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