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FanFic Title: World Gate Online
Chapter 8: Beast! Skill! Auction!
Author: imaginexbreaker
Date Published: December 4th, 2015

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Chapter 8: Beast! Skill! Auction!

Night time. I got back to my room and started to cultivate.

I’m already at the 9th level of the [Human Realm] so it’s finally time to form the [Egg].

Not wasting any moment, I took out the 5 Qi Condensation Pills and looked at it briefly before swallowing everything.

One pill makes me absorb twice as much qi. Two makes it 4 times, then 5 pills will make me absorb 10 times the rate!

In my lower dantian, fierce purple qi flooded it like a storm!


Under my influence, the fierce storm qi converged and turned into a huge [Egg] about as big as my hand!

The purple [Egg] shone with a golden luster, as the qi storm kept pouring towards it, cracks appeared on the surface of the [Egg] as it was unable to hold the qi inside!


Not long after, the [Egg] shattered and a pillar of purple light rose to my middle dantian.

[Beast Realm – Hatchling Stage: 1st level]!

“Oho! Let’s see what your [Beast] will look like!” (El)

At El’s excited tone, we watched as the purple light turned into an orb, then multiple tentacles emerged from the top. Four protrusions formed at the bottom, a long tail like strand appeared at the back.

After a few seconds, the light finally dimmed down and we were able to see the [Beast].

A hydra! It’s a hydra with 9 heads!

“T-this is…the Primordial Element Hydra!? But why are there 9 heads!!!???” (El)

“Eh? So it wasn’t supposed to have 9 heads?” (Lucas)

“No! From what I know, this is an ancient hydra that is very few in numbers! 6 heads portray the element! Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Dark! Then the 7th head is the Alpha head that is the main head! Why are there 2 more heads!?” (El)

Like El said, the heads are differently colored.

The red head had deep red horns that are curved upwards, with fiery red eyes and a flaming long hair that reached to the back of its body. The scales had a tint of red as if it’s hardened lava. When it breaths, a tongue of fire would occasionally show.

The blue head had an ocean blue horns curving downwards, its eyes were like a calm lake that has no ripples. Its hair was deep blue in color and had a wet like appearance, also reaching to its back. The scales are like that of a water eel, smooth and slippery which was colored blue.

The brown head had piercing brown eyes and had horns like that of a bull, its hair was a short brown one, giving off an astute kind of feeling like that of a military soldier. The scales it had are like rocks joined together, forming an armor of earth.

The green head had short dark green horns that extended outwards, its eyes were like that of a free kid, doing whatever it wants without a care in the world. Its hair is colored light green and flowed freely in the wind. Its scales were like that of a snake’s, colored green and seemed to glow faintly.

The white head had a yellow horn that curved like a circle, creating a halo like appearance above its head. Its eyes were golden and kind, giving off an aura like that of a guardian angel. It had a golden blonde long hair that flowed downwards. Its scales were colored white with a hint of gold as well.

The black head had jet black horns that curved forwards, its eyes were as black as the night, seemingly evil and domineering. It had jet black hair that fluttered like shadows. The scales it had were also jet black in color, without a hint of anything else. As if it was a head made of shadow itself.

These should be the 6 elemental heads…then what are the other three?

One of the remaining heads had a black color as well, with a hint of dark red mixed in it. Its horns were thick and curved diagonally upwards. Its eyes seemed always angry, filled with endless hatred and wrath. Two of its teeth protruded outwards like fangs of a sabretooth. It didn’t have any hair, but it had hard armor like scales that reached down to its neck. Around it, black mist seemed to gather…

This…it looks a lot like [Dragon’s Wrath]! It’s a Wrath Head!!!

But why would there be such a thing?

The other head, had a very ridiculous appearance. It had a white face and clownish tattoos on it. Its eyes and mouth seemed to be always smiling and laughing. The horns were curved outwards then downwards and a bell like orb is attached on its edge. It also had a colorful hair and its scales were white with differently colored polka dots on it…

…This…this should be the [Jester Mode]…right?

To think that it also has a Jester Head…

Lastly, the 9th head. It was colored with a flesh like brown scales. White short hair, red eyes which shone with intelligence, and no horn at all…all in all, it’s the most normal head out of all!

“…The remaining three heads looked like your different personas…” (El)

“…Sure looks like it. Why is that?” (Lucas)

“I guess…as a [Beast], the Alpha head is supposed to have the same personality as its owner. But you…you have different personalities so…it split into three…probably…” (El)

So it was like that?

Well…not like it matters I guess? The more heads, the more powerful it is, the more useful it is for me!

The heads are arranged like this: Dark | Earth | Fire | Wrath | Alpha | Jester | Water | Wind | Light.

“What a weird [Beast]…but I guess it does suit you indeed…” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

Wrath started fighting Jester who seemed to only laugh…Fire and Earth seemed to be engaged with a fierce topic…Light and Dark are constantly bickering at who’s better…Water seemed to be reprimanding the free-willed Wind like an overprotective brother…Meanwhile, the Alpha is constantly sighing repeatedly.

…Is that supposed to be me!?

I feel like I’m gonna cry…

“…Right, anyway Lucas. As weird as it is, it’s still very powerful!” (El)

“Ah! Right! What is its innate ability!?” (Lucas)

“Hehe, you are really lucky! It has 9 heads, and 9 personalities! Which means you also have 9 innate abilities!” (El)

Yay for overpowered!

“The Alpha head has the innate ability [Elemental Burst]! While the 6 elemental heads have the same ability, only, the elements are varied! As for the Wrath and Jester head…I’m afraid I don’t know what their ability is.” (El)

Hmm…following that logic, it should be something like [Wrath Burst]! Or [Jester Burst]!...WHO AM I KIDDING!?


Haah…anyway, I need to know what they can do.

“Is there any way to know?” (Lucas)

“Sure there is, just ask them!” (El)

Ask…you mean I can actually talk to them?

Right…let’s just give it a try…

“U-umm, can you hear me?” (Lucas)

+Master, what is it?+ (Alpha)

“Oh! So it is possible!” (Lucas)

Nodding satisfied, I asked them about their abilities.

Like El said before, the Alpha had [Elemental Burst], the Fire has [Fire Burst], Water has [Water Burst] and so on.

As for the Wrath and Jester…

+Hmph! Mine is more special to these trashes! Hear me master! My innate ability is called [Hateful Stare]!+ (Wrath)

“Oh! It really is different, what does it do?” (Lucas)

+It causes the target you stare to have immense hatred fill his emotions! Amazing right!?+ (Wrath)

Ahh, so it’s like a confusion spell.

Certainly, it is indeed useful.

With such a skill, I can piss basically everyone! Hehe, when one’s angry, they tend to say things they shouldn’t and also become extremely careless in battle!

I nodded and gave Wrath a pat.

+Hmph! I’m not your pet! Stop petting me! I said stop! I-I don’t like it one bit!+ (Wrath)


*Cough* Okay, tsundere Wrath aside, let’s ask Jester next.

+Haha! A tsundere! He’s a tsundere! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!+ (Jester)

+Bastard! Who the fuck is a tsundere you damn clown!+ (Wrath)

+Ehh, that’s no good~ You should say ‘W-who’s a tsundere!? Baka!’ like that!+ (Jester)


+Haha, we’re all one and the same! Killing me will kill you!…I think!+ (Jester)


…Right…can I get my answer now?

+Ah! Master, you were here?+ (Jester)

“Of course I’m here! Rather, you’re all inside me!” (Lucas)

+Ufun, that sounded rather ero for a while there.+ (Jester)

“Ugh…just answer me already!” (Lucas)

+Ehh? Master, you can’t we’re both boys…for master to suddenly propose…+ (Jester)


Ah shit, I let out [Dragon’s Wrath] for a while there…

Damn, this is one dangerous head…

+Hehe, my innate ability is [Laughter Infection]! If you laugh, those who hear you will also laugh! Hahahahaha!+ (Jester)

“Hahaha-! WHY AM I LAUGHING!!!???” (Lucas)

Ughh…annoying…am I really like this when I go [Jester Mode]?

…I feel like I should restrict myself from using that mode…

Nevertheless…its innate ability is useless…

Rather, it’s kinda sad right? After all, it’s the best ability for those who tell corny jokes…

I wanna cry now…

“…Somehow, I pity you, Lucas…” (El)

“…Thanks…” (Lucas)

“Well, to cheer you up, I’ll also tell you of another way to use your [Beast]!” (El)

Another way? There’s such a thing?

“This isn’t known to those in the [Mortal Continent] and there’re only a handful of Deities who knows about this as well! It’s called [Beast Branding]!” (El)

“What does it do?” (Lucas)

“Basically, you imprint your [Beast] onto your body like a tattoo and from then on, you can summon it outside! I already did it to your [Earth] body by the way.” (El)

Ohh! That’s pretty cool!

Alright, let’s do it!

“How is it done great teacher!?” (Lucas)

“Fufu, let this awesome and great teacher teach you! First, you…” (El)

I listened to El’s speech attentively for about a minute before nodding in understanding.

First, release the innate ability.

Since it would be bad if the room is destroyed, I chose [Hateful Stare] instead since there isn’t anyone here after all.

Besides, all I need is to remember the sensation of overlapping with my [Beast].

“[Hateful Stare]!” (Lucas)

The transparent figure of a 9-headed hydra the size of a dog appeared behind my head, overlapping with my head and eyes of the Wrath head.

I felt a cold sensation pass my head…my consciousness merging with the [Beast]…this feeling…it’s as if I’m becoming the [Beast] itself!

“Good. Hold on to that feeling and let your [Beast] stay overlapped with you. Then manipulate your qi to bind you and the [Beast] to the place you wish to have the tattoo.” (El)


You have learned a new skill, (Passive) [Qi Manipulation] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

Allows you to manipulate the qi inside you with ease. You can now have full control of your qi.

Now, bind…I let the [Beast] stay overlapped on my back, using my qi to tie it in place.

Suddenly, I felt a scorching heat touch my skin. As if I’m being branded with hot iron!

“Ghhh-!” (Lucas)

“It’s just a temporary pain. You can do this.” (El)

Towards El’s motivation, I can only grit my teeth to withstand the pain.

Hold! I’ve felt pain much worse than this! I can’t break down from something like this!


A full 5 minutes had passed, the pain finally subsided and the branding has been completed!


You have succeeded in your [Beast Branding]!

From now on, your [Primordial Element Hydra (Variant)] can be summoned to the outside world!

Phew! That was really painful…But still…so mine is a variant huh? Well, given that it has two extra heads, that’s only to be expected huh?

Well, let’s see what tattoo we have here…I used [Mind’s Eye] to look at my back. It’s a [Scout] class skill which I learned while training before.

In my mind, another image popped up, it was my own naked back.

Huh…it’s pretty cool huh?

I sighed in admiration as I looked at the black tattoo on my back.

To put simply, it’s the flat version of my own [Beast]. The Dark, Earth, and Fire necks stretched to the right side of my waist, revealing their heads on my right waist.

The Light, Wind, and Water heads were similarly on my left side of my waist.

Next, the Wrath head reached to my right shoulder, and the Jester head is at my left shoulder. They were like snakes that coiled around my body.

Lastly, the Alpha head stretched to the top of my head, and situated its head on my forehead.

The long tail of the hydra stretched downwards, wrapping itself on my right leg.

Looking at my own image, I couldn’t help but think how I look like some street gangster now…

Luckily, I can make the brand appear or not at will…else, people would look at me weirdly…

“Heh, you look pretty amazing…in a way.” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

“By the way, on your [Earth] body, I placed Oro’s tattoo on your p-” (El)

“WHAT!!!???” (Lucas)

“Nah, just kidding. I placed it on your right hand. Hehe.” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

Right now, I feel like giving a long sermon to this damned girl. But I only sighed and shook my head.

The Qi Condensation Pills has a time limit depending on its purity, the ones I had are only 30% pure so it should only last for 3 hours. It’s best I make full use of it.

Eating 5 will not extend the time limit after all.

Let’s just quietly cultivate…

3 hours passed by and I finally reached the 5th level of the [Beast Realm]…already in the [Mid-Adolescence Stage] in only 3 hours…this Gold rank [Divine Soul] is really too much of a cheat…

Not that I’m complaining~

Anyway, dawn has yet to break, should I continue cultivating?

Haah, before, I would wake up in the day and go to school and do my works while I rested in the night.

But now, forget school, I no longer feel the need to sleep. Cultivating allows my body to rest anyway. It’s more like being active during the day and passive in the night, but still working…

…Hmm…day and night…active and passive…light and darkness…Hm? I wonder if they work in the same principle?

I wonder…if I charge my body with the Light element, will my body become more active? Well, let’s try.

I wanted to try and mix mana and qi anyway.

Thinking that, I used [Qi Manipulation] to circulate inside my body while pouring in Light mana along with it.

Inside me, the purple qi circulating suddenly glowed in bright white!

Immediately after, my body felt rejuvenated! The cells in my body began to tremble in excitement! Damn! I’m having the urge to jump and run around!

Right, let’s do it!

Run run run run run run run run run! Jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump!

Amazing! I’m not tired at all!!!
“L-Lucas, what the hell did you just create!?” (El)

“Eh? What what? Ah, El? Yeah. I dunno. I just. Y’now. That.” (Lucas)

I couldn’t stay still. Even my sentences are made in a hurry and would often stop at weird times as I need to constantly talk while thinking of what I should actually say, in the end, I just gave up explaining.



You have created a new skill!

Please enter the name of the skill:

Ohh, something like this was possible?

Right, let’s call it…

“Daylight Body!” (Lucas)


You have learned a new skill, (Active) [Daylight Body] Beginner LVL 10 (100.00%)!

A skill made by an adventurer by the name of Lucas! This skill allows one’s self to be fully energized as all the cells of the user’s body will be at its most active state!

When used, the user will have increased HP Recovery rate, constant adrenaline rush, increased reaction time, and a fatigueless body!

Note that after use, the accumulated fatigue will come to the user all at one!

Consumption: 50 MP and 50 Qi per minute

Woot! I’m awesome!

Damn, let’s stop this. I think I’m getting drunk from the excessive energy!


With an exhale, I stopped feeding light mana to my qi…instantly, extreme fatigue hit me!

Aaaaahhh…so tired…I don’t wanna move…

Lazily, I brought out the [Jester Mask] and played the Lazy Song while I slump down in my bed.

--Today I don’t feel like doing a~nything…--

You got that right…

--I just wanna lay in my be~d…--

Right…I’ll just stay here…in my bed…

“El, wake me up when September ends…I mean, when it’s time to go to the auction…” (Lucas)

“…I’m not even gonna ask why you said September but can you please not think of me as an alarm clock!?” (El)

“Ahh…don’t scream…so early in the morning…” (Lucas)

“It’s midnight you idiot!” (El)

“Nnnngghh…………” (Lucas)

Huuaaaahhh…Let’s just sleep…

Let’s also change the music into a Lullaby…

…So peaceful…


+ + +

“…This is?” (Brandon)

Somewhere in a desolated forest, a figure emerged from a cave. It was Brandon, the sole [Dawnbringer].

Brandon curiously looked around outside of the cave then back towards the cave.

From the shadows, a figure showed itself. He had black hair and red eyes, Lucas II.

“This is [Zoulang], a world of martial cultivation. And this…is where your next [Role] is.” (Lucas II)

“What am I supposed to do then?” (Brandon)

“You’ll have to figure that out yourself. Giving you passage to this world is the most that I can do.” (Lucas II)

Not waiting for any response, Lucas II had already disappeared in the shadows.

Seeing this, Brandon let out a sigh and shook his head helplessly.

“Damn bastard, always making me do what he wants…” (Brandon)

“I heard that.” (Lucas II)

Brandon stiffened and quickly shut up.

After a while, he sighed again helplessly and started to wonder off as he recollects his past activities.

Not much time had passed when Lucas II had made him join the [Dawnbringers], only to be the only person in it. He had only completed two tasks as of now.

The first was stopping a drug dealing company which was somewhat sloppy as he had ignited the whole place on fire, thereby alerting the police and the [Gatekeepers].

However, as there was no way of tracing the incident back to him and they had found out about the drug dealing, Brandon wasn’t captured.

As for the media, the [Gatekeepers] took the glory by making it out as if one of theirs had a slight hiccup but was still able to stop the drug dealing.

This isn’t because of pride or arrogance and Brandon understood why they kept the incident a secret. Because if they confirmed that a [World Key Holder Vigilante] is on the loose without any form of surveillance or assurance, most of the people would feel terrified.

It is true that those with powers are deemed as gifted people, but they are also feared because of it.

At least for the [Gatekeepers], the government is keeping a close eye on them. But vigilantes, they ignore the law and believe in their own justice.

To some people, they are admired. But that isn’t necessarily true for all people. To some, vigilantes are fearsome because of it. Because everyone has their own sense of justice. And what’s justice for one can be injustice to another.

Brandon had matured in his time in the [Special Prison] so he can tolerate being called a criminal, a vigilante, or someone taking his credit.

The second task that he did, was stopping a human traffic incident. This time, he didn’t cause too much of a scene and quietly disposed of the criminals. The victims weren’t even able to see him so they can only think that the [Gatekeepers] had saved them again.

This had caused the [Gatekeepers] to worry that whoever was doing this might get mad for stealing his credit again, however, nothing happened afterwards so the [Gatekeepers] did their job by feigning ignorance and turning a blind eye to what Brandon has been doing.

However, they still would rather know what kind of person had been doing such things so they still kept finding ways to locate Brandon and identify him.

“Not like they can find a dead man…” (Brandon)

As they say, no one would come looking for a man who’s already dead.

Even if they found him, it’s hard to say that they will know who he is. Lucas II had even given him one of the accessories of the unidentified to hide his status.

Perhaps, the only person who can identify him is Lucas, who had seen his face clearly.

However…the two have yet to meet.

+ + +

“Wake up, it’s time for the auction!” (El)

“Nnngg…” (Lucas)

Hearing El’s shout, I was forced to wake up as I stretched my arms and yawned upon sitting up.

Ughh…I really rather not use that skill again.

Though, creating a skill is certainly not bad. Since I was the one who created it, it already hit max right from the get go.

Well, not like it’s easy to create one anyway.

Oh yeah, last night, I only fused the Light mana in my qi, then how about Darkness mana?

Well, let’s try it…

Like last night, I repeated the same process, only, this time, I used the Darkness mana.

As the Dakness mana blended with my purple qi, I started to feel sluggish…my heart started to beat slowly…slowly…until…it’s not beating at all!

Eh? But I’m not dead!

No, wait…it’s beating!...Very little though, to the point of being undetectable.

How weird…

Not only that, I can also feel my presence getting thinner…



You have created a new skill!

Please enter the name of the skill:

Hmm…what’s a good name…ah! Since my heartbeat had become like this, and my presence grew weaker…It’s as if I have a-

“Deadman’s Body!” (Lucas)


You have learned a new skill, (Active) [Deadman’s Body] Beginner LVL 10 (100.00%)!

A skill made by an adventurer by the name of Lucas! This skill allows one’s self to fall under the impression of being a dead person!

When used, the user will have stopped HP Recovery rate, decrease Detection rate, reduced SPD by 80%, and a body that won’t get cold!

Note that for every minute used, is an hour’s worth of rest!

Consumption: 50 MP and 50 Qi per minute

…Huh…I should’ve used this when sleeping!

Damn, why didn’t I try this last night…

“…You created another weird skill…” (El)

I shrugged and started to gout out of the room to find a teacher.

First, I need to inform that I’ve reached the [Beast Realm] so I can now be called an Inner student and be relocated.

The teacher was surprised at that and took me to the same monolith that I used in the entrance exam.

He became even more shocked to see that I’ve already reached 5th level of the [Beast Realm] and started to treat me politely while saying something along the lines of ‘A monster!’, ‘Too surreal!’, ‘He will definitely be big in the future so it’s better to make ties with him early on!’ and so forth.

It got to the point of being annoying so I simply shut him inside of [Silent Room] while he kept talking.

Afterwards, I went to the dormitories to find Elwin and tell him about my moving.

…He also showed the same reaction as the teacher so I ignored him and quickly left after telling him I plan to head out to the auction.

“Ah! Lucas! Wait for me! Let me come with you!” (Elwin)

Like that, Elwin became my tag-along.

At some point in our path, we met up with Aqua who was also surprised at my level but didn’t last long as she went back to her expressionless face.

“Aqua, we’re going to the auction, wanna come with?” (Elwin)

Ooh, looks like Elwin has started his move!

Aqua looked at the both of us for a while before finally nodding.

Hmhm! At least she didn’t reject or ignore Elwin. Looks like he has a chance after all.

And so, I led our group of three to the auction house and payed the fee for the middle class seats.

“Boss! Let me pay for the two of you!” (Elwin)

…Since when did I become your boss oi!

Well…it’s true that I don’t have money though…after all, I gave the money of the slave traders to the slaves.

In the first place, the reason I auctioned my blood is for the money anyway.

Anyway, Elwin’s probably just showing off to Aqua. In my mind, I gave an imaginary thumb’s up to Aqua as thanks for coming along.

After paying the fee, we were asked whether we would like to borrow a mask. For now we took it and gave a look at the inside of the auction house.

When I came here before, I took a different hallway to drop my item to sell so I didn’t see the main hall where the auctions are held.

The auction hall is divided into five parts.

The first is on the third floor which shaped like a crescent moon, the lower class seats filled the most of the floor, each row is elevated from the lower in order to see better, but as it is way too crowded, it is uncomfortable to sit there. Not to mention that the view isn’t great.

The second part is on the second floor which was shaped the same as the third floor. But on this floor, the seats are separated neatly and orderly, removing the feeling of being crowded.

The third part is the front-most of the first floor had an elevated stage, with red velvet curtains covering the stage like what you see in a theater play.

The fourth part lie below the stage, the seats more extravagant than the upper floors, separated from each other by a huge margin and around the seats, there are even decorations like a table, lamps, a few chairs which aren’t as amazing as the main seat but still better than the upper floors.

One can tell that this is only where the wealthiest nobles and major sects sat where they can bring their subordinates to surround them. This is the upper class seat!

The last part is the most special, the VIP class seat!

It is located on the walls between the first and second floor. An elevated room so to say.

It is completely sealed with a glass wall facing the stage, and solid concrete walls on both sides. From where I sat, I can only make out bits of what is inside the room.

Elwin said that there is a function in the VIP room which can let the glass become transparent or not to the outside, depending on how the VIP wants it to be.

To those which are transparent to the outside, I can see that there is an expensive looking long couch, a bed, a few more decorations, and a dinner table.

…I should’ve assumed my Luke identity and used that room instead!

Well, nothing I can do about it now. I looked at the golden mask with a [M-241] number on it which we got earlier and looked around. It seems that there are those who wore it while some didn’t. Some even brought their own personal masks.

On our side, only Aqua wore the mask while Elwin simply looked at the mask with interest.

“…I think it’s better to wear the mask Elwin.” (Lucas)

“Huh? Why?” (Elwin)

“Ehh…I might…cause trouble later…” (Lucas)

I hate to say this to myself but…trouble seemed to always find me…

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Though I’m not that much concerned if people recognize me, I’m worried about what will happen to these two who are with me if I did anything stupid.

“…What are you planning to do?” (Elwin)

“…Let’s hope nothing…” (Lucas)

Then, I caught sight of a familiar person in the upper class seat at the first floor who sat came with another person who looked like on his late 20s.

It’s Galen Juran!

Ah! Over there is Silas Huo as well!

Woow, they sure came with a big entourage. But I’m surprised that Galen I able to move now. Well, he still looked pale, his clan might’ve helped him recover a bit in order to attend the auction.

With my hearing, I found out that the late 20s person is Galen’s father! Silas also brought his father and big brother, Sadam.

“It’s settled, I’ll definitely do something stupid so wear the mask.” (Lucas)

“…” (Elwin)

Seeing my look, Elwin traced my gaze and immediately felt that something bad will happen so he quickly wore the mask, and then looked around to see if there was anyone who saw his face before he wore the mask.

As everyone’s attention was on the first floor, no one was indeed looking at them which made him sigh in relief before turning to me.

“Lucas…no, uhh White. Please mind your actions…” (Elwin)

“Elwi-…Grey, don’t worry. I’ll at least make sure you and Aq-…Blue won’t be hunted!” (Lucas)

“That’s not the problem…” (Elwin)

Since Elwin started calling me by my hair color, I did the same to him and Aqua. I guess he got too conscious now huh?

Even going as far as making codenames…well, let’s just go along for now.

After a few more minutes, the seats began to fill up and the auction finally began as the curtains began to part to the sides.

In the dark stage, a ray of light appeared and illuminated a slim person standing.

The person was a female in her mid-20s, orange hair tied to a bun behind with expensive hair ornaments holding it from unraveling. Her curves showed from the red Chinese dress that she wore which gave her a sexy mature aura about her.

She’s Mei Jin, the person I talked to before when I dropped off the hundred vials of my blood, or rather, [Angel’s Blood].

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen from different nobilities and sects. Like always, I, Mei Jin, will be your hostess for the auction today.” (Mei)


“Lady Mei! Please marry me!”

“Who the fuck said that just now! It should be me who’ll marry her!”

“Hah!? How are you even qualified!?”

“Miss Mei! Please sleep with me for just one night!”

“Okay, who was that!? Who said that just now!?”

“Step forward dammit!”

“You wanna lay a hand on Miss Mei!? You’re courting death!”

…Wow…this crowd…

As soon as Mei spoke, various cheers erupted from the upper floors. Most of them are from the middle class while those who spoke on the lower class are only cheering in admiration.

There’s even some from the upper class doing the same while some felt embarrassed to blurt out their cheers.

This Mei is comparable to a Japanese Idol in making a fanbase like this…

“Hehe, I’m honored to receive such flattery but…my heart has already been taken by someone else~” (Mei)

From the stage, Mei just dropped a huge bomb while looking so innocently.

Everybody was shrouded in silence, still digesting what she said just now.

Then, those who were embarrassed to cheer their admiration earlier suddenly snapped.



“Dammit! Why!?”

“Why did this happen!?”

“I shouldn’t have come! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t hear such things directly from Miss Mei’s mouth!”


…Well…how do I say this…

I feel pity towards the guy who made Mei fall for him…

Yes, I can understand his feelings…being surrounded by beauties myself, I’m fully aware of the threat of jealousy…


On top of my head, Vil woke up from the disturbance and tilted her head curiously.

“Don’t worry Vil, it has nothing to do with us so just sleep.” (Lucas)


I had Vil come with me back to the school yesterday and explained to Elwin that I got her while traveling here and that she seemed attached to me so I took her.

As for Warren, he’s lurking about in this auction house. Though, I don’t know what he’s trying to find.

“Poor guy huh?” (Elwin)

“Pitiful indeed.” (Lucas)

Elwin and I both nodded while pitying Mei’s boyfriend.

“…Haah, you’re pitiful indeed…” (El)

“Hm?” (Lucas)

“Nothing…” (El)

What was that all about?

“Well, enough about my love life. Without further ado! Let the auctions, begin!” (Mei)

On that note, the lightings illuminated the whole stage.

Though some people grunted in dissatisfaction, they still quieted down nonetheless for the auction to start.

“Our first lot is this [Spiked Turtle Shield]! This is made from the shell of a 5th rank demonic beast [Spiked Turtle] which is known from its terrifying defense! The bidding will start at 500 qi stones. The next bid shall be 30 or more than the previous bid!” (Mei)

As she said that, a man appeared from the side holding a broad shield that was about 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide. The front side had spikes protruding from it which looked very painful if one were to get hit from a shield bash by this.

“Ah! This is a good one for me! 530!” (Elwin)

Ohh, well, he’s main strength is in defense after all. In game terms, he’s like a tank.





“1000!” (Galen)

Soon, the price reached such amount and Elwin had no choice but to give up.

“…Elwin, when one wins a lot. Do they pay up front?” (Lucas)

“? No, they wait till the end of the auction or you can leave halfway and just ask an employee on your way out that you want to check out.” (Elwin)


“1030!” (Lucas)

“Eh!? L-Luc…White!?” (Elwin)

“Something wrong?” (Lucas)

“Something wrong!? That is already well past the price for the shield! You shouldn’t waste your money like that!” (Elwin)

To his complaint, I only shrugged my shoulders and ignored him.

“Wha-!? 1200! Let’s see if anyone will go against me!” (Galen)

“1230! Just go to bed and sleep!” (Lucas)

Of course, I made sure to change my voice a little since this is Galen we’re dealing here.

Hehe, let’s see if you’ll have the fortune to go against me!

“Wh- Bastard!” (Galen)

Galen was about to stand up and charge towards my direction when Mei interrupted.

“Dear guests, please remember that fighting isn’t allowed inside the auction house.” (Mei)

“G-gh…1300!” (Galen)

“1330!” (Lucas)

“14-!” (Galen)

“ENOUGH!” (???)

Towards the sudden shout, Galen flinched and stopped bidding.

“You’ve already disgraced our clan so much! Just shut up!” (???)

“Y-yes, father…” (Galen)

Seeing his father getting angry, Galen calmed down but looked towards my direction with hateful eyes.

“1330! Are there any other bids!? Going once! Twice!...Sold to Mister M-241!” (Mei)

Ah, so that’s what the numbers are on the mask…

“There you have it. We’ll grab it after the auction.” (Lucas)

“B-boss!” (Elwin)

“Argh! Don’t cry on me! Stop hugging me! I told you I don’t swing that way!” (Lucas)

“Our second lot is…” (Mei)

“300!” (Lucas)

“Grr…that bastard again! 500!” (Galen)

“530!” (Lucas)

“700!” (Galen)

“Ahh, never mind. I don’t like it anyway.” (Lucas)

As the auction continued, situations like these happened a lot…okay, it always happened when either Galen of Silas take a bid. Since the items didn’t interest me, I would raise the price for them instead.

“Father! He’s clearly belittling our [Giant Emperor] clan!” (Galen)

“Shut up. It’s your fault for getting swept up in his pace!” (Galen’s Father)

“But father!” (Galen)

“Enough. We’ll deal with him later!” (Galen’s Father)

When his father said that, Galen’s eyes shone and finally calmed down.

Hey, I can hear you guys you know?

Whatever, let’s see you try to find me after the auction anyway.

“Next! We have this unknown ring box!” (Mei)

Witnessing the price of some items rise beyond their original ceiling price, Mei’s mood was great and would occasionally look in my direction.

A black undecorated ring box the size of 2 cubic inches appeared on Mei’s palm which somewhat aroused my interest more than the previous items.

“This ring box was discovered in an ancient tomb by our auction house. We tried to use many ways to open it but to no avail. We also tried to destroy it but even peak Spirit experts weren’t able to make a dent on it! We suspect that a supreme expert laid an array formation on the ring box to prevent anyone from opening it. With no other choice, we were left to sell it like this. The starting bid is 50 qi stones! Each bid must be 5 stones higher than the previous!” (Mei)

Hooh…an unbreakable and impossible to open ring box huh?

“Of course they can’t open it. From the aura it emits, I suspect that a Highgod expert laid that array formation. Not only that, but the array is actually the [Heaven’s Lock Array]!” (El)

“Oh? You know how to open it?” (Lucas)

“No! Only the caster can open it. That’s how that array works! Not only is it impossible to open by anyone else, it’s also indestructible to other forces!” (El)

So it’s that amazing huh?

Isn’t it basically impossible for anyone to buy it then?

Is what I thought but people had begun to bid on it because of its low price. Probably so they can have an excuse to look for Mei later…

“300!” (Lucas)

“Eh!?” (Elwin)

“!?” (Aqua)

“Didn’t you hear what I just said!?” (El)

“…What?” (Lucas)

Upon their faces of shock and disbelief, I only looked at them innocently and tilted my head.

“Not what! Boss, are you seriously going to waste 300 qi stones for something the auction house can’t even open!?” (Elwin)

“Yep!” (Lucas)

“Gaaghh!! You!...ARRGHH!!! I don’t care anymore! Do what the damn hell you want!” (El)

Below, Galen and Silas are also looking at me curiously.

Galen then looked at his father for confirmation who then nodded before bidding.

“350!” (Galen)

“355!” (Lucas)

“400!” (Galen)

“405!” (Lucas)

“…5-500!” (Galen)

Not hearing my response, Galen trembled in fear that he might’ve been tricked again.

“500 for the mysterious ring box going once! Twice!...S-” (Mei)

“505!” (Lucas)

Before Mei announced the item sold, I made my bid.

Why so late? Because I wanted to see Galen’s reaction when I stopped bidding earlier!

Hahaha! He looked so scared!

“Bastard!” (Galen)

“505 for the mysterious ring box going once! Twice!...Sold!” (Mei)

And so, the ring box had reached my hands!

“…Looks like you failed to trick him this time.” (El)

“Huh? What’re you saying? I bought this because I wanted it.” (Lucas)

“Hah? You can’t even open it idiot!” (El)

“Hehe, relax. I have a plan!” (Lucas)

Grinning satisfied, I relaxed on my seat and decided to watch the remaining items.

“For our last item! Hehe, don’t be surprised. We are auctioning 100 vials of [Angel’s Blood]!” (Mei)

Finally! My item has arrived!

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