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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 7: The Guardian Angel of the Innocent! The Grim Reaper of the Criminals!
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: November 29th, 2015

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Chapter 7: The Guardian Angel of the Innocent! The Grim Reaper of the Criminals!

Elwin climbed up the platform and stared at his opponent calmly on the other side. Meanwhile, Silas is glaring at Elwin hatefully.

Though Silas didn’t really have anything to hate Elwin, just because of the fact that Elwin is on my side, he’s thinking that my crimes are also Elwin’s.

Hmm…I wonder if it’s really alright to befriend Elwin if this will keep on happening?

Well, he seems to be fully aware of the consequences of befriending me when he talked to me earlier so I guess its fine.

“What’s wrong? Not attacking? You coward!” (Silas)

“Haah…Alas, I was too hasty to attack on my match earlier. My main strength is in defense after all…” (Elwin)

Oh? Come to think of it, when Elwin attacked Aqua before, I thought that his strength was below average and wondered how he got a high cultivation but…it seems that he really is bad at fighting and his strength is on defense.

“Hmph, trying to act cool? Then receive this blow of mine! [Fire Palm]!” (Silas)

Silas charged at Elwin with a burning palm strike.

…Hmm…isn’t that just coating your palm with flame? Are the martial techniques of this world that different to magic?

Well, I guess this world uses qi as the energy power instead of mana but it should also be fundamentally the same right?

As I was contemplating on the differences of qi and mana, Silas’ palm was slowly approaching Elwin.

“[Earth Tower]!” (Elwin)

Elwin spread his feet apart and bent down. With a low shout, a transparent earthen yellow tower overlapped his figure, giving off an immovable kind of feeling.

As if he became the tower itself!


An explosion resounded as Silas’ flaming palm touched Elwin before everything was surrounded by dust clouds.

After the dust settled, what was revealed was Elwin still in that immovable posture, with barely any scratch at all!

“Hmph, the [Earth Tower] really lives up to its name. But it is still inferior to our sect’s [Fire Lotus]!” (Silas)

As he said that, he was suddenly surrounded by a flaming red aura, the shape of a lotus flower!

Even up to here, outside of the platform, I can still feel its intense heat!

Amazing…this isn’t just surrounding one’s self with a flame as that flame is just incorporeal and not a flame itself, yet it burns hotter than a normal flame!

Being real while not real yet more effective than the real! This is the martial cultivation!

Silas, while being surrounded by the fire lotus aura, approached Elwin whose sweat was dripping from his forehead.

“Heh, the [Fire Lotus] is indeed a frightening martial technique…but…” (Elwin)

Facing the incredible heat of the flaming lotus, Elwin grinned instead!

“I still haven’t shown you my [Beast]! [Flash Grenade]!” (Elwin)

….Huh? Grenade? Wait, do those even exist in this world?

More like, what kind of demonic beast has that as its innate ability!?

Suddenly, a silhouette of a certain golem came to mind…

As if on cue, a transparent golem with green glowing tattoos and eyes appeared overlapping Elwin’s image…

It’s the [Green-eyed Tyrant]!!!

Wargon! Wargon appeared!!!

…Wait, that’s not him! Just one of his kind!

As War-…as the [Green-eyed Tyrant] appeared, a flash of light abruptly exploded from Elwin’s body, blinding everyone that was looking including me!

Damn, this is an annoying skill!

When we all opened our eyes again, Silas was already thrown out of the platform while Elwin was still on the platform…

“E-Elwin Di wins!”

“W-what the hell!?”

“Damn, what just happened!?”

“I recognized that demonic beast! It’s the [Green-eyed Tyrant]!”

“That!? No wonder he has that annoying skill…”

“Well…he still won in the end…”

“…Yeah but…”

The majority of the audience didn’t want to accept Elwin’s victory because of his way of winning.

Well, me too…Though I understand that he won through legitimate ways…it still feels like he cheated or something.

“H-hey! I can’t accept this defeat! I demand a rematch!” (Silas)

“No well…as underhanded as it is, it wasn’t against the rules so…”

“Bastard! I’m from the [Fire Lotus] sect! Do you dare go against me!?” (Silas)

“…Come to think of it, how did you push him off the stage while he still had that [Fire Lotus] thing?” (Lucas)

It would be hard for him to touch Silas who is in that state right?

“That, well…he kinda…tripped…” (Elwin)


A stifled laughter was heard from the crowd. But as he knew the consequences if he had continued laughing, he immediately stopped himself.

Nevertheless, it was still heard by everyone.

“Who was that!? Who laughed just now!?” (Silas)

“Pft-…puhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!” (Lucas)

Since it’s like that, I decided to take the blame. Besides, I was going to laugh at it sooner or later anyway.

“Y-you bastard!” (Silas)

“Enough! Let me deal with this one.” (Galen)

“Next match! Galen Juran VS Lucas!”

“Come up!” (Galen)

“…What should I do? When you say it like that, I don’t feel like coming up at all. Maybe you should just wait there and be embarrassed about being so fired up?” (Lucas)

You get that kind of feeling? When someone orders you around, you suddenly feel like not doing their order?

Well, that’s what I’m feeling right now.

“Shut up and get up here!” (Galen)

“Yes yes, sheesh…you’re getting way too excited…” (Lucas)

Since I want to annoy him, I slowly…lazily…walked up to the platform.

On the other side, I can see veins popping off Galen’s forehead.

Hehe, alright, he’s pissed enough.

“…[Emperor’s Might]!” (Galen)

A gigantic transparent golem wearing a crown appeared behind Galen. Immediately after, an intense amount of pressure filled the platform, making me bend down with sweat dripping on my forehead.

Ghh…this pressure is no joke! I can’t even stand straight at all!

As if I’m just a lowly subject bowing to the almighty emperor!

“T-there it is! The [Emperor Golem] of the [Giant Emperor] clan!”

“Amazing! It was said that those who had the pure blood of the clan will have the [Emperor Golem] as their [Beast]!”

“An inherited [Beast]!?”

“Powerful! Too powerful!”

The audience clamored at the sight of Galen’s [Beast].

Damn, guess there’s no choice…I’ll reveal that power for a bit.

“Heh! Good, bow like the lowly trash you are in front of me, Galen Juran!” (Galen)

“Hmph!” (Lucas)

With a low snort, I released a bit of [Dragon’s Wrath] as a black mist exploded around me.

Having the additional strength, it was as if the pressure no longer existed at all!

Slowly, I straightened my body and look at Galen in disdain. Black mist gathered around me as if I’m wearing it like a coat.

At this sight, Galen’s eyes were filled with shock, after he looked at me in the eyes, the shock turned into an unexplainable fear.

Title [One to be Feared] coupled with the fear inflicted by the [Dragon’s Wrath]. Even the mightiest kings would tremble before me.

It wasn’t just him, everyone who looked at the black mist surrounding me shook in fear.

Even Elwin, the always indifferent Aqua, and even the examiner himself.

No matter who, the look in their eyes is only filled with fear!

“…So this is the [Dragon’s Wrath]…” (El)

Well, everyone except El anyway. I guess this much isn’t enough to scare a supreme expert.

I shrugged at the thought then slowly walked towards Galen who was anything but an emperor now.

His age is around 19 or so but now, he really looks like a little brat who is so scared at me.

*Step step step step step step*

Everything was filled with silence, all that was heard was the sound of my foot hitting the floor.

After a few more steps, I finally arrived in front of Galen.

Suddenly, I feel a weird feeling in my gut…as if…if it is now…I feel like I can execute [Implosion Palm] perfectly.

You know that moment of being clear headed when in the face of death? It was something like that, but of course, I’m not the one who is in the face of death now.

But, I still felt very clear minded at this moment.

No need to think.

Just follow your instinct.

My palm moved and touched Galen’s chest.

“[Implosion Palm]!” (Lucas)

Immediately, a small vacuum appeared in the space in front of my palm. But that only appeared momentarily as the air contracted almost immediately, creating an explosion inwards!



“Gah-!?” (Galen)

Being at the center of the implosion, Galen’s innards constricted in pain which made him cough out blood.

Staggering for a few seconds, he finally fell with a ‘thud’ on the ground.

Again, the surroundings were filled with silence.

…What? Still not announcing the result?

I frowned and looked at the examiner who suddenly flinched.

Ah, oops. I haven’t removed [Dragon’s Wrath] yet.


“L-Lucas wins!”


Hearing the examiner’s shout, everyone finally snapped out of it an inhaled deeply.


“What was that just now!?”

“That black mist…is it a martial technique!?”

“Scary…too scary! I almost dirtied myself!”

“A monster…he’s a monster!”

All sorts of conversations were heard outside of the platform.

Be it the new students or the old students watching at the distance.

“Lucas! What was that just now!?” (Elwin)

Unable to bear his curiosity, Elwin finally asked me as soon as I got down from the platform.

The nearby students also perked up their ears in order to listen to our conversation.

“Haha, I got it from a dragon who passed me his wrath so I developed a skill that lets me to temporarily have the power of an angry dragon!” (Lucas)

Everyone was wide eyed when they heard my explanation and silence filled the air once more.

“…Kidding! Do you really think I’ll tell you my greatest secret? Haha!” (Lucas)

“U-ughh…come on Lucas, we’re bros right!?” (Elwin)

“What bros? We just met a few minutes ago! Haha, let’s just get this done and over with.” (Lucas)

I shrugged my shoulders before heading towards the examiner who was taking care of the injured Galen.

“Haah…his internal injuries are no joke. It should take him a year to recover…what are we supposed to tell his family?”

“Ehh, don’t worry about it. Tomorrow, I heard that a super effective elixir will be auctioned and judging from his family, they can afford it for sure.” (Lucas)

“Haah…anyway, I’ll announce the results.”

After seeing off Galen who was being carried away, the examiner stepped onto the platform and announced.

“In 3rd place with 2 wins and 2 loses! Aqua Shui!”

The examiner handed 10 000 qi stones and a Qi Condensation Pill to Aqua who took everything in her storage ring.

“In 2nd place with 3 wins and 1 loss! Galen Juran! However, due to his injuries, we will give his reward in a later date.”

To the side, I hear Silas groan in displeasure.

“Lastly, in 1st place! With 4 wins and no loss! Lucas!”

Walking up the platform, I took the 50 000 qi stones and 5 Qi Condensation Pill as well as a slip of paper containing a pass to the 4th level of the [Martial Tower].

Hmm…guess I’ll go check this tower later.

But these pills…

Looking at the pill I have on hand, it is about the size of a marble, jade white with a streak of violet lines on its surface.

So this is a Qi Condensation Pill…truly, I can feel some sort of power residing within these small pills…If I remember correctly, Alchemists makes these right?

Hmm, maybe it’s worth giving alchemy a try?

While thinking of such thoughts, we were all then lead to the dormitories that we can stay in.

We were only given a dormitory building. Afterwards, we’re free to choose what room to use.

The building had 5 levels. I chose the highest floor and the room at the far end of the hallway. Corner rooms are mostly a bit larger than the rest after all…well, as far as I can see anyway.

Elwin was located in a different dormitory as he is an Inner Student unlike me, an Outer Student.

The room itself isn’t decorated much, just a single bed, a desk and chair, a small table, and a closet.

“Well, not like I’ll live here for the rest of my life anyway.” (Lucas)

+ + +

“Did you see that boy?” (???)

“Yeah, truly extraordinary.” (???)

Sitting inside the VIP room of the arena Lucas was at earlier were two old men discussing with each other.

These two are the school’s Principal and Vice-Principal.

“Lao Yan, do you recognize that technique he used?” (???)

“I apologize Principal Wei, I’ve never seen anything like it.” (Lao Yan)

“Hoho, no need to apologize, even I do not recognize that black mist. I was talking about the one after that.” (Principal Wei)

Principal Wei stroked his white beard as he laughed.

“…You mean the palm strike? I believe he called it [Implosion Palm] correct? I’ve also never heard of it.” (Lao Yan)

“Hoho, I guessed so. I’ve only heard of this [Implosion Palm] once in my life time before.” (Principal Wei)

“Just once?” (Lao Yan)

Lao Yan was shocked.

Given the Principal’s age, saying something like that means that this [Implosion Palm] is truly unique and special!

“Yes, an expert more powerful than me appeared that time. In front of me, he used that skill and killed a demonic beast of the 10th rank!” (Principal Wei)

“10th rank!? A demonic beast that is already one step away from the [Deity Realm]!?” (Lao Yan)

“That’s right. With his hands, that skill is truly the most powerful technique that I’ve seen! It ignores every armor, no matter how powerful it is, no matter how thick it is! It’s a technique for killing!” (Principal Wei)

Seeing Principal Wei’s eyes glitter in praise, Lao Yan was gob smacked.

He had been by his side for more than 50 years, yet this is the first time he knows that he showed such expression!

“But the Galen from earlier only received major internal injuries. It still wasn’t enough to kill him.” (Lao Yan)

“Hoho, that could only mean that even then, that boy Lucas was still holding back! To have the mentality to spare the person who hates him to the core, formidable, formidable!” (Principal Wei)

“For Principal Wei to praise him so…I take it that you will protect him from the [Giant Emperor] clan?” (Lao Yan)

“Naturally! Such a good seed! Besides, let’s see whether the mere [Giant Emperor] clan has the guts to go against our [Free Breeze School]!” (Principal Wei)

“Haha, how is that even possible!? The [Giant Emperor] clan isn’t the only major clan in the [Mortal Continent]. If one goes against us, the others will also move. This is why schools like us remain neutral to any power!” (Lao Yan)

Like he said, the [Free Breeze School] is one of the three major academies in the [Mortal Continent] and it teaches a lot of students and most of the members of the major sects also attend in this school.

Naturally, they will have ties with one another and the Principal can call in favors once in a while.

If one of them decides to go against the [Free Breeze School], the school can either ban that sect to enroll or ask the other sects to intervene.

With that sort of prestige, who would dare to go against them?

“Hoho, I’m looking forward to what sort of [Beast] this Lucas will have.” (Principal Wei)

+ + +


“Hm? Caught a cold?” (Elwin)

“Nah, someone’s probably talking about me.” (Lucas)

“?” (Elwin)

Well, not like he’ll get it.

Anyway, after we settled down in our rooms, I figured there isn’t really anything to do in there so I went out to take a stroll.

Coincidentally, Elwin was also thinking of the same thing as he went to the Outer circle to look for me.

While walking, I can’t help but notice the stares directed to us…well, to me anyway. The looks they gave Elwin was mostly just out of respect as an Inner Student.

Especially the girls…they kept looking at me like a certain rabbit in heat…

Speaking of Vil, I lent her my [Mimic Mask] and walk around the city with Warren to get information about this city.

I had Vil turn into a man in the meantime as I’m afraid that she’ll get kidnapped if people were to see her beauty.

For now, I told them to go for locations of the slave traders and the different nobles and sects in the city.

Well, it would be too weird if I bring a horned rabbit with me right?...Is what I thought before but looking at the school from the inside now…I guess it’s fine to bring a demonic beast with you.

I can say that because there are some rich guys here that have a demonic beast with them at their side. Probably for additional protection.

Some kept them as pets though.

I guess I’ll call them back later.

While being looked at with a lot of people, me and Elwin spent time looking around the campus.

At the distance, I can see a tall black tower standing above in the Core section. The [Martial Tower].

Usually, it is forbidden for Outer students to enter the Inner and Core sections while Inner students are also forbidden to enter the Core section. The [Martial Tower] is the only place where everyone is free to enter so a special path is made for it.

Since there isn’t anything interesting in the Outer section, me and Elwin went to the [Martial Tower].

Upon reaching the tower, I finally got to see just how tall it is.

It has 10 floors. Each floor was supposed to house a martial technique that is higher than the lower floors.

This also means that not everyone is allowed to enter the higher floors.

Normally, to Outer students, they can only enter the first and second floor. The Inner students can only enter up to the third floor.

While Core students can enter at least up to the fourth floor or higher, depending on their rank and cultivation level. However, at most, they can only reach the seventh floor.

The last three floors, no one knew about them. Some even said that even the Vice-Principal was prohibited to enter the last floor which aroused my curiosity.

Just how powerful are the martial techniques in this place I wonder?...Well, I have a Sovereign with me as a teacher anyway so it doesn’t matter to me much.

“Right, I’ll go check the fourth floor. How about you?” (Lucas)

“Damn, I also want to go to that floor…well, nothing I can do about it. I’ll be at the third floor.” (Elwin)

Elwin saw me off with jealousy in his eyes as he watched me go up to the fourth floor.

However, a barrier stopped me from reaching the fourth floor.

Huh? I thought I can enter this floor?

“You there. You can’t enter the fourth floor yet. Go back before I force you to.”

“Eh? Umm…Sorry, I thought it was fine for me to go up here?” (Lucas)

As I said that, I brought out the pass from my [Inventory] and suddenly, the barrier was gone.

“Huh? Oh, you must be the top student of the newest batch. You should’ve brought that pass out since there is a barrier formation from the fourth floor and up in order to restrict people from passing.”

Ahh…so this is like a key pass huh?

Hmm…what a useful thing to have, I should look into it later for future developments…

While being intrigued at the new technology I witnessed, I finally reached the fourth floor and looked around.

The whole floor was like a library, filled with old looking books as showed from the slight yellowish pages.

Each shelf is labeled with the martial technique type so it won’t be hard to look for a martial technique.

Since I already have an attacking martial technique, I went towards the movement type.

“[Twilight Steps]? [Illusory Hand]? [Flaming Tracks]? What’s with these trash martial techniques? You do know that I can teach you better ones right?” (El)

Trash? Well…I guess these are trash indeed in the face of a Sovereign…

“I’m just glancing through. Since I got the pass, it would be suspicious not to use it right?” (Lucas)

While shrugging at the thought, I took the [Flaming Tracks] that El called a trash a while ago and casually flipped the pages.

However, something unbelievable happened.


Do you wish to learn [Flaming Tracks]?




“What the hell!?” (El)


These are also recognized as [Skill Books]!?

Then…then…that means…I can basically learn everything here without any difficulties!?

One must know…the martial techniques in this tower were separated in different floors because of their difficulty in mastering.

The more difficult it is to learn, the more powerful it is!

But to me, I don’t even need to mind these things! I can just click on the damn [Yes] button!


Damn, it’s too bad that [Implosion Palm] didn’t come with a book! Because of that, I needed to understand it personally!!!

Uuu…if only El has books with high level techniques…

Sigh…no use complaining now, let’s just learn everything in this tower!

Low level? They’re weak techniques? Who cares!? I can learn them for free! FREE IS GOOD!!!

…Okay, calm down. Let’s not do that. Think logically.

Even if I have a lot of martial techniques? What good will that do?

I don’t think I’ll use them all anyway.

Right, let’s just look at the interesting ones.

Hmm…[Blossoming of the Third Node], [Vacuum Hand], [Phantom Strike], [Stem Foot], [Aura Sphere] hmm…there isn’t anything interesting at all.

Sighing dejectedly, I was about to leave the fourth floor when I hear El shout in surprise.

“Lucas! Look at that book at the lower rightmost of the Movement Technique shelf!” (El)

Hm? Lower…right…this one?

I took out the book El pointed. It was about as think as my finger, 7-8 inches tall, 4-5 inches wide, colored in jet black with no label at all.

What is this even called?

Do you wish to learn [???] (Incomplete)?



Huh…even the system doesn’t know what it is.

“There’s no doubt about it. That aura, that’s none other than the [7 Illusory Steps]!” (El)

Do you wish to learn [7 Illusory Steps] (Incomplete)?



“Ah, but this seems to be incomplete. Is it alright?” (Lucas)

“Hmm…this book only seem to contain up to the 4th step. No wonder it was placed here! They don’t have the complete version at all!” (El)

“Oh? So if it’s complete, then it would be in a higher floor?” (Lucas)

“Bah! These 10 floors aren’t even enough to contain it! This technique is something even Deities would kill for!” (El)

Hearing El’s explanation, I staggered in shock.

Even Deities will kill for this!?

Just how powerful is this technique!?

“You should learn it. As for the remaining steps, I’ll teach it to you when you’re ready!” (El)

“Master is so great!” (Lucas)

“H-heh! Naturally!” (El)

Silently snickering at the sight of El being proud, I continuously flattered her and pushed the [Yes] button.

Immediately after, streams of information flooded my mind.

So this is how to use this technique!

Good, now, let’s go meet up with Elwin.

Upon reaching the third floor, I saw Elwin looking at a book deeply.

“Hey, you seemed to have found a good technique, I’ll be leaving first.” (Lucas)

“Hmm? Ah, Lucas. You found a good one too?” (Elwin)

“Yeah, it’s a movement type.” (Lucas)

“Oh?...Hm? Why aren’t you bringing it out with you? You do know that you can bring it out as long as you notify the teacher below right?” (Elwin)

Yup, this really sounds like a library…

“Nah, I already learned it. Anyway, see ya!” (Lucas)

“L-learned it!?” (Elwin)

I ignored Elwin’s surprised voice and quickly went out of the [Martial Tower].

When I got out, there is a crowd waiting for me already.

“That’s him! He’s the one who dared to go against our sect!” (Silas)

Ah, it’s that dog again…

“That’s him? Alright brat. You should’ve just come from the fourth floor right? Hand over the technique you borrowed and I might just let you leave alive.” (???)

“I didn’t borrow anything though.” (Lucas)

“Hmph, you actually dare to lie to me, Sadam Huo!? You’re seeking death!” (Sadam)

…Is it really normal for people to keep naming themselves like that? It’s kinda annoying really.

Like, who the hell asked for your name!?

Instantly, I was surrounded by a bunch of people having the same emblems on their chests. Clearly, these guys are from the same sect.

Well, I guess this is a good time to test the new technique!

“KILL!” (Sadam)

“[7 Illusory Steps - 1st Step: Pause Step]!” (Lucas)

This is the first step!

As I took the step, it was as if time stopped!

This step was made for one to determine the path they need to take.

While everything slowed down, my mind was faster than ever!

Before my foot even landed, I’ve already determined the path I need to take!

“[7 Illusory Steps – 2nd Step: Flash Step]!” (Lucas)

After I took the first step, everything regained their normal speeds but my speed rose by two-fold!

While taking in mind the path I decided, I quickly arrived in the first turning point where my second step landed.

“[7 Illusory Steps – 3rd Step: Stepping Behind]!” (Lucas)

In a flash, I was suddenly behind the person in front of me who was right in front of my first turning point!

“[7 Illusory Steps - 4th Step: Vanishing Step]!” (Lucas)


Then I was gone.

All of this took a long time to say but in reality, as soon as I took my first step, only a fraction of a second had passed!

Just like that, the [Fire Lotus] bunch was left behind, standing stupidly like an idiot and I’m nowhere to be seen.

Silence filled the air.

Behind me, I can feel that they were still staring stupidly at the spot where I used to stand before, seemingly unable to believe what just happened.

Well, not my problem. I still need to do a few things.

I left the campus and walked to a nearby alley and wore a heavy cloak. Under which, is my [Jester Set].

“Vil, you’re back.” (Lucas)

“Yep, master!” (Vil)

Vil took out the [Mimic Mask she was wearing and gave it to me while I hear her report.

Nodding satisfied, I patter her head and told her to go back to her rabbit form.

“Warren, you got the locations?” (Lucas)

[“Yeah. Gonna raze them now?”] (Warren)

“Of course! The auction is tomorrow, I need to make sure they don’t have anything to sell!” (Lucas)

And so, Warren led me to the locations of the slave traders.

The first one is called [Dirty Pig Traders].

*Knock Knock*

“Who goes there?”

“Killer~” (Lucas)

“? Killer who?”

“Your killer of course! Ahahahahahaha!” (Lucas)


Without waiting for his answer, I already stabbed the door along with the guy on the other side.

“G-guh-!? ENEMY ATTACK!!!”

“Oya? Not dead yet? Read the mood dammit! Your role was supposed to end after that part!” (Lucas)

Slightly angry, I stabbed for a few more times before the guy finally fell on the floor.


“What happened!?”

“Boss! Someone’s raiding our base!”

Plenty of shouts were heard inside which I continued to ignore as I casually stroll inside while humming.

Hmm…what song this time?

Ah! How about…‘I’m so sorry by Imagine Dragons’?

The sound of music was heard, and the people inside the building looked bewildered.

Wow, look at them. They really are ‘Dirty Pigs’!

“Come’ere piggies! The butcher has come!” (Lucas)

--About time for anyone telling I throw your deeds--


I threw my throwing knives to 3 piggies.

--No sign, the roar and thunder, stop and golden ring--

“ROOAAARRR!!!” (Lucas)

I fired [Dragon’s Roar] to stop the piggies from escaping.

--I get mine and make no excuses--

One piggy was reaching for his sword so I grabbed it and used it to kill him.

Hah! Death by his own weapon!

--Waste of precious breath (No time)--


“It’s a waste of time to scream~” (Lucas)

--The sun shines on everyone--


“I- I can’t see!!!”

I released a bright light and blinded 5 remaining piggies.

--Everyone, love yourself to death--


And there are no more piggies in the room.

Let’s move on to the next room!

--So you gotta fire up, you gotta let go--

“W-who’s there!?”


Upon entering the next room, I immediately spread fire everywhere.

Of course, I made sure there aren’t any innocent people in the mix.

--You'll never be loved til you make your own--

“I- I surrender!”

“Never!” (Lucas)

--You gotta face up, you gotta get low--

I kicked the dead guy lying on the floor in order to face him up. Ahaha!

--You'll never know the dark till you get too low--

I then spread darkness across the room, engulfing everyone in the deep black of nothingness.

“I can’t see!”

“Damn! What the hell is this!?”

“What’s happening!?”

--The song of us

We're sorry

The song of us

I'm so sorry--

I kept slashing the piggies who’re blinded in the darkness and of course, I made sure to apologize! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

--The song of us

We're sorry

The song of us

I'm so sorry--

“W-we forgive you!”

“That’s right! S-so please! Please stop!!!”

“I’m soooo sorry!!!” (Lucas)

--No lies and no deceiving--

“W-we aren’t deceiving you!”

“Please spare us!”

--Men is what you lose--

Right on cue, I kicked on one piggy’s groin.


“Ooh. That’s gotta hurt. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” (Lucas)

--I keep trying to conceive--

“Please…let us go!”

“No more…stop that damn music!”

--That death is from above (No time)--

I slashed one piggy who was looking above while praying, instantly cleaving his body in half!

--I get mine and make no excuses--

I approached one piggy who was making his way to the door. Just as he opened it, I kicked the door shut which flattened his hand between the door and the wall.


“No escapping~!” (Lucas)

--Waste of precious breath (No time)--

Immediately, I stabbed his throat which led to his last precious breath.

--The sun shines on everyone--

Again, I blinded everyone with intense light. Light after darkness, is more painful and blinding!

--Everyone, love yourself to death--

After a few seconds, the room was silent again as no one was breathing no more.

The song continued to play as well as the slaughter.

In an hour, every pig was butchered and the walls, floors, and ceilings were painted with their blood. Afterwards, I gave every fortune of the slave traders to the slaves who quietly escaped.

Then, I carried a few bodies and went out directly at the front door and did my work.

A piece of art made from the dead! Again, it was the face of their killer, my mask! The mask of Jester Jack!

This time, I named the art, ‘I’m So Sorry!’ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Alright! On to the next victim!

+ + +

A few minutes after the deed, Ewart Hall, the City Lord of [Ziyou City] immediately came to the scene together with a bunch of soldiers.

“U-ughh…” (Ewart)

Looking at the grotesque art that Lucas left, Ewart as well as the soldiers groaned unpleasantly.

These guys had seen death more than a hundred times in the battlefield, but never did they see something like this were the dead bodies were used to create an art!

It was too surreal! Too unorthodox! Too shameless!

“City Lord! We have a report that more buildings are hit!”

“There’s more!? Why is that bastard roaming around killing a lot in broad daylight!?” (Ewart)

“Milord, the buildings that were hit are slave traders and a few nobles who are famous for their cruelty!”

“What? Are you saying that this guy is doing this for justice!? Does this look like justice!?” (Ewart)

“N-no sir!”


At first, Ewart had thought of ignoring this guy as he seemed to have unfathomable strength but who would’ve thought…that he was just beginning!

If he let someone like him continue to roam free, how can he still have face as the City Lord!?

Later on, the citizens had begun to notice Lucas and his name as Jester Jack. Soon, he was better known as [Jack the Ripper] which parents would tell their children who doesn’t listen well.

“If you don’t be good, [Jack the Ripper] will come get you!”

This isn’t just a threat for kids. But for adults as well.

They all knew plenty well what kinds of people this Jester Jack kills. Slave traders, criminals, corrupt nobles, and such.

No matter the crime, he would come and kill you!

It was as if he knows every crime that happens in the city!

With such a person watching over the city, he was already seen as a cruel but righteous judge of death!

His fame exceeds that of the major sects and even the City Lord!

The guardian angel of the innocent! The grim reaper of the criminals!

He is [Jack the Ripper]!!!

Author's Notes

Well, I've finished a few projects last week so hopefully, I'll be able to write more this week.

Another Jester appearance! And the birth of a new Jack the Ripper! Will this identity tie with the Jack the Riper that we know in real? Or is it just a reference? Hehe :P

I gotta admit, at first, I thought of having Lucas learn every martial technique in that tower and he will be known as the Thousand Martial Expert or something but I figured it'd be too hard as I have to think of a lot of new techniques which he may or may not even use so...I didn't do it.

Never again will I try to write the lyrics along the chapter...

Anyway, some guys are now pestering me to post so I'll stop here! Haha :P

Till the next chapter!
P.S.: I'm so sorry
P.S.2: If you have any song recommendations for the next Jester Outbreak, feel free to comment it!

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